The “Red WAVE” Was Stolen

By | November 14, 2022



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Foreign What's going on guys black Scout Survival Late Night Live thanks for Tuning in Um let's start off with some news about Uh The new blue check system that Elon Musk Put in place if you don't know you know Previously the only Elites Hollywood Celebrities Democrats had the blue check By their name so that way their content Whatever tweets were you know driven in The algorithm So Elon Musk said that he was going to Get rid of that system because it's like A a peasant and Pauper type system Um basically that if you weren't an Elite or Hollywood celebrity or Something like that your voice didn't Matter and so everybody could have a Blue check if they paid eight dollars a Month and you know they've been very Upset about that even Joe Biden has Talked about it while the president United States is even discussing this But something that happened is this Right here this pharmaceutical company Named Eli Lilly this is not the Pharmaceutical company this is somebody Made a mock account Of the company and they had a blue check They paid eight dollars They actually lost 15 billion dollars in Market cap as their stocks sank over 40

On Friday at over four percent on Friday After a parody account that was verified Under the new Twitter pay policy Verification service tweeted out that Insulin would be free so it took a Massive dive because this tweet And Obviously I mean I mean it it slammed Right 15 billion dollars Um so you know this is one of the things Where I'm sure they're gonna try to the Government will try to Because they're they're they they hate That Elon Musk is kind of like allowing Free speech and so they're probably Gonna try to Control that now using that So Democrats have retained control of The United States Senate after winning a Close race in Nevada winning Um following the win Democrats Officially have 50 seats because it was It was 49 and 49 but because the vice President is a Democrat It makes it 50 because the vice President is the Um Person in charge of the Senate so That broke the tie unfortunately Um The big news is though is that like a Lot of things we've been talking about We've been talking about this stuff Since 2020 all these you know

Election inconsistencies Idaho house seat goes Republican after Glitch and Reporting what initially Appeared to be a Democrat win has turned Into a republican victory for Jerome's House seat after a glitch in reporting Early voting was corrected what Initially appeared to be a Democrat win In Idaho was turned into a republican Victory after a glitch in reporting Early voting was corrected in South Central Hawaii state election official Said Thursday chief deputy secretary of State Chad Hulk said the house seat Representings Rome Blaine and Lincoln Counties went to Republican Jack Nils Nelson It's not Democrat Carmen Metzler After more than 700 votes were added to The council estate's website late Thursday morning Um And the race hadn't been called yet but Uh officially but unofficially So we got glitches We have glitches in the system like I Mean this is 2022 and voting is one of The most important important things that We can do as Citizens and and in the Country it gives control and now we have Glitches right and that's okay but That's that's just one uh one that we've Heard all kinds of things Pennsylvania Running out of paper ballots

Um can't get counts right Tabulator's not taking uh In Maricopa specifically And this news actually just came out Maricopa County election judge believes The machines were programmed to reject Ballots on Election Day This lady name is Michelle swinik was an Election judge on Maricopa County on Election Day last week Following the election Michelle stepped Forward to discuss what she experienced In Maricopa County and this is where This is one of the biggest exciting uh Counties for Arizona and and we got Kerry Lake and Katie Hobbs in the Running and this could be very Uh you know impactful um this is a very Impactful race and so for Maricopa County to make up such a bulk of these Votes for us to have all these issues There they're still counting votes right I mean this they they're still counting Votes right now Michelle worked at a center in a heavily Republican District According to Michelle the tabulators Work perfectly the night before Then on Election Day they quit working Only one in ten ballots were accepted Through the tabulators the officials Were told to put the defective ballots Into a different section called door Three and I showed you video where they

Were talking about that and it's Basically a little slot at the bottom Underneath tab layer where you just Slide your ballot in and then they'll Take it to the county courthouse later That evening to count okay Michelle Believes this was all planned the Election officials knew that Republicans Were going to come out and force on Election Day As I did in the primary this was a Planned operation she says She says that the tab letters all work Perfectly during their testing The night before because actually she Said they run a series of tests and the Problem with the scanning began Immediately within the first ballots Voters scan their balance between 4 and 12 times with very minimal success Poll workers estimated about 1 in 10 Ballots were being read for the first Three hours of voting voters were then Given this options to either spoil their Ballots and try again Or drop them into door three As per swinik says their inspector had To empty the ballots from door three Three times Throughout the early afternoon because The volume of ballots typically ballots Aren't supposed to be removed from that Box until polls close but they made an Exception because the box was jamming

