Ultimate Stealth Camping Tent 🏕#shorts

By | November 14, 2022

Is this the ultimate stealth camping tent? #survival #stealthcamping #camping

The Snug pack Stratosphere it's ideal For stealth camping as its incredibly Low profile easy to set up and take down And the olive color tends to blend in Well to the natural environment the only Downside is there's not much Headroom But I've done some great stealth camps In this shelter and the benefit being is That it packs down really small and Takes up very little space in my pack A small addition to your kit to help you Blend in is using a piece of camo Netting you can find this in many army Surplus stores or online for pretty Cheap just throw it over your tent or Top and watch your shelter merge in with The environment around it Here's an image of my tent without the Camo netting on it And here is one with it on As you can see it blurs the sharp Outline of the tent and makes it blend In more naturally to the backdrop of the Woodland You can get camo netting in different Colors and patterns to suit the time of Year and color of the leaves on the Trees at that particular time

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