This Is Why You Don’t Want a CAMPER

By | November 10, 2022

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Welcome back gentlemen to the homestead We woke up to a very chilly 23 degrees And a white capped mountain man we have A small window in the weather before the Next storm hits let's take advantage of This and get the new shop start to get That set up I'm hoping this is going to Be one of the last days I ever have to Put A blanket on a wet seat Bagged up all the scraps insulation and Such and put it in the center of the Shop I don't remember how much there was If we're gonna if we can get it on the Back of a pickup or if we're gonna need The dump trailer Oh look at the snow shut off the roof Yeah there's quite a bit of stuff here I Think we'll throw on the dump trailer Take a load and then we can start Bringing stuff in Before we do that camper let's grab the Keys I want to grab the blower and all The implements and get those things Staged before the next Uh snowstorm Snow blower [Music] Foreign Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] Kind of parallel

One two three I got it Started getting complacent well I thought I should probably put a vole a Strap on that but That's all right it was a slow motion Crash Foreign [Music] I'm gonna go grab that bucket and fix That snow right there that's hazardous Foreign [Music] Driver's rear We've got the camper loaded up so we'll Take that over there we're gonna have to Figure out how to move that thing off of The truck and I have a clever idea with My old Jeep rollers The shop took a little bit longer to get Done than I than I was hoping by we're About a month late so I wanted to have All the stuff in before it froze so even Our hoses are all Frozen up so we got Those out in the sun we'll get those Thawed out and then hopefully everything Tonight I will have all brought in and Weather wet or winterized Okay Goodness I don't know if that's going to fit Well there's a couple things we can do Let's let the air out of the airbags And we can deflate the tires

I put my airbag Traders plumbed them up here into the Gas cap so you don't have to grovel Around on the ground like an animal I dropped the airbags dry climbed up There he said we still need to come down A little bit so we'll drop the air in The tires that'll give us a few more Inches All right here we go we let the air out Of the tires drop the airbags it is Within inches I don't know if it's going To fit or not if it doesn't there's Going to be a camper for sale Okay moving forward Okay well there's no such thing as Problems but Solutions we're going to Drop the camper right here And bring the miracle truck over which Is the old 2001 which is significantly Smaller uh and put it on there and back It up in there A friend of mine whose opinion I trust Told me I wouldn't like campers He was right Before we get too carried away dry we Should probably check the height Difference Of the beds huh so it's about right here Three inches And this the Springs are going to Sag on This on this more we're going to be so Close I it might fit though Foreign

I think I'm on Am I yeah so I need to let the air out Okay hold on the moment I got the tires Up on this lab dryer shouted at me uh What do you got going on there is it Tight Okay I'll be running with Jeremy Clarkson I Don't think I like caravaning Will it will those things even take the Strain man it seems to be bending a Little bit So much could go wrong right here All right you grab that one dry let's Just real carefully just see if it'll Just you have to kind of get the wheels Going the right direction And then it should go I've moved I can move my truck with These rollers Some heavy rubber pads on there wouldn't Be a bad idea would they I think or even just drill a hole and Drop a pin in there There can be one rock in your shop and If you have a little wheel it'll find it Or your knee you bend down your knee Will find it for sure 14 inches All right let's take a peek how far Let's go as far in as we can all right Gentlemen that is about it it's about What 3 30. I'm gonna head in make this Video for you dry is going to finish Winterizing get that all drained and boy

I got about a fraction of what I thought I would get done today If you're looking for a business idea For camper guys make Caster wheels that Slip right onto those things because you Can if you have a smooth floor you can Actually push this around So we could keep this plugged in here And this would be uh you know friends or Family could stay here you basically Have a little indoor guest cabin Useful we might as well use it right Yeah that'd be nice All right thank you for watching Gentlemen Keep this in your prayers we pray [Music]

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