Water Trapping Immersion Kit

By | October 31, 2022

Afternoon guys I'm Dave Canterbury with Suffer Alliance Outfitters in the Pathfinder school out here at the Pathfinder Outdoor Classroom one of the Things I want to talk to you guys about Today real quick and this will be a Fairly short video Is emergency kit When you're trapping in the winter time And when I talk about emergency kit I'm Really talking about that most redundant Emergency kit because obviously you Should have the things to take care of Minor emergencies along the way There are things that can happen to you As a Trapper that require absolute Immediate attention More often than something like an Arterial bleed and those things could be Falling in icy water things that require Rapid rewarming from the outside Immediately To Stave off the effects of hypothermia And also things like getting yourself Caught in some type of trap especially Like a 330 killing trap if you're Beaver Trapping around water and that again can Lend you to end up being wet and then Having to get dried out very quickly so Understand that this last ditch kit that I'm going to show you today has nothing To do with The five C's really it has nothing to do With an ifact really

This is Drop Dead icy water conditions And what do I need to Stave off Hypothermia immediately get myself out Of a trap immediately those are the Bigger concerns as a Trapper for me and Then your peripheral kit should take Care of the rest this kit rides in a dry Bag on the bottom of my pack so this is The backpack that I've been carrying for Years you've seen this thing over and Over again in videos throughout the past Years of my shopping videos things like That it's a full pack frame with a Simple office size garbage pail strapped Onto it with bungee cords so that I can Put my trapping gear for resets and Things like that in the bucket itself on The bottom there's a shelf and that Shelf is where I put that dry bag of That kind of Drop Dead gear so what We're going to talk about today is the 20 liter dry bag that rides here and What simple items are in that kit just In case Now I am a very Simplistic individual I like to break Things down to their most rudimentary Level This is what I need and I don't need a Whole lot more The first thing I want to do is I want To make sure I have a spare pair of wool Socks a spare pair of wool base layer And a spirit wool hat

Then I have a queen size wool blanket That the stuff is rolled up inside of I have a spare piece of rope this is not Because I don't have a piece of rope Somewhere else in my kit this rope is I've gotten myself into a trap somewhere And I cannot immediately get to or Access other things This is just rolled up in here as a last Ditch think of this as your third Cigarette lighter situation it's Redundancy but I keep it in here anyway Because it's the most effective way to Get yourself out of a 330 in a quick Hurry and I've got videos on that in my Trapping series if you want to watch Them This is a road flare you've probably Never seen me talk about one of these For fire starting in a video ever before There's a reason for that this thing is Dangerous when it comes to starting Fires Number one because it's dangerous to you If you get this stuff on you or you get Burned by it but number two it's also Bad for the environment in that it can Start a very large fire very very Quickly and if you have dry leaves and Dry material around that can be a huge Problem however In a situation where you have fallen Into icy water and you need to get warm Very quickly you want to fire right this

Second a road flare will give you a fire Right this second and it will give you Long-term hot Burning Flame to add what Could be marginal material nearby you to That fire and dry it out quickly enough To get it to burn so I carry one road Flare in this kit and again think of This as my back up to my backup to my Backup because I always have fire Starting implements on me and around me But this is I need a fire right this Very second and I have no time to mess Around What I do is I take these items And I roll a wool blanket so that it's Going to roll up a slide into This 20 liter dry bag And I start at one end here and I just Put the clothes in Basically like this I don't put them in a wad I just kind of lay them in there Road flare right there Piece of rope right there and again this Is Drop Dead stuff okay this is the Stuff that I'm going to have when all else fails And I gotta have something Then I'm going to put all of this into a 20 liter dry bag Close that dry bag up and roll it down Get all the air on that dude you can Before you roll it up And that thing will be dry when you need

It Now I can just take my pack basket drop The sheet right in the bottom Flash it on here And it's not going anywhere and it's Going to be there when I need it All right so when we're done this is What we got Simple as simple does nothing to it but In a real emergency we've got what it Takes To stay alive until we can get back to Base camp back to Trail Shack back to The house back to our four wheeler side By side to get ourselves out All right guys that was just a quick Simple video on Kind of a drop dead immersion kit I Thought you want to call it for the Chopping season generally that's what I Will carry we'll blanket extra wool base Layers something I can put on my head to Keep you from escaping through my head And neck wrap a wool blanket around my Body and start a fire immediately to Start drying out my clothing and then I Can get back to wherever I'm going and Get back after and a piece of rope just In case just in case just in case I get Into a 330 or even a 220 possibly and Can't get out of the thing any other way So I appreciate you joining for this Video today I thank you for everything You do for school for family for

Business I'm a responsive instructors Affiliates of friends I'll be back in The video as soon as I can guys and I Apologize for the intermittent fast on Videos here as of late but I've had lots And lots of classes backed up by events And really haven't had much time in Between I've got a week off right now I'm going to try to do some things in Between there and then I've got two more Back-to-back classes including a modern Trapping class guys I appreciate it I'll See you in the next video

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