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Foreign [Music] What's going on guys black Scout Survival and a lot of people the other Week was you know Wanted to argue about the Ted Cruz sing When I said Ted Cruz was a rhino and uh I kind of sorry I didn't mean to pop That up yet But I kind of wanted to talk about some Interesting things I'd seen obviously Over the past few days I did a video Just a few days ago talking about the FTX cryptocurrency Sam bankman here Right here he uh had been funneling Money basically a money laundering Scheme from Ukraine back to Democrats Where he was giving money That was being sent to you uh Ukraine Falling from FTX getting donated back Millions of dollars back to Democrats And so I I did some digging want to do Some research as far as that because I Also heard there were some Republicans Involved in it and I like I said before I found it odd that Ted Cruz would Continuously Advocate sign for money going to Ukraine Like what is the point and so a lot of People didn't believe me well you know Here's directly from his website Cruz Delivers a floor speech explaining uh American national security reasons for Supporting Ukraine and he uh said it

Gives a full speech today explaining why He is voting this week for the Senate Ukraine Aid bill He gave several key reasons into that And you know you name it but basically He's been forward you know we have had Democrats and Republican leadership Taking hundreds of millions of dollars In donations from FTX the company has Since lost just billions of dollars Vanished overnight investors like Where's where are their money you know Where's their money at But this Ukraine funding nonsense has Been getting such bipartisan support From the swamp we have to ask ourselves Where did our tax dollars go right and Again Ted Cruz one of the Rhinos Republicans in name only Week after week I've been signing off on These bills right Um and so in my digging what I found was Uh some interesting thing I found Initially I have to get it pulled up here A contribution sheet right here And this has some FTX information and Then a company You'll see up here Valero San Antonio Texas and this is from the Senate Leadership fund right And you know you see the the amount of Money there Valero is actually one of

The largest global independent petroleum Refiners International Distributors and Marketers of Transportation fuels so I Went digging more Ted Cruz pressure on the EPA helped Create a huge windfall for his biggest Camp corporate campaign donor the Texas Oil Company Valero's energy investment Appears to be paying off Ted Cruz Appears to be paying off so they're Paying Ted Cruz to get some things done Right they're sending money to his Campaign And so then I went on And checked out this right here from uh Open source open Secrets You Ted Cruz from these these people they're Basically paying him you know I saw this uh girl right here was FTX Being used to launder money for the Democrat Party w e f sponsored FTX on Their website which has now been removed Elon Musk says it's a question worth Asking And no no kidding yeah Right here FTX it's a crypto and this is Something the world economic Forum was Advocating so we have we have this money That's being funneled from the Bipartisan Ted cruises and Democrats Probably Lindsey Grahams Funneling that that the world economic Forum is pushing at Texas a

Cryptocurrency exchange built by Traders For Traders FTX offers Innovative Products including industry first Derivatives Options And so we we just we we see that The world economic forum is advocating For FTX And it's it's mind-blowing but to see Our guy Ted Cruz here who's been very Pro supporting Ukraine And then link that with this Scandal Here With these guys here promoting this I don't know guys you tell me what do You think I think Ted Cruz is a Rhino I mean look at this I knew there had to be something and Every time you just have to do a little Digging and then you find this this Stuff it's wild He's not just he's not just pushing this He's not just pushing this just for the Goodness of his heart he's pushing this Because he wants to get that money I tell you every time anytime these guys Sign are signing bills it's because They're wanting to get something out of It And uh yeah proof's in the pudding Anyhow guys I wanted to drop that bomb On you really quickly I'm sure there's More if I just dig through that Investment list

And I line it up with some bills uh that He's you know signed or advocated for You'll probably see a lot of other Things like that too but being connected With this FTX Ukraine money laundering Deal Ted Cruz is done no no support for Ted Cruz and a lot of people will get so You know they were so amped up when I I Called Ted Cruz around they're like but He's so Pro 2A dude 2A is like this much Of the the Spectrum right of what you Need to be worrying about there's so Much more you know you we've seen the Kids Voting for socialism uh you know gun Confiscation all these sort of things Climate change Free college Kids are voting for this stuff because That free college stuff is socialism and Why because apps and parents in in in Their lives we have so much going on but Because you hear somebody all other Pro-second amendment that means this Much in the grand scheme of things you Need to be worrying about so much more I'm not saying it's not important it's One of the most important things but There's a lot going on and if you're Solely focused as a gun tuber or Whatever you are on 2A man you're you're No good for the fight you're no good for The fight so

Ted Cruz is a rhino Proven he's in this STX money laundering Ukraine deal And there you go let me know in the Comments what your thoughts are remember To stay frosty stay strapped and stay Dangerous take care

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