Steel Horse Camp

By | October 31, 2022

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] So It's [Music] One shallow stream right there But We got a good couple leaders anyway That'll last us for tonight Kilo echo eight sierra papa sierra Cq cq [Applause] Hey buddy just pulling a radio check Here i'm out on my four-wheeler near a Wildlife area getting ready to camp for The night i just wanted to make sure i Had good action with the repeater [Laughter] All right buddy i appreciate it like i Said i'm just trying to get a comp check Real quick I got some camps set up things to do so I appreciate you man kilo echo 8 sierra Papa sierra standing by [Applause] Get this Radio on charge for a little bit The solar panel out

Lead higher high sun here We get plugged into her We are charging boom All right Good All right so we'll get over here in the Shade Get us some water I've collected water now we can Disinfect out of camp And a filter that plugs into the front Of that lister bag Six liter bag we'll talk about that Later on but For now We're just gonna Stay in the shade here and relax and Not do anything too strenuous [Music] [Music] Okay so First things first we pulled into an Area we're gonna camp tonight You see i parked this four-wheeler up Against a tree I did that because i got a downhill Grade right here And even though it's in park I like to be sure I don't like to be sorry but parking Against the tree like that just secures It ain't going anywhere Okay so let's talk about this real quick While we're going through because you'll

See me pulling stuff out of different Places so it's a good thing to talk About it now I've got my canteen and my rifle Wrapped up over the top of the console There And that keeps them in place when i'm Moving I've got one camera mount on the front I've got a tripod tucked in underneath Here And a lot of guys don't show you how They carry their camera gear so i'm Doing that And that's underneath my backpack Which has everything in it i need that's Not in the vehicle And my little selfish chair there for Camping so i've got a Three-legged stool to sit on And of course i've got this lock box up Front which we'll go through that's got Some main stay stuff in it as well and Then you saw me pull out that lister bag Which is over here on the other side of Water in it so Let's start getting set up and going Through things All right so in the box Shovel And saw I saw i just got us out of a jam a Little while ago so i always have those Two in there then i just got a couple

Items in here i've got a food bag in Here Exactly the same food bag that i use for My bug out I've got meals that i can eat on the fly Quick without starting a campfire and a Stove to cook them on I do keep a rechargeable lantern in here It can be charged by usb so it works With the solar panel and it's got the Cord Stored in the bottom of it here It's also got a clip on the bottom of it Here where you can hang it if you want To if you're not hanging it by The handle itself And it is a brick as well To charge your phone if you need to Not pimping this thing i got off amazon I don't even know it's in my amazon Store but it works good anyway All right so i've got those things in Here And then Get this straight The other side is pretty simple some bug Spray waterproof matches That lid came off of there A chamod Extra pair of gloves Poncho Ferro rod A couple things to start fire a couple Things to make quick cover to get me out

Of elements Some work gloves An extra smog it's not really A major deal Not a whole lot of stuff there But it peripherally with The stuff that i already have in my Backpack It definitely rounds things out So pretty quick one of the first things You want to want to do is we're going to Want to disinfect this water that we've Collected because We drank a lot on the trail And our canteen's about empty so i just Put a black utility line around this Tree The same utility lines i keep my pocket All the time got a couple options in my Pack in the four-wheeler And i'm just going to put a marlin spike Hitch in that With a stick off the ground just to hang That lister bag off of now here's the Thing Right now at the base of this tree Poison ivy everywhere And no matter where you go in ohio Especially around here that's the case It's just something you got to deal with Okay so I'm going to put this bag on this toggle Real quick And

What i've got here Amongst the poison ivy which i'm gonna Stomp out of the way here I've got my canteen cup here and i'm Going to lift this bag up And unscrew The small screw on here And i'm going to screw on A sawyer water filter Just like That what that's going to do is that's Going to create A drip filter Just like that It's going to fill up our canteen cup And we'll just keep an eye on that when That canteen cup gets full We'll shut that dude off put a cap on it And went through that into our canteen And start over Okay So while that's happening we'll go get The mainstays out of here that we need For our camp Take this radio off of here for the time Being And This goruck rucker works out really well For a day pack or an overnighter for Sure I've got My hammock tarp My hammock My swagman roll

And then peripheral items on the sides I've got that charging brick solar Charging thing from power foam A saw And a tyvek sheet i mean it's really Really simple there's a tick Right there on my stuff Get out of here Sorry dog So let's get this stuff in a tree Looks like our canteen Cup is just about full there What we'll do is we'll come over here And we'll Put this Bottle lid on there Get this at the north canteen and start Over All right i keep my hammock system real Real simple Head in foot in two different colored Carabiners The head end I open And inside the head end there is One snug pack pillow And a tree strap Put this in our pocket and we'll head For the tree These tree straps are ultra simple you Got a large end Like this Get that thing up about head high Yank it through there and you got a

