Scratch Onion Rings and Bacon Cheeseburger’s in Cast Iron

By | October 31, 2022

Today is the fourth of july i released a Video this morning on How to make a funnel cake Great fair type celebration type food The other thing i really like around the Holidays especially fourth of july labor Day memorial day stuff when families get Together i love either french fries Onion rings and cheeseburgers i love Cheeseburgers so today what we're going To do is we're going to make a great Batch of onion rings and the world's Greatest cheeseburger in my opinion so Stay with me and we'll get started Okay we need to do a little prep work Ahead of everything else here so we're Going to first of all we've got some Ground beef chuck here 80 20. i want the Fat in this stuff And we're going to Cut this dude in half And basically squeeze the contents of This into a ziploc bag So we're going to put all of our ground Beef In a ziploc bag just like this It's not because we're not trying to Touch it because we're going to season It And so now we can kind of break that up In the bag a little bit just like that And we're going to take some Chop house seasoning here Open that dude up

And Sprinkle that seasoning in with the Burger a couple tablespoons of that Seasoning in there And then we're going to Just knead that around inside the bag So that we get that chop house seasoning Infused in that burger before we cook it Let a little air out of the bag so you Don't have so much There you go just like that now we're Getting somewhere fast And knead that around like dough To get all that seasoning mixed into That meat now once we're satisfied that We've got that seasoning Infused in that meat really good We're going to take this meat shake it Down the bag And we're going to set this aside for a Few minutes if you've got a cooler Put it back in the cooler for a few Minutes just to keep everything cold It's about 90 degrees out here today so Trying to keep everything as safe as Possible So it doesn't sit around too long Because we got some other prep we're Gonna do In another bag For our onion rings while we're prepping Components Okay for our onion What we're going to want to do is we're

Going to cut the end of that dude off Just like that and cut the top of it off Just like that Maybe just a little deeper And then we're going to want to get the Skin And the first couple layers off of that Onion to get all of The fresh onion below Exposed just like that So we'll get rid of this And then we will start to process our Onion down where we need it Okay Now we're just going to take this onion We're going to slice it about A quarter of an inch or more thick A quarter of an inch i find is pretty Good Now we want to Kind of push these onions Out of each other so we get the rings Right The centers of these onions We don't necessarily have to save We can if we want to We're going to push these apart and We're going to Just put them In a bowl of water here directly It's up to you how far you go down as Far as how much of that onion you save i Try to save everything that's not the Very center

All right so for now we just Throw these onion rings in a Dish to keep them where we need them all Right so the next thing we're going to Do is we're going to set up our dipping Station to batter Our onion rings And on our wet side we're going to need One full cup of milk And we would normally add vinegar to This To create a buttermilk What i want to show you today is a tip Or trick that you can use A lot of people don't carry vinegar as a Camp sundry But the chances are you probably are Carrying pickles And you can use pickle juice the same Way that you use vinegar so we're going To take a teaspoon of pickle juice and We're going to pour it in that water or Not milk excuse me And what that's going to do is it's Going to eventually turn out the Buttermilk Then we're going to take about a full Teaspoon Or tablespoon excuse me of sour cream And we're going to drop that in Then we're going to mix all of that Together And set it aside So

We'll get this mixed up good With a whisk here So it's not lumpy So now we're going to mix up our dry Ingredients our battering What we're going to use for that is We're going to use All-purpose flour And we're going to use one cup This is probably going to be more than We need But we could make more Onion rings with another onion Now to the flour We're going to add a couple things The first one is we're going to add Some ground pepper Again i go with that Pepper thing of i like to see my pepper Then We're going to use some Garlic sea salt And we're gonna do the same thing Gonna get a lot of it in there If we were measuring this out we want About a teaspoon and a half teaspoon That probably wouldn't be enough for me Anyway i'd probably be adding all the Way Trying not to be too messy about it Okay Now we can set these ingredients aside For a few minutes And start working on some of our meat

Projects Okay you know it ain't no burger gonna Be right Unless that dude's got some bacon on it So Don't look forward to a bunch of Vegetables on my burgers but you're Gonna see some bacon so we're gonna cut These off A little less than half We're gonna cut that dude right down the Middle just like that And when we rip that package open We'll be able to strip those right off In halves put them right in the skillet And we can take the other half put it in A bag back in the cooler All right so our next step is going to Be baking now this ought to Bring zon around if it don't Then he's either hunting or sleeping He'll peel off some of this thick cut Bacon here This is also going to give us some Grease For cooking these burgers in at the same Time All right so i'm not really shooting Anything out of sequence here i kind of Want to see or let you see How this is done step by step when You're cooking multiple things at the Same time you've got lots of prep work You have to do in between so

