Winter Emergency Truck Kit – LIVESTREAM

By | November 7, 2022

Foreign [Music] Foreign It is a snowy day on the homestead I had A malfunction with Fuji camera I was Hoping to share that with you I'll have To get that going next time it's boy It's been snowing non-stop for over 24 Hours now got about three inches on the Ground and it's just hovering right There at that 32 degree temperature And well you know what that means the First snow of the winter we always kind Of have our annual truck prepared in This series or video so kind of go Through everything that we want to have In the truck on hand to deal with any Emergencies that might come up and a lot Of you guys that have winches or run Chains or live in the forest and have to Deal with downed trees these are fun to Do because we can kind of learn together So my stuff is kind of habitly Uh geared towards someone that lives a Little bit more in the country in the Pacific Northwest but A lot of these things apply I've even Included a few things you know a lot of These things uh will help you get Unstuck even I've even seen people get Unstuck with something as simple as cat Litter you know and we always have that In our kit Double bagged triple the triple bagged I

Think this one is asking me how I know About that but something like this is Good to have in your rig because it Gives you a little extra weight in the Back it's really good for absorbing Spills oil spills in any sort of a wreck And it's excellent for traction I've Seen Especially around here where that Temperature is always hovering right Around that 32 33 people can't even get Going in parking lots where it's flat And just throwing some of this down gets It going it's the same Principle as the Locomotives how they get going it's so Interesting if you haven't seen it it Seems very old and archaic but that's The way they do it when you've got those Um great big heavy Locomotives or a truck cars I'm thinking Thomas the Train When they're trying to get start started They have a little uh nozzle that sprays I think it's sand right on the track This air blows it and the engineer Activates that and those Wheels they're Just slipping you know they could Probably just sit and burn a hole in That track uh we'll grab that sand and Get traction so these little things are Helpful we learn from each other I don't know if we'll get through all This stuff together it's quite a bit of Quite a bit of everything I have my kit

Pretty much the same from last year I Just pulled everything out I like to go Through the batteries and just double Check make sure I don't have doubled up Or I haven't stolen something which I'm So likely to do We have a super chat from our friend Jason Barr shout out to you Jason uh Jason says Happy Mondays your audio is Coming off One of the cameras coming off one of the Cameras Oh it is Hmm Oh man I need a producer Let's see I'll mute that Testing Go back to a camera Testing I think that should fix it I Probably got to look at the chat a Little quicker Sorry gentlemen uh hi bad audio today Echo okay so I had Looks like the the computer audio was Picking up as well as my microphone I Don't know I shouldn't what went in There and fiddled around with it uh let Me know give me uh put ones in the chat If that has cleaned it up if not we'll Take a look at it All right I'm gonna grab a drink so I I Think we should start with it with the Tools now this of course this kit is Geared towards the professional

Homeowner Meaning if you're like me you don't like To be Stranded or left at the will of a storm Or the hands of other men you like to be Able to get yourself out of situations And a lot of these things that I'm Sharing with you are that I learned from My grandfather uh who he was Intrepid Hunter and and Okie from way back in a He was the oh the OG professional Homeowner for sure It was funny to see him You know him being uh from the the Greatest generation is that what we're Calling it now or is that what Walter Cronkite called it The World War II generation So he actually rode a horse to school Now put that in your mind he rode a Horse to school in kindergarten or Whatever was the first grade as did many Kids Lived through uh the the Industrial Revolution uh the Space Race the atomic Age and even into computers in the Internets with Facebook and all of that So all that's all in one lifetime that He experienced His final home you know of course when He when he retired was in a just a small Modest home in a quiet uh suburb just Outside of Portland just nice I would Say lower middle class

Um but even even with that and he just Had but he had bought himself a double Lot so he had twice as much twice twice A big a lot as everyone else around him And even though he lived in that Environment and went and worked as a Mechanic He always maintained those traditional Skills and abilities Okay Jason I shout out to Jason I'm I'm Gonna go ahead and say it Jason you are The official uh virtual producer uh of The channel so um congratulations Check is in the mail right okay so the Audio is good I I'm sorry about that We're we're learning here as I say we Are building this plane as we're going As we're flying so he uh Coming from Oklahoma uh in a Self-sufficient Homestead where he Trapped for a living and delivered mail In a Harley Davidson and a side cart and Of course that you know they grew all Their own food and had you know Completely self-sufficient Even though he didn't have to do that Anymore he maintained that he always had A really good a big garden with berries He grew a lot of his own food him and um We always did canning uh we hunted and Cut uh processed our own meat Granddad And I used to cut our we would go and Shoot deer and Elk Bears sometimes and Then Butcher and then come home and cut

Those up into steaks and wrap them and Put them in the freezer you know from The whole process you know we never did Send them off to anyone to to do that That was the way he did it Um and he just couldn't stand food to go To waste he would uh One time he came to one of my soccer Games and there was a whole roll of English walnuts I believe it was big Mature old growth and they were shedding And the walnuts were all over the place I'm sorry Mama did I mess mess you up And he just couldn't stand it uh and we Went back there the next weekend we Picked all those walnuts up and he built Drying racks and we you know that was Just the way that it was and the way he Did it he even kept a wood stove outside Where he would sit outside like this in The morning Um just for quiet time I don't know what He did I you know I just didn't have That much time for him anymore in that Time I wished I would have made time of Course you know when you're a young man And trying to get your own life started You don't have time for your grandpa Anymore but uh what but every once in a While when I was in the area I would try To sit by but those lessons um Those lessons that he taught me of how To prepare his truck I I remember them Vividly he when we would go elk hunting

You know he would always say you know There's no one up here That's going to get you out of this mess You're going to have to figure it out so You have to have the tools that you're Going to need to deal with as many Situations as possible so if you know Something potentially going to be a Problem you've got to think it through And and what am I going to need to and To deal with this and you can leave one Thing I mean I have not done this and Thought I was prepared and got up in a Bad situation and one thing I needed and It was a winch controller that I didn't Have uh that that just really ruined the Day it made me I was unable to deal with The situation All right let's get into tools first Let's see what we got here I I keep Things pretty light I don't uh I don't want to pack too much Weight complication I don't want anything you know too Overly expensive either Because the up you know people are gonna Break into your truck With the exception I I do have a nice ax But you might just get a beard So for tools these are the Four tools that I have in my kit if We're talking just hand tools Mm-hmm All right here comes that high

Production you ready for we're zooming In Uh I keep an ax A nice medium-sized ax like this uh for You could chop through a tree we have a Lot of downed trees we have to deal with So uh it's not going to be great it Might take a long time but it's better Than nothing you can get through it and If you need to swing an ax for a couple Hours you know you should you should be Able to do that the other thing you have Is a pretty good pole for hammering on Stuff you could get something stuck up In your you know Branch up and up in the Drive shaft or who knows you just need To beat on something or knock you can Even have a chains that will hook and Grab a A fender and pull sheet metal in if They're not installed properly and you Can bash things out a million different Reasons right so I always have that Because I kind of have to if someone Would catch me without an ax I'd answer For it The other thing that's really important Is to have a some sort of a digging tool Or a shovel of some sort And I have tried lots of different Things Pardon me I'm I'm definitely coming down with a little Cold or something so

We're about 50 percent today Foreign Especially in snow you got to have Something for digging I've used Avalanche shovels in the in The past for a backpack or for Back Country skiers and They're all right but they're kind of Bulky and they're um they're expensive I Don't I just not very versatile they Just do one thing and the plastic ones Are just not worth having I finally settled on this Glock and Trenching tool And I really really like these tools I I Beat on this thing pretty bad uh last Year we got stuck snow biking a couple Times uh got got the trailer all wiped Wiped out stuck one time and really used It hard and it held up really well it's Just kind of their take on a modern Entrenching or the it's a modern take on Their entrenching tool right there And these are not very expensive it has The regular they're polymer Handle I was really concerned I think The reason why I didn't order this thing For years and years because it's been Around for some time Is that it uh I always thought that it Had a plastic blade I don't know why I Thought that I thought because Glocks Were all plastic It was going to have a plastic blade but

It doesn't it has a metal blade and a Really good Metal Blade you can see Right there that we we used it quite a Bit uh and it held up the latch I found The latch to be a little bit fussy And I I don't there's something about it That might Dyslexic brain can't get around it locks Opposite the way that it that's what it Is it's ready lucid and I cannot get my Head around that But you can lock it in multiple Positions So you cannot even use it as a You know kind of a like a oh it's Backwards I'll never ever get used to That gentleman You can lock that backwards Yeah Weird It's a good latch it's a good lock up It will work a little bit loose and you Can reach down and tighten it but I Thought well you know those metal ones The the Army version those things work Loose all the time those Combi tools I've used those I had The Misfortune of Having one of those on a fire line for a Day I did not light it's constantly Tightening that thing you know for Someone that doesn't like things to be Loose and rattly that was my that was my Nightmare But this seems to be even better than

