TRUMP Attacks Fellow Conservatives and Why The RED WAVE didn’t Happen

By | November 11, 2022



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[Music] Good evening guys Glasgow survival Late Night Live thanks for tuning in it's the Marine Corps Birthday Um I guess it just actually passed Veterans Day two happy Veterans Day as Well but uh some areas it's still the Marine Corps birthday and uh anyway I Was a marine so I always celebrate this Day and I don't drink a lot of beer Because Um I'm gonna tell you why in a video Tomorrow But drinking one now with you guys this Is actually a glass I got one of my left Camp Lejeune it was they had them in a Bar that me and the Marines for my unit Was at Um when I was running this I was Changing stations and I got this glass I'm drinking uh steel hands coffee Porter this is a local uh Brewery in Columbia South Carolina Um and anyhow Um you know I got like I said I got this Glass Um you know the Marine Corps and I just Didn't see eye to eye anymore you know It became soft Um I guess I was too hard of a sergeant During that time and it didn't fit into The core anymore Um I'd hate to even know what it's like Today but whenever you're leaving a uh

Unit and you're you're going somewhere Else You know you have to do something called Check a checking out like a check out Where you go to supply Medical Dental You know S1 and all these different Places and uh on my checkout list I Gotta go see the chaplain as part of the Deal and the chaplain told me he said Man for the rest of your life on the Marine Corps birthday if you don't get You know you don't go to a ball or Anything like that you have to at least Drink a beer right so I've always made That a tradition Um and so drinking my beard now with you Guys usually Um a few years ago actually a grocery Store it's funny Lowe's Foods I almost say it's more than a grocery Store because they have like a coffee Place in there a bar restaurant stuff Like that it's pretty cool but I Stumbled in there one day they had some Tofu hunting beers and I saw it I said Dang so I went and bought them and I was Like right at their Marine Corps Birthday and the girl working at the Counter she she was a marine too and she Said hey we're having a Marine Corps Celebration tonight so I usually go There every year There's a former counter Intel guy named Staff sergeant Lindsay who actually puts

It on and they had it tonight at 6 30 But I just couldn't make it so anyway Um just sorry sorry I took up that time But uh telling you those stories but uh Anyway simplify Dallas Marines Um And we'll get into today's topics let's Start off with a few tweets first Um some pretty good ones in my notes as Always are always is really mixed up First we're going to start off with Kevin Sorbo he said I called my stock Broker this morning and asked him what Should I be buying he said canned goods And ammunition no doubt right Um Kyle Mann here he said uh do I vote for A party that nominates candidates with Brain damage or a party that loses Against candidates with brain damage He's referring to Dr Oz and uh fetterman I thought was pretty pretty funny Tim Moore thank you sir And uh let me see this one actually is Actually pretty good because we actually Just talked about this Twitter's head of Trust and safety Joel Roth and head of Sales Robin wheeler departing from the Company so they actually resigned I Talked about yo Roth how Elon must put Yo Roth in part of safety is a very Extreme leftist uh married to another Dude and so he actually left Twitter Right and so apparently Twitter's taking

A die financially because these two Executives left Another good one Tim Scott one of our Senators here in South Carolina he he wrote you know we Were putting parents back in charge of Their education and It says uh This guy says Please tell me what I'm missing here What are we doing next putting patience In charge of their own surgeries clients In charge of their own trials when we Stop trusting experts and so so you see How moronic these people are Is crazy it's crazy What's even crazier is all these these Uh hardcore uh Q anons they're like I'm Unsubscribing to you if you say Something bad about Trump he's our Savior like chill chill out I would have Returned three times and I'd vote for Him again These these Q Anon people flip out if You say something about the Savior you Know So I got a video here uh president I should Say president puppet in charge Joe Biden Is ask if he believes Elon Musk is a Threat to National Security or the United States or in or should the United States uh investigate acquisition of Twitter and this comes after Prince

Alouidad I guess of Saudi Arabia and Qatar is actually holding an investment In a firm Wealth fund that's connected that helped By Elon by Twitter and Biden says I Think that Elon Musk cooperation or Technical relationship with other Countries were they were they being Looked at what about you're in your Son's freaking uh ties to to the CCP Ukraine you know it's crazy I'll show You the clip real quick The US National Security and should the US and with the tools you have Investigate his joint acquisition of Twitter with foreign governments which Include the Saudis I think that Elon musk's First off can we just acknowledge There's something wrong with this man Cooperation and or Technical Relationships with other countries Is worthy of being looked at Whether or not he is doing anything Inappropriate I'm not suggesting that I'm suggesting that it works worse being Looked at and uh Um and uh And um uh and um yeah So yeah why don't you talk about you and Your sons getting looked at right Um this let me pop J this guy JB up he

