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go ahead and continue we got a hell of a show today I tell you guys about William cordless all the time well not all the time but many of my video presentations I have provided you guys evidence that William Corliss has gleaned from the scientific community on anomalies that the scientific World basically ignores and they do this a lot it's called practicing exclusions this is one of the things that Charles Fort used to talk about all the time he says how hypocritical the scientific establishment is and it's not just a scientific establishment anybody any anybody who holds to the scientific models there's a bunch of YouTubers that do there's a bunch of YouTubers that strictly get their data from NASA they should they tow the party line and and they look down on free thinkers with pomposity as if as if just because you've learned to Parrot what the textbooks tell you and not think for yourself is something that gives you bragging rights it's ridiculous I see some of these YouTubers that are out like criticizing some of the free thinkers you know you know free thinking individuals normally come from uh uneducated formerly uneducated background like myself but we're able to analyze phenomena from multiple different Vantage points which gives us an advantage we're not stuck to a paradigm you know we're not we're not believing simply wrote facts that were we have to take on faith because uh religion is religionists are no different than those who come from a purely scientific background scientists like deprive them themselves that science is all about the observation of us about observation and the collating of data in facts but it's not true anybody who accepts a scientific premise today accepts it on faith if you can't replicate on a chalkboard what Einstein did about relativity then you're taking those conclusions on faith you're not taking them objectively and this is all this is this is one of the things that that really just gets under my skin when some of these some of these Talking Heads and on YouTube and uh other uh platforms uh basically criticize they don't criticize me because I welcome it all they got to do is do a video on me and I'm gonna hurt their feelings but I see how they target they pick and choose their battles and they target some of these other individuals in the so-called truther community and they try to clown them in the tree and you know what the arguments are the arguments are so vapid they're so they're so ridiculous and [ __ ] and the the individuals that claim to be espousing scientific principles are merely parroting things that they have taken in all faith it is no different than the southern baptist who goes home in Sunday afternoon watching football after he just took in a whole bunch of uh uh uh a preaching uh and singing with the choir it is absolutely no different they're they're both accepting a paradigm purely on fake Faith because anything that you don't do in first person is basically you accepting the data of somebody else if you can't show it in the numbers or show it in the bibliographies you're just taking it on faith simple as that so one thing I S I really like about William cordless I have two William cordless books in my in my collection and you guys are going to get a video on that because those two books are relative to one another and they concern uparts in strange and out of place artifacts fossils tangible items that we have found and excavated that completely defy explanation if you stick with scientific paradigms but if you adopt the rkx model of History all the all of them make absolute perfect sense if you accept the Harvard Stanford Yale Oxford uh Collegiate version of History which is totally falsified in absolute BS and requires billions of dollars annually to continually to foment to pay all these people like these 33 degree Masons out there who are hiding behind their their establishments and the fact that they are funded and they're able to do all these teachings and and have millions of subscribers now we know who they are we don't have to name them teaching these false paradigms these morons like like like uh Neil deGrasse Tyson I would love I would love to debate that man I do not believe that just because a man appears on television and has been heard by millions of people that he possesses a modicum of intellect I don't believe that I believe that he's a puppet uh Bill Nye the Science Guy what was it what was he what was he an engineer yeah come on man stop it so yeah These Guys these guys are put out there in the public for you to see and to accept this BS Paradigm this BS world that they have that they have basically sold to the collective but they haven't sold it to you I know they haven't sold it to you because you're listening to my channel and you listen to many other people's channels who are also trying to educate people about the real facts of our world not the fictions not the things they take on faith from the pseudoscientists you can wear a white lab coat and say anything and the collective is going to believe you your ball hit it in tattoos ball-headed and tattooed out there trying to tell people the truth and cite your sources collector's not gonna believe you at all because they've been trained they've been trained to look at that white lab coat this book here I did it I did a call out in past videos saying hey guys if there's anybody out there who's got some William cordless books especially the source project books these are getting rarer and rarer to find they're purging these books they're not easy to find and they and they also discontinued publishing William Corliss these books are fantastic he is a more modern and more scientific Charles Fort he read Charles Ford but he took Charles fort's uh material to a whole nother level I have educated you guys on Charles Hoy Ford on the four books that he has left to posterity they are fantastic many of my video psycho sources and evidence but this man unlike Charles Fort comes from a scientific background he is a scientist now this man here William Corliss is giving us the business and I'm about to break some real interesting facts off to you guys about our world that most of you have never heard before things that are phenomenal so this book is the subject matter of this video this is Handbook of unusual natural phenomena eyewitness accounts of Nature's greatest Mysteries this is all about phenomena the next William Corliss video that I do is go going to be about fossils and artifacts actual things that we have we have held touched excavated but this is about phenomena and every every single Source cited is scientific it's very interesting stuff so let me wet this throat this here coffee because we're on an adventure I had to wear my adventure hat yeah guys I don't know why I've been sitting on this I keep thinking it's going to get better I don't know why I'm sitting on this I promise you as soon as this video is over today I'm about I'm about to take care of this this uh this this studio is gonna have to be hardwired there's just no way Wi-Fi just won't do it on on streaming it requires too much bandwidth and I'm real my live videos have to be really good so I this this me shaking around I apologize for that but this can be the last time this happens let's see all right so before I start this video I wanna Edge I want to show you guys something very interesting this uh here I don't have permission to name and I don't know if he'll get in trouble for sending me this I don't know but uh I re I recently released my montage videos on on the Phoenix uh Big John had edited that that those 82 videos down to seven videos and uh after after this guy here in New South Wales saw this remember guys I I cited Fort and other sources that a tremendous amount of red mud and red dust was dumped on Australia in 1902 it was a phoenix year Well I got pictures of it I got pictures measure measurements actual scientific analysis here's the homogeneous layer 1902 1903 shows the depth of the material it shows really interesting aggregate which is also something that's that's a part of the Phoenix phenomenon several times when this red dust Falls also rocks fall with it they've Afflicted armies they've tore up towns before all that this is it this is in the historical record so we have a clean in interface between the Bedrock and the homogeneous layer this homogeneous layer is red Earth red mud it's red dirt it's it's a it's got It's got a mixed in it are these are these same type of stones so this aggregate so this guy send me all this drawing attention to aggregate now I know you guys can't see it close I just wanted to share what somebody has sent me uh the clean interface between the strata evenly weathered upper upper Bedrock surface so he's showing the Bedrock surface here that's the that's the original surface that he circled right here I know you guys can't see that very well I just wanted to share this and all this material seems like it was dumped because of the scientific analysis that he provided me very interesting it's now this is suspended aggregate this is this you gotta understand this could not be flood sedimentation this could not this is not alluvial you have to understand the difference this is an anomaly because you have this light feathery dirt Red Dirt dust type stuff and you've got these stones light stones that are aggregate that is dispersed at different height at different depths if it would have been alluvial all the Rocks would have went to the bottom it would have been layered but it's not it's like it all fell out of the sky together so all this is really interesting but it's funny it's a sign it's the it's the report it's a Geological Survey report statement of the environmental effects and supportive development Applications had to take the personal information out I get that but this is the land capability Service New South Wales Australia it goes in here and there was a scientific analysis done on this on this clay all this uh fine structure slightly more moist uh moderately plastic uh reddish brown light clay oh orange an orange heavy clay layer but it's a weak structure as if it had just dropped out of the sky never been compacted it too is slightly more moist and very plastic oh remember guys we got 50 tons of this fell per square square acre per mile I can't remember but Charles Fort talked about it a lot he cited all the things that were going on and remember 1902 ship captains had to call people on Deck man just to sweep the stuff off their decks didn't you just land on the continent and landed all over the ocean as well so I thought this was pretty interesting zero percent nitrogen that is very telling soil all around the world has nitrogen in it because it's got plant plants are everywhere but this area here this red stuff here zero percent nitrogen yeah so that's that's pretty anyway I could go on he wrote me a letter in the back I thought it was really interesting I don't want to give up oh too many details zero percent nitrogen low phosphate but higher than average potassium yeah which uh which would indicate to myself some type of Ash type derivative I also find of interest in how the quartzite and Shale particles are in Frozen suspension what I tell you guys this couldn't be alluvium the the the heavier the heavier rock materials would have sank instantly and all the lighter materials have been on top that's not what we find we find that they fill out the sky together that's what it looks like on the ground so I'm not a scientist guys I just wanted to share with you what this what was sent to me and uh the proof the proof is in the pudding because here is red Earth from Phoenix Fallout phenomenon in 1902.