That but there's more this thing has a Telescoping handle Check that out Is that backwards three yeah is it Backwards thread as well yeah bakes my Noodle We have a super chat from Tahoe realm shout out to you Tahoe realm Who writes uh in the immediate post race Video in the post race video I sent some Proud dad tears Walling in your eyes for A jack completing the race safely did I Read that correctly absolutely you did I I was I'll tell you that night uh or the Night after that when we got home I was so proud of that boy you don't Know how much he suffered uh doing that And just I'll be very proud of him I know I know Nobody wants to hear people brag on Their kids but we had had his um new Girlfriend over which is just a Delightful young girl nice we met her Family uh local family uh no just Wonderful wonderful uh nice family But we were talking about it and and I Told Jack I said You know if I could go back in time one Day with you just thinking back right Now and relive one day of all the things That we did in the experiences it would Be that time that we used to uh just Thinking about it now makes me uh Oh makes makes me makes my eyes sweaty

Uh we used to go around those little Quads those little Honda the little 90s That we had round and round that oh Off-camber oval mud track at the Old Homestead and just for hours and hours And hours we had the most fun doing that I just We just laughed and I've just come back Home just completely coated in mud it Was just the best time And it was like that you know being able To do that again so I asked him next Year you will you do it next year with Me and he said Uh yes but more writers next time so We'll see I I like the challenge so if If he wants to do more Riders I might Have to put together a team with a few More writers but I would be tempted to Do it by myself as well that would be Quite a thing to do wouldn't it but Thank you for that uh Super Chat we sure Do appreciate it Um We have a super chat from our friend Josh Connor and double Loctite member Shout out to you Josh and thank you for Your generosity Who writes uh what caliber should I Consider for an elk hunt I wanted to go On my first elk hunt next year uh and Their internet is full of opinions well I can tell you what my my the best and Most successful elk Hunter I ever knew

Was my granddad and the second most Successful elk Hunter was my old Henry Neighbor Hank Henry uh the don't take me Long to look at something you know that That Hank which I've shared so many of His stories he was a a anyway those two Guys Or of About the same about the same opinion so Granddad said now it depends if you're Honey east or west and for an Oregon man What that meant if you're hunting East That means a wide open Plains you're Going to have long shots Um up to you know 800 depending on your Cap your capabilities and stuff but Probably seven to eight hundred yards uh Possible Now for something like that you know you Can't take the 30 out six you can't You're not going to take a 30 30. you're Going to need something that's flat Shooting and fast something is powerful Now if you're going to be hunting on the West as we used to say which was in the Wet brush or the coast where the shots Are it's Brushy and you have to react Quicker and something might jump up and Run away really quickly quickly and you Need to react really really fast now That's a completely different animal There so I can tell you for the coast That type of hunting Granddad used to Hunt with a 30 30 with iron sights uh he

Didn't have to worry about fogging Optics weren't that good weren't as good Back in the day they're better now you Don't have to worry about that so much But even so close range if you're inside 100 yards you know you don't really want Any magnification so maybe a red dot Would be I I don't know I don't know if You can hunt with that um but that's What he went he would just go iron Sights and and just a big bullet a big Heavy bullet even maybe a 30 out 6 would Be fine anything like that Now when you get into elk cutting where You're talking about range like where we Used to hunt Eastern Oregon where the Average shot's probably three to four Hundred yards We most of us hunted with 300 Weatherby Magnums uh 300 Winchester Magnums uh Granddad hunted with the seven Millimeter Remington Magnum and was Absolutely deadly with that thing and Henry hunted with a 270 which is similar Cut bullet size to the seven millimeter But even less powder but a flat shooter And he did really well with that you Know and he always bragged you know guys Would make fun of him in the elk camps About his 270 because that's always been Considered a deer Caliber but he was deadly with it and I Think it was because he was exceeding Exceedingly good shot and he didn't have

A bunch of guns and that was his his Rifle and that's what he hunted with and He was he he put He put he put it rounds On Target and he was good with that so If you can do that then it doesn't Really matter so much but I hunted what With um I started hunting with uh eight Millimeter Mauser with my first rifle Cut down and then my second was a 30 out Six uh and then I went up to a 300 Weatherby Magnum Mark V But that's that's what I know about and Kind of what I what I could tell you Thank you for that Super Chat good luck Yeah a lot a lot of um A lot of hard to sift through that Information out there We have a super chat from our friend Gamer Dave shout out to you gamer Dave And he writes Cody I need an email you Too much to stay on here it's very Important sorry everyone for budding uh Um look out for it Okay so email me at Cody Okay So there's more there's more to this Tool here so we have You do okay mama boy goodness one time I Reached over to Pedro like that and she Bit me We were estranged for some time but also There's a pretty decent saw in here now It's not it's not going to be silky

Grade but what a nice benefit that is if You have to gnaw through something You're going to be able to do that Right there see And I think to mount this guy it's a Pretty clever system Foreign Testing how old am I I am 53. 53. look at that man that's a pretty Cool pretty versatile tool right there With that cap there we go And you can rotate it at any length now This is all polymer but it's that really Tough Glock plastic Isn't that nice It's a pretty good pretty good saw right There But this is a great thing to have in Your truck It's lightweight you know it said you Can throw it it's just amazing how small It gets you can you could put this in a Pack I never can remember how those things go And the way that goes in there this is a Great this is a great tool Seems to be somewhat underrated I don't Hear enough about these maybe because It's been around so long But this is the Glock entrenching tool I Don't know what these things cost Everything's gotten up I don't even know It's probably double what it used to be

But I think they used to be like around 30 bucks or so So right there and that comes in it Comes in a case Very lightweight great tool I prefer it over the metal ones I don't Know if it's going to be completely as Tough but it's going to be tough enough Tough Enough for the professional Homeowner that's for sure all right so We got an ax we've got our Glock tool Now if you want a good beader knife that You can I just don't know how you can Beat the Glock knife as well And boy how these things really uh Complement one another don't they Yeah bring you in here close don't don't Forget to hit that thumbs up gentlemen Uh these uh come serrated or Non-serrated I believe I don't remember Uh different colors but again I think I Paid like 30 35 bucks for this and these Are just bulletproof they've got that Hard plastic handle And ban that lug Is that a band that one I don't know What that's for And the she even the sheath is nice nice I don't I look at these things as a kind of a System together and sometimes you it's Terrible when you grab a good knife it Feels good in the hand and they've Cheaped out on the sheath and the sheath

Is trash and you have to you should Never have to go make or buy a different Sheath for a quality knife and this is Really good it's just simple but a lot Of thought into it like drain plug in The bottom Nice it's going to be it's going to have That coating on there it's not going to It's going to be really resistant to Rust Serrations on the back you could gnaw Through something like that I mean you Can get through rope you can get through All sorts of stuff with that kind of a Dual opposed It's aggressive it's a really it's a Stabbing knife too isn't it nice big Clip Point strong point Pommel I mean these are awesome the Sheath locks where that stove's getting Hot Sheath locks And this will go around a two inch belt Right there with that And this just push it to the side if you Haven't if you haven't seen one of these They're they're quite nice I was Surprised the quality of it when I Received when I got it I thought it was Going to be just something you kind of Throw put in a boat or throw in a glove Box or or something I guess you probably Could throw it yeah But that's a nice combo right there

Those two stick them together and You needed you got your shovel you've Got a couple saws a good strong sturdy Knife No problems ax I've got this big Katana boy I bought this for a video Kind of I thought it was going to be Kind of a joke I thought it was so outrageous But actually this is a really good tool Uh silk the silky company again you can Tell we live in Timber country with Trees and such Because I'm always worrying about that Always getting out and dealing with Branches when it we have a bad storm Where the wind kicks up I'll definitely Grab a A chainsaw that's why we're going to Need to put together a chainsaw kit I'm Tired of having the loose articles and Kind of the chaos that ensues like Someone will call like hey has anyone Got a chainsaw you know so-and-so is Trying to they can't get out of their Driveway And there's a log across it and you run Out and you didn't is it sharpened did You did you even fill it with fuel What's in it you know where's your Where's your chaps What we need to have We need to have

The chainsaw we're going to make this as Light as possible too I don't want this To be some backbreaking thing it's got To be one man portable The chainsaw kit that'll have the Chainsaw Maybe a smaller saw maybe we'll gear it Down we could if we really wanted to Gear it down maybe I'll do it with an Arborist saw Yeah that that's that's the chicken do We really need To have a 32 inch bar for maybe in this Country yeah maybe we do but probably Better just stick with be to be safe if We're talking life safety stuff where Someone might need to get to the Hospital or a car wreck or it's fallen On yeah we need a big saw and we're not Going to mess around with that so saw A couple of sigs with fuel and bar oil And the sharpening stuff and everything In one really compact that we can kind Of grab maybe with rope handles on that Some some of those bigger ones like Those heavy ammo cans my granddad used To use had those rope handles those hemp Rope handles on the side and those you Can kind of reach down and grab so Something like that so I'm going to be Thinking on that But this is boy this is really a a Chainsaw in a bag This monster