Ladder basically of Connections you can choose from on the Other end Hook your hammock to that and go We're gonna kind of center this up so I'm gonna Go down a couple here so i can catch up On the other end to pull it tight Now Once i've got this centered up where i Want it I'm gonna come in here number one I'm just gonna step back and look And make sure that it is Even between the trees As i can get it If that's what i want then i'm going to Come in and sit in the hammock that's Going to do a couple things number one It's going to stretch things out And number two it's going to tell me Whether the hammock is the right height Remember you never want to hang a Hammock higher than you will in the fall But hanging a hammock too low can Sometimes be a pain in the tail end too I like to be fairly low to the ground But i don't like to be so low that i Have to roll out of it i like to be able To kind of sit up in the hammock and Have my feet relaxed this is stretching Out pretty good okay Pretty close to what we want now i think Oh yeah

Good That's real good yeah that's nice You centered up this dude Yeah man okay All right we're good there This is what i like Back up a little bit Jump out All right so trying to keep the kit as Light as possible The hammock's lightweight straps are Lightweight Dyneema tarp Lightweight but dyneema's really really Strong material it's just expensive but Building your kit slowly is what's Important Okay this is basically on a snakeskin Type system Where i've got everything wrapped around All the cordage wrapped around The outside here Once i undo that Get all the lines off And it's going to be end to end Basically Now you've got both your lines here and You have a snake skin Around this and you just put up one end At a time and it's a real simple system As well we'll talk about that real quick Too so this system real easy it's got a Clip on here You just wrap around the tree and clip

It on the line And it has a tensioning device on this End That you can take up a line i'll show You that in just a minute and then your Snake skin is here with a cinch Once we've got that on again you've got These simple Cinches right here that will let line Out And they're self-locking when you pull On line To get that tarp even over your hammock Very very simple system So you're just pushing to release And pulling to tighten Very very simple Now once you've got your Ridgeline tightened up there You're just going to loosen up one side Of this Just like this It's got a cinch buckle on it and get a Hold of it here Pull that all the way out and then the Snake skin will shed Down the tarp to the other end And you just leave it on there And then unfurl the tarp All these tarp corners have that exact Same system You just pull it down tight Self-locking Again convenient simple

And it works This tarp's got flaps on it like tent Flaps you can close it in in colder Weather I usually just tie them off or wrap them Right here They don't come undone and just leave Them So i get breeze in there in the Summertime If you've got a big long piece of Cordage hank that dude up so you're not Tripping over it in the middle of night Keep things neat You're going to have a little bit of Tail on this right here you could always Double up if you needed to but it's not Touching the ground or anywhere near it So i'll use this with an extra carabiner In my pack to hang my lantern off of Some water on the boil here Just dinner while the sun's going down People kind of Over complicate stuff every day on the Internet with This kind of stuff and There's no reason for it to be Complicated at all If you're just out having a good time And enjoy yourself Then don't make it hard make it easy That's really good Okay Just had water meals

Quick setup camps quick down camps That stuff's the way to go Instant coffee Life's hard enough don't make it harder This is absolutely my favorite time of The morning The birds start singing The sun starts coming up I'm waiting to hear a turkey on her Gobble on the roost this morning Haven't heard it yet I've been seeing a lot more turkey this Year I haven't heard turkey this year but I've seen quite a few of them I'd heard the numbers were down a little Bit This year in ohio as far as to take How many hundreds killed but I've been seeing a lot of them out here Little swagman roll It's definitely one of my favorite Pieces of kit I think it only got down to about 67 Last night so it was pretty warm as As it goes that's short sleeve weather But When you're in a hammock 67 It can get a little chilly Swag monroe knocks that right off And then in the morning when you're Chilly from sleeping all night These swagman rolls hard to take it for Sure

Get up throw this thing around you in Camp until it warms up and you get Warmed up and You be thankful you had it that's for Sure You know if i had to choose one piece of Kit Other than you know the obvious stuff You know my knife my water bottle things Like that This uh swagman roll would definitely be High on the list but uh A very very versatile piece of gear i Mean Hammock under quilt if you need it Obviously outerwear Underneath something else if you need it For insulation Sleeping bag blanket Blank it Hello if it's stepped into the stuff Sack i mean A lot of use of the swag and rolling i Just love the thing I've been using these things for Three or four years now And i just love them I don't go anywhere without when these Things in my bag most of the time A little wet out here Dew point Problem There high humidity this time of year For sure

Look tick on my back get out there Guys i appreciate you joining me today For this video just going out doing a Little camping off the four-wheeler I think that uh You know conveyance is underrated Sometimes you can definitely see a lot Of ground Fairly quickly and not wear yourself out Especially on a hot day Collect resources along the way Get things done Camp comfortably at night And head out in the morning i appreciate Your views i appreciate your support i Thank you for everything you do for our School for family and for business all Of our sponsor instructors affiliates And friends i'll be back with another Video as soon as i can thanks guys

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