Winter is Here! Installing an Insulated Wood Ceiling and in my Off Grid Log Cabin

By | November 25, 2022

After digging out from a winter storm (that wasn't as bad as predicted in my location), I continue weatherproofing my off grid log cabin by adding door locks and trim to the porch door and the breezeway door. I insulate the ceiling and start installing charred 1″ pine rough lumber, which immediately traps more of the heat from the woodstove and makes the cabin much more efficient than my last cabin.
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Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Thank you Foreign Thank you Foreign Height I was just thinking like me and Mom Will probably sit here and play cards And stuff right so it'll be loaded to Reach down yeah So I'm gonna make I might just do a Square or rectangular with Live Edge Even if it's Live Edge on three sides So it's bigger so if there was a lamp or Something still room to do stuff in Front of it although I'm thinking about Doing a whole Bookshelf across here and then having The sconce the lantern kind of hanging Right here like that's cool yeah so then It's not on there so this so the wall is A bookcase on this side and it's the Wall for the bathroom and everything Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign

Foreign Thank you Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign You think but let me throw it A little knot on this so it can feel it Better I think Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign All right It's okay Very nervous dog aren't you Foreign Because She heard well I heard a little creaking I was wondering what it was and then All of a sudden half the roof went oh It's snowing off the roof on that side Lit off It's starting to warm up Cali Came to door she was outside sleeping on On the garage or on that snow in front Of the front step Got nervous and All right

Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Okay Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Thank you Foreign Foreign Longer than I thought But that's this uh Since what 11 o'clock or something this Morning Spent the day cleaning up because the Temperatures are getting warm like well Above freezing again and everything's Starting to melt but what happens then Is it compresses gets really dense and Then when it refreezes everything Freezes in it freezes to whatever like Logs to the ground for example So I have all these well I've got my Lumber all cut and got snowed on now It's starting to melt so that's that Risk of all freezing together

We're getting blocks of Frozen ice on Top of it so I've been separating that I Still need to shovel off those big logs That I put by the mill last week So that doesn't turn into a solid block Away so that I can't even pry off the Ground so I'm gonna have to Or maybe I'll Mill while it's warm Actually for over the next few days So I think I'm going to cut the video Short even though it's Early and I didn't get that much done Early in the week I mean Um so I can focus on getting as much of This done as possible with it boring you So I'll put that uh Paul well this is Friday's video that you're watching so I'll put the Um maybe I'll do a midweek video or Something on this channel And probably on Sean James Channel I'll Put my daily updates I'll start doing That now but Yeah I think I've got probably three More days here so it's kind of pointless To add it on to this video Anyway I'm happy with the look of it I left a big fairly big gap here at the Edges so I'm going to fill that in with The same material that I'm using to the joints and the logs so they'll Clean all that up and once the weather I Think drops down a little bit or once The temperatures drop down a bit I think

I'll Focus then on Getting back in here and finishing all That stuff but while this weather is Nice I'm gonna trim out the outside of These back windows that Uh temporary window that one up there And uh What else probably like I said some Milling So I'm happy with my progress I think Before winter I'm getting close I'm Closed in I just could take advantage of The warmer weather to get some more wood Milled and then get the trim on the Windows that I wasn't really carrying Too much whether I got them done or not But I think I will Because then I can actually caulk them Too if it's warm above freezing above Zero Celsius at night I can caulk the Inside so that's 100 sealed for good So I'll probably uh do that That's it so thanks for watching this Video appreciate it and I look forward To seeing you back here at the cabin Next time take care Foreign Foreign Foreign Thank you Foreign Foreign Foreign Thank you

Thank you Foreign Foreign Foreign

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