And this is isn't even the big the Biggest one I think our brother in Christ is it the Canadian prepper he's he's a silky guy And he's got some that are even quite a Bit bigger than this one but this thing Is massive this is called the the katana Boy if you haven't seen these These are Japanese Uh pruning saws Yeah it's as big as it looks and it Folds it it's a lock back it folds in on Itself nice big rubber handle Look at look at the glimmer goodness That's nice it does feel like a katana It's cool man I'll tell you the more I Handle it the more I like it this is a Really a fun tool to have it's cool Enough I put it in my truck so it's part Of the kit it definitely made the kit But this is a really good saw where you Can get two hands on a lot of power it's Got a good rubbery grip on it It's got a even got a bit of a kind of Like you'd have that Palm swelling on The back of an ax so you can because They cut on the pole Japanese saw as They cut on the pole were American saws They cut on the push so when you're Pulling on this you can really get a lot Of power on it and they're pretty Amazing tools they really are and to Have that capability a big old saw like That in that little bag is pretty

Awesome I love Japanese tools I Very interested in their culture I Haven't said I I was never really all That interested in their history growing Up I mean the closest I got is I got of Course I read the Shogun series and that Was interesting but I was always more Interested in the in the British Napoleonic era But the older I get and the more I Realized the the importance of living a Peaceful quiet life you know they're Really all about that to an extreme and Some of that stuff resonates you know The Simplicity and I really like their Tools their tools seem to be very well Made a lot A lot of of really good quality but Affordable you can just you can get Things that are obviously were hand Ground carving knives and such and some Of their carpentry tools that are Absolutely beautiful and they're not Very expensive they're you know they're Just something that the average guy Could buy and afford All right so those are our three our Four main tools I'm just going to go through do I need To sharpen this I usually put some put a Little boiled linseed oil on these once A year and that's been in my truck for a Year let's just let's do that we don't

Cut Corners around here This Is How We Do It Now your anything you have gentlemen With a wood handle You're going to want to make sure you Keep coated in that boiled linseed oil And like good denim that gives you know That beautiful fade over over the wear Areas The your wood handles to do that as well This one is Probably going on close to what 10 12 Years this handle here an original Handle and that gets the boiled linseed Oil once a year and the rule of thumb is If you have a raw piece of wood that You're just starting with Say you make a knife handle or even just A garden tool handle or you just buy Something and you scrape the varnish off And you're starting from scratch it's a Once a day for a week once a week for a Month and once a month for a year and Then once a year after that and if you Do that it'll seed in Audio cuts out we have more audio Problems I don't know maybe my jackets Bumping around audio cuts out Teak oil I don't know about teak oil I Would I you'd have to look into that you know What if if you don't know if it's not a Commonly used thing

Um then it's probably men probably Figured out a long time ago that it Doesn't work very well So Yeah there's a little bit of A little bit of surface rust on that as Well Well that's where we want to have that's That's what's uh The little ballast doll can Go next time you're at a paint store you Go to Home Depot or Lowe's if you go to The paint department you can ask them And they'll give you an empty can like a Quart can from the paint department you Can buy one you know just a buck or two And then Um take it and get yourself like a gun Rag silicone type of rag For gunsmith and then pour that ballast Doll in there and just keep that just Soddened in there you want it when You're starting you want to just ring This Just fill it up with ballastal until It's basically dripping And then that gives you that you know You can just grab this thing And wipe down your tools Especially if you guys are living in Areas that have a lot of humidity You want to do this You can see you see that Browns the Brown marks on there

This has been in the in the cab where It's you know it's a the truck gets Driven regularly so the heat stays in There that's not rust that's actually I Put the linseed oil on there It's thick and didn't and didn't wipe it Off and it'll dry and kind of leave that So that's not hurting anything it's just Kind of a the coating on there Yeah that looks nice I love the smell of Ballast doll if you haven't smelled it I don't know what it is It smells good Okay so then you boil linseed oil Don't use unboiled it takes too long to Dry the boil will dry quickly I'm happy to see there's some small Companies Um this was sent to me by one of them This is the Lynn Sheen quality boiled Linseed oil L-i-n-s-h-e-e-n and there's some small Companies that are actually doing it the Old way And that's cool and that's that's where Even if you you spend you know 20 bucks On something like that I think it's Worth it because It's going to last you a long long time You know I'm not gonna I'm not gonna Hate to use paper towels they're so Wasteful but they're So convenient And the risk you run from having

Spontaneous combustion and rags and Stuff it's just not worth it just get Rid of it And uh goodness you know what happens When I try to wash those Rags Mrs W's uh Washing machine that does not go down Well Your linseed oil I've got sap and Pitch all over this I Don't care I can go right over the top You can clean it with Scotch Brite if That bothers you but It's all kind of a badge of honor there But this will make your ax handle really Happy and you every year you do this it Will just get richer and darker and this Will prevent Really help your tools last longer if You're out in the sun if you've had Wooden handles that have cracked And become really uncomfortable and you Have to use uh you have to put gloves on They're so hard on your hands this you Keep keep these oils you can keep your Tools out of the sunshine too if you Want to store them something with a shed Roof But that's it That's it if you want to You can Touch that off there with that we can Hit that with a stone real quick but I Think we're probably pretty good we can Move on to our next category

Goodness we've got some super chats Let me back up here a little bit We have a super chat from our friend Jason Barr shout out to you Jason and Jason is an East coaster we only use our 16 inch chainsaws in Daisy Duke's wife Beaters and cowboy hats yeah that's Right I I know that I know how you guys Are you know I don't I don't get in your Personal business what you do behind Closed doors but uh you can just keep That to yourself But thank you very much for your Generosity and we have a super chat from Uh Quinn who writes how would you Recommend removing rust from an ax head Without removing the handle Um oh you can easily do that uh you can Do it with um steel wool It works really good if it's really Really heavy you might have to get a Wire brush but just just take it and Take your ax handle and wrap some some Rags around the handle if you have a Vise Uh just clamp it in the Vise kind of Gently if you don't have a vise just put It on the edge of a table like this and Any sort of a clamper even if you can Just kind of sit something heavy on it Or sit on it yourself you can sit right On that and then just get that you know Wire brush if you have a cordless drill You can get a wire brush wheel that will

Go on there lots of different things Scotch Brite works really good evapo Rust the chemical process is pretty good I don't know what that would do to the Handle but yeah just do that and then Work it out by hand with some steel wool And you'll be good you'll be really Really good And you can treat your sheath at this Time if you need if it needs be if you Use it if it's gotten wet a lot you'll Want to put some openoffs on there this Has been in the back of the truck under The seat doesn't need it so and I have a Tendency to put too much on anyway and My leather can get soft and I don't like That and once it gets soft it takes a Long time for that oil to Leach out of It Okay I think that's that's it for the wood Tools in this uh On this kit Next up Um we got the tire chains and retrieval Kit well how about the medical stuff Excuse me I would um yeah let's cover the medical Real quick I have responded how do you would you Call it respond I found myself in myself In the vicinity of several car crashes Uh over the years We have a super chat

From JC shout out to you JC who writes I Really enjoy your content well I'm glad That you're here really appreciate you Hanging out with us Uh but every multiple of I'd probably Think of almost a dozen of them some of Them really really really bad uh and the Thing that was commonly the most Appreciated was a blanket more than Anything else I I always carry a wool Blanket Pendleton wool blanket in my or An army wool blanket if you don't have One of those in my truck in the winter Time especially if you have kids if you Have to abandon the car or you come Across someone who's who has and is cold Man they just they you just can't give Them anything better than a blanket and A big wool blanket is ideal so the cat Here has taken over the one one of them That I keep in there And then I keep a full-size one like This keep your eyes open for those if You ever come across Pendleton blankets At thrift stores and such they are a Treasure they one of the one of the Treasures of life one of the most Enjoyable things of Life uh are are Pendleton Blankets Mrs Debbie and I have one uh we have our We we don't share blankets I don't want To get into intimate details we have our Own own setups but uh uh but we both Have our own Pendleton Blankets when

