Tool Roll Set Ups for EDC & Preppers

By | December 10, 2022

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Guess when it comes to prepping one of The big things is just the amount of Gear and the amount of items that you Need I mean let's face it we live in a Very convenient world with services and Everything that are taking care of us Yes it takes a lot of tax dollars but You know we have the conveniences when You start to prep or you start to Homestead you start to look at things That you need in an emergency whether It's environmental man-made economic you Know the grid goes down zombie Apocalypse I mean there's a lot of Different things that people are Motivated to get organized and to buy And buy more gear Organization is one of the toughest Things so we took one of the buildings That we have for storage and we've had It for a long time and we just cleaned It out redid the whole inside and I'm Moving into it it's going to be a better Place for us to do video And you know that's one of the things That got me started on this about Organization getting things organized Getting them in one spot getting them You know this is for medical this is Fire this is you know survival EDC there's so many different categories And while I was going through all this Gear I just thought you know I want to Show you guys some things because again

It is hard to get organized and I think That's one of the biggest things you'll Feel much better if you get organized Now I'm a huge fan of tool rolls and I'm Going to show you why but I have Backpacks I have regular pouches Different things but tool rolls have a Special place And one of the biggest things is you Just roll it out and everything's right There I was putting together a couple of Tool roll setups one for fire one for EDC or just basic survival EDC just my Gear in one place and I just thought I Would bring you guys along because these Are pretty cool they're new from rowing Fire gear they've got the wax finish on Them you know to keep them somewhat Waterproof watertight to keep your gear Protected but they're handy and honestly I just like the way this feels I mean It's got this really solid little feel To it and it packs easy in a pack or you Can put it you know in your vehicle you Can put it wherever you want to having Tool rolls to me is one of the big Things in fact I guess it was a number Of years ago I went into a Home Depot And they had one of these Bucket Boss Tool rolls and I just looked at it I Thought why doesn't anybody do anything With tool rolls in the EDC survival side Uh come to find out there were a couple Other guys that were just getting into

It as well and I'll tell you I mean it's Just a great way to stay organized Everything's out there and sometimes These smaller pouches they make it Really easy to to be specific and keep Certain items in there now this one is My fire kit and I have a couple of fire Kits I like fire kits I have them in Each pack then I have an EDC pouch That's more of a items that I use on a Regular basis or can kind of lead over Into a survival situation it's not a Full kit but it's got a lot of cool Stuff in it and I have packed this one On purpose as much as I could put in Here so you know it's full but typically If I had something like this I'd Probably tone it down just a little bit Because you don't have to patch Everything you've got in one pack and so This is just a really cool deal so we're Going to take a look at it and if you're Interested in the tool roll you can go To Roaring for gear also there's a lot Of exotat stuff in here and they give a 20 discount using suits 20 and just Helps out with the channel but let's Check it out all right guys here it is Feels like a football I love it I'm not Going to throw it but even if I did I Think it'd protect it I like the strap Just kind of solidifies even with this Thing packed out I mean we still have a Little bit left over and I like that now

I'll tell you I bought a wax canvas tool Roll just a couple of months ago I just Love the way it looked and I ended up Spending about 89 on it so you know I I Was really excited when these guys came Out with this I think this runs like 39 And that's on rowing fire gear but let's Look at some of the stuff that's in here Because that's really what we want to do Again guys getting organized is huge and I'm gonna also throw in some photos here In just a little bit of some of the bags That I have for different gear in it now This just opens up we'll start with this One first Um so what's really cool is that it has A number of different styles with the Pouches now there's no pouch out there There's no backpack out there that's Going to fit you specifically because There's different sizes people carry Different things and so that's one thing That I just find and I have to adapt And again you don't have to pack this Thing completely full but it makes it Nice if you can especially get a lot of Gear so up here at the front we got These mesh Nets so I like that because I've got all my stuff in here I keep Some Band-Aids if you do enough knife Reviews like I do Band-Aids are Something that you need I keep a knife Sharpener and of course always want to Have something to where if I need to top

My knife off I can a compass I like to Have compasses but this is just what I'm Putting in this pouch now here I have a Whistle and a little titanium whistle But these are great and a little string On it so just some basic items these are More toward the survival side but the Band-Aids definitely would be an EDC Item this flap also protects and that's Something you want I like to have a flap Like this I do have some tools that Don't have it and it's fine but I like To have that protective flap so now here Turn this around you've got a lot of Elastic Loops right here and that's Really great for for fitting different Type items I can fit this little nut Driver set down in here that's really Thin or I can take this flashlight this Little art failed I love these it'll fit In different items here is a small Little multi-tool and it's one of the Juice S2s and then this is a rip spool This is one of the coolest things guys It's a repair kit it's got duct tape Around it Inside it has a needle which is Protected you can see how much duct Tape's in there and then here we have Kevlar thread so a really cool setup And I really like these the only problem Is is they're usually out of stock Because they're so popular And so again this is pretty thick and