Said Tim Scott is a rhino though pretty Much the entire synagogue GOP is are all Rhinos so just because we talk look Tim Scott can say something correct he may Be a rhino I think he's a rhino too I Talked to Tim Scott personally I taught Him early uh maybe two years ago about Social media I'm probably one of the Bigger influencers in his State Influencers YouTubers or whatever Content creators guy that films himself With a camera in his State and I told Him that I've been Shadow banned you Know they said oh yeah I'm going to work On it I'm diligently Bubba hand done Nothing of course he of course it's like All the other Republicans they're all Rhinos all of them all of them and that Kind of brings me to a point though One people can say things right and you Not agree with everything and say I Don't know why it's conservatives left People aren't like this or but Conservatives really bug me because they Think you have to agree with every Single thing someone says and if they Say something that you don't agree with Cancel that son of a gun that's how they Are it's just mind-boggling that's why That's why the blue wins all the time Because conservatives cannot just take a Step back and say look I don't have to Marry this It's just a bus ride that's like yeah

Look at this I heard this quote Yesterday you have to marry the Politician it's just a bus ride to get To a destination I may not agree with everything they do They are rhinos but who else am I am I Going to vote for a freaking Democrat Because I like Tim Scott I mean I mean For real there's nobody else to choose From Conservatives need to quit doing that So listen to this this absolutely the The left are insane they really are Let's listen to this Me at some point for president Um I know there's some variables Obviously but yeah Miss Circle back just said yeah he's Cute talking about fetterman but I just You know oh he's cute What he did in the in the super red deep Red parts of Pennsylvania and the way That he ran ahead of Biden as you were Saying ran ahead of trump I mean it just Makes it makes you wonder about his Future Literally talking about fetterman Running for president I mean I mean I guess he can fix any Election you know Um But yeah so Trump you know I mean look I would have Returned three times I vote for him

Again I think Trump did great things for The country one of the biggest things I Think he did was uh make people wake up To the corruption within the government But who's to say he's not corrupting on Certain levels as well Um but you know the thing is is that People didn't pay attention to polish Politics before him that's why you have People that are so devout to Trump they Don't really even care about politics They just want to worship Donald Trump That's how it is but they're what They're now awakened to the nonsense That the government does Um you know the the evil that the Government does they take notice now Which so I definitely commend that I Commend a lot of things you did but he Also pushed things like uh red flag laws I played a clip months ago where he said Let's take the guns first right I mean And then he uh fan bump stocks you push Warp speed Um the juice these sort of things he Paid a porn star to have sex with him I Mean so there's lots of things I I don't Like just because I don't like these Things or just I don't think you know I Don't like certain things about him Don't mean I don't like his what he's Done for the country or I wouldn't vote For him so get out of this one way of Thinking right because uh I had like 200

Which I don't even care I don't care About how many followers I got I can I Can lose all of my own care Um I'll go back and hide hide in the Woods somewhere but The thing is is that people I lost like 200 followers a day from the video Because I said that he talked about some Stances I showed where he did like it's Not like something I made up and I'm Going to show tonight where he attacked The Sanchez on true social That's what we're getting to next but You know people are so blinded Um by him at the same time that you know He's not a savior he's not and he can't Do it all by himself right could he be a Formal uh opponent against the the woke And stuff like that yes but he needs People also you saw the last two years Where he lost the sin in the house right He was getting attacked ruthlessly Whereas the first years where he had you Know had the houses and he was not so he Can't do it alone so he has to have People he has to have allies you know What I mean but if you keep waiting for Trump to save the country it's not going To happen Um we will be devoured by the work Socialist mob Like I said uh voted form three months Three times including the primaries Twice as president and I'd vote for him