It's winter you put them on top and you Can just immediately feel the warmth and To have one on the couch when it's cold And or in the truck or a sporting event They're they're amazing So have one of those uh blankets are a Big deal so I always space blankets These are have so many uses and they Should be in a winter kit and what I've Always used this for is is a mat to lay Down to put on tire chains or to get Underneath someone's vehicle if you need To hook up a a clevis or a shackle and You don't want to get all wet you know We're going to have rain gear in our kit Have a basic set of Cheapo rain gear Find something at the thrift store or Whatever But get some tops and bottoms Fold it up into a bag and keep it in There Man you'll be so grateful if you've got Your fancy clothes on or you got your Expensive drip and you don't want to get It all wet going to the club and you got To change that tire you'll remember when You put that rain gear on and then Anyway but have that the tarp is nice You can kneel on it in the snow stay dry And it can be used as a blanket as well And a signaling device and repairing a Window that was blown out who knows just A handy thing to have it it's a perfect Size this I think it's six by eight

Whatever those those standard sizes or Is it four by six yeah I think maybe Four by six or six six by eight I think This one's four by six those standard Basic sizes are they just work I work For these they're not too big and not Too small and they just cover a lot of Problems This is something you can also Um find these survival blankets military Guys have probably seen these that some Of the better first aid kits are going To have something similar to this but It's just it's a really a kind of a Vacuum packed blanket that compresses Really small into this kit that's nice To have so that's my concern when one's Often not enough you know when you have People travel when people get lost out Here So what what happens is we have an area That's open in the summertime and folks Make the drive and it's really beautiful And sometimes the information is a Little bit spotty and sketchy and they Get up in there with their and they're Not prepared they don't have the tires They don't have the know-how and they Get stuck so a lot of us have go up and I went I've been up there half a dozen Times or so Um helping people pulling them out and They're cold you know they've slipped Off or maybe they've killed their

Battery trying to do something who knows What they always always into some Mischief up there Multiple blankets I'd have that first aid kit you know According to whatever your abilities are Um my brother's over there at Refuge Medical uh just put together the best Kits this is you know one of the bigger Kits they sent me and this is the one I Keep in my truck Uh and man I I don't dip into this thing For anything but just keep it in the Truck because this is what I'm gonna Grab if I if it's going to be a car Accident and that's the biggest Likelihood that what you're going to run Into that's you're going to have access To the the most people you know you're Gonna there's a lot of people going Around everyone's moving quickly in These you know thousands of multiple ton Machines the probability of someone Getting hurt or ran over is going to be Really high so your chance of having to Deal with that's going to be on the road Most likely that means car wrecks in the Winter time that means exposure problems People are cold you know what if it's 18 Degrees what if we're talking about Little kids how long can little how long Can a little kid survive exposed um you Know in a car with no heat that sort of Thing without blankets proper clothing

And there's a lot of mothers I'm sad to Say and fathers that Just don't go out don't it shocks me to See how ill-prepared or how ill They don't dress their kids properly for Winter that's what Mrs W says as well uh But Refuge our friends over there they Do the thinking so you don't have to Um these are some of the best kids if Not the best kids I've ever seen also Our friend The Pruitts over at uh amp3 Make all really nice kits as well and I've worked with them for years I I Don't have a favorite I just love both But the Refuge medical boys they really They've got it they've got it uh They've got it down and the they're both Companies as well Have good containers Like the sheet having a good sheath on Your ax having a good a good usable Container for your first aid kit is Essential You want to look and see what a trauma Is like Uh as a medic who worked on a busy Interstate in Colorado I ran traumatic Car accidents that were horrible And when you just look at the at the Floor of the ambulance or the floor of The scene of a situation like that of a Multiple vehicle accident and it's Absolute chaos I mean you have all this Organization and all of these kits and

You practice and there's just there's Stuff everywhere and you're tearing Packages I mean you're just minutes Seconds are critical and you don't have Time to fool around with finicky little Things and getting into in reading Instructions you need something that you Can grab that's very intuitive so that's What that's what I see with a lot of the The Refuge stuff is a lot of thought put Into that intuitiveness and the best Quality even the cases there's there's No Chinese here you know everything here Is top of the line everything is going To be like even their shears as I'd like To say No One's Gonna there's very few Guys they're gonna notice that these are North American Rescue shears these are The best of the best could you have cut Some pennies by slipping a pair of Taiwan shears in there black would you Have known the difference I know the difference I think a lot of other guys know the Difference so and they know the Difference and it matters to them so That's why their kits Um that's why it's in my truck But intuitive start with the top you Know your fundamental things what do you Have up here tourniquets and blood Stoppers you know dealing with massive Traumas here's what you're going to have Front and center proud and on the top

And then things working down less Priority To the Towards the bottom but that's a nice kit Right there A very very nice kit That would be a home kit as well that Would be uh if you want to have one kit This would be pretty hard to beat Right there sorry guys I don't remember The name Refuge medical go over those Guys maybe uh maybe some of our mods Could put their link and also David Pruitt over at amp3 if you could put his Up there as well both of those I'd vouch For both of those uh companies they're The best of the best All right That's cool what about uh what about Some emergency items about getting lost Or breaking down that sort of thing is Kind of important Communications cell Phones You know we have different needs than Granddad had back in the day he he Didn't uh he didn't have all of the uh Electronics He loathed the electronics it was he was A Ford man through and through I cannot Tell you what a Ford man he was died in The wool our family had one of the first Dealerships in Oklahoma I think the First dealership memory serves So he did not like to admit before he

Didn't do anything right but one thing That they had not done right in the 70s And 80s was when they went to electronic Electronic ignition and got away from The points and condenser Or the electronic ignition module I Remember them they said motor the Motorcraft on them I believe and it was Like an aluminum it was a the brain as Granddad said he called it a brain box And it made him so mad When these brain boxes would just fail And there was nothing you could do and It was just completely random and you Flip it over and the whole thing is all Potted so you can't get in there and fix It and that made him nervous having that Thing because he as a mechanic he saw Guys that had trucks that just died and There was nothing you could do you know He has a mechanic he liked to he was so Prepared I watched him change a uh a rod Bearing on the side of the road uh I Dropped the oil pan and fixed a knocking Rod bearing and we kept on going so that Was his his skill level right so I'm Sorry I didn't watch him I I know about The story Um that was the type of guy that he was So he didn't like that he felt Vulnerable so he in his emergency kit he Even carried a spare one of those which Was really expensive at the time I Remember I was shocked because I had a

77 Bronco and when he was telling me About it I had that same those same Modules and I found myself in a lot of Remote places back then and I was Worried about that too and I went to bot I think I inquired about buying one it Was way more money than I could afford Like a hundred dollars or something it Was crazy but Granddad had one because He was you know then that's kind of the Ideas think about what is it do you have A vulnerability do you have a weakness In your system when you do have do you Have old tires do not can you not afford To put brand new tires quite yet you Might have to hold off till next year or Get one more year out of them you know Maybe patch kit you know so so think of Where your vulnerabilities are and then Start to plug in those holes We have a super chat from our friend Jason Barr who writes um that he can't Speak highly enough of the Refuge kits I Recently had to deploy mine during a Moto wreck I was in it took over an hour To get an ambulance and I could have Been in a bad spot without that kit yeah That's interesting Jason that you Actually used one I I carry their kits Uh I carry their kits On my for my chainsaw stuff those things That I'm worried about get that I think Were the it's highly likely that I could Get injured would be working with a

Chainsaw Um Moto being in a vehicle definitely Those sorts of things and I've been Having those things within reach as well And that's interesting to hear I'd like To hear what kit you had uh that's the Truth you should tell the guys you Should you should tell them what what Happened and how that was helpful to you But thank you Jason for that All right signaling Rescue emergency Maps Probably it's not realistic you know you Don't know where you're going to be it's Not realistic to have um I Mr Super Chat here Thank you JC we got JC we've got uh oh Goodness there it is Jimmy's snow Removal Shout out to you Jimmy thank you I Appreciate appreciate you good to see You here Uh let's just get into it so this is Just what I'm doing we're learning Learning together here so my phone is a Is very important to me for app Navigating it is my my main number one Thing as well as uh my I'll have a Backup GPS a Garmin unit I've got one on My watch for my watch that I use Actively in combination with the Gaia App so those are two and then usually a Third GPS which would be I would use my Um

Um what is it the Garmin inreach the Satellite I pay the service so I have I Have those and an ACR which is a direct Satellite it's a government so I have Four ways of getting found it's so sad To hear and you hear every year you hear Older older couples that get uh go they Get following the GPS and they go down The wrong way and they die of exposure It's or a guy will uh get stuck and Start walking and then just get lost It's just so needless it doesn't need to Happen because there are tools uh there Are affordable tools that can prevent That from happening even if you're not Jewel Wilderness you know not an Explorer map guy you know there's still Some basic things you can do that where You can at least get back to your car Won't get lost So Man I can't put enough emphasis on a Flashlight you're you're going to have In winter time you should have a pretty Good EDC light on you at all time Just get something small so that you're More likely to carry it I find I like The idea of the run time of the bigger Lights like the Alex 2 and such but I Just can't deal with the with the heft And the battery and even the cr123 Batteries those are a little fat for Some people so get it something from Street Streamlight that runs a double A

