There is MORE to the Paul PELOSI “Attack”

By | October 31, 2022

Foreign Thanks for tuning in and you know if If you at this point have not been Called a conspiracy theorist you're one Of the last people to figure things out That the rest of us already know to be True right us intellectuals you guys Wait for CNN to tell you what to believe Anyway The media has been having a field day With this Paul Pelosi and Nancy Pelosi's Husband's attack you know they're losing Big time coming into the midterms and They're pretty much scratching it every You know Possibility to try to gain some kind of Leverage and they're using this attack Um pretty seriously you know Joe Biden Is blaming conspiracy theories and You'll notice Um I'll play Joe here in a second but You'll notice like all of these media Outlets are saying pretty much the same Things which is uh scripted this is They're they're passing out the cliff Notes to everybody and saying hey say This because we need we're losing big Time say these things here's here's Joe Talking about the attack That is being stolen that all the all The Milwaukee that's being put out there To undermine democracy Can't just apologize and say the Violence it affects people's mentality

Expects how people think particularly People who are not maybe as stable as Other people so the plot the talk has to Stop that's the problem that's the Problem you can't just say I feel badly About the violence that we condemn it Condemn what produces the violence and This talk produces So yeah he's he's sitting here basically Saying that the violent talk Is what's producing the virus you've got Rob Reiner here claiming that Donald Trump is directly responsible for the Attack on Paul Pelosi and calls for his Indictment I mean Just craziness here's a here's some Media coverage here for you The protruder confronted Mr Pelosi in Their home shouting where is Nancy where Is Nancy Debbie jingle that's what the Intruders Going through the hallways on January 6 Was shouting Nancy Nancy these Conspiracies already produced violence On January 6th and so it's no surprise That that would only continuously we Have obviously seen political violence As we did on January 6th January 6th January 6th January 6th January 6th January 6th January 6 January 6th January 16th January 6th this is part of The January 6th Insurrection toxicity That has infected the brains of people Around the country

Uh in horrible ways if this is January 6 January 6. I mean they're and Blaming Trump you know so anyway let me Give you the details of for those that Don't know Um Chief Bill Scott of the San Francisco Police Department because there's so Many right Wingers down there in San Francisco uh magas but on Friday Identified the suspect In the attack Um as house Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Husband a 42 year old David de poppy at Approximately 220 that's the suspect is David de Poppy and I'll show his photo Here in a second but anyway At approximately 227 In the morning San Francisco police Officers were dispatched to the Residence of speaker Nancy Pelosi Regarding a well-being check a Well-being check guys When law enforcement arrived at the Pelosi's residence the door was opened By quote unquote someone inside but he Did not provide identity of the person Who opened the door so when the officers Arrived and knocked on the front door of The residence The doors open by someone inside I said Said uh the police officer and the Officers reserved through the open door Mr Pelosi and the suspect Mr depopy Inside the entryway of the home

When they were on the scene and Encountered the adult males Paul and Poppy Our officers observe both of them Holding a hammer In their underwear mind you Officers found the poppy and Paul Pelosi Struggling over Hammer inside at 2 am They ordered the men to stop you know Wrestling At which the poppy Attacked Pelosi with the hammer and they Attackled him and arrested him So basically what they're saying is a Suspect pulled the hammer away from Pelosi's husband Paul and assaulted him And so uh they took him to custody and Rendered Medical Aid to Paul Pelosi The man Who is alleged to have attacked Paul is This guy right here and what you're Going to see is is there are tons of Media coverage accused Pelosi attacker David depopy spread Q Anon and other Far-right bigoted conspiracies Um This man apparently had in a bag zip Ties Among other things quote unquote doesn't Say what those things are and some duct Tape Um He told The he told this guy he so the way the

Way the story goes is that Paul told the Poppy after he was in the resident said He needed to use the restroom where his Phone was charging At 2 A.M and then went and called the Police so why is he telling him That he he's using he needs using if Someone breaks in your home you're gonna Say hold on I gotta go use the restroom And then call the police I would I would Uh you know I would do something anyway We have the the call here and I'll go Ahead and play it Northern four carb a priority 910 2640 Broadway Cross of Scott and Normandy I have a 14 hour copy RP's stated that There's a mail in the home and that he's Going to wait for his wife Barbara Stated that he doesn't know who the male Is but he advised that his name is David And that he is a friend No he just said his name is David and he Is a friend I already sounded someone Confused As a friend RV sounding someone confused So He's saying when he called he said the Guy's name was David and he's a friend So did he break in the home or is he a Friend what are you doing was your phone Charging at 2 A.M in the bathroom you Know what I mean Um Like this says right here