Again if he wins the primaries and and So I think he's done great things for the Country but also think people understand That not all men are perfect and I can Still support him but not like something He says or does I can do that right I Think it's poor spirit that he attacks To scientists especially right now I'm Not saying it's not going to come to That because it will that's what that's What happens when it comes to the Primaries coming up to the primaries They're going to have to attack each Other that's just the way the cookie Crumbles and then after that it's all a Show spectacle they're friends again That's how it works right Um people say oh he wasn't attacking him Oh really well he made this statement Um a few different ones Is this it No but this is a good one Let me read this to you if Florida can Count 7.5 million ballots in five hours How come it could take days for some States to count less than 2 million and Also let's also consider Florida just Got hit by a a freaking hurricane and They can still do it Here we go so Trump's true social now The election over over in Florida and Over and everything went quite well Should it be said that in 2020 I got 1.1

Million more votes in Florida than Ron D Got this year 5.7 million to 4.6 million Just asking so obviously he sees him as A threat already trying to shut him down From even considering running is what I Personally believe he's trying to do Um But I also made the segment right here Um and this was actually posted by the Wall Street Junior I think he made this Statement to the Wall Street Journal and It was uh I don't know he's running Trump said I think if he runs he could Hurt himself very badly dot dot dot if He did run I will tell you things about Him that won't be very flattering I know More about him than anybody other than His wife who is really running his Campaign now it could be true maybe he Does know dirt about DeSantis we don't Know this Santa's you know isn't a saint Either you know a lot of these things Don't come out until you run into the Bigger circles you know what I mean so It's very possible DeSantis could be you know have a lot of Negative things about them Um But Why Would you put this out on true social Today You know I just I I don't know why you Would do that he also did this calling

To sanctimonious like I said in the Video of the day prior to the election Which I thought was in poor spiritus Especially coming to the election But uh he also released a statement um Calling him an average Republican Governor and referring to him as Ron and Saint pneumonius and this comes this Speculation obviously because DeSantis Could launch a run for the White House After strong performance during Re-election in Florida in my opinion if I were DeSantis though I probably Wouldn't try to run against Trump Because you wouldn't want to hurt your Credibility let Trump run and then maybe You know do it personally I would uh Probably go over but this is what he put Out on true social today Let me see is this this is not that's Not the right one here we go now that The midterms are over and it success News Corp which is Fox The Wall Street Journal are no longer a great New York Posts bring back coal Is all the government run to Santa Monica's average Republican government With great public relations who didn't Have to close up his state but did Unlike other Republican Governors whose Overall numbers for Republican were just Average middle of the pack including Covet and who is the Adventist Sunshine Where people

From badly run States up north would go No matter who the governor was just like I did so he's saying that people run to Florida just to get out of there Ron Came to me desperate shape in 2017 he Was politically dead losing in a Landslide to a very good agricultural Commissioner Adam Putman who was loaded Up with cash and great poll numbers Ron Had low approval and bad polls and no Money but he said that if I would Endorse him he could win I didn't know Adam so I said let's give it a shot Ron When I endorse him now before we go Further this may all be true in which Case you know if that is the case and You know I didn't pay much attention to Rhonda census during that time if that Is the case and yeah it would be one of Those things where you probably should Pay your respects to the man that did You know put you on the scene and just Lay low and let him run for president And you do it afterwards uh because then If so if Trump won and then the census Was the run after then he could get his Blessing so Um He said it was it was as though to use a Bad term a nuclear weapon went off years Later they were the exact words that Adam Putnam used describing Ron's Endorsement he said I went from having It made with no competition to

Immediately getting absolutely clobbered After your endorsement I then got run by The star of the Democrat Party Andrew Gillum who was later revealed to be a Crackhead by having two massive rallies With tens of thousand people at each one Now I do think this is a little bit of Ego you know he's basically saying that Ron was nobody until he and that which May be true Um I also fixed this campaign which had Completely Fallen apart I was all in for Ron and he beat Gillum but after the Race when the votes were being stolen by The corrupt election process in Broward County and Ron was going down to 10 000 Votes a day along with now Senator Rick Scott I sent in the FBI and U.S Attorneys to the ballot theft Immediately ended just prior to them Running out of boats necessary to win I Stopped this election for being stolen And now Rhonda St Moses playing games The fake news is asking him that if he Goes running against Donald Trump then He says I'm only focused on the Governor's race I'm not looking in the Future well in terms of loyalty in class That's really not the right answer This is like the 2015-2016 media assault Collusion and Fox News and uh fought me To the end until I won and then it could Have been nicer more support of the Wall Street Journal