Or even a triple A just something that You're willing to carry whatever you can Handle and have that on you and Routinely just change that battery so Just have a routine you know do it once A week or whatever so you're always Going to have that on you you've got to Have a light at in the winter time Gets dark around five here you know you Can't see anything and if you and when You get older your eyes don't see near As well in the darks I'm always needing A flashlight But you want something that's Going to be dedicated to the truck as Well the Streamlight firefighter series The Lights Are excellent because they are very Affordable these guys are tough as Nails I I was first introduced to these guys In the fire department And this is the classic it's a it's the 90 degree style so you can stand it and It uh and point in any direction you Want now these are uh good for They're not flood lights they're good For you know shooting long distances you Know they shoot a long beam so just kind Of be aware of that you know they're not The ideal light for flooding an entire Area but they're really good for seeing Stuff so if you need to look at a Crossed water or cut through fog or show Or someone can see this light from a

Long long way if you can climb up on a Highest point High Point and this thing Is like a laser beam it's a very very Pointed but you can make do with it you Know in just Just Bounce It Off of Something but the Forum is nice because It's so versatile it'll stand on its own If you need to change a tire Completely waterproof No Nonsense no Clicky nonsense just off and on that's All just off and on Great run time build quality is Excellent and these things are tough you I never saw one of these broke broken in The fire department and that was on a we Tore stuff up and we we didn't we Weren't paying for it you know every Forced entry and every training this Thing is hanging on the front of your Bunker gear just hanging there getting Smashed all the time and I never saw one Broken they're very good lights with Good run times and affordable I think They sell so many of them because of the Most departments have them they're so Proven that you know they really got it Down it's got a hook a stainless hook so You can hang it And the batteries are a double A which I Prefer double A is going to be your most Common That's why everything in a Wildland Firefighting ground is going to be Double a batteries for the most part

Because they're everywhere there's one Battery and it works for everything is It the most efficient is it the best no But it's it's ubiquitous it's everywhere And you'll be able to find it Goodness if you need a double A battery For your GPS you can any house is going To have one in the remote control you'll Always be able to find one right so this Has kind of a clamshell design Which holds four batteries Here See right there Lithium batteries I you know there's a Lot of talk about should you use lithium Batteries in the winter time And the the biggest talk I guess the Biggest conversation is those of us that Are doing at working in hype or Operating operating so funny this Language having fun snow biking back Country skiing whatever in places with High probability of avalanche So we have Inflatable you know the balloon packs And the Avalanche beacons and all that And the idea what is you shouldn't run Lithiums in that environment because the Lithium doesn't do well in cold below Freezing it starts to it doesn't you Know starts to kind of fall apart comes Right back once it gets warm you can Take some lithium that's maybe not Functioning properly and I think if you

Get some body warmth on it you get it to Come back but I don't know if I I've never really Noticed that so I I do run alkaline in My Abbey stuff and my backpacks and such Um but I for all the stuff I just pretty Much buy lithium because it lasts a long Time and it just doesn't corrode and Ruin stuff I I had a hard time paying The price for the lithium But then I realized that the the amount Of electronics and things that I've had Destroyed from lead acid batteries that Leak has a far offset the cost Of buying the quality lithiums that are Not going to leak so they're twice the Price but They're half the weight And twice the power So life is all about compromise isn't it I just go with lithium I I signed up for Amazon to just get a monthly Box of these that just come every month You know the bigger box I just stockpile Them Double A's and Triple A's they're Going to run everything but these these Lights are pretty good any Streamlight Product you don't have to get this one And this one is because of the beam the Way it's so focused It's probably not for everyone so just Know that before you look into it but They have equivalent just regular Handheld lights that um similar price

Point that are awesome as well but have A good dedicated flashlight and for Goodness sakes have a set of a complete Set of backup batteries right This is in my truck I know it hasn't Been used I know lithium batteries last A long time so I'm not going to change Them out but we'll just stick with them But Streamlight sure is a good this sure Is a good company they make some nice Stuff And the the price is great uh these GPS's so if you if you get stranded Or uh have to leave the truck for for Some reason you want to try to walk back Out or you walk back out to a main road Uh and it's snowing and you think you're Going to follow the tracks and what Happens is guys instead of following the Road you know they kind of look at the Lay of the land they think well I can Just I'll just connect you know the road The road's going like this if I can just Kind of connect these points I can cut Out miles I don't have to walk as far And since I'm on foot and I'm not Prepared and I don't have a proper coat I want to I don't want to be out here Getting exposed too long so they get out There and get turned around because they Can't see landmarks and they get lost And die of exposure and can't find their Own truck because their prints all got Covered up in the snow and it happens it

Happens fast one of the first times I Went snow biking not one of the first Time I went snow biking up on Mount Fuji As the leader Not knowing the area very well it was Jack and I uh and we got up in there and The wet we got up there high like it you Know seven thousand feet and the weather Changed and my whole that plan that Whole time was just to kind of I I knew Some general areas I knew how to kind of Get back to a certain Meadow and then we Could just follow our tracks back well Goodness we got up there and got turned Around and got a little confused and Couldn't find that Meadow and you know Got stuck real bad in the Ravine and the Weather started to deteriorate and had I Not had GPS tracks going there's Absolutely on multiple devices there's Absolutely no way that we I don't think We could have survived that I don't Think we could have got out of that we Would have had to build a snow cave and Hopefully you know survive the night but You know how temperatures are up there At that elevation So I I'm running tracks man I'm running Tracks on my watch I'm running tracks on My phone and I'm running uh tracks on The everywhere always running tracks so These etraxes these old ones Everyone wants the latest greatest the Newer model go on eBay and just get the

Old black and white version these things Are built like tanks they're You can use them the thing that has made Garmin Remain relevant in the cell phone era is They offer a product that does something That the cell phones cannot do And that is be rely reliable and rugged And have interchangeable batteries And to be operated with gloves so you May be frustrated you get frustrated With these interfaces you know all being Click click clickable buttons and Joysticks on here but the thing about it Is that when you're cold and your hand Jax I think Jack's knocking hold on Thanks jackers live streaming oh okay There's your food appreciate it nope This is great But the point being Uh get the Sit this down here Get One of These Guys these e-trex off Of eBay the old school analog ones with The small memories you know you're not Worried about that because what you have Here is is a super high quality uh GPS Excellent and all that you really want For this thing is is to be able to you Can they're all double a batteries so They're going to share your batteries Keep keep that system whatever battery You decide to go with you know keep it Simple and keep lithiums in there

Because those lithiums this could be in The truck for 10 years and they're never Going to leak or degrade and it'll be There for you when you need them And they're light you have to pack them Well you can start tracks on these guys Getting a you need to leave the truck uh In a snowstorm you put this thing in Your pocket you turn it on and worst Case scenario you go back glued to this Following it step by step right back Following that little Gray Line I've Done it before and it works it could Save your life So I'd have one of these they're just They're really affordable We have a super chat From Christus Rex shout out to you Christus Who writes uh hello I'm an inexperienced 19 year old and interested in joining The U.S forest Service preferably work In the field I'd appreciate any advice Direction Well Christus understand that it's not Like it used to be and I don't know that I could support go well I don't know I Would I wouldn't support joining the Forest service unfortunately Uh they um It's so bureaucratic uh and it's so Institutionalized and the um the amount Of time that you actually spend in the Field for a lot of people is really

Small Uh what I the only way I would do it is If I was getting in on a fire fire crew You know I would what I would do before I I like got in and signed up to work at A ranger station or really committed Anything to it you need to understand The culture and to see if that jives With you and if you can and you can Exist in that environment and that's What would be so good about the fire get Yourself set up get yourself in position Get online us gov what whatever the US Government website for Wildland Firefighting and start that application And kind of get familiar with what's Going on and go do it for three months You'll be in the field the whole time You'll get to understand the culture What some of the work is like what the Personalities are like what what the Regulations and stuff are like and if You can operate in that environment and What what have you lost Nothing you'll have something you'll Talk about for the rest of your life You'll associate with the rest of your Life fondly that you will share and with Your grandkids and and your sons and Daughters and Worst case scenario uh it took three Months to get that so that's what I Would do Thank you Christus for that

