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Rosa Chacon Found Dead in Shopping Cart: Family Demands Justice

Rosa Chacon, 21, was found dead in a shopping cart in an alley on the West Side of Chicago earlier this month — just weeks before her 22nd birthday.[0] The heartbreaking discovery came after she went missing in January while getting into an Uber.

Richart Detective Agency, a Chicago-based private investigator firm, found Chacon’s body and released a statement on Thursday.[1] They wrote, “Working closely with the family, we located Rosa Chacon. Unfortunately Rosa was found deceased. With the information we had the medical examiner was able to make a positive identification on Ms. Chacon. Keep her family in your prayers as it is a very difficult time for them. Thank you all for sharing [our posts about her].”[2]

Chacon was found in the 2300-block of West 24th Place, about two miles from where she was last seen.[3] It was reported that her corpse had been bound, cocooned in bedclothes, and discarded in a shopping cart.[4]

According to the Chicago Police Department’s missing person flyer, Chacon was described as Hispanic with blonde hair and green eyes and 5ft 3in tall.[5]

Chacon’s family said they had been searching for her since she went missing, and they are now asking for justice. I am simply seeking justice for my daughter; I cannot fathom how one would put a human being in an alley. That is not acceptable.

The victim's father, also named Jose Lucio, added, “I miss my baby. Normally when our daughter leaves, we hear from her. She calls the next day, she calls an hour after she leaves, she’s in a house, she’s secure, she’s nice and warm. But we didn’t hear anything.”[2]

Meanwhile, community activists are offering a $15,000 reward for anyone offering information that could close this case.[6]

So far, no arrests have been made in this case and officers are waiting for tests to show how Chacon died.

The family is still in shock and disbelief over the loss of their daughter, and they are asking for prayers and justice.

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