they got it measured in there they they this guy even says 1902 1903 layer right there on the paperwork I don't want to take it out but it's all right here smells like dirt but uh this is pretty interesting I know some of y'all want to see this it's just Red Dirt but this is what I've been telling you guys about all over the entire world this stuff Fell In 1902 out of the sky Deep Red Dirt so that's just stuff we're going to talk about in this video I'm sorry if you guys couldn't hear me I got away from that microphone yeah beside your Eternal pupil you're absolutely right scientists aren't scientific at all and there are areas thank you Matt kubas not my shirt thank you man so we have so much I normally make some small talk allowing people to get in here and do that you know what we don't have time for that guys we're going to get into lightning lightning storms very strange phenomena that is found under the ocean above the ocean things that ship captains have seen very unusual phenomena all around the world I'm going to show you a video clip many of you have probably seen this video I heightened it up I I I it shows a tsunami and something coming out the water this is something that has been listen guys 2011 the Japanese tsunami I know many of you seen this video it's famous it got like 24 million views it's on YouTube and it shows a ghost-like specter coming out the water but it actually shows the same thing at three different locations moving in the video at three different times well I've been I've been I I deleted all the extraneous parts and just focused on that because it's very relevant to what we're talking about here scientists ignore these things but these exact apparitions have been seen in volcanic activity earthquake activity thunderstorm activity tornado activity and tsunamis so what's really going on what are these things that can appear and reappear all around us in our world that science has basically laughed at trying to call them Foo Fighters trying to call them Willow wisps trying to call them all kinds of different little names to denogram fairy lights spook lights got a lot of names for them but but sometimes the evidence is absolutely so overwhelming and compelling and recorded by other scientists that the the denigrating scientists can't ignore it no more so they have labeled these terms something that they cannot that they can wrap their their there are theories around without sounding ridiculous ball lightning Saint Elmo's Fire yeah guys it's all the same thing Charles Fort was very very adamant in telling us that our world is not what you think he also his also also his principal message using scientific documents of the time 300 years worth of Records Charles IV wanted us to understand that we are not alone here so let's get into that let me look at my let me uh Victoria that's right hit that like button you know I I hardly ever prostitute myself for likes and and shares and all that I really don't need to I mean I believe in providing value and I believe as long as I provide you guys value you know what I'm gonna have listeners I'm gonna have people that support archaics I'm gonna have people that are getting educated and the sharing will come naturally so that's all absolutely Daniel you can make edits in my videos and post them on Tick Tock I've given full permissions for platforms to do that there's no doubt no doubt man thank you occult fan so ordinarily I don't like to run over two hours but we just might do that today because today I'm going to hit you with some facts some amazing things so before I really start this presentation I'm looking over my chat making sure I don't really miss anything pertinent I know I got some fantastic moderators front row seat I see you hey uh uh Cheryl I plugged Martin Morse Demers hey bro I I plugged Martin I sent all that traffic to Martin I hope I hope uh I hope they all did it but I haven't been selling drives lately because dawn has been catching up and we have sent so many coins drives and t-shirts as apologies for late late orders and all that making sure we're clear we've cleared the entire list before we start our new digital system we have a new we have a new digital post little uh like a personal postmaster that automatically automatically prints out the domestic and international labels we don't have to do anything anymore all the stuff that was really stopping us from from being organized Don took care of all that and uh it meanwhile I just quit selling them and I've been sending everybody to Martin Leakey because I know Martin's got that Library drive and he's got the uh the images 35 000 images uh antiqua Tech and all all kinds of old images I know I gave him about a thousand or two thousand images the rest of them were all his he's got a fantastic Library so uh I hope that I hope he's been uh taking advantage of that I was on a video with Danny and I sent some traffic his way I hope he got some sales off that let's see all right man let's get on with it let's get on let me get to the bottom of my chat Martin leaky hey bro we got to schedule another another uh another live together man Martin's in the chat a lot of people are in the chat I just can't name everybody shampoo uh I haven't got your email back yet Shiva if I have I'm apologize I apologize I haven't seen it I've been looking because I want to do I want to do a a live video with you on the Mandela effect because you have more examples than anybody I've ever seen and I want to uh re revisit that topic ha all right so do ask really interesting pictures here let me get them let me uh let me get those ready too get my picks ready I'm gonna learn how to use this system a little bit faster not real sure it says it has a slide Martin Martin never taught me how to do the slide but it says present I just says I don't have any slides it says share screen huh I wonder how I put slides in there oh my computer there it is right there all right okay I'm gonna upload all these picks all right so I'm gonna open that all right so I'm just gonna have to show them one at a time because I don't understand the system it's not letting me do what I want to do so we'll get to that in a minute it's just weird all right so you guys have seen the book and now I'm going to show you this ribbon you're just weird all right settings present all right now I gotta present and it's telling me to share screen so that's what I'm gonna do as soon as I get this thing where I can see it yeah I don't know how you do it Martin oh I don't know how you do it Martin all that sharing the screen you do man this just slows me that slows my narrative down totally slows me down trying to do all this yeah guys you are not going to see pictures in this one there is no way I'm going to sit here for 15 hours yeah stream yard doesn't make it easy so I'm gonna get up I'm gonna get up and show you the pictures out the damn book that's what I'm gonna do that's ridiculous that's ridiculous how hard that is all right so let me get rid of that I do have another video to show you all right let's get on with this presentation before I'm just gonna get up and show you show you the pictures it's gonna be so much easier and faster so William Corliss we're going to start with a very unusual unusual account of ball lightning you got to remember guys ball lightning is what the scientific Community calls it it's up to it's up to you to decide what it really is so on August 15 1970 85 Miss MacArthur witnessed an incredible species of ball lightning outside her home and our argosheer Scotland the shape of the lightning especially the tail is the critical element in this observation she said I call it a bulb of lightning it was opaque it may or may not have been lit inside it would be nine inches in length Slim dome-shaped I saw it above my chair as the fire as the fire came out in front of the kitchen window but it didn't touch the ground strangely it hovered this isn't acting like lightning so oh she goes on she goes on to say that it hovered in the ground and it started undulating and started it started doing different stuff and the story was so unusual and the witnesses verified that it was re that it was reported in the Journal of meteorology for the UK in 1976.

This is what she saw does that look like ball lightning to you does that looked like ball lightning to you that is weird it looks nothing like ball lightning so we have scientists who can't ignore something that's been that's been that's that's been reported like this so they call it something that it clearly isn't and they do this over and over and over so it's a there have been there have been uh in this book William cortis goes on to detail several instances where the scientists called things ball lightning when a ball of fire just appeared over a forest and didn't burn anything but it sounded like a train you know and everybody was looking around thinking that there's a locomotive nearby people were perplexing there's no there's no railroad tracks anywhere and yet this ball of fire appears and it's the source of the noise but it doesn't burn anything up and it travels 10 feet above the ground horizontal it's not falling out of the sky it's traveling straight over over the deal guys this book should be available in PDF form if it's not if it's not I can't do it it would be a violation of copyright this book is from 1976.

