The REAL Reason They’re Being Silenced

By | October 31, 2022

Foreign [Music] What's going on guys blaskow survival Late Night Live thanks for tuning in so We're gonna be talking about Um People being canceled we're going to Talk about that for a little bit and and You know the the betas have gotten Together and started trying to cancel People this false idea that they have Some sort of uh dominion over everyone That you know this false power to try to Stop everyone's freedom of speech but It's been really getting out of hand and The first first person we saw really get Canceled uh was was Donald Trump right And then the man was banned from all Social media Um perpetrated by lies Um you know there are tons of Lies they They start attacking the man before Became president but they ultimately got All together and banding We saw other people like Mike Lindell Um amongst a ton of other conservative Voices across the Spectrum big and small And if you notice that anyone who goes Against said narratives Even though most of what they say turns Out to be true Um they they never get you know their Their platforms back Um you know there's no fight there's no

One standing behind them beside them Taking up for them I mean if you look at The vaccines for example that's a prime Example of Um This this canceling nonsense that turned Out to be true right we have Pfizer a Few weeks ago came out and basically Said that they never tested whether or Not the shot would stop transmission and They went on to essentially say that it Doesn't it doesn't stop transmission but You heard Biden you heard Fouch you Heard all these blue chat Mark Hollywood Celebrities say that you're going to Kill grandma and that you're Irresponsible that you're a bad human Being Um for not taking it Do you think any of those people got Canceled as of now for stating lies no Right people lost their careers people Were kicked out of the military even you Know mob attacks on social media and People do Platform Shadow band if you Spoke against it I mean I'm still uh Still have never recovered from the Shadow ban I mean I'm still shadow man Um The New York Supreme Court actually just Came back a few days ago and said that All New Yorkers that were fired for Refusing the vaccine will have to get Their jobs back and uh we'll also get

Back pay Um so you know this is one of those Things where Biden's admin pouchy and All these guys big Pharma they sold a Lie and you know now you know two years Later you're not hearing people say oh Yeah my bad guys I was wrong you're not Hearing that you know Um all those sort of things You have Andrew Tate Um if you guys remember him I'll grab a photo snack snack a photo For him real quick Andrew Tate Who Rose in her internet Fame pretty Quickly He uh basically took over the internet And He was de-platformed everywhere Everywhere except for rumble he's he's On he's on Rumble but that's about it Everybody Canceled him jumped on him Um Let me go ahead and I'm pulling the Image real quick So I can post up here for you guys that May not know who he is Stand by One second He is the guy in the thumbnail by the Way dang I just pulled the photo but It's not allowing me he's even canceled For me able to Um

To uh upload on on the platform here but Anyway because he did a video of a skit From 10 years ago with his girlfriend And he was essentially pretending to to Whip her that was like ultimately the The straw that broke the camel's back But he had he had been hating on because Of a lot of other things You know his his uh Various things he said I can't even get A picture of the guy let me see if I can Get it No not there Yeah I can't even I can't even get a Video video a photo of the guy Anyway he's a dude in the thumbnail it Doesn't matter so He Was canceled because of a a video that Surfaced from 10 years ago And of him whipping his girlfriend it Was a joke a skit they had done and The next thing you know Um they made that the reason but the Platforming work except for rumble But he spoke out against election fraud A lot he actually Um Look out against the you know gender Programming of children he spoke out About Biden being an idiot he spoke out About all these different things you Know these very I guess what you'd say Uh traditional conservative talk point

And people And he was outspoken about support for Trump right and so the thing is he got So much Fame that he was dangerous for The narrative here I finally got a photo Of him Dangerous for the narrative You know for his Newfound families a lot Of people falling And and and coming in midterms we can't Have this guy with all this power Hits all these people following him You know basically talking talking Against the Democrats being pro-trump Right We have Kanye West one of the largest Musicians fashion designers who is now Canceled right we talked about another Day But he's being canceled Hardcore probably the the most I've seen Yet of anyone and because he's super Famous right um I think what they're Trying to do is send a message with all These big names and canceling them Letting them know they can cancel you Too what he was canceled for they said Was because of his anti-semantic remarks Right And so they cut ties with him everywhere Um let me see this is the one no They cut ties with him uh various you Know social media platforms kicked him Off these sort of things and

