Primitive Technology: Rock-Throwing Catapult (Trebuchet)

By | October 31, 2022

At the brick and tile hut… Re-cycling timber from the demolished thatched workshop Cutting 6 pieces of timber to 2 m lengths Cutting cane for lashings Splitting cane so it's easier to lash with Lashing 3 poles together at one end Splaying out poles to form a tripod Setting up another tripod next to the first Cutting rough joint into the middle of a 1m long log Cutting a joint 60 cm from one end of a 2m log Lashing logs together at joints to form a cross Placing cross onto tripods Swinging action displayed Cutting cane for basket weaving Heat bending cane for basket ribs Assembling ribs thusly Weaving cane over and under ribs (note there is an odd number of ribs, even numbers cause doubling up) Bending the ends of the ribs down and hammering them back into the basket for strength and neatness Finished basket (about 60cm tall 60 cm wide) Weaving cane through basket to attach to throwing arm Lashing a small crossbar to the end of the arm to stop the basket sliding off Attaching basket to arm Tying basket to arm Testing arm and basket Bark fiber tree Dead branch from tree Soak in water Softened bark strips off branch Stripping inner bark into thin pieces Braiding a thick rope from fiber Tying knots to form pouch Threading thinner cordage through the twists of the larger rope to weave a pouch Finished sling (2.6m from end to end) Lashing crossbar between back legs of trebuchet and attaching a toggle

A cord to hold and release toggle Demonstrating the toggle release principle Attaching a release pin for the sling Bending pin forward with a wedge for better sling release angle Tying on one end of sling A loop in the other end slips over pin Adding rocks to basket for counter weight Setting the trebuchet Loading the projectile into the pouch and looping the sling over the pin Fire! Adding weight to increase range It's going the length of the clearing (about 20 m) Setting up target A Barbarian encampment Target destroyed! A Tax dodging village Target Destroyed! A Neighboring Kingdom Target Destroyed! Trebuchet

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