Top Winter Car TIPS & TRICKS you NEED To Know

By | November 8, 2022

How to get your car / truck ready for winter driving Wranglerstar Professional Homeowner PROhO
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Gentlemen welcome back to the shop in Today's video we are going to be kicking Off the getting your truck ready for Winter series we have snow on the ground And that always is kind of initiates That in for me I've got everything Pulled out on the rig I like to work by Categories medical emergency Retrieval that way you can it helps you Kind of categorize everything so let's Start with the tools I carry four tools In the truck now these are not mechanic Tools or your wrenching tools these are Going to be things to deal with problems If you live uh in a wintry area you Should have a shovel having a shovel is Really important to dig out if you need To put chains on you slip off the road a Million different things and these Little Combi shovels designed for Soldiers are really nice this is the Glock tool I really am happy with this I Don't know why it took me so long to Figure this out how good this was uh but It's got a polymer handle and a metal Blade and it folds up very small and Very light you can have it in this Configuration or you could like a hoe or You can have it just as a straight Shovel you have multiple positions you Know just a little bonus feature you do Get a saw inside as well now it's not The best saw it's not a silky by any Means but it's a decent saw and you can

Get through a branch if you get a big Branch across your road that you Couldn't move you could cut through that Vine Maple whatever so having this is Very very good and even the point here You know you might be able to break a Window if you've ever tried to break an Automotive window without a sharp Point Good luck with that I carry an ax we live in the Pacific Northwest so we've got big trees and Windstorms and stuff comes down all the Time this gives me a combination of a Pounding tool if you need to drive Something or you get chains wrapped Around axles sometimes when it's cold Things don't want to move and you might Need to use the pole for that you can Chop through a pretty good sized tree if It falls down in your driveway or across The road so I always carry one is Something big enough that you can get Two hands on it and swing pretty good A Good cheap a cheaper a more affordable Option would be the cold cold steel Trail Boss that's a really good truck Option As far as a knife I really like the Glock field knife they're inexpensive This combination of the Glock tool with The field knife is very good you know Just really utilitarian it's got a good Sheath on it that you could put on a Belt if you needed to do that it's got a

Good point on it it's heavy so it's good For prying it even has a serrated back So you could get through a rope or it's Just a good strong utility knife and if It gets stolen out of the truck you know It's not going to break your heart you Have to consider that when you're Putting Tools in as well I have started carrying A big silky saw when I first bought this Guy This Katana boy I thought it was it was A novelty and ridiculous but man this is Quite a nice saw you won't believe this Thing it's called a katana boy Why do I have so many saws and axes we Live in the forest and all always Dealing with that I'll carry a chainsaw And big storms but that's just not Realistic for most times I don't want The gas in this and just the expense if Someone were to take it but look at this Guy you can do some serious work with This and it stores in a pretty small Location pretty small little bag so this Can be tucked underneath of a seat Behind a seat anywhere but if you have To worry about branches or cutting Through things boy this is your Huckleberry right here you can it's it's Like a little chainsaw it really is all Right let's move on to the next category Next is going to be the retrieval gear All the equipment you're going to need

To get someone pulled out of a ditch You're going to start with this you're Going to want a proper retrieval insert For your rear hitch you don't want to Pull off of the ball for various reasons But this with the good metal shackle Like that that's where you're going to Start I always carry two especially up Here where you do you might need to Change directions so two good heavy Shackles that serve you really well and I can't over emphasize how many times I've used this and how important this is A snatch block for changing directions Primarily and being able to just have a Lot of options and these These are kind Of a little kit together now I really Like these soft shackles I carry three Of these These are excellent because Most of your passenger cars and even Some even Jeeps I've seen Jeeps that say Trail have trail rated badges on the Front that have nowhere to hook on the Front with a choker or anything without Tearing them up so these are really good For those passenger cars usually you can Get underneath there get under around You know even the axle if you have Whatever but it use it'll help by not Tearing up the vehicle where these are Very limited where you can put them Under vehicles and then a tree strap big Tree strap a big wide strap that's also Going to be able to be used with the

