Wilderness Overnight Camping with my Dog, and how I Use My Gear

By | October 13, 2019

I spend a couple of days camping in the Wilderness with my huge dog Måns. Måns is a St Bernard crossed with Cane Corso and he carries his own food, bowl and wool blanket.
In this video we hike out to a beautiful lake in South Lapland, Sweden not far from our home town in Asele and set up a Tarp Camp, fish and enjoy the solitude or nature together.
I don't say much in the video but I show how I use my LK35 Bushcraft/Camping Gear, My Tarp Setup, Sleep System, Cutting Tools, basic Hygiene and how I leave a location when I want to only bring in my own gear and take very little from the environment around me. I also make some Chaga Tea which is a fungus with strong medicinal properties that tastes very good if you make it nice and strong.
Thanks for watching and stay tuned next Sunday for another episode.

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