It has to be 70 years old before it can be can be liberated of copyright I'm really sure that you can find a copy of this book those of you who are real serious in your education I know that you're going to want this book Handbook of unusual natural phenomena because I'm only going to be able to gloss over some of these some of these amazing things in there it's going to get more and more perplexing as we go so the uh uh let me let me see the 20 let me go see what that was yeah that was 1872 November 30th uh tlm Cartwright of Banbury England was the one that recorded this and several people came out to look and his gardeners were perplexed and they saw this flaming Ball come over the forest and then hover 10 foot above the ground moving at a velocity that allowed them to watch it for several minutes before it disappeared it didn't burn anything up then oh it veered back at six foot above the ground to a 10 foot it was moving up and down so when it came back it was a there was a blast of wind that accompanied it so uh that is just so strange when it came back the ball was attended by a sulfurous odor and ultimately seemed to vanish without a sound as soon as it up uprooted several very large trees bodily out of the ground that how do you process something like that how do you see something like that and then it's acting with intelligence whatever it is and then it just detonates and blows all these trees out of the ground and it just dissipates and disappears how do you process something like that I'm going to tell you how scientists do they call it ball lightning let's go to the next one let's go to the next one guys because we got some we got some brown to cover yeah it's a good thing I marked all these page numbers so we'd have been lost so F Rams bottom Sussex England for some years he had been studying a phenomenon and uh the locals just call it the willow wisps the scientists named it ignis fatus but these Willow whiffs keep reappearing at different times and what this man noticed in 1891 that there was a pattern he studied this he made it his life passion and he found out something they act with intelligence but very interestingly these Willow whiffs are yellow glowing spheres of different sizes that move through the trees they appear right before bad thunderstorms during bad thunderstorms and right after bad thunderstorms right after inclement weather and stuff so this is another piece of the puzzle what's going on here it's a piece of the puzzle this is these are not independent phenomena guys you got to understand we're going to build a cohesion through this through this video we're going somewhere with all this so uh on page 71 William cordless discusses The Esperanza light now I don't really have to go I know all this I know all this material The Esperanza light is really interesting because that's a little salt County Texas right here where I'm at and uh this is another Willow Wisp and it's been there for many years it's been documented by many locals it's been studied by many people it is considered scientific fact that this this Esperanza light appears it too is a globe it's it's a it's a yellow glowing orb it passed through the trees has been seen by by tourists it's been seen by locals it's called The Esperanza light in LaSalle County Texas and other than that there's just not a whole lot more to add to it it's just in LaSalle County it is a it is a subject of knowledge among all the locals they'll tell you all about it and it's something that reappears and it always keeps reappearing right when people uh least expect to see it so it seems to be evasive and it acts with intelligence it's no different than the many versions of the Esperanza light that have been found in North Carolina in the brown mountains in fact they're called The Brown Mountain Lights and they've been seen many times by many people over many over many years and they're they're it's said to be they're said to be very beautiful and sometimes there's many of them in a line and they seem to be dancing with each other and they they disappear and reappear and they're often seen from two to six minutes at a time so again we have these we have these these orbs these things that are just go are they're basically phasing in and out of our awareness or they're phasing in and out of our reality this construct that we're in and it is a construct because that's another element of this video where we're going with all this what William corliss's conclusion is concerning all of this data is completely against the scientific narrative which is another reason I love this man Charles Fort and and William Corliss I got a bromance for both these guys so the reason I just wanted to introduce this topic with the willow wisps which were also called Foo Fighters in World War One when World War II it was a documented phenomenon that Pilots right before right I mean right before battles right before things got violent before anti uh uh anti-aircraft flag started they saw food they saw what they called Foo Fighters the word Foo Fighter is is deliberately said that way to detract from on what's really going on scientific Community wants you to think that there's ghost planes up there it makes you you know dismiss things being for being ridiculous but that's not what the pilots reported the pilots reported glowing orbs in the sky that could take on different shapes that actually dog fight with them that flew along uh with them and then took off at Great speeds they they realized they were not alone in the skies in World War One in World War II these were dubbed by Naval intelligence as being because this is before the Air Force was existed but Naval intelligence had had dubbed them Foo Fighters but uh some of these Foo Fighters even even pop up in a oh oh what is it totally lost my totally lost my train of thought I was reading the chat at the same time about saying almost fire but uh yeah these These Foo Fighters they even pop up radar they have been seen already not all of them but there have been indicate there have been times even in modern times U.S military has dispatched Jets to go investigate radar blips that were too consistent uh with an object that was out there and then when they actually got there and they got a visual on what it was it was a foo fighter it was another orbit it took off a great speed in it it's gone and there's no way our technology could follow it so we're gonna go we're going somewhere with all this because what what I'm going to reveal in this video is going to shock you about what's going on remember Guys these these things have been seen in the Bermuda Triangle before ships had vanished like the Mary Celeste Mary Celeste was what was found intact with food at the table every single human occupant gone all the rowboats were intact they had not been used but that's not that's only the most famous One the Mary Celeste I believe it was 1872 or something like that but derelict ships have been found for thousands of years every human gone no evidence of piracy things that are very valuable still intact across the ship so this is something that's going on for a very long period of time now we're going to get to tornadoes I had to introduce the Foo Fighters Saint almost fire Willow Willow whisk ghost lights ball lightning scientific explanations because we're going to go into phenomena now that should not have these same participants but they do let's go into tornadoes with unusual lights shafts of light inside tornado funnels and glowing clouds in the sky that feed tornadoes with light it's very interesting let's go to page 31 and see what Mr Cordis has to has to start this this discussion out with so we have I'm going to show and I'm going to show you this picture here in a second because it's very unusual but uh during a powerful thunderstorm in France in 1879 a whole forest was lit up with with some type of Corona discharge scientists called it a brush discharge the sun was hidden in the in the country covered with thick Darkness at this moment the Pine Forest around Saint Sergio I guess surge way was suddenly illuminated and shown with a light bearing a striking resemblance to the to the phosphorescence of the sea as in the tropics the light disappeared with every clap of thunder only to reappear with increased intensity until the subsidence of the Tempest this was published on page 622 of of the English mechanic 1879.

Can you imagine a thunderstorm rolling in and underneath the thunderstorm no rain has fallen there's no lightning visible at all but you can hear thunder in the clouds and yet the forest is glowing blue when the light and then when the lightning does strike the blue Forest gets brighter and then The Thunder Rolls As The Thunder Rolls all the blue light disappears in the entire Forest is cast into Blackness whole Skies Dark As The Thunder Rolls when the Thunder stops rolling the blue light that's Illuminating the forest under the clouds returns a little bit brighter and after a few moments more lightning strikes When The Lightning Strikes the forest glowsy even more blue and then the Thunder follows when the Thunder follows the blue light vanishes in this in the forest in the forest is returned to utter Blackness can you imagine a storm that lasted 40-40 minutes to an hour and this is what you saw the whole time that is unusual so we go to 34 keep going in so again the same phenomenon was recorded in 1949 at Yellowstone Park in Wyoming by a William B uh sandborn when he had noticed that there was a violent thunderstorm with a lot of lightning several miles away but but above him it was just blue skies it was all nice I mean excuse me it was all the sky was full of stars it was all nice however the landscape all around him glowed with a blue luminosity and it was reacting to the thunderstorm far away that's pretty interesting this is very remember guys I'm a simulationist i find I find a lot of interest in this because simulation implies technology technology implies power sources power source required implies there's going to be some type of electrical involvement there's going to be some type of plasma involvement uh these things are not mysterious to me what is mysterious though are these little participants we're going to get back to here in a minute that keep up popping up during all this phenomena these little tricksters so this guy stood there for a while as the thunderstorm got closer and closer and closer and as it did the landscape got Bluer and Bluer and then when the Thunder when the thunderstorm passed over his area if he he describes it as like a blue light fog that enveloped him that's pretty interesting I have never experienced anything like that but here we have uh this is in Natural History Natural History volume 59 page 258 1950.

oh I find that I find that intriguing as well these luminosities so William Cordes goes on goes on to assert that lightning and thunderstorms are always nearby when this phenomenon occurs likewise this phenomenon is also attended with strange light bubbles that are seen in the air that are of a different color many times scientists have written these off as ball lightning and Willow wisps so William Cordis is admitting to uh a whole collection of Scientific reports about this blue phenomenon that appears near proximity or during thunderstorms but also that these same orbs these Willow wisps these things they like to call ball lightning are also seen dancing in and out of these fogs and stuff so we recorded William cordless doesn't speculate as to what they are he's only documenting that they're very they're very well documented and ignored so the very fact scientists can call them ball lightning basically means they can write it off and not draw attention to it so you really never hear about the these these instances foreign so we're going to move oh yeah he provides an illustration that's pretty interesting um this happened in ringstead Bay England a whole bunch of people went outside and they could see these little these little yellow bubbles just in the air and then went outside and played with them and they reacted to him and they acted with intelligence yeah Guys these are your Foo Fighters they can take on different sizes different shapes and as you'll see here in a minute they can do all kinds of things now remember in the past I've showed you guys actual photos in some of my videos of the work of Trevor James Constable remember Trevor James Constable developed an UltraViolet lens attached to his camera where he could photograph the sky in in multiple dimensions and he could actually photograph his photographs are fantastic but he photographs these spheres in these blobs that can change shape that are in the sky and when they when they when he starts photographing they instantly know they're being observed and they change shape or they fade away they dissipate or they just fly off real fast but before but before that happens he can always get a few shots in and he has done this thousands of times and his book is fantastic he's got two books uh but the book that it's in my library by Trevor James Constable is fantastic it is absolutely packed full of photographs of these things that are seen in the sky that cannot be seen with the naked eye or they cannot be seen unless they want to be seen so so that there's some Crossover with what's being documented here and the research of Trevor James constable which I've always found fascinating so let's go to an earthquake in Japan yeah 1931.

Japanese earthquake was especially violent and generated many observations of earthquake lights with this earthquake the lights were usually described as beams radiating from a point on the horizon as like lightning or a Searchlight turned into the sky and they were blue or bluish in color guys right before and during the earthquake this is what people saw these are like blue lasers the horizon line is issuing these while the earthquake is afflicting Japan that that is just pure weird it's just pure weird but there's other pictures in here showing the bands across the sky there's pictures in here showing what scientists have documented it's glowing phosphorus or photophosphoric bands of light that cross the entire sky from north to south like and ribs across the sky and they're all equidistant from each other but during an earthquake they were actually seen that's interesting that was in Japan 1931.

In the 1930 no in Cyprus in 1941 an earthquake on Cyprus a bright flash associated with the earthquake was seen from the eastern and Central parts of the island and after the Quake itself a nicosiahaja standing on a minaret for morning prayer looked and saw a brilliant reddish object like a huge globular lightning Ball moving slowly toward the east there is a strong evidence that the direction of the flash was pointing to the epicentral area of the earthquake what what's being said here is that in is that a bright flash occurred in the sky and an earthquake Afflicted Cyprus but the area of the earthquake the epicentral area of the earthquake was pointed out by a flash of light that came from a glowing red blob in the sky that was seen by a guy at a high altitude he was on a minaret he was at the top of a minaret doing a morning prayer that's just weird that's just weird now energy or plasma Halos are were seen by many people when a volcano did right before a volcano started detonating when it was when it was venting they could see energy halos I'm just showing that because it's right here on this page haven't gotten to volcanoes yet so a farmer living in Greenberg Kansas June 22nd 1928 had the rare Prelude privilege of looking right into a tornado funnel while standing at the entrance of a cyclone Cellar this story is fantastic and this story is in several other books listen guys this guy lives in Tornado Alley and he's got a seller that goes real deep in a in a ladder in a tunnel that goes down down into a Cellar his family his family were scooped up off the farm he got everybody together put him in the cellar he's the last one going down and he's about to close the hatches the tornado comes toward it toward his farm he doesn't close the hatch fast enough but he's in no danger because he's underground the tornadoes suck from the sides they don't suck you out of the ground so when the tornado passes over directly the set the entrance to the cellar tunnel he's looking up at the tornado and he can't believe he's looking at yellow glowing orbs Inside the Tornado he doesn't know how I mean how is he supposed to process that he didn't actually he didn't have access to William cordis's Daddy he doesn't know what's going on he's just looking at the inside of a tornado thinking that it's going to be all kinds of hell but instead it was very peaceful he says that in his testimony all the noise stopped on the outside of the tornado funnel it was dark it was scary it was windy it sounded like a roaring train but once it passed over him it was silent it was peaceful full in the inside of the funnel the inside of the tornado funnel had glowing yellow orbs so it's not an isolated incident that was 1928.

