They Want us to Forget What They’ve DONE!

By | November 1, 2022



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Foreign [Music] What's going on guys Thanks for tuning in Late Night Live and Uh today We're going to be talking about a Article That uh popped I'm sure many of you Probably seen it but before we get into That I want to ask you have you ever Noticed How Christianity is the only religion That's ever openly mocked and people Find comical like if if you said the Sort of things that said about Christianity about Islam or any other Religion for that matter the woke mob Would go absolute berserk however Christianity is open to you know Sarah Do whatever you want to about and uh The actress Megan Fox actually posted These images for for Halloween She uh is with a guy named Machine Gun Kelly he's a terrible musician and Anyway they thought it would be cute to You know disrespect Christianity Christianity Um but you see here says something to The effect of uh on Sundays we take Communion So that was one of the posts and then uh You know the Machine Gun Kelly he's he's Dressed up in like a robe with Uh crosses on and stuff and she's

Dressed in a [ __ ] outfit anyway here's A little video that they had on there He's got wine And uh you know she's like I said take Taken A little like a cracker or something Like trying to mock communion just Terrible man you know the conscious Attacks on Christianity should be Indicator for you you know what I mean Know the religion is Tech like this and The the threat you know To the eve it's like a threat Christianity is a threat to the evil out There like there's a lot of evil in the World man especially today and it's Becoming more and more constant and Christianity is threat that's why They're attacking it you know and uh A lot of Christians are weak they won't Talk about it oh I'm not going to get a Religionist and that you know well you Can be weak if you want to you know I'll Talk about whatever I want to talk about And religion would definitely be one of Them Um if because I'm not gonna kneel before No man I don't care I don't care about Uh gaining uh popularity amongst men Just that don't care you know I'm not Trying to get your validation so anyway Hopefully a lot of the Christians uh Become like that too so Um anyway

We're talking about this article that Actually was posted up today let's Declare a pandemic amnesty we need to Forgive one another for what we did and Said We were in the when we were in the uh Dark about covet well First off the fact of the matter not a Lot of us were in the dark about it a Lot of us were saying these things but We would do the platform Shadow band and All these you know other nonsense Because you don't want to hear the truth Right you want to cover up because a Political bias partisan uh you know Pushing uh left-wing ideology but uh we Won't ever forget Um you know Like this kid right here out there Paddle board remember this Pat Uh paddle Board uh by himself out in the middle Ocean gets arrested right Because of these Draconian lockdowns Remember this mom who's at a high school Game football game without a mask on she Got tackled and arrested right for not Wearing a mask outside Um just you know amongst other things You know Uh remember these type of Articles call Them mocking anti-vaxxers kova desk is Ghoulish yes but must be necessary or Maybe necessary so it it was it's cool To poke fun even Jimmy Kimmel used to uh

Poke fun and saying you know uh he hopes That you know conservatives die that Were anti-baxters and things like that Um but people like I said we're getting The platform for speaking the truth that You know covert was made and made in a Lab right we would say that we'd get Shadow banned well now Vanity Fair I Actually posted about it breaking a new Senate report concludes that Source Kobe 2 the virus that calls covid-19 likely Resulted from a research-related Incident the report includes evidence of Alarming biosecurity issues at the Wuhan Institute of virology dude we were Saying that in 2020. we were saying that Two years ago You know and Amongst all these other things you know I mean I mean we got this stuff going on Now you know you know oh it's not it's Climate change you know that's the next Thing on the agenda but all this all This stuff you know people getting the Platform and all these other things We'll go into some other stuff but you Know because she we were speaking the Truth we knew we knew all this stuff was Nonsense right Anyone uh read the article a little bit So you can I kind of hear what this uh Girl was saying she's a economist at uh Brown University that tells you anything In April 2020 with nothing else to do my

