Ultra-Lite Get Home Bags Set Ups and Why?

By | October 20, 2022

The Ultra-Lite Get Home Bag! We show a couple of set ups and what are their advantages and limitations. Big thanks to Maxpedition for supplying the bags. Maxpedition Website: #Gethomebag #Bugoutbag #Maxpedition

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Guys I'm big about having a get home bag In my vehicle no matter where I'm going Even if it's just across town having the Supplies you need to get you home safely If you run into some kind of trouble and Two if you're out on the road and having A get home bag you can use the items That you need which I have done on a Number of occasions the one problem with My get home bag is I want it to be fully Stocked I want to have all the supplies That I might need to get me home or for Whatever I need on the road and because Of that it's really heavy and it's big And it's bulky and guys if you're in a Bad situation to where you've got to get Out of Dodge you've got to run you've Got to be mobile having something Smaller that you can just strap on and Yet have all the items that you really Have to have but it allows you to Evacuate a situation really quickly so Guys we have a couple of bags that we Want to look at that'll give you some Options if you want to have something Smaller just to keep again in case you Need to get on foot and you make a run For And this is a lot easier to carry than The big get home bag that I typically Carry so while I had a couple of bags That were suitable I was really looking At the Proteus from Expedition and the Remora and so I got in touch with Tim

Over my Expedition and sent these bags For this video and we really appreciate My Expedition now we have three Different examples we're really just Going to go through two I've done a Number of different videos around the Fat boy but we have the Proteus which is Again more of a butt pack fanny pack Type it's a large for a fanny pack so it Really goes around behind your waist and Then we have the Remora and this is Definitely a great little sling pack and So is the fat boy so I'm giving you a Couple of options but obviously guys There is a ton of choices out there this Is just some samples where you can find The bag that really suits you with the First prerequisite is that they're small And that is one of the big things you Want something that where your agile Your mobile you're ready to go at a Seconds notice and you can possibly get Away from someone chasing you which this Is something a lot better than a Standard big old backpack now here I Have my get home bag I mean it's full It's large we've got sternum straps We've got waist straps and you know I'm Fairly mobile with this but it does add Quite a bit of weight and that's going To slow you down and it's just bulky and You can get them caught in Limbs and Things like that it or any kind of Debris so this is not necessarily ideal

To run in and so if you need to really Get somewhere quick this is going to Slow you down Other thing is is I've got to unbuckle All of these things Dismount the pack to Get to anything that I need in here so If I just need a drink of water I've got To take this thing all the way off if I Need just some sunglasses whatever I Mean we've got to Dismount it and then Remount it so there are some Disadvantages if you need to really make A move now here we have the Proteus and This is a butt pack so it fits right Here of course you can adjust this it Does come in different colors as well Not just black it makes it really mobile It's not a lot of weight it gives me Just a lot of options but let's say that I need to get into something I can pull It around front I can get right to my Items that I need to get to very easy to Access and then when I'm finished I can Leave it where it is or I can bring it Back around just to make it easier for Travel with the Remora just put it Through just slide it over Ready to go now this is of course a Sling pack so it's a little bit of a Different configuration I can get a Waist strap to go around it to give it a Little more security if I'm on foot Running but again I can pull this around I can get right to it any items that I

Need and some packs like this have Zippers that kind of come down the side This one is more or less up front so but Still very easy to access and then when I'm finished I can just roll it around My back get to whatever I'm doing and Again I'm very mobile very agile and you Can see how it rides I mean just rides Right here at the small of my back and Of course this can be adjusted to a Number of different ways to be able to Carry this you can even attach it to Your belt there is a loop that will help You to just put that so if you want it More secure you can do that and guys Really the fat boy boy is one that I've Been carrying for years and it just fits Very nicely same thing with the Remora I Mean it goes right here when I need it I Pull it around everything's up top I can Get right to it and this is something That I've carried a lot of times if I'm Going on trips and I want to put some Things in here but this would also be a Great candidate for that ultralight get Home back now I want to kind of do a Little bit of an unscientific test Putting on the backpack at a fast pace a Fast jog going with the backpack just to Check it out then to compare it next to The Proteus just want to put the Proteus On it's a butt pack so it's going to Ride a little differently the freedom of Movement that I had with it and then we

