Time to get a Geiger Counter!

By | October 31, 2022

Hey guys my name is Lily and I can't Believe that I have to make this video But today I want to review my Geico Counter get familiar with it again Because honestly I'm threatened of the rhetoric that we Can read in the media so unfortunately Our leaders are threatening each other Openly in the public with nuclear war Some politicians demand the first strike So I really do hope that the political Leadership of the world will come to the Census again And don't consider using those weapons Because otherwise we have I mean it it Can end in Um the end of mankind the end of Everything completes Annihilation at the End Mother Earth will look like Mars so That's the worst outcome Um But still It really depends on what weapons they Will be using will it be just a few Tactical ones or Only a few ones that they detonate in The stratosphere So if they use a few of those weapons I think we should still get prepared for That even though a lot of people say we Cannot survive a nuclear war but A lot of experts disagree For example this guy here Crescent H Kearney and he is of the opinion that a

Nuclear war can be survived so I read for it and it seems plausible now Honestly I personally did never know a Lot of nuclear weapons and it gave me a Great scare which is good you should be Scared of nuclear weapons but after Reading this book it was like okay there Are some things that I can do To Um keep myself and my family safe And there are a lot of mistakes that you Can make if you do them it can cost you Your life so it's really important that You follow a few principal rules like For example going inside of a building And take cover closing all of the Windows and doors and then shower off The radioactive material from your skin And from your body so after reading this Book I know that a lot of people have a Good chance of surviving Of course it depends on how many weapons They're using what kind of weapons and How they are detonating it on the ground Surface burst or in the air air burst But for example if most of the nuclear Weapons are used in the northern Hemisphere There's a high chance that people will Survive it in the southern hemisphere so And even in the countryside at the Northern Hemisphere if you're lucky with The with avoiding hot spots then you can Still make it so unfortunately this is a

Topic that I do not really like And I don't like to present that because It's a really Um yeah it's a really sad topic I hope It never comes to this But reading this really helped me coping With my fear and now I can see all of This more rational Um And yeah also what I want to tell you About is this map here This is the map Of Austria After Channel pill so unfortunately After Channel exploded this radioactive Fallout was blown over Austria With the wind and then it rained down in Hot spots And here on this map you can see Green spots yellow orange and red spots And the red spots are the ones where Um a lot of nuclear fallout fell down so It's not evenly distributed you always Have hot spots in some spots it's really Radioactive and in other areas it's Green and safe so although we had some Radiation back in 1986 especially with Cesium 137 which has a half-life of 30 Years we still survived that and Um the thing that people did back then I Was two years old so I couldn't do Anything but my parents they avoided Foods that was growing in the garden and They only got food from greenhouses

Uh gladly we were in an area which was Green actually so Um it was not too bad in my area And then also people stopped drinking Milk because they were advised to do so Because the cows were eating a lot of The Um radioactive iodine which was 10 in The milk and also the cesium and here You can see a report from the Federal Environmental agency In Vienna and they described what Happened and what kind of Radionuclides came to Austria it was Iodine's 131 the one that can get into Your pirate now clearly it only has a Half-life of eight days so in a couple Of weeks the iodine is not as dangerous Anymore but of course there are other Radionuclides like cesium 137 But for half-life of 30 years and then You have root term strontium And a lot of other Radioactive materials which stay in the Country for longer so that really sucks Of course but still we dealt with it and We survived it and yes you will have a Higher rate of cancer and thyroid issues And Leukemia Um but still most people survived it so There was a lot of Fallout coming from Channel build so it must also be Possible to survive Fallout from nuclear Weapons

Yeah so that's the report and now I Would like to Tell you about my Giga counter this is Not sponsored or anything I bought this Myself I think seven years ago Back then it was really expensive it Cost me like 450 euros and back then I Thought oh my God this is really Expensive I should not have bought it But now I'm happy because now the same Geiger counter this is the rechargeable Version of the gamma's card by the way Is costing 620 Euros on Amazon so crazy Expensive Also I know most people do not have Um the budget to buy something like this Right now and this is why I want to Recommend to you that you get a cheaper One on Amazon Even a cheap one can still detect gamma Radiation which is better than nothing Okay you can get one for 100 bucks 200 Bucks Um if possible get one which can detect Beta and gamma radiation that would be Great now in my case here I have one Which can't detect uh alphabet and gamma Radiation and I can switch between them So yeah that's the best thing that you Can have but if Alpha is not possible Then at least beta and gamma should be Possible all right so This is my geiger counter now I want to Switch on the sound and right now the

Background radiation is 0.08 micro sieverts So that's normal so there's always a Little bit of background radiation it's Um gamma radiation now if you're getting A geiger counter I can highly recommend That you also get some radioactive Material because you want to Test your Gaga counter every now and Then if it's still working right so for Example if there's really a nuclear war Breaking out Um you're going to freak out okay it's Going to put you in a lot of Psychological stress Then you have a geiger counter but then You might not trust it so it's really Important that you have some radioactive Materials so you can test your geiger Counter and then you see okay it's still Working now the same thing actually Happened to Um survivors in the wilderness so if you Get lost in the wilderness it might Happen that you don't trust your compass Anymore because you are in such a big Emotional and psychologically distressed That for some kind of reason you don't Trust the compass and then you will lose Your bearings even though you have a Compass and you might die so the Solution to this problem is that you get Two compasses they are not expensive and If both of them are pointing to the same

