Why Did the US buy $290 Million In Anti-Radiation Drugs

By | October 7, 2022


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Foreign [Music] Thanks for tuning in Um If you haven't joined the tribe yet I'd Definitely encourage you to do that down Below is our Network we're all over the Country and you can find people in your Area in your state and get a local Network going the whole The way the country's going it it Wouldn't hurt to have some people That are like-minded you can trust and You know so the join link is in the Description below join the tribe click That link then you'll go to the Community tab you'll get the rest of the Information from there you'll see all The trial members in the trial welcome Tribe good to see you guys here anyhow Tonight you know another other night I Did a video on Kanye West and I talked About him a little bit last night you Know a lot of people were like why Support Kanye he's a billionaire well I Mean just because somebody's a Billionaire or a millionaire or whatever We shouldn't we should not support them You have people talking you know saying That I'm wrong for even saying that but Then then tonight they're probably Sitting on their couch drinking a course Like saying Han Kanye's on Tucker Carlson tonight if he's good with Tucker

He's good with me that's what they're Saying you know it's it's funny how uh You know I say things and then then a Few days later it's like oh Jack was Right again I think Jack was right again He's on Tucker Carlson Trust me the and the things he said in The interview the the leftist the the Cabal these people they're rolling Around in their chairs because this man Is a free thinker and you got to support Free thinkers there's very few of us Left right most everybody's part of the Herd and they just go ahead and sheep on Through which leads us to Something I've been talking about for The past maybe two years the true threat Right A lot of people are caught up in The Left Right paradigm and that's fine There's problems there but the real Problem is coming from our adversaries On International scale right what could Potentially happen and what could be the Future of the United States what we have Tonight we have Uh by obiagnosis Oh Biden Um warned that the Russian invasion of Ukraine invites the highest nuclear Prospect Since uh Prospect of Armageddon this is His words Armageddon since Kennedy and The Cuban Missile Crisis Here we go here's our CBS News article a

Lot of people say you know bring up These I bring up receipts all the time Because people will be like you're click Bite bait your conspiracy there's no This is stuff that's actually in the News I always I look at every Outlet Regardless whatever you know left to Right affiliation to have a look through I looked through international news I Look through all these things I spend my Entire day doing these sort of things That I can give you the best information These are not conspiracy theories this Is legit I'm trying to warn you keep you Prepared that's my whole goal in life my Whole goal in life has been to make a More prepared citizen whether that Survival tactical knowledge transfer and Just knowing what's going on around you You know a good man a good man a true Man is all about self-improvement and he Should know about economics politics how To survive how to defend himself he Should know all these things so I'm Trying to Give that information out there That's my mission in life okay so anyway Getting off track sorry nuclear war Between the U.S Russia would kill more Than 5 billion people just from Starvation studies fines now we're gonna Get more into this later on the Aftermath if something did happen to This effect what it would cause uh what

Kind of catastrophe it would cause for You Let me get uh That's not the right slide sorry they're All jumbled up Russia's annexation puts World two or three steps away from Nuclear war So while Biden again had addressed the World tonight He talks about Vladimir Putin is not Joking and he's come and understand Anything that we hear in the news or They're telling us the government's like This trust me there's 10 things 10 steps Ahead that you hadn't heard right what You're hearing is stuff that's delayed In the game right so there's a real Problem at hand he's saying that he's Not joking when he talks about potential Abuse of tactical nuclear weapons or Biological chemical weapons because his Military is you might say significantly Underperforming Biden said it a Fundraiser Thursday so A technical and a strategic nuclear Weapon or different things right a Tactical weapon Is a smaller skill to use in combat Strategic is to that you hit like yes Russia to us okay And so he goes on to say we have not Faced the prospect of Armageddon since Kennedy and Cuban Missile Crisis he had At first time since the Cuban missiles