Brought in the Remora which gives us you Know that sling pack kind of design and Of course you can have that waist strap To go on there just to give us a feel For how it would react and then at the End we took the fat boy and went ahead And tried it as well and you'll notice That the sling packs do bounce a little Bit so having a strap a waist strap Really makes a big difference with these Packs now guys again you cannot fit Everything that you're going to possibly Need this may not be the items that you Choose to carry these are just some of The items that I carry and honestly a Lot of these I would trade out for Different things so it takes a lot of Thought just to put together your Particular bag so there's a number of Different pockets on here you can see it Has Molle attachments we can put things On there very adjustable I think that's Very important very soft as well Something soft now this one is made for A concealed carry that you can put here In the back and there's a velcro feel I'm carrying my firearm on me I would Possibly have another firearm in here as A backup but I didn't include that but That is definitely something you know That would be a good possibility also Right here you can actually attach this To your belt so this is going to be very Comfortable and that's one of the things

About really nice packs is they have a Lot of amenities that get really where You get comfortable now right here I've Got a cat tourniquet attached and this Is attached to the Molle and so I want To put a tourniquet on this one and I Would advise having some kind of trauma Definitely some Med stuff but this may Be a little bit overboard for some but I Like these cat tourniquets around then We get to the front we have some Shock Cords so we can actually attach Something if I have my go bag in the car I can actually pull some things out and Add additions to this Molly on the front Now you have a small little zippered Pocket I stuff this so much that there's Not really a lot that I can put in here But this will give you an option and Then we have this front pocket dual Zippers I like that and we can open it Up there's a number of different sleeves And attachments so we're just going to Pull some stuff out and talk about some Of the different items one thing that I Always carry is a bandana there's a Bazillion reasons to carry bandanas you Can make it to a hobo sack you can cover Your face if it's dusty or you can kind Of remain anonymous by putting this over Your face as well wiping off the sweat From your brow putting it over your head Is a do-rag to keep the Sun out put it Around your neck and again guys there's

A bazillion uses so I highly recommend Having these in all your packs we have Some paracord and this may be a little Bit large but I really like the spool Tool and we can keep this paracord all Tied up here in this one spot and we Have a small lighter and there's a Cutter the spool tools are some thing That I really like and I try to use These whenever I can but they are a Little bit large so you could probably Get away with doing something a little Smaller with your paracord a compass Especially guys if you are you know Within a few miles of your home and you Can't really figure it out this will at Least get you in the right direction and Then we have a field notes a little pad I like to have something that I can Write on and I do have a Sharpie which I Like permanent little small Sharpies but Also you could use one of the Fisher Space pins and then on in here I just Got a little small pair of pliers and These are nipx pliers they're really Well done and it's just something that I Like and also we have a multi-tool in Here as well next we have the rip spool And this is from exotech this is a Really handy repair tool and we have Kevlar thread that goes around the top And duct tape around the bottom open it Up and it reveals a sail needle and so This you can repair a lot of things with

This and then use the Kevlar thread and It has this little protective little Area right here for the tip you can see How much duct tape is on here this is a Great tool and the rip spool is one of My favorites I really like having these Handy and so again these are on exotic They do give a 20 off using suits 20 With the link down below but this is Just one of my favorite tools it's just So well made here we have a four hour Candle uh this is actually another Exotech there's a ton of different Candles options out there that'll go for A long time and then we have a little Small Leatherman Multi-Tool now I chose The small one because it's really handy It does have a pair of pliers I do have An extra pair so that's a little bit of Redundancy but this gives you a lot of Small tools and yet it's not one of the Big multi-tools now if you have a hook And loop or a velcro field it's really Good to put a medical patch on there Makes it really easy it doesn't kind of Make it look like it's there's something Dangerous here and so I really like Putting these on here also there is a Sleeve behind here as well if I need to Put something that I can just trap in Here and then secure this shock cord Down and it really makes it tight the Handle here is one thing too I think That I would say if you're looking for

Something the the neuroprene sleeve here Is great now we have double paracord Zippers they are YKK zippers uh one Thing that I carry in all my packs is a Headlamp and I really like having Headlamps it's hands-free there's a lot Of great options this is the h1r Nova Now they make others now the Perrine but This is an O light product but you have This light that comes out and then you Can just hit the top and then you can Use it that way or you can put it on Here it does have a small pocket clip And so it gives you some options with a Standard headlamp that you're not going To get with some of the pixels and the Pencils and some of those lights and This is really soft really easy to use So this is a great thing to have also we Have some gloves and you know you never Know you got to protect your hands so Just having some gloves Also I have a watch cap especially when It starts getting into the cooler months Even in the spring and the fall I mean Having a good watch cap will keep your Head insulated in the heat here I have a Fire kit now this is an important Element as well that I keep in all kits And this is a little bit of redundancy But I like that with fire I have a Ferro Rod and this is one of the exotak fire Rods and then I have one of the smaller X attack fire rods I have a Leatherman

