This Could Be The END for THEM!

By | October 31, 2022

Foreign [Music] [Music] Now that is the coolest intro what's up Guys blastcast survival Late Night Live So uh real quick before we get into this A lot of people complain about like when They get a notification they get it late They get into the video and uh late do You guys like the countdown let me know In the comments section do you like the 30 second countdown to add if not we Won't do it anymore just let me know Heads up because I know it eats up time Too if you're like watching the playback You may not like it but just let me know Whatever it is anyhow guys um Late Night Live we'll be covering a few different Topics obviously you see though the Polarizing Click bait thumbnail But there's actually some truth to it Um I want to start off with a few other Things first Now why why they're doing this is Mind-boggling but anyway I'm going to Tell you Boston University creates a new Coveted strain that has an 80 kill rate Echoing dangerous experiment sphere to Have started the pandemic of course we Of course we know it did but why in the Freak are they out there making uh uh a New Cova stream that has an 80 kill rate I mean why

Why are we doing this like why even make Put this put this out there anyway And then uh I saw this and I saw it last week but I Just I think it just goes to show like Just China I mean I saw a video clip of Them locking The Chinese in Ikea and they're trying To like run out I was going to play that Video but I don't have the clip I Couldn't I couldn't get a good clip of It but cell phone footage like they're Trying to lock them in there and it's All about control and stuff like that And and you see that they're moving into The you know the superpower Arena uh Beating us out but this is the kind of Stuff they do over there like like what Is this sorcery here [Music] These are fake leaves That they're stapling Onto the streets [Music] I feel bad coming to your town soon Let's make it greener The green New Deal this also included Painting leaves Uh and grass And also sticking styrofoam fruit and And the trees colored fruit uh this is What they're doing they're setting a Joke Serious this is what's happening in

China coming to your town next right So let's talk about the big thing Hunter Biden a whistleblower documents actually Revealed that FBI hasn't in its Possession is voluminous evidence Related to Hunter Biden's potential Criminal business dealings I mean we knew this for three years I Did a video on it and I got a strike From YouTube because they were trying to Cover it up because the FBI went to the Social media platforms and said oh we Got to stop this it was actually the Week before the election and I got hit And they wrote Because I appealed it Obviously and they wrote down I was Doing terrorism And it's true and it's true this is what Pisses me off about Democrats because You had a bunch of these these these Punks in the comments oh you orange man Bad you know they're they're so Polarized by what CNN tells them they Can't think for themselves these sheeple These leftists can't think for Themselves they're only just whatever Bobbing on whatever CNN's putting in Front of their mouth right and so we Have It's true it comes out we knew this but Whistleblower documents reveal that President Biden was aware of Hunter Biden's business arrangements and may Have been involved and some of them of

Course he was the big guy Um Republican senator Chuck Grassley Said Monday suggesting that FBI has Voluminous amounts of evidence Related to the potential criminality of Those Ventures yes it's the Biden crime Family and and and all you you Chomps in The comments right orange man bad so we Know what team you're you're playing for Grassley said the FBI has a series of Documents in his possession related to Information on mycola Something I don't even care Um the owner of the Ukrainian natural Gas firm barisma Holdings Hunter Biden Sat on the board of that company and and Hunter Biden's a little crackhead what He can do for a company who who knows Right Anyway the documents in the FBI's Possession include specific details with Respect to conversations by Non-government individuals relevant to Potential criminal conduct by Hunter Biden and so I don't know if you know This or not but if you're doing dealings Outside with various in various Countries you have to let the U.S know About it and apparently he did not Follow the protocol also this so this is Part of it's not mentioned in this Article but this is also part of the Scandal like these things were done Without giving you know the the proper

Authorities whatever it is I mean the Government overreach whatever it is you Know you got to wear a seat belt and Drive and everything else you gotta you Got to tell them you fart or something But anyway regardless he still he still Didn't do it These documents also indicate that Joe Biden was aware of Hunter Biden's Business arrangements and may have been Involved in some of them he added it is Unclear whether an FBI followed normal Investigative procedures to determine The truth and accuracy of this Information or shut down investigative Activity based on improper Disinformation claims in advance of 2020 Election yeah it's true because they had To do everything in their power to get Rid of orange man because you know he Heard a lot of people's feelings And It comes down to this I was actually I Have a conversation earlier this morning Uh over coffee That I don't care you know look look do I think Trump's a saint savior not at All not all probably not even a good Human being but it is what it is he did Good for the country regardless whatever You want to believe or whatever CNN told You he did good for the country he put The country in a better place gas was Under two dollars so many other things

