The REVOLUTION Has Started!

By | October 31, 2022

Foreign [Music] Thanks for tuning in so uh got a Headline here for you for two headlines One from A little while ago White people are getting vaccinated at Higher rates than black and Latino Americans This was back Tuesday January 26 2012 2021 Now we have a Washington Post whites are now more likely to die From covert than blacks why the pandemic Shifted October 19 2022 in any anybody Want to take a guess why that is If more got vaccinated Anyway Let's talk about the big news the big News the revolution that has began Elon Musk Has completed his 44 billion dollar deal To buy Twitter Putting the world's richest man in Charge of one of the world's most Influential social media platforms it's Funny that they call Twitter the most Influential um because the it's the Majority of the celebrities politicians They use Twitter Um I think it's the worst platform it's The most boring you know but Um it is the most used by influential People right And so uh that's why I guess what they

Call it the most influential social Media platform So musk tweeted entering Twitter HQ let That sink in while carrying a sink check This out He literally walks in carrying a sink I Mean he's he's an odd guy you know Anyway Musk immediately fired CEO perog well I Don't even know how to say his name and I don't really even care in the Ned Siegel Executives And uh Twitter declined to comment Also just fired by Jaya God the head of Twitter legal policy trust and safety Who made the decision to permanently Suspend former president Donald Trump Um and this is her actually talking About it here obviously so a small team Gathered from trust and safety we were Discussing Um [Music] This video is from January 8th by the Way and we decided to escalate our Enforcement of the Civic Integrity Policy and use um a label that disabled Engagements to stop the spread of Potentially inflammatory content which Is the content around election Interference election frauds doing the Election that type of thing so you will Have noticed that morning

Labels on President Trump's tweets Actually Um we're defend on the ones we were Using in the prior weeks and they had Engagements disabled after that we were Having a conversation as obviously we Saw the violence continuing to unfold About other aspects of our policy a Civic Integrity policy in particular has A range of options from labeling to Removal in some instances to permanent Suspension This girl right here was actually so She's the legal policy and trust and Safety the head of that anyway whenever Uh it was announced that musk made by She was actually held a mercy meeting And and seriously cried tears from her Eyeballs so happy to see her demise she Was the one that permanently disband Donald uh or I'm sorry permanently Banned Donald Trump and uh Mark fellows Thank you buddy So Musk goes on to say that he plans to Rethink Twitter's content moderation Policies in service Of a more maximalist approach to free Speech the billionaire also said that he Disagrees with Twitter's practice of Permanent bans for those who repeatedly Violate his rules raising the Possibility that a number of previously Banned controversial users could

Re-emerge on the platform How soon could Donald Trump be back That's a great question Um the Don actually dropped a message Today and he says uh Congratulations to Elon Musk on his Purchase of Twitter Many people are saying that change was Needed As the old management was too concerned With the woke agenda and they truly were I don't know if you guys recall but they They were they were actually asking like A project Veritas like undercover and They were like asking do they care about Making money and they said and the Executives were like no we don't care About making money it's more about what Policies literally like they they didn't Care about trying to even make money With the company which I'm sure if You're an investor you'd probably be uh Very alarmed here's something like that But Anyway Um I have been told that my account will Be back up and running as of Monday we Will see happy to be able to engage with An African-American owned business Because uh Elon Musk is a South African So We will see Donald Trump could be back As early as as um Monday you know but you know a move like

This could make Major implications for the upcoming U.S Midterm elections as well as the 2024 Presidential elections this could be Major moves now that given a lot of Voices back to people who were who were Banned right this could this is a lot of Power Um that could be coming back you know Let's make Twitter orange again I say You know that was the best part about Twitter was Donald Trump's messages Um So Musk also made A Statement to his advertisers He said I want to reach out personally To share my motivation in inquiring Twitter There has been much speculation about Why I bought Twitter and what I thought About advertising most of it had been Wrong the reason I acquired Twitter is Because it is important to the future of Our civilization right So thanks Tex Marine Yeah it could be buddy Anyway he said to have a common digital Town Square where a wide range of Beliefs can be debated in a healthy Manner without resorting to violence There is currently great danger that Social media will Splinter into far

