This Should’ve Happened Sooner

By | October 10, 2022



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[Music] What's going on guys black Scout Survival late night love thanks for Tuning in and tonight we're gonna be Talking about some of this has been a Long time coming Uvalde suspends this Entire school police force the uh you Guys probably remember the school District in Uvalde Texas said on Friday That it had suspended the operations of His Police Department have made ongoing Questions about his officer's response To the mass shooting at Rob Elementary School we covered this in depth Um and you can go watch those videos we Showed videos of the you know the cops Lack of response and these sort of Things and you know parents have Actually been protesting uh daily Um since the shooting and the the Subsequent Response and this actually has led to a Lot of other schools Where Parents try to there's been like I Guess uh Calls of mass shootings that really Wasn't a mass shooting but Parents try To rush into the school and this is all Because the the lack of response from Uvalde police department and so parents Here have been rightfully protesting as They should be I mean the whole town America should be protesting about the Lack of this police uh response and so

The school district I actually had previously fired the the Department chief Peter Arredondo we've Talked about him quite a bit he was Actually The Incident Commander during The the shooting and uh he was Ultimately responsible for delaying the Confrontation with the gunman for over An hour after the shooting began the Government had killed 19 children that Day and two teachers Um Again we beat this horse to death go Watch those videos but I can't you know Obviously he was into the commander and He has a ton to blame for this but also The officers involved we saw just Terrible uh lack of response you know Just coward behavior from those officers At the school we've seen the footage I Mean they were literal cowards one guy Standing there uh looking at his phone While his wife is getting shot uh you Know 20 feet away and doesn't try to go In there and and Savor so But before we go any further with that I Just want to make a point that we should Never make blanket statements about the Actions of one or some to uh speak about Everyone in a profession or race or Whatever it may be because I think a lot Of people in today's age get polarized By things and they make blanket Statements about people all cops aren't

Good because Vivaldi well that's not True Um they're a good constitutional cops And I've met a ton of them a lot of them Are followers of mine they message me Their customers and we talk a lot and You know they're in it for the right Reasons but there's some cops like the Covet cops if you remember they were Locking people up for trying to keep Their businesses open you know uh I've Seen video footage uh Anarchy tattoo out Of New York would send you know me video Of of cops going in there harassing him For keeping you know keeping his Business open Um not wearing a mask inside of his own Business and this sort of nonsense we Saw Guys hanging on the beach paddle Boarding out in the ocean by themselves Get arrested right hey Nelson thanks Buddy he's a tribe member by the way so Thanks Nelson We we saw do paddle boarding I showed a Picture a few weeks going live paddle Boarding and he got arrested literally Like by himself out on the ocean Um we saw people get arrested for not Wearing masks out at like football game I saw a mother get slammed and I want to Say she got tased for not wearing a mask At a high school football game Right

And and and and we all know how just Much nonsense all this coveted stuff was Anyway but we saw these terrible things Happening to these folks we saw parents Getting arrested at school board Meetings because they didn't want their Kids were sitting in masks all day Suffocating right Um and you know then you you have even Before all this nonsense I've ran into Them quite a bit cops was like short man Complexes there uh were probably getting Uh you know that Authority issues some Of them have an authority issues are Applied bullied and picked on in school They're probably never played a sport in Their life nobody no chicks liked them And they you know we're not cool and now They can imagine a gun and now they're You know Mr tough guy we've seen those Guys too Um but Then you have Uvaldi cops who are just Straight out cowards that that they Didn't even attempt to save life right When there was a ton of them with AR-15s Ballistic Shields armor the kids had Nothing and we saw those type of cops so So these are some of the bad cops that I'm talking about I could go on we've Got cops that take people off in alleys And beat them you know or you know 20 20 cops jumping on one guy beating Them half to death we have these sort of