Direction then It must be true right now the problem is I don't want to get to gang encounters Because they are so expensive so it's Cheaper if you organize yourself some Kind of radioactive material Uh in my case Events on a radioactive material hand on A flea market in Vienna I heard that the Radioactive watches around Back in the 1920s they were painting the Clock hands of the clock With I believe radium paint Which makes them luminescent So I heard that some of those watches Are still around and then I went on a Search on a flea market and I just Searched all of the watches And Finally I found one so my Geico counter Was freaking out and there was one watch In between a pile of watches that was Really active and I immediately bought It because the guy who owned it didn't Know what it was and yeah the watch is Right here So this is a radioactive watch by the Company doxa and I keep it in this Plastic bag because if it's leaking I Don't want any Um yeah nuclear particles coming out of The Watch so I have protected it with this Plastic bag

And yeah I try to give you a close-up of The watch now and then let's see how the Geiger counter reacts when I come close To it [Applause] Okay now let's come close to the watch And let's see the reading of the geiger Counter Now I have the window completely open so Now I'm detecting alphabeta and gamma Radiation [Applause] So right now the reading says 24 25 Micro sieverts it's pretty crazy That I really found this on a flea Market in Vienna And I'm really glad that I found it Because otherwise it would be still out There Without the owner knowing that this is Dangerous so I really do think that a Geico counter is a good prep And even if it's not for You know nuclear war you can still use It in case of another Chernobyl another Fukushima We don't know if this if a nuclear metal Will happen again in future The technology should be safe but still A lot of things happened in the past Um and yeah this is why I have a geiger Counter without the Giga counter you Will freak out because you don't know Which food you can eat if your garden is

Full with Fallout radioactive fallout or If it's safe so you really want to have Something like this okay So through the tin can I only get a Reading of three micro seawards anymore So there's still a little bit of Radiation here but the further you go Away the less you will get And that's because of the inverse Square Law which says that If you double the distance From your Radioactive Source then You will get like four times less Radiation or something like that so I'm I'm not quite sure about the exact like Um Calculation but that's inverse color and This is why I can sit here without Having to have a fear about getting Damaged So if you are wearing this on your hand For years and years then it might yeah It will definitely damage the cell Structure of your skin but as far as I Know it will not turn me Radioactive Because alpha beta and gamma radiation Cannot do that So if I put my hand here Then take it away and now if I measure My hand It's not really active okay Nothing there's nothing here that's Because alphabeta and gamma radiation

They cannot make you radioactive only The neutron radiation can do that so This Neutron radiation can only be found I believe inside of the reactor when it Comes to the fission and also it comes It can come from the vision of a nuclear Bomb but the radioactive particles that Came to Austria I think most of those They were just alpha beta and gamma Emitters so they were not able to make You Radioactive If you ingest those particles They can still radiate from like in in Your body Which will damage you Which is devastating of course But you yourself and yourselves and your Atoms they are not becoming radioactive Because only Neutron radiation can do That so that's my I think that's that's how it is with Nutrient radiation please correct me if I'm wrong but that's what I learned When I did a little bit of research So this radiation cannot make me Radioactive and I actually tried it so I Took the watch And I placed it besides a tomato for an Hour and then when I took away the Tomato it was not like radioactive I Could not detect any radiation with this Giga counter so this is why you can Still eat Um

Vegetables from inside of a greenhouse Because although the Radioactive fallout particles are Sitting on top of the greenhouse and Besides the greenhouse The tomatoes they are still not Contaminated because it's not directly On their skin so you can still eat Vegetables and fruits inside of Greenhouses But of course the greenhouse has to be Like airtight so The question is if you open up the Greenhouse and the dust comes in with The Wind If it's really safe to eat And in that case you would have to Install a vent which has a particle Filter so that the dust particles and Radioactive ones stay outside Now I know a lot of people don't want to Wear masks anymore but in case there is A nuclear weapon used in your area and You suspect that the Fallout is coming To you so please in that case wear a Mask because you don't want to brief the Scene you don't want to get the Radioactive particles inside of your Lungs of course and it will be very bad For your health so wear a mask And if you are outside while the Incident happens then make sure that you Get inside Tech cover take a shower Throw out the clothes don't use them

Anymore and close all of the Windows Doors and stay in the basement of the House or in the middle of the house and This is Really important especially for the First few days of when Um the pump explodes Of course it also depends if it's a Surface burst or an ear burst it has Different kinds of Um Yeah effects there's more Fallout if They drop the bomb directly on the Ground there's much less Fallout if they Let it explode in the air But then you have different kinds of you Know problems because you will get an EMP that spreads out further so yeah Many possibilities Um how they can use those weapons so Everything is possible All I can say is It's a topic that I don't like because It's really threatening for all of us All of US citizens of the planet And it scares me it scares me and it Sucks and I think it really sucks that a Few People can make this decision over us And they should not use those weapons It's crazy it's lunacy so if somebody Really wants to press the red button I Think he's crazy because only crazy People will do that only Psychopaths

Would press a button also I do not want To scare you with this video Um in general a very positive person With a lot of Hope so what I do to cope With this stuff is I read about it I Read books like this to learn more about The topic that scares me and I do some Research I get some Preps And after that I try not to think about This anymore okay so because it's not Good for your mental health Just uh do your preps then you will feel A little bit better this actually makes Me feel better if I have if I'm prepared And then just live a normal happy life Because otherwise it will drag you down And that's not that's not the That's not good for you okay so Try to be Happy hopeful And let's hope that the future Will become a better place

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