We have a shout out from Friend of the channel Kevin Moore shout Out to you Kevin and Kevin writes uh I Do know that Noah uses lithium in their Weather balloons they handle the cold at 100K feet uh very light I can have one Recovered that's interesting yeah Because this wake now I haven't been to 100K feet But I've been to 14 000 feet a few times And it's very cold up there That's interesting yeah and there are Other types of lithium that I don't Always understand I don't understand all Of that I'm uh so hungry for this delicious meal Here but I think it would be rude to eat Online All right gentlemen well how long are we Going in our stream here we hour in Would you guys uh I don't know maybe or maybe like a half Of the way through how about we finish Up what we have here and then we'll pick Up tomorrow uh with the rest of the Stuff and then I got some videos I got To get I got the truck pulled up in here And I want I'll do probably do a video For for the channel uh we're just Getting everything ready and we'll get The chains all fitted up I've got to get All of the snow blower and all that Equipment going uh snows coming in Actively snowing right now and we got to

Get all that stuff all plugged in I want To put the blade on the Yanmar and the Blower on the cat And just double double check everything Get it greased and just staged and Prepped so if it comes we can just uh Head out and we need to put a proper Mount in there for you guys if we're Going to have snow blower cam We need to do it upright I wonder if There's a way I could switch between two Cameras an exterior and an interior Probably uh I don't know if doing the Snow blowing and producing a show at the Same time is going to work we'll just Keep it simple with one phone We have a super chat from Brian shout Out to you Brian Brian says Cody really Enjoying clipping these live streams Really enjoying clipping these live Streams for you thank you for the Opportunity did I make the cut Brian I'm Going to sit down Mrs W is gone for a Week and so I've got the sweet loaf It's just her and me and Jack's helping Out as well I was planning on sitting down tonight To get to go through that and figure out What we're going to do and who we're Going to what you know you know what We're talking about uh I don't know if I'm going to do it be able to get to it Until she gets back so uh if I can put Her down for a nap I'll get on it but uh

They're in my inbox I've got them all Saved and that is on top of my list But thank you for that I sure appreciate Your generosity We have a super chat from a friend of The channel Overton Windex shout out to you Overton He writes heat transfer at 100K is less Than heat generated by TG Electronics Real temps you see Overton is a smart Man I I knew that the moment I knew his From his name there which is of course Is the best YouTube name I've ever heard I knew he was an educated man and look At he's dropping knowledge on us right Here as we speak Thank you Overton thank you for your Generosity Goodness it doesn't look good doesn't it All right so here we are GPS we got that Covered How about a way to Signal uh if you Break down man it's scary to be broke Down on the side of the highway very Scary I do not like it so to be able to Throw some flares out or something like That is very nice I I just went to these Little guys that you can get these Things in a three pack now there's lots Of companies that make them and they're They're perfect they've got a I think you can replace the battery They're pretty well made they're rubber Coated

Let me bring in here this is going to be If I look at this Goodness They're pretty cool aren't they So they're just kind of the rubber armor Coated LED light with multiple modes Unfortunately can we not just have It's pretty simple though I guess oh an added benefit there you go You've got a scene light I forgot about That I don't typically like these Things that try to do do too many things But this is actually quite helpful Because these have a magnet on them I Believe so if you're changing you get Your chain wrapped up around your axle In the front of your rig Right you can take this guy And stick that up under the fender well I guess they're not metal anymore Stick it on something it'll give you a Little scene light and you can hang it And this is a I've been desperate for a pocket knife I I got so mad that I lost my Benchmade And my Spyderco These are made by hokina Led safety Flares h-o-k-e-n-a I don't know if it matters they're all Kind of the same I think but this has a Hook on it like like a trouble light Would have in a garage so you can hang That

You pop your hood open you can hang that Guy from your latch that's perfect That's a nice added benefit These are pretty skooky units actually I did it I used to have three I did a Torture test on one and I only have two And I regret it So so I'd have these you could take These guys if you had three of them like The kit and then just run back there and Hook them out there and someone come Around the corner at least gonna know You're out there changing a tire it can Save your life these things are Important man it is dangerous on the Side of the road dangerous dangerous Dangerous especially in a cold wintry Environment with snow and sleet and ice Iran the means those Mean Streets as a Medic with the fire department and I can Tell you those car wrecks and it's just It's it's bad out there man it's and Being on the side of the road just gives Me the cold shivers just thinking out The close calls that I Witness Watched a cop jump off of it over Watched it right in front of me watched Him jump off an overpass to his death Because the car was careening towards Him it didn't even hit near him I I Never understood why he jumped off of There strangest thing Foreign Might want to consider might not

Is a radio if you're using a radio for Your family or using these little Bowfangs You know I I got my my kid all messed up Here we were using these during the race I've got to put everything back together But how I usually roll here And three is the magic number I'll tell You Is these little bags and I I checked not Long ago and they're still on Amazon They're called it's Voodoo Tactical Makes this bag It's perfect for this and it's very well Made it's super heavy duty it's a Medical bag But I'm not using it for medical it's a Perfect radio holder so these little Bowfangs whatever you end up with They're you know they'll all communicate Together it doesn't matter but if you Unscrew the antennas you Can put three of them in here They've got the nylon on there This is pretty nice They've got the nylon on there It'll take the clip so just imagine all Three of them across there right And then your antennas And you can just put them in here but it Zips up very cleanly and now you've got Three radios that are all ready to go You're in the you've got to leave the Truck

Right you need to go you want to stay in Touch what if your kids uh what if your Wife kids are in in the truck or car I Mean do you want to be out walking Around wondering if they're okay or not What would it be worth to you to be able To key a mic uh and just touch base make Sure everything's okay presume you know There might not be self coverage there Right so I I think it's a relatively small Investment you know you could probably Put together three radios in the bag you Know for probably less than two hundred Dollars for just a bit maybe a hundred Dollars I think the bag was is less than 20. And you can have that three radio kit Now You've got one for yourself Um you've got one for a loved one that's With you whatever and you got one for a Buddy that you can hand off and it's uh They're all programmed together just get The cloning cable It's pretty simple to do chirps I think It's the software And uh they're awesome They're quite handy to have We have a super chat from our friend of The channel Noelle Hastings shout out to You Noel and dual Loctite remember I Must add A friend commit suicide this weekend

Unexpectedly perhaps you could comment On the suffering of men these days I don't know what to say about it it's Yeah if you don't maybe maybe people are Not aware of this but if you don't know You've probably heard that there's a Epidemic of Of soldiers How many soldiers have committed suicide Is is unbelievable and I don't know I Don't I mean I don't understand what That's all about or what it comes down To there is a common factor in that They're soldiers so something in their Environment is um is causing them Difficulty you know too too much it's Too much for them to overcome and They're resorting to deleting themselves So that that is one issue but there's Also an issue of just people of men that Are just getting black pilled that are Waking up from the Matrix and realizing That there just isn't any hope Uh with And a lot of that has to do with um There's so many things going against men I mean the boys now I mean if you're a Boy that's in his 30s or so I mean you grew up in the schools being Told about how you're useless and toxic Masculinity you were put in an Environment that was designed for to to Educate females and and to keep the Passions and energy and to keep

Demasculate boys and maybe we all know This when we're not talking anything new You know we've been talking about it and Everybody's wringing their hands but Nobody cares and nobody does anything About it and still you plug your kids Into public schools and even know it Knowing this you know I I'm not I am not one to get up on my high horse About these type of things but you know I Mrs Debbie and I decided that Homeschooling Was something that was going to be Necessary that we could not I could not Stand before God when he asks me and What about bees that I gave you these Children what did you do with them I put them in a public re-education camp Because I was Whatever fill in your reason right there It won't really matter So you know this is a result of all These things Um So these boys and then Online dating you know the online dating Was just coming on when Mrs W and I were Getting married that was almost 20 years Ago So I was familiar with it was just Starting and I'm familiar with kind of The basics of it but I follow it closely On a lot of YouTube channels and I've Definitely followed the culture I

Understand what's going on what's going On Is that you have uh met A good portion if not half of the men in Society that no longer have access to Quality women no longer have access to Women that could provide them with Suitable and faithful wife and mother Uh you have these women now have access To all of the top percentage of men on The internet and once they get access to One of these high tier men then they'll Rarely would they ever be able to settle So they have unrealistic unrealistic Expectations So if you're a man in those lower tiers And there's of course there's always Going to be exceptions you know don't Come and tell me well I know this dude That's 5'2 and he's slaying you know Don't we're not talking about anecdotal We're talking about the averages and the Average the sad averages are this Is that if you on the hierarchy scale Scale of man between a one and a ten you Know 10 being a perfect 10 and one being Um Quasimodo And a five being an average if you are In the five category or below uh you're Pretty much uh screwed To get anything of inequality what you Would have been able to get in my days You know someone that would have been a Woman that would have been on your level

