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By | November 9, 2022



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Foreign What's going on guys black Scout Survival thanks for tuning in Um so election day hopefully you guys Went and voted and uh but you know There's already been a lot of Irregularities at a lot of different Places we're going to talk about some of Those show some video footage from some Of some of those it's it's surprising to Me That you know a lot of people most of us Expected this after we've seen what Happened last time Um but we have you know CNN John King Saying stay off social media If you're trying to figure out Their uh you know really issues with Voting trust your local officials and Trust us here keeping an eye on that one That's good but you see that's our first Votes and that's the Wonder of democracy Whether you're a Democrat or Republican And I wanted to point that out to be a Little bit of the crank in the room Following Brianna there stay off social Media people if you're trying to figure Out if you're trying to figure out are There really issues with votings trust Your local officials trust us here trust A news source that you know and trust to Be honest about this they're doing their Jobs and they're doing it right so what Was Brianna just talking about she was

Talking about Cobb County Georgia that Is right up here just outside of Atlanta It matters right it's seven percent So he's saying to uh Trust and trust your local officials Yeah yeah because they're they're CNN's Always tell us the truth right yeah we Trust you guys so some voters in Maricopa County Arizona are expressing Their frustration anger after multiple Tabulation machines at polling centers Around the country are sorry County are Not working Um we got some videos obtained here that Shows election officials Informing voters about the issues According to the Maricopa County Recorder's office at least 20 percent of Their polling sites are experiencing Issues with tabulation machines as Thousands of people are showing up to Vote the recorders office did not Disclosed a number of locations having Issues saying they have technicians have Been called out to fix multiple Um tabulators right The overseer of Maricopa County said We've had a few tabular issues at a Couple locations where tabulators Aren't immediately taking the ballot he Said voters Who cannot have their ballot read Through the tablet or can do the Following leave your ballot in the lock

Box Yeah and have it hand counted later that Night yeah yeah we know we know how that Goes go to another location to vote Just make it very difficult for you to Go vote you know um wait until the Tablet machines are fixed spend all day There waiting and then you still have to Let it get hand counted right Um so anyway here's uh Them discussing it right here check in And be available to vote and things are Going great out there but there's one Thing that we wanted to address to make People aware of today and that has to do With our tabulators we've got about 20 Percent of the locations out there where There's an issue with the tabulator Where some of the ballots that after People have voted them they try and run Them through the tabulator and they're Not going through but the good thing is Is we do first of all we're trying to Fix this problem as quickly as possible And we also have a redundancy in place If you can't put the ballot in the Tabulator then you can simply place it Here in where you see the number three And this is a secure box where those Ballots will be kept for later this Evening where we'll bring them in here To Central count to tabulate them so This would function much like early Voting functions in that we would get

Your ballot back once we've signed Future verified it we would send it to Our Central tabulators ballots that are In here will already be in effect Signature verified so we won't need to Confirm identity but we will Central Tabulate them this is actually what the Majority of Arizona counties do on Election Day all the time And just one thing to keep in mind we Have 223 vote centers across the county So So they won't need to be signature Verified Roger that you know so this county is Actually considered to be one of the Major decision makers in the uh 2020 Arizona uh 2022 governor's race in Arizona Arizona we have Carrie Lake and Katie Hobbs uh Carey Lake being the Republican and uh she's actually Expressed some concerns are going to be I don't know what the commas are going To be but I know that people are feeling Disenfranchised today I saw a woman walk Away from Lion a line today Guys I'm asking you in the media do you Think this is normal You're young you didn't vote back in the Day when I started voting where you Walked up cast your ballot you they Counted it right there in the small Precinct and you knew the results the Night of the election we can't keep

Having elections run this way We're going to have Hillary Clinton Losing her mind with when she's another Election denier she's already predicting Bad elections in 2024. we've got to get This fixed I want my children who voted For the first time today I want them to have a country and we Need to have honest elections in Transparent elections now I hope that we Get all these problems solved Did you already ask the questions So obviously she's seeing it you know And and this is a big uh state right um She's actually losing right now 43 Percent to Katie Hobbs having 56 percent I have as of right now Um you know the NFL has made a big stink About if she gets uh elected Um you know they're going to have Problems holding um events there and so Offset is a lot of money millions and Millions and millions of dollars and uh You know it's just it's just fishy it Happens there like this is election day Like y'all couldn't come up with I mean How serious this is y'all couldn't have This figured out Before today right you didn't test these Things out you didn't you know it's just It's just it's just weird it's odd Um but I got some footage from Maricopa A few different um Clips I'll pop in Here as well you put it in there yeah