We have almost the exact same thing happening again in 1955. thank you now we have illustration to show you 1955 May 25th Blackwell Oklahoma Lee Hunter saw a light column effect vividly appear inside the funnel from the cloud to the ground of a tornado connected to the clouds above it was a steady deep blue light but it was very bright inside the funnel was an orange color get this guys this is crazy he they provide this is in the Journal of meteorology for 1957 and in the journal this is a scientific journal it shows this illustration of what's being described a light inside the funnel but way up here in the sky feeding the feeding the tornado is a bluish a bluish cloud a cloud glows blue feeding the tornado but Inside the Tornado funnel it's yellow light yeah guys this is insane and I'm going to tell you right now you would never be hearing this from uh Neil deGrasse Tyson or Bill Nye the Science Guy neither one of these these guys are going to be talking about this stuff so that was 1955.

so we'll go page 41. oh oh get this here here this is even better the exact same storm was observed from Miles Away by somebody else and they have a picture of what this individual saw this is the same storm May 25th 1955 but Herbert L Jones was observing from a distance and this is what he saw at Blackwell Oklahoma this other guy saw it from the inside this guy saw it from a great distance and this is what he saw this guy didn't even this guy didn't even know a tornado would happen he was looking at the clouds and saw that there's a great great mass of blue inside the thunderstorm as it was building and developing so he was watching it before the tornado actually appeared there's the big massive blue he saw it was very unusual he reported it so the scientific Community they got they got multiple reports of all this but the two that they documented were the ones that that comported with one another and they drew these illustrations that's I mean the whole thing is just so it's so bizarre how come we've never heard about these things how come how come we've never heard that Foo Fighters and Willow whiffs are on the inside of tornadoes and thunderstorms how did that happen and here it is the same pulse remember the first the first one I told you guys about where the full every time the Thunder rolled all the blue all the blue and the glowing Force it's like a Blue Fog it did it died and it was Pitch Black Forest and when the Thunder stopped the thunderstorm continued but when the Thunder when the thunder clap had stopped stopped vibrating the blue returns slightly brighter and then lightning Flash the blue got brighter and then when the Thunder started rolling two or three seconds later the blue vanished this is so bizarre but it's exactly what this guy observing This Cloud saw too he said it was two second pulses the blue illumination would be in the cloud and then for two seconds it would disappear only to return again two seconds later to last for two seconds and it maintained this cycle for a long time well this is this is this is is bizarre it's just bizarre so let's move on a lot of ground to cover okay these thunderstorms what we're going to go into now is Shadow graphs let me explain what a shadow graph is it's very important that we also ice isolate this phenomena because it shows that lightning and thunder isn't what we think it is that something else is going on and that the scientific Community has normalized thunderstorm activity and we just think it's an it's a natural part of our world but is it is it induced is something causing it because I'm gonna tell you now way before we became technologically advanced in this lat in this reset period you know right here in 2023 we have testimony from the 1800s and 1700s of all these all these strange bizarre highly localized Storms remember guys I have a very good video that gives many examples of Phoenix phenomenon type storms that happened only over a certain community and no other community is comported although the destruction was there eyewitness testimony was there people were affected structures and buildings and animals were affected no other communities that were within eyesight comported that as if a little insular bubble of reality was created just for that cataclysm to happen and that little bubble bubble of a community and the rest of the world would think they're crazy you're out of your mind that didn't happen but we have way too many documented incidents of this now Shadow graphs are when lightning has struck very close to somebody or living organisms and the shadow of the living organism is imprinted on local objects this has happened guys I know many of you have never heard of this shadow grass Shadow graphs are real and they have been documented so here's here's a couple examples 1901 before this happened in 1904.

I think I got three examples this this so baffled people this right here was just this right here was just amazing I'm gonna show you the picture 1904 in the North Atlantic above above the the uh hamburger America liner of Galicia yeah Galicia lightning struck a cabin so bizarre this was actually published in Scientific American 1904. lightning lightning struck a cabin with a man and a man was inside the cabin of this liner when he moved his his hand was on a dresser when he moved his hand there was a shadow of his hand even the even the hairs on his on his arm everything was perfectly preserved in Shadow form on the dresser when when lightning struck very very close close to him but it hit his cabin this is this is the effect you can see his hand on the dresser when he pulled his hand away his hand was on was right there now remember guys we have an electrostatic field we have a field that contains information it contains it contains a a this field actually regulates the body it's not the other way around the body doesn't regulate the field the field regulates the body when when the Avatar dies the field ex moves on something happened here and he got supercharged but not just him not just him we have another one right here or 1851 Thomas Logan was an eyewitness to a very very uh unusually even in Washington County Maryland yeah this is so so bizarre here right here too it's also published in Scientific American 1869.

this man was looking through a window during a thunderstorm and he was looking at goats on the ground and there was a robin in a tree hiding from the rain in the the rut and it started thunderstorming lightning lightning hit hit the top of the tree killed all the goats killed the Robin when the storm was over the guy went out there and looked out there out there at what happened when the lightning struck and the Robin was dead the goats were dead but a perfect a perfect image of the robin even individual feathers that were kind of off of it a perfect image of the Robin was Shadow graft to where he could see like wow when the Robin was alive not only that but but uh uh the shadows of goats all this stuff she I'm sorry I said go to the Sheep it was sheep but the most amazing Shadow graph testimony in this book there's several of them but the most amazing amazing one was four boys four boys were hiding from a rainstorm that turned into a thunderstorm under a tree and the tree got hit by lightning three of the boys looked at looked at one of the others in shock and [ __ ] and they're staring at this because his entire face and body I guess he didn't have a shirt on but his entire face and body looked like tree looked like tree limbs and leaves perfectly they had been the lightning had Shadow graft all the detail on his skin so they they all go go to their homes and stuff and come to find out that the shadow graph thing went through the clothes of the other boys as well and they had pieces of of Shadows that were of leaves and limbs on their bodies as well that's crazy foreign does not have the answers for everything and and if the constitution of our world is fundamentally different than what we've been told which I believe it is I believe this is this is a this is a simulated this is a simulated environment and uh that that means this is technological which means electricity plays a much greater part this isn't a natural environment at all at all everything is simulated to be like a natural environment and in that natural environment if it really was a planet and all that then some of these things may be true some of these physics constants some of these some of this phenomena but it's not true here everything here is falsified so let's go with the yeah the lightning is so strange so after the shadow graphing it goes on to explain that lightning lightning has some very unusual properties but another incident another incidence comes absolutely from the year 1902 Phoenix year and it's just it's a lightning struck a house in Iowa in 1902 and in the house where thousands of dishes in China and all kinds of stuff none of it got cracked or broken none of it none I mean excuse me none of it got cracked or broken broken uh uh but it was all thrown in disarray around the house which was very unusual because like damn all the stuff that got to move like that that should have shattered should have broke didn't but it didn't but when they opened the cabinets there were stacks of plates every other plate had shattered but every other plate was perfectly intact yeah the scientific Community documented that one too they couldn't explain it at all I can't explain it I can't explain it but but uh that's all that's very discriminating to shatter every other plate in in the stacks but to leave every other plate perfectly intact that's just that's very discriminating maybe there is a scientific explanation I don't know but William Cordes doesn't know it either so I'm perfectly I'm perfectly uh justified in giving that example in this video here's another example on January 5th 1890 lightning struck a kitchen now also the dishes the dish the dishware and glassware was all intact no problems but there were eggs being stored in that kitchen in every single eggshell fractured like glass but the fracturing did not disturb the membranes not one egg cracked and leaked out in fact in the article it specifically says the eggs were later cooked and they were just fine that was lightning in 1873 this is a weird this is a weird one here again it tells us lightning is something unusual this isn't the English mechanic page 214 1878.