Crisis we have direct threat of the use Of nuclear weapon in fact Things continue to go to this path that Are going I'm trying to figure out what Is Putin's off ramp he said where does He find a way out where does he find Himself in position that he does not Only loose face but Loose significant Power within Russia and so this is the Significant statement regardless if you Like oh Biden or not it's a true fact Vladimir Putin Justice Persona is a very Strong man he is not going to take a Loss right he's not going to take it on The chin He's going to do whatever I think he Would go the full scale To not lose face he's that type of man But Biden went on to say I don't think There's any such thing as ability to Easily use A tactical nuclear weapon and not end up In Armageddon why because we will Immediately get into it so we knew this Zolinsky has already asked to join NATO Well zielinski said this a few hours ago As well he's he's asking that NATO to Launch a preemptive strike on Russia in Order to exclude the possibility of use Of nuclear weapons by Russia so he's Warning NATO including America to go Ahead and attack the United States while We are listening to freaking zelinski I Have no idea

Roy thanks buddy Connor thanks and uh Dan fusers therefore thank you While we're listening to him so Russia Has responded saying that the call from Zelinski would start a world war with Unpredictable and monstrous consequences I don't see it would obviously it's Going to go to what you would call an Armageddon So zaleski's asking for this this isn't This is not made up this is not made up Stuff so let's keep asking for NATO to Go ahead and do it and the fact is we've Given so much billions of dollars why we Are so invested in this Ukraine thing And it's going to lead us to Extinction Is is what it's going to do like I could Care less like let them handle their own Problems like this is the sort of thing That will lead us to Extinction and if We make it to midterms guys if you're on The left vote if you're voting on the Left Unless you want to continue down the Road Texas maybe you hate your life but You don't need to blow it get us all Blown up because you hate your life but You're going to lead us to Extinction is What's going to happen In extinction I mean billions of people Dying because just because you're not in The danger zone like on the chart I'll Show the other day there's other Catastrophic things that happen this is

A chain reaction if nuclear weapons Begin to get used I'm going to get in That later in the video But let's talk about the other thing we Saw I showed this two weeks ago uh a Lady sent me a chart from this Subway in The New York New York City uh Subway of What to do in a nuclear strike radiation Tuesday the U.S purchased 290 million Dollars of a drug for use in Radiological and nuclear emergencies Did you hear me 290 million dollars if they did not Think this was inevitable or imminent Would they have spent 290 million Dollars on this right I think not Us buys 290 million dollars worth of Drugs in preparation for nuclear Emergencies why would we do that if it Was not imminent click bait I'm the Comments are they're going to be Clickbait yeah okay buddy keep keep Believing that when you're breathing in The freaking Ash let me know if it's Clickbait so anyway let's talk about This drug The U.S Department of Health and Human Services This is all also good to hand out the Crack pipes by the way Um says it has spent 290 million dollars On a drug to treat radiation sickness The administration for strategic

Preparedness and response announced Tuesday that it bought the drug inflate From Amgen USA I guarantee take Cruise Drops and some dimes and into that stock Didn't even before Tuesday as part of a Long-standing ongoing efforts to be Better prepared to save lives and and Pelosi she did too be prepared to save Lives during a radiological and nuclear Emergency why will we need that if the If they do not know something that They're not telling us they never tell Us the whole truth right a politician Will never tell you but maybe a quarter Of the truth And this came out 290 million dollars Were spent on this right ARS is also referred to as a radiation Sickness Which it reaches internal organs in mere Seconds and occurs when a person's Entire body is exposed to a high dose of Penetrating radiation it can result in Difficulty for blood to clot because of Its low platelet counts which can lead To uncontrolled bleeding which is Life-threatening Let me go Get this real quick too end plate helps Reduce the radiation induce and Emulating the body to produce more Platelets So This is what the after some of the after

Effect if you get caught in this Radiation Um and they're trying to prepare for This so if they're if they're doing this And they're not And they're not expecting it to happen While they weights 290 million 90 Million dollars tell me that That's all I want to know let me know in The comments if you can tell me tell me About that so in plate which can be used For both adults and children is aimed at Reducing the uncontrolled bleeding often Caused by radiation Um the Food Drug Administration first Approved this drug in 2008 to combat an Autoimmune disorder that cause serious Bleeding extended another approval in January of last year for use of drugs And radiation sickness treatment Uh the Russian presidents goes on this Is an article that I had gotten Russian President Vladimir Putin Threatened that his country would take The necessary action to claim victory And would not hesitate To deploy nuclear weapons obviously we Know he's been saying that Um Ukraine's capital and Kiev is reading Evacuation centers with potassium iodine Pills which can help against radiation Absorption prepping for potential Nuclear attacks so that's actually what

