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By | October 31, 2022

Good morning gentlemen happy Sabbath Best day of the week Day of rest Doesn't mean you can't do anything Just means you do what you want Oh man I guess we need to turn the audio Down on the second phone I need to fire poker so I thought what We might do is get the fire going I've got a Couple nice pieces of half inch steel Rod and I thought what would make a Better handle than a piece of that old CVG that will just carve and carve out Of a nice straight grain we'll see see Where it takes us I'll have the comments here this will Bring you up a little bit closer here We'll get our Lantern going Split some kindling And see if we can't make a really cool Poker Mama Kitty decided uh She's gonna hang out here I gotta be careful if I get her too Close she'll jump in my lap So I gotta find just the right distance Where she's can't quite leap over here But still feels like she's uh part of The whole thing Rained last night all night hard started Raining yesterday at about noon rained Hard all night and woke up this morning And Mount Fuji the entire Mountain

Is all covered in snow probably down to Goodness 5 000 feet or so [Applause] Taking you a little bit more light I think what I might do today Since I we might continue with these Live streams is uh get set up with OBS I Can use a little bit better camera Kind of dark in here and it doesn't the IPhone doesn't kind of falls apart in Low light If you're just joining us what we're Going to do We're gonna get our Lantern going Split some killing get our fire started And then we're gonna make a fire pole Say I learned this little this trick a Little I used to pour Like this The way you do it you flip it upside Down you pour it this way and it'll pour A lot it won't glug It'll breathe better same way with oil When you're pouring oil cans I even look back in some old Illustrated manuals like four service Manuals that they even talk about it Then Pretty big tank on these guys Okay [Music] I don't see any chat is the chat not Able enabled

Oh it's unlisted Good morning gentlemen Welcome to the live stream Happy Sabbath by the way A day of rest the best day of the week The day when it's not the day that you Can't do anything it's the day you get To do what you want And what I want to do today is to make a Fire poker so I thought this morning We'll get our Lantern going let's put Some killing and get the fire going I've got a Couple of nice pieces of I found this at A garage sale it was actually a was kind Of a remains of a tripod cooker but Really nice Forged Black steel rods half inch rods that Will make a great fire pokers and what Would make a better handle Than a piece of that CVG firewood so We'll carve one by hand and and see how That goes I got my drill here and That's what we're gonna do I've got the Chat open here well we have a super chat Here from Fleischer who writes howdy From Philadelphia Howdy from Hill welcome I I have uh I Watch a little bit of the news and man It looks like Philadelphia is a it can Be a rough town I think a lot of these big Urban cities Are getting pretty pretty rough but

Thank you for that Super Chat and good Morning to you Yeah snow yet so it started raining Yesterday at about 12 o'clock Just coming down like cats and dogs they Could hear it on the steel and then it Rained all night and hard on the house You could hear it woke up this morning Mount Fuji is entirely white all covered In snow we're supposed to get 25 inches I buy a snow bike buddies I started Getting emails from them asking about Conditions up here so it it get another Storm like this we could be up there in A week it's hard to even imagine we were Just did a hot Dusty Moto ride what a Week and a half ago So if you're just joining us we're going To get uh we'll get our fire started get Our Lantern going and then we're going To build a fireplace a fire poker Fire poker And we'll do it by hand Oh yeah the director's chair Mama Kitty Uh this is and this is w got me this Little Pendleton blanket for Last Christmas It's about four foot by six foot and man It is the best Christmas gift I've ever Received I take it I keep it in my truck Uh baby gets cold I put her in it when We go to Jack soccer games Mrs W and I We share it it is it's you couldn't do a Better get a better Christmas gift

Brandy axes Well my all my prandy axes that I had All the heads came loose And that really kind of takes a Take some of the joy out of the whole Thing Well you think I could keep a lighter Around here I don't even know where a Lighter is I know let's look over here But the Brandy ax design was it was Quite good But I don't know me I think a lot of the Handle problems are uh coming from maybe If they're the axes hung at a place Where the humidity is really high and Then they're sent to a place where it's Dry that Wood's going to shrink I mean It's a it's a natural It's a natural thing It's going to change with the seasons That's why you If you can hang them when they're dry Really dry you know like uh single Digits you know 10 11 12 percent Then when you then the only way they can Go is to get bigger they're only going To get tighter but you know I think with Some of those things they can uh That's the problem the old idea of some Guys say well if your ax head's loose You just put it in a bucket of water I've seen lots of guys do that well That's fine it works temporarily

But when you pull it out of the water You know because it's swollen up it's Swollen up so much that it smashed the Wood and disfigured it and then when it Goes back down it's much worse than it Was before Maybe we'll just keep a lighter right Around here I've got a piece of wood I was uh Splitting some kindling yesterday oh Here it is Yesterday And I Came Upon a piece I thought this Will be perfect for the handle for our Fire poker Look how clear that is nice grain Good shape It's got a little bit of taper I kind of Like that taper And we'll just kind of keep it as normal Shape but we'll split that off there's a Little knot right here That will Maybe we'll just take and there's a Natural crack so we'll split right down There and that will give us a remaining Billet that I think will be perfect This looks to be half inch we'll do a Half inch hole and then we'll have a Really a beautiful this would be really Similar to kind of the the size of what They would have done in the big lodges Like up at Timberline Lodge up in up on Mount Hood they have big old fire pokers

Like this All right let's get our fire going it's Getting cold in here the slab is still Warm from last night Oh let's see Might bring out the commander today And I've got my Phone here I don't want to Mama Kitty Doesn't like the You don't like the violence of the big Mall do you The mice have been coming in Because Winter's coming and she has been Catching a lot of them The shop is sealed up so I don't think They can get in except for when the door Is open but I have the front door open Quite a bit And she sits there and waits and takes Care of that mice problem Greetings from Tokyo the Tokyo Craftsman Good to see you here in the comments Nice little Hatchet this So it's probably my one of my favorites This little tiny it's almost like a Tomahawk so that's the last Grand Forest Brooks that I've purchased and I like it Because it's got that splitting color on It a metal color wrapped around there That's very unique very cool Well thank you Chris that's a nice Compliment I appreciate that it's easy To do I've heard people say that the Most difficult thing in the world to do

Is a life is to live stream it's the Most difficult job in the world and It I think it could be if you had to Perform but if you're just doing what What you like to do and talking about The things that interest you I guess What what you would hit what you would Do when your buddies are over uh it's Pretty easy so I thought if I want to Live stream then I need to create an Environment or create the environment That I like to work in where I'm Comfortable at and uh it's easy to do And that's kind of why I rearrange the Shop a little bit with winter coming Like I want to spend all my time around The wood stove when it's cold outside And so this is going to be way better No we haven't been spilling any fuel Lately I I've Now that I've got my good can and A lantern filler it uh I'm not having near as many problems If you're just joining us sorry guys I Have to repeat this couple times we're Going to make a fire poker we're gonna Get our fire going here and I've got a Some nice steel back there I've got a beautiful piece of I just so We're going to split a piece of Billet From the our little Billet from the uh The old fur here this fur is 100 years Old clear old gross and not old growth But

Back when trees Grew slower Better growth rings Yeah like Mama Kitty is comfy the moment I put that Pendleton wool blanket down It doesn't matter where it's at she Finds it and that's where I find her She's just sitting there purring I never liked cats I did I actually Detested them all my life I always kind Of associated cats with females Nothing wrong with I'm not disparaging Anyone just you know cats and dogs are Kind of different But I reluctantly uh someone dropped this Cat off 17 years ago she was pregnant And hungry she came up to my shop and uh I gave her some food and she's been with Me ever since she's she's made what four Four three or four moves with us And always has lived in my shop and I Just ignored her I just give her food And so yeah you you stay over there and I'll stay over here and We'll co-exist we won't bother each Other But over the years To such a sweet animal It uh it's gonna worn me down Plus I I think it's Cruel to Keep and you know it can be cruel to

Have animals without anyone else seem to Have like a dog locked up all by itself All day without another dog or another Animal or people around Even I've seen people like kid would Keep uh herd animals like a cow or a Horse in a solitary confinement inside Of a small Paddock or something I that Just doesn't seem right to me You know I'm not saying animals are People but you know the Bible is very Clear that that God's people will give An account of everything that they do And the way that we treat not only People and ourselves but the way we Treat animals Uh He you know he watches I don't think animals should take Precedence over humans but I don't think They should be treated poorly either We have a super chat from Phillip Fisher Thank You Phillip that's a very kind of You who writes uh glad I caught you live Love your channel I hope you never stop Sharing what a good life can be like a Great service to those younger than you Well thank you very much I sure do Appreciate that and I and I think I Think we'll maybe we'll take the live Streams up to the next level what I'll I'll try to work on this today Mrs W and I have got a couple meetings but maybe This evening

I can um get my OBS set up instead of Shooting with a phone I can get a nicer Camera up here more have it maybe I'll Just kind of even Mount like an arm to The wall and just leave it here so we Can just turn it on it'll be easier but Maybe a little bit higher quality Because we're shooting with the phone Right now it's not great Foreign Is asking clarification I was talking About yesterday when I was using that Planer that I've hand planed all the Wood yeah I used my table saw I I have Always looked at a table saw almost like A a small Sawmill I've got a big one That runs off a 240 and I I use it that Way yeah I'll take stuff that's really Rough cut like that and I will use the Table saw The table saw in the planer for me is Going to be good enough I don't need Everything finished perfectly by machine I I just like to have it within a eighth Or a 30 second and then I could hand Finish everything myself that's the That's kind of the way I'd like to work I don't worry about Super precision All right I think we probably about have Enough for fire here Yeah I need to sharpen my I need to Sharpen I need to have a sharpening day I need to get Mrs W's knives and my a

Lot of my stuff maybe I'll do that I've Gotta A lot of projects I want to do this Winter so But I have four or five hours of sharp Just sharpening to do alone on all that Stuff What watch would I recommend for a 13 Year old Uh Jack has he wears a Casio just a Classic Casio G-Shock I'd get one of Those those are great watches that's the First I think that's the first watch I Bought I bought the original Casio G-Shock And I mean you can probably get those the Classic one for what 30 40 bucks or so And that's a watch that'll last you a Long time really tough watch if you want An interesting story I'll go read how the Casio G-Shock came About the Japanese company Um and the effort that went into Designing it and how tough it is and It's the way the case is made it's quite Quite interesting quite fascinating Yeah the Timex Explorer is okay uh Yeah I'd probably go with the either one Of those the time Timex Explorer is Really good or the castio G-Shock all Right let's get a fire going Gents You can feel the if I don't get the fire Going the slab is going to cool down I'm

Gonna have cold feet today Horology if you've heard of that term Is uh the study of time clocks and such Horology I think I'm pronouncing that Correctly And it's quite interesting to me I I'm Not a big watch collector I have a half A dozen watches or so but I Gotta be careful because that's a rabbit Hole you could Throw a lot of money down So I thought well Do I wanna do I need to collect watches And get into that grind like I don't Think so just get the watch that you Want figure out what it is that you want You'd be happy with what your Holy Grail Watch would be And when you make enough money That you can go pay cash for it and you Are out of debt and you own your home Then you can buy yourself something like That But uh figure out what it is that you Want what's classic and Timeless and get It and you'll be happy If I could only have If Money Was No Object you know if I could just have one Watch It would be the Rolex Explorer simple Classic What really sold me on it was I was Watching some watch documentaries And they were interviewing some of the

Most famous watchmakers In the world in Switzerland and in their Shops and talking to them it was quite Interesting actually And the guy that the watchmaker that Impressed me the most that seemed to Have the the most Talent I noticed the watch that he was wearing So I would imagine who he could wear Anything that he wants to wear right he Could even make his own watch But what was he wearing He was wearing this one the Rolex Explorer And I thought okay then That's that's the Pinnacle right there That's considering all thing taking all Things into consideration That that I think is about As Good As It Gets But don't buy one if you can't pay cash For it I bought mine used it's worth Double what I paid for it Um you know it was something that I Wanted I always told myself when I Turned 50 if I have the means I'm going To buy a Rolex and that's what Mrs W Bought for me Yeah I mean it's not that big of a deal Really I mean I think when we were Shopping around they were five thousand Dollars or so so I mean for uh That's a lot of money for a watch don't Get me wrong but the amount of joy that

You get from it and to have something That I can pass down to my son I mean That's an insignificant thing we've Spent a person can spend five thousand Dollars on a mountain bike or motorcycle Lots of different things and you know It's all about priorities I'd never Judge a man for where he spends his Money it's his business It's not my business We'll get this fire sparked up and then We will On our project here All right I keep forgetting about the Chat In front of me here Yeah our power went out Look at the Eco flow comment our power Was flickering going out yesterday During the storm I have pulled the Eco flows out and just Had everything plugged in just in case Yeah trucker dude he's using the upside Down fire method that's the way to go If you haven't seen what he's talking About is I I always used to start Building a little kindling fire on the Bottom and then it would I would add to It so you only have 10 minutes or so Before it's burnt down you have to start Over if you don't get on it so The upside down method You should put the big logs big pieces On the bottom medium and then stack the

