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By | October 31, 2022

Foreign Good morning gentlemen How are you all doing today Sunday morning goodness it is cold It was cold this morning Really our first hard Frost of the year I think the gardening the garden's over Mrs W was looking around in her Greenhouse and said that that's it for That's it for us this year so a little Bit something different we're going to Be having a little grow of some growing Pains on this live stream Because uh of uh I'm trying out some new Equipment so in the past I've always Just turned on my phone and the quality Has not been great so I've got a good Camera now I'm going to try broadcasting In and 1080 today And a little bit better light and we'll Get it dialed in and and kind of so a Little bit more permanent here so Hopefully the quality will go up so give Me inputs on that and we'll get it Tailored in so let's just jump into it Sunday I don't have a whole lot planned today It was supposed to be raining and just Pouring all week but we woke up and the Mountain is absolutely covered in snow Beautiful And and sunny skies so I was planning on Being here so I got to sharpen some saws So we'll we'll uh we'll just get going

And see where it takes us today Man I gotta get this fire going it is Cold cold Foreign So uh Jason's asking the camera we're Using right now is a Canon R5 And I'm using what software am I using I'm using something called I looked at OBS I looked at a whole Bunch of them and what seemed to work Maybe worked the best was I think it's Ecam it's a little more tailored to Mac Really good interface so That'll be something that we can even Maybe bring some production in you know I can add a live cam outside so I could Do a picture and a picture you know if We wanted to see if we were let's say we Were working in here and there's a Snowstorm let's see what's going on we Could click back and forth between that And see so we'll see how it goes it's Pretty incredible the technology though I mean if a guy can You really can run your own live stream By yourself and have it you know pretty Good production But all that stuff has a learning curve So we're going to get our Lantern going Yeah I'm trying to stay warm We'll get this fire going we will be Warm Sure like this funnel You can never overfill it

It's definitely helped with my spilling I don't think that that's tight enough Lens let's bring that in a little bit I'm using a different camera so all this Stuff is going to take us a bit I don't know where the cat is She doesn't usually come down until they Start the fire she'll come down here Soon enough 30 degrees in New Hampshire Is that what I heard or yeah no that's That's same here Well we got a lot of snow on the Mountain I I'm gonna make that I'm going to try To work that out today look at that even With the no spill funnel I've managed to Uh pour gas all over the place I just I've accepted it there's nothing I can do about it though Wait I'd like to get a camera we'll get A camera outside and that'll be fun That'd be really nice when it's snowing To be able to check up on that and watch That see what's going on get the Temperature going That's why they include a rag in here I'm not the only one that spills I'll probably get rid of that plastic Bag I don't know if I need to keep doing That Ladder out 30 pumps I'm going to hit that about if you run The run it all day you got to hit that

About uh four times a day but it goes a Long time I love the gas dual fuel lanterns There's something cool about burning Unleaded Foreign I've had a lot of ask people ask me About that and no I don't Uh I don't I don't do that I just don't Have time to do it he's asking if if Anyone can send an accent if I'd put a Handle on it the making a handle from Scratch Is uh you know it it probably takes a Better it's a whole day job uh and just And even it can be a whole day just kind Of thinking it out laying out and Drawing it designing it you know Depending on if I have a pattern for it Or not but No I don't do that So we are broadcasting in 1080 instead Of 720 I don't know how the latency is going to Work out but I do have the option I Upgraded the software so I can broadcast In 4k but I thought that just might be Too much aggravation so we'll start with The 1080 and we'll slowly start adding Cameras and working up and see if we Can't make this a a