Um on your level with education on your Level with looks you know status all Those things right we all know how it Worked I wouldn't say that there was Someone for everyone but there was Definitely Um Dude could get a girl man even ugly Dudes I grew up with uh you know they Had their girl you know she was always a Little uh a little chubby and you know Not quite as cute as some of the other Ones but she had someone and they had a Family and went on I don't I mean there Were a few strange dudes outliers that Didn't but for the most part if that's What you wanted you could have it and You would find someone that was that Would would do that with you and the Idea was there was going to be an Agreement that Um I I'll provide for this family and You take care of the house and and we'll Do this together and and that's what We'll get into it a man was willing to Put his shoulder to the To the grindstone because he had there Was a point to it you know he had Someone that was in his house uh helped Mate that he could trust that was going To see to his house and they would Prosper together and grow old together Right that was that was the formula So

Dudes are going in you know to the Relationship going in with that mindset And they're getting destroyed right They're finding you know they're finding First off they're not getting any in They can't even talk to any of these Girls I mean it's it's what I'm hearing What I'm seeing is if you're if you're a Dude that's let's say 5 8 or below uh and you you know are Don't have the jawline they don't have The looks and the height and the status And all that that it's slim pickings out There there's guys there's a whole Passport revolution of guys that are Doing something called Geo Maxi where The only option that Western women have Become so toxic because of uh feminism And so their their expectations for a Mate is so completely ridiculous that These men are just walking away from it And turning away like it I it's hopeless And even if I could get one of these you Know let's say that so I settle for a Single mother you know like okay well Maybe I can get a single mother because She her she's obviously you know she She's her sexual market value is not Going to be as high as she's got other Men's kids in tote but then you got to Deal with that and what's the what what Is the You know is she ever going to see you Ever ever going to love you or see you

As someone that she admires or respects Or has she just brought you in to be a Provider and is always going to stay in Love with the with the father of her Children and is she going to are you Going to be able to discipline them and What about the ex-father you know is he Going to be is he a is he An angry dude is he a dangerous dude is He are you gonna have to deal with that At Family parties and events I mean so Who would want to sign up for that let Alone raising someone else's kid I mean That that's just something not everyone Can do Mama you You're making me nervous here So they have all of these things going Against them So dudes are going overseas and you know If you're short you can go to a place That has shorter people you know go into The Philippines you know the women are Going to be shorter there so now you're At a higher percent I mean it's I Understand all these things I follow These things and when guys are waking up To this reality that so many things have Been That they've believed to be true are not True and it's been a lie it's too much For them and they just lose hope and They see that it's it's pointless it's Pointless to go through life I don't

Want to go through life as a bachelor I Don't want to do anything so I think You know there's nothing we can do for Those that have made the decision but I Think if you find yourself in that Situation or you know someone in that Situation you have to change your Paradigm the way you think about life And you have to understand that you were Raised on Disney fairy tales and the way Told the way things need to be and the Way things should be and and that's a Traditional family with a wife and if You don't have that or can't find that There's not there's something wrong with You and that's what society's telling You like oh they're actually telling These guys Boomers and their parents are Telling these guys that are sub fives Who can't get involved can't get a girl To look at them telling them Yeah you just need to go take a shower You know go comb your hair go get a Haircut you know go go get a job or none Of that none of those things are really Going to make any difference In matter Because they weren't given The height genetically they weren't Given the looks genetically they weren't Given the family connections they're not They're not they don't have any status They don't have any money and so many of These girls that that's the only

Important thing They have too many decisions and when You have too many decisions you're not Happy So the solution is You can roll the dice and hopefully try To find one of these and let's say you Do come up come up with one and strike The lottery and you have two kids with Her and you're 10 years in you know at Any whim she can blow the whole thing up Because she's not happy no fault divorce She can literally take and the courts Will favor her we'll take your kids She'll take everything from you and you You'll be bound down with alimony 18 to 21 years of child support Watching other men come through and have Access to your children Etc Etc Etc It's too much it's too much to risk And men are starting to realize that men Have been getting their heads taken off For decades and they're starting to Realize that you know we're seeing it We're talking to our fathers that got Um uh destroyed in marriages we're Talking to uncles and friends and we We've seen guys with their families Ripped away from them from the whims of A woman because she got Um the tingles for the UPS guy who knows

What So It's either you've got to accept it Uh And you've got to accept that there's That there can be a life there's going To be a life without women because if You think about it Most guys have been married a long time Are not very happy uh and if you were to Say would you be more happy to have a Simple place in the woods with a shop Um with um to work less because you Didn't have to make near as much money To pay for kids in college and and all The extravagance that a lot of women Require that you could have a paid for Truck maybe a small business or internet Thing going on or maybe you just took a Year off because you've lived frugally Because you're a dude and you don't have You don't require very much and you make And make what you need and you drive a 1977 Ford two-wheel drive pickup and you Wear clothes from the thrift store and You got a half million dollars in the Bank Would you rather have that lifestyle Where you can do anything you want go on A trip you could go eat steak at Ruth Chris you could go buy a brand new Ducati you could sit in your underwear And watch football all day whatever you Want would you trade that for a nagging

And contentious woman and some Ungrateful kids or attached to a single Mother with ungrateful disrespectful Kids and an angry ex-military father who Resents you being in his house that Sounds pretty nice huh So why are men checking out of dating Why are uh bridal gown companies going Broke why are Jewelers Jewelers going Broke why is the birth rate plummeting Well that's why because men are waking Up to this So I don't know if this I don't know if This Is the reason of your friend Um No But I think it probably has something to Do with it I don't know all the Situation So what Dudes need to realize what we need to Realize I guess is that um The uh being a bachelor and having a Purpose And that purpose is is having your time That that you're not trading spending The majority of your time trading it for Wages where you get yourself in a Position where you could live so Frugally it would even be a fun Challenge you know how little can I live On and guys would like to have that you Know you've got a thirty thousand dollar

Motorcycle and a uh Um and a ten thousand dollar gaming rig And a paid for house uh and you're good Right Do it whatever you want right so uh and Relationships now are and will be Contin Will be definitely in the future uh Relationships are going to be mostly Monetized and there's a there's a stigma Especially with with the Conservative Christian folks that and a lot of guys Think this is macho oh you know I would Never pay for access to these women you Know that prostitution that's wrong and All that I'm not getting into the moral Or ethical side of it or where I fall on That I'm not even I'm not condoning it I'm just saying this is the way that it Is and the way it's going to be So It's going to be I think if you want Access to women uh And you're a sub five guy or that lose Ladder categories and you don't just Have a whole lot going on or you just Don't want to take even let's say you Are a seven eight nine ten and you don't Want to take the risk of Of having your head taken off in a Divorce You're rolling the dice and and what Successful a lot of successful men do And these are you can celebrities and Wise men as they marry down

The only way if you're if you're moving In that world you know were you talking In the top five percent top one percent Income earners in that area and you're Trying to find someone Uh or you know the only way I think that Would be safe to to marry a western Woman would be to marry down because she Will always be somewhat insecure She'll Always know that you're You have options she was lucky to get You and if you just want to have a Peaceful marriage uh and just know that It's highly unlikely that your woman is Going to be unfaithful to you and giving You near as many troubles then that's What a lot of guys do and that would Give you probably the best bet To uh to succeed But we're getting we're getting I'm Going off on different areas here Yeah I'm sorry to hear that Noel What's happening more and more Guys are just gonna have to understand That things are changing and to uh that The other system that system that we Were led to believe Was put in place Um I don't know that it ever really worked But thanks for changing if we like it or Not so We can piss and moan We can harken back and sit back and

Whine about oh get the Glory Days And get bitter about that or we can Um be um Harmless as Dove as doves and why is the Serpents that we can navigate this and Make find Opportunities and exploit it Exploit it to share information exploit It to Shared knowledge and explored it For resources that's what uh so we're All hearing to do here to do and you Gotta be flexible and quick so we're all About being things being portable and Not locking you down with all these Videos and my mindset is I'm making a Paradigm shift as well from entrenched Positions entrenched shops things built To last or or things set up in a way to Last you know 10 or 20 years not anymore I want things to be very mobile portable And lots of options Is it better to have a big central air Compressor In one location or is it better to have A portable option That's the thing I'm talking about you Know so Um Yeah so setting up the new shop is Interesting I have to my my default back Into let's start running the power lines Let's start running the airlines we'll Have drops and all the stuff all over There no not not anymore I'm even I was Thinking this morning

As I was getting ready is is it possible For a shop like that to run it off grid With a combination of a backup generator If you let's say you really needed some Big Power I.E a welder or something but For most Parts what are we talking about We're talking about some lights Computer power basic you know charging Tools and stuff not a great deal you Know maybe a demand or a load on um on a Saw once in a while but those tools are Rarely used I think most of us have are Switching if we haven't already over to Cordless tools and with the cordless you Know we don't we just don't have those Limitations anymore So do you need it do you even need an Air compressor anymore you know or at Least a huge one a big gigantic one Little like that's my default like I Have sitting over there So that's what we need to be thinking About and with our kits and everything How can I make this Um As versatile as possible I'm not locking Myself down Gentlemen thank you for the super chats Thank you for hanging out we'll uh Either we will or we won't continue this Next time but I'll uh I'll get the big Camera on and we'll we'll do a full Video on this and get it sorted Keep us in your prayers we are uh on the

