Simulating a Blackout!

By | October 31, 2022

Hey guys my name is Lily and today I Want to simulate a blackout situation And here I have my power station by the Company bluete and yeah today I want to Test it out with my freezer here and This is just a really small freezer it Draws about 133 kilowatt hours per year So it's not too big but it's full with Meat and something worth to protect and Today I want to recharge the power Station with my new folding solar panel By the company of grid track yeah this Is my new baby it has 220 watts and it folds down in this Really small package but before we are Going to use it a first one to hook up The freezer to my power station and That's because now it's charged to 100 So in that case Um the solar panel would not charge the Power station because it's already full So first I want to let it drain to maybe 90 95 and then we are going to hook up My new solar panel and then we will see If it's powerful enough To charge the battery and to keep the Freezer running okay I just inserted the Watt meter until you can see that right Now the freezer is drawing 41.5 watts And here we have a 220 watt solar panel So let's say in the optimum case we get 220 Watts times 5 hours On a sunny day so that's 1100 Watts that we can use

And now if we Divide that by 41.5 Watts that's 26 hours So we are far We are far over 24 hours now the thing Is that the freezer is not running The entire day So it's switching off like half of the Time so if we divide that Voltage by two let's say it needs like 21 Watts then that will equal 52 hours Of runtime for the freezer which is Really good now of course the efficiency Of solar panels is diminished by the Lack of sunshine this is normal so you Need some to make this work but that's For every type of solar panel this one Here especially is one of the best on The markets Um it's super efficient 220 watts in just Um this small Size of a blanket so you can see it's Just a little bit bigger than my hand That's really incredible super efficient And super small and lightweight so this Solar panel has only 13.6 pounds it's portable it folds up to The small size of a laptop which is Super incredible and as you can see 220 Watts Um is what you really get so other Manufacturers they are writing like 100 Watts on a solar panel but in fact

It only gives you like 70 Watts but this Here Says 220 watts and you will really get 220 Watts so that's great to know also This solar panel works together with Many different kind of power stations The pluetti the cold zero uh the inner Chi power stations and many more now With the solar panel you also want to Get um Yeah some cables this is a cable which Goes from Anderson to mc4 connectors It's two meters and has a awt of 10. Yeah and now let's unfold the solar Panel and let's take a quick look on how Big it is Okay Let's lift it up That's about seven kilograms Amazing the size is amazing it's really Small you can easily throw it into your Car if you have to back out for some Kind of reason you can throw it into Your background bag it's still very Portable and small and 220 watts is a Lot of power so that would be two large Solar panels on your camper van for Example incredible that they could fit It into such a small package Okay so now let's open this up So here you can see the Um connector the Amazon cable connector Which is really solid and of high Quality and here you can insert USB 2

USB one DC and type c USB and that means That you can directly connect your phone To your laptop your ham radio to the Solar panel without having a battery in Between or a charge controller and That's really great so you can directly Hook up your phone to here or your Laptop and it will work just with the Power of the Sun Okay So this is it This is how it looks Oh Awesome amazing wow so the material that This is made from is really durable and The manufacturer says that You can shoot through the playing cat With bullets and it will still keep Working also you can drive over this Panel with a car and it will not get Damaged and that's because they have Made it from this really durable Material okay I've just mounted um the Solar panel on my camper van facing South So it's the end of the October so we are Not getting A really strong Sun anymore so The sun is really low although it's Around midday So let's see how many watts we get from The solar panel and now we want to Connect the Anderson connectors To this extension cable

So now it's important that you don't Have any shade on the panel so here you Can see they are still a little bit Shade on the solar panel from the tree That is growing Um at my neighbor's side so in about Five minutes the shade is gone and then We have the full Sun on the solar panel okay now I'm Taking the cable And I want to feed it through The window of my basement Now because the company pluetti has the Special connector I need to also connect It to the XC90 connector oh my God so Many cables And now we finally can connect it to the Power station Okay so we got Um solar power We've connected Um the solar panels and right now we are Getting 136 Watts So that's pretty good for Um late October Because the sun is not so intense Anymore now I want to go upstairs and I'm gonna see what the display says on The solar panel okay so this display Um tells us 0.0 watts and that's because It's only Um showing you the voltage of the Devices that you directly connect to This electric box it's not showing you