Family took an enormous number of hikes We all wore cloth masks that I had made Myself we had family hand signal Which the person in the front would use If someone was approaching on the trail Like they were out there a fire team you Know And uh if we need to put a mask Once when another child got too close to My four-year-old son at a bridge he Yelled at her social distancing even had The kids tweaking right this this this Is how these leftists are even had your Kids tweaking Um outside on a hike I remember I was up In the mountains I posted this on Instagram if you'd follow me I was Literally in a cabin in the in the Mountains And this old lady was running a mask on In in the mountains like by herself like No one was around and she's out there Running with a uh the the paper mask Um Anyhow so continue with the article The precautions were totally misguided In April 2020 no one got the coronavirus From passing someone else hiking outdoor Transmission was Vanishing rare or cloth Mask made out of old bandanas wouldn't Have done anything anyway but the thing Was we didn't know yeah we did we did You call us crazy you caused conspiracy Theorists we knew we told you you had

This D platform you were you were uh you Know flagging our content right Reporting it and the YouTube and and Instagram Facebook overlords would Deplatform a shadow banners give us a Strike we did know You idiots did you're always the last Person to find out because you're too Busy listen to CNN telling me what You're supposed to believe Um any other article continues I've been Reflecting on this lack of knowledge Thanks to a class I'm teaching at Brown University on covid we've spent several Lectures relief uh relieving the first Year of the pandemics discussing many Important choices we had to make under Conditions of tremendous uncertainty it Was only uncertain To you to you guys that were just paying Attention to what the the uh politicians That wanted to lock you down that wanted To make billions of dollars in uh stocks You know for pushing the juice Um anyhow She goes on to say some of these choices Turn out better than others to take an Example close to my own work there's an Emerging if not Universal consensus that Schools in the U.S were closed for far Too long The health risk of in-school spread were Relatively low whereas the calls to Students well-being and educational

Progress were high the latest figures on Learning laws are alarming but in the Spring of Summer 2020 we all had Clippers of the information no again we Were telling you we were telling you These things look at this kid right here This was three months ago this video Right here I'm going to show you that Three months ago so not in 2020 three Months ago [Music] Um Here she comes pulling him out of class Again [Music] [Music] Police officer police officer remove a Four-year-old from campus But the school district has decided on Independently because From what I understand is that numbers In within their school district has Increased yeah so that's they're based In that decision and and you know I Can't say like What they're doing is wrong and I can't Say what you're doing is wrong and and Honestly like both sides have valid Points yeah for me I just got to make Sure the rest of the as a campus as a Whole everyone's safe and that kids get Their education and yeah you know you Know that's and and you seem like a good Dude and seen a good father and so I I

Just I just hope like by next week they Lift this and then it's it's all Resolved So a lot of these you know police Officers went along with these uh just Heinous uh enforcement you know like This this was three months ago this Toddler getting kicked out for not Wearing a mask right here here's another Uh shot from a kid I might have to hit The volume down real quick because he's Screaming but this is from a kid Um uh I think a year ago in daycare Trying to put a mask on them Keep it on Put your mask on There you go keep it right there yay Yay We're gonna keep it right here [Music] Put your mask back on [Music] On your face [Music] [Music] Anyhow that's I mean the video continues On but I'll spare you Um But yeah man I mean we uh Masking up children with pieces of cloth That ineffective you know so it was all About who they could get to comply you Know who who would submit Um anyhow she goes on in this article

Another example she says is when the Vaccines came out we lacked definitive Data on relative Efficacies on the Johnson Johnson shot Versus the MRNA options from Pfizer and Moderna the m1r MRNA vaccines were one Out but at the time many people in the Public health were either neutral or Expressed a Johnson Johnson preference The midst that wasn't nefarious it was The result of uncertainty well you know Then you got Pfizer coming out what two Weeks ago saying they didn't test on uh Transmissions or any of these other Things so how how effective really was It I mean I don't even know what the Purpose of it is like why would you take It Um anyway it doesn't stop you from Getting it it doesn't stop you from Transmitting it what's the purpose of it Right Um But she goes on throws it throws some Shade at uh You know Donald Trump and stuff and they Have gone she says obviously some people Intended to misleader made while they Are responsible claims remember when the Public Health Community had to spend a Lot of time in resources urging people Not to inject themselves with bleach That was bad Minister information was And remains a huge problem but most