Snatch block for changing directions in Your winching and and for goodness sakes Don't forget like I did one time my Winch controller So have that on board and I have an Extra set of winch lines so I could Double the capacity of what I could pull Or just extra options and then I carry a Bubble bubble rope as well so just think About what you're going to need and have That all put together this kind of goes Along with retrieval but have a good set Of at least one set of tire chains and Don't skimp out on these I've seen the Guys with three quarter one ton pickups Buy those cheap skinny chains spin break Them and do five thousand dollars worth Of damage on the side of their truck Where it whipped around there and tore Something up or tore brake lines out so You're not saving any money and they're Going to fail you when you need them so Get the good heavy links professional Grade ones with the alloy cross bars These will last a long time and they're Versatile now with their cam system so They fit all sorts of all sorts of Trucks with the chains and my granddad Always did this he had basically Everything in his box together here an Old a space blanket a four by or six by Eight whatever size this is you can lay It down and when you're in the the mud Or in the snow or in the water it's

Gonna you'd be glad you had this it just Help keep everything clean and an old Rain jacket just keep that in there Throw that on when you got your Sunday Clothes on you're not going to spoil Your drip also have a little or a pair Of gloves Leather gloves and your tensioners for Your chains and don't forget your cam Tool that will come with those make sure That that's in there double bag some Kitty litter this is excellent for Traction if you just can't get going and You don't want a fool of putting chains On and you know if you could just get Going out of the parking lot you'd be Okay okay you can sprinkle this down There and this works incredibly well and It's really good for absorbing spills You know why I carry double bag it or Triple bag it double baggies not even Enough it'll go everywhere And your tensioners gloves and where get Thermal gloves if you're in the cold air Climate but man putting chains on with Your Frozen hands is pretty miserable so Insulated gloves for us cold weather Guys all right let's move on to kind of Uh some emergency supplies have a good Quality dedicated flashlight that you're Not going to rob or steal that will Always be there for you get something From Streamlight they make great lights A good value super industrial strength

And get something that uses double a Batteries the this this firefighter Lights are good series they're a little Bit spotty they don't have a great flood But if you want to Signal someone or cut Through a lot of fog they're good for That plus they tail stand and they have A clip on it so when you're working you Can literally clip it in a pocket and Turn it on and have kind of a hands-free Extra batteries lithium so those will Last a long time years and years and Hold the charge quite a bit longer than The alkaline the alkaline I've tore up So much equipment because the the acid Leaks that I don't buy those too much Anymore so I really like the lithiums Have a jump starter I used to carry Jumper cables I finally start got rid of Them they're just such they're so big And hard to pack around these little Portable jump boxes have are really Handy and they've proven to be reliable And you get USB charging for cell phone Or anything like that so stuff and extra Cable in there put a USB put a lightning Whatever you're going to need to charge You can charge your phone with that Stuff as well you just have to be Diligent to make sure that they're Topped off so but these things are nice And there's a flashlight on them as well So actually with this kit you have three Separate flashlights and then little

Marking flares you could have road Flares those work of course but these Little digital ones are are handy They're they come in three packs and They have they're magnetic so you can Stick them on the side the back of your Car you can run up the road and throw Them out they flash they're really neat I think that they're they're awesome They have a couple modes too they have a Just a regular light and I found this to Be handy with this hook The hook flips out in the back and you Can hang it under your hood if you need To light that up so just a versatile Little inexpensive item that's pretty Handy Have some cash on hand a little notepad And a pen so you can leave notes inside The window if you have to abandon the Rig or just communicate with someone and Have I keep about 150 dollars of cash in Here and with in smaller bills 100 and Then some I think maybe it might be 200 Because when the power goes out the gas Stations can't take the credit cards the Credit card machines are always down and It's basically oh sorry no gas for you So you don't want to be that guy I know A lot of us don't carry cash around but For those instances uh that that's why I Carry it and then if you guys are into Radios of course the little radio pack a Couple Beau fangs would be nice if you

Had to leave or abandon the car it's Really sad how many stories you hit Every year of old folks or a family that Gets takes a wrong turn gets lost and Someone tries to walk back and and ends Up getting lost for no reason for lack Of having just a little Etrex GPS go with the old school ones The original ones we looked at these on The live stream yesterday and you can Buy these for about thirty five dollars They're really high quality uh they'll Last forever they take the double a Batteries make sure your batteries are The same across everything in your whole System so it makes it simple for you But if you need to abandon the vehicle And you know that you can cut out Several miles to get down and get help And leave your kids or family in the Vehicle having something like this you Can put in your pocket and turn on that Leaves tracks would save your life There's just no reason not to have one Of these they're so affordable and You'll use it for all sorts of things How much better would your wife and Family feel if you had to walk out to Get help and they were in touch with a Couple of cheap you know with a radio And knew that you had this yeah it's Just a big piece of mind all right let's Move over next to Medical as a former Fire Medic in Colorado I've ran a lot of