it happened in Vernon France lightning struck the ground in Vernon France and people went out to go look at the area and they saw the area slightly burned lightning had hit it it had killed all the vegetation within two or three feet of the lightning strike but two or three wait weeks later The Circle of Death had gotten bigger and more plants had died leaving nothing but dirt months later The Circle of Death got even bigger and more and more bushes and plants were dead six months six months later The Circle of Death had widened it just kept getting bigger and bigger that whole area of the ground was dying it's just so that's so bizarre it says it increased year by year every year it increased wow and it it was a small area but it just increased bigger and bigger and bigger the death all the way out to seven meters like 20 feet a little over 20 feet so it went out 20 feet and even killed a cherry tree planted 12 years before it it's shriveled up and died just like the just like the rest some type of fatal fatal Flora killing lightning that's just so bizarre maybe it dropped a full poisonous Thunderstone I don't know you guys know about thunderstones they're real popular they reported them in the 60s 16th century 17th century 18 18th century the 1800s thunderstorms Thunder Thunders thunderstones are mentioned by William quarters he talks about him in here but he doesn't go into a lot of detail but scientists hate hate the topic of thunderstones they'll try to say you're a [ __ ] and all that but it has been conclusively shown many times during thunderstorms when lightning hits an area and you feel a thud it's not just light there's a rock in there go go all you got to do is just dig in that area and you're going to come across an unusual melted looking Rock sometimes they've called them Tech tights and all that thunderstorms they've made weapons out of thunderstorms thunderstones were actually sought for and yeah it's a it's so crazy whole thing's just so crazy and one thing the scientific Community does not want to bridge is meteorite or meteoritic phenomena and thunderstorms they don't want to admit that there's a core split between meteorites and thunderstorms but in all the Legends and traditions of old there is a correlate because often When Storms happened in the ancient worlds rocks fell out of Heaven too and they did away with enemies or farms and cities and all that so yeah it's a sometimes it was sometimes it was sulfur and we have incidents in this book of thunderstorms stinking like putrid sulfur what the hell is that what the hell is up in the sky that would stink like that but we'll get to that in a minute because we got some really weird stuff we're about to report here I have no idea how I am on time but then again I'm gonna get this if it's gonna be long it's just gonna be long simple as that because we got to get through it so here's a real weird one super weird Manchester England 1949 right here in this book on page 176 the SE people go outside because they hear a thunderstorm when they go outside they look and it's a miniature thunderstorm the clouds are Miniature the lightning is miniature even the sound of thunder is very close it's very local they look and they know it's not far away it's right there in their local Sky it's a real small thunderstorm a full-fledged thunder lightning storm going off but it's tiny and it's just suspended right there in the sky that would freak me out I was in 1949.

I'm gonna go see one page 176 see if I missed anything on that one that was that's just that's just plain weird a whole thunderstorm guys not even 100 yards long meaning it's less than 300 feet long and the cloud thickness was six feet it was dark on the bottom lightning raced raced uh back and forth along the uh the the clouds and the Thunder discharge was like field artillery in the whole thunderstorm lasted four minutes can you imagine seeing a miniature football field length thunderstorm and full effect with lightning and thunder and rain and all that and it's just local and it's right there and it's so small yeah that would be highly bizarre highly bizarre but remember Guys these are scientific records right here they just don't they just don't publicize this stuff to the public you got to go to the specialist literature like like Charles Fort did and like William cordless did and like my buddy John Keel here I don't know where his book is it's here somewhere because we're gonna do we have to do a video on him too because the the stuff in this book is fantastic John Keel our haunted planet he talks about a lot of this stuff too this is this is our haunted Planet by John Keel you got a video coming on that one so yeah it's just so bizarre so bizarre but yeah you have to understand remember guys I'm a simulationist and as a simulationist I can understand that everything is coding and because everything is coding that implies technology and I understand that technology implies implies fallibility meaning that technology that programming requires a programmer and programmers are not gods that we have a situation where where coding protocols could get mixed up this is why we have resets and we have reboots and we have edits this is why I have provided videos showing you historical examples of when the sky Sim failed and the sky wasn't there people saw what was really there and baffled them and we're going to get into that here too we're going to get into the Machinery of our existence here in a little while so let's move on we don't want so uh in 1931 there was a there's a scientific report of a cloud all by itself in the sky producing machine like uh noises and Thunders and Booms and whizzing sounds and it was just really bizarre it was documented it was 1931.

It's noisy clouds but uh he goes into a lot of depth on pages 188 and 189 I'm not going to give you all the different examples but on pages 188 and 189 he goes into a lot of depth on rain falling from Clear blue skies people being baffled just looking up like where's all this rain coming from yeah daytime Clear Blue Sky not a cloud in sight no wind and it's just raining so we're not talking about isolated incidents guys we're talking about whole streams of very well documented places when and it's happened all over the world so um here's another one so bizarre so bizarre I got to show you this picture I got to show you this picture because it's just bizarre how do you even process something like this all this hail weird hail what sucks is I have all these images right here I'm just at the end of the video I'm gonna share all these videos I'm gonna share all these little images let's see [Music] um so imagine hail that falls with different shapes geometrical shapes how does that happen how does that happen is there like a giant cookie cutter in the sky that has all these little shapes and fill let's go and fill it with water go ahead and free flash freeze it all right all right drop the bottom all that hail just Falls how else was it possible for geometrical shapes to fall in the form of ice hail but that's what we have and it's been documented many times well I'm not getting this why it's so hard for me to find something that I've seen so many times in this book there they are so bizarre so I'm gonna get up and show you guys this because this just doesn't make any sense it doesn't make any sense from a scientific perspective it makes a lot of sense if we're in a simulated environment and sometimes coding gets mixed up sometimes you just have weird protocols going on because we do have generative protocol s where new life forms are introduced from the sky I have whole videos about that remember my video on the insect plagues of the 1800s yeah whole rivers of new insects fell straight out of the sky multiple locations in this world so let's look at this the hail imagine hundreds of thousands of these things falling out the sky solid ice this is Hale how did that happen it looks like Saturn that's hail it's not the only one this is hail too geometrical forms almost perfect that's hailstones solid ice gotta be a giant cookie cutter in the sky wait a minute what's this it looks like a compass this same imprint is found in all this hail all the all the hail crystals are different but not the compass part it's the same on all the pieces is there a cookie cutter in the sky that makes hailstones look at this doesn't make any sense so it is these are hailstones guys they don't make sense does not make sense hailstones like starfish what is going on solid ice hailstones looking just like this how did that happen yeah it's just weird just so weird alright so I will have to say this too imagine imagine a Hailstone and when you look at it it's got a frozen turtle in it there you go that's hail a frozen turtle in the sky imagine that so for those of you who have been following my channel for a good length of time a frozen Turtle falling from the sky is not mysterious we already have all that as a matter of fact on pages 237 to 244 right here in this book he gives so many examples that I'm not going to reiterate him here or examples all around the world of falling fish of different sizes frogs toads snails shellfish worms caterpillars snakes guys in my book Annunaki Homeworld published in 2011 in the very back I have a chapter called shards of Nibiru and in that chapter I I basically itemize probably 30 to 40 different times that insect Pupa insects and different snails and different life forms rained from the sky and were preserved in snow and ice yeah guys this has been going on for a very long period of time there are repositories in the sky that drop life forms on us now he goes into great depth here too and I'm going to read a passage out of this book because he smashes the scientific explanations of of typhoon or a cyclone a whirlwind a water spout a tornado sucked these things up and then deposited them down this is the same thing that that meteorologists try to tell you every time Cosmic dust begins to blanket our world they tell you that hey there's an air advisory out you have dust from the Sahara Desert uh passing over North America dust from the Sahara Desert passing over China hey y'all y'all and now sometimes they'll tell China it's Gobi yeah they use whatever deserts are local or local to that area but it's always the same thing they're always telling you that dust kicked up from different deserts are the reason why these hazes exist it's not true and I addressed this multiple times in my publishing books and on my channel even Charles Fort knew it was [ __ ] he even mentioned that far back in 1920s that science likes to likes to explain that these dust come from local deserts he knew it was untrue William Corliss knows it's [ __ ] too and when you see it on the six o'clock news tonight remember Jason told you all that Haze and and dust isn't coming from deserts but that's what the news media is going to tell you it's coming from the sky so now so oh I'm it's not only on two on pages 252 and 253 he goes on and explains that it's not just insects reptiles and amphibians that fall from the sky he cites reports of when people went outside and it was raining seeds it was raining nuts or berries doesn't even make any sense sometimes it was Blue Skies so what we're having what we have here are here's more evidence of other videos that I have done that these vast repositories in the sky dump things on us routinely sometimes to perpetuate life on Earth sometimes to correct a programming problem my video on insect plagues of the eight een hundreds I'm my whole theory about what happened was that the construct wasn't aware that there were no more insects in in Britain England colon Wales Scotland and Ireland that all the all the Beetles and roaches and dragonflies and wasps and bees and ants everything had disappeared and it was and once it was recognized by the collective in though in that area of the world the construct overcompensated and sent rivers of insects all over the place and it wasn't the first time this has happened now we're seeing more evidence of this of this phenomena at work it's very unusual just like the great Black Death plague of 1347 that killed one-third of the world's population your scientists and historians today are lying to you they tell you that that infected Rats from China arriving by ship into the Mediterranean and Europe infected the port cities first in the Bubonic plague Spread spread out from there that is not what the what the historians of the 14th century tell us they tell us that they specifically saw gigantic cigar-shaped apparitions in the sky opening their bellies in dead decomposed in putrid sulfurous smelling animal body parts rained over the forest and this is why deep in the interior of Europe the Bubonic plague was the worst yeah guys historians historians and scientists are the worst all they do is a parrot what they've been told they're not real true researchers today so uh okay noisy clouds okay I have to read this because it is so genius what William Corliss says about falling fish falling frogs toads snails shellfish worms caterpillars snakes uh even seeds nuts berries all these life forms that fall out of the sky that science tries to dismiss as water spouts suck them up and then deposited them somewhere this man is my hero we're going to read what he said about that because it smashes all that watch this is uh listen to this all right uh page 237 okay listen to this guys because this completely blows The Sciences out the water on their stupid explanations to begin there exists many well-documented fish frog and animal Falls no one seriously denies that they do take place now the stranger aspects of these Falls appear only after reviewing many reports first the transporting mechanism whatever it may be tends to select only a single species of fish or frog or whatever animal is on the menu for that day second size selection is also carefully controlled in many instances third no debris such as sand or plant material is dropped along with the animals fourth even though salt water species are dropped there are no records of the accompanying rainfalls being salty all in all the mechanism involved is rather fastidious in what it transports the waterspout or Whirlwind theory is easiest to swallow when the fish that fall when the fish that fall are all of the same species but this is not what we find do you see the gravity do you hear the gravity of what he's saying none of those scientific explanations can apply because it's not fish of different sizes and different species it's the same fish and the same size that falls snails arachnids the insects the the lizards and snakes and turtles it's always the same when they reign in any area of the world it's as if they're all grown in some some some vast Reservoir hidden in the sky they're all grown to a certain a certain size and age it's all one species and then they're dumped then they're dumped yeah guys no water spout no tornado would ever be so discriminating this is this is basically what he's saying he's calling [ __ ] on all the scientific explanations let's see so oh well we still got some amazing [ __ ] to cover guys so here's another one I'm gonna have to read something else because it just it's these are two old poems about star jelly what never heard about star jelly have you well I've talked about it before on my channel but I didn't call it star jelly I found out only in this book that star jelly is a description that goes back centuries I didn't know that I got my information from Charles Charles Hoy Ford when he has an entire chapter dedicated to showing that many people have gone to the impact site of meteorites what you call Falling Stars this this bright flash across the sky when they when they land locally many people have gone to investigate them and for very distressed to find that it wasn't rock that fell from the sky those shooting stars are made of a clear gelatinous material that stinks to high heaven like putrid sulfur this has been found so many thousands of times that it's not even denied now I got to this is so crazy 254 yeah Charles Ford spends a lot of time talking about these so I'm not going to go into a lot of detail here I just want those of you who plan on ordering this book trying to find this book this is uh you're gonna read so much in here it's going to blow your mind but a lot of times these things come out of blood colored clouds what lone clouds up out by themselves blood color colored shoot something that we think is a is a is a shooting star and a lot of times these blood colored clouds are hidden at night time we can't see them in the dark you know they shoot these things it's a that's a that's a we believe it's a shooting star goes across the sky go to go to that area and you've got this gelatin all this this stinking gelatin all over the area that as soon as the sun comes up if vaporized it literally evaporates and there's no evidence it was there crazy absolutely crazy gelatinous meteors wow called pedroseer star jelly is still another name for Pedro seer but nothing can be as descriptive as rot of the Stars yeah star rot this is crazy now the basic phenomenon has been the same since written history began a meteor is seen to land nearby investigation reveals a jelly-like mass in the approximate location thus we have star jelly or more science scientifically it is referred to is as a gelatinous how come you don't hear how come you you think about that I don't know if I faded out for a second listen how come Bill Nye the Science Guy and Neil deGrasse Tyson aren't educating you about that star jelly yeah what can we do with star jelly it only lasts till morning I remember a story from the Bible where the Israelites were hungry they needed something to eat and Mana fell out of heaven and the one thing they couldn't do is leave that man on the ground because it would dissipate it would disappear it would evaporate let's see it's just so bizarre so this man this man William Corliss in Handbook of unusual and natural phenomena eyewitness accounts of Nature's greatest Mysteries he cites two old poems we need to pay attention to this because it shows that this isn't something that just started happening this has been happening before the Industrial Age guys this is this is uh 1541 this is a author named suckling in 1541 he wrote this as he whose quicker eye doth trace a false star shot to marked place do run a pace and thinking it to catch a jelly up do snatch very strange poetry but he's talking about a fallen star is actually just jelly he said this in 1541.