And to night a Republican and a Democrat Will sit and go through all of the Misread ballots all over the county and Count them and it will get counted okay Okay and both machines were not working Yeah no nothing to work in the last half Hour or nothing thank you Blue Ridge Patriot thanks buddy Appreciate you So yeah she's saying this not working For the last half hour Um you know it's just odd uh John DC Thanks buddy yeah man how how is veteran Winning the dude can barely uh speak Um appreciate you guys man it's crazy Um let me see the other One of the tabulators is not working Okay the other tabulator is taking about 75 successful so 25 of them are being Misread and it couldn't be a printer Issue Um or it could be the tabulator itself So when it's misread you have an option To put it into what's called box three And it gets red whether it goes downtown Gets threaded annually or whether it Gets reset into our cabinets Yeah I mean it's just it's just wild Like this is election day in one of the Most uh important gubernational uh Elections guys it's it's nuts Um how come you know this stuff didn't Happen like it has happened since 20 you Know 2020 and 2023 we're having these

Kind of things happening we can continue Voting our problem is our tabulators Here up front are not working properly So it's misreading balance but we have a Compartment for all misread ballots and They will be taken to the county to be Read instead of our calculators that are Not reading them here so we can continue Voting but those ballots can lead this Room Every single one Put your votes in a bag and we'll carry Down to the county I mean come dude it's 20 22. I mean it it's it's not funny but it is Blue Ridge thanks buddy Uh got another one here who is uh here We go Kenneth Dunlop he's saying that Thanks buddy he's saying that no ID Needed in California he even offered it Supposed to be on file but he was in a Hat sunglasses and a hoodie up dude It's happening everywhere literally it's Happening everywhere but uh I got one more this this guy right here He he actually is a a voter with the North Scottsdale United Methodist Church on uh Tuesday November the 8th election day And it's 10 33. uh I've tried to vote And neither machine in there neither Ballot machine will accept ballots There's numerous people in line and Every time it's either rejected or

Misread and they said there's a Dropbox We can put it in they said it will be Counted Yeah I I I'm just lost for words like You would not have these ready the other Thing is is that uh Maricopa County has A rate Of people casting ballots four to one Over Democrats so four Republicans the One Democrat now a lot of these folks Who see are are early uh votes so what You're seeing today that's why she's She's kind of behind because all these Votes have got to be counted by hand out Of the county in bags and and boxes Um four to one is what they're saying so Why is she losing right now Minnie trout I just saw your comment While you're sitting sitting here Watching that video who said fetterman Makes Biden seem articulate absolutely That's that was that was good good job Someone also mentioned project Veritas Yes they have some great video uh go Check those out I actually was watching Them uh recently very good So uh Let me see He here saying Late Night Live killing It thanks buddy the bottle is actually Stainless on the living room but our Country has been compromised by extreme Yeah man thanks buddy Sorry uh oh my Poopy says the ballasts

Themselves were printed poorly yeah The uh Aubry summer hay says the this Ish store make you smile I went to vote today admissible with my Daughter and they had kids voting here Where kids could vote that's that's cool That's cool So they like to pretend to vote or Something is that what you're getting There so uh here's uh Trump actually Talking about don't leave your line stay Where you are they say that the machines Aren't working they say that they're Running out of paper in different Locations throughout different states There's a lot of bad things going on Stay online do not leave I know you Don't want to be there as long as They're going to try and force you they Want to delay you out of voting and you Cannot let them delay you out of voting So to the people of Arizona in Particular because that's the one that's Come up right now stay online don't Leave already a lot of people have left And it's very very unfair what's going On Maricopa County don't leave stay there Yeah so yeah he's talking actually he Mentions uh Buffet Barbies talking about Join the tribe yeah guys definitely do That we'll talk about that soon too but He's talking about something I'll talk About in just a second about uh

Pennsylvania but you know there must be Accountability for these election Officials man like if the Red Wave does Happen like it looks like it's going to Happen they've got to fix this election Integrity man uh you know the machine Problems in Maricopa are a perfect Example why a lot of Americans don't Trust elections right how can you we're We're 2022 and this is election very Important elections are I mean is this The You know the foundation of our Our system you know and uh If if the if the Integrity you know Election Integrity laws don't matter Then elections don't matter right it Doesn't matter who you vote for it Matters who counts the votes And that's a huge problem thanks Kenneth But yeah So what what uh Trump was uh talking about is that Actually the judge extends hours after Pennsylvania County Runs out of paper Like come on dude like I'm not buying it I'm just not buying it paper ballot Shortage a lot of Voters were turned Away And then extending hours up at 10 pm so You have people trying to go vote get Ran off you know they're just like well Screw it I'm not gonna vote then you