Yet it kind of slides down in there this Is something that it's a marine Spike This is something for serious work but Um I just like these I have a couple of Different ones And um Flashlight I know I've kind of got a Redundancy of flashlights but that's Just the way it is also a tactical pen And I always keep sharpies in all my Packs Sharpies you can do so much with Them and if you really need to Mark Something you can especially your own Gear uh then when we go to the back it's Not elastic it's more the canvas but it Has a little bit of a larger pouch and So there's there's four of them here I Have one of the Gerber drives this is Cool and that's what goes with my nut Driver Set uh so I you know I really Like having this larger kind of set The big pliers you know and then of Course all the tools that go with it and You know the one thing about a Multi-tool is that it's a jack of all Trades master of none but you've got a Lot of options and so it gives you some Capability and I don't have to talk About the merits of a multi-tool but I Like them okay also a knife and um It's good to have a good solid knife in Your pack anyway let's see what I got Down here I got something stuffed oh This is a lighter love to have Fire

Starting Fire Starting to me is a very Important thing that I just like to have And then this is a pretty cool system This is one of the thyroms it's one of Their battery holders And this has a number of cr123s in here So if I need to charge a battery or have Batteries for whatever reason and it Protects them it seals them these are Pretty cool I've got a couple of them uh They're and you can see how thick this Is I mean this is big and thick it's got This piece it can actually attach to Molly but it fits in here and it really Gives it a lot of room I wouldn't Necessarily be carrying this I just Wanted to show it because it was thicker And I put it in there later but there's A lot of different gear and it just gets You organized you can see you lay it out Here you know where everything is and It's not like you're digging through Something now there is a small pouch Here on the side it's got a YKK zipper I Have a bandana which I like to keep Those handy there's a bazillion uses Paracord zip ties and I have a small Charger and this is my Olight charger For my flashlight and a pair of nail Clippers guys I don't know about you but Whenever I need nail clippers I can Never find them again you can set this Up however you want to and if you have Some ideas see it just kind of flows and

That's one of the main reasons I'm going To show you not necessarily for you to Set it up the way I have it but just Gives you a lot of options and again This thing I mean it packs up really Well And so you can take it now obviously if You did it less You know it wouldn't be as much uh Wouldn't be as tight But even so I can pack this in Attach it I like that metal buckle There we go Got it But guys it is a lot of gear honestly Again I wouldn't be carrying this much In this pouch I would kind of trim it Down to make it more usable which goes To our next one I mean here this is just That right size I like it again it has That kind of a round shape to it it just Feels good in your hand Same thing But really what I'm really wanting to Show and really kind of help you guys Out is to say hey tool rolls are very Versatile there's a lot of things you Can do with them here I have matches These are Lifeboat matches I have some This is my fire kit so I have some Pretty definite fire related stuff this Is impregnated wood great for tender Guys you need tender don't go without Tinder then I have one of the blast

Matches this can be lit with one hand if You injure yourself the Air Force uses These or at least that's what I'm told And then we have some Vaseline and Cotton balls this is big I love Vaseline Cotton balls it's cheap easy and it Lights like I mean nobody's business and Then here we've got a lot of different Fire tools now again I like redundancy I Like to have a lot of different options And you can see that but one thing I do Have I have a couple of pins in here Just to have them I do have a light and This is one of the Olight and it's the S3 baton American flag limited edition But in here I mean it's just all these Different tools we've got a nano Striker Here from X attack we got another Striker yes it's redundant I have a Match one of the Exotic and this is for Butane and it's one of the x-match Let's see it's the Titan light And I love their work I mean these Things are made all in the USA and this Is an aluminum piece and of course you Can fill it here at the back and this Seals up pretty good because I filled This up about three weeks ago and it's Still having a flame of course the old Magnesium block with the striker and What I like is you got your Rod here to Strike and then you have magnesium to Help you with your tender and so that's Also a huge plus one thing that's kind

Of weird I found this in a pack sometime And this is actually something that you Telescope out and you blow in the end And it will give you air to blow into a Fire And so this is just one of those tools It's just a little bit different And I like it so I put it in my pack uh Here is one of the fire rods this is the XL this thing is massive I love it I Mean you can really get a lot of spark It has a duct tape around it what I Really like about these is I keep tender Tabs in here so I've got tender got duct Tape I got this huge Fair serum rod and So this is cool and then I have one of The smaller ones and really I put that In just because I had one available but Same thing it also has The Tinder tab it just has one but these Uh Ferro rods will actually come off and You can get refills and so you have this Really nice handle that's just nice I Love I love exotex stuff and you'll see That Um and you know exotech does uh put up An affiliate for us and we talk about Exotic but honestly I've been buying Exotak for years way before I had any Dealings with them uh here is a this is Just one of those uh jet kind of Lighters And this one Yeah it's got it in there