Killing small on the top and As it heats up the Embers fall down into The bottom and ignite the fire this way You can start it and leave it Yeah anything from Seiko of course the Sake that's another watch if you don't Want to go with a digital watch And you want to have more of a Traditional Analog Style Than the Seiko 5 series is Uh is probably about as good as you can Get it offers a lot of they're really Good looking and they offer a lot of Value for a great price Okay let us Do you guys want to be far away here and See the big picture or do you want to be Up close Uh and focused on hands we're going to Be building a fire poker here you tell Me what you want in the comments Number one for close number two for big Picture And we'll just take the majority number One for close-up number two for a little Bit wider Thank you Number one for close number two for wide What are we seeing here we're seeing two Wide Keep the cat in it wide okay All right so I think what we need to do Is just come in a little bit and then

We'll have it we just have to keep cat And fireplace or wood stove Something like that You got enough light twos twos ones Both yeah we could do both big we'll Just come back and forth Put more light on it and then we'll go Ahead What we need is a fire poker And we need something that's longer than A traditional fire poker I this stove gets super super hot and The problem I run into is at night time When it's whole full of coals if I open The door I need to get in there to kind Of rearrange things so that I can lay Some big pieces in there so it will hold All night and it's so hot that it just Scalds me I had this little I've been Grabbing like a little piece of wood and Trying to poke in there and it burns my Face and burns my hands so we can't have That I've got a couple pieces of Steel here This is half inch round rod This was uh I bought this at a garage Sale years ago it had three legs it was A tripod Pot holder And I've used it for so many projects This is what's left but I thought okay Well it's nice to have a I need a poker And it'd be nice to have a long one so I Thought this length here

What is that 28 probably 28 inches or so might be Perfect and it's the same diameter as The big ones I've seen that the forest Service builds up in the for the old Lodges Now my the best fire poker I ever had Was the one that Henry made for me and He made it out of a a barbecue Rotisserie and he brought it over to my Old shop one day and he he take it it Was a little bit smaller than this but He'd just take it in the end and he bent It over 90 degrees had a crook in it Like this And he put a piece of a deer antler Handle on it And I I don't know whatever happened to That I use that I've used that for years And years and it's come up missing and So we're going to try to recreate that But I want something a little bit longer That was always a little bit short and You get too hot Damian I don't have the plans for that Shaving horse I'm sorry I wish I did and I don't have time to write them up Concrete forming Stakes are too it's uh Those are too big you know those are Almost three quarters too heavy Especially if you start getting along Like this half inch is is nice if you Want to go a little bit smaller you Might go with square you'd probably go

With 3 8 square it's a little bit more Rigid than round I think sometimes We have a super chat from gamer Dave who Writes Cody been in a while your videos Got me through depression a year ago Have a wonderful family and have I have So much respect for you hope life is Good thank you very much for that uh David And I I understand you know I've noticed that I I've had times in my life that I just Couldn't even think what would the Purpose for going on was and would and I Think one thing that all of those times Had in common was I didn't have a Purpose or really anything going on yes I was things were going fine I had a Decent car and maybe a girlfriend and Maybe a decent job but it wasn't Something that was inspiring me or Something that was going anywhere and I Find that if I don't have something to Look forward to or an exciting thing in The morning to get up and create or do That that can set in and that's real man It's hard to get out of so I can Definitely sympathize but thank you David for that This stove what brand of stove is this This is a a Hearthstone Uh our this is our second Hearthstone And this is um The Green Mountain is it the Green

Mountain 80 maybe someone can throw a Link up there I think it's the Green Mountain Navy it's their biggest one It's a soapstone Hybrid stove so it's lined with Soapstone And it's very good you know the first The first couple times I used it Actually maybe even the first couple Months I did not think it was going to Work out for me I thought oh goodness You know this I'm having trouble getting Any heat out of this thing it would like Smolder and I was freezing in here and I'm burning wood and I just couldn't get On top of it but I never really stopped To pay attention to what I what the Stove needed and what it needed was dry Wood the wood that I have had was trying To use was not as dry as it should have Been once I've figured it out and how to Properly Take care of it And give it what it wants it's a Beautiful stove now it doesn't have Highs and lows it's not like freezing You or cooking you out once you get it Going and you get it into its catalytic Phase It throws a consistent warm heat that is Really really nice it just warms Everything around it it's quite quite Nice Okay so let's let's do this

Foreign We're going to make a handle for this And we'll do that today we'll do this All we'll carve this all by hand but What I want is as I like I like the big overbuilt stuff they used To that the guys in the during the WPA Used to build for those old lodges and a Big handle that you can hold with one Hand or two hand is nice and so I I Might use this whole thing for the Handle So what we'll do is we'll knock off this Knot get rid of that use the ax to do a Lot of that heavy lifting and then we'll Shape it to a pleasing shape for the Hand here And then we'll drill a half inch hole in It And we'll set this shaft here So let's split this off here I saw There's kind of a natural Crack and look how pretty that furry Look at that Isn't that something Beautiful Yeah I'd say probably right it will split Right right there And that should give us If we can split it clean It's going to save us a lot of work Probably right there Yeah I like that

Yeah that's just what we wanted Gentlemen Yeah that looks nice It's even got a little curve in it I don't like to wear mechanical watches When I'm if I'm using hammers or any Like a rough motion like that even the Best ones are they're still mechanic Highly Precision Mechanical Devices you don't Want to definitely don't want to abuse Them I bring my hand ax over here We'll grab that We have a super chat from Jason Barr Thank you Jason for that I appreciate That Jason writes do you have any oak or Other Hardwoods that grow out there us Weak EC guys really do not have fur We have Oak uh we have Oak but it grow It doesn't like to grow up at this Elevation I don't know that I've I don't know I've seen too much up here There's a little bit but it kind of Struggles so we start getting into Sub-alpine species and such so but down Below yeah we have Oak And and Maple and Cherry But that's typically Falls in down below The 5 000 or 2000 feet Locations Oh Daniel white has a question how long Does it take for the fan to start or do You have to start it on your own you do

Have to start it on your own and thanks For reminding me Usually About now it'll go and you'll watch it It'll increase the speed as as the stove Gets hotter we're not in the catalytic Phase yet so it's still still just Heating up if you want to heat it up Quicker you can just crack that door a Little bit Just a couple minutes that'll get it up To temperature But thank you Daniel I appreciate that And thank you Jason All right we need to turn this into a Round This will be the Let him determine which will be the top And the bottom yet Cheap EDC knife Um I've given up on clip knives I don't know I told you guys I lost in One week I lost my Benchmade 940 that's What's that the third one I've lost and My Spyderco in the same week And I'm just over it so I'm not buying Anymore so I'm just using whatever I Have around so I I can't help you with That I'm curious I'm carrying an open L Around an open l number four that's what I'm carrying around sometimes the Swiss Army knife

No I don't have any military background I was a career firefighter For I was trying to think of the cool jobs I've had career firefighter for a while I've done Wildland firefighting for Almost 20 years I'm kind of retired now But I'll go back and do private or Anything that happens around here I'll Keep a Keep a presence in it Worked at ski patrol snowboard Instructor and Mount Hood a lot of Firefighting stuff medic I was the medic I've got a lot of medical stuff I've Been I'm not paramedic but I was an Intermediate went through a lot of Paramedic training and that sort of Thing but There's a few of the jobs I've had I've Had had a lot of jobs So the hand ax is a great tool Especially the little one that you can Control and choke up on for doing the Heavy lifting when you're doing Something like this You can carve this all out with your Bushcraft knife But this is better Saves a lot of work then you can just Come in and fine tune With your knife Yeah Hickory Hickory is the best tool Handle

An American hip Hickory specifically And the number two if you can't get Hickory Ash is really good as well the Hickory Is good for several reasons one is Exceedingly tough When you work with it try to hand plane It cut it it is tough stuff it has a A natural spring a resilience that Enhances the The Swinging of the tool so it actually Works with you so when you when you Start to swing and it acts it'll it has A the old guys used to describe it as Some good Hickory had almost a whip to It where it would give you just a little Bit of an additional Help it had a lively another term you'll Hear is it has a an alive or a lively Feel Whereas you can some other wood that you Try to make a handle with they'll just Be flat dull and dead and just Uninspiring you can feel it you can Definitely feel it Okay so this is our handle for our poker Roughed in It's probably about Well usually just knock off all the Edges Get the round shape I don't know what an ulti clip is Jason I've I've never heard of that before Used an ulti clip or anything I don't

Know When it comes to carrying like knives And guns and flashlights and I've tried It about everything and What I have learned is that The stuff that I was originally told to Use I.E holsters and such from guys with Lots of experience back in the day they Were right all this A lot of this new stuff just doesn't Doesn't hold up We have a super sticker from Rush Handyman thank you for that rush I Appreciate that Oh this is going to be a nice handle I've got some one of my subscribers sent Us Some super fancy boiled linseed oil that We're going to try today on the tool Handle this is Fast drying oil to enhance furniture and Tools where was this made I don't know if it's fancy but it smells Good and it has a very nice container so We'll have to go out just have to assume That it's fancy but we'll try it we'll See We have a super chat from Rice Crispy Thank you writes I appreciate that and Then he writes for Liberty And thanks for speaking up against abuse Of authority December 15 1970 bill of Yeah exactly well I am very happy to see The um the Awakening especially on

YouTube with these uh 2A Auditors now some some of them are Provocative and I don't think that They're helping the cause but a lot of Them are doing good work and what They're doing is they're going out and They're filming police And it's really interesting how angry Cops get and how Punitive and how they'll punish people Because they don't like to be held Accountable and watched and I think it's A wonderful thing I think transparency Is critical and and you should always Record cops when they pull you over Start your phone anytime you interact With cops or you see one record them Record them and if you can put it up to A live stream where they can't take your Stuff and delete it I would recommend That but I I I've got myself kind of set Up where if I have to I have to why I Live the state that I live in is pretty Much outlawed taken away the police's Ability to pull you over unless they Witness you do it committing a crime so Um I've talked to my buddies that work For the sheriff's department I used to Work in the fire department with and They basically told me uh if it was them And what they're going to do if anyone Gets behind them just a rant randomly And tries to pull them over that they're Just going to ignore them and just drive

Home and there's really nothing that the Police can do about it so I like to see it it's as if Those of us uh us Americans that we've Been locked in a in a jail and the door Has been open for some time now and We're all starting to realize it and Peek out and look at each other and say So we don't have to stay in this jail Cell can we go you know some of us are Starting to look out you know that's That's the way it's go that's how it's Going here We have a super chat uh from a two super Chat but thank you Wright's crispy for That that was very generous of you we Have a super chat from made rocks who Writes uh Hey from Colorado Oh goodness I'm actually I'm turning into a Luddite I'm like a boomer here I've got my phone All locked up Mad Rocks uh writes hey from Colorado Get any snow at home uh getting our First freeze this weekend looking Forward to Future snow blowing live live Streams yes as a matter of fact it as I Said it started raining it rained for 24 Hours starting yesterday about noon And the whole mountain is white Looks like down to Five thousand six thousand feet maybe Maybe five thousand feet But thank you for that Super Chat madrix

That was very generous of you If you're just joining us We're going to build a classic Forest Service Style Fire poker Out of this Little chunk that we got from the Firewood and we've got some nice half Inch steel that will be mating these Together here Shortly as soon as I get it carved to my Liking Oh the fire door thank you thank you Yes we're actually got a little bit hot There So now We're in the catalytic phase you'll Watch the fire change From being you know a kind of a roaring Fire sucking air into the door and now That catalytic Honeycomb thing will activate and then The fire will move up to the top and You'll just see it be see it rolling it Actually just The fire rolls on the top and it just Gas it just pulls all I don't know how It works it's very interesting but the Wood doesn't really burn you don't see Flame on it but it just turns into Slowly turns into black ash it's quite Fascinating We have a super chat from Jay Ray thank You Jay Ray he writes what powerful

Group will cancel you if you mention Well yeah Well we all know and if you're wondering Who it is that is being spoken that Jay Is talking about here Um It's it's the ones you can't talk about So if you want to know who holds the Power It's those you can't speak of If you were to mention this group you Would immediately be canceled Foreign S The Great Awakening though is happening People are People are starting to see Okay I think we're going to transition To the knife And we'll Carve this We've got a fair bit of material to move Here You want to zoom you guys want to zoom In we can zoom in here yeah probably Zoom in through the handle Foreign Get the handle and the fireplace there Is that a little better there Yeah it looks pretty good okay we'll go With this Bring some light in and we'll be all Happy Foreign