Who charges her phone in the restroom at 2am He had to use the right he told the Intruder he had to use the restroom and Then he called from inside the bathroom Where his phone had been charging Very very weird right um so then just Just some kind of things going on here Here's uh some other other clip of the The media talking about this the radical Right to attack the speaker when you see Donald Trump uh giving not just dog Whistles but come out and out Q Anon Language uh in his in his rallies and His statements now Um that's a wink at those people that You know I'm on your side you can trace Very directly the radicalization of the Discourse over the course of the last Five years since around the 2016 Election to where we are today we know That Nancy Pelosi has attracted the ire The frustration and the anger of the Political right for many many years we Are not detoxifying the discourse to be Blunt particularly uh on the far right Here for those of us that continue to Speak out against Donald Trump Um those threats are an everyday reality I can't help but think as I hear the Word Twitter come out of Nia Malika's Mouth what could potentially change in The coming hours or days now that Elon Musk is in control of Twitter there has

Been a major push for people to get back On who've been banned including the Former president and what potentially That could mean in terms of more heated There we go there we go the Twitter Elon Musk throwing him on the bus speaking of That Hillary Clinton uh tweeted And said the Republican party in its Mouthpieces Spread now regularly spread hate and Deranged conspiracy theories it's Shocking but not surprising that Violence is a result as Citizens we must Hold them accountable for their words And their actions to follow And so then Elon Musk comes back and Says Uh there's a tiny possibility there Might be more to this story than meets The eye so what he Tweeted as a story about the poppy being A possible male prostitute Which Makes sense to me you're both in your Underwear at 2AM you call the police say Their friends there maybe something Maybe something transpired maybe you met This guy on some kind of I don't know I Don't know what these people do but Probably met somebody online had to Poppy come over maybe things got out of Hand and then uh you know Is a big possibility you know Daily Mail post right here nudist sex Lover Paul Pelosi attackers a female

Pedophile who harassed the 14 year old Boy who bought sex dolls for their sons To use So the former partner of this guy Um Is a lady named Gypsy talb Um and so There was an interview with her and Basically goes on to say this so they're Painting let me show you some other Things here before I get into that So there's the zip ties Paul Pelosi blah blah blah suspect and Assault at Pelosi home had posted about Q Anon so you know it does say what he Posted about Q Anon he could have been Talking badly about Q Anon you know but But the thing is you're painting this Huge narrative this Trump's fault Maga Q Anon bigotry all these sort of things But The former partner ex-life partner they Call themselves I mean that already Tells you what type of people these These guys are The lady says hello this is Gypsy Tom I'm the ex-life partner of David Depopian mother of his children And she was calling from a prison she's Actually in jail Um for the 14 year old boy uh deal Tom better known as Gypsy is well-known Nudist activist and you actually see Their photos online where they're

Getting married she's nude Um talb says Gypsy talb says well when When kids asked about politics is what She said well when I met him he was only 20 years old and didn't have much Experience in politics and was very much In alignment with My Views and I've Always been very Progressive and I Absolutely admire Nancy Pelosi And she said that you know she's just Following message to the Polo she said I Would like to express my deepest apology To Nancy Pelosi and her husband for the Terrible and tragic things that happened So she's saying that he was a Progressive she's obviously a Progressive they're calling each other Life Partners Um and stuff like that Um one of the neighbors said that She knew to Poppy Um who when she knew him a few years ago He was actually living in a storage unit In Berkeley making hemp bracelets to Sell Um that sounds like a real conservative For me doesn't it Um that's actually what I think of the Typical liberal they're they're selling Hemp bracelets or some kind of necklaces Or something and they're living in a Storage units that's just what a picture When I when I see a comment you say Something uh leftist I immediately

Imagine that you probably don't bathe That's just what I go go to anyway Here's another neighbor talking about The poppy and the people that live in The home and I'm going to show you the Home here in a second Sort out there's something strange about The whole household the entire household Is very very strange Um uh he is birds of a feather with a Akin to them so they are just you know Nudist drug abusers and that's who Gravitates toward them and the children I'm sorry the children they seem to be Underage under 18. I'm not sure how old They are okay and Trisha again what's The what do you say that politics are Um I'm not sure I would imagine that They're more left-leaning uh because of Their support for uh um the gay Community Um and for uh I'm sorry for other people But uh it is uh now I'm not sure what Way they land because because they have The flag the LGBT flag yeah but any Signs of anti-semitism You know they are completely unhinged so I wouldn't I wouldn't be surprised at All yeah uh it it they nothing that they Believe in aligns with their actions so They'll say that they are you know Pro-black lives and then they'll call The place on black people and uh so they Don't stand by their actions don't stand