So most of the time these work pretty Good that's one thing too I want to just Kind of mention which we've done this Before I've talked about pack Maintenance and sometimes you'll pull Something out you need to keep track of Your stuff to make sure that it's Working that it's working properly so Don't just pack it away and leave it or Something like that'll happen and then We have some other tender tabs I'm big On the redundancy of fire I like to have Extras And then we have a Bic lighter in one of The fire sleeves and checking it out There it goes but this is great and it Keeps it sealed and you can actually I Think they have this thing backwards but You can take this and put it over this To keep it from the fuel coming out with This being pressed down And it has a little lanyard on the back You can hook it to something if you want And then here is one of the Fire Sticks We've done some videos on these fire Starters I'm a fire bug guys I love it But this is waterproof fire this will Actually burn on top of the water we did It where it floated down the creek about Burnt the freaking Woods down but a lot Of cool fire stuff guys if you're going To build a fire kit just go ahead and Add some extra stuff in there because if You're carrying just a Bic lighter and

I'm going to tell you from a lot of Experience Sometimes they work sometimes they don't Sometimes they sit in the pack and these Get corroded and they won't even light They won't even strike so um just make Sure you do that all right here again The pouch got some different things Waterproof matches I've got a four hour Candle Got some lip balm and you might say why In the world you have lip balm this is Flammable but it also keeps your lips From getting chapped dual Uses and just have a little small Flashlight in here in case I need Something and again I'm redundant on Light you can see I've got a couple of Lights in here I keep a light as an EDC Light all the time and a knife uh so Number of different items and again of Course you can see how much gear is in Here but when we close it up I mean it's solid and uh we probably Will not have as much trouble Getting this one because it's not as Tight but there we go pulls right Through it's solid it's not going Anywhere this locks down I love it I Just love it I love this wax on here and This material is super strong box X Stitching all that kind of stuff so Great tool roll now guys I'm telling you I have a bunch of tool rolls these are

Not the only ones and I use them for Different reasons there's different type Tools out there one that I have is Called the pack mule it's huge I mean It's big it has two sides to it there's Just a lot of capability with that tool Roll and because there are times where I Need more stuff this may not be enough It may I may need to get a lot of gear In there and especially something I'm Keeping in my car for repairs Uh you know it just really works well it Works great with tools it works great With EDC items survival items just Necessary stuff and I like to put it in There gives me a lot of room also there Are some smaller tool rolls that they do At rowing fire and others like this one But they're smaller ones I love to put Collections knife collections are one of The big things I mean there's so many Different type collections again Multi-tools flashlights guys being Preppers you know you you know the old Saying is two is one one is none well Ten is five And so you know I like to have multiples And a lot of that has to do because I'm Just a reviewer I mean let's be honest But I still and I know a lot of you guys You buy EDC stuff you like to use Different things and this just lays it Out where you can see it if you're Working on your car I mean again this is

A tool roll so you can put standard Tools in here bring them out it's really Easy easy to get to stuff it's just laid Out I've got toolboxes and I'm digging Around and I'm trying to look for stuff With the tool rolls they just lay out Yeah there's still a place for toolboxes For sure and I've got toolboxes but for Things that I'm going to be on the move Just to make things more versatile makes Life a lot easier and that's really what I think is important to especially as a Prepper because you've got a lot of Stuff get it organized and get it Organized right and I think you know You'll just feel better about it now if You're interested in these um they are At and again I think They're 39 bucks so they're very Reasonable price and there are times Where they do have some sales and I'm a Good friend of the guys over at roaring Fire in fact my buddy Rodney from NC Hill Channel he works for them so I just Like to show their stuff off and I get Really excited and again I was part of The brainchild behind some of this Especially the wax pattern and this look I love the look and so so check it out Also exotak you do get a 20 discount Using suits 20 with a link down below so Guys again the gear just keeps coming You want to do certain things you think About stuff and before long you feel

Like you know you're one of American Hoarders or something and so get Organized get yourself in good shape Because searching through boxes and Packs and backpacks for specific gear Can be a real chore and this gets Everything right there where you need it And then when you just roll it out you See everything that's just right in Front of you so I think tool rolls again They're one of my favorites I actually Helped design this particular pack and We really appreciate the guys over at Roaring fire for sending them I have a Couple of the prototypes and I'm using Those just like I'm using these check Out Royal fire gear check out exotech 20 Off using suits 20 with the link Down Below in the description it is an Affiliate link and it does help with Things that we do around here at the Suits Channel and the sensible prepper Channel be strong be of good courage God Bless America long live the republic [Music] So we're going to go through a couple of These pouches I think it's going to be Kind of cool just to see some of the Things that are in here this is Now there is a All right I gotta get this video done This just one of those Jet kind of Lighters And this one

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