Track your Distance #shorts

By | October 5, 2022

Last week I showed you how to make a Ranger Pace counter now I'm going to Show you how to use it the first thing We need to do is get our Pace count we Need to measure off 100 meters and then As we walk that 100 meters every time Our right foot hits the deck we're going To count one two After we get to 100 meters we know our Pace count mine is about 62 X's so the Bottom beads are for 100 meter markings The top or for a thousand meter so every Time we walk 100 meters we're gonna pull A bottom bead down so that 100 meters 200 meters once we get to 900 the next We're going to move is one of the Thousand meter markers so boom thousand Meters then we'll move the bottom beads Back up and start over again one two one Way to keep up with your pace cord is Use your belt loop and just hitch it Around Your belt loop and that way you have it There and you can just look down and Move it As you're walking

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