Surefire Stiletto Flashlight : Pro Vs EDC (Plus one Flaw with both)

By | October 31, 2022

The Surefire Stiletto series flashlights have a unique flat design, high lumen lights and made in the USA. We're comparing the original EDC with the Pro Model to find out it the $100 difference is worth it. We did a lot of abuse testing and have discovered one major flaw. #Surefire #SurefireStiletto #Flashlight

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The Surefire stiletto and the Surefire Stiletto Pro let's check it out [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Surefire makes really high quality Lights in fact they're used by the US Military they're used by law enforcement Agencies around the country and for that Matter around the world they're made Right here in the U.S and they're just Good Dependable lights and it built a Really strong reputation when the Stiletto was first introduced I was very Intrigued I mean it's that flat design It's really easy to carry in your pocket And it really puts out a nice amount of Lumens with 600 lumens with the standard And then they came out with the pro Which is a thousand lumens it has an Aluminum body whereas the standard Stiletto has a polymer frame body and so It's two great flashlights there's a lot Of features to these you can program Them in different ways they're Dependable they are rechargeable and so We're going to check these out Head to Head the full review that I did on the Stiletto I have it annotated right above But guys light is your number one Security tool and it's important to pick A really good light now typically Surefire lights are more expensive being

Made here in the U.S but the quality Control is really up there and they just Have a great customer service so we're Going to check these out and we're going To see which one might be best for you All right guys we have the Surefire Stiletto series flashlights and these Are really exceptional lights one of the Big reasons that flashlights are more of A cylinder than this flat design is Because of the shape of the battery and Obviously with double a Triple A's even Cr123s in 18650 rechargeable batteries They are cylindrical so they fit down Into a tube and that's the reason that It really dictates the shape of the Flashlight with the new lithium ion Batteries that are being changed into Different shapes we're able to get some Different configurations and here we've Got this really flat design which Theoretically will fit really well in Your pocket it makes it just a little More comfortable you know it's just Easier to carry but one of the things About that is is we still have the Roundness of the lens itself so while It's thinner on this end it does have That round shape and it's according to How you're going to carry it now there Are some differences between these two And that's really what we're going to Look at I did a full review on the Standard stiletto which is now the EDC

Model and you know it's a great Flashlight it's a polymer body it has a Nice steel pocket clip Uh it has aluminum here at the head Because LEDs get really hot it has a Standard mode switch here and then we Have a tail switch at the back Programmable capability which we'll look At and we have recharging capability and So one of the things though about both Of these lights are the batteries are Encased and they're not removable in Fact you'll have to send it back to Surefire but these batteries take a lot Of charges and these will last for a Number of years You can see that there is a size Difference between the two and if you Put them Head to Head it's just a little Bit longer with the pro but it makes it Look bigger a lot bigger this is Actually four and a half inches in Length this is 4.45 inches so it's not Really a lot of difference here at the Back you'll notice that it's just a Tapered design all the way through here With the EDC it comes down and there's a Little bit of a flange right here that Just honestly I kind of like this and We'll get into that in a minute but one Of the big things also that this does is This one has an aluminum body all the Way throughout and so that was one thing That a lot of people like that just

Aluminum instead of the polymer but it Does add the considerable amount of Weight to this flashlight In fact the regular EDC model is 2.8 Ounces while the pro is 4 ounces but one Of the biggest differences with this Light is the Lumen output with this Standard stiletto EDC we have a five Lumen light goes up to 250 and then it Goes up to 650 lumens we do have strobe Capability and then of course if you hit This back tail switch it goes straight To the 650. if you triple click Then we go to strobe so this is really a Nice light I mean there's a lot of good Features to it it has the max Vision Beam and so this gives you a nice flood It's not really a serious hot spot so it Brightens out a pretty nice area and so For EDC that really works nice but with The pro model which also has the max Vision beam reflector it also has more Of a flood but it does have a little bit Of a hot spot and then with this it's 25 Lumens on the low 300 on the next one And then a thousand lumens so you're Getting a thousand lumens compared to 650 on turbo and again with the tail Switch you go straight to a thousand and Then triple click and you go to strobe Very simple very simple interface I like It I like the texturing on the pro a Little better it does have some Texturing here there's just some little