Emergency calls in cold weather and the Number one thing that is most requested It has brought the most comfort in every Case or any situation I've been in has Been warm blankets really has folks that Are on the side of the road and have ran Out of gas or their engine won't run Anymore and gotten cold just warm Blankets are very handy and if there's There could be a family and often is a Large family when they go up to cut Christmas trees and they're cold when You find them so have blankets wool Army Blankets Pendleton Blankets anytime you Run across one at a second hand store at A garage sale snap it up there's just One of the pleasures of life is a wool Pendleton blanket your space blanket you Can use that also they they hold a lot Of heat in and there's I carry an Emergency Small fold up military style as well so Blankets now I have a pretty good first Aid kit your chance of running across a Car accident is pretty high you it's Just a matter of percentages when you're Around a lot of people in an urban area That are traveling at high speed through These uh metal containers you know the Chance of it people crashing and getting Hurt goes way up so I have man probably A dozen times stopped and had and had to Deal with or help to deal with car Wrecks uh just as a as a bystander so

Having a good medical kit is super Important this is a mine from Refuge Medical they're probably my favorite Their kits are the very just the very Best very well thought out I'm not going To go into the details but goodness in This day in age you need to have a kit Like this go to Refuge medical go to Their uh you know look and see what's Going to fit for you you know what are Your capabilities what are you willing To do as well but once you've been Warned if you had a loved one that was Bleeding out or From something that you could have dealt With with a kit like this and you didn't Do it you'd never forgive yourself so I Know they're expensive You don't have to buy multiples buy Something like this that you can take in And out just be diligent about it when You're going to go on trips or going to Town make sure you grab it or just leave It in there you know whatever you do Just just have a system but a good kit Like that and some blankets will go a Long way and finally for the Professional homeowners with onboard air Of course all professional homeowners Have onboard air in the vehicles because They understand that Lowering the pressure in your tires is One of the best things you can do to get Traction but you want to be able to

Reinflate how far can you lower it well It's a dangerous thing I've been down to Close around 10 pounds 9 10 pounds you Run the risk of losing the bead and if You're just ignore me you're not going To know how to fix that and you're going To be stuck so Know that but having onboard air is nice Because you can air down quickly so make Sure just something to think about That your hose reaches all the way to The furthest tire from your air Compressor wherever that may be and Don't forget to consider you might have A trailer and will it reach there so for Me for a cruise super duty I've got to Have this much hose to get to all four Tires and my snow bike trailer whatever Trailer I'm having in case I had to air Up or do a tire repair so I have the Hose for that with the air gauge and the Deflator so these deflators are very Nice if you don't want to sit there and You know fool with pressing the straight The valve my friend Peter told me Something that was really handy he said That when you hear the whistling if you Pull your Schrader valves out and you Should have one of those tools in here As well pull that out as soon as you Hear the whistling that's right around The I think you said nine or ten pound Range so just kind of an interesting Side note if you just wanted to do quick

And dirty get down to around 10 psi or These deflators they're going to give You the exact pressure and they're Pretty nice as well so tire pressure is Really important in Winter everything Fits really nicely under the seat in This Crew I don't have to you know put Have boxes and such I used to put these In the I don't even know how to run my own rig I used to put these in those uh tough Boxes but they're so rigid and stiff and Unflexible they're such a pain and They're kind of a hazard if they were Loose in the cab in a rollover So I'd probably put it in a backpack or A softer bag if you want to have Something that if it's not safe for you To leave this equipment in your vehicle And as far as the wool blanket We just use those all the time I just Leave it out so put a wool blanket get a Pendleton wool blanket put that on your Christmas list a little one uh you'll Really like it and we'll close out with Two items I keep in my door panel of Course with the covered and the 911 These times are dangerous a uh having a Baton wouldn't be a bad idea to have on Hand as well as a stun gun these things Are nasty I tried it out of my little Dog poor thing limp for a week well Gentlemen that's just about it Wet wipes clean up your dirty hands or

For our East Coast friends to clean up That lobster roll you drop down the Front of your lapel all right thank you For watching may God bless you and your Families please keep us in your prayers Jump in the comments and add or your Comments of what you'd like to add we All learn together as a good book tells Us iron sharpens iron so one man Sharpens another and we're all here to Learn there's no elitism here we just Want to want to do well and want to be Prepared and be able to be good Providers and protectors and leaders of Our family God bless you and your Families we'll see you all on the next Video Thank you

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