And became too full So this kind of goes into man like I Mean I mean you are A lot of hands in the cookie jar you Know what I mean you got these people Taking these ballots somewhere You know a lot of uh opportunity for Breach of trust right how do we know That these ballots are secured they're Secure because they're being removed by A box into what a cardboard box who Knows who's taking it Um how do we know the the boxes in Tampa Where are they putting a tamper seal in There none of that's being stated So we we don't know there's there's too Many opportunities for a breach of trust Issues right She also reports that the technician Came to the center about 3 30 to 4 P.M And rebooted the machines after this There was no further issues with ballots Being ran into the tabulators She reported that one of the poll Workers told her everything is now going Smoothly with the tablators per Swimming's inspector and off-site Supervisor had advised because of the Situation to put all door three ballots That had not been scanned through the Tablet or onto a separate black bag and Labeled them misreads As a judge Michelle told undercover DC That she personally signed the sticker

Place over the bag zipper and then these Bags were sent to the tabulation center To be counted Michelle informed us that The normal process for the ballot that Is unread is for poll workers to run the Ballots so the tablets one more time Before sending them to the center as per Swimming this was not done so apparently She did initial and like have a seal on There to ensure that they you know they Weren't tampered with but I mean do we Really know But the other thing is this is like what She just said is that they were supposed To try to run about so the tablet is one More time before sending them and they Did not do that That would give it another opportunity For something Uh malicious to happen right so It's just to me man being that this is One Maricopa County one of the hot Counties for Arizona which is the Possible to swing and then we have these Kind of issues where it worked the night Before and then they came and rebooted It and it's like on cue it's sort of Having glitches Very very weird Um but I'll tell you this guys there Won't be you know you know there's been Some some fighting between Trump and DeSantis and that listen that's going to Happen guys that that's gonna happen

Right it happens Republicans will go Through each other's throats until the Primaries and then they'll get back Together that's how that's how these Things work If you don't remember maybe you didn't Get into politics until you you became a Fan of Trump's but that's how it was When Trump was running in the primaries He Ted Cruz the rest of the guys were All going to each other strikes that's How these things go but anyway there Won't be a trump or the santis in 2024 If they allow mail-in ballots Um as the new Norm like that's got to Stop I said that the other night in the video Is that We have to Republicans have to Get the intellectual Integrity resolved Like they should spend A lot more time Pressuring State legislators to fix that because They can they can pass that at a state Level and make real election reform There so if they don't do that and they Don't push these GOP Republican uh you Know legislators it's going to be a Problem right I said that in social Media that's the two big things they've Got to get containment of because it's Going to get out of control it's going To be Democrat forever right it's not

Going to stop Um There will be no checks and balances The They have to end they have to end the Mill and vote by mail ballots you know I Mean that ballot harvesting regime has To be Over right it should be their prior Priority for first party topic when they Get in like that's got to get in control I'm serious that's that's number one out Of everything Um then let's talk about a conspiracy Theory Oh before I get there before we get into That conspiracy let's hear what Nancy Plus has to say Uh yes I do I mean President Biden has Been a great president for our country He has accomplished so much I think in What world Nancy in in what world Americans barely can afford to buy Groceries and Ukraine is getting all This money so a lot of people have been Saying for quite some time that Ukraine Was a Money laundering scheme Well Breaking exclusive tens of billions of US dollars were transferred to Ukraine And then using FTX cryptocurrency the Funds were laundered back to Democrats In the U.S this is not a conspiracy