Errors were made by people who were Working in the earnest the good of Society listen you're probably better Better off with injecting yourself with Bleach to be honest with you you know I'm saying I mean let's just be honest You're not gonna get the blood clots Um but you know anyway Throwing Shade Um you know but they'll single that out Won't single out any of the of the other Things you know oh yeah we kept schools Out but she's she's barely grazing over All the mistakes that were made you know She goes on to say the people who got it Right for whatever reason may want to Gloat those who got it wrong for Whatever reason now we want more than Gloating uh I tell you I want prison Time is what I want you know in the in During the Nuremberg trials you kept on Hearing people say I was just following Orders that doesn't cut it that doesn't Cut it Anyway so she goes on to say um those Who got it wrong for whatever reason may Feel defensive and retrenching to Position that doesn't Accord with the Facts all of this gloating and Defensiveness continues to gobble up a Lot of social energy and drive the Culture wars especially on the internet These discussions Are heated unpleasant and ultimately Unproductive in fact you know in the

Face of so much uncertainty getting Someone Something right had a hefty element of Luck and similarly getting it something Wrong wasn't a moral failing Treating pandemic choices as a scorecard On which some people write up more Points is preventing from moving forward She says we have to put these fights Aside and declare a pandemic amnesty When we can leave out the willful Purveyors and actual misinformation law For giving the hard calls that people Had no choice but to make and uh within Perfect knowledge Los Angeles County Closes beaches in the summer of 2020. This makes no more sense than family's Mask on hiking trips but we need to Learn from our mistakes and then let Them go we need to forgive the attacks Too because I thought schools should Reopen and argue that kids as a group Were not at high risk I was called a Teacher killer and uh genocide air It wasn't pleasant but feelings were High and I certainly don't need to just Dissect and rehash that time for the Rest of my days you know kids were Actually committing suicide for being Stuck in their house right I mean and That's the scratching the surface of Amongst a lot of other things that Happen Um for for these uh you know lockdowns

And just just terrible things that took Place Um I would say this is you know the the Coveted 19 or reaction from the United States was probably one of the worst Things that probably has happened in Modern history Um as far as reduction of freedom I mean You still haven't got it back you know Freedom of speech is gone Um you know forcing people to do certain Things and Just I mean you name it Um kids are dying high school athletes Are dying every every day almost you Know I actually saw remember yesterday I Said a cheerleader there was a another High schooler uh what would they play Soccer I'm pretty sure soccer died today like Every day A kid is not a high school athletes Dying From blood clots Um anyway She goes on to say moving on is crucial Now because the pandemic created many Problems that we still need to solve Students test scores have shown historic Declines more in math and in reading and More for students who disadvantage at The start we need to collect that Experiment invest high dosage of Tutoring more or less cost effective

Extended school years blah blah blah the The thing is there was also student Athletes that could not play and and did Not get that potentially could have got Scholarship scholarships I've heard this From multiple people they could have got College scholarships based off their Athletic abilities however because they Did not play during their senior year Didn't get the college scholarship you Know I mean this this whole thing ruin People's lives Um Goes on she goes on to say many people Have neglected their health care over The past several years notably routine Vaccination rates for children measles Um and other things are way down of Course we don't want to take them My newest baby no vaccines at all and we Won't have them right won't have them Right I'll never have any anything put In my body again either like not Happening right Um I don't trust doctors now you made me Not trust you and you pushing Unscientific stuff I'm not going to Believe anything you say right that's How that's how the world works whenever You tell me a lie now I question every Single thing you say and if you're too Dumb to go researched I'm going to Question everything you say too you're Not going to trust you I'm not going to

Trust your cognitive abilities you're Not looking out for my best interest Anyway Um they said rather than debating the Role that messaging about covert Vaccines had in this decline Um but They're basically she's basically saying That because of the Kobe vaccine people Are not vaccinating their children yeah Of course of course She goes on to say those who for uh Forget history are noon to repeat it but Drawing on mistakes of History can lead To repetitive Doom loop as well let's Acknowledge that we make complicated Choices in the face of deep uncertainty And then try to work together to help Build back better no I don't want Anything building back better Um Seriously I do believe that this social Decay that has happened from this Um is disastrous effects and this is Coming from Democrats by Administration And uh all left-wing politicians that Brawl that that brought on society This is damaged April It has to be answered for we didn't know Is not and it said we'll answer or I was Following orders whose are not Acceptable answers like there needs to Be punishment for this stuff Um