Now i'm just cooking the bacon i'm going To set it aside then we're going to get The burgers on we're going to get the Oil cooking we're gonna get the onion Rings dipped and ready to go and we're Gonna be rock and roll and cooking Everything at the same time here pretty Shortly All right so we're gonna turn that down And move it off the heat a little bit We put our bacon over the lid for our Dutch oven which sits down flat in our Stock pot kind of all this stuff kind of Works together that way for me i'm Heating up my oil Now i pulled this off the burner for a Moment I scrape it a little bit with my World's greatest spatula before i put a Burger on it to make sure nothing's Gonna stick we use that bacon grease to Cook our burger in let's go make some Burger Okay time to make some burgers among the Rings We've got our burger here And that we Seasoned up Now we're just gonna take it out of here And basically make us a smash burger Give us a good enough piece that's going To give us a nice big Hamburger I'm doing this on a silicone pad i love

These silicone pads for this reason Because they work really good I want to add a little burger to that to Make it a little beefier I'll get some burger in there Get him mixed up good fold it over a few Times And we'll get him flattened out where we Want him And we're gonna squish this dude down Pretty good Keeping the best shape we can here Getting thinned out i want this thing About a quarter of an inch thick When i'm done And i'm gonna want two of these Okay we got our burger on over there Now it's time to Get our Onion rings ready for the oil So we'll go ahead and get our stuff over Here That we Need what we're going to do with this is We're going to take our onion rings I'm going to drop them in this milk Mixture just like this And then we're going to just pick them Up throw them in the flour And we're going to Batter them up really good with this Flour And the secret to this really And the secret to this really is the

Double dip Once we get that thing floured up we're Going to dip it in this milk again Just like this and come right back to The flower Just keep the flower right over top of That dude and get him good and saturated Make sure he's covered really well on Both sides And then we got one that's ready to go So we'll set these aside to take over There on a mat To the batter Get them good and covered Back to the milk Second coat Back to the batter second coat Come over here and flip that burger in The middle of things See we're out here Yeah we're in good shape I want to be at about again That 375 mark So we'll get our thermometer and see Where at since we get there i'm going to Ring it go in And we'll put our second burger on All right bacon Cheese Two slices Now we're gonna leave them hungry rings In there for about Three to five minutes to turn golden

Brown we'll flip them one time here in a Minute when they're golden brown they're Ready we'll put them with a fork here in Just a minute [Applause] All right we got our last round of onion Rings cooking We're going to Take this burger and look at him Flip him over one time more Just like that And then we're going to Get some bacon on top of them Just like this Oh yeah Let that dude cook for a few more Minutes on that side then we're going to Put the cheese on there Right Now A couple nice pieces of good Medium cheddar cheese right on top of That action Now we're not quite done yet okay The finishing touch of this burner Is black garlic ohio made Hot sauce And that stuff is phenomenal I'm gonna put that Right on that burner look at that oh man Now we got something again not much on Veggies guys sorry no lettuce no Tomatoes no bs And for

Onion rings Steakhouse creamy horseradish Okay guys so Let's kind of Get things arranged here so we can see What's going on and talk about this First of all i'm using a Pepper's farm Onion bun On these burgers absolutely my favorite Bun For burgers I've got a Lemon lime aid Colorado soda company here rocky Mountain So the company i assume that's colorado See what that bad boy goes down like Pretty good Pretty good it's definitely a different Taste Than any other kind of lemon lime drink I'd say it's got a lot of lime in this One it's really really good Got a tart aftertaste to it Now let's take our burger here Let's Cut into this bad boy with a knife See what this dude looks like yes i'm Cutting on a metal plate with a knife Guys Don't have a heart attack But i want you to see the inside of this Burger

See what we got going on here All right let's Kind of peel that dude in half You can see how she's cooked Oh man Golly i'm gonna taste that thing Just from the juices on my hand There we go Beautiful medium cooked burger there Man oh man I get a bite of that in my mouth Wow That's a great Steak burger right there Oh man Bacon cheese And garlic hot sauce [Music] Man this thing is fantastic Cali Master I think it's dripping juice I can keep the whole half without him Talking Oh man that's good I turned them labels around so you guys Can zoom in on see if you need to Try these onion rings here Fill up on burger That's some saint elmo steakhouse Creamy horseradish sauce we're gonna put On these Onion rings There we go

There's one enough of it down there all Right get some horseradish sauce on There See what we got Yeah Man them some good on there Nice and crispy Nice soft onion in the middle Yeah No doubt never yet I'm not a big vegetable fan but i like Hanging rings Good all right We're gonna need another one of those Real quick I'll try without the horseradish so i'll See what that tastes like just on its Own Yeah it looks really good Wow I'm good Guys i really appreciate joining me i Have another video today again today's Fourth of july i released a video this Morning on how to make a funnel cake Just a quick easy kind of Festive dessert treat snack And then i thought i'd finish that off Today with making a nice fourth of july Meal And Going out to see some fireworks tonight I hope you guys are too i appreciate Your views i appreciate your support i

Appreciate everything you do for our School for family and for business on Our sponsor instructors affiliates and Friends and i'll back to another video As soon as i can guys thanks

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