Know that's that's that's the game play You know Um we'll kind of talk about some other Things too The races real quick so We have right here this is the Senate Result sorry I can't see because my Little Tabby's in the way let me move it Out here so I can see it see a Senate Results here The Gap is leading Republican is leading At the moment Um this is just a few moments I mean it May have changed since I've started the Late Night Live but this was at I I was A few minutes late because I was trying To pull it right at that moment Um and then uh with the governor 22-13 Um you know we have uh some some close Race is going on in some locations Luckily Georgia beat out Stacy Abrams Brian Kemp did she spent 155 million Dollars in her campaign that basically Threw in the garbage can And also uh Governor Abbott beat beta O'Rourke beta Roark spent 70 something Million dollars in a donor money and and Threw it in the garbage can right So yeah that's That's those right there Um House Cleaning up that clean up the house Red Wave boom right

And then um This is a big one for me man I want to See I want to see Warnock get knocked Down War not just sounds like an evil Like like an evil evil super villain or Something doesn't it But it's a close race it probably will Go on a runoff Here's Herschel Walker here Herschel Walker like a lot of people Don't know this dude is like a Supernatural human right he he he's not Like the rest of us like he is like Literally Supernatural human this is him In his 50s Fighting In the uh UFC or MMA I'm not sure if It's UFC sanction but I think it may be One of the Lord maybe it is UFC I can't Recall But this dude never left the weight Either he does only body weight workouts Which is tremendous he ran track he Played football obviously Um you know phenomenal football player Just all around athlete can do Everything I hope he Boots or knock I hope that happens Um You know what this crap is going to lead To two right yeah It's possible it's possible Kathy Urban Is deliberate yeah yeah

No Doubt Yeah warlock that's Warnock equals Warlock yeah good one man Martin Neely A good one buddy anyway Yeah like I said the governor Abbott Beat out beta work that was that was oh Man that was beautiful That's beautiful to see that Um Sarah Huckabee Also Uh Got Governor she was the former uh Trump Uh Trump press secretary Um very good friends with uh Hogan Gidley who we had on the channel a while Back who was also Um worked as a press secretary as well Tim Scott from my State won great Henry Master One Good Guy they've got some Some like uh Somebody like Matthew McConaughey they Try to pretend the country boy thing That was a communist uh to try to run up Against McMaster no not not we're not Playing it we're not falling for it DeSantis one the santis one I got this actual uh part of his victory Speech too I wanted to play for y'all Real quick It's freedom We have protected the rights of parents We have respected our taxpayers and we Reject woke ideology We fight the woke in the legislature we

Fight the woke and the schools we fight The woke and the corporations we will Never ever surrender to the woke mob Florida is where woke goes to die Dude I love that Florida's World goes to Die we won't surrender that's right Mark Fellows is in the house thank you sir Um so yeah uh Anna Luna from Florida Also flipped uh she's a republican she She knocked out the Democrat good Um Marco Rubio Knocked out Democrat as well Um Rand Paul wins Kentucky Massachusetts Unfortunately flipped to a Democrat Governor sorry guys uh Marjorie green uh Got reelected Um Yeah Brian Kemp I think I got it here Get out Stacy Abrams Um yeah there's Rubio there But you know fetterman's beating ours Not that I really like ours I think he's A You know he's he's an actor you know but But man like I mean I would obviously Vote for him over fetterman like like Dude like dude is I don't get it I Really don't I mean he sees an Embarrassment I showed Clips uh from Another day Um Oh yeah Tim here Tim said uh he ran his Wife over didn't he warn I I'm pretty

Sure that is accurate I'm pretty sure that is accurate buddy Dang Mark fellas thanks buddy thanks man Keeping us alive over here keeping the Lights on it uh the black Scout HQ buddy Thank you Um But you know Americans men are you know Turning oh yeah yeah before I forget the Santa's actually banned uh or blocked A.G Garland's election monitors Remaining entering Napoleon polling Locations he said he wasn't going to Have any of that nonsense from the the Uh Department of Justice down there so I Thought that was uh pretty cool He probably he probably Him doing that probably saved a seat to Be honest with you Um But you know Americans guys are really Just turning on these radical Democrats There was a lot of people that are like Moderate Democrats and they're just you Know they're not down for cutting off Children shouldn't tell you they're not Down for the socialism they're not down For communism localism whatever it is They're not just not down for you know The thing is I'm We will see Um you know history shows that Republicans Do a lot of talking not a lot of doing