This is the free T2 we just did a review On this but there's a lot of multi-tool Options it does give me a striker Capability and then we have the just a Standard lighter but this is one of the Jet kind of streams and so it's more Like a torch lighter and then here we Have Matches and these are Lifeboat matches They'll burn even when wet in fact you Can dip them in water pull them back out And they'll stay lit and so this just Protects them and this is one of the Match cap XLS from exotic I am a big fan Of exotic guys and I really appreciate The uh discount that they give you okay Now we have the Vaseline and cotton Balls having Tinder is important you Need to have some tender available and Then here on this side I actually have Some small little wood that's Impregnated with wax and this is great Stuff for Tinder as well so having the Ability to have a spark or a fire is one Thing having tender is something Completely different and you can make Your tender out in the woods but this is Much easier to use also in the top of my Fire Rod it's a little capsule and Inside here is one of the tender tabs so That's another tender I'm telling you guys fire is very Important in these kind of situations And you can replace the Ferro rod and

Guys I do like keeping my fire kit in One location everything's there it's not Spread around even in this small pack it Can get hard to find now having a fixed Blade knife again we have our EDC but Fixed blades are just stronger they're Better knives this is one of the moras And uh I've even treated this one uh Just with this I think it was a mustard Base that you can put on here or apple Cider vinegar will do that and I have a Video on this whole setup here we have Paracord I have a Ferro Rod here that I Can pull out and then I have duct tape Around it so this is a multi-use tool And sometimes the things that you may Use over and over I like to have some Redundancy water is very important you Can only live three days without water And you got to stay hydrated this is one Of the renovo filter straws it has a Little mouthpiece here you just put this Directly into the water and you can Drink from it water again guys I can't Stress it enough you know need to have Some kind of filter system or some kind Of water purification tablets or Something in your packs here we have a Small little Med kit and it has an Ace Bandage and a bunch of different things In here you know alcohol wipes we have Some pain reliever we have Band-Aids Band-Aids are probably something you're Going to use more than anything else and

We have it in one of these a lock sacks Which will keep this waterproof and I Have a pair of socks now I highly Recommend having a good wool pair of Socks Murano wool is excellent and that Is one thing that will keep the water Off your feet so having an extra pair of Socks I love And I have one of my silky saws and this Thing guys if you've never used a silky Sole these things are fantastic they Will cut amazingly fast and very Efficient and one thing that I do carry Also in all my packs is a heavy Mill Trash bag this is a contractor's bag I Believe it's six mil these things are Heavy duty this isn't your standard Trash bag these are made to clean up Areas after contractors have been there And they're very strong and you can use This for a shelter you can use it for Ground cover you can use it as a poncho You can use it to collect rain water you Can use it to transport water or Transport your gear and a bunch of other Uses so guys this is a very inexpensive Option that is vital and I have some Antibiotic ointment that goes with my Med kit so guys here are all the items Just laid out I mean it does fit a lot Of gear into this small pouch and again Down in the comments if there's some Things that you would add to this Definitely do so now with the Proteus

Butt pack this is a whole nother setup And we have our waist strap and of Course this can be fully adjustable it Does have these Wings to help you go Around your waist just gives you a Better fit there is Molly you can attach This to a pack if you want if you have Your go bag and you want to carry these Items you can attach it really easily There is a sleeve here in the back it is Velcro and so we can put items back here As well now one of the things about this Pack too is it has some double security So we have our fast text buckles here But we have our handle and so I can pop These open and get right to it you have Two small little compartments on either Side Molle attachments all the way Throughout this is part of their legacy Series with maxed Edition they have Moved on to other things but they still Offer these and I'm a big fan and this Is when I really started dealing with Maxpedition which I have been a Max Tradition owner for over 14 years and Guys these products just hold up Fantastic Double YKK zippers I like that and then On the sides you just have one little Place for a pen here if I wanted to put It on there but again there's a number Of different packs out there so you have To make the choice but here one thing About this one though we have double YKK