Right wing and far left wing Echo Chambers that generate more hate and Divide of our society in the Relentless Pursuit of clicks much of the Traditional medius fueled and catered to Those polarized by extremes as they Believe that this is brings what brings In money but in doing so the opportunity For dialogue is lost I mean the man Couldn't have made truer statements I Mean truthfully he could have made true Statements especially talking about big Big media where we're talking about Um you know using clicks With traditional media And in polarized extremes anyway Continues And says that is why I bought Twitter I Didn't do it because I I thought it Would be easy I did it to make more I didn't do it to Make more money either I didn't try to Help Humanity whom I love and I do so With humility recognizing that failure In pursuing the skull despite our best Efforts is a very real possibility That said Twitter obviously cannot become a Free-for-all hellscape where anything Can be said with no consequences in Addition to adhering to the laws of the Land our platform form must be warm and Welcoming welcoming to all where you can Choose your desired experience according

To your preferences Just as you can choose for example to See movies or play video games ranging For all ages to mature I'm sure he's probably saying that uh Somewhat of like uh with algorithms how Algorithms force you to see certain Things and basically cultivate Narratives people don't even know They're being brainwashed but they are He goes on he says also Very much believe that advertising when Done right can Delight entertain and Inform you it can show you a service or Product or medical treatment that you've Never knew existed but is it right for You for this to be true it is essential To show Twitter users Advertising that is relevant as possible To the their needs low relevancy ads or Spam but highly relevant ads that are Actually content fundamentally Twitter Aspires to be The most respected advertising platform In the world that strengthens your brand And grows your Enterprise to everyone Who has partnered with us I thank you Let us build something extraordinary Together And obviously you know they need Advertisers and you know social media That's where they get the bulk of their Money so that's you know I mean I guess You just want to make sure that no one

Is going to run off because now he's Taking over and now it's going to be Some you know they think it's gonna be Some right-wing circus or what have you Um But I like what the man says I think He's he's spot on a lot of that right Um where media Mainstream media is what drives the Division in our country they they try to Do that you know especially because 90 Nine percent of the media is left-wing And they you know push narratives and They try to you know Make it very extremist you know whether They paint you know Um conservatives as right-wing Extremists for the most part that's what They do They're pushing that creating that hate Right and so And with all of this guys this is what In my opinion What a modern day Revolution looks like Right this is what it is you have people Fighting because the last Four years I'd say five years six years The media has taken control of the Country if not the world Probably the world and they've pushed Narratives they've suppressed people you Know with social media suppressing People deep platforming people we have Uh

Mob attacks on people right if you if You go against the grain you're being Mob attacked or being canceled they'll Take Clips of things you say Ex you know blow it out of proportion And the next thing you know you're being Canceled by everybody they're shutting Your Banks down you know truck drivers Getting their banks at the bank accounts Shut down this you know protesting uh You know not wanting to put something in Their body Um you know all these various sort of Things you know you're getting canceled Um so This could be a place for True Free Speech because there's no free speech Anywhere on any social media platform Whether it be Facebook Instagram YouTube There's no free speech you can't just Say what you feel right we just saw Alex Jones get sued for free speech we saw Kanye West being sued for free speech Right he's being sued by uh George Floyd's wife or something ex-wife Girlfriend baby's mother uh for millions Of dollars for something he had said And he had donated two million dollars To a college fund for George Floyd's Kids And and this is how you were paying Right so the the free speeches is over With and it's mind-boggling that they

Would even Uh allow that you know uh Mark fellow Says go what grow broke never support The woke never support Coke that's right They'll support Coke Disney Netflix Etc Yet and a lot of these conservatives I See don't remember that Mark you know And and the rest of you guys they don't They don't remember these things I see Guys wearing Nike again they're like Okay we're Nike you know oh yeah man Just watch The Gray Man movie on Netflix Remember I said I didn't watch straight Man I got attacked for even making a Video about it right and all I did was Make a video talking about gray man but Then I was talking about what the Reviews of the video were what I read Online you know and you get attacked by Conservatives because they're you know You didn't watch the movie well yeah man I don't watch Netflix You're watching Netflix hold on I Thought we were supposed to be fighting This battle But A lot of people understand the comments You know let's let's go 1776 on them but They won't even stop wearing Nikes or Drinking Coke you know what I mean they They won't even do the bare minimum That's why I call this the modern day Revolution like I said last night you Have

Um You have Tulsa gabbard flipping which is you know You can't choose your allies do I agree With everything that she agrees with no Absolutely not a lot of these people Don't agree with everything they say Like my man right here Dion says take Canceled Alex Jones cancel now Kanye Right Kanye easy the the other thing is Is last night I was wrong on something I Said that uh Trump was the first one Canceled it was actually I was Jones a Lot of you guys correct me on that that Is actually true Alex Jones was the First man canceled Um I actually thought about that I don't Know why I didn't put that in my nose But he he was actually the first man Castle but you see a lot of these Heavy Hitters being canceled now because they Want to show us that if the heavy hitter Can be canceled you can be canceled too Very easily right and even so much shows You know the thing is what do you think The future is and they're talking about Pushing these this uh you know the these Uh currency uh this internet currency This crypto What do you think is going to happen oh Well you don't take you don't take the Shot okay cut his bank account down and Once you have an electric car why Because uh oh I didn't I didn't abide by