I was actually pulling up if I if you Notice I was being slow because I just Had thought about this I do want to show You what these things are right here These IO sat tabs guys right here I'm Going to put a link below so you can Pick those up Um definitely recommend those get some For all your family this is a thyroid Blocker for radiation emergency so this Is what you'll take to keep from getting The radiation poisoning I'm going to put a link below for that Though so you can get those I definitely Recommend they're pretty cheap as well Um So going on U.S officials have asserted That Washington would take decisive Action if Russia moves to use nuclear Weapons Um and warn of heavy consequences for Putin He's been talking about he's trying to Soften the blow in case it does happen And I I'm sure we're telling him we're going To take action It's inevitable if it does happen right Um United Nations Secretary General Antonio Gutierrez last month called for The era of nuclear nuclear blackmail in The global elimination of nuclear Weapons in order to prevent human human

And humanitarian Armageddon I highly Doubt that'll ever happen no one's going To give up their their their uh nuclear Weapons I'd be like saying oh let's just Disband the military I mean it would we Don't have enough uh Diplomacy with these countries to say Yeah let's just all dismantle our Nuclear weapons and you know But understand that nuclear war is Inevitable it's inevitable it will Happen not if but when uh if you if Nuclear weapons exist They can be used and the world has come Close to nuclear war several times this Is this is not something that we just Made up this has come close A few times in history Um but sooner or later the odds will Turn against us you have to understand That and even if we cut the risk by half Every year like by reducing nuclear Weapons we will never get to zero right Before a nuclear war would arise this is Not something I made up this is coming From analysts who compiled data way Smarter than you and I and it will Happen Per the data uh Let's go see through some of these real Quick Putin flirts again with grim Prospect of nuclear war this time he Might mean it I mean this this stuff is Like just getting posted today so uh

Russian doomsday sub Garage spotted in the Arctic this Doomsday sub I said move from the Location it sits at right that carries Nuclear arms Biden Putin could escalate Prospect of Armageddon with nuclear weapons this was Just a few hours ago And then on top of that guys China here's footage of aircraft carrier Killer Nuclear missiles and warning to the U.S This just happened a few a few hours ago They posted this this is from the South China Morning Post Right so we got China involved now right Damn Few thanks again buddy Um break out he's saying FEMA Walmarts Can be nuclear treatment facilities you Can get treated but never leave that's Right Danish girl thank you so much for your Generous donation Appreciate you So anyway Let's talk about what may happen In the event of a nuclear war right and How it would affect you Um any nuclear conflict would have Obviously a huge range of devastating uh Consequences from initial deaths from The blast and then lingering effects of Radiation and environmental pollution But immediate casualties could be

Dwarfed by the deaths from a subsequent Global famine that would immediately Come after caused by massive amounts of Soot blocking the Sun and disrupting Climate systems and food production So The blast that stood goes into the Atmosphere blocks the sun immediately The Earth cools and uh it's gonna you Know pretty much destroy crops Wildlife Things like that Climate scientists of Rutgers University Have mapped out the effects of six Possible nuclear war scenarios you can Look that up on a line there from Rutgers University a full-scale war Between the U.S and Russia which was the The worst case situation modeled by them Could result in more than 5 billion People dying Of hunger after two years because of Famine even a relatively small-scale Conflict between let's say someone like India and Pakistan uh could lead to Worldwide famine as well The soot from explosions would disrupt The climate so bad that it it would it Would it would cause Catastrophic famine and we're not Talking like oh I'll just get by with a Few weeks out of my cupboard like no It's going to be hard for everyone no Matter how prepared you are and if you Do have Foods you would need to defend