The Vats that come down to the solar Station okay I have just connected my Phone to this electric box and now it's Giving me readings from six To 9 Watts sometimes 10 or 11. so this Is how much a phone draws So yeah it's working you can directly Connect your phone to the solar panel Okay now that the shade is gone we get a Little bit more voltage 140 Watts so That's pretty good So now let's see how long we can run the Freezer with the solar panel 140 Watts times 5 hours of sunlight so We get 700 watt hours Um out of the solar panel each day then We have to divide it by the 25 watts That the Freezer is needing and that equals 28 Hours and 28 is more than 24 so we can Easily run This freezer Um with using the solar blanket now There's one more thing to say Um unfortunately the power stations Doesn't matter which one you take they Are not 100 efficient because it always Will have a idle consumption and it will Use some of the voltage that you're Getting in with your solar panel okay It's a couple of minutes later again and Now as you can see we are getting 145 Watts so this is the most that we Will get out of the solar panel right

Now and that's because the sun is slow Okay so now I have disconnected the Solar panel because now I want to Measure the actual voltage that is Coming down from the solar panel So let's see what they get here Wow We get 26.9 volts All right so let's say it's a super Sunny day in summertime we get 220 Watts Divided by 27 volts So we get 8.15 ampere okay so because we Are underneath 10 amperes or 7 meters So with 7 meters we should use a 10 AVG This is what the company of grid track Is offering But with the blue yeti I have about one Meter which is only 14 so Maybe this small cable is taking away Some of its efficiency so this cable Here is definitely a little bit too Small in diameter And I want to make myself A bigger one to get more efficiency out Of the solar panel so with Um wires that are too small you can also Risk a fire so always make sure that you Have the adequate size of a solar cable Okay I just took down the solar blanket From the camper van and I could easily Touch it so it's not getting too hot Also the camouflage pattern will take Away some of the heat so that the panels

Are not getting overheated and this is Really important when it comes to the Efficiency of a solar panel and what's Great about this Um camouflage pattern is that Let's say you have to bug out and you Have to hide your stuff in the forest It's really not easy to be seen with This great camouflage pattern and if you Throw a couple of leaves of it then you Can yeah hide your solar blanket in the Forest in an emergency so that's Important for escape Innovation and I Have to say that this panel is probably The best that I've ever owned in my life It's very efficient even though the sun Is already really low in Austria and I'm Really happy that I have this because Here in Europe we might face Brown art Or rolling blackouts this winter so I'm Glad That I'm well equipped now and this Takes off a lot of pressure and now I Want to show you something else another Product that is made by the company of Grid track And here we have their High quality Faraday bag And this is where I'm going to store my Pluetti power station with the extension On battery this is big enough to host Both of those batteries actually and This Um third day back is protecting your

Power station against CMEs from the Sun Or nuclear emps and the Fabrics that They've chosen is a fair day fabric with Three layers instead of just two so most Other manufacturers and companies are Only using two layers but this company Is using three layers of this Fair Day Fabric which is needed to Shield your Vital electronics and electronic Equipment okay so this is how big the Third day bag is as you can see it's Really big and you have a lot of space At the inside you have this high grade Industrial Velcro so you can close the Bank properly And yeah my plan is that I'm going to Store my Bluetooth power station in here So now I'm just turning it off okay so My plan for the power station is that I Will use it once a month I will let it Um discharge to 50 then I recharge it Again to 100 And then I store it in this Faraday bag Now of course inside of the bag you Cannot use the power station because Um the power station is getting hot and It needs to be ventilated which is not Possible in here so this is just for Storage and transportation I will store It inside of the bag for one month now And then take it out every month to use The battery to make sure that it's still Working and battery is like to be used So this is why I'm doing this and then

The rest of the month I am sticking it Into the fair day bag now also what this Bag has is some windows where you can Put in some labels so you know later on What you have in the Faraday bag Foreign And you also have the window here at the Back side and the material that the Company off grid track was using for the Outside of the fair day back is Ballistic nylon so this is waterproof And you can even transport the power Station through the rain and it will not Get wet at the inside so that's a really Awesome feature [Applause] Foreign Yeah guys so this is how the Faraday bag Looks like with two power stations at The inside I think it makes a good and Solid impression yeah and if you want to Purchase some of the products that I've Shown you today then make sure that you Follow the link in the description below Which will lead you directly to the Website of the company of great track Stay tuned till next time

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