Sorry not the right one Low energy Jeb Bush and secession of Other people as they rapidly disappear From sight finally failing And falling start falling in line with Me after I easily knocked them down one By one I gotta make America great again so this Is the deal Does he have the right to attack Ron I guess it really depends on if these Statements are true because if these Statements are true I would feel exactly Like Donald Trump I would be like dude I Put you on the scene and now you're Trying to run against me wait your turn Um so if this is true then I would Definitely be Be about that that's how it would be Somebody's saying that I watched too Much and in fact this is fake news this Is from True Social Security Donald Trump's true social dude Well I should be Trump's vice president Yeah I mean that would actually be a Good move as well Um I think that that'd be a landslide You know um the best thing that could Happen to this country is a huge Year-long Revival how great it would be To say Americans get saved yeah Absolutely it should you know usually Those things come to cycle so it's all It's always possible man you know

Revivals come in Cycles like that you Know things usually got to get bad Enough people depend on Jesus Um so Yeah guys let me know your thoughts on That um you know the thing is is I've Helped people before and they kind of Stab you in the back and then yeah you Want to you know put the wood to them And maybe that's the case maybe Trump deserves to put the heat to him Like this if this is all true what he's Saying because what he's saying if I was In Trump's position and I helped this Man You know because he would really be Nobody if those case if he was actually Losing and Trump helped him win now he's Playing hero and then Trump said well It's not the right answer because what He should say is no I'm not going to run Against Donald Trump so I get it I get It right I would be exactly like Trump Would Um in this situation I'd be very upset That do not have loyalty right so Um I guess we'll see how it shakes out Obviously they're gonna they're gonna go At each other's throats if Um It comes that run uh DeSantis runs he is They're going to because they always do Um so just be aware of that and don't Let it split up the Party Don't Let It

Split up conservative views and uh you Know just vote for whoever you think the Better candidate will be you know I Can't tell you that but uh again if I Was in in that position I'd probably be The same way I'd be I'd be pretty upset Too So you know we talked about a Redway I'm Sorry let me go to Canada songs first Candace Owens also someone got attacked Because someone changed what she said And again it's one of them things where If I heard this and I'll probably get Upset too so uh Trump got upset because What he he read on the internet let me Go ahead and play the video for you Something yourself that your base didn't Like and you somehow transformed that Into something that I did wrong that's Unacceptable that is that it's not being A leader that is not owning things that You did wrong that is not owning that You misunderstood something about your Base that's not growing that's not Developing in fact he should have tried To understand why the bass was so upset With him which would have led to the Fact that his base is not pro coveted Vaccine it's that simple I understood That I could have told him that but at That moment I realized that he's not Listening who is this guy next to him Trying to egg him on to be angry at me For trying to defend him say that he's

Not a shill to say no actually I think That he genuinely does support the Vaccines he did genuinely support the Vaccines so all of this going on made me Again question Him if he was becoming too angry which Is to say that when Trump went into Election in 2016 he was having fun right He was naming people giving them fun Names and you Sorry I was sorry I was muted I just Figured out so Um what took place there is that Candace Owens was doing an Instagram live and She said On there that you know Trump was very Much Pro the Hokey Pokey and stuff like That because you know he's from a Different age group and this and that Because a lot of older people are cool With that but The Daily Beast said You're too old and don't understand the Internet per Candice Owens so She uh Got blasted I guess by someone told her I'll let her finish the story real quick Ly getting these headlines that he can Respond to these headlines live nothing Wrong with that except there was Something wrong with it apparently Trump Actually got upset with me because and Here's the great irony the richest irony The Daily Beast we're in a headline Regarding that live Instagram that you

Just heard from me and the headline was Candace Owens says Trump is pro-vax Because he's too old to understand the Internet I never once called Trump too Old I didn't never once said that Trump Could not understand the internet and Yet somehow he got that information and Believed it to be true he thought that I Said that he was too old and he couldn't Understand the internet and did not Quite get the information that actually What I was saying was a defense of him So that his supporters would still Believe in him Not only was he just mad By the way he then during a golf session With some mutual friends of ours So anyway I don't care about the golf Session story Um you know I mean the thing is whenever You talk a lot people are going to get Upset no matter if your allies or Whatever this is going to happen Obviously the the media spun that Differently and he saw the headline so Obviously I'd get upset too I mean this Is the thing you know if you see a Headline of someone who you think is an Ally talking trash about you're gonna Get upset so Um you know if I were her I probably Wouldn't get upset at Trump about that I Would just you know chalk it up as you Know fake news I just think this is part of the the