The rules my car won't crank up oh I Posted something on Facebook now my car Won't start for 24 hours Right Total control is what they want That's the that's the way we're headed If we allow this right Um But a lot of these guys like do I think Andrew takes a conservative no I don't Think he's a conservative however he Believes a lot of what the truth is Because this is what the truth is the Thing is that so many people it is Astounding how many people fall tooth And nail about this this vaccine stuff And they they turned out they were wrong You know they'll fight you to death you You're you're you know it's crazy so This is what a modern day Revolution Looks like this is what it is it's Happening right now in front of our eyes Right like I said you cannot choose your Allies you can't Have always agree with things Elon Musk Says absolutely not there's things that I totally am against he said things About something that sounded like Globalism before I mentioned before I Show a video clip you know um where he Was basically talking about uh you know Robots take over all the jobs of the Future but you have to get paid a living Wage just to sit home you know I don't

Agree with these sort of things right There's no one I agree with 100 right And and and so that's the thing you Always see people like flip out and You'll say well you like so and so but He does this well yeah I mean you can't There's something I dislike even my best Friends right and if you think you're Gonna agree with it everything on the Ticket somebody has you're living in a Utopian world that don't exist dude Um so anyway with that said go follow me On Twitter all right Um I've been there for years I just Barely use it but maybe I'm gonna step It up so anyway I'm sure mostly is going To change and update it because to me It's just it's just a This uh it's boring you know what I mean Um but Anyway before we get too far In tonight's video real quick have Something new it's our 10-year Anniversary guys 10 years on black Scout Right very happy I never thought I would Uh We'd still be here Um you know after 10 years especially in The past two I thought man would be it Would definitely be wiped off the map But we're still here so 10 years um Couldn't do it without you guys Definitely especially the guys have been Been with us for 10 years amazing

Um I know some of you have because I Recognize some of you guys from back in The day when you only had 100 Subscribers it's easier it was easier to Remember the names you know Um so Anyway with that we have two things Um let me see what uh Mark says real Quick Jack's been Shadow band and Demonetized donate to the worthy calls Don't eat McDonald's give that nine Bucks a Jack in his Credit Community Thanks buddy yeah man we are trying to Create a community trying to give back And get get us all together you know for The impending doom that's coming anyway In the military there's something we use Called challenge coins and so we created A challenge coin this is um we've had Channel scores in the past this is a Blacked out one like I I was amazed I Even could do this it's like this Completely black coin it's got the BSS Crests on the front so it's completely Blacked out and on the back says BSS With an X for 10 right Roman numeral Here in this little block here what You'll have Is uh a number right so there's going to Be a number there this one doesn't have One because this is mine Thanks Mark Well we got what we got going on is we Got these on site right now

We have a hundred of these okay 100 of These go pick one up now every person That gets one is going to be entered Into a raffle right we're gonna do it on A live video the the drawing once we Um probably in about two weeks And your number on the coin Give you the possibility to win three Prizes let me go and show you the three Prizes real quick Pause packs guys the various one the First one is a bss5 The black Scout Field knife here You'll get one of these as a bow drill Divot American made One of the best survival knife designs In my opinion it also comes with a scout Style Leather sheath that also comes with a Kydex you'll get a Kydex too Scout style Leather handcrafted sheath by Sagewood Gear She wear it in the small of your back It also comes with a fire cache Fair Cerium Rod so that way you got a whole System that you can carry in the smaller Bag that'll be the first prize pack this Is about a 500 value right so that'd be One winner The next winner Will get one of our black scallop Titanium canteen Cook kit sets with a Center Line systems

Bag here this is the mother canteen Carrier so it carries your whole kit Setup you can add more right So it comes with our military whole Cooking canteen system Boom And we do sell these in store so in case You're interested in buying them This is an error pattern by the way the Desert so it comes with two pots a cup And a pot The lid actually goes up in here boom In the front pocket you'll get a Titanium black Scout stove Alcohol stove And then also uh on the side here you'll Get one of the Folding utensils The sporks that we sell as well What's in there so complete cook kit is What you'll get And the carrier All right that's the second place winner Third place winner will get Vera watches Watch that we reviewed a while back I'm not sure if it's going to focus Right there we go The Chrono here chronograph you'll get This watch awesome piece And then you also get a harsos folder One of the limited edition orange ones That we no longer sell You'll have an immediate upgrade to your EDC with a knife and a watch oh yeah