Things we have got cops that plant Evidence on people they're bad cops out There there's bad In every group of people right so I want To caution you to try to lump all those Police together and say all police Aren't good Uh you know Don't let the actions of a few Uh you know represent the many okay I Just want I just wanted to say that Before we go any further because I know A lot of people will go on this anti-cot Rhetoric let the leftists do that kind Of stuff to defund the police and all That sort of things Have be smarter than that right I I Think a lot of people are so in such an Extreme mindset where they're like and We're gonna get into this in a minute Where people look for Kings uh to Worship and they just they they get Blanket statements all over groups of People there are a lot of good cops out There there's cops that risk their lives Every day you know they want to do the Right thing there's dirtbags in the Military there's good guys in the Military right there's dirt bags in the Marines there's good guys in the Marines There's dirt bags in the seals there's Good guys in the Sills Every faction of society has good and Bad so let's not blanket statement don't

Do that don't be like leftists and do That Umbra try member thanks buddy and yeah Join the tribe guys we'll talk about the Tribe towards end there So but according to the state Investigory Investigatory committee report There were failures Of the police response and this ex Extended Beyond Mr arendondo it included Me of the officers from local state and Federal agencies who similar did not Follow standard police training which Calls for officers to rush and confront And actively shooting gunmen now I Showed this I talked about this if you remember if Any of my loyal followers I got so much Backlash from saying this I even showed Their training name I had people Emailing my customer support of my Company which is we we sell products Technical and survival right emailing Them Saying that I was a dirtbag for talking About about cops I was talking about bad About these sore excuses for cops I showed that it stated in their sop Their Center operating procedures that Even If you're by yourself and you hear Officer Tatum officer uh bootlecker Would say oh they're waiting for backup

It's dumb to go in there right and I'll Get that point in a second But in their training it says that you Were supposed to go even if you're the Only person there To go seek out that shooter right And I showed this but people people are So dumb Yeah and these people are conservatives These are concerns that's why the black Whatever's Beyond a black pill I need to Find out what that is because I'm so I'm Beyond I was actually talking my friend Mark over at Centerline systems today on The phone I'm beyond black pill Beyond black pill Because conservatives are and I don't Know if they're like Far gone extremes I don't know what they Are but even them you know they can't Even think for themselves anymore like People cannot even think for themselves Anymore they just go along with whatever The most extreme thing they hear is and That's on both sides of the paradigm But it doesn't seem it didn't say the Training manual because the argument was Like I see people say that in the emails They'll get sent those are the messages On Facebook or wherever it was well uh They were waiting for Shields to get Well the training didn't stay away for Freaking Shields did it it didn't say That he didn't say all right don't go in

Until you get your Shields right Um to engage Is it the best circumstance to go in There without Shields hell no I ain't no I ain't but you don't always get the Best circumstances in a gunfight Unfortunately Um The kids didn't have shields the kids Didn't have the best circumstances they Didn't have body oh they're waiting for Body armor kids didn't have body armor I'll wait for a year 15. kids didn't Have barrier 15. you got a pistol right You got to deal with the cars as dealt Lives are at stake and that's the Difference between a hero and a coward Right sometimes Heroes get killed and uh That's what separates people are you Willing to put yourself in to give up Everything Which is your life To do the right thing That's what make that's between a man And everybody else he's willing to give Everything he loves To do the right thing And uh Willing to go all the way and if you're Not willing to go all the way then get Rid of your badge If you're not willing to go all the way Or get rid of your your uniform if You're in the military hang up your doll

Tags Right Um Their training protocol said that why Did it say that well it says that Because that's how you stop loss of life There's a bad guy shooting It takes a good guy to come stop him A magic fairy ain't gonna appear and say Hey man just stop the shooting or he's Just going to think oh I should stop Shooting right now you know Hey uh Jason Mimosa Um thanks brother Um nothing below for you guys too man Appreciate it I lost your message Somewhere but I can see it there it is Will do brother thank you for the Super Chat these are all tribe members great Group of guys over there you should join The tribe And hang out with these guys my pill is Jesus that's right we're gonna we're Gonna talk about that too here a little Bit Um Ryan thanks man Appreciate it brother Um Dakota he's asking about this Question thanks Dakota do you think the Cops that stop parents from going in the Center kids should be charged with Accessory to murder I mean