Does move I wouldn't say it moves a lot of there But it it definitely helped it's perfect To have next to the drying rack Uh this this is my favorite knife this Is a A Spyderco Bushcrafting knife And it has a What's probably the perfect handle if You were to grab A piece of clay And mold it to your hand this is the Shape that it would would be These knives are made for these are Working knives these knives are made to Be able to be used all day long A lot of thoughts been put into the Handle design no hot spots no sharp Edges Really strong We have a super chat from whiskey who Writes your advice for Gen X Um I would get out of the Cities I would uh if you're unattached I would Stay unattached do not get married do Not cohabitate and do not have children Right now things are too uncertain And I would um Figure out a way to get a little piece Of land in an area where you can grow Food you can have water it's incredible Men can get by on so little

A one-room Shack something that you Build yourself we're going to be Building that well house for the simple Pump here pretty soon you'll learn Everything you need to know about Building yourself a small cabin Probably do it for 10 grand if you Hunted and got some deals And just learn to live a simple quiet Life and then figure out what it is you Can do to to stack money and to and to Build wealth And it's amazing if you're not Encumbered by big houses and Dependence how much Um How quickly you can save and earn money Especially if you if you're hustling I Get a couple jobs but That's what I would do We have a super chat did I miss a Super Chat Oh from Who's that from oh from David Metcalf Thank you David Uh David says what do you think Is a good minimum acreage for a Homestead in the Smokies my wife and I Are looking to build our forever cabin Love your channel you don't need as much As you think you know I guess it depends You got to ask yourself you got to Really sit down with your wife and ask A couple questions so you can make good

Decisions now you've already picked the Area so that's a good thing And and having an area see Mrs Debbie And I ran into this when we were living In the city and we decided okay we want To we don't want to raise our kids here We saw it coming And so immediately I was thinking Um Northern Montana up around Glacier National Park on the western side Something really remote I liked the idea Of being able to cross international Borders if need be you know in an Emergency Etc Um that didn't sound too good to her Because she's a social person and likes To have access to friends and you know She runs the house so she you know she Has to do the shopping so she doesn't Want to drive 14 hours you know to go to The grocery store so make sure that you Are on the same page with what your Expectations are As I've said before had I moved Mrs W Out there She would have went But she probably would have ended up Presenting me and not enjoying it Because it would have been too remote So kind of once you kind of figure that Out you're on the same page then you Know what do you need to do are you

Going to run animals How many animals are you going to do Your own butchering You know how big is your family you know What animals how how many acres do Animals need on that area how much water Do they need Etc you know so to answer That question how many acres do you It's impossible to say without knowing What you want to do Because someone who's a vegetarian that Can subsist on a small garden doesn't Have the same requirements as someone That wants to have you know a larger Full of beef and pork Today What states do you recommend living in You know one good resource for that is Joel skeleton I think it is he's an Ex-navy Carrier pilot or Naval aviator I think They call themselves He wrote a book called strategic Relocation It's a few years old now but I think It's still relevant And it goes in and it lists every state According to its um Survivability in different situations Civil unrest nuclear attack access to Resources climate he's actually I think he runs a Consulting company for wealthy clients That helped them helps them Harden their

Homes and you know that sort of thing Filtration and And so he's very much involved in this Space and so he rates places so that's a Good resource at least kind of get you Thinking in the right direction or Thinking about things you haven't Considered before Like I I would not sleep well at night Being in Orange County Los or L.A county Or right in the in the mix of all of That there's so many people There that uh I'm working just a little bit of a of an S shape in that Kind of going with the natural grain Just so no one were to confuse it for a Closet poll that I whittled down right And then I On handles you can feel what you can't See Ask any Auto Body guy you can look at a Car and you can look down the side and It looks perfect but the the touch Doesn't lie you slide your hands along Something and you can feel every Imperfection So the hand so this is what dick takes The handle and I don't even care if it's Different shape throughout Um I just I grab it and I spin it and Anything that is Feels uncomfortable to me I just take it away

Yeah we got the lantern box figured out Uh I have I have the design in my mind I'm going to um Probably tomorrow Uh playing the wood for it and then We'll get going on that but yeah I know What it looks like in my mind we just Have to make it I wanted to play around with that plane Here a little bit too I hadn't used one For so long today Yesterday I was right before I went to Supper last night I was messing around With it and I thought I wonder if I Could plane down a piece of this Firewood into a nice Square Billet and I Could for two sides not for three All right What happened to the wooden shoes Well I think they were a casualty of the Move we got to the point where we were Oh that's a nice shape isn't it we were Really pressed for time When we were moving out and those last Couple days Mrs W and I kind of went medieval on Unneeded possessions and I think it may Have been I don't think they made the Cut Uh the wood chips the wood chips like This the bigger ones I just sweep them up and burned them in The fire the sawdust the finer sawdust I'll usually keep a couple five gallon

Buckets around for for cleaning up oil Soaks soaking up oil Okay so I think we've got that's a Pretty good shape right there I've got a Little bit of a I'm fat on one end we'll Have to carve that down but it's feeling Feeling good This is going to be this will This will be this is really going to be Pretty when we put that oil on there You'll you'll see it's a nice Nice piece of wood Such a good knife And yeah based on my spillage that's for Sure I should probably keep a 55 gallon Drum You know what I do I I use those blue Shop towels That's getting close You know you know yeah sometimes you use A little bit of one to wipe a little bit Of grease off of something but still got A lot of good good left on it but you Hate to throw it away but you don't want To Smear grease around So I've got a big bucket that I keep Under the bench and I throw all those Half used blue towels in and now when I Have a massive spill like a super fun Site type of spill then I I just dump That thing on top of them Oh we have a super chat From gamer Dave thank you gamer uh who

Writes I turned 40 this year And I hate the way the world is going With a leftist globalist rainbows and Snowflakes and things being pushed at us Don't talk about it if it will get you In trouble though okay yeah no I I get That too and I When it first started happening I found Myself getting very personally invested In it and and following media and Watching thinking oh you know this is Just just terrible and wringing my hands And pearl clutching and getting involved And carrying that around and letting it Actually make me unhappy ruin my life And then Then I just now I just I just I don't Internalize it anymore I just really Don't care I understand that it's all Um just It just doesn't apply to me uh it Doesn't affect me if you remove yourself From watching it and being around from It and you go out in your Enjoy your hobbies and your projects With your family and look at the world You know what's your reality it is Are you faced with these problems daily You may be but you know you can get Yourself in an environment a situation Where you don't have they don't affect You And you can just see them for the You know just the freak show that they

Are So no I get it Um bad as it is and and it's easy to get Upset about this it is so extreme and It's so against so against tradition and The natural state of things for a lot of Us that um it's helping to it's shocking It's helping to wake up people that have Been asleep And once the You know once the the normies wake up And start pushing back against it if They do then You know for that reason alone it's Worth having it out exposed just so it We can just all see it for what it is But thank you for that Super Chat and Don't don't get down you know I I ran Into that that fell into that trap as Well and went back to the to the good Book for guidance and and how many times You know one of the most common phrases Spoke by by our Lord is fear not he Starts so many talking about the end Times and talking about Um the Christian walk always telling us You know over a hundred times I think he Said fear not Well when God says something and he says It multiple times It's probably for a reason So he knew That in these last days he even said so Much it's like it it's going to get so

Bad that Even my very own even my elect can are Going to lose hope and despair and be Deceived And And just don't get involved in it don't Support it you don't need to talk about It you rail against it just turn your Back on it Show it no respect And well this is turning out to be a Nice shape is it we got to be careful Because I have to set that that shaft in There and I don't want it to be too Crazy Too crazy we have a super chat from Dennis And Dennis writes thank you Dennis by The way Uh good day Cody what's your opinion on Ax heads pre-1950s I've been hanging Some double bit in Jersey style ax heads And new handles keep up the good content By the way they are the best they're They're Superior actually those axes That you're talking about from the the 1950s era Are really we're the high water mark And they're getting hard to come by Because a lot of guys are realizing that That the stuff that we get today by and Large you know what you're going to find Your True Temper And such at your hardware store most of

Those are just not worth owning And the old ones those designs like he Talks about the double bit the Jersey Pattern those designs came about By hundreds not thousands of years of Evolution of men going out spending Their entire lives in little tweaks and Designs to make it work perfectly with The human body So it's an acts as a system too You can I when I first started making ax heads I Didn't understand How important the little subtle things Were a crook here a palm swell there a Bend here In the overall ergonomics of the thing And that's not something you can learn Without using it and I would try to make Ax handles and I would take them out and I was so excited only to find out that They were trash And you know and I was not using all of That knowledge that had been gained so Hardly gained by our brothers in history To build the perfect tool a tool that Made life as easy as possible So I went back to kind of looking for And copying and making patterns of those Old handles and lo and behold you go and Use one and they're they're absolutely It's stunning the difference Yep better steel better shape better Design more durable better forging all

Everything about them they're just Wonderful not that you can't get good Ones today I mean this Grand Force Brooks I mean I don't know that access could be better Any better than this we have a super Chat from Solvang circus thank you Solvang who writes uh I'm stuck in the Hospital with kidney failure at age 36. Oh goodness I am so sorry Your videos are so Calming in scary times thank you Cody For all your videos I'm binge watching All your chains chainsaw videos Well uh we will keep you in our prayers On that tonight that's a rough thing at Such a young age Just I don't know what to say what can I say I can only say I'm sorry It's always a cruel world we live in For me it wouldn't be any point of going On if I didn't have the Blessed Assurance that We're not going to have to live like This forever that this is a short moment In our lives that we have been separated From our creator And something that we have to endure and Make the best of but he hasn't left us Here to be alone to be abandoned and Even though all of our friends and

Family and everything we've ever known May turn on us Your savior will not And I'll tell you when we're ten Thousand ten million years in the future In the Kingdom with him we look back on This life And this this short span of History We're going to kick ourselves that we Struggled so if we knew what was at Stake if we knew what God had prepared For us For those that love him You know the good book tells us that I It had I has not seen nor has it entered Into the hearts of man the things that I've prepared for my children and what He's telling us is that I have Colors and smells and experiences and And Creations that you haven't that are So fabulous and I've prepared for you he Said these are not just common Fair These are things specifically prepared For us for those who overcome That it hasn't even entered into your Mind it's not even in your the wildest Imagination the things that I have Prepared for you So when you get discouraged And you start to really feel that Separate what that separation feels like Being separated from your creator just Take hope and just know that this is a Temporary thing and that

You know we we can get through it We have a super chat from Andrew Collins Thank you Andrew uh Andrew writes with Uh U.S forest Service shorts have you Partnered with the forest service Oh no they don't uh the forest service And I are are not compatible They uh The forest service is very regimented Um It's a government bureaucracy It does not like creative thinkers it Does not like um Independent thinking It likes people who follow rules You're like the military in that so no They wouldn't Um But they did me dirty years ago I thought that I could force a square Peg in a round hole but they did me Dirty and uh That doesn't sour me on the forest Service but it uh let's do a facet event One of the let's see I don't I have an Ax that I built that had a faceted end That I've always loved that Looks so nice Uh so no no there'll be no collaboration With the forest service Um but um But I do own the search term So some people have said that I was Patrolling them but uh of course I would

Never do such a thing I wouldn't Wouldn't uh No Thank you Jimmy Oh sorry we got a super chat for Jimmy Cody do you have any solar power for for Backup I do I now I have um I just put Up a small permanent array That's small you know I'm not looking I Don't have solar for like a whole house But I do have solar for emergencies so I Could Potentially If I combined everything I put out about A thousand Watts No three no 20 no more than that three Thousand Three thousand watts of solar and that Would be a combination of using my Permanent array And Some portable ones but thank you Jimmy Our fire season is over the the foot of Snow that just dropped down to five Thousand feet on Mount Fuji pretty much Put it into that so we are we're at we Didn't have much of a fire season this Year it really wasn't uh I almost my Buddy uh Tony actually you saw Tony When we were uh fighting that fire in Camby two years ago He came out and helped me but his house Was under threat and they were under

Evacuation and so I was on the phone With him uh trying to figure out if I Was there was a chance I was going to go Out there and help with him but the wind They dropped to put a bunch of resources On it they put a bunch of vlat drops on It and moved it away from the houses and It didn't manifest now it's snowing Thank you whiskey for the super sticker Okay this is looking This is gonna be nice All right so we'll do one thing with uh You want to put your boiled linseed oil On when the when the wood is raw and Scraped just I'm gonna have to handle it To to to do this back in here and just The oils and the dirt from my hand will Get will darken it you don't want to put The oil in because that basically locks That ugly dark color in there so what What I'll do is is we'll do all of our Drilling And get everything you know pretty well Close and then we'll come back and we'll Skim it all off And then we'll put our welding sea oil On Gamer Dave is back thank you gamer Dave Uh do you have an Amazon wishlist I Don't and I I wouldn't do one Um I'm not in want for For anything on Amazon that's for sure But I appreciate that Super Chat I want less actually