Lines on the side Yeah but one of the things about these Lights is that they are very flat in the Hand and they fit good they fit good in Your pocket but there's something about The ergonomic shape of this that Naturally it's not a cylinder so it's More flat and it seems to fit in your Hand very nicely this could be used as a Self-defense tool as well and I think You have a little more control over it Than you would with a standard you know Round flashlight but what I do like About these ears is if I grab this However I want to grab it it gives me a Little bit of resistance here so it Doesn't slip forward in my hand and That's what I really like about that but The Lumen capability of the pro is Definitely Advanced over your standard EDC model one thing too is these clips Which these are really nice steel Clips With the EDC model you can't switch it To bezel down with the pro model you can Switch this to bezel down bezel up so it Gives you you more options according to How you like to carry it one of the Things I like about the bezel down is if It's in my pocket and I pull it out I'm Ready to hit that button immediately so I don't have to turn the flashlight Around to get to it to be able to access The modes now you can see that the Reflector in the Pro is larger and it's

A little bit deeper with the EDC model You can just see the comparison between The two here they've changed the buttons A little bit they've made the program Button a little bit larger and they've Made the mode button a little bit Smaller which is kind of unusual I like This mode button to be able to or turn On the different settings but this works Really well and then again if you want To press this you'll notice that this Light turns green and this is your fuel Gauge LED fuel gauge it's your battery Monitor or indicator and it goes from Green down to Yellow when it gets about Half power and then it goes down to red And then it goes to flashing red as well And the standard EDC model has the same Kind of setting and then the charging Port is just under this little rubber Boot and so you have it where it's going To seal that up and then it just Protects it and we're going to talk About that particularly in just a few Minutes because this is rated for ipx7 Which means that it'll go at a meter of Water for 30 minutes and uh you know we We had some issues with that we're going To talk about it the tail switches I Really like this button on the tail Switch and it's just momentary it never Will be just constant on so it's just For a few minutes if you need it you can Hit that and with a program button if

You just press it and you hold it down Between two and five seconds it will go Into a medium setting strobe and so it's On and the way to cut it off is to go by To your mode section and then you can Hit that it'll shut it off then it does The same with the EDC model you just Hold it down And after about five seconds it's there It goes it takes a little time and one Of the things I like about that is when You hit the mode button it doesn't do Anything until you set up for the Programming and so if you're just Picking it up and you hit the mode Button it's not going to do anything hit The lumens it's not going to reset your Flashlight now you'll notice that it's Low medium and then high now we can Change that with the button now to Program the light to go bright to low You just press your programming button Wait till it turns blue and then hit the Button and once you do that it'll go From high down to medium down to low so Again high medium low So you just have to decide which Direction you want to go to me Personally I like to start out with the Lower setting but maybe if I'm in law Enforcement I want to start out with the High settings so I may just may just be Easier to hit this button first instead Of going into the Tactical switch and so

It gives you just a couple of options And then to get out of that we just Press it When it turns blue just press your Button and now we're back to low medium And high it's very simple interface it's The same thing with the Stiletto EDC Model And then if you won't lock out let's say You don't want the light to come on so What we do is hit the tail switch and The mode side switch at the same time And you'll notice that it just flashed Now we have no light to change that just Hit it again And now we have light back on so a very Again very simple even though this is Programmable and a lot of people love it And some guys are like just keep it Simple this is a simple way to program These lights to give you more capability For the pro model it's 23 and a half Hours on the 25 lumens and then if you Go up to the next setting of 300 lumens It's an hour and a half go to the next Setting of thousand lumens and it'll go For one hour that's pretty impressive 4 000 lumens with the EDC model low is for 30 hours medium is two hours And then high is 1.75 hours 78 meter Beam distance 142 meter beam distance but one of the Things about both of these lights is Because they do produce a diffuse kind

Of broad beam they don't really get out To distance that far but it's according To the application you're looking for Now here we have the five lumens We're gonna go ahead there's you really Don't see anything out here it does give A little bit of light but by the naked Eye but not really with the camera Go ahead and go up to the next setting This is 250 lumens and it's not bad I Mean it gets a lot of light out there You know it just kind of brightens up There's no hot spot it's just a nice Diffused flood around the light and this Is great just to be able to see around Then we'll go up to the 650 lumens And now we're at 650. And you can see I mean it does put out a Nice amount of light And that little tree line right there is About 20 yards off so it's not that far And here we have the pro model and we're Going to just try it we're going to Start out with the low setting Now with this it's 25 lumens so you're Getting a considerable amount more light And you can see it out there But in with the naked eye you can see it A little bit better but you can see that Tree coming up Now let's go ahead and go to the next Setting and this is 300 lumens nice and Bright I mean it puts out quite a bit of Light in this general area

