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By | October 31, 2022

Morning guys I'm Dave Canterbury with Soft Reliance authors in the Pathfinder School back out here at the Pathfinder Classroom what I thought I would do is I Would show you how to take a simple Stick and your six foot utility cordage That you should have in your pocket as Well as the top of your pack And show you how to make a small game Gambrel for hunting and trapping season Stay with me all right so small game Season trapping season as opponents and We don't want to carry a lot of stuff When we're out doing you know a solo Truck or a solo hunt or trapping and Checking our trap line solo and I don't Always like to carry carcasses back with Me into base camp if I can just skin Them while they're warm they're much Easier to skin or if I'm going to eat The meat obviously I may want to skin it On the fly as well so all we need is a Stick and we're going to cut two basic Saddle notches in our stick and this Stick's only about a foot and a little Bit more long maybe 15 inches we've got Our six foot utility cord that's in our Pocket we keep one of these on top of Our pack as well which one you use is up To you I would choose to use the one on The top of my pack most likely and we're Just going to take that six foot of Cordage Stretch that dude out and this is going

To be everything we need to make a small Game gambrel now if we take our six foot Line and we divide it in half and divide It in half again And we put it on the stick that's going To tell us about where we want to tie Our clove edges so then we'll take this Off of here And we'll just overhand Loop Overhand Loop That's going to give us A clove hitch when we put it on here and Tighten it down just like this Now we could use a Marlin Spike hitch Here as well but a clove hitch is going To hold tighter now we'll go to the Other end of this bad boy and do the Same thing Overhind Loop overhand Loop One behind the other just like this That's going to create a clove Edge we Drop it into this Saddle Notch Just like this Pull everything down tight now we can Kind of look at our tails and make sure That they're the same length And if they're not the same length then We can make adjustments but we ended up Pretty close to the same on our length With these Tails as is And then the top part of this obviously Is where we're going to hang it so the Top portion of this first of all we'll Just take this triangle

And we'll squeeze that triangle together A little bit and even things up so we Give ourselves something to hang it by And a real simple figure eight knot in This is enough so we're just going to Come around And up Just like this Put a figure eight knot in this Nice and simple And that should even things up and give Us something to hang this by that will Keep us centered all the time Now for this we're just going to use a Couple self tightening Loops we don't Want anything on this we can't get Undone fairly easy so we're going to Travel up this line a little ways just Like this about half and half And we're going to wrap down the line With loops three times one There's two There's three And then we're going to take that knot Back up through those three Loops one Two And three Just like that and tighten everything Down Like so And that's going to give us a sliding Loop that we can put a leg into and pull It down tight and it's not going to come Undone and then we'll do the same thing

On the other side so on this side we're Going to do the same thing we're going To fold it up I'm going to come down the line And around that thing three times one Two three There's three on our thumb Push that right up through the three Loops just like that and pull it down Pull everything tight Dress It Up Give ourselves a Good Barrel there and then what we've Got is Got a pretty equal distance there And a pretty equal Loop So now we have a small game gear but we Have two sliding Loops here that we can Put over the feet We have a center Loop that we can hang The Gamble from so we can hang the Animal this direction So his feet are here and here now when We're done with this we want to get this Undone and recover our cordage because We use a sliding knot or slip knot here All we have to do is pull it back Through the barrels Just like that and it comes undone same Thing on this side pull it back to the Barrels And it comes undone This all we have to do is work it Sideways a couple times

And we can get it right off the end of The And it'll come undone Work it off pull it out And that figure of eight knot is easy Enough to break down on the back side And open it up as well And that's going to recover our six foot Piece of cordage to use for another task And now we've used something we're Already carrying and a simple stick to Make a game gamble for anything up to The size of like a large raccoon all Right guys I hope you enjoyed that Simple video on how to make a small game Gambrel it's quick and easy you don't Have to carry a metal gamble or anything Like that with you you don't have to Carry an extra piece of equipment all You need is your six foot utility cord Any stick you can break off or cut in The woods that's strong enough not to Break so something like Arrow wood is Very good for this in eastern woodland I Appreciate your views I appreciate your Support I thank you for everything you Do for school for family for business or Sponsored instruction Affiliates and Friends and I'll be back with another Video as soon as I can guys thanks

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