Mrs Debbie and I are doing something That's kind of fun so we I can't let the cat out of the bag what We're doing but we're we're definitely Going to be making some some big changes In the next 18 months or so And but one of them is Is massively simplifying life and Cutting back on things so we're uh We're having we're picking out a evening Each night And then the first one we're going to do Is we're going to go gather all of the Shoes that we own the whole family every Pair of shoes and work boots and Flip-flops whatever And we're going to lay them out in the Garage And we're going to make the hard Decision we're no longer going to be Having lots and lots of stuff so what We're going to do Is we're going to take all the things That we don't need anymore or we just Don't want to have it just don't make The cut and we're going to sell them on EBay And then we'll take the proceeds from That and if we don't have it we're going To buy the shoes that we want it Regardless of cost so I I would rather Have one high quality item Than multiple cheap items Like this is nice wood

It may be that we already have what we Need and therefore it'll it can go in You know towards something else but and Then we'll do the next week we'll do the Same thing with coats or jackets you Know and just get to the point where We're just going through and We're going to have Uh minimal possessions but the things we Have will enjoy and they'll be high Quality and made to last Oh this is looking good good good Foreign What's the quote I live by You know I've never thought about that Question the first I can tell you the First thing that comes to mind would be The Golden Rule And if that's the only quote you live by And everyone lived by Can you imagine the Utopia we live in Who can recite the Golden Rule Foreign Who can argue the Golden Rule We have a super chat from Mr who writes So would be a great fun would be great Fun to watch you and Jack had another go At kite surfing in Hood River you know I I uh I did a fair amount of it I bought My own equipment and and got into it and A couple years ago I was down there you Know two three times a week and I Wouldn't say I mastered yeah I wouldn't Say I mastered it but I was definitely

Proficient I could go and launch myself And do whatever I want to do it and it Was cool and all but Um not cool enough to really continue Doing It's a it's weather dependent so you Have to when the weather when the Conditions come up you have to drop Everything and go and I don't like doing That And so many people after covid just the Explosion of the number of people there That took away from it and yeah I tried It I've done that with a lot of sports It doesn't mean that I I never looked at Look at that as a failure like well I I Tried it I experienced it Enough to know what it's about and It was cool and all but there's other Things I'd rather do I'd rather and snow Bike in one wheel those are my three my Feet three favorite We have a super chat uh from dank dank Dank rights I'm not the most religious Person but in order to believe in Satan You have to believe in God and I see Evil All Around Me recommend any books Or denominations I'm reluctant to recommend any books Because what the world does not need is Another self-help Or religious book That is documenting the wisdom of man With that being said if you are an

Intellectual free-thinking intelligent Person and are not satisfied with just Accepting Someone's Dogma then the book and the One book I'd recommend to you would be Mere Christianity By C.S Lewis It will not insult your intelligence It will not try to proselytize you It will give you it'll just lay it out For you in a way that a thinking man I Think can come to the end of that and Make a clear decision Once you read C.S Lewis's Mere Christianity I would go forward and I would read The screw tape letters It is an allegory But it is a great insight To the struggle Of Good and Evil the stroke of the Struggle of Good and Evil And I'd recommend all of you guys read Screw tape letters Good Thank you for that generous Super Chat Dank we sure appreciate that You guys super chats and supporting us That gives us the ability to to do these And to hang out and do these streams Okay We'll finish up this facet we're about To drill a hole here pretty soon set our Handle

What's my view on my view on life Is don't worry about what other people Think about you Treat people with respect Don't assume anything about folks don't Assume just because someone doesn't have The nice car or wearing the best clothes That he has a value it could be a Greater value than you show people Respect But also know how to say no don't let People take advantage of you put your Family first put your God and your Family first and demand proof for things Just learn to say no I think learn to Say no for people that don't have your Best interest at heart and trying to Exploit you You don't spend your whole life working To chase money I had a good friend I grew up with whose Dad had was successful An entrepreneur worked really hard Multiple businesses And dreamed a classic Boomer just Dreamed of the day that he'd be able to Finally cash it out at 60 and Live the life he always wanted to live So at that time they bought a place down In uh I think it was Arizona Built a dream house even a pool Beautiful absolutely beautiful place Looking forward to retirement

He was filling his pool For his first swim and he died of a Heart attack right there on the concrete Found by his wife Never got to swim in that pool I'm not very happy with that those Facets here we need to make that a Little bit cleaner This is a big Big poker Knife's gonna need a little sharpening Soon too Fast it should be clean Clean cuts Like they would cut on the stone Clean and flat That looks better Yeah that looks better This will be the back And then this is we'll drill the hole Here in this end That last bit of shaping here Yeah the golden rule is Do unto others as you'd have them do Unto you I mean think about it If All of God's children followed that one Precept Imagine the world we live in You know I think people wonder why Eve Evil is as evil as it is and why it Does what it does You know it can all be understood quite

Simply In that The devil hates God But he can't do anything about it he Doesn't he can't get to God or harm God Except for one way And you those of you with children ask Yourself this question Would you rather Be tortured personally Or watch your children be tortured in Front of you little children So this hurts God when we know Satan is Able to Destroy his children In the worst way So that gives you an idea of the What true evil is what its motivation is The answers are out there Brothers if You want to look and find them all You're getting with Tick Tock and YouTube and the wisdom of Men all you're getting is just noise and It's It's contradictory even it's incredible How many people can hold two positions That are that don't are not not Compatible because they've never thought About it and that's the trick of the the Adversaries to get people to hold two Positions or believe two things that are Completely impossible you know it's it's A It's crazy making

But the answers are in In the book That's why God's preserved it and don't Don't pay any attention to people's People that will say people will say all The time well the Bible's been altered And it's been corrupted and it's been in This hand in that hand Most of the time you're going to hear That argument made from someone that Doesn't have any idea what they're Talking about they're just regurgitating Something they're just parroting Something they heard to soothe their own Soul and it also exempts them from Having to get into doing the Investigation in their own mind Well if it's and you hear that well if It's been corrupted then it's of no Value then I have no responsibility for Looking and investigating myself that's A lot that's a lie that's a deceit That's something that's going to prevent You from From really discovering what true Religion is So if you get in there and read it Yourself and you come to that conclusion Prayerfully reading it then then you Have that right and you'd have my Respect too but if you've never read it And you're just going off of what Someone told you or because someone Professed to be a Christian that was a

Bad person then um that's that's not That's not intelligent And what are the consequences if you're Wrong Do you have any idea The risk that we take those of us that Are unsaved as we go out into this Dangerous World another day without the Protection and promise of Salvation that Comes from a life dedicated to Christ You understand Of the risk that you're taking I think when we're in the Kingdom And we look back on the times that we Were far away from God And that we didn't put him make him a Priority in our life We're going to shudder With the thought of what what we were Willing to risk and for what what does The world have to offer that's so good Are you enjoying it Because I've never liked it You make the best of it because this is What we have to do but this is not our Home And I think a lot of people know that You can feel it something's wrong why do You think we spend so much time trying To Find what it is that we're looking for Find what we're what we're missing it's The whole reason behind the whole Alcohol industry and

And I don't blame people I I get it I Mean some life is so Difficult for some people and there's That would you blame someone to Find a little Refuge at the end of a Tough day in a you know in in alcohol or Whatever I don't judge people All right We have a we have a super chat here Was that from Tyler did we read that Super chat from Tyler candy uh hello sir How can one learn to trust God it often Feels like those who chase hedonisms Still succeed in life and face no Consequences for their actions how do You trust God when reality feels unjust That's a tough sell isn't it It's a tough sell when you're watching a Guy that is a celebrity or a rapper in His Bugatti and all these beautiful Women around in the yacht and all of That all of that's in your face all the Time and then you see the guy that's or The Christian church that's set up in This shabby little strip mall somewhere With a bunch of people that you wouldn't Particularly associate with I mean it's It's huge the difference right it's huge The difference Um I mean who who would be successful You know that was why it was so Difficult for the Jews to accept the

Christ and they had every opportunity They had the prophecy so if you don't Know the way that the Earth the god set Up the children of Israel there were 12 Tribes that came out of Egypt And they all had individual names and They were all given When they crossed the Jordan they were All given pieces of land where their Families the tribe of Judah was here Neftali and all you know they'll have Their own areas in their own things that They did but he set one aside one Tribicide and I think it was the Levites And they were to be the the Priestly Class and they were to be supported by The other 11 tribes they were not to Work or they were and they didn't have The ability to even own land they were Set aside they had their own places And they administered for the people so They uh participated in the sacrificial Rights they participated in the feasts The atonements they oversaw and they Were they oversaw all of this and they Were the conduit basically the conduit To God until a savior until Jesus could Come Oh What were we talking about I forget what The point was It'll come to me here All right let's drill this hole here Always asking oh True Religion uh to

Trust God feels like okay so yeah the Coming of Christ so The people and the problem with this is The people kind of thought well it's not Really my responsibility and and the When something happens when the Messiah Comment comes and they've been looking For the Messiah you know those they had The prophecy and they didn't know when The Messiah was going to come and all of The women uh from a particular tribe you Know that we knew that the Savior was Going to come out of Judah and all of Those young girls it was so important For them to to get married and to start A family because any one of them could Have been the mother of the Messiah this Was something that was that young women Aspired to you know I would imagine So When Christ came And he came in such poverty and he came Out of uh Nazareth and and even the when He was trying to get his disciples Together you know they said goodness can Anything come out of Nazareth it would Have been like a great prophet of God These days coming out of uh some hell Hole uh New Orleans or Philadelphia or Chicago inner cities you know may not Look like a man of God may not look what You were expecting he shows up at one of These mega churches and says you know

I'm here I've got a message from God Then they look at it and they're like no You're not you ain't coming in here you Know you didn't you came in here on the Bus you didn't have a car you know you You've got uh obviously you haven't been Blessed by God so they didn't even see It when he I'm getting to a point here I'm going to Reread this and we'll wrap it up so how Can one learn to trust God it feels like Those who chase Hedonism still succeed In life and face no consequences what You don't understand I think maybe if You're young and what I didn't Understand is I thought too that that's Where happiness would be if I could have A boat and a and a Lambo in a place in Malibu and rotation of Instagram models Come through that's where happiness is And it looks like they're doing well it Does look really it looks like they're Winning because you're seeing their Posts and You know all of that and everything is Always positive but that's all curated And trust me I know as someone who has Been a content creator for over a decade Now and try someone who's tried to keep It real The Temptation and the ability that I Hold at my hand to portray myself in a Particular way is I can do anything that I want you don't see you see only what I

Want to show you and what may look like Something that's impromptu or hey we Just turned on the phone and look we're Having a good time that's often not the Case it's highly curated a lot of Thought has been put into everything That you're looking at right now The fireplace the wood all of this has Been meticulously created for a Particular feel You know I could set this up in a Los Angeles uh Sound Studio I could set it Up anywhere in an apartment building and No one would be the wiser you know you Would you wouldn't know that this is a Small room you can you can make things Look whatever they want and I'm not Saying that this isn't this this is Disingenuous or not sincere I've created The environment that I like to to work In and be around this is this is a Direct extension of who I am and what I Enjoy that I'm sharing with you So what may look on the surface as being Super super great and fun What you're not seeing is is is behind The scenes you're not seeing a man that Can't sleep at night you're not what You're not seeing is a man that knows That he's going against the things that He was taught that he's using and Abusing people Um for for Hedonism and the sleepless Nights and everything that comes with

That the the health effects you're not Seeing the um uh you know we don't need To get into all the raw details but as Someone who's been out in the world and Chased that and experienced that Lifestyle I can tell you that it is very Hollow and very shallow and you may Build it up and it may look really good But it cannot compete with the the piece That defies all understanding the Blessed Assurance something that you if You if you've never walked with God if You've never known had a relationship With God that you don't understand is What it's like that perfect peace And what that's worth and to have quiet And when you take perfect peace that Comes from knowing that God knows what You have Nita before you ask that he's Made promises to you and he's told you What he said don't worry about tomorrow We'll take care of itself you've got Enough to worry about today Worry about getting through the day Worry about staying connected with me Worrying about doing good work honor me In all that you do treat men with Respect do your best when you when you Fall short of me and when you you flub Up and when you mess up or when Something comes out of your mouth that You wish you wouldn't had said Address it immediately I I don't always do this and not as much