Here but we only have single on the Front so we're going to open it up right Here we have our water filtration system This is a frontier uh Pro and this is Aquamira these things are great these Will purify at least 30 gallons of water We have a Sharpie another pair of Nitpicks little small pliers but we also Have a little bit of a larger multi-tool And this is the Leatherman juice S2 a Little bit more capable pair of pliers More like needle nose pliers and you Have your knives and different Tools in Here and again you know multi-tools There's a ton of different options here In the back we have our Med kit and of Course the same thing all your different Just basic medical needs and then I have A right in the rain pad and that goes With my Sharpie then here I have Something a little different this is the Tiny Survival Guide I picked this up Somewhere but I just like to keep this Handy because it gives me a lot of Information in case I run across Something I need some help with it also Has a fresnel lens in here which you can Use the sun to be able to create fire And that's pretty much it in the front Pouch now here on this side I have a Little compartment And I have one of the Sol this is a Little survival kit and I did a review On this I'll have it annotated above it

Has a lot of different tools and things In here and even has a signal mirror Right at the top and then we have a Little lock that'll lock this in you can Pull this out this is actually a knife And it has a little flashlight with it And uh you know just something to get You through plus it is does have a Whistle and then we have a striker right Here And these are put in here pretty good so They don't just come out but really They're not that difficult to get out And this is a striker and so I can have A little spark if I need it and then Right here I have a compass and this Also comes off and then inside are just A bunch of items but if you want to Check this out I'll have that video Annotated like I said now here on this Side a little different I have a compass And Suunto this is one of the these are Really great compasses and it's pretty Compact as well And then also I have some pepper spray Now I could have attached this on the Outside but it's a little bit flimsy Here but the saber red is just really The best stuff out there and uh I just Pop that in there this could be a Non-lethal option especially if you get Yourself in a bad situation then here Double paracord zippers and open this up Wet wipes and it's something that I

Really like to have these are the Epic Wipes they're really big but you can get Your standard wet wipes keep your Hygiene up clean things I mean these are Just great I also have a Israeli bandage and these Can be used also for trauma dressing but It can also be used as a tourniquet I Mean there's a number of different Things you can use with these it's kind Of one of those all-in-one type little Trauma kits Obviously a standard tourniquet and Compression Galls and all that would be Great but here is a bandana again we've Been talking about those now I have one Of those little small little pocket boys This is a silky saw and this is the Pocket boy it's the smallest version and So I like to keep this in a small pack But I have a number of these in Different sizes they're just great tools And here we have our fire kit very Similar to the last one but this one of Course is a black case but we have a lot Of different Tools in here I'm big about The matches and the fair serum rod and We have our Tinder tabs have lighters Have some matches also in the back and Then what have I got here Oh these are batteries and that's one Thing you do want to have is some extra Batteries I put them in here just Because I know where they were and of

Course I forgot but there they are Batteries for flashlights different Things again fire kits great to have Them self-contained and that way you Know exactly where they are and then we Have a little fixed blade knife as well And this is the Gerber and this is the Strong arm this is a great little knife Small but yet very capable rubberized Handles I really like this knife and the Sheath system is great I could put this On my belt and I do have a little bit More paracord and this of course is a Paracord bracelet but I like to have Paracord and this is just a different Method I can put this on my wrist if I Want it also has a compass it has a Whistle and it has a striker and so if I Want to hit that fair serum Rod this Right here so this is a small little Survival kit in itself and I think Sometimes redundancy is good and then Having some tools that you can use a Number of different things with and then We have our heavy meal trash bag which Again is ever present in all my bags and Here for Kit two lots of items you can See them just laid out and all this fits In this small pack it just gives you a Head start if you ever find yourself in A bad situation with the fat boy it's Another different array of different Items there is no one thing I mean a lot Of this is preference stuff I mean that

You just pick up that you prefer that You like and there are multiple items That fit different roles so hopefully This will give you some ideas about Putting together that small ultralight Get home bag so guys having a good get Home bag is important and having it in The back of your vehicle wherever you're Going this just gives you all the items You need and really a lot of things that Are just conveniences that can help you Out of a tough situation but man if you Need to Huff it on foot having a small Little bag like this with all the Necessary items can be a real Lifesaver And guys honestly you can carry both of These together and use one or the other Or both and we really appreciate my Expedition for giving us a few extra Samples for us to show you guys and guys This is a direct action sports dust this Is a great bag And it fits a lot of gear and it can be Very heavy so this is get home bag light Be strong be of good courage God Bless America long live the republic [Music] Foreign [Music] But it can take care of a lot of needs I don't like that I don't that's just Sounds like I'm a freaking Goofball but just to give you guys an Idea of what you might of the day

And you can I have a video annotated Well that sucks And this is really handy if I can get it Out shoot oh God what's wrong with this Doubt with some of the just minimalist Items Items we're going to look at the idea

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