That Kit's about 500 or 600 and then This will be about 500 value too so We're looking at about 1700 worth of Gear with these items that you can uh Win in the contest so that is what is up For grabs guys Um I think it's also loaded out I would Love to get any of these and you can buy As many coins as you want and win as Many times as you you can you know Whatever your luck is you may win We'll see about 10 coins and you win all The gear All right guys so that is the deal each Coin is an entry meaning about 10 10 Coins if you want 10 entries each one Will have a corresponding number when we Do the drawing on live video you'll Learn if you win three slots we're only Gonna do one but I was like you know What man for our team anniversary let's Give away three slots for prizes and we Want it you order the coin at blackscout as soon as you go to the Website it's the first thing there Um so Anyway Go grab you one it's a criminal Commemorative coin we're not going to Offer that coin ever again there's no You know there's only one 10 year Um and we'll have more challenge coins In the future we're probably going to Start doing this uh where we have uh

Where you can get like uh we have a Bunch of various challenge coins black Scout coins To commemorate different things maybe People for the tribes get their own coin Stuff like that we're going to bring Those back we haven't had them in a few Years and so that way you can have a Black Scout challenge coin display you Know a lot of guys uh in the military Knows uh how important that child's coin Is to to you um basically you always Carry a challenge coin with you so if You're you know drinking with your Buddies and you slap one down if your Buddy doesn't have a coin on him he has To buy a beer right and then certain Coins can Trump other coins a black Scout 10 coin will always Trump all Other black Scout coins right until we Got a 20 year okay so anyway solid black Very cool and uh support us as well and So uh also you know guys aren't in the Military is a cool thing to have Especially give you that experience to Have a challenge coin and be part of Something you're part of us Um and we do appreciate you guys Maybe a last thing of the night and this Is this is where I've been talking about this stuff I've been talking about it Right here CNN claims pets have a big climate

Impact this is two this is world's Colliding right here what I always think About they're talking about the climate And then advises buying smaller breeds Feed them insect based food The two things I've been talking about Eating bugs and climate the climate Crisis This the peace offered me ways that Owners can reduce their beloved animals Carbon paw print not footprint paw print Is cute It suggests that pet owners reassess Their Pet's diet offering the lab-grown Meat lab-grown meat there we go okay And insect-based Pet Foods as a Potential option for them the article Also recommend making sure that pet Products such as leashes bags toys bowls Are recyclable And also advise that potential owners Maybe adopt smaller Breeze to minimize Climate impact because you're you're Your your Doberman is hurting the Environment right your Rottweiler it's Hurting the environment Maybe They're just trying to get you Desensitized to eating lab-grown meat And insects That's what I'm that's what I'm saying That's going to be all for climate You'll be in your cage Eating a cricket

Anyhow guys go pick up a coin celebrate Our 10 years I'm gonna get your thoughts On Elon Musk the revolution is here get Ready for the red wife is coming two Weeks is going to be election day Look at your tickets even the small Things that you don't think are Important it's not always the big ticket Small ticket student uh School Board Things like that look at those Get those names of people you vote for Don't go in there just just That's how that's how they teach gender Uh confusion in schools because you just Go in there and check books people don't Know Right Um you know I did a lot of research in My area and there's people running that Has never been in politics before they Hadn't enough of the the the nonsense That's being pushed by this awesome it's Also the revolution is here People are tired of it you know a lot of People sitting on the pond and they're Fighting other conservatives there's a Lot of people out there that's not Taking anymore we're not going to put up With it right anyhow guys also go join The tribe try links below Um they have a watch party now where They watched a lot together you can they All stream together and watch the live It's pretty awesome and awesome

Community we built there Um there's get togethers popping up all Over the country right now and uh great Networking opportunity like-minded People and uh We'd love to have you there and maybe Get your own black Scout tribe coin Tribe church we plan on doing uh just Tribe only merchandise And things to be part of like uh like Unit type gear anyhow guys I do Appreciate you hanging out Um am I under the weather well I was Last week is uh I had sinus issues and People are saying I was uh pale Yesterday I gave the Bloods yesterday I Donated blood so I was if I was missing A pint Might have been one I'm pale so anyway Guys I do appreciate you hanging out With me thanks so much for tuning in Remember to stay frosty strapped and Dangerous take care

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