As often as I should but there's been Times in working in the shop where I've Dropped something on my foot or someone I got an email that particularly annoyed Me or something where I've lost my Composure and said something or Responded in a way that is does not Honor me or honor God And more than once I've stopped what I'm Doing and I've stopped right there and I've dealt with it you know I've went And had the conversation with god about That like this I you know I This is not the person that I want to be It's not what I want to do and it's Amazing the the piece that will come Over you and how you can just by dealing With that situation how that can get you Back on track and set that tone But you'll notice that I it's easy to get When it comes to the walk with God I Think there's this perception that Everything's going to be easy and my Experience and the experience with a lot Of other people is that when you come to The faith You you can have an incredible uh Outpouring of of the Holy Spirit upon You where you can almost feel it just The peace and contentment and just the Just knowing that this is what I've been Missing this is where I've been And I think

It seems to me that that is kind of a It's like a good push to get you going But one thing that prob that people uh Like Where they'll go astray is is that this Imagine it like a crush or a love affair How intense that is when you meet that First girl when you're 18 19 the Intensity of that relationship you can't Even sleep you can't work it just wrecks And ruins your entire life you're Consumed with this And that's right and good that's the way That it should be that's the spark that Starts the explosion that creates a Family but if you were to try to Maintain this intensity over a period of 10 20 30 years that's impossible and Then that's what you have when you have Multiple people jumping out of marriages That's we have with celebrities Constantly trying to chase that spark And when that spark starts to die down And turn into the real work that comes From building a marriage or relationship That's when they bail And God talks about that you know there Are a lot of people that come to Christ One of the examples he gives there's one Type that I would like it unto a man who Was sowing seeds you know that's an old Term for a farmer that would be planting Seeds in the ground and some he cast Here and somebody casts there and some

Fall along the side of the road and they They spring up quickly and they look Like wow they're going to do really Great and they're sh and they're growing Fast and they're they're showing promise Of future fruit and all of a sudden they Just shrivel up and dry and they don't Nothing manifests of it well they they Didn't survive because they had no roots They heard the word they responded to The call of God they got very Enthusiastic but they had unreal Unrealistic expectations they didn't Understand the hard work that was going To go into the testing that would come The testing of Faith the testing of Character that would come uh in the in The future years and what that testing Is is it's not an arbitrary test of Obedience as some people would say it is God destroying the old man the man of Sin and preparing you to walk with him In the Kingdom preparing you And it's difficult you know you don't Understand How weak you are and how willing you are To commit yourself and to give in to sin Until you start resisting it I heard I think C.S Lewis put it you Know you don't understand the power of The opposing Army he made a lot of References to World War II because when He was writing and doing his radio shows He was this was when during the height

Of the Blitz in in the in London when When the World War II was you know at Its peak so he made a lot of these References and he said you don't Understand How strong the German Army is until you Start resisting it and then you'll know And and so you have been going through Life and Not really all that bad and not really All that good and sometimes good and Sometimes bad but you really haven't Been your faith or your will hasn't Really been tested in any way But the moment you get through that Honeymoon phase and you really start to Commit to the hard work of Walking with God and the hard work of Christianity And monogamy That you'll find out what what your Character is and then you'll find out That you're unable to do it and that is All done on purpose because what God is Trying to tell us is to look you've been Going on your own Steam for so long And a lot of that has worked for you but A lot of that has not but you're getting Tired now and do you want to fight and Can you fight or do you want to just Give in so what you'll find is is the More mature you get the more mature you Get And the closer you get to God the less Hoity-toity you are and the less

Judgmental you are because you start to See what your true character is and what You start to see the difference between You and the holy righteousness and Purity of Christ it's a mirror of your Sin it's a mirror of your inadequacies And when you see that and you see the Filthy garment the filthy animal the Filthy creature that you are and that Your righteousness is even in your best Days is no better than a filthy rag then You start to Turn Your Eyes Upon uh the God and you start to try to change your Life and he starts to change you and Make you more in line with him but to Get that done it's difficult The Perfect Analogy that C.S Lewis makes is Is the dentist he said well I was a boy I Would get a toothache and I would hide It from my mother because I knew at the Moment I told her She wouldn't be content and that dentist Certainly would not be content with that One toothache he would start rooting Around and finding problems with tooth That having teeth that haven't even Began to ache yet and he'd be in there Messing around and it would just where Would where would it end right so he Would suffer the Pains of Of Of a sore tooth because he knew what the Outcome was well what he's describing

There is is what happens with the Christian walk you may be a little house A cottage a 12 by 12 cabin and all of a Sudden something in your life's not Going well the roof starts leaking Foreign Goodness this roof is leaking Right over my bed it's ruining Everything if I don't deal with this Roof I don't deal with this the sin in my Life it threatens to take down the whole Thing right So in this situation whatever the sin May be in your life you may turn to God And say well this one thing in my life Is really causing me problems can you Fix it for me can you take this away From me and I'll be happy And sometimes he will There are people that have been Delivered from addiction Miraculously not everyone will some will It's that's God's prerogative it's Between him and them it's not the same For everyone And then many of us will get rid of this Problem that we had with God's help And then we'll say well thank you very Much we'll take it from here and Appreciate you getting that rid of this And we're going to go back to the way Things were God's not content with that

He's not content with fixing that leaky Roof is he What he wants is He wants to knock out a wall he wants to Add a story he wants to leave one wall Standing and tear the whole thing down So he can recreate it into a mansion And we the whole time we don't see this All we see is he's not he's tearing the Roof off and he's knocking walls down And now where we had a leaky roof that We could deal with now we don't even Have a roof and things are going to be Much worse and absolutely terrible and And God is unfair and he's persecuting Me and therefore I'm I'm going to leave Him and not serve him and there we miss The opportunity of a great blessing Right Okay I think we're ready I got to whittling There I'm wiggling and won't have Anything left But thank you Tyler for that super chat I for sure appreciate that Oh goodness man I gotta catch up a Couple here What I miss if someone if I miss Something if I missed a Super Chat I'm I Apologize for that just remind me and I'll try to grab them Yeah I would advise all of you and even If you're not book people these are not Hoity toity I've been I read a lot of

Theology books and have in the past and I one of my favorite theolog theologians Who's passed away a few years ago was Graham Maxwell And he was a very learned man and he had A beautiful way of teaching he's got a Series that I would recommend [Music] Um Where he goes through it's called God in 66. if you go to Pine knoll.org go to Pine No P-i-n-e-k-n-o-l I believe dot org And it's a terrible website it'll look Like something from the 90s but in there There'll be a link to a two series Called God in 66. And that's where Graham goes through all 66 in the books of the Bible in a week With two different groups one group is a Group of um medical students I think From Loma Linda I think they're medical Or dental students or a combination of Both and the he goes through all 66 Books and each week they read a book and With one specific question and what does This tell us what is the Bible what is What we're reading what is this Individual book tell us about the Character of God We're Not Gonna Get bogged down in the levitical law We're not going to get bogged down in The genealogies we're not going to get

Bogged down on how did Noah get all Those animals on that boat we're simply Reading and we're asking ourselves what Does this tell us about God we're trying To find out who he is What he is and does he deserve our Worship because that's the one thing That nobody can command you to do that's The one really the one Freedom you have Is they can't control With God's help that can't control your Mind now people's minds can be broken Through sight torture extreme Psychological events chemicals I think that's without question I mean We have the story of what was it Phineas Gage Was that was it Phineas that uh was a Upstanding Perfect role model father family man he Was a minor I believe I'm going I could Get this wrong but I can give you the Gist of it but he was a he was a role Model He Something happened an explosion I think He was a minor of some sort and it ended Up driving a metal rod or a tool up Through his brain it didn't kill him but It completely changed his changed Everything about him changed I think it Even changed the way he wrote uh his per He went from a family man into a Complete hedonist and a sociopath just

From this accident it completely changed His character and his personality and There's been situations I've heard just Even in my friend group or family group I've heard of situations of of young People that have been involved in Traumatic accidents Uh car crashes I think one person I Think one girl I knew got kicked in the Head by a horse And it changed her personality so these These things can can happen outside of Your control I mean there's always Exceptions we're not going to dwell on Exceptions here But By and large all things being equal one Thing that no no man and no God can Force upon you And that's for they can't force you to Give you their allegiance And that's what free will truly is Um and so I don't think God respects and nor nor Demands us to blindly serve him he gave Us brains he gave us curiosity he gave Us intelligence And if we don't go in and do the Research and you know if we're not Serving God because we've decided on our Own investigation that's the way it is Then what's the point If you're going to church the sitting in The family Pew and you're just thinking

About this and It would be better for you just to not Go at all God tells us you know look I Would rather God I'm paraphrasing God so I would Rather have you be hot or cold It's more of an offense to me that You're sitting on the fence Either be hot or cold there's examples Christ gave examples of the unjust judge Meaning a man that sought his own Benefited himself through his office was Not a good judge was was not an honest Judge And yet Christ holds this man up in high Regard as a pillar of faith and an Example 2 000 millions of Christians in the Future you got to think the 66 books of The Bible that that real estate is Pretty important And it's easy for us with our ignorance To throw things out and say this is no Longer relevant this is no longer it's No longer a place applies to me this is Old-fashioned stuff And yet we're told that everything in There is divinely inspired Written by multiple authors over over You know a thousand years and yet no Contradictions I mean how's that even Possible you can't one person can't Start lying in a story and keep it Straight

Let alone multiple writers over Generations writing on the same topic You know that in itself if you're going To be intellectually Honest you know that should take note Right there But the the lukewarm Is worse the unjust judge is held up as A standard and even more I mean there's Even Well when we get to situational ethics That's a whole other thing there shall We drill a hole I thought things out brought my tools Here ahead of time so I wouldn't have to Leave So we have a half inch We have a half inch Rod here it's already got a poker on it Now the drill our drill bits are not Super long how long we can build drill This I should probably come back in for the Close close-up here huh Cardinal man hard to know where to put This camera I guess we get what we get So we need to end up with a half inch Hole We have a super chat from Jim from Jen And Jim Thank you very much for that was very Generous of you guys Appreciate you watching and hanging out

I think I could probably just eyeball This here let's start With a small bit we'll go 3 30 seconds here Oh we have a super chat from David Metcalf thank you David Uh David writes Are you worried where the U.S is headed Plus it feels like the politicians want Money and power I used to be worried David about where the where it's headed And then I realized that there's nothing I can do about it Other than Just not compromise on my faith support My local community but it's just clown World out there what's happening right Now if you haven't figured it out Is the Everything is a giant resource grab Imagine the US like a a bloated carcass That hasn't that that still has a lot of Good meat on it it's a Roadkill That hasn't been completely picked clean And it's being picked clean right now The middle class is being gutted Uh there's going to be a huge disparity Between the Haves and the have-nots The real power the real concern for the Ruling class is the independent middle Class if they ever band together that's A big threat and that needs to be Put down So

I guess it's sad but if you read history Every Nation Rises and declines and There's a pattern and we follow that Pattern to a t we've been destroyed from Within and your politicians and the idea That you're going to vote someone in This next election uh it is a giant Resource grab and Pointless So once you realize that You can get about living your life Pursuing the your interest pursuing your Hobbies enjoying your family and just Tuning it out it's just it's going to Burn around you there's nothing you can Do get as many resources as you can Build friendships and communities and I Just I can't live in the fight and Flight anymore I can't live it without Intensity it was going to kill me so I Had to realize that this is the world That we live in this is the way that it Is and Uh just just to have a lightheart and Enjoy it and know that God is in charge And Things will not nothing is permanent I can't prepare for You can't prepare for things that are Unprecedented that have never happened Before you you make yourself crazy Trying to anticipate every single thing So look break it down to what's simple What do I need

I need I can't survive if I if I'm Exposed to the elements so how can I Provide a secure place for me to live That I'm not going to get booted out of What does that mean well maybe it means Downsizing would you rather have a big House that you have a mortgage on or Would you rather have something small That was Secure that you could um Maintain uh that you could afford that You're not going to have big payments on So you know what you simplify things uh Get the things you need you're going to Need a place to live you're going to Need protection from the elements so Once you have that established then put Your heart at rest okay I've got this Handled or I'm working towards getting This handled I got to eat I need food and water right Need food and water so this is all after Don't be in debt if you don't have debt And you don't have all that hanging on You then you really don't need that much To live especially if you have if you Don't have a family that's why if you're Young and haven't gotten married and With the way things are in the future Don't take on that obligation do not Take on that obligation do not marry I Would not get married I would not move In with a girl and I definitely would Not have any children So until you have that established if

You have that established You've got a modest home that you're not And you don't have to have it paid for But goodness if you if your car house Payment is half of your income and you Know you're looking at a 30-year more You know that sort of thing but get Something that hey yeah it looks like Maybe in 10 years if we buckle down and I deliver pizzas or drive Uber on the Site I can get knocked down then do that But you have that established Have an emergency fund where six months To a year that you could get by And if you got fired or something Happened or you broke your leg you got Hurt this is not an emergency for you You're not going on government Assistance you're not uh relying upon The good nature of family or charity You know all these things come into Play into a peace and contentment you've Got a good domicile You've got a good emergency fund Um you don't have a car payment you got A reliable truck that you can maybe work On yourself Uh it's just you And then start Building Wealth you know Once you get those things established And and I wouldn't go to college I would get in And go to a good trade school a lot of Guys go into welding I don't know if I