He said Was not about what this what he said was Not about Jewish people start off with The white lives matter shirt that made People flip out but then what he said They said that he was talking bad about Jewish people but what he said was not Just standard Jewish people he was some Of the ones in control the ones with Power overseeing the world people like George Soros the Rothschilds these sort Of things this is not a secret that a Lot of these folks own large banking Institutions and most all of media right You can check out this article right Here from 2010 Slate right here 2010. did usually Control the media and it goes on talking About this so this is not something new This is not something that just came out Right but it's it's funny to me that the Democrats are all of a sudden pro-jewish Community I've seen all these Celebrities oh we're back with our we're Backing our Jewish Community however six Months ago you saw this everywhere the The blue check marks the Hollywood Elite Was saying free prep Palestine right They didn't care about the Jewish Community then literally all the Celebrities were pushing this nonsense And these virtue signaling dorks they'll Only fight on social media Plastering just whatever the current

Nonsense is to make them seem like They're morally Superior when in reality They will stand for nothing They will stand for nothing you know but He got so Kanye got kicked out of all The banks that he was working with he Lost his record label that was signed a Def Jam he uh was uh cut his uh the Fashion brand Balenciaga cut ties with Him Gap cut ties with him who had been Partnered with his lawyer uh stopped Working for him two days ago and now Adidas has came out against Him dropped him and said they will no Longer make uh any product with him Anymore and and undoubtedly it's the Most best-selling shoe he created the Yeezy which is the best-selling shoe That Adidas has made in history and So they come at him hardcore and what What comes to light though about this is What a lot of people don't know is that Adidas has a very ugly pass very ugly Pass The noxy history of Adidas the Sportswear giant took weeks to drop After Kanye's West anti-Semitism so the The funny thing is I'm going to read Their statement but this was the shoe This is called a German Army trainer now This is still a very popular shoe in the Fashion World to this day right you can Just go Google it Gap German Army Trainer these things are super popular

This is what Adidas and Puma came out With this is actually my I pulled up Pulled up German Army trainer my friend Right here this is thousand yard style Former uh Recon Marine uh turn fashion Photographer this is him wearing some German Army trainers right so I thought That was funny that's my buddy and he This was like on the Wall Street Journal Or something anyway former Recon ring of All these good dude So Adidas issued a statement they said Outlining these reasons for ending the Commercial relationship they did not Tolerate anti-Semitism or any other sort Of hate speech you yay's comments and Actions have been unacceptable hateful And dangerous they violate the company's Values of diversity and inclusion mutual Respect and fairness after a thorough Review the company has taken a decision To terminate the partnership with gay Immediately and in production of easy Branded products and stop all payments To yay and his companies Adidas will Stop the Adidas gz business and Immediate effect the company further Detail they will have short-term Negative impact of 246 million dollars Of net income in 2022 due to the Seasonality in the fourth quarter but What's fun is the the history of Adidas Like I said who actually may choose from Nazis and they were Nazis themselves

Right My man right here Adolf dazzler This the the fact of the shoe is that in The early 1930s they um Work for Hitler making shoes for the Hitler Youth the dancer brothers did not Fail to see how economic interests would Benefit from politics all three dazzler Brothers joined the Nazi party on 1 May 1933. three months after Hitler was Appointed Chancellor So one of the brothers Became The founder of Adidas and the other Became the founder of Puma two Nazis how Many people out there wearing Nazi shoes Right now right these dudes are actual Literal Nazis And the brand is is giving Kanye West Drama because of anti-Semitism however They are Nazis themselves It's wild The thing is Epstein raped and sold kids He never lost a bank account this man Right here lost his bank accounts When's the last time you've seen any Democrats get canceled as a matter of Fact let me know when's the last time Any of you guys seen that I haven't seen It they don't get canceled The other thing is how many of Kanye's Buddies have you seen that or by his Side he had tons of friends tons of uh

Artists rappers these sort of things None That should tell you something that There's there's there's a bigger Force Out there that's telling them that they Better better pick a side and it better Be theirs or you're through too right With all these guys you know how all These guys are left alone out here you Know this is the deal what you're seeing Is is some Kanye West's these sort of Guys they're conducting revolutions this Is what a modern day Revolution looks Like when they go totally against the Evil forces out there because that's What this is evil force out there these Guys are going against the Mike Lindell's Donald Trump's Andrew Tates The Kanye West Tulsi gabbard even You know she's flipped you know I have To see her change her mind on gun Ownership and a few other things but Sometimes you can't pick your allies Right in battle These guys obviously there's some evil Force out there which we already know I'm just I'm just saying this for the People that are just getting here and Hadn't caught up yet there's an evil Force out there bad people Elites Like Tulsi Cedric of all of War mongers Right profiteers they want to control The world world economic Forum they want