I think they should be charged with Something why were they Why were they so concerned about Stopping the parents and not the gunman You know what I mean while we're while We're they're like 400 officers there Well we're in 400 guns going into that Room trying to Get their way into the room to go kill This guy You know what I mean Nelson thanks buddy yeah there's no way I've been able to sit there too and That's actually going to bring up the Next interesting point here in a second Um so on Friday the school district said That in a statement that it had placed Officer who took over for Aaron Dondo Lieutenant Miguel Hernandez actually Um in another Edition employee actually Both of those on administrative leaves Ken Mueller was the administrative uh I'm sorry the other Edition employee and He is actually said he was going to Retire from this event which is good get Him out get him out of there we don't Need these clowns They're going to say recent developments Have uncovered additional concerns with Department operations Quote quote the district said In explaining its decision the statement Did not detail what those developments Were I really like the develop some

Developments were because I bet the public would flip out if they Knew for them to take such an extreme Measure it must be something just very Nasty and you had officer Tatum Relentlessly on like eight ten videos Instagram every day defending these Ebony cops like he Dirtbag I hate to Knock conservatives but I don't even Know if he's conservative because you If you're going to support nonsense like Completely in a line like you got to be A free thinker I get back to police and All that sort of thing but when the Police ain't doing right you don't back Them right you don't back anybody that's Not doing right no matter if they're on Your your side of the field or not right The Obama thanks brother I would like to know what they were Though so so they've been having like I Said long run protests at the district Officers by several other relatives of The victims sometimes blocking employees From getting in the building good block Them right War wrath thanks all these Trial members good to see you guys here Look we weren't even there we were not Even there guys imagine if we had been There and we were one of the parents When we saw This this this nonsense of all these 400 Officers sitting out there Arresting parents and not going inside

Do you could you imagine like we're We're pissed off from what we saw on the Interwebs could you imagine being there And and saying this firsthand We're probably be out there every day There's one guy who camped out there for Nine days literally he put up a tent and Can't we'd probably be camping out there Too if we had seen it firsthand You know Thanks thanks Roy appreciate it man No doubt No Doubt So uh the school district also notified Staff members and parents on Friday the Superintendent Hal Harrell planned to Retire also look you see how much just Just dirt is going all these retiring You know retiring and uh it's just cover Up something something's very nasty About this and everybody's trying to get As far away from it there's something Terrible about this right Um and see he planned to retire Anyway Said but he said go ahead and retire and This was during a closed door session During a school board meeting not Allowed to the public on Monday Um probably because they're like hey Guys we've got herb and clean this up It's getting bad Um Thanks Dakota Yeah man ain't nobody stopping me from My kids either absolutely

So the suspension the suspension of the Police department Um which consisted of these five Officers Lieutenant Hernandez in the Security guard and followed Revelations Now they get this that the school District over the summer Hired a former Texas Department of Public Safety Officer who had been among The first at the scene who had been the First one of the first of the scene at The Robb Elementary School but did not Move to confront the government this Young lady right here Crimson Elizondo And her police body cam footage guys Do I have her here let me see I think I Didn't get the photo In her police body cam footage guys She can be seen with gun drawn outside The school right here right who's her This is right as soon as the shooting Was happening she stand outside the School There was other footage which appeared To be from her own body camera Suggesting that if it was one of her Kids inside that she would go ahead and Go into school that she wouldn't be Standing outside the school like that so She sang That she as she's waiting outside the School said she wasn't going in but now If it was one of her kids in there you Best believe she had been in there she

Said if my son was in there I would not Be outside right now away she said I Promise you that So obviously parents recognized her flip The freak out because they go up to the School dropping their kids off and see This young lady up there at the school Again after she's making statements About Well as long as it ain't my kids getting Killed I ain't too much worried about it You know And so she was fired On Thursday Which is good that's her get a good good Look at her face If you live in that area you recognize Her get a good look at her So according to emails and other Paperwork provided by the Department of Public Safety the Uvalde school police Supervisor who had been directly Involved in hiring her Lieutenant Hernandez had been informed that Elizondo was one of the several officers Who were in an investigation by the State police in actions inconsistent With training and Department Requirements She got hired at the school after this While she was under investigation so so This happens a lot with police and Police guys can can tell me it uh can Can say the same thing that if a cop