Infighting that will happen well there's A lot of infighting sorry I see more Infighting and conservatives than I do You know leftist on invite I never see It but conservatives in fight so much Hence why we have Biden and Kamala Running the country and we're spending Sending billions of dollars to Um Ukraine because conservatives would Rather attack conservatives than attack Leftists which is how it is it's easier To do they're too scared to title the Leftists but they'll attack each other That's how it is anyway Why did the Red Wave fizzle out well Um young people Went out to vote they voted blue and Across the Nation voters from 18 to 29 Voter Democrat by margin 63-25 and they Are primarily concerned about abortion Climate change and gun control Um So these are their hot topics why do you Think they are because that's what the Media tells them that's what social Media pushes on the algorithm to get Them to think this is the most critical Thing I hear people uh you know young Younger people talk about climate change All the time So so just just nonsense you know and Then we have you know just absolute Sketchy stuff going on in Arizona we Have

The this going on breaking reports Sheriff's deputies surround Maricopa County tabulation Center Perched on the roof barricades fence Now Set up and then we have Penske trucks Pulling in carrying ballots For real carrying ballots like Caring ballast I wonder like where where Do these ballots come from We also have tabulation machines not Working I'll put your put your uh you Know your your vote ballot in the uh Trash bag we're going to take down to The courthouse later tonight and count It yeah okay okay Um because this is one of the bigger Ones they don't want this state to flip Right NFL's putting pressure on all Kinds of things right but Penske truck's Pulling up with ballots and then we have Things like this in in Pennsylvania Dead man re-elected Pennsylvania man who Died earlier this year was re-elected to His position as state representative Tony DeLuca longest running Pennsylvania State representative died Died this year and he was reelected we Have dead men being reelected So these are just some reasons why They uh the Red Wave didn't happen I Think some wanted to happen because if We get the house In the Senate obviously that's going to Be strong right

But One of the other bigger things is to Dissolve of the nuclear family right the Change Of the tradition traditional value is Conservatism all these things 68 of unmarried women favor Democrats Um 31 percent Favored Republicans Right 52 percent of unmarried men Favored Republicans over 45 percent who Favor Democrats married men 40 59 Percent Supported Republican candidates over 39 Percent who supported Democrat while 56 Percent of married women supported Republican 40 supported Democrat 59 of unmarried voters supported Democrats compared to 39 who were Supported Republicans so a lot of these And I could just go down I mean there's A ton of data I got here but a lot of it Has to do with people Being married versus not married You know you had the cat lady You know this got the BLM flag out in Front of our house she is going to vote Democrat right the single guy that you Know Um can't get a date to save his life and He's smoking dope and playing uh video Games and watching anime all day he's Voting Democrat too you know Um so

People with jobs lives wives kids I Actually have to take care of things Have responsibilities they are voting Republican because they know how it's Going to impact their life And that's and and that's a huge part of The problem that's in this part of their Process they're part of their process is To dissolve the nuclear family why Because it's a a strong unit they don't Want the strong unit they don't want Independence they don't want you to be Self-employed they don't want you to Have a garden in your backyard Then also have money they want you to be In debt by their control right they want You to be alone in your home look at Look at look at the pandemic how they Kept you home all day couldn't see your Family friends no no Thanksgiving put This mask on some of my name is your Face right this is this is the way they Do that by separating Dissolving the nuclear family But you know He thinks Buddy says happy Marine Corps Birthday To sit back hoping that somebody some Way someone will make things like Feeding the crocodile Hoping he will eat you last but he he Will yeah man thanks buddy But yeah guys it is it's it's an Absolute

Clown show And I mean I mean it gets the point Where you can't even you know trust some Of these places right and that's the Biggest thing with Republicans like what They have to understand conservatives Republicans GOP what they have to Understand what they have to do and most Of Muranos are not going to do anything It's just going to keep going terrible Terrible until we're you know At in some kind of Civil War Revolution Or something like that because they're Too busy trying to get rich but What they have to do is one get control Of the social media thing the social Media thing is the biggest problem Nobody watches mainstream media except For Leftist Everybody watches uh social media they Get their news from social media so with That if they cannot get freedom of Speech there it's going to be a massive Issue like if they get the house they've Got to work on that and they've got to Work on Election integrity Right countries all over the world have These kind of issues the lecture Integrity where dictators take rain this Is the sort of things that happen it's Not a conspiracy theory it happens it's Happening right now modern day globally And if they don't get that under control