You to eat crickets and all these sort Of things they just canceled Laura Logan Because she said that there's people out There want to make you eat bugs Right these Elites they want to control The world she's in in news max counselor Newsmax they're supposed to be Conservative right We don't we don't have many allies at This moment so you got to take what you You can get We're being handed right over to China From from the elites the world economic Forum Guys these people These people are in charge these George Soros Rothschilds Bilderberg groups all These sort of people these un Underground people you've never heard of That are in control of all these things And we're just being handed over right It's funny like I always see people say Tax the rich text the rich all these all These people poor people don't Understand texting the riches now the Text rips the rich don't go to work a Job like you do and get your taxes taken From their check they have investment Companies that have uh you know like a Vest Investment Company here that owns This over here that they don't own Anything so that's why like Donald Trump Want to pay like 400 in taxes that one Year this is how it works like the more Money you make the less money you make

In taxes right you have you have Shelters tax shelters Um so it's it's funny that that you know People will say they have people Believing this oh yeah we're going to Tax more the rich no they're gonna tax The middle class right But How about this breaking news right here Speaking of China Remember the other night two nights ago I mentioned That China has been paying British Pilots to train them And I said you know what I bet I bet Kathy thank you appreciate it Yeah it does it gets you canceled Thanks sergeant So anyway I said I bet there's American pilots who Will guess what a former Marine and then A fellow devil dog A fellow devil dog scumbag so you can't Trust them you can't trust on military Veterans guys you can't trust them not Even Marines This guy's over there he was arrested in Australia after the U.S government Contacted Australian officials Requesting he'd be detained He was arrested Friday in New South Wales He was Training Chinese Pilots for the past

Five years On comprehensive Aviation tactics He Was trained in uh he flew harriers And uh was also an air air combat Instructor So he taught them all kinds of good Stuff All kinds of good all kinds of goodies To be used against us right You can't trust you can't trust the Veteran status means nothing guys It doesn't mean nothing But This is the deal I said you know you got To look out for people like Kanye the Other day that's fighting in there look I agree with everything he says probably Not but I agree with everything Andrew Takes us no probably not but I agree With everything Donald Trump says no Probably not I agree with that Everything every person on the planet Says no I don't I don't agree with Everything everyone says Everyone no one says there's no one that I agree 100 on the ticket with right Because I'm a different individual and I Hope you're the same way But just because we don't agree on Everything doesn't mean I have to hate Them and if they're fighting the same Fight then I'm fighting they're dealing With the same drama I am they're their

Ally right that's the way you got to Take care of these people look after These people I heard so many people say This stuff it's kind of like last night Man or the night before last a lot of Dudes been drinking the tap water man The soy is coming out like these these These It's wild like I said quit drinking the water the tower Guys it's messing your hormones I said The other night I was talking about Because my nose messed up I got to be That septum and it's sent dude like the Majority of the comments was these beta Males and and if you made some kind of Coming here beta meal and I'm going to Tell you why Is send them over the edge like I don't Think they slept that night like it it Bothered them they had to make comments About you never lost the fight there Were so many things they said like uh Well you didn't have to say that it's an Ego well it's not an ego it's me telling Something something truthful Is not being egotist that's being Truthful right I'm telling the truth and If I wouldn't have said that I never Lost fight and I said I had to do better Set me you're like oh yeah you got your Behind cake right Um and then they're like well you hadn't Thought enough fights if you had lost

Fight how do you not mean to fight so I Lost it doesn't matter if it's one or or Or a thousand If you hadn't lost a fight you hadn't Lost a fight And then on top of that they're like Well you have a lifelong deviated septum It looks like he won well how do you Know when two guys because it was two Guys I was fighting at the same Simultaneously because they were trying To mess with someone else I intervened But you immediately painted miss the bad Guy right and and some of these guys had Like F Joe Biden Patriot American Patriot or various Names like this and I'm like you're Conservative and you're attacking a Conservative voice Because you you got you got uh you know Freaking estrogen or something right Someone else's masculinity should not be Threatening to yours if it is that means You don't have any it means you're a Beta cuck right the thing is is that Spend your time spend this type of Energy instead of attacking your own to Go attack leftist so there are plenty of People in the conservative realm I don't Like whatsoever I dislike them right Sometimes I'll say certain things about Certain people because I think they're Undercover liberals right