Hopefully hopefully what we see is is That the past you know two three years That people have had enough and they'll Actually do some fighting in there now Some most of the Rhinos has already been In there that uh you know you can't get Rid of Um they'll be they'll they'll keep Talking not doing but hopefully a lot of This fresh blood or people that get into These positions will will go handle Business because like I said Americans Are just not having it a lot of people That were moderate Democrats are like Whoa You know vote vote uh vote red Even Elon Musk said you know vote Republican Joe Rogan said about Republican I mean a lot of influential People who have known to be Independents Or leftists are now saying of a Republican because it is it is the Country has gone like they took it into Warp speed uh to just just you know Marxist woke ideology you know Savage 4-2 thank you buddy says Hopefully those who don't just sit there And doing nothing yep Yeah man I hope so I hope so But we will see man Um A lot of these guys get in these in These positions and they just Use their power like they get in there

They just want to make themselves Rich Ultimately you know uh that's how that's How a lot of times it is and that's a Lot of times what we see these rhinos You know like Nick Young here saying he Was a Centrist before the left turned Him away I mean that that's what happens Guys Turn you away Um so we'll see uh you know how it is It's gonna be a close race with Herschel Walker we're going to see about Carrie Like hopefully the lead is just the Melon ballast like I said and obviously Gonna be hand counting ballots all night You know they're they're Biden's been Saying oh it's going to take days or Weeks to figure out who wins in certain Places there there are they're already Pumping this junk up like I'm not an Idiot you know Um Arizona's not looking good at the Moment but uh if you go back and watch Somebody's just asked this that's what I'm responding to them go back and watch The video guys and you'll see all the The problems especially in Maricopa County which is a huge County for Arizona okay Yeah we won't get a lot of these counts Tonight and that's just how it is you Know maybe we won't have no two two a.m Jumps you know Let's see let me see this

Solid Rock Jesus crisis I really hope People see what's going on they're not Going to come right out and say it but The people are under attack in this Country absolutely absolutely All right guys well Let's keep a lookout obviously um if we Get more I'm sure there's gonna be like Lots of more election video coming out Blue Ridge Pacer things uh that we'll See maybe some irregularities Inconsistencies in certain areas if we Do uh we'll touch back maybe tomorrow Night or the following night Um I'll get those um go check out Project Veritas so they have a lot of Good video on there and there especially Talking about in the Pennsylvania I Think areas what they were talking about So Anyhow Hopefully went and voted today look a Lot of times you know a lot of people Don't want to vote because they think oh My vote's not going to count that's what They want your thing that's part of the Psychological operation to make you not Even go because if you don't even go go To the fight You you're you've already lost right so Also like uh Our Tri member of saying go join our Tribe Um

Hilton holsters looks like the expert Shooter Tim Ryan could hit the bullseye Yeah Um go join our tribe guys it's a great Place to meet like-minded people we have Various State groups meetups all kind of Uh good things over there if you're not Part of a group you never know when the Country is going to go hot number one You never know when the next disaster is Going to happen it's better to go ahead And have a uh Network we have a network All across the country as well as Europe Right now so if you're in Europe we do Have a group for that too but we also Have just uh you know a place where you Can talk to like-minded people we share Information Intel all that sort of stuff On a daily basis also if you uh you can Do meetups we have a lot of meetups we Just had one in Oklahoma where a lot of Guys and girls met up and uh you know Had a big get together and stuff like That so anyhow go join the trial the Link is below Um and now we're in the somebody said The Illuminati wrote this is I wore this Today because my buddy if you want to go Buy chain Gucci bracelet link below is My friend but I wore the red today Because of voting Um and anyway go join the link below Join the tribe and go join our tribe and Uh we'll see you there guys we'll do

Always after party after after the fact And uh there's Kenneth Dunlap Sam please Join the tribe you'll see all the tri Members they love it always have a late Night live chat afterwards where we jump Over there and we do a chat so we'll see Over there go join up and we'll see you Over there guys anyhow remember to stay Frosty strapped and dangerous take care

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