It's going to be Democrat forever Socialism Marxism communism you're going To be in a cage in the corner getting Fed a bowl of crickets and and that's Our 3D printed Stakes or something like That and that's how it's going to be But but personally you know the Conservatives attacking conservatives Is is mind-boggling like if you see a Concert attacking a certain conservative Go go slap the fire out of them right Right then like put them on the spot Right it's got to stop Sergeant Rock Says buy yourself a cigar And a beer on me thanks buddy sure will Buddy sure will So with that I was talking to Mark from Centerline today and real quick he did Something very cool for black Scout Today and but before I talk about the Rest of our conversation Um I'll mention that real quick we make A belt with him I'll show you the belt Real quick we make a belt with him uh Mark's a former Army and he worked for the agency the Central Intelligence Agency he's not a Boastful guy but I'll boast for him a Little bit he's a bad dude anyway makes His belt for us Black Scout concealment belt Austral Payne has hidden pockets in here One there one in the front Has these cool pull tabs you can put

Handcuffed Keys money all these sort of Things anyway the buckles here what he's Offering for Marine Corps Marine Corps today this Marine Corps red Buckle for free it's usually a 25 up Charge So if you buy one of our belts from us Um and you can buy the just a black Standard but just hit black standard Buckle and put in the comment of your Order USMC you'll get the red buckle With your belt for free so he's got Marine Corps red distressed and uh You'll get it for free And that's for today to celebrate the Marine Corps Birthday will run through The weekend so if you want to get that And that's a limited thing we don't we Don't usually sell those we're just on That special for the Marine Corps well He did that you know because he he was He was a like I said um army and uh Central Intelligence Agency but he Worked with Marines and he wanted to do Something special for the Marine Corps So if you want to get one of those just Purchase one of our belts and just pick The black one because that's the cheap Cheap buckle and just put USMC and You'll get the red one so you can get a Multicam black with a red Buckle or a Black with a red Buckle things like that But we were talking today And we're talking about the black pill

You know the country's just really bad Place man and when In our mindset what you have to do is Really build community like that that's The bottom line Um personally you know when we're Talking we don't necessarily see it Getting better because we're talking About the conservatives attacking Conservatives type thing like we're Eating our own like it's we're just not Going to survive it because we're too Busy eating or all and spending too much Energy Beating ourselves up instead of trying To encourage and promote each other try To tear each other down and so with that If you don't have a community join our Community you know Mark said he's going To get more involved on their training Stuff and things like that Um on our tribe and we have the link Below so you can join our tribe Get to know people in your area we have A bro now my state groups People all over different states and Things like that we chat all day we're In in and out of that thing all day You're around like-minded people share Content share news breaking news we have You know knowledge transfer all that Sort of things people from all walks to Life and uh get in there Follow the link below join the tribe

There will be a link you'll see on the Community tab follow that link and set Up your profile and you can join our Tribe Norman Potter said he joined the trial We got a lot of trial members here right Now Um I see Sergeant Rock obviously Kathy Urban who else we got a lot of tribe Members in here Tim Moore Good Guys Great great people great people Join our tribe in the link below Um also We also people have been asking for Hats Here we go Sirius join the tribe serious As trial number two I like your your uh Graphic there man What's up guys there there's another try Member Thanks for the tribe you bet you bet Anyway Real quick before we sign off something Else For Veterans Day America birthday people Have been asking for hats boom they're Back the main quarter I mean sorry the Marine Corps the black Scout tactical Hat multicam multicam Um blue piercing put a patch here but Also has a black Scout Crest there and Our these hats are made in America hand Stitched in America

Fox fox thank you Fox fox and let's try remember Made in America Pick one up Actually this is the only hack company That makes hats in America every other Hat is made overseas this is the only Company that makes American-made hats Made by hand stitched by hand anyway They'll be on the website tonight I Think the adult thing they're on there Right this second so don't flip out They'll be on there in a second anyhow Guys thanks for tuning in tonight and Also Um Happy Veterans Day happy Marine Corps Birthday thanks for tuning in let me Know your thoughts on the the drama Between the conservatives you agree with Trump DeSantis I actually feel like You know taking it as what I showed you Tonight I think I agree with Trump on These things you know I would be very Upset someone Um that I was loyal to I took care of Then kind of wanting to go against me And then uh you know If I read some some news article about My buddy talking trash about me I may be Upset too so let me know your thoughts Guys anyhow always remember to stay Frosty strapped and dangerous take care

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