Primitive Technology: Thatched Workshop

By | October 31, 2022

Standard thatched hut (2x2m) Chopping wood with stone hatchet Demolishing old hut Salvaging timber Hammering post holes into ground Total floor plan is 4×4 m Putting in posts Lawyer cane for lashings Lashing on crossbars at gable ends Top of side wall purlins, note overhang for eaves Scaffolding to walk on Tying on ridgeline Lashing rafters Putting rafters in place Again note overhang for eaves to shed rain away from posts Lashing bottom of eaves to stop thatch hanging down Finished frame Cutting palm fronds with stone knife Splitting fronds in half Vine to tie on thatch Tying on bundles of thatch Using scaffolding to thatch higher up Thatching is always done from lower down to higher up so that the leaves overlap and shed rain Seems to need reinforcement in the middle of the hut A post halfway along will stabilize the roof especially with the weight of the thatch Halfway there I was conveniently able to move the planks like so, as the thatch progressed inward The ridge line was tricky to thatch So bundles of full fronds were tied together And pushed up over the ridge to keep out rain The finished structure Moving tools in Pot, brick mold, firesticks and axe Some mud bricks for a fire pit

Making a fire to keep mosquitoes away Transferring tinder to top of firewood pile This ”upsidedown” fire has a descending fire front that converts wood to charcoal and then burns it with little smoke produced The large structure will make a good work area out of the weather

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