Sausage, Cream Cheese, and Pepper Jack stuffed Buttermilk Biscuits

By | October 31, 2022

Morning folks I'm Dave Canterbury with Self-reliance Outfitters in the Pathfinder school back at her at the Pathfinder Outfitters kitchen what I Thought we do today is We're going to make some cream cheese And sausage stuffed Buttermilk Biscuits Stay with me we'll get started All right step one is It's the old Bayou Classic Skillet out Here and start Browning some sausage up Because we're going to need that To mix in our cream cheese And a couple other things to stuff our Biscuit too So we'll get this cooked up and browned And then we'll go from there I've got [Music] The Dutch oven Right over here on the other burner Heating up right now coming up to Temperature Now as we're cooking up this sauce you Want to make sure that we kind of minced It up as small as we can get it Because we're going to be mixing this With some other ingredients after we Drain it off and let it cool down just a Little bit So just make sure that you're constantly Cutting as you're going As you're stirring that stuff around Just continually Cut that stuff down

Get the smallest chunks of sauce you can Get Looking real good Real good all right once we get this Sausage done we're just gonna Get that stuff in a bowl to drain Okay so now We're just going to use Buttermilk Biscuits right off the shelf I've made Biscuits and plenty of videos no need to Repeat that process really So we're going to go ahead we're going To take our cream cheese here we let This sit out so it's soft it's Because I don't think she's going to get Up on this table He's already been in trouble twice this Morning I'm gonna take a whole package of cream Cheese we're gonna lay in the bottom of That bowl I'm going to take some Hidden Valley Ranch I thought I had that open I guess I Didn't want to put that in A whole package We're gonna dump our sausage in there Foreign Pepper jack cheese in here Mix that in a little at a time as we go Here Put about a half of the package in there To begin with and it's just shredded Pepper jack cheese

And then we're going to start cutting it In To this Cream cheese for the fork We're looking to get this pretty Pasty When we're done To take your time Cutting this cream cheese into these Rest of these ingredients It helps if you let your cream cheese Sit out for a while Unfortunately it's only about 45 or 50 Degrees out today so sitting it out Didn't help a whole lot Not horrible bad either Okay I've got this aluminum Pan here Pick this thing up Somewhere out in antiquing I don't know And I'm just going to use this sausage Soup Grease rag here And I'm going to grease the bottom of This thing really good So nothing sticks to it And this is what we're going to cook Inside that oven with For Our stuffed biscuits I'll get this good Lathered up setting up the sticks Good to go Set that aside for a minute

Now what we're going to do is we're Going to take these biscuits here And these things are always The most fun You gotta love these things Sometimes they just bust right open once You get that label off just like that And we're gonna Put these biscuits in here just like This Kind of get them squeezed together in There a little bit Probably got more biscuits than we can Fit in this Tray We'll do the best we can here Just like that put one in the middle That's probably going to leave us one Left over Okay now Comes the stuffing part What we're going to do with that is Going to take a spoon here And we're going to Push a well down inside these Biscuits just like that And I'm just kind of going Crossways With the spoon One Direction and the next Kind of get that well formed in there Okay Now we're going to take our stuffing Here We're going to put a heaping ball of

That on top each one of these biscuits Right now well Just like this Kind of ball that up with your hands Putting at least it Tablespoon and a half In each one of these Squeeze it down in there good So it looks like you might get a little Bit of leftover stuff here buddy I'd probably fry that right up put it in An omelette boy Some eggs man that'd be good man that'd Be awesome Foreign Just do that for you Oh buddy I might just do that for you All right so that's our Stuffed biscuits And we got plenty of stuffing left like I said I think we could probably put that right In the middle of an omelette and be Looking pretty good To the Dutch oven we go All right we got a standoff Rock in here And we're at 400 degrees And drop this bad boy right down in There Turn the heat down just a shade On this dude We'll give her about 25 minutes I'm about halfway through here

About 15 minutes in Take a look see we're out here Oh man look at that and things are Looking Choice our temperature looking Like we're about 300 looks like if I bumped the heat up Just to shade I want to burn the bottoms of them All right see what we got going on here Pretty good Pretty good I thought they got about 10-15 more minutes maybe All right we're running up on the 35 Minute Mark here Just kind of looking to see These centers are done here the center One's the one that's going to be the Toughest to get it right We're getting close I'm gonna Take it off the oven now and just let it Sit and cook In the Dutch because it'll cook while There's heat in there while it's sitting On trivet Foreign Looks pretty good Let's go ahead and take this tray out From the oven Set it off to the side here and then We'll Take the Dutch and set it to the side Except the tray On the trivet Biscuits are so flaky man oh man look at

That thing Get all the way that thing is yes Man look at that everything is perfect Flaking apart All right guys like I always say nothing Left but the taste test And I'm thinking some green Chalua from this bad boy It's fitting Got an IBC root beer here with our Breakfast Is on you're not going to get into this Yet so get on out of here for a minute Just give her a shot here see what we Got Oh man [Music] Oh my gosh That thing is delicious It's almost like chorizo in a Biscuit Um Oh my gosh that's good oh man Lord have mercy Boys I gotta tell you This right here something else man And not hard to cook in camp at all Um Yeah It's so easy So simple And absolutely freaking delicious Foreign Pepper hot sauce IBC root beer always good

God listen I appreciate joining me today For this quick video on how to make Cream cheese Pepper Jack and sausage Stuffed buttermilk biscuits very simple Recipe you could easily make it in Camp If you need to make it home Easily make it for your friends while You're on a hunting camp Be fantastic I guarantee I'd be a hit Thing just tastes phenomenal appreciate Your views I appreciate your support I Thank you for everything you do for our School for Family Farm business well our Sponsor instructs Affiliates and friends And I'll be back to another video as Soon as I can guys thanks

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