Don't think I'd get into welding the job Is very dirty and it's not particularly Healthy breathing all that exhaust And and such in the work environment can Be difficult I I I love welders I'm not Saying anything bad about them but I Think there's better jobs you have to One thing I did not consider nor my dad Or anyone from the really from the Boomers the Gen xers we never considered The what we were doing to our bodies and How we would pay that bill later in life With torn up D's and bad backs and such We gave our bodies As sacrifices to these companies Don't do that anymore Pick a job where you can or you don't Have to work in a difficult environment Too bad that you can enjoy your work That keeps your mind stimulated you'll Get into engine electrical engineering Or electrician something like that Electricians work inside and that's Always good You know once you get if you're fat You're overweight start working on that It's not hard you know when I got I got Up to like 2 30 After covid just Sitting around and eating and being Black filled and depressed And I it was yeah I I just don't like to Be at that weight and like there's you Don't have there's no diets there's not

None of that it's just simple it's Simple it's you eat less than you burn Go get yourself a bike You don't like the bike it doesn't Matter just go on Facebook Marketplace Get yourself a bike and just start Riding go go get yourself a loop and This is what you do you go and you ride And you start pedaling and you go down To two meals instead of three and you Stop eating a bunch of bread and you Stop eating sugar and you stop drinking Energy drinks and soda drink good Mineral water not filtered water mineral Water Eat twice two meals a day Cut out a bunch of carbohydrates cut out The sugar and alcohol and I mean it's Not hard but all these things you know In in five years you stick to them You'll find out you wake up in a place Where you you have The closest thing to Freedom that we can Experience in a in an environment that Is where we're heavily taxed and Regulated Um Freedom is what you're lacking freedom Is the thing that you really want that You don't have you can't go up and do What you want to do you can't wake up And do what you want to do you have Someone telling you when you can when You have to show up when you can take a

Bathroom break when you can go if you Can go on vacation this Way of living has become normal for so Many of us I grew up in it I thought That too Granddad was thought that he Was lucky to have three weeks of Vacation a year That's not lucky that's terrible Freedom and and the best thing that you Can experience in this life I'm Convinced with the even better than like Really crazy arts and wealth is the Freedom to be your own man and to and to Make your own day To be able to wake up in the morning and Within reason say that I can do this Today I can do that today I can do what I want There's obligations I mean there's Things we have to do but It's not so bad doing them when you're Doing them for yourself it's not so bad If you have to paint the house if you're Painting your house it's a whole other Thing when you got to paint someone Else's house Okay All right so if you're just joining us We're going to join this handle here Foreign We're going to freehand it here this Doesn't typically work out very well for Me but This is a 3 30 seconds and then we'll

Step up to a We'll go we'll end up the half inch When you're Drilling in wood [Applause] Don't forget to clean the drill bit The drill bit the flutes will fill up With the chips and that's why you should It should be a motion where you come in And out and and you'll feel it start to Resist back it out spin up the RPMs and And throw those chips out because you Need to clean it Feed the hole This drill bit is so small I want to Chuck that up and get it as long as I Can These handles on this soft even hardwood Like this and this it could happen to This one But If you insert the handle if the Insertion is too shallow Like this for example It puts a lot of stress on the end and It will it will split out just no time And it may split out anyway you the Better way to do it is to forge a collar Or a ring to put on here But I have found if you drill the hole Deeper and you set this in here as deep As you can deep as the drill bit that it Will uh it tends to support it through The middle of the handle and doesn't put As much stress on the end

In the end it doesn't really matter Piece of firewood that could be replaced [Music] All right let's we'll jump up to the Three sixteens here Yeah it is a natural knife holder isn't It I'm gonna have to get I'm gonna have to Squeeze this together this is now that It's close to had it outside for the Whole summer dried out pretty good But now that's near the wood stove it's Starting to check [Applause] [Music] Set did I do the 3 8. I might do the 3 8. Yeah Step it up Foreign Yeah she she's right here How you doing Mama Pretty good life isn't it Oh I know I know I know Having a fire Wood stove and a cat in the shop really Make it nice All right should we set the hand no we Got one more holder drill don't we this Is the half inch bit this is the This is the fiddly part Pretty big that I I got to talk and then Whittle down a Little bit more than I should have on

The end there but we'll we'll see how it Goes if it doesn't work and it breaks Then we'll build one next time Foreign [Music] [Music] Okay we got it got that full length in There that'll be a good That handle set in there nice Yeah it's really crooked it it uh I did This free hand in it you know it's the Best I can do It's a crooked piece it's look at the The shape I have in it right there so It doesn't matter It only uh Only adds to the whole experience Cat control yeah that's funny cats Control the media I know There's this chat there's a cooking Channel that my sister told me about Years ago that she used to watch and it Was uh this Korean woman that would cook These delicious Korean Korean meals and It was uh I think it was Cooking with Dog but she had she had this little like I think it was a stool that just this Little dog just sat there patiently While she was cooking and that was that Was all they did was just the dog didn't Do anything it was just Cooking with Dog You see that's why I can't bring you Close it's because you start to harass Me

[Music] You stay over there and I'll stay over Here Let's do a final scrape on this handle We'll try that new fancy boiled linseed Oil The snow yeah we got snow oh but we Don't have snow outside but it snowed Down to four five five thousand feet Maybe five or six thousand feet We're supposed to get uh 25 inches on The mountain All right I know I know That's why I don't pet you during the Days because you just give give me no Peace I'm gonna just just skin this get Basically getting the fingerprints and The dark wood off or I touched it and Then we'll Final shaping and then we'll put the Lindsay oil on Laughs I don't care I'm not rubbing your belly Every time I try to rub your belly you Scratch me We've been doing this for almost 20 Years and still you don't trust me Mama Kitty and I had a we had a real Rough spot for a couple years when we Were at the other Homestead she was I Was still doing my um Jeep parts And starting my channel

And I had her in a cardboard box right Next to my computer where I shipped Parts and such And she was asleep one time as I walked By I just reached in and to Scratch the top of her head what scared Her this was before her and I were all That well we weren't close at all we Just I fed the cat the cat kept the mice Out of the shop Well I reached Independence she bit me And if you ever been bitten by a cat It's terrible So that soured me and I almost cast her Out after that like you know I'm gonna Feed you and you bit the hand So I we had problems for a long time After that I Didn't even talk to her But then I understood you know she She was abandoned And so she's never really trusted people And I scared her because she was Sleeping so she's not a mean cat it's Just something that happened So we put that behind us She works she earns her she earns her Key she catches a lot of mice Well this is going to be really nice Guys just wait till you see this it'll All come together here just a minute I I have a bunch of Oak and Ash that I Have in the back there that I I know is

A superior wood for this It's no question about it But every time I put a blade or a plane To Oak Man it's just it just just doesn't feel Right I I we don't have any Oak that grows Around here I just don't like it I like To work with The local tree you know the The Doug Fir when you think of the Pacific Northwest that's what's what you Should think of they're just Is it's the natural environment But I like the wood I like the cut it's I'm surrounded by all my walls I hate my Heat with it we build our houses with it Special it's just special A bit You know it's it's the best Building Material in the world it's when you work With it You'll notice how You no wood gives you slivers like Doug Fur it has razor sharp like the grains It's very grainy like when you try to Split it Let me show you This here do you see when it breaks off These long grains like this well these Are bad for slivers every time you grab Them you know the I I get two or three slivers a day when Handling this I gotta dig out

But I I think what it is I looked into This when I was doing some Timber Framing was you could take let's say You're going to take a massive beam a Timber frame beam that's got a span Let's say 20 feet It gets to the point where the oak is so Heavy and dense even though it's a lot Tougher stronger than fur but it gets to The point where it starts to fail under Its own weight It starts to diminish its ability to Expand and supportive structure Where The Fur is the perfect balance the the Douglas fir in that it it is light Enough where it doesn't start to defeat Itself in big spans but it's also very Strong because of that those long Strainy grains you know I would imagine Like think of rebar and concrete and so It's it's it it's that perfect now That's why it makes the best framing Material now it's not typically designed Used for furniture or anything where you Would need hardwood but Out here it's it's definitely preferred For flooring and for trim this is Nothing prettier because it's got so Much red in it it's actually quite Difficult to color Like I'm shooting with a phone right now In the and the the colors will be all Mess all terrible because the I'm just Using the factory settings but when

You're using like a nicer camera and You're doing your own color correction You have to you're really aware of how Much red is in it it just is so red There's so much red in it and the older It gets the more it turns Into a golden brown it's absolutely Stunning Nice to work with Great firewood As an all-arounder It's it's just a gold standard in my Opinion Okay Let's try that boiled linseed oil Let's bring in closer for that we'll see It together See if it's better than my garden Variety stuff You gotta keep a little fireplace in There No I use I would never use fur for a Tool handle Like a oh is there an Hickory is the Only only one for that but for this is It's fine The original boiled inseed oil so Linseed oil is is the best thing you can Put on a wood tool handle It's what it does is it So wood If you were to If you were to slice this Uh it would look and look at it under a

Microscope it looks like um drinking Straws would Like the tree would be standing like This it it's a series of tubes in there Essentially that brings you know Nutrients and everything up and down To to for the tree and wood dries from The ends Not not from the outside So if this were a big log and you want To cut you want your firewood to season And dry you would never lay it down like This you'd cut it into rounds because Now 16 24 inch rounds Now you've got you're driving from both Ends and it'll dry very quickly But it'll also if it dries too quickly It'll check so all these cracks you see Here It's called checking this is wood that's Dried too quickly so if you want to Stabilize a piece of wood or something That's going to You want it to dry slowly and prevent it From cracking then you seal the ends Like that so when you're doing boiled Linseed oil you know keep in mind that On your axis and such The best way you can get the linseed oil Into the wood is through the end grains That's going to be right there so don't Don't forget that not just the sides the Side yet put on the sides as well But the reason for the boiled linseed

Oil is now we've we've taken this piece Of wood and it's cut it out of the Ground so it's no longer being the Natural oils and tannins and stuff that Keep it alive are no longer being Supplied So the boiled linseed oil replenishes That it'll soak it up in there and Rather unlike water that will just Evaporate this will stay and it will can Keep the wood in kind of a constant State of They'll just just keep it stable so that It doesn't shrink or Expand And it's less likely to crack so the old Timers said when you're doing a tool Handle And you're you have raw wood and you're Putting boiled and seed oil on it is you Do every day for a week So I'll do this every day for seven days I'll put a coating on this like I'm Doing right now Every week from month and every month For a year and after that annually so Once your tool handle shovel handle ax Handle Once you get through that whole process Then annually usually right before you Put it away For the winter You'll go in and put a nice heavy coat On

And you want to use the There's two types of linseed oil there's Boiled And then there's regular Regular linseed oil Dries very slowly that's something that You would maybe use on woodworking I Don't know who uses it I don't use it But it's if you try to use it on a tool Handle it'll remain sticky for a long Time never dry not dry Tool handle you you need to oil it you Need to use it right away so what they Found was if we if they boiled it And then Used it it would dry much quicker Well that's a process and they I don't Think that they boil linseed oil well The big companies don't Yeah this is really this is real boiled Inseed oil the big companies don't boil It anymore they add a chemical dryer That changes it so it's not the same Thing but this I believe is Maybe someone can look that up is Lynn Sheen quality lynching quality look up This brand Can you find out is this indeed properly Boiled That I don't know I mean I don't see any reason why we Couldn't even put a little in there Help things along That is pretty nice now we cut that out

Of a piece of firewood Now to seed it Go get a towel I know it there's no Reason to leave the excess on there it Just dries in kind of globby chunks it Doesn't it's not good for anything Rub it on there leave it for a few Minutes wipe it off repeat Welcome Fred from South Africa Well you guys have it rough over there I've been reading a little bit about What's going on it's terrible I'm glad I don't live there And so to seat a handle like this Just A half inch hole for a half inch steel Rod is good it's just tight enough for It don't typically come loose just tap It tap it down Hear that oil coming out You'll hear when it seats it'll make a Different sound Hear that That's seated Nice Big half inch steel poker Big handle It came with kind of a Japanese style Handle I like the Japanese simple Elegant long Japanese tool handles Looks like something that you'd pick up Off the ground and stick on a piece of Iron but actually it's they put a lot of Thought in so yeah I mean this is

Custom tailored for my hand and I feel It What doesn't feel right something Something doesn't feel right And you just change it Like there's a ridge on there You make it the way you want it Foreign That's nice Well we have to make a decision Do we want to just keep it a straight Poker Or do we want to put a crook in it What do you guys think Number one for keeping it straight Number one for Putting a crook in it or Of course I was out here last night Mrs W had some friends over and so I Thought well I already made one I made This I got I got a second one here So we can we could have one of each if We wanted Got a big this poker is longer Are we going for the bend you guys want To see a Bend Foreign There we go Now those are some heavy duty industrial Size Fire pokers right there This one might need to be cut down That's a little bit too big there isn't It