Theory this is an actual true story so a Lot of people predicted this a lot of People were saying this I was saying This that they were they were saying They were so adamant about sending these Billions and billions of dollars weekly Weekly guys more money than we spent in 20 years in Afghanistan we spent in Ukraine in six months and you wonder why While we're Democrats pushing it so much Well Tens of billions of dollars a U.S Dollars were transferred to Ukraine then Is this the right let me see if this is The one no That's not it Anyway Tens of billions of US dollars were Transferred to Ukraine and then using FTX I'm sure a lot of you guys are in The crypto heard about FTX Um the funds were loaned back to the uh You us Democrats bankman's fries that's The owner f-tex is currently under Investigation by the FTC Securities and Exchange Commission After bankman fried allegedly moved 10 Billion in client assets from his crypto Exchange To his trading firm Almeda research And the liquidy crisis as his exchange Which prompted the company to file Bankruptcy however prior to the agency's Probe bankman fry it aggressively

Courted the cftc and funded several key Lawmakers charged with overseeing the Agency pouring cash into their campaigns This is the guy here 30 year old Sam bankman fried Owns FTX and you see this Politico Headline how the newest Mega donor wants To change Washington So It just went went under I'll say FTX Went under they went bankrupt and Billions of dollars in customer deposits Seem to be missing I think this is a And you can you can read this here too As well But following the collapse of the Cryptocurrency Um FTX at least one billion investor Assets seem to be missing according to Multiple reports and according to two Anonymous sources who formerly worked With at FTX and claimed that they were Privy to companies finances ftx's uh at Least missing one billion in Cloud funds And claim the funds were part of a 10 Billion Um Hedge fund moved over to Democrats Donate donated The Wall Street Journal Later reported that it appeared as Hackers had actually stolen 370 million But bankman fry the owner disagreed and Said that wasn't true

Um he said that there was a confusing Internal labeling and misread it Um But General counsel Ryan Miller from the U.S Trade Commission said that tweeted on Saturday that the company had to take it Unauthorized transactions moved all Digital assets to cold storage or Offline Um but apparently that is a lie but Bankman Gave over sorry over 50 million dollars I was wrong not 40 50 million or that's 60 million 50 million two Democrats from 2020 to 2022. He invested in political action Committees and campaigns Um running up to the midterm elections With most of the money going to Democrat Candidates the CEO Sam The FTX CEO was a driving force behind The protect our future pit PAC Which raised more than 28 million thus Far And uh who spent 10 million dollars plus Backing Joe Biden in 2020 he hired a Network of political operatives and Spent tens of millions more shaping Democrat house primaries Um it could remake Democrat Party in Washington Washington they say Canada by Canada of course it could I mean money

Moves the needle guys Um And said that he had a slice on 2024 Election Um he could spend anywhere from 100 Million to a billion dollars So that's him there I mean he looks like A Like one of those people you would Expect to right Um Anyway They're calling him a potential Democrat Say savior Head scratching mystery or occasionally Corrupt crypto boogie man yeah All the Above So this this guy here Spending billions of dollars from Ukraine money right that was moved over From FTX Supporting Democrats right so this is Just a money laundering you know just Going to Ukraine coming back around Just a circle And so The thing is money moves moves the Needle like believe it or not like you Can't go you can't go get elected to a To a position without tons of money like You need the money and obviously someone Probably pocket it in some ways or Another but I think it's you know if we Look back to 2020 how much of these Antifa guys are funded by this guy uh

BLM riots how many pallets of bricks Wound up their truck fulls of uh sticks And and weapons from Ryder trucks I'm Sure you guys seen that Molotov Cocktails showing up you know supplies To make it you know there's a oh there's A couple of gas jugs over there and some Glass bottles and some Rags wow how much Of that was funded you know but do you Think they're going to look into this Guy Maybe a little not too much though Maybe just enough to kind of like let Everybody forget about it they'll post These few things here And then they'll they'll forget about it And move on That's how it always is and uh Just like 100 bite but you know they'll Talk about Elon Musk and every everyone Else but they'll forget about these guys This will be old news next week and They'll send another 50 billion you know That's one of the things that they said That they pushed through prior to this Midterm election because they wanted to Make sure they maintain another 50 uh Million dollars going forward in the Next six months so that's that's that's What they're doing I mean they're fun to Themselves it's it's it's all there you Can go Google it go Google search it.go Whatever you want to do Um just look him up look up FTX and uh