Happen but the biggest thing is you can Think whatever you want he's a terrible Human being but when everybody In politics even on the Republican side A lot of Republicans hated him the media Hated this guy social media everybody Don't you think it's a little fishy I Mean you would think he was out there Chopping the heads off of kittens for For the amount of hate he got He didn't he he wasn't doing anything And this actually started before he even Got in the seat and I should have told You out of the gate like this is your Man obviously he is tearing down Whatever Evil nasty things they have going on up There he's not playing by their program So they hate him and they've got to get Rid of them they do whatever it takes to Get rid of them I'm sure in five years We're going to hear about oh yeah the Voting machines yeah there were some Things there something unethical you got To hear about in five years and and all The all the Chomps that believed it that Oh no no it was all accurate they'll be Done forgot about it right just how like Now they're forgetting about oh man I'm Sorry they're not I'm going to talk About this towards the end of the video But but like oh yeah you got to stop From killing grandma and go get the Hokey Pokey right but but no no the

Pokey don't work for that now they're Saying that you're not getting apologies From them are you anyway Hunter Biden's ex-business partner total Tony bubalinski These people have some crazy names Real quick might wash Chicago received 46 000 no 46 million dollars in pandemic Relief uh funds to plant trees that's That's a great way to spend money thanks Mike Welcome new members anyway Hunter Biden's ex-business partner Tony Bobolinski From October 23 2020 In which this is something he said at This time in which bobolensky stated That Hunter and James Biden uh Joe's Brother created a business arrangement With foreign Nationals connected to the Chinese government while Joe Biden was President Laughs It's not a conspiracy theory are you are You morons that were arguing in comment Section like where are you at I hope You're still sub to the channel because I want you to hear this Like like you were arguing orange man Bad you know I mean just freaking morons Bobletski told the FBI that 10 of Hunter Binds interest was to be held for Joe Biden the big guy right boboliski told Fox News at that time that the hunter

Biden called his dad the big guy or my Chairman and frequently referenced Asking him for his sign off or advice or Approvals on various potential deals That were they were discussing so not Only Was he getting paid he was also making The decision so what a complete Completely incriminating and this is Evidence this is not this is not Something they're just accusing this is Actual evidence they have this is Documents they have That's incriminating him the the sitting Puppet in Chief right Cherry Kirk thanks thanks we will keep Doing it and thanks for uh being in the Tribe Cherry Um Sorry what am I saying it's hard sorry That whenever I'm reading it's like this Cherie I'm sorry thank you Cherie Bobleski told Fox News at the time that Also the FBI that the FBI has got Document Within the possession that notes that The former Vice President Joe Biden this During that time met with Hunter Biden And his business associates at a Conference in Los Angeles on May 2nd 2017 and May 3rd 2017 the conference was The Milliken 2017 Global conference Which in part was held at Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel

Sorry yeah I'm sorry no no Beverly Hilton Hotel according to the program Directory Joe Biden on May 3rd spoke at The conference and hosted a conversation With the 47th Uh no sorry bobalinski Saying that he had a conversation with The 47th president Vice President of the United States Joe Biden So in the note it says morning please Let me know If we will do early dinner with your Uncle and Dad And where Comma also for document translation do You want me wanting a simple Chinese or Traditional question mark boblinski Texted Hunter by so this was a text Message Hunter Biden on May 2nd 2017. And so this is something that FBI has in Hand Joe Biden meeting with the Chinese Communist Party Wanting this documents in Chinese or Traditional it goes on to say not sure On dinner yet but whatever the most Common for Chinese legal documents Hunter Biden replies In incriminating completely Incriminating guys I mean I I and and I Want to say a lot of people I see in the Comments are like well no they're just They're gonna let it go I don't know