Like let's say she no she's under Investigation she goes and has and go Aheads and leaves she can go get another Job as a cop right as long as she's not Fired she can keep her credentials up That's what a lot of them do they get in Trouble and they wind up leaving go and Get another job with their credentials So they're not taken from them Um But don't you forget guys That they wanted to ban guns beta O'Rourke and all these people blame guns For this travesty that happened not the Police failure right the cowards like There must be something in the water There uh like just a bunch of cowards There but They wanted they wanted to blame God's Bad guys they're still talking about it Right you had Matthew McConaughey up at The White House scumbag I used to like I Used to like his movies scumbag up there You know why why do we care about what An actor thinks no I don't I don't want To hear anything about what his his job Is literally acting right I don't want To I don't want to hear what his Thoughts are he doesn't have a thought Of his own if you ever notice the Rock The rock is the same in every movie Every every time you see him anywhere He's the same he's in character 24 7. Right he's an actor that's what these

Guys do they're in character all the Time right Um Ryan Harkins sorry Mr super fat man Thanks buddy Um been busy you say Um yeah man putting myself out there Yeah thanks brother A lot a lot of you guys aren't Brainwashed yet and I do appreciate you Guys hanging out with me Um Dakota thanks man Does anybody know how many federal Agents were amongst the 400 I find it Very odd that there was a there was a Bunch of federal agents there I don't Know how many exactly Um but there was I'm sure they're not going to say but Some of them were fired as well so or They're under investigation Real quick I want to talk about Putin uh Russia uh real quick Vladimir Putin has Accused Ukraine you've probably seen the Uh Bridge explosion Um he's a accusing Ukraine of attacking This bridge that was leading to Russian Annex Crimea or Crimea however you said Saying it was an act of terrorism Um Oscar thanks brother Putin said that Ukraine's intelligence Forces had aimed to destroy the Critically important piece of Russia's

Civil infrastructure and so I've got it Here where is it at boom boom So you see here on the left the bridge And then uh footage of the bridge the Following day blown up blown up right in The middle obviously this was attack uh To shut down him moving weapons troops These sort of things Um and so people went on to say there's There's no doubt this is an act of Terrorism aimed at destroying Russia's Critical civilian infrastructure Russia Has used this British to move military Equipment ammunition and Personnel from Russia to battlefields in southern Ukraine Um here we got a map here And so the video Um if you you see that you see where it Leads to that Area over there on the side of Russia so that's that's where it is on The map so the the video I I would Suggest you go watch I don't want to put On here because obviously these folks on YouTube do not like anything right now They're tripping anything they get you On right now just be careful if you're a YouTuber just be careful anything you Post like video wise they're trying to Get you on anything right now if you're On the right side now if you're on the Left you can you can literally post up Anything you want and it doesn't matter

You know little kids twerking with with The naked men and they're okay with it But if you post some explosion something That happened in the news and oh you're A bad guy you know so Go search the video Um I showed a truck and allegedly this Truck was from the Russia City Crossing Out there And it was an hour's Drive Away moving West during the bridge at the time of The explosion uh Real quick Ryan yeah I think right now Because it's on such huge sale that They're such a big sell like a that cut It in half almost my code is not working So it right now On cells uh it's just such a good sale I Would jump on it because even my Discount code doesn't knock it down this Much sorry I can't talk tonight guys I'm Having trouble if you had noticed I'm Kind of tired but anyway The footage shows that a huge Fireball Erupts just behind The truck go go watch the video and you See what I'm saying Explodes right behind the truck And off to one side Uh to me it looks more like a Charged Place under a bridge you don't like us Coming from the truck at all they're Trying to say it's some kind of Explosive device on the truck I don't