Children should have been in schools we Knew children were not a serious risk Um from the virus from day one if if Grocery store workers can work then then Uh teachers should be able to teach Classes right Grocery stores didn't shut down right Um Amazon wasn't shutting down Walmart Wasn't shutting down All the small mom and pop business Better shut it down though right Um I have my own theory that a lot of This was to shut down small business Because the biggest threat these Corporations right they're all working In cahoots Amazon Walmart and all these Other online retailers made More money than they made historically Um By 2021 we did know for certainty that Children belong in school however a lot Of them were kept in school Are kept out of school going online Learning we had people restrictions with Masks you know half school days these Sort of things But it was okay for you know the Democratic politicians to to impose the Virtual learning Well into the spring Um People were prevented from seeing their Elderly parents grandparents Democrats for vacationing abroad

Partying Um you know they they uh didn't they Didn't have to respect the the Restrictions that they placed on their Cities Um their states You couldn't have a funeral right Couldn't hold a funeral the Democrats Had a big one if you remember Obama was There gave a speech at it Um but that was okay you peasants don't Get to have funerals Um they weren't wearing a mask at that Funeral too if you recall Um You can Um you know take that pandemic amnesty And shove it somewhere right You're not going to give everybody back The two years they lost right or some Lives that were lost Um lost time with their loved ones that They may have been the last few months Of their life the permanent learning and Social damage is done to our children Um For unscientific lockdowns that Destroyed the economy Um Some people also life savings By putting uh you know all their money In their small business that they Invested in Had to shut it down because they

Couldn't make money people lost their Jobs Um people were getting arrested for not Wearing a mask at McDonald's Wearing masks and drive-throughs not Getting served Um military members are forced out Right People couldn't go to church they're Arresting pastors right we're not going To forget this we're not going to Forgive you we no no you need to be put In prison Voted out put in prison all these all These clowns Then you got articles like this covid-19 Pandemic research and magnified Discrimination against most marginalized Groups and then they try to use Everything in the whole world all these Wokies Want to use all this marginalized groups Including LGBT people sex workers what Sex workers marginalized groups what People who use drugs what Those experiencing homelessness were Disproportionately impacted by cover 19. I would say that the the drug addicts And sex workers probably had a Disproportionate life just because of Their freaking lifestyle decision right I'm not to blame for that Anyhow this is the ladies article right Here let's declare a pandemic amnesty

Emily Um auster but I should call Brown University tomorrow let them know what They think about her I think she's Um She's in cahoots they probably told her To write this article you know oh let's Start breaking the ice we we messed up We don't want to have certain time after This Red Wave hits in a few weeks and They're you know gonna have something Like the Nuremberg trials right now we Want to see Nuremberg 2.0 that's what we Want to see Anyhow guys that is it and uh man I tell You like I'll never forget like a lot of People are forgetful about these things Like every time I bring up something That I've talked about in a video and People like yeah man I'm watching Netflix dude it's fine no no I'm wearing My car heart no dude no weren't drinking Coke no no nobody don't forget Letting these things slide is half the Problem there's so many of these quote Unquote Patriots that just let it slide They're vocal about on Facebook for you Know two days and then it's it's over With all my life You know that's how these folks are Never forget you've got to write it down Write it write down everything and Remember it right They can't get away with it we'll never

Forget you know guys let me know your Thoughts in the comments what I leave Out What what what impacts destruction of Our society that's happened over the Past two years why are we not If we knew if now the Senate's saying That the new it came out of Wuhan why Are we not absolutely freaking Destroying China like should we just Just drop drop some some bombs on them That's what I would do like no no sir You're getting you're getting hit Declare war right but they were Defending China remember that but My race is not a virus Yeah you remember that you remember the Signs I do anyway They probably engineered it based off The DNA they've gotten from all these uh DNA ancestry Um things online to be honest with you That's probably like a DNA targeting Americans based on DNA right I'd imagine that that's why I don't Affect some people that bad Probably because you've got a lot of Maybe foreign DNA in you maybe that's What it is anyhow guys thanks for tuning In let me know your comments below let Me know your thoughts go check out the Article if you if you it's in the Atlantic Um give give um the lady to Emily Oliver

A call at Brown I don't know what you Think she's an idiot anyhow guys as Always remember to stay frosty strutting And dangerous take care

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