It and you better have not told anyone About the food you have right So um in a nuclear war bombs targeted Cities and industrial areas would start Firestorms So things will catch fire Um injecting large amounts of soot in The upper atmosphere which was spread Globally and rapidly called the planets Say scientists Um And this would ultimately disrupt the Earth's climate impacting food Production systems Lands and the oceans So Again guys I know a lot of people you Know I I it boggles my mind people still Say the clickbait thing whatever I Always have like documentation of where I'm getting my my resources and these Sort of things and usually when I say Things they'll happen within two or Three weeks or mainstream Media or other People you follow will say what I say Um it's funny because Stephen Crowder Will almost verbatim say things that I Say the following morning from my videos I'm guessing as writers must watch my Videos as well Um Golden is easy to give up life but Patriots like me and you keep Discipline on the right path thanks

Buddy Daniel Haas says equals no bugs forever Again yeah New tribe member thanks for good to have You Jr make sure you go hit the chat Tonight buddy we'll all be there talking About this stuff make sure if you do Join the tribe or you want to join the Tribe I definitely encourage you to do It we always have a late night live we All go chat afterwards like an after Party but anyway let's let's talk about The thing is is that like I don't know You can fully prepare for a situation Like this I mean maybe if you have a Bunker somewhere in the middle of Nowhere Um with years worth of food and large Army to protect you and never have told Anybody about it not even the people who Built the thing or brought supplies There Um because people are going to be Talking about these things that they're Going to know about them and the word Will get out in that type of situation Uh so obviously iosat tablets number one Get them for all you and your family Right now like I'm gonna put the link Below I don't mean right now because I Hadn't had a chance to put the link up Here people people were like where's the Link at give me a second I'll put the Link up but if the

Worst case scenario these things are Like 10 bucks I mean so you you have Them their insurance is insurance policy Right you at least want to fight the the Middle of the uh storm I mean the the After storm whatever Um Appreciate it buddy so Then I said I I have set tablets dude that's What it's called not iodine Um Thanks Aaron But the thing is is that if Our politicians the president the news Are saying these sort of things and it Has There's things they know that they're Not telling you I will take this very Seriously at this moment right hopefully It just blows over nothing happens and You've got to get your soy latte at Starbucks in the morning everything's Gonna be cool but the thing is you don't Know Try to be best prepared I hope you got The survival food I've been I've been Shilling I I really do hope that I hope Like like try to try to lead try to lead The cats to water and they don't want to Drink you know you're shell and you're Just trying to make money and I'm trying To help you I'm trying to help you you Know the people down in Florida I

Guarantee they had the buckets because Two people I know for a fact Hit me up they had the buckets they were So thankful that that I just pushed them Things right because they'd gotten they Had food they were able to get out but They had food they didn't have to worry About that that box was checked like so Obviously food water security Medical The Iowa set tablets is part of that Medical right it could be part of the Security if you want to look at that way Too Network no people and if you don't have One join our tribe get to know some People that have the same mindset as you Do okay guys this isn't about making Money on how many times I gotta freaking Say this if this was about making money Or getting clicks and Views it wouldn't Be about making videos that get Demonetized nightly Losing Subs because I say on popular Things right this this is not the Business model to have trust me uh it Would it would be like the rest of the The guntubers and just I'm a Libertarian And I don't really yeah I like everybody And you know let me show you how to hold A pistol and come join my patreon that's What I'd be doing Anyway guys Serious business I wanted to show you These things tonight

Um hopefully nothing happens I I really Do I hope nothing happens the other Thing is is if you're if you're a Follower of Christ you know that the end Will happen is going to come who's to Say The nuclear apocalypse don't happen Before uh the Antichrist maybe the Antichrist comes out after the nuclear Apocalypse to bring peace because that's What he's going to do how do you know That's not that's not the gameplay but You got to make it through the nuclear Apocalypse first right anyway Anything anything's possible just be Aware just be prepared guys All right I just want to bring this to You tonight to let you know let you see What I've seen I'm seeing If you go to sleep I'm concerned that's You I go to sleep concern every night the World is crumbling around us and if it's Not crumbling to you then you're you're Social uh subversion is is so strong That you could you could be led off the Side of a cliff like you really could be Like Oh They'll just say to go I'll walk Outside a cliff and you'll do it Anyway Join me in the chat we'll see the tribe Over there uh have that for party and as Always guys stay frosty stay strong stay Dangerous go by the outside pills I'll

Put a link below right now good night

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