Believe it I think it was something Placed under the bridge And blew the bridge up because the way It the truck didn't blow up it blew up Like under the truck just look at the Video and you can look at it right But uh It looks like they were just trying to Knock it out obviously the They're trying to say that they didn't Do it nobody did it America didn't do it America probably did it or Ukrainian Special Forces one of the two Um also the other day we're talking About the Armageddon Oklahoma Armageddon The White House quickly walked back Um his uh Biden statements about that Sand nuclear Armageddon they said it was Extremely irresponsible and the White House will send us about the the President right he's not because he's Him and the vice president Kamala are Terrible vice president Are terrible at following the scripts Right they golf on tangents and they're Constantly having to walk back Statements they made like they're Terrible actors like they should really Just get Hollywood actors like they did In Ukraine like zelinski just get an Actor to come fill a job right it'd be Better get that lady from the show Vice To be the vice president you know she'd Be better at it reading the script

But the recent is completely Irresponsible that Biden uh said these Remorse like they're gonna he's gonna Lead us into a Literal nuclear war by making these kind Of statements and also the statements About the decapitation strike on Putin Like these things should not be said Right Um Let me let me play a trump actually Address this real quick Negotiation of a peaceful end to the war In Ukraine or we will end up in World War III and there will be nothing left Of our plan at all because stupid people Didn't have a clue they didn't have a Clue they don't understand they really Don't understand I rebuilt our military I rebuilt our Nuclear power they don't understand what They're dealing with the power of Nuclear they have we must demand the Immediate In uh he's not wrong okay about not Understanding the power of nuclear he Actually did rebuild our nuclear Arsenal Because it was so outdated I mean it was Like 40 or 50 years out data like he Retrofit All of them during his presidency thank God because we would get out Newt um but He did do that they did not want to do That actually they were wanting to Dismantle our nukes like why in the

Freak would you do something like that Is it's mind-boggling how they want us To go ahead and bow down to the world Economic Forum get in your cage and eat Your Cricket It's it's crazy but anyway I wanna I wanna Puzzle I just want to give you this Question right riddle me this if um Biden is has been known to have Chinese Ties we know that and uh We know he's done business he's he's got His son's got ties there with the uh Electric vehicle batteries and uh They're probably tugging his strings Right so who would benefit most If Russia and the U.S got into a nuclear Conflict Let me know in the comments China They would benefit the most right Because they could potentially take over As a world superpower Like a light switch So how do we know that they're not Pushing these sort of things Right It would make the most sense to me Pushing us into a conflict Hey Biden say this you know We've got these photos of you your son With little girls we're gonna Post Online you need to say this You know it's a theory I don't know if

It's true it's a theory Anyway The thing is I saw a comment the other Day on the video on my last video people Were like you don't know nothing about Putin how can you say something bad About Putin he's a great man he's a Leader well um I don't like Putin I Don't wanna do I like does that mean I Like Joe Biden hell no I don't I don't Know why I have to pick between both Right Um people look for Kings it's so weird People look for they want someone to Worship is Trump is is who whoever they Worship right because I don't like Buying themselves I love Putin look this Putin say things I agree with absolutely His speech of the day I agree with it Most all of it right Um But his character shows he's not a good Man he's not a good man can I agree with Someone who's not a good man yeah I can Agree with someone who I don't agree 100 On I don't know why People think you have to agree with Someone completely it's not it's like This is where we are and you need to go And take the black pill too like it's Never coming back get your your guns Your food your water get your network Because it's never going back because There's too many idiots out here I saw

The average IQ is actually below that of A gorilla at this point no no kidding It's a study that you just Google it the Average IQ of Americans or below the That of a gorilla so so that's where we Are Um Thanks Nelson yeah I I do believe that Too the Nordstrom was Um attained by Ukraine too So You could agree with things Putin says He said he doesn't want a world economic Forum takeover Global totalitarian Government however However He doesn't want that but I guarantee if He was in charge of the totalitarian Government he'd be all for it he's not He's not for Freedom he wants to be in Charge of it of course right if you gave Him that option Um his character not sure he's a good Man though Right does that mean I like zielinski Hell no he's an actor he's he's paid to Be there by America and Ukraine is some Kind of shell for money laundering I Don't know that's the theory too I don't Know but I think we we can agree that Putin is Running on some things Biden is right about nothing Um and uh yeah the