Oh what's it used for well I'll show you Here we'll try it out here in a minute But we're going to need to think about This Get it right Hmm It would be really nice to have a To have a little shuttle So I think we're down to it the decision We have to make is I like this length This is obviously too long But I do have the handle ready for Whatever the second tool we make is So we'll set that aside we'll come back To this one we either need to make a One with just a straight poker Or an angle See the original design I brought an Antique one here to show you we need to Talk about this because we don't want to Despise the wisdom of the fathers So what they came up with Did I bring that poker over here I brought one speci I was intending to Bring one here to show you guys the way A traditional poker was made Huh I thought for sure I brought that in Here I'm going to look one more time You know it's probably in here I set it Down somewhere and I can't find it I can explain it to you so we've all Seen them so the the traditional fire Poker

Is a beautiful design in that it has What the blacksmith would have done And we can do this too if we don't want This point we want to do a traditional Poker what we would do is we would just Um Cut off that point Then we would put this in the Forge and We would take a chisel it would split The end like this Into two pieces One of them is a poker and the other one Will be will be turned up almost kind of Like a 90 degree Little deal right there so imagine the This Fork is split at the end like this And then one is bent up You know more like this here This is the shape now that is a perfect Shape because it gives you the ability To push and pull with a straight poker It's fine for getting in there and Jabbing stuff around and what you're Trying to do with a poker is that when You have a limited size Firebox like This one And you want to you want to Stack your Wood in there tight just having you know The random coals and stuff there it gets In the way so you need to get in there And kind of poke them and dig them Around a little bit lay them all flat so That you can introduce your new pieces Fill it up

As full as possible and then close it up For the night And the poker is good for that but if You need to pull stuff then it doesn't Work then you're in there trying to Scrape around so that's where the angle Comes in the angle is nice because then You by flipping it now you've got a your Poker and a thing to pull You can think my experience is with this Sort of thing As you can think well that's nice and All but I'm going to do it a different Way and I know best but Rarely do you know bastard it's almost Always better in my experience To trust the experts that have done this A lot and done in the past Every time I thought I was going to Reinvent the wheel I end up finding I go Back to what men that were better and Smarter than me what they came up with Um And you just waste time by trying to Reinvent the wheel some things have just Been some problems have been solved and You don't need to resolve them So I think that pretty much answers our Question that we need to have either a Crook in it or a split But it'd be nice to have a shovel as Well but that's it all right that's it Gentlemen we went too long Let's uh fill up the Firebox we'll do

That together we'll try out our poker Show you kind of how it works I'm sure you all know and then we'll uh We'll sign off How are you doing Mama Are you happy Are you happy cat Are you on a Pendleton blanket Is there anything better I tried a rubber belly but she she Doesn't like that She's put on weight her her coat you can Always tell if the weather is changing From the animals her coat is super thick And she doubled her food intake this Last couple weeks to bulk up for winter I I feed her so I noticed this That the animals know maybe she knows That it's going to be a particular hard Winter I haven't noticed her bulking up Before winter like this before I'm going to be sad when she Goes I will definitely get another shop Barn Cat Oh goodness It's try it out gentlemen I know Mama I know Foreign Wood stoves that load from the side Having had both in the front Because you Problem with these guys is that when When you start digging around in them

Everything falls out of the front But this is why you need a fire poker Because we need to get pieces in here But these all get kind of ramped up and Then you get kind of a slide going where Everything you throw in falls out But this is a good poker here it's got a Good handle Very hot in there I can stand off and That my hands are not getting Fried But it needs a crook on it doesn't it Because I can't pull anything I had a crook on there And we can push and pull And that's what we need But the length is good even there it's Hot hot that burns my hand Those pieces my fear might even be too Big Boy that I've had that online that is Hot hot hot Yeah well I'm I'm filming I'm gonna Overstuff it because I I'm gonna Go in and take Mrs Miss W and I we go Out they have a local bakery coffee shop That we go to every Saturday morning so Go take her out to Coffee on the baby Jack is in Idaho on a Kind of a Debate Fun trip with his friends Well he's gone this weekend

Yeah that'll do getting greedy now So this will run right here this fire Would probably be good Turn off the bypass damp it down this Will last for Probably six hours Six hours But that's our fire poker Put them both together so we can think About this one too So I think maybe we'll just make one With a crook in it we might need to make One with a You hear it when it seats So that's in there pretty deep This one might make a good maybe yeah Cut it down a little bit shorter and Make a a shovel handle it'd be nice to Have a scooper I could scoop out the Of the hot ashes in the metal bucket now You see right there that's not good you Don't want to have firewood up against Your Glass door All right that is a that's a good fire It's how what is it 70 36 outside 71 in here All right I'll grab a couple more Questions and then we'll I've got to Head out Or comments Yeah I'm happy with that

Yeah maybe next time we'll take that Over to the forge And we'll just Either I'm gonna have I can't decide Here either we're gonna Foreign Just bend it Or maybe we should split it I'm going to go grab that old next time We'll grab that old one and I'll show You how how that it was handmade By obviously by blacksmith that knew What he was doing but maybe we could do That just put that in the in the Forge And then over the Anvil just split it See if we can't maybe copy that If not I'm going to put a 90 in it and Then we'll put a little bit better point On that so you can kind of stick it in There and pull things out but this Whatever it turns out to be and then Maybe something the same size as a Shovel Would be good There's really only two tools that I Would need Yeah I don't know what this curtain State of ammunition is I Right before covid I I was afraid it was going to Become Hard to get expensive and I bought I Invested in My whole lifetime supply and my main

Caliber so I haven't shopped for Ammunition or Really don't have any need for it I Don't shoot I used to shoot a lot but I Don't shoot very as near as much anymore But I probably need to get back to that It's hard to shoot when you don't want To use up your Your ammunition Let's put one more quick coat on here Before we put it away Foreign Yeah I had the wood lathe actually it's Right here behind the camera I got it Unpacked And I would actually I brought it over Here because I was going to make a Handle for the poker on the wood lathe And then I looked at all this beautiful Fur here and I thought oh we'll just Carve one I don't reload Wayne I I can't take out another Hobby I would enjoy it no question about it But I I don't I just figured there's two ways You could look at that either you can Buy so much ammo that you never have to Reload or you can reload So I chose the former Looks like we're going might be going Elk hunting next year Last weekend I took the family we drove Up to Idaho

Uh spent the weekend with my family or My on my dad's side Got my aunts and Uncles all my cousins up there And they're big Hunters hunting up there Is really good and that my family's Really into hunting Actually one of my family members has The biggest deer shot in Idaho biggest Mule deer a couple few years ago But we talked about maybe putting in With them on a party tag so we'd be out Of state Hunters up in Idaho but it's Basically the same type of area that I Grew up hunting so Jack has wanted to do That so it looks like there's a lot of Things that have to take place between Now and then but looks like we're gonna Kind of at least try it moving that Direction Yeah David the live stream Probably 15-20 minutes It'll be up on That main Channel Okay I think that's it for us today We got two fire pokers started That's typical for this channel though Right I have rushed and been in a manic state My entire life just being Self-employed and it was kind of the way I was raised we worked our family worked So hard always always just going and Grinding all the time

And Something like this even 10 years ago Sitting down and wasting all this time And doing what we just did would have Made me crazy like oh the inefficiency You know I would have found a way to to Make 50 of these in half the time that We just took but That's not where it's at Where it's at is enjoying your work And Just enjoying your work whatever Whatever that may be Just have your hobbies have things that You enjoy and I don't judge anybody if You like Legos you're a grown man and You like Legos you like to video game You like to collect figurines you like To do RC models I Man it doesn't matter all of that stuff Is is is that's the best way to spend Your life do the things that you enjoy It's really important I believe for a Man to have a shop Or at least some place to get away from Family this idea that women put out There that We need to find us you're going to find A soul mate and then the two of you are Going to be Inseparable and you can't Live without each other and you always Need to be together and you always need To be in each other's business and if You're not and if you're not feeling

That initial Spark of when you started crushing on a Girl that something's wrong that is Nonsense it's absolutely nonsense there Is a time for that and it's wonderful But there's also a time that many People are never going to get to Experience when you're 20 years in with This woman And you have built together and she has Earned your respect and she has been Side by side with you and helped you to Get to the position where you're at it's Very different that relationship that You have with this woman that went Through the mud with you That sacrificed it went through the Trenches versus Some internet 304 Instagram model that Wants to come in at the last moment After you've been grinding and killing Yourself for whole life and take take Advantage of it of the of these benefits That you've worked for That's what you don't want Very very different women very different Experience and That really Is where the true peace and contentment Comes from when you can to have to have Someone by your side that has proven Herself that has been with you through Your worst Been with you and protect helped you and

And kept the family going when you were In your sick bed Um you know when you see that and and You have someone that's there with you Fighting for it then the relationship The connection that you build is so Strong it becomes a thus us against the World and what you can accomplish uh is Way more than what you can accomplish if You were on your own It's very very important a meat Selection Next to making the decision whether or Not you're going to follow Christ or not Is is the most important decision of Your life And it's harder now than ever I don't Envy I don't envy anyone I would be very Slow be very careful who I brought into My bosom or into my home as a young man If she has an internet presence Whatsoever at all if she's posting Anything online Instagram IG Tick Tock That is revealing or sexual in any Nature drop her don't even talk to her That's not someone someone with Character that's not something that you Want she has every right to do that she Can go live her best life but that is Not not what you want Get yourself established Even if it's modest what we talked about House modest that where you can a little Bit of land even if it's half acre

Quarter acre where you can grow some Food get yourself established get Yourself In a non-vulnerable position and then You'll have your pick times will get Hard and and a man that is in that Position that is done things right got Himself established we'll be able to Command a very high price in the future Especially if he's capable of produce of Producing for a family but remember Gentlemen You are the You were the you were the prize We've looked at them as the prize They're not the price they don't know They don't bring that much to be honest With you many of them don't many of them Are lazy men are lazy too there's bad on Both sides I'm not singling out one or The other But this is an important decision Because the way the laws are written now It's very dangerous to get married You can do everything right you can be The best husband the best provider you Can give your this woman children and at The slightest whim she can throw a hand Grenade in it and blow it all up and Destroy you and if you find yourself in Your 50s when you're just getting to the Point where you've worked your entire Life and you've established yourself and You're ready to you know to just to slow

It down a little bit and get some Perspective Right then she can throw a hand grenade In it and and you and blow it all up and You're living in your car and if you Receive a gut punch like that at that Age it's unlikely that you'll ever be Able to recover from it you'll never be Able the expense that will be outlaid And if the divorce gets ugly and if There's custody battle if there's kids Involved you'll never most likely never Recover from it you're past your Peak Earning years your your body is not what It used to be and it is too big of a Gamble I would not get anywhere near if I was a Single man established I would not have Anything to do with a single mother Would have anything to do with anyone Who is is hoeing or putting anything on The internet Um I just wouldn't be involved I would Be very very careful and a woman would Have to sell herself to me and have to Prove to herself that she's bringing Value to my life and not running the Risk of destroying me or taking it away So this is not anti-women this is not Pro this is just this is who I am this Is who my audience is 98 of you watching Are male and 98 and and almost 100 of You have never been taught this never Been told this how important this is

It's very dangerous now especially a lot Of guys will make the mistake if they're Just ordinary dudes and not getting a Lot of attention from from women the First woman that pays attention to them Or pays attention to you you'll want to Lock that down and you'll be you'll be Willing to overlook red flags and you'll Be over and you'll not use your best Judgment because you you'll be working From A fear of loss you're so afraid of Losing this that you want to lock it Down so that nothing happens and Oftentimes you can Overlook red flags And things that will ultimately destroy Your life and you might even lose Everything from it so until Uh State sanctioned marriages can be less One-sided than than you should I would Recommend you don't participate in them Um I know that goes against traditional Thinking but it's there's just too much To risk too many men are just getting Eaten alive look at the suicide rates Look at look at how many men are Homeless and no one seems to care I have A soft spot for For men That I don't want to I hate to see them Get get and taken advantage of because I Know

Good men are hard to find and they are a Prize and and it's it's time you start Realizing that Improve your circumstances improve your Situation do not make women a priority In your life that is something that is Important but that will come get Yourself established first and then You'll be able to take your pick don't Work out of desperation I have Negotiated from desperation when I Needed something and I was in a very Weak position and always was I taken Advantage we're not taking advantage of Like you can't be taking advantage of Something that you sign up for so There's no reason having a pity party But because you were so afraid of losing Out you were willing to to agree to Things that maybe you wouldn't had you Been in a position of power When you find yourself in a position Where you can take it or leave it now You can be fully in charge of your Faculties and you can make good Decisions You know that's being in the car Business you ask yourself this question Let's say that there's a car or Motorcycle that you're hot on buying at You know if you found it on Craigslist And you show up there and you've got Cash in hand and you basically already Bought it right but you're trying to