in 1740 William Somerville some of y'all know some of y'all are into the Arts you know William somerville's name William Somerville wrote Swift as the shooting star that guilds the night with rapid transient Blaze she runs she flies sudden she stops no longer can endure the painful course but dropping sinks away and like that falling meteor there she lied as a jelly cold on Earth WTF how come we're not learning about this in high school and college I'll tell you why because they want you to think those luminaries in the sky are solids they want you to think they're all Sons but they're not guys we live in a construct and the construct has imperfections yeah those imperfections are designed to wake you up yeah guys they were awake then yeah they knew they got they had it they had it down guys so moving right along moving right along yeah Jamie 888 that is a what wow there's no doubt Pamela's sworn bam we're not done guys this is gonna be a longer longer than usual video I normally stop at two hours we're not doing that today I got some amazing things to keep showing foreign that's star jelly now we're gonna go to 20.

Now we're gonna go to uh now we're gonna go to some anomalies at Sea before we return back to our subject matter the reason is is because we started this with the Foo Fighters The Willow whists The Spook lights that's that's what a lot of people call them so uh these these glowing orbs that seem to appear in volcanic activity thunderstorm activity they're on they're in the inside of tornadoes yeah guys I'm going to show you a video that shows something like this in a tsunami I'm going to show you before we stop but also we have to take into consideration that these things have been called many things fairy lights they could be the origin of the of the Agro glyphs remember I have a video about the mowing devil they thought crops sir circles were created by the devil so the wood cuts from the 1600s show a mowing devil but it but they never saw a devil they saw strange lights before centuries before that the Europeans called called them fairy rings but in modern days glowing Willow wisps have been seen around around crop circles strange lights have been seen in two or three seconds that later a whole crop circle disappeared yeah we already know that many really poorly made crop circles were done as hoaxes and there's organizations that have paid guys to go out there and make a crop circle and then turn around and they use tools and they do whatever do but they're not real the real ones are chemically altered the real ones the the the stocks shatter but not the ones that are found uh uh bent over they're not these stocks cannot bend they will shatter but they're found completely bent over the chemical kind of chemical composition has changed to allow them to bend and then weave into the others we don't have Machinery that can do this geometrical Precision that's appearing all the time yeah guys I have a whole I got like two chapters in my book Annunaki Homeworld on aggro glyphs crop circles I even show you how to decode them because they're geometrical messages and a lot of them are have air have have cylindrical significance foreign coffee's good even cold so still got some really interesting stuff to cover at sea check this out we're going to go to we're gonna go all the way back to page 26.

and so in 1845 on the brig Victoria in the Mediterranean without any appearance of bad weather at all without any wind or any squalls a fireball appears goes over the surface of the water and takes out the main Mass the missing Mast of a ship and the sails and just keeps going the sailors were like baffled what in the hell just happened yeah sounds like a weapon hell maybe Captain Nemo was in the submarine underneath there and launched something I don't know but again we have this Fireball this is what they're described but it's the Foo Fighter it's another one of these glowing yellow orbs passed over this was a that was an 18 feet you can read the full account on page 26 of this book but he gives many account many accounts of any ships this book is full of ship captains reports of all kinds of weird things that have been found and it's just it's just baffling with these fireballs uh they seem to rise up out of the water and then just disappear so it's the same thing as the fire ships you could like to marry Celeste y'all oh derelict ships ghost ships look The Flying Dutchman isn't an actual vessel The Flying Dutchman is a phenomenon you gotta understand the difference guys many many many many ship logs from from the last 400 years they talk about these these these fire ships and later it was called Flying Dutchman but these are these are ships these are phenomena that make themselves look like ships that are floating over the water and sometimes they got tendrils of flame coming off of them and yeah they're just These Foo Fighters they're just taking on a new form just it's like oh oh Trevor James Constable documented in his book when he took pictures of them they can change their shapes they can change their size they can even change their opacity and that's very that that right there means that these things can also operate as NPCs anything that can change its shape and be visibly seen and control its opacity can be anything to anyone that be should get your should get your attention okay so 1975 okay I already already got the Miss MacArthur the Miss MacArthur deal so page 73 what happened what happened page 73.