Now we're going to go to the Thousand Lumens and it's definitely considerably Brighter than the standard stiletto and Let's go ahead and do a little Comparison we're going to go straight to The The brightest setting Here we have the standard stiletto or The EDC stiletto and then we come in With the pro A lot more detail Still has diffused light A little bit of a hot spot but not much But it's definitely brighter Than the 650 lumens versus a thousand Lumens Now we're going to hit the tail switch And of course you go straight to that Full lumens You can see definitely considerably Brighter and then here we have the Strobe setting with the pro Be setting with the EDC model And again you've got to keep that tail Cap pressed To maintain it unless you program it With it constant on Now you can see here we have a fence Line and it's pretty dark I'm going to Go ahead and turn on the EDC model You can see the fence you can get a Little bit of detail it's not much Now we have the 250 lumens it's nice it Really gives a nice bright spill and

It's got that diffused beam then we're Going to move it on up There we go 650 lumens I mean that's not Bad and for close in areas you're really Getting a lot of light now with the pro We've got 25 lumens it UPS it from the Five lumens of the EDC model And then we're going to the 300 lumens It's going to give you a little more Light than the 250 And now we're going to go to the Thousand lumens and this really does Brighten things up quite a bit I'll tell you you know you just back it Out a little bit you can see it it's Getting some light all around you can See the wall on the outside but it Really kind of cones out and gets that Light out there here with the EDC I mean It's a much more narrower beam We're still getting a lot of light out There but you can see that Darkness And you know with the pro it just gives You more light out there now we're going To check out the new Olight art field This is a brand new light from Olight it Has a thousand lumens just like the pro And so we're going to go ahead and just See how this works comparatively Now we're at the Thousand lumens and This is the arc field here we have the Surefire stiletto Pro And then we have the arc failed And the arc failed really puts out a lot

Of lumens I think that the pro though Puts a little bit more spill on the Outside seems to have a little bit more Of a hot spot And here is the art failed But honestly overall you know I think The pro While it's a really good light and I Think it's a little better as far as Maybe the Candela maybe it's putting out A little more light on the outside of The hot spot area Art Field's doing pretty good And we did a review on the arc field and I compared it with the Surefire stiletto Pro but uh Gives it a lot of light and honestly This light runs about 80 bucks Surefire Pro is coming in at about 230 Dollars But it is made in the USA and it's a Good solid light and with the standard EDC model we go ahead and turn on our Light we're gonna get a little distance Here we have the 650 lumens Now this is only 78 meters of throw and While I can see a little bit out of that Tree line which is over 100 yards off You're not really getting any kind of Detail It does light up a general area as you Can see But uh you know out to distance because

This is a diffused beam you're not Getting a lot of detail now here we are With the pro And nice wide beam I mean the beam is Definitely wider on the pro Getting a little more detail on out to Distance but I can see the trees from Here But to be honest with you I mean it's Still not a big thrower and it's got a Short reflector so you don't really Expect a lot But this is 142 meters of throw and I Would say that stretching it just a bit But you're still getting some good light Out there I mean this will light up a Large area [Music] Drop test complete Impact test complete now we've had a Couple of lights that have been Introduced that are more flat and the First one that followed up with the Stiletto is the Streamlight wedge it is A thin light all the way down so you're Not going to get that bezel effect You're getting with the pro but it's a More simple light and one of the things About this light is it's really long but That also makes a great self-defense Tool but right here is your your switch And so you just turned it on and it's 300 lumens You hit this turbo Switch and it goes to

A thousand lumens but as soon as you let It go it drops off a thousand so if You're gonna look at something at a Thousand or you need that much light you Just keep pressing that button and then Of course you just turn it off and Pretty much it has a pocket clip and it Has some tag string but that's about it It is pretty simple very easy to use and Then we have the Olight Arc failed now I'll just be honest this light has been My regular EDC ever since it came out And it is super flat you've got your Clip and it's deep pocket carry and one Thing about this light is it has two Different modes of Light and Laser and So as we see the light press and hold we Get that real low Moonlight setting and Then it just goes up in lumens and it Gets up to a thousand lumens and it's Really bright uh and then of course with The laser it's mainly a laser pointer And so here we just have the laser it's A green laser it's very intense and it's Just a pointer one of the things some People have complained they said why do You want a laser on your flashlight well Why not I mean you don't need to use it if you Don't want it but it really is great Especially if you have cats or dogs and You like to have fun or you want to Point out something that somebody just Can't see where you're pointing and