By their words so some paranoid Behavior Yeah absolutely and almost in some Psychotic behavior too okay was that Also demonstrated when David was a President or was that yeah yeah it's Never changed how things acted David Acted the same way Um from what I saw of him he He's never approached me or my partner At all Um but I've just seen him helping out Around the house with like yard work and Then I saw him living on the bus I've Never even heard him speak did you know His name or you just recognized I didn't Recognize his name but I also don't know The name of the kids either okay you Just recognize this picture from today Yes We think he's the father of some of them Not sure at all but if he is uh their Mom told me that there was a abusive Nature in their father so if it is him Then he So the thing is is that she said well I Don't see how you know because she said That they do things uh Against like what they they say so being Pro black lives what they call cops on Paper that's actually a typical liberal There they'll they'll say the probe Black lives matter but they'll call the Police or lock their door when a black Man walks by him and just like you saw

Uh whenever uh the Santa immigrants up Up there uh you know they have a sign Out front and saying that we accept the Uh uh legal immigrants and Miele they Pushed him out you know so That that's just typical everywhere They're all mouthpiece actions they not At all not at all that's they're just Here to get votes Sound like they have some kind of moral Superiority that you know these sort of Things but they will not help any you Know usually they're they're very snooty White people that real they're really The most racist people there are so That's my my experience with them you Know it's funny they'll say all this Stuff but they're you know deep down the Most racist people ever Um they'll never go have a cheeseburger With someone of another race or anything Like that so Anyway let's let's look at the house Okay so here's a shot just straight on Right here and you can see the LGBT flag Here you see this old bus here's another Shot here this old freaking hippie uh Van sitting here and it says something Up here like natural addiction uh Treatment Um De la addiction Um anyway and you see the LGBT flag here Again not your typical Maga guy right

Like like the news is painting him to be Some you know Q Anon There's just to me man this sounds like Some kind of lover's quarrel something Happened you know and now they're really Trying to cover it up you know they Probably don't pay the poppy to go ahead And take the fog you know I mean we know That Um Pelosi just just got a DUI was Fighting in court he also is uh you know Him and Nancy's involved in some very uh Sketchy Um stock stuff so Who's to say they won't pay to Poppy Just to plead guilty you know give them A half million dollars hundred thousand Dollars I mean it looks like he would Take about any money he could get he's Selling him bracelets out of a storage Unit Um so yeah you know I think you know I Think it's some kind of lovers Coral Something something went awry you know Maybe some drugs some alcohol involved You know It weird you know but this this is the Thing Unnoticed about people right that that Have a lot of money Um you know not typically people that Come into money it's usually people that Come from a long line of money you see These celebrities and things like that

It's kind of like a Gateway so whenever You you first get started in drugs you Know then it's like you know you start Out smoking pot and then it becomes you Know I want something a little more Might be covered the next thing you know You're you're smoking crack meth these Sort of things and and so People with money like when you like Like Hunter buying for example you see Him I mean just he's out of control just Doing whatever It's like they're trying to feel they Don't they have contentment issues they Cannot feel their heart with with uh Stuff so things could keep getting more Perverse you know that's why uh people Always talk about how terrible Pornography is for you because whenever You start going into that Realm You want to go crazier and crazier Because you have to fill that that hole In your heart with the more crazier and Crazier stuff that's what celebrities Are in all kinds of weird things or Swinging you know they're in all kinds Of weird drugs you know just craziness a Lot of rich people get into that that Way because when you have everything at Your fingertips what do you do to make Yourself happy look at Epstein right And uh You got you know you you gotta you know Not only having sex with kids but

Selling little kids you know and so These sort of things so A lot of these Elites these people that Are in money they're in very weird stuff You hear about all these politicians That do these Underground Sex parties and stuff like that uh Madison The the North Carolina kid that that Used to be in the Senate uh that I Forget his name he was talking about my Interview one day talking about that That he had been invited whenever he got Into politics Um Madison Hawthorne So Kathy Irvin thank you Thanks Jason brother So you know that's what I think I think I think they're in that world you know Where these Elites they that you know That just the regular stuff done you Know it's like you know when you're Broke and you get money you know you Come into money man you go have a stake And you're like yeah this is this is Nice you know but when you've had steak That steak is steak is what you eat on Tuesday you know what I mean and how do You how do you make things better it's Like you gotta up the ante To try to make yourself happy I think That a lot of people get into that A lot of Elites rich people so Nancy Then goes on to say yesterday morning a

Violent man broke into our family home I Don't know how violent he was y'all were Both in your underwear with a freaking Holding a hammer and who knows what was Going on with the hammer prior to that Demanded to confront me and brutally Attacked my husband Paul our children Our grandchildren I are heartbroken and Traumatized by the life-threatening Attack on our pop we are grateful for Quick response of law enforcement and Emergency services and for the Life-saving medical care he is receiving Nancy said that the dear colleagues led Her to she sent this dear colleague Letter to all members Of Congress So You know it's one of the things where Like they're really trying to push a Narrative coming into the midterms you Know Maga Trump January 6. the jail Nobody even cares about January 6 nobody Wants to hear about it like even left or Right no one cares in the polls they Would rather uh you know hear about Anything else or they don't care about No one cares about it but they think This is going to work this is going to Flip the midterms it's not it's not People are tired of paying a ton of Money for groceries they're tired of not Being on for gas People losing their jobs people people