About this time Um Tim Moore thanks buddy saying we Should have known that when he extorted The prosecutor in Ukraine for Investigating his son when the BP Holding absolutely Absolutely The other thing is is that uh Hunter Also attained 40 this actually came out Maybe an hour or two ago this just this Just came out about hours ago 100 by Detained 40 million dollars in real Estate deal with Russian billionaire Joe Biden while Joe Biden was vice president This just hit an hour ago so I didn't Get full details because I like to Research when I see it I like to Research a few different Outlets before I actually talk about it but that Actually just hit an hour ago so why I Think this could be critical now is Because they're turning on Joe Biden I'm going to show a CNN clip here and Kind of show you what I'm talking about Essentially saying this is Joe Biden Doing what Joe Biden does yeah well he He I I never imagined how quickly this Would all unfold the person they sold on The campaign the nice old you know Moderate Grandpa who just wanted to help Everybody get along this is CNN by the Way 5280 tactical thanks buddy Yeah so this is so CNN guys this is CNN

Torch and compromise is not what we got Over the last year he has no mandate Really to do much of anything it's Amazing that he got a couple of things Done when the Mandate was really uh Pretty clear 50 50 Senate a near 50 50 House and a pretty close presidential Election the Mandate was simply replaced Donald Trump and don't do anything Drastic or stupid and everything about This agenda is extremely drastic and He's been angrier than I think people Expected he's been more divisive he's Been more partisan you look at the Issues we built five years of coverage On Trump out of Russia covet and Democracy the president at his press Conference invites Russia to invade the Ukraine we got more deaths under Biden Than Trump and now we have the President And Vice President and leading Democrats Question the legitimacy the 2022 Election are we any better off you just Rode essentially So yeah they're turning on him that's What's happening because he's you know The only thing he had to do was come in And just just sit on the pine get they Want to Trump out the dude said it it's Not it's it's not even questionable What's going on they want to Trump out And just sit on the bench and just ride The pond for four years kind of like Obama did for eight years just sit on

The bench just let it go and it's funny That I mentioned Obama because he even Comes through and says that Well let me say this first so it's Obvious why they're now coming even Though most of Um Of us has talked about for three years While they're coming to get him is Because he's not doing what you know They wanted so after the past three Years of things we've talked about it we Knew we're true and you would be Suppressed if you said it you may even Be getting you know get the platform get Kicked off of Facebook uh Twitter uh Instagram any of these platforms YouTube You get kicked off by saying things that Are true but now because you're like Whoa whoa this dude's don't went too far Whoever's in control of him is going too Far even Obama and you know what's bad When Obama Is saying that you went too far the Socialist Obama is saying that It's bad for Democrats that even top Liberal leaders are getting worried About it former president Barack Obama Blasting woke Democrats in his party and Telling them to stop being a quote Buzzkill People just want to not feel as if They are Walking on eggshells we're going around

Scolding folks if they don't use exactly The right phrase or you know that that Identity politics becomes The principal uh lens through which we View Our our various political Uh challenges so Greg is the former President spot on oh absolutely but it's I mean he's a little late to the party Exactly I mean I we should be grateful That he finally showed up but if he had Gotten in early on that snow before Wokeism took over we would still have Roseanne Yeah so I mean even Obama's like Privilege of the game and he I mean he's He's everywhere saying this stuff he Says Obama warns Democrats are uh going Too far left you know I mean they're They're you know you you got they're Trying to uh Mutilate use you know what I mean for Giving giving them uh sex changes Hormone blockages he says we have to be Rooted in reality you know he's he goes On to say in this particular article Right here that even as we push envelope And we are Bolding our vision we also Have to be rooted in reality the average American doesn't think we have to Completely tear down the system and Remake it because let me tell you that's What they're doing it's all started with Uh you know the George Floyd rise since

That time Biden gets in and now it's like let's Destroy every piece of tradition of America our culture as a country let's Destroy it all it's all bad it's all Racist homophobic whatever you want to Call it this week and destroy it all and Start over again that's not going to Happen most Americans don't want that no Matter how many uh loud Losers want to say these things you know The the it's always the the the dumbest Or the loudest and we we don't we don't Care majority of Americans don't want That they don't want a new America right They don't they don't want the flat Let's go get a new flag and and new National anthem and everything they Don't want that they want America they Want to be left alone Um But you know I just I hope my hope is And I could be wrong but these people That Uh that were in my comment section That's that's on Instagram or Facebook Fighting and arguing with conservatives Who've been saying all this stuff and Being told you're a liar you're a Conspiracy theorist you're all these Things well everything that we've said Has came true Everything guys everything Not not one thing has been a lie every Single thing we've said has came true