Um but uh you know or or just for the Money grab Mark Fallows thank you buddy The money grab and I don't like those People either because only people lying You know And The sorry I want to pop this guy's up Thanks HG buddy so You you spend time all this energy Attacking your fellow conservative you Wonder why Joe Biden president it's Because of people like you because You're wasting all your time attacking Your own you don't see leftists doing That but you betas will do that and you Can be a patriot on the conservative Side and be a beta right I don't call You a patriot because you're not a Patriot you're probably just somebody Likes Donald Trump for the wrong reasons And uh but you're paid a mill right That's what it is if you're attacking Conservatives because something they They threatened your masculinity because It's all sudden a Peter measuring Contest right get over it guys support People who are in the fight and I'm Sorry I went off on that tension but the Fact of the matter is quit wasting your Energy it's taking a service use all That energy go a tight left let's go Attack Nikes go attack Coca-Cola let's Go take car hearts these sort of things And support people who are fighting the

Same fight as you right there's not many Of us there's not many of us left Don't fight you're saying people right Jason says veteran discount only means 10 discount alerts you're right Mark always good to see you buddy thank You Um thank you he says remember the media Called people that question 911 Conspiracy theorists in their uh they Want their investigations that's right I'm glad you said that because it's Almost like you see Hillary Clinton Already questioning The the next presidential election Saying it's going to be stolen by Republicans by extremists She's already saying but but when we say It oh we're uh conspiracy theorists the Hypocrisy is what makes me to test the Left right if they weren't so Hypocritical and the people that follow The narrative the Sheep Like the the sheeple if you believe that Nonsense like you can't see the Hypocrisy like you have zero logic In your brain zero zero logical Comprehension you have none right you're You're an idiot you can you can be sold You know waterfront property in Florida Yes I do appreciate you guys hanging out With me Um support people that support people

That fight the same fight all right quit Quit fighting amongst yourselves and Attacking yourselves or not supporting People that are that are sticking their Neck out do you think that look do I Think that Tulsa Gabba the free college Stuff the anti-gusting look no I ain't For none of that right But So I put his marks in there but uh right Now she's fighting the fight and I'll Support her right that's the thing like You got to support people that are in The fight right She seems to she's she's very vocal She's more vocal than Lindsey Graham She's more vocal than freaking Ted Cruz You know Ted Cruz got mopped up on The View right now when you see Donald Trump Jr going the view he freaking stood his Ground Ted Cruz on himself getting Mopped up on The View like don't even go Don't if you're gonna lose a fight don't Go getting one right don't go getting One You know Mark fellas don't be an alphabet I'll be A sigma male you're a sigma male Jack Yeah man so so the sigma the sigma male Is someone that is not a that has alpha Male traits but it's not loud and vocal And I'm not I'm an introvert extreme Introvert right What are you saying here buddy we stay

Quiet and conserved that's our problem Peaceful and harmless yeah too peaceful Too peaceful and too harmless that's the Thing That's the problem right And you know anyhow let me know about Those things the thing is is that There's an evil group of people out There like no no doubt like there's bad Things and how I saw like this liberal Uh went in in a church and had like pigs Blood on her and then urinating from the Congregation like I mean dude if if If you're an atheist like you really Should maybe like think about man maybe Maybe there's there is a God maybe there Is a Jesus Christ because how come Everything is trying to fight against That ideology not fighting against any Other ideology only this one right it's Kind of like where there's smoke there's Fire where I see everybody fighting Donald Trump I see everybody fighting Kanye West everybody fighting Andrew Tate these guys are shooting over the Target because they know they're they're They're hitting on something the guys That don't get any kind of problem A question I do you know it's kind of Like the waking JP that dude don't have A problem with YouTube right you don't Get Shadow banned he's he's probably not Even subscribed to him like and I see it Every video he pops up in my feed you

Know it's like Anyway not throwing shade but there is Some question there the people that that Are getting Heat They're over the target Anyhow guys let me know your thoughts Below Film fill in more of the gaps of what I Said obviously I can't say everything That I want to say about why the reason They are cancel we all know that Bilderberg's a Rothschild these sort of Things right And amongst many more Put in the comments the rest of them so Other folks can read it Anyhow guys thanks for watching go join Our tribe they're doing a we have a way You can watch the tribe together Um the tribe can watch The Late Night Live Together in the group and they can Chat comment and video with each other Awesome play so if you're into the late Night lives and you like that something You can do with the rest of the trial With like-minded people So hit that link below and as always Stay frosty Stratton and dangerous Because there's really evil out there Take care

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