There's other things about lasers I just Think it's a cool option I'm glad they Put it on there but this is a Rechargeable capability at the back And this has just your USB that Clips in And we're going to be doing a full Comparison review between these because These lights kind of fit in the same Genre now it comes with this really Short charging cable and again we have Our little boot right here pop that open Just take the cable insert it into the Port and then you can just plug this Into any USB I think that this cord Needs to be about three times this long But this is what you get and if you're Like me I've got a bunch of these cords So it's no problem but this will charge The light now one thing I want to show You with the boot you do have this Little seal gasket that'll fit down and Around and it should secure the light Here with the original EDC model same Thing same kind of system and it has That same boot uh I'm going to tell you One problem that we had with these Lights When I put the EDC light in water it was Fine and I did the review and it was Great A couple of days later it quit working I Just couldn't get it to work I you know I even looked under here there was a Little bit of water it had gotten into

The port I ended up having to send this Back to Surefire and they immediately Went along they sent another one back so Then I went to the EDC Pro Uh knowing that I'd had problems with The original I was a little bit Concerned that we'd had the same problem And we did the only thing is is I put it In the pool and it wasn't for maybe 15 Seconds and when I pulled it out it cut Off and then I charged it to see if I Could get it to come back on and it Would come on for a little while but Then I couldn't get it to shut off and Then it shut back off and it was back And forth and then so I did send this One back to Surefire in fact my first Model and you know with all the torture Tests that we did on this light you know It was really beat up but when I sent it Back they replaced it but it took me two Times getting in touch with them before They actually acknowledged it so you Know I fill out the form sent it and Then they sent it back fairly quickly After the second time I got in touch With them but I was a little bit Disappointed honestly because I'm a big Fan of Surefire I like there your lights And so I just want to say this these are Great lights and I would confidently Carry these lights without any problem The only thing I would be careful of is Not to get this

Submersed into water because honestly This just won't hold up at least both of My experiences so far if you've had any Problems with that you can leave it down In the comments if you haven't and You've put these into water then you Know leave that in the comments as well But when I was getting ready to put this One in I was double sure in fact as I Was walking over I was just pressing This boot to make sure that it was down Because I was afraid maybe I had not put This one down correctly so just one of Those things for you guys to watch for So guys just a small recap of the Differences aluminum body polymer body 650 Lumen total output 1000 Lumen Max Output both are programmable both are Rechargeable One is just a little larger the pro is Just a little bit larger than the EDC Model clips can be switched to the other Side on the pro but not on the EDC model And those are pretty much the main focus Points you can get a little bit more Beam distance with the pro but honestly Overall these are excellent lights now The price is definitely something that Is a little more expensive than the Other two that we've shown the standard EDC model retails for 149 dollars you Can typically get them for around 120 to 130 dollars Here with the pro model these retail for

Two hundred and thirty dollars and I've Seen them for getting close to the 200 Mark I bought this one a while back and It was about two hundred dollars in fact I think it was 210 dollars and so you've Got a considerable amount of money that Goes into these two lights and so you Have to weigh that out as well these are Made in the USA which gives it a plus And Surefire stands behind their Products I could tell you that because Both of these have been sent back and Otherwise I have a number of different Surefire lights and they are almost Indestructible typically so I was a Little bit surprised at that but again There's not many times I'm going to dip This underwater it for any length of Time but just make sure you have that Rubber boot down and again just don't Drop it in a puddle guys the price on The wedge is typically about 80 to 90 Dollars with The Arc failed we're Looking at about 79 dollars Uh and one thing though that I love About the arc failed though is the Charging capability and we put this Underwater for a long time and we never Had any issues with it this is my EDC It's continuing to be my EDC and uh 1000 Lumens matches the pro so uh again it's Just great to see a number of different Lights out there on the market and Especially with this technology of this

Flat design So guys the Stiletto 600 lumens polymer Frame body but yet programmable and Rechargeable and has a lot of great Features or the Stiletto Pro which is an Aluminum body with a thousand lumens and Really a little bit more weighty but it Really is a high performer the price is Definitely a difference with the Stiletto with it being about 120 market Price and then the Stiletto Pro which Gets it up to about 230 dollars but You've got a lot of performance and you Have Surefire name standing behind it But the flat design makes it really easy To pack away it makes it easy to go into Your pocket and that to me is one of the Biggest pluses for these lights Be strong be of good courage God Bless America long live the republic [Music] Programmable switch is here they're a Little bit different we'll take a look At it and we also have We also have this they have dancing the Dancing stilettos A while back and I'll have it annotated Right above Made right here in the USA and they're Just okay And I'm still Shining Since since I'm going to win because I'm metal my Magnet

Where's my magnet all right guys we have The sir sir fire we have the sir fire Stiletto it's row In the dead of night love bites the Surefire stiletto and stiletto Pro let's Check it out Thank you I've never heard a dog sound like that I'm not even sure it's a dog

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