Oh the fire shifts okay all right the HMS bikante plying the waters off Australia at 4A m a Flying Dutchman was seen it crossed our bows a strange red light as of a phantom ship all a glow in the midst which like oh okay in the midst of which like the Mast spars and sales of the brig 200 yards distance stood out in strong relief as she came up the lookout Man On The Forecastle reported her as close as close on the port Bell were also the officer of the watch from the bridge clearly saw her as did also the Quarterdeck midshipmen who was sent forward at once to The Forecastle but on arriving there was no Vestige nor any sign whatever of any material ship to be seen either either near or right away on the horizon this was recorded in Scientific American page 279 1886. what you have to understand how important these these ship's logs are the reason is is these these ship captains they risked their career reporting things that were untrue because when these things were reported the Royal the Royal Navy would Grill them and then it would take they would take the sailors the midshipmen The Bowman uh the first mate that would take them and they would Grill them and they would investigate they would find out okay so it's not just the ship captain everybody on this ship observed the same thing and this guy is very clear to say that it wasn't just a Flying Dutchman Apparition they actually saw the rat lines the sails the mass whatever they were looking at took on the form of a floating fiery ship so it's crazy just crazy let's see it's page 78 I believe it's another another Flying Dutchman so Captain John A Carlson of the SS Dover 35 miles off the mobile light in the Gulf of Mexico on October 24 1908 the ship ran suddenly in into a streak of light coming from the water which alternated blue and green the colors being so brilliant that the vessel was lighted up as if she were covered with covered with with Arc lights which colored with colored Globes a half a mile streak of Dark Water and a Blackness that settled like a Paul over the ship Then followed in a second streak of the same brilliant hued Waters was encountered the second streak was about a as wide as the first one and when the ship ran out of it the same black Waters and night of exceptional Blackness were also encountered each of the streaks and the intermediate streak of black water was about a half a mile wide they provided an illustration of these neon type lights that were coming from the deep ocean underneath the ship tell me that's not bizarre what kind of what kind of lights were this you're not dealing with you're not dealing with photophosphorus and bio bioluminescent organisms that's how what's happening here and even William Corliss explains that out there in the ocean there are luminescent organisms but they don't appear with perfect structure geometrical regularity they don't know this is something else very very unusual that was 1908.

also in the year 1908 also in the year 1908 the steamer called The Counselor was in the Gulf of Siam Siam Siam I don't know and it too came across the same phenomenon these weird lights that it's just so so bizarre there's no reason to go into depth on this one it's the same thing unusual light with no moon in the sky there was unusual lights underwater but by far the greatest one I'm gonna show you a picture of what happened to the Olympic Challenger in 1953 on November 1st and the fifth in the Gulf of Oman the ship suddenly found found itself in between three glowing epicenters that were corkscrewing these these weird rays of Lights clockwise and counterclockwise proving we're dealing with something that's more machine-like than than natural they weren't going in the same direction they were opposed to each other look at this picture this is a ship in the middle of a weird light phenomenon that is almost absolutely inexplicable that's the ship in the middle the three the three orbs are underwater casting rays of light that spin in opposite directions okay can you imagine being on that ship be terrified way out there in the middle of the ocean by yourself in three glowing objects under the surface of the water are casting these Rays like this so bizarre so bizarre all right let me see my let me see how I'm doing started at one okay we still got some good time we gotta make a good time making good time yes those are not bioless bioluminescent organisms in the ocean do not respond that way in fact the wake of the ship would have Disturbed the Rays and these in William Cordis is describing that that the the alternating rays of light and darkness were so perfect there's no way that uh that was natural just no way so oh here's another here's another one page 84.

so this is also in the Gulf of Oman of omen or Oman whatever this is another one in 1951 November 30th this ship is going through the gulf in these gigantic glowing discs appear underwater this is crazy you see that picture you can only imagine how crazy that would be oh in the Gulf of Oman again right here on February 1953 the SS Strathmore in the Gulf of Oman turned its radar on and found itself instantly surrounded by Crescent shape glowing objects when it turns your radar off they all disappear you can't see them with the naked eye or the radar when they turn the radar on the guy's looking over over the side of the ship can see all these objects glowing that are shaped like little crescent moons that's just bizarre whatever whatever was in the water reacted instantly and started glowing as soon as it was hit with radar when the radar was turned off they stopped glowing so you couldn't see him with the naked eye again absolutely inexplicable but it shows it shows that we're not the only ones here here's another one on page 86 I'm just going to give you the memory on this well I want you to read it on page 86 I was really intrigued by what I read about Polynesia National Geographic in a 1974 did a Polynesia uh piece and the men that went on that crew for National Geographic talked to some of the locals and they were baffled to find out how the Polynesians could go on boats for several days over the ocean not being able to see where the islands were and yet get there and this shocked what they were told shocked the the scientists the the the sailors of Polynesia not using any type of Technology claimed that all you had to do was get on your your Long Boat canoes at night you can't sell during the day and see you got to start you got to sail at night when you sail when you sail at night in the pitch black of night you can look deep in the water in the ocean and there's underwater lightning that shows the way to the nearest Islands if you're if you are in between those islands if you go off course you will not see underwater lightning it won't be visible to you but if you're on course to go to a nearby island or chain of islands there will be periodically through the night flashes of lightning underwater if you see them you need to keep your bearing because you're hitting straight toward another another chain of islands or a big island and this is what they've been doing for thousands of years they follow the lightning underwater because there's underwater lightning is linking all these land bridges that are underwater it's crazy it's right here it's in the scientific book William Cordes talks about it no one knows how to explain it but uh he thinks it may be volcanic activity that's creating uh electrostatic discharges underwater I don't know but it's fascinating that the Polynesians could use that to ascertain the location of of areas of geography that were above the surface of the Pacific it's amazing so oh earthquake all right so so earthquakes earthquake lights are accepted Now by geophysicists it's a fact though the mechanism is the mechanism is entirely unclear none of them will will even postulate what they what they really think it is they won't get peer-reviewed dude they'll just write papers and and and theorize as to why but their area aerial auroras have been found over a lot of earthquakes thank you they have been found over a lot of Earth Quakes this goes back to the writings of tacitus yes Roman historian tacitus for like 373 BC he records an earthquake that had strange light phenomena and I think he even talks about the the strong sulfurous the putrid sulfur smell that was that was smelled at the exact same time now that could be outgassing it could be uh it could be a putrefying gas gassing we call them fossil fossil fuel uh gases or whatever it could be that well I I just don't know but uh well earthquakes are attended with ball lightning mountain tops have been seen multiple times during earthquakes to glow and uh sheets of flame issuing up from the ground it's like a um like the giant spheres the heads in the Olmec La vinta in Veracruz State those giant spheres were before they were ever carved into Faces by a later race they were originally perfectly perfectly Pi proportion spheres and they're they're all crystalline uh High crystalline content and they're they were for uh like a piezoelectric earthquake dampeners is what they were for anyway they would glow blue during during heightened seismic activity and this is why the olmecs use those spheres and put them everywhere is because they basically the Spheres themselves actually predicted earthquakes if most earthquakes happen had not most people don't know this most earthquakes happen at night time and most earthquakes happen in the warmer parts of the year so in uh these spheres would would give off a soft blue illumination right before a real bad earthquake so that's why a later civilization came in and they had and they had they had a bunch of these fears close there's only like 12 of them but they had like a dozen of those spheres carved into angry faces but that's not there's thousands of those fears I have books I have books in my library about those fears well therefore all right now uh thank you Ian Craven Ian Craven lives in Ecuador and he has seen that phenomenon happen before yeah that's exactly what those fears were for now artificial illumination will now dampen that effect but in ancient times when there was no artificial illumination bouncing back from the sky then there's that blue light coming off coming off that would have been very very very visible so let's go with uh okay I've I've covered all that the earthquakes let's go to 272 I think 272's got some really interesting stuff about earthquakes you guys need to hear all right 272.

okay yeah there's way too many reports in here so I'm just going to give you an overview that he talks about peculiar noises before during and after Earth Quakes are not natural you would think there would be rumbling and Grading noises which would be expected during earthquake activity if Subterranean rocks were repositioning themselves he says frequently however earthquakes generate various improbable noises whizzes detonation screeches the sound of breaking glass Etc furthermore furthermore the noises sometimes seem to emanate from the sky rather than from below the ground okay our world is not what you think I have I have a few videos about the hidden Machinery of the sky remember the whole Phoenix phenomenon is something that is hidden in our Sky I used to believe in Intruder planets in Planet X I used to believe in all these fall models of all reality and it's because I I bought into the narrative the scientific Community had painted for me to buy into I no longer believe any of that BS I understand that our sky is a sky Sim and that it is simulated and it simulates phenomena it is similar it is all Optics that are simulated it's in the sky itself is what is producing all this weather phenomena it is producing all these all these drops of biological materials yeah guys all kinds of our world is steadily blanketed blanketed with all kinds of bugs and insects and tadpoles and and frogs and figs fishing arachnids in different different reddish reddish soil compounds yeah during the Phoenix phenomenon is is the height of this dumping all right so that was all good that was that was good stuff there but we don't need to go into details yeah um here's a few of them here where tacitus for three 73 A.D oh the Kamakura earthquake of 1275 uh uh the blue light appeared tacitus describes in 370 uh uh 373 BC the earthquake in all kinds of weird luminous phenomena the Japanese earthquake had luminous phenomena flying luminous objects or mentioned in connection with the earthquake at yido Tokyo during the winter of 1672 a fireball resembling a paper lantern was seen flying through the sky toward the East uh during the Tulsa earthquake in 1698 a number of fireballs shaped like Wheels were seen flying and different directions in the case of the Great giroku Earthquake of December 31st 1730 at tokaido luminous bodies and Luminous Air were reported during the nights preceding the day of the severest shock yeah guys I I'm not I'm not going to read them all but it just goes on all all these examples of earthquakes where these these orbs these fireballs and a in a strange blue Luminosity all happened at the same time at the same time earthquakes which is at the same time I've showed you these these these major thunderstorms were happening some of these thunderstorms producing tornadoes and inside those tornadoes were the same glowing Fireballs just rotating around like they were generating the tornado itself so crazy it is so crazy guys all right so yeah the volcano the volcanoes these orbs have been seen going in and out of volcanoes you know and then also the volcano arcs in in and starts outgassing really bad and detonates so these things are these things are are responsible for a lot more than what we what we what we know so a few other things that were in this book that were interesting is I found a reference in this book to 1902 and it says that the astronomical journals of the day in 1902 reported something very unusual they reported quote a glare around the Sun merging into a faint Smoky red or purple ring five degrees to 10 degrees wide that's huge the sky guys with the maximum color about 30 degrees away from the Sun okay remember guys 1902 on the second part of 1902 red rain Red Dirt red dust and red mud rained all over our world did it have something to do with that red halo in Cloud that appeared around the Sun I don't know I'm gonna let you I'm gonna let you guys oh figure that one out so also something we can't get into because there's too much data but he's got a whole section on dark days like New England's Dark Day 1780 when the government buildings and all the shops had to close people had to break their candle lights out and they admitted it wasn't the moon it's just the sun went dark in the inside it's called the dark day of New England 1780.