Negotiate and try to get a good deal but We'll let one other dude roll up there Right after you showed up with interest In buying that and where does that put You how strong is your negotiating Ability when that happens you know it's Completely diminished so you don't want To put yourself in a situation where you Have to make decisions on the back foot Because it's it's hard to do Um but when you can take it or leave it When you don't find your happiness in a Woman Which is a huge perversion of God's law Then you'll find a freedom In an independence that you've never Experienced before that's why there is Such a rise of these a lot of these Personalities that are on the internet You know someone talked about you know The Mr Tate and there was What was the other guy that passed away Recently or died recently What's his name Kevin Samuels Kevin Samuels you know these type Guys these These are These are these guys are very popular Right now because they have a message That's resonating because the system is Isn't working and it's been too One-sided and men are very logical Creatures you know we're very patient And I think most of us are very slow to Anger but we've reached the point where

You know we're not going to be taking Advantage of any anymore and we're not Going to be putting Um making women the most important thing In our life those are the of us that are Waking up or realizing that you know There are more things in life than Dealing with this Um having your freedom The ability to do what you want and and Go where you want no one watching you no One keeping up on you don't have to Justify you know what you're doing is You don't underestimate that that's very Important and that's Something that you can have an Amer in a Marriage but you have to be very Deliberate about it I don't fault women for what they do I Mean they they just act according to Their nature but their nature is Different than ours and oftentimes their Interests are not in alignment with ours And and women like to lock things down And know what's going on and you know They're sometimes operating from a Position of vulnerability if they're a Stay-at-home mom you know and I get that But as a man you know I've had to be Mrs W and I've talked about this like you Know I we've been married a long time Now we've we've earned each other's Trust Um you know that I'm going to grow old

With you and and vice versa and so we Can dispense with all of that nonsense I'm going to um I work in my shop I am Busy doing what I do these particular Hours and and you know I this is not a Time where you can have any demands on Me and the same goes for her you know She has her time where or you know I'll I'll watch the kids and give her equal Time to do what she wants to do now That's important so it's very enjoyable I mean to hear I hate the sayings you know oh I'm in The doghouse now because my wife is mad Now I have to sleep outside or the Foolishness of a happy wife happy life No My wife my happiness goes doesn't come From my wife she is a huge asset to me She's my um one of my best friends and And a huge huge part of my part of my Life but so being out here with my Hobbies and working in my shop and and Doing my making content and having these Live streams these are important as well I want to do them with with freedom I Don't want to have time limits I don't Want to have to call in I want to do Things if I call in and check in with Mrs W that I'm going to be late because That I'm doing it out of respect I'm not Doing it out of fear or doing it because She'll be mad at me and and she'll Withhold something if I don't do we

Don't have a relationship like that but Women will steer it into can steer it Into that and if you don't aren't aware Of that if you don't push back and Maintain your masculinity maintain your Independence you know then then you can You can relent you can give your power Away and once you give your power away Then you also give your respect away She knows you there's no more mystery There's no more everything is completely Predictable and women in in people love Excitement we like maybe not knowing I Think for women I I think it's somewhat appealing to Them to know that their man's not cheat On her A whipped man that's going to do Whatever he wants you know Mrs W talking About we had a conversation you know There was some that we'd met that kind Of fit into story where the woman really Rough Ran rough shot over her husband and he Basically was was completely diminished And subservient to her talking about That And how different that is the way that We've structured our marriage and she Made the comment of like that's just the Opposite of you I said well what do you Mean he's like well you're complete I never know I mean you might just get Up and and take your truck and tripod

And be gone for 12 hours you know doing You know you never really know and and You know sometimes she says sometimes I Don't like that and be nice to have a Little bit more of a schedule but Sometimes I enjoy that you know and and Just not really knowing where I stand is Always exciting or not knowing if you're Going to come home and it's like hey We're gonna we're gonna go do this now Um so maintain your Independence Maintain your ability to be spontaneous Spontaneous spontaneous but remember Um To be your own person and remember that Remember where the prize lays that's What I'd say Thank you for hanging out gentlemen I'm going to shut it down I'll uh I make no promises but I think If I have a little bit time today we'll See if we can't get this live stream uh The picture cleaned up a little bit I'll I've got a little DSLR if we could set This up with Um What's that there's a third party Application the third party software Stream Labs or stream deck or something Where we I could set up a nicer camera It's going to look better in here and Then we could broadcast out to the live Stream out to all social so we could Have it on on all the platforms so if

You don't Anyway I'll look into it that's my Problem it's not your problem I'm trying To deliver a good product It takes time these things Thanks for watching may God bless you And your families enjoy today's the Sabbath day The traditional Sabbath if you didn't Know is uh the seventh day of the week Which is Saturday Saturday is the Seventh day Sunday's the first day look At your calendar If you deny it Or never we're aware of that it is the Day that God set aside so I know people Have different beliefs on that I'm not Here to convert you You do According to your the way you understand It I personally have done the Investigation I've looked into it done The research and I could not in clear Conscious worship on the on on the first Day of the week instead of the seventh But I don't judge you you know we're all Climbing the ladder of faith and Understanding and some of us are on Different portions of the latter But to the best of my ability the way I See it from my study That that is ultimately Um the way things will will go a lot of People are waking up to that so but Don't um I'm not casting any shade

Don't hate on me if you don't agree that Is the way that I read it and I could Not would not be honest if I didn't React to the way that I see things in The way that I understand them even in The the light of tremendous pressure Uh To do what everyone else is doing and That's what I think those of us that are Here Um and into this lifestyle and that this Message is resonating with I think that You guys are there as well that were We want to be on the right side of God We want to be on the right side of History and we want to choke out all of The noise that are constantly that is Constantly trying to tell us that we are The ones that are crazy but we're not Uh we are not So that's why we're here reminding each Other So you don't feel like you're alone Because you're not alone Keep the faith Spend time With your creator Ask for discernment ask for Wisdom ask For guidance in your day-to-day actions There's nothing too small that you can't Bring to God Something you've been struggling with Depression relationships pray for your Family pray with your wife pray with

Your loved ones get on your knees pray Together pray for each other You know God gave us a lot of promises And because we've read the scriptures so Many times we can just kind of pass them Off and not really think about them Anymore but God gave us a promise what He gave a promise he means it and when He repeats things over and over again There's there's something there So when he tells us to fear not Then he means that So if we're in fear or anxiety we find That a life quality of our life is being Diminished because we're just constantly Dealing with with stress and pressures And frustrations and aggravations Know that this does not come from your Creator it's actually just the opposite And go to him and ask for help with These things there's nothing too small If you're struggling with Um and you I think the I think it's Possible I have not got to this point I think it's I know it's possible to get To the point where you can have a Running dialogue with God A running conversation basically Um so in in tune with him and his holy Spirit as through the day that you can Have a running dialogue and be Receiving instruction for things as Simple as starting fires Where you should eat all these things

That God wants to help us with only we That is there urging us That we won't resp where we can't Respond to because we have stopped up Our ears or our lives our environment is So chaotic and so busy with loud music Or distractions that we can't hear it And we miss out and I'm I was speaking To myself on this but I think the Ultimate goal in this world anyway the Best the highest thing that we could Achieve is to get to that point where Regardless of your environment I don't care if you're washing dishes Swing shift at Denny's Regardless of the environment or doing Roofing in Phoenix in August that you Can find yourself in perfect peace and Contentment regardless of your situation And that's the piece that defies all Understanding that Christ talks about But it takes a deliberate effort that Deliberate effort we talked about of Maintaining a strong relationship of Marriage but also maintaining your Independence and freedom Is takes a deliberate act and your faith Takes a deliberate Act if you're not Getting anything out of Christian Christianity or have you walked away From it because you weren't being Fulfilled at the church that you were Attending once a week but never Any attention to it or put any effort

Into it Then That's on you and you might say well I Don't do it because I've met a bad Christian or someone did me wrong There aren't any going to be any Coattails in the Kingdom That day of judgment should be a Frightful thing to us there will be a Day that the books will be opened and That everything that you've done and Everything that you've said whether it Be in the open or in the dark will be Laid bare for the onlooking universe to See And it comes down to this you can make The decision By representing yourself in that day of Judgment which you won't be able to do Because you will be condemned by your Own Deeds Everyone you may say that God did me Dirty because he didn't he gave me he Didn't make me tall and didn't make me Handsome and didn't give me Rich parents And my struggle was more difficult than My neighbor who did well and therefore I Can't be judged as harshly as him you May have that idea in your mind but when The truth is laid bare when all of the Hidden things that you've done and said And even thought are laid bare for the Whole world to see and what your Motivation was

Well God will be justified and you will Be condemned so It comes down to this You can choose to represent yourself In the trial of your life where the Penalty is banishment or removal for God Which for you is death Or you can Accept an advocate you can accept Christ Which will stand there for you and Represent you as a good attorney we'll Make a case for you And when the Judgment would have come When it came when the point when the Time came where you were to pay the Penalty for all of your Deeds whether They good or bad instead of you paying That penalty Christ will take that righteous robe That he's wearing that spotless robe That you're wearing he's standing next To you you're wearing this this robe Which is a It's an allegory of representation of Your life A theft here a blemish a divorce here a Tear A dishonest business transaction a spot Pretty soon after 80 years that white Garment that you were born with is now Covered with filth and disgust your your Righteousness is a crisis is as a filthy Rag there you stand in Judgment at the Dock

Um with this filthy rag on the evidence Is clear we can see the man is not Cleaned man is definitely not clean look At his robe And yet here you The Advocate you you Decided Well I don't want to represent Myself In this trial for my life I I there's Nothing I can do there's nothing I can Say I'm an unclean thing Well by accepting Christ he comes in and Stands next to you his robe isn't his Robe is spotless he's without sin And by simply accepting that This is I don't mean to be irreverent here but Sometimes we need simple simple ways of Portraying what what's going to take Place in these days That clean righteous robe that that your Savior where he just put it on your Shoulders and when God looks upon you to Sentence you Does he see you and your imperfections Does he see your filthy garment it's Still there right he doesn't see it he Sees the robe of righteousness that Christ just put upon you He did it he paid the price so you don't Have to So those of us who understand this and They understand what a sacrifice was Made for us that we don't deserve it but It was made for us

And we see people that are rejecting This opportunity that are rejecting this Good counselor that God has offered to Be our advocate in this time of need For lack of just looking into it Themselves or for lack of the pleasures Of this world It just doesn't make any sense And it's terribly sad Makes you see God in a very different Light The God that I was raised to believe Existed in the Christian cult that would Punish me or was just waiting to rain Fire down on me the moment I stepped out Of line Was as a man-made God that's never the Way he was The only reason why we will not be in The Kingdom or so many of us will not Make it is because we refused the gift The free gift and we decided on our own To pay that penalty ourselves instead of It being put upon another And that's the status that's what the Saddest thing is And you if that alone wasn't enough To cause a man to give it some Investigation and to research and make His own decision Then The life that you'll live here on this Planet in your existence will be a Thousand fold better

To have a peace and contentment to walk With your God to know that no matter What happens there's there's no one that Can remove you from his love from the Promises that he made that he will Protect you and keep you even if they Kill you even if they torture you and Murder you and burn you Long as you stay faithful to that one You don't have to tell anyone and just Trust him your next waking moment will Be in the kingdom and there's nothing a Man can do to steal that from you he can Take your money he can take your wife he Can take your children he can take your Health he can even take your life but he Can't steal you from God once you commit Yourself to that and once you're in his Safe keeping then there you are Um but it's not going to be easy it's Something that you need to do daily Something you need to be deliberate About and decide that I've got 40 years in down here and what I've been doing isn't working I've got 50 years in down here and I'm more Unhappy and more miserable than I've Ever been before What do you have to lose find out if it Doesn't work for you if God doesn't come Through for you if you sincerely go to Him you hit your knees this evening you Confess to him I don't know you I don't Even know if you're real I don't even

Know why I'm doing this but something Tells me I've got to know I've got to Know for myself And you confess your sins the things That you've known that you've done Against man against your God and you Humble yourself and you just cry out for Help Come to me tomorrow and tell me that God Wasn't there and tell me that that you Don't see things differently Um but it's got to be sincere this can't Be lip service God's not about fake marketing he says Things because he means them But they come with a great price are you Willing to pay the price That's the question that's what you'll Have to decide Thank you gentlemen it's been a pleasure Keep us in your prayers we will be Praying for you and your families and uh We'll see you on the next live stream

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