See guys and and we were transferring Money through this Cryptocurrency like well why would we do This stuff Other than too long or money I mean it's It's wild it's it's while this is Happening one is stuff you don't hear About and uh it's truly happening Someone said that boy is not walking Away from this yeah he probably won't He'll probably disappear you know he'll Probably he'll probably disappear I mean Is there going to be a lot of unhappy Investors too like where's their money At that just vanished right they get They went to Joe Biden Hunter Biden all Those folks right So the thing is uh you know Douglas is Asking so what do we do now you know the Thing is is I would say this like one a Lot of people obviously There are some election Integrity issues And I would say that part of this is a Lot a big portion of this would be a Psychological operation because a lot of People I see in my comments lately have Said I'm not going to vote it doesn't Matter anyway well that's what they want You to believe because I tell you in my State it wouldn't even close race not Not that Democrat communist out of the Park you know the Santa's one there's Seats that were flipped in other places Right so I would I would say Do not just

Say I'm not going to vote right you need To vote Um obviously it's up to other people to Make sure that election Integrity Happens but the the bigger part of this Is I think we're going to come to a head Some kind of civil separation You're going to start seeing it happen I Think it's already happening Where certain States people are going to Migrate away from these these you know Blue and red it's going to be very You know Separate or blue and red States And and eventually it's going to come to A head I mean there's there's no doubt It's going to happen right because People are not going to want to go under This Socialist Communist World economic Forum Global totalitarian uh anti-christ Government whatever whatever's coming Nobody's going to want to be under the Well not normal people you know maybe The blue hairs the feminine boys they Want to be over there but not the Regular guys we don't want to we don't Guys and gals we don't want to live Lifestyle so they're going to be a Definitely uh separation of a country I Believe it's going to come to that at Some point there's no no question in my Mind it's just a matter of when and uh Who's going to lead it so I think you see a lot of strong players

Right now a lot of people have went into Uh politics that were not politicians Because they got fed up with the way Things are going and a lot of them got Voted in so Um you're going to see them actually Doing something career politicians will Never do anything no matter if they're Republican or Democrat they're there to Get rich they're only worried about Themselves they'll say whatever you want To hear on camera and then they'll go Vote with Democrats right Cats like Lindsey Graham does all the Time his best friend is Hillary Clinton Right and uh he's one of the main Republicans you know but there's guys Out there that has balls don't get it Done you know Rand Paul actually said That he's going to go after fauci we'll See if he doesn't get rid of him because That means he's just a talking headpiece But then you saw you know a lot of Turnout of young voters going in Voting Democrat you know and they said It was because of a climate abortion and Gun control but a lot of people don't Know they forgot is that the the student Loan forgiveness right but what happened Shut down go to the website shut down it Got blocked by court right they'll tell You what you want to hear Midterms winning yeah I want my free my Free college Democrat Democrat oh I

Can't get it then they'll forget about It they already got your vote it's just Like they deal with the black lives Matter movement oh yeah George Floyd you Know they had the scarves on they're Taking the knee uh meant Nance close and All them Have they done anything for black Americans no they got your they got your Vote moved on right they they should They they did the smoking mirrors And then I got your vote just like they Did the college kids smoking mirrors we Got your vote Um unfortunately cheaper too blind to See that right they they don't see it They're just dumb they'll go along with CNN and go vote the way they're told to Vote they can't think for themselves That's why they're on their sixth Booster right now you know They're wondering why you know they're They're their son who's a student Athlete in in high school who just died Of a blood clot At his track meet Someone I am on Rumble why is everyone Crying on their keyboard shouldn't we be Protesting or something go get started Buddy wait on you waiting on you get Started on out A lot of people always ask these things They're what are you waiting on why are You typing go go do it be an example all

Right if you want to see these things Happen don't ask other people why They're not doing it you go do it first Right All right guys so I do appreciate you Hanging on me tonight thanks for tuning In Go comment what's the video posted man We have been getting Shadow banned like Crazy Um obviously you know we always like an Election Shadow band comes up you know So we got the midterm Shadow band going On right now so if you would go comment And like the PO uh the um Once the video posts not in live chat go Comment on there help us fight the Communists that's trying to suppress us And uh remember guys are stay frosty Stay strapped and stay dangerous take Care

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