It happened again in Wisconsin it's called the dark day of Wisconsin 1886. again he's got a lot of data in this book about those two two and many others those are just two of them all the the more popular ones in recent history uh it happened again in 1765 uh uh dark it got dark in 1902 and 1903 in different areas of the world and these dark days they're very interesting because scientific Community absolutely admits it wasn't the moon but they come up with all kinds of weird theories as to why it happened so uh now something on page 149 shocked me I'm going to show you I'm going to show you the picture because William cordless a science scientist he's not a flat earther he's a scientist but he says something in here that every flat earther should pay attention to good so this was really interesting remember I'm a simulationist and I need to I need to keep saying that because there are some people who just don't get it any any any digital computerized basically any similar ated context is going to have to start with a fat flat plane and then all curvature is then deceitful programming in the sky makes a deal because there's there's no evidence of it where I live right here on the plane all the evidence of curvature is in the sky and we've already seen over and over and over and over and over the sky lies let me show you this this is called fata Morgana it is a very famous Mirage it is it is seeing something over the curvature it's a mirage of this is what this is what the scientific Community says ships are able to use telescopes and blow up distant objects but the curvature of the Earth would make it impossible to see it straight away so therefore they're seeing a reflection through the atmosphere they're not really explaining how it's possible they're just theorizing this one's called Fatima Morgana where something is too many hundreds of miles away to actually be seen straight and magnified up but it is seen it's seen perfectly clearly meaning you're looking on a flat plane but they can't be possible Right here's the thought of Morgana I'm going to show you a much better picture show you a much much better I'm gonna find it this is unusual Mirage resembling the cookle Fatima Morgana in Gulf of Mexico now they're claiming this is a mirage because because ship captains can see the city over the curvature of the earth and the city is really there it's really there but there's no way it could be seen if the world is a globe there is no way these ship captains can see this so scientists call it a mirage end of story that's here that's the end of the story guys it's just a mirage don't it's nothing to get worked up over just because it's The Mirage shows perfectly what that City looks after you magnify it by 300 times you know it's a it's just a mirage light bends over the curvature of the Earth that's their that's their explanation so I'm not going to tell you what to believe what William Corley says there's very unusual radio signals in our world that are inexplicable in the scientific Community doesn't know where they're coming from something underground in something in the sky is emitting radio signals that are not of human provenance not only that but the scientific Community has documented that the Earth hums in different areas and at different times this too is inexplicable we don't know anything about this hum but I will draw your attention to something very interesting William Carter said he said on page 30 right here William Corda said the Earth the Earth is a gigantic electrical machine what that's what that man said and I can I can agree with him I can definitely agree with him so I'm going to show you a video that's going to blow your mind if we have evidence even from the scientific community that these apparitions make tornadoes appear they strengthen tornadoes they're in thunderstorms they're hiding in lightning they control lightning if these apparitions that have been seen can play with us while we're while we're in the sky about to fight our enemy if these apparitions have been seen going in and out of volcanoes before they detonate if these apparitions are clearly visible in the sky during a earthquake activity if these apparitions show up before thunderstorms during thunderstorms after thunderstorms if these apparitions are are up part of the apparatus that induces the this destructive phenomena of volcanoes earthquakes thunderstorms lightning uh in the like earthquakes whatever if these apparitions are responsible for all that then maybe just maybe we can make sense of a video that I'm about to show you it was too long so I edited it down but this video is real what is seen is shocking but this is also a destructive event it's a tsunami in Japan in 2011 in what comes out of the water is seen at three different times in the film at three separate three separate uh uh occasions I'm gonna show you that video right now guys because it blew my mind when I saw it it just blew my mind [Music] [Music] [Music] this is [Music] um [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] guys yeah that was that was kind of that was kind of wild now 100 of all my data and archaics is from old old sources it is from scientific reports uh you guys already know all my published books are packed with bibliographic citations I'm very I'm very stringent about that and in my videos I tell you where I get my information but listen I don't take pictures and videos as proof of anything but in the context of all this material that I'm giving you all I'm doing is offering that video in support of the idea that maybe even tsunamis are generated and controlled by something that is non-human something that is not natural because what you saw in that video was pretty compelling it was at three different it appeared three different times and it videos very interesting if the video is a hoax from 2011 it's a very good one it's fooled a lot of people but uh anyway just very interesting very interesting so my presentation is over this is Handbook of unusual natural phenomena eyewitness accounts of Nature's greatest Mysteries by William Corliss if there's any of you you have in your attic or you know friends are never going to read it that has any William Corliss books please send them to me my my in the description box of all my videos you can find my post office box uh I will do videos on all the William cordless books I have four of his books and we will be doing another video on William cordis's data but it will be on strange and unusual artifacts and I saw somebody in the comment section earlier mentioned forbidden archeology by Richard Thompson and Michael creamo and yes I have read that book the book is huge and a lot of it was very boring but I read it because I am completely anti-uniformitory and I'm a catastrophist and uniformitarians to me are deceivers they know they're deceivers and this is why they have a budget of billions of dollars to promote the deception while catastrophes are basically lone researchers out there just putting together real solid data like myself but we don't have these deep pocket organizations that are that are putting us out there there they just ignore us so anyway that's my presentation guys and we went kind of long we went real long so there's no court q a this time but I know there's a bunch of videos that show similar things I just wanted to show that one because it was just so it was so crazy and maybe Martin Martin's gonna shoot show me how to do this uh how I can show a bunch of images fast instead of copying and pasting yeah I screw all that you know I I wanted to show all the pictures that were in this book I I got up and showed them to you but there's a lot more pictures that were in this book that I have on file I wanted to show them that way but I'm just going to throw them in my my uh my new images pack I'm just going to throw them in there a bunch of other images but hey I've had a great time I hope you guys had a good time I'm sorry I went over my my two hour deadline but uh we got some we got some great videos on the way and I hope you took I hope you took away from so I hope you took something away from this guys that that a lot of the material that I provided you in arcades isn't just me talking about out the side of my mouth the scientific evidence is mounting it's getting to the point where they where they just have to ignore it because they can't even entertain any of it because any any entertaining of the anomalies that we're discussing is an admission that they're that they're actually happening happening to a wider demographic and they don't want to do that it's just like this Ice Age Theory BS that's going around most people don't understand when they hear Ice Age and there's a lot of content creators out there a lot of popular authors and researchers you know their names that are putting out this Ice Age material the exact opposite is true the exact opposite it wasn't an Ice Age guys Mega fauna we're in a very warm to sub-tropical world it's called The Vapor canopy period the all that snow and ice all that snow and ice came from the collapsed Vapor canopy when that mess those fear collapsed all that all that snow and ice went to the winter winter uh the Arctic in the Antarctic that's where it went while the equatorial region remained basically packed full of life forms however the oxygen had been greatly diminished so creatures couldn't grow to that size anymore the megafauna died out the ones that weren't Frozen yeah they're really pushing even in the old even in the alt history alt history groups they're really pushing that Ice Age deal but the truth of the matter is and anybody can verify this there are over there are over 58 or 59 this is Maybe 60.

Ice Age theories and they're all different from each other how ice ages could even be possible and they won't tell you this you got to go to the specialist literature to find this out but that that's how iffy the whole situation is they can't nail it down because every time they nail down how the Ice Ages were even possible they turn other scientists bring evidence to the Forefront social well that can't be true because of this that can't be this has happened so many times that the Ice Age Theory had to be revamped 59 times yeah guys they won't tell you this but Jason will Jason will tell you because they're all full of [ __ ] I say just for [ __ ] they've never happened they never happened we had a vapor Canopy World and that's what that's what we had and that's why there's no humidity in the Arctic or Antarctic and there's only half an inch of snow that falls so they invented a theory that that's that two mile high snow caps took hundreds of thousands of years to build and it's not true every bit of it is BS so I have many videos that address this you might want to check out my my 1871 cyclical flood theory is really interesting but God I love you guys and I'm not going to drag this out and I'm glad I'm glad this uh glitching was kept to a minimum because it really affects my OCD and I will get with you guys later it's been beautiful and you know I'm going to hit y'all with that badass outro if I can find it oh that's not it y'all really need help with this I'm gonna remove this 2023 things should just be user friendly by now I know Martin's laughing at me but I'll tell you what I'm gonna do I'm gonna hit this I'm gonna hit this outro all these changes you got to go through I don't know why they don't they don't allow you to put all these things in your your settings why I actually have to leave stream yard to go to my desktop to go find what I want this is this isn't how this this should be set up at all at all love you guys [Music] oh [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] thank you [Music] [Music]

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