Having blood clots You've got high school athletes dying of Blood clots I've seen a cheerleader die Today right a high school cheerleader Died blood clot you know track at least You know bodybuilders are dying Young NFL players are dying I mean all These athletes like it's something to do With People with a higher level of physical Fitness I'm not sure what it is but There's something there people that are Active are getting blood clots and dying Maybe because they're pushing their Bodies I don't know It's weird but anyway The celebrities and media are just Flipping out about Twitter they're They're going nuts they're trying to you Know they're jumping off the platform They're saying they're not gonna have Anything to do with it and it's crazy Because you know they're they're Attacking Elon you know look right now They're attacking Elon about 30 minutes Before I started this video I couldn't I Didn't I didn't get to pull the clip Um of the article but CNN is saying that But he is using a right wing conspiracy Theory to attack the Pelosi's you know So I mean they're just going bananas and And it's not that they that you know They don't want free speech anything That's free speech to them

Or what they call free speech Is hate speech free speeches hate speech To them anything that goes against their Narratives their proposed narratives is Hate speech right that's that's the way They're they're doing these things Serious things buddy Um But you know in this and it's Mind-boggling I actually have saw quite A few people though saying they're Flipping the Republican they're tired of The the hypocrisy like people are waking Up they're seeing that this is straight Hypocrisy thanks to him They're saying it's hypocrisy you know What I mean like like it's just it's Just it's just that makes sense people Are getting tired of the nonsense They push the envelope too far the past Two years they pushed him below too far And people just they're not having it They're going to want to have these These uh these gender uh you know gender Confusion to kids uh pushing the juice On people all these sort of things People's lost their businesses you know What I mean Um people getting businesses burnt down Looted cops getting beat up you know it Just just the lies people are tired of It Anyhow um we're gonna see here we got Just a few more weeks so I can't I can't

Wait I can't wait to see what's going to Happen tomorrow on Twitter because Possibly maybe Trump's going to be back He's gonna be back orange again you know We'll see uh I saw him bring Kanye West Back Kanye West has been getting a ton Of heat you know I saw him like somebody Had was talking to him like they were Filming the iPhone so I don't think There's a report I think it's maybe just Like a random Paparazzi guy and the dude Don't sound like he's in a good place I Mean he really doesn't like he uh Like they're coming after him hard and The thing is is that when you come up For someone that hard it's because They're spitting truth right it's just Like uh Andrew Tate again you know he's He's Elon Musk is going to bring him Back to Twitter as well but he was just Saying two days ago that that he's Gotten messages from these Elites that They're going to kill him you know I Mean it's getting serious guys when you See You see the temperament in these dudes Voices you know and the way they're Going after Elon because Elon isn't a Conservative you know what I mean he's Not a conservative you know you wouldn't Say he He just believes in free speech right Who who can You know who can disagree with that this

Is America it's supposed to be right We'll see Anyway guys uh do me a favor go join our Tribe we want to see you there it's Growing big time we've got meetups going On all across the country And uh it's a great place to meet Like-minded people uh surround yourself With those that are like you get to know People uh especially you know we we have Group groups in every state we have a Broke down by the state Um the link below that says join the Tribe that's how you join this I've Sealed this down getting emails how do I Join the trial life That's the litmus test like if you can't Read join the tribe and click the link Include links like one of the levels and Then you'll get a code in the community Tab on the page so you will not see it Until you become a member but we want to See you there we got great people there Great people moderators are phenomenal Too great upstanding people and we keep It clean over there Um keep the drama out things like that Yeah it's less than a it's less than a Cup of coffee there's Buffet Barbie There one of the tribe members three Dollars a month to join and we have Different levels Um the highest level you get a free Um instructional video

Um One of one of the ones that a few years Ago professional one hour and a half Instructional video so you get that Immediately as well Well we would like to see you there Um just because you never know what's Going to happen we never know right you Don't want to wait you don't want to be Getting in the car accident like Wrecking your car trying to clip your Seat belt or run into the store to go Buy your fire extinguisher and your House is on fire right it's better to go Ahead and do all that Network develop Those relationships we have a lot of People in there that are very Knowledgeable about things and they um Share knowledge transfer and those sort Of things so join us there guys we want To see their Tri members sound off in The comments let everybody know Um how much you love it they love it It's a great place to be and we always Do a chat over there after Late Night Live so go you can go join go hit us up On the chat and we can talk to you there Talk to the rest of the trial we always Do that after every Late Night Live Anyhow guys remember to stay frosty Strapped dangerous Take care

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