Tip of the spear here culturally and Always under attack so keep us in your Prayers pray for my family pray for Mrs W while she's away and Uh And me it'll be a good uh good father to The Sweet loaf I've been thinking on that one quote I'll leave you with that quote that's Been haunting me all week It's uh I hope I have it right here Good Fathers are measured by the Patience of their children is that what It was That's a it's a very haunting thing for Me I don't know if I like knowing that or Not We have a we'll do one final Super Chat From uh Mad Rocks friend of the channel Mad Rock Mad Rocks shout out to you and He writes uh found two Garmin etrex is Online for 35 each look right there Mad Rocks is doing your work for you 35 Bucks for an etrex Yeah and they don't they just don't wear Out they're so well built they're tough Uh these would be good to have man pick Up a pair you'll be two for 70. He also writes uh Thanks for a suggestion uh it was a hole In my mobile preps in Camp traveling Yeah you bet my my pleasure My pleasure

Yeah and something I don't have here Which is up in the console I'll just I'll close with this to consider while We're in electronics is is see to it That you have the options for your Phones and also for both units if you Have it so if you have Apple and Android In your house You know grab an old lightning cord Folks will will love to be able to Charge their batteries uh in their Actually I'm going to show you a product That I just found That is uh I haven't used I just got it But I think it solves a lot of problems It's a kind of an all-in-one adapter kit For your phone or all your devices Now this isn't going to be the primary [Applause] The primary thing that I use Because the cords are short but this is Really good in an emergency because it's Everything in one spot so With the snow bikes using them for the Phones and we use them even primarily For communicating up there and the dirt Bikes and navigation and Maps is Essential to be able to have all these Things plugged in and I've got multiple Devices with multiple plugs on it so I I've got a new phone I broke my phone I use my phone's actually my my B camera I use it so much for video that I I get The new phones because I I like to keep

Up on the camera technology because it's So helpful Mama What are you doing But anyway this is a kit it's made by uh Morphe And a really nice case with a magnetic Latch this is a case that's going to Last you know it's made to be around for A while but these are high quality Cables and every combination for your Phone so you've got a USB to USB so I Could use that in the truck or from a Excuse me from a power bank To charge uh like our Santa's uh some of Our radios that's always going to be There I'm going to have a USBC to lightning so Uh any of the phones iPod iPads any of Those things air pods all that always Going to be able to charge from the Truck or any sort of battery bank and Then the USB is at the B just the Classic ones the lightning so I thought That was a really good kit kit and I Found that to be trying to manage all of Those cables to be kind of frustrating I've got them wound up all over and I Need so many of them like do I have the Right ones and I've been up there it Seems like half the time I've been up There and I've got a big wad of cables In there all I don't have one USBC and That's the only one that I need so I was

Looking for a solution to that Because I just you I've just I'm using It all the time I'm constantly plugging Stuff in I thought it was worth the Investment these are it was a little Spendy like 50 bucks but uh just the Aggravation this will sit save me and I've had to go out on soul I had I Didn't have do I made a decision but I Went out on a solo ride this summer Without my GPS tracker that Mrs W keeps Track on me Um because I had not I forgot to to plug It in because when I when I went through My normal routine I didn't have a cable At hand and I thought I'll come back and Plug that in and I didn't and so and I Didn't enjoy the ride the whole time was In the back of my mind like I'm Completely exposed up here and Unprotected and if anything happens to Me you know I'm completely reliant on The ACR which is fine but I'll have no I Wouldn't have any feedback I wouldn't be Able to know that help was on the way And man that's tough when you're lost And you're or you're hurting All right gentlemen Was that it we just shut her down No more three-hour streams we have a Super chat from our friend of the Channel Double Loctite remember Jason Barr who Writes so what makes a great father is

Forgiving is very forgiving children Thank you Jason I knew that's it was Something similar to that Forgiving children Do I like patience better forgiving What's the difference between patience And forgiveness Yeah Patience is something you have as a gift From God forgiveness is a choice Yeah well that's even deeper That's one That one right there Jason's rocked my World there it's making me reevaluate Things here I'm going to have to I might Have to carve that one in wood All right well that's a good place to Close Raising kids is tough It's a responsibility It's like Jack is in this Jack is in this position Now where of course you know he's still At home still going to be in we held him Back in school when we started just to Have him one extra year right just to One extra bit of year of maturity which Is so important that between 17 18 and 19 right And But you know he's He's making decisions now that are going To affect his life and a lot of these Decisions are based on

You know how we raised him and Values that we put into him and his own Values and he's being exposed to uh you Know a lot of friends groups and people That have values that are even contrary To ours you know and we we don't we've Never Mrs Debbie and I are on a United front Not to be A dogmatic or judgmental about those Things And I'll tell you I'm not at all a a new Age oh let the children raise themselves Or find their own way you know we've We've we've drilled and and installed The the operating system that we've Feel to be the best that we give them The best opportunity To be successful in this life But um Also understand that he's his own person Right and he may choose something that Is contrary to that he needs to know From us that Yes you just went and had Um you went out and and had a went to a Party and and down you know did all These events you know with this friend Group from a different you know from a Different You know Folks with different values right and He's coming back and telling us about This and you know I I've seen parents

And and have had parents that he's Wanting to share this what he saw he's Not necessarily condoning it but the Instinct is to automatically uh want to Correct and sort him out how this is Going back to your perch how this is not Right or or whatever doesn't matter but Mr W and I decided not to do that you Know we No we'll listen to him Um and he knows what our values are Our marriage is a testimony our Relationship is a testimony our the way We treat each other and the way we've Dealt with crisis and the way we've Shown love on our pair on our children Is is testimony is um something he's Watched for 17 18 you're coming out 18 Years So that can't be undone With one party we can't be undone with One influential person because he has a Foundation Uh will he find a better way or Something that works for him Uh you probably will but we'll have them Just the same but that's the you know The the advice and the good book tells Us that train a child up in the way and And when he's old he won't depart And what that tells us is that Life is hard and and the world is out There waiting to devour your children That's just the truth of the matter

There's no um no one cares for your kids Out there it's it's a Savage world out There and some places worse than others And the only thing you can do is to have Prepared them the best you can to Operate in that environment and to Always have something to have an anchor In their life you know that's for me it Has always been You know knowing that there's a God Needs in charge even when I wasn't Walking with him and even when I was an Open Rebellion to him I was never so Foolish as to think to curse him or or To or to make the have the silly Assumption that he's not real I may have chosen to go against his will And to operate outside of his care and Protection but that was a personal Choice you know it wasn't because oh God's not real I'm going to go and be a Hedonist and live my life Oh So that's all you can do man But that's what you see you know these These aimless driftless drifting people Out here That didn't have that environment didn't Have that opportunity that Jack had You know the mother maybe divorced the Father and poisons the children's Minds About what a demon he was whether he was Or whether he wasn't And uh you know now she's online dating

And she's bringing men in and now the Children have are having issues because You know they've been Abu you know it Just goes on and on and on so now you You're what are you turning loose into The world What are you turning loose out there to What What are you turning loose to have Access to my son out there that I put so Much time and effort into in Mrs W right Well other people haven't put time and Effort into it you've got broken and Damaged People So it's a dangerous world out there So one way you can mitigate that danger Gentlemen A big way to mitigate that danger and You may not want to hear this but you Might have to stop give up on that idea Of having children in a family it might Just be too it might just be too much to Lose Now you might have to do it overseas but Even if you do it overseas I wouldn't Recommend bringing those women back Because soon as they're back and they Get plugged in and plugged in and and Um I guess tainted by Western women then um You know you'll have the same problem as Soon as they know what their options are Like Oh you mean I

The male or male older bride says Oh you Mean I can Um say I don't want to be married to This man and leave with a house at Children and a whole bunch of cash after 20 years So I would get about You know kind of getting over that and Uh looking at realistically and say okay Well what can I uh what are my options What are my Alternatives you know you Can delete yourself or you can Um Start uh living life is a bachelor And build a fun life and get your focus On that and off the women and who knows You know you everything seems so final Right now especially you guys that are Young and in your teenage years And goodness the Heartbreak that comes From those relationships especially Those first ones that first love is is You know I something you'll never get Over that pair bonding that happens is So strong that Um you know I know of a lot of people That even into their 60s and 70s still Carry that for that woman you know still Still long with longing and regret it's Very it's a very powerful thing And uh You know We're not Dr Laura here are we

Thank you gentlemen thank you for your Support thank you for hanging out I'm gonna eat my eat my noodles may God Bless you and your families please keep Us in your prayers and we'll see you Over either on the next video or the Next live stream

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