The FireCache Fire Starter

By | October 31, 2022

Today I want to show you our fire cache And demonstrate it is one of our go-to Pieces of survival gear it features a Fair serum Rod that can be replaced once It's been used we have a screw in Ferro Rod and it can be and you can purchase Other rods on our website Has a waterproof capsule here that holds Tender so it keeps your Tinder dry and You can purchase The Tender Quick tabs On our website which we recommend has a Multi-tool Striker with a hex wrench a Scraper and a scale here The Tender Quick Tab is a waterproof Fire Starter peel it open use the Accompanying Striker And if you run out of Tinder we have Emergency tender inside The actual cordage you'll cut it open And remove the red inner strain that's Red to let you know that this is Actual tender here and it's waterproof As well so you'll Pull it apart and you can see that wax Impregnation there

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