The same end goal of being Anti-talitarian government yeah I'm cool With that I agree with that And a lot of things you said if you Don't know what one video I'm talking About the other day he did a speech and He's talking about the you know the Americas being real you know going Towards Satanism I believe that 100 look At it look around right I would say quit looking for Kings People look for Kings people look for People to worship right there's only one Jesus Jesus came in everything else is Men or men right it doesn't matter if You Take someone at a high who he's no Different he can die no He can die just as easily as you or I he Has to eat food just like your eyes they Drink water just like you're right right Kind of like let's say LeBron James Right arguably he's a good basketball Player I dislike him but I can credit Give him credit he's a good basketball Player right He would beat me in basketball but if I Took him out behind the basketball Arena and we got into a street fight or Dominating right if we got into a Gunfight I'd dominate him Um you know that's the thing like just Because someone's good at one thing or In some position he's got more money

Than me whatever They're so men right they're they're There's no one to worse but see guys Worshiping people someone makes cool Content oh there they know everything I See these these uh Still Still guys like Doing CQB in a complete open like just Plywood board that's not real CQB CQB is In inside buildings where stuff is or You run into a whole like you're doing Something in your house and you trip Over a couch a bad there's actually Furniture in there right if you're Seeing someone do CQB in an empty room Stop watching only watch people who do You see CQB Close Quarters battle when There's a stuff Furniture in a room Because that's reality you know what I'm Saying quit looking for Kings to worship Right and question everything question Even my content go look for yourself Quit just believing and sucking up and Absorbing everything you see in here Online right that's how you get LED down The wrong path Everyone's content every new source a Lot of people say you're just repeating The meat I don't watch mainstream media I don't even know what they say I don't Watch Tucker cross I watch something not That I have anything against them I just Don't watch them because I don't want to Get biased I have my alternative media Sources that I get my information from

Then I research myself So that way I come to my own conclusions Instead of the narrative that's being Pushed to be brainwashed right And you can do that if you want to Just make sure you're checking you're Double checking all the info you're Getting that's right I could be wrong Too Who knows right anyway I think that like I said I'm black pill It's gone you know what I'm saying it's Like I don't see it coming back Especially the amount of uh Conservative I guess they're Conservative I don't know where they are Maybe This has gone overboard you know what I Mean attacking conservatives I see a More conservatives attacking assertives Than I do them attacking leftists Or leftist never left us I never see That Conservatives are attacking Conservatives more they're eating their Own while leftist is just growing and Multiplying And conservatives are eating each other It's wild trying to destroy each other It's crazy it's crazy thing I've ever Seen So if you're if you're wondering who's Next the next if Kamal is President next Time or buying if you're if you're in

This type of habit of attacking other Conservatives that's why you're you'll Be the reason why Biden or Kamala or Newsome will be president next time Because people like you know that so my Suggestion is right now Find a network of people if you don't Have one you can join our tribe we have A network of people there and the thing Is we have guys in there we actually Have Guys that are You know they're specials in certain Things they're creating their own Courses education stuff in there to Start we just started that section of The Um The tribe now so they're putting up Stuff and we bet make sure all these you Know all the education is actually Accurate but uh I'm a jack of all trades Guy I've always have been pun intended But I try to be that way because I think You should be a jack of all trades right But we have some guys that are specialty And certain things like Communications And stuff like that also if you join the Tribe at the Commando level you'll get a Free survival Escape Invasion type uh Training uh Feature Feature length film To view right now if you join right now You better watch it right now Great for your family and friends and

Stuff like that you can watch together But I suggest you joining the tribe get With us Get a network because it doesn't look Good it doesn't like it it's ever going Back it's only going to get worse right And you didn't have people you can count On depend on anyhow guys let me know Your thoughts below let me know your Thoughts about is China trying to push Us to this war Russia and your thoughts On the ability police is it was is it Too late is it is it should have Happened sooner of course it should have Let me know your thoughts anyhow guys Remember to stay frosty strapped in Dangerous take care Foreign

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