And so that makes me You know I hope that any one of you that Voted for Biden or that went along with This nonsense like wearing a mask and The vaccine need to go ahead and Apologize to all of us go ahead if you Were commenting in my comment section go Ahead and apologize to me go apologize To people are arguing on the internet With go apologize you need to be a man Or a woman be an adult realize you've Made a bad decision You were Saying lies you're arguing with lies you Were you were a sheep you were believing The wrong thing so give us an apology You are fooled and easily fooled that Because CNN told you something you're a Fool Um Look at this I mean this French General Right here I I like this guy he says people who Resist the cover jobs are superheroes Who embody the best of humanity Even if I were fully vaccinated even if I were fully vaccinated I would admire The unvaccinated for standing up to the Greatest pressure I've ever seen Including their spouse parents children Friends colleagues and doctors let me Tell you right now how true that is you Know how many people how much hate Friends

Family have been torn apart friends you Know not not my friends but some of my Wife's friends like they don't speak Anymore because of this very thing Um you look at People getting kicked out of the Military like you guys are freaking Superheroes if you got True Blood Seriously you stood up to the most hate That anyone could receive persecution Truly in in the modern realm you know Aside from getting you know beaten or Abused but seriously all you guys that Stood up are you purebloods you're a Superhero you didn't believe him Nonsense you didn't take the me you Didn't you didn't get on your knees for No One you stood up and you stood your Ground bravo bravo to every pure blood Out there I'm proud of you guys and and You are what true Americans are you will Not you will not been in the face of Adversity Bravo You should be proud of yourselves and You're what America is like this type of Battle people I knew because a lot of a Lot of people lost their jobs con Commented uh you know contacted us Asking what they should do you know I Mean I think uh our moderator lost she Was in the medical field lost her Position a lot of people in the medical Field uh that I know lost their

Positions are left you know having to go Seek new path in life I had a a young Recon Marine got kicked Out he he was messaging me Um you know crazy craziness Um one guy was a a fighter pilot he Emailed me got got the boot Um you know millions of dollars to train This guy and he got the boot because he Wouldn't take that Hokey Pokey like Um Danish girl thanks so much for that I Appreciate uh appreciate your uh Contribution there thank you but yeah Honestly guys you should be proud of Yourselves you stand up for diversity You're the type of person whenever There's a line to get the mark of the Beast you won't be in that line Everybody else will be in that line you Know they'll go they'll go do whatever They'll go to slaughterville good on They'll go get on the cattle trailer all Right we'll go over there put your shoes Over here put your wedding rings in this Bin you won't need these anymore You're if you got it you're that type of Sheep right you'll do it Um because it didn't help anything so Anyway guys I do appreciate you hanging Out with me tonight let me know in the Comments what do you think about this I Personally think it's I I think they're Fed up with Joe bite I think they are Truly just done with this guy

Um and they're probably looking for a New Cannon I heard a lot about Newsome Coming out obviously and what kind of Makes me kind of spark that is because Newsome asking DeSantis to debate which He'll get annihilated I mean the census Is a lawyer military man he's a genius Right He's he's a tactician with words Newsome's an idiot Um he cares too much about hair gel like DeSantis said but You know the thing is is that again you Know I think they're just fed up with Him even Obama is like no this is too Much you guys have went too far too you Cross the line too far you know you went To the ditch Um so Can't thanks appreciate it buddy The other thing is is that like again Pure Bloods you sent it to adversity That's that's the type of tenacity uh we We need in in in this fighting Spirit we Need With people you know In this in this time in these trying Times Anyhow guys thanks for tuning in make Sure you drop a comment let me know your Thoughts on this or if you know anything Else or that I couldn't remember about What the bidens were involved now I know About the Chinese batteries Ukraine

Obviously the 40 billion dollar Russia Deal uh let me know if you know anything Else Um and just just let me know your Thoughts on that and also do you like The 32nd intro into it or do you hate it If you're watching on playback if you Hate that 30 seconds anyway guys Remember to stay frosty strapped and Dangerous take care

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