The BEST Apocolpyse WATCH…Possibly

By | October 13, 2022

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Foreign Watch let's get into it guys this is the Psycho Prospect solar diver 200 meter Limited edition Black Series watch and So this is limited edition because it's Black they also have a few other Different variations of this model uh at The same price point and you you know The Seiko tuna is what this is nickname And it's been around for quite a while They've had automatic movements and Coarse movements and this is a solar Movement this actually has the caliber B4157 Seco solar quartz movement that Will operate 10 months when fully Charged and that is it can be charged With natural light or indoor lighting as Well has a pretty large case but not Overwhelming it's 46.7 millimeters and It's not that thick it's only 11.8 Millimeters thick because that obviously Solar coarse movement has a hard Lex Crystal here it only weighs at 3.46 Ounces so very lightweight even though It's a big watch you don't even notice On your wrist has 200 meters water Resistant guys I just want to take a Second to talk about the special sponsor My good friend Reuben the owner of Chinbutu bracelets my favorite uh Bracelets if you you know me you've been Watching the channel you know past 20 Years I've worn braces it's my thing I Really dig it and he makes what it has

Become my favorite bracelet because They're very minimalist he's also a big Supporter of the military so he has a Military version here that you see me Wear a lot in the traditional power post Charm from here it comes in a dark kind Of metallic finish whereas now he's Offering these special exclusive Precious metal versions and this is a 925 sterling silver with a blue topaz Here there's also a 24 karat gold plated With a garnet Stone and he has offers a Few versions of that and for my Subscribers he's offered a special 15 Off of the entire website so I mean you Can get Everything on the website including the Military version anything you want but I Really do like the precious metals Versions and they're really cool Especially you know gifting to someone Friend loved one wife husband you name It military buddy take a look at my Watch box real quick and you'll see a Whole Slew of the military versions in here so Yeah big fan big fan of Timbuktu so Check him out support him he supports us And a great great friend of mine so uh Black Scout 15 the link below will give You the automatic discount so go support Him and thanks for sponsoring this Today's video too It actually came with another strap

However I liked this orange much better I didn't really like the black rubber Strap it came with it was picked up with Lint and all that kind of stuff but you Can see it has a stainless steel case Back it has the tuna case here this this Is actually made out of some kind of Composite plastic material here the Inner case is steel has a uni Directional bezel so it only goes one Way because in diving you don't want to Obviously bump it and you know if you Bump it it shortens your time instead of Extends it You can see these two cutouts here this Is actually where you turn the bezel at Has a very good Very good bezel And the bezel obviously has a 60 minute Countdown timer we see there's some kind Of patina look to the indices inside Here and we have an orange minute hand Which is very important when diving Obviously so it sizes that minute hand There We also have a date window at four O'clock and a crown at four o'clock so It doesn't dig into your wrist The crown is a screw down so you have to Screw it out to pull it out And set the time I think I would have liked to seen the Shroud in metal however the plastic Obviously cuts down a tremendous amount

Of weight I definitely like the orange Hand because like I said when you're Diving you want to see your you know Your time remaining pretty quick you can See the first 20 minutes has got a gray Insert there and that's actually the Only Loom portion of the bezel here Here's a loom shot here this is actually Got Loom brush so it is super bright and Compared to a lot of other watches I've Seen it's super bright you see the first 20 minutes there of the bezel is loomed Obviously for diving nighttime diving Here it is on a wrist you see it's not Overwhelming very thin case this uh has Got a 22 millimeter lug width so if you Want to put a NATO on it or something Like that you can obviously do that I Actually wore it with a NATO for quite a While But this strap is off from Uncle seiko's And very good high quality strap not That expensive and you can get various Colors if you'd like but again not that Overwhelming of a piece very light on The wrist you don't even know what's There but I definitely like the watch I Think it's cool the black obviously Looks very good that orange hand pops And great great Loom the solar obviously Makes this a great timepiece for Apocalypse situation or you know grid Down situation something like that where You can't get a new battery you know

It's obviously more durable than an Automatic watch so you know if you You're shooting a gun or something like That it's not going to tear up the Springs inside so this would be a good Piece obviously you can throw it in a Faraday bag make sure it doesn't get you Know emped or anything like that but Anyhow guys highly recommended Great Piece um I think it's well thought out And looks great feels great very Lightweight big chunky diver if you're Looking for a dive watch you can depend On this is definitely one of those and Uh anyhow guys I'll put some links below You can check it out see if it's Something for you they also have a few Different color models have a safari Version actually looks pretty good as Well anyhow guys as always thanks for Watching black Scout survival

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