The Real Reason I Can’t Finish My Shop

By | October 31, 2022

Today's video is made possible by our Good friends at bespoke post good Morning gentlemen great news the rest of The steel building has arrived we're Going to unload that right now and Hopefully get this weathered in before The next storm hits All right gentlemen here we go let's go Unload Thank you [Applause] Here we go [Music] Foreign [Applause] [Music] Foreign Absolutely I guess I paid for it Oh yeah we'll take that Oak cribbing Foreign [Music] That is it we have the final component Needed to get the shop weathered in I am So excited about that might be a real Good time for an update let me show you What I did I did all the site work on The front it turned out good let's go up Here and I'll just give you a quick walk Around Thank you Windy and cold today the weather has Turned all right so this is a lot of Gravel this book post is a monthly Membership club that delivers top shelf

Boxes full of really interesting gear From brands that you may have not heard Of before you'll get a box assigned to You each month based on the quiz you Take when signing up and before it Shipped you'll get a preview of what Comes inside to decide if you'd like to Keep it swap it for a different box or Skip the month entirely for absolutely No charge you only pay for what you want Plus the Box lineup changes every month One of the things I really like about Bespoke is ninety percent of the Contents of these boxes are going to Come from small businesses many of them Are based right here in the U.S my three Boxes showed up yesterday I chose the Billy the swing and the siphon shall we Start with the swing Oh that's quite a nice looking little Hatchet there that is a classic Camp Hatchet nice and wide good for splitting Beautiful handle how's it split Just a real nice gentle purpose Hatchet It's got a nice Cordura sheath came with A kindling scraper Well there you go there's your fire Starter right there Next up is the Billy oh nice this is Cool and very well made look at this This is how we made coffee at the Dell Cutting camp fire starters these are Actually the same fire starters I carry On my survival kit oh yeah there's a

Quick stove the quick stove is three Pieces that fold into the smallest Lightest stove I have ever seen that Does two dual fuel that's the wood Burning you put wood chips in there this Is the alcohol dish We even have everything to clean up with A microfiber and finally the siphon I Just don't remember what this was oh I Remember when I was picking these out of My computer I was having coffee I had Coffee on top top of mine I read the Instructions so you don't have to starts With the alcohol stove five cups of Water we pour the coffee in the top Finish up by putting the lid on what's About to take place your guess is as Good as mine all right I'm trying to Figure out what just happened here The alcohol stove heated the water it Went through the siphon and to the upper Container now watch what happens now as It's cooled the siphon is pulling the Coffee through the filter down into the Ball once you remove the top you've got Five cups to get 20 off your first box Click the link in the description and Enter wranglerstar20 at checkout or go To forward slash Wranglerstar20 right there is about 12 Dump truck loads of gravel that's 10 Yards per load and it was a lot 40 by 40 Concrete ramp this thing elevation Always sneaks up on you and you you look

At a field and you think oh it's going To be flat well it is not flat you can See quite a bit of Rise there so to have A nice gradual transition up to the shop That's what I felt was good so we Basically have workable space 40 40 by 40 covered 40 by 40 uncovered So you've got places there in winter Time to stack stage snow blowers Sweepers that sort of thing that's going To be pretty nice I think we're going to Need to end up doing a retaining wall in The future it'd be nice to pour this in Concrete someday but we do what we can We have other things pressing looks Pretty good I've placed all of the rock It's a pretty even I noticed I'm a Little high right there I can see it you Know when you do site work like this for So long you get an eye for elevations And the feel for things and if you look There you can see that's high and then There's a belly right in there so we'll Need to drag some of that material over There and then It'll be Pretty nice so that will be an easy Transition to back up if you want to put A trailer or a camper in there no Problem now the frame is up all that Material we just unloaded is going to be For this exterior wall so this was an Oversight on my This was supposed to butt up to the old

Shop and I didn't realize it didn't have A wall so we start we started putting it Together we realized oh hey we're Missing a whole wall so we got on those Guys and they they built it for us and Then they're going to come out and Finish it so Once they put that iron up then we'll Put the roof on we'll insulate it first Then put the roof on and the siding and We will be done we'll be all weathered In so this will be a completely dry Space and empty canvas it's so exciting To have a new shop this was always going To be the idea was for it to be storage But then you start walking around and You're looking at it like maybe I should Move my main shop over here maybe start From scratch and do anything you wanted But that's it so we got a nice big Security door here I don't know if I Covered that but that's all in it's just Waiting for the siding and then we'll Have delivery of the two 12 by 12 doors In the first part of December so this is Actually going to be open for a little While if we need to cover it up we can Just build a couple 12 foot walls Temporary walls two by four plywood Walls there if need be but I'm not too Worried about it Long as we can get things undercover so That is it the roads coming in and just What's happening next I've brought the

Road in and I've left out about a 20-foot segment because I've got to go Over there and grab power and bring Conduits in and I wanted to cross here Over for the temporary power pole and Water over here so I'll have to bring All that stuff in and then once that's In and inspected and approved then we Can roll the road in do the final Grading and everything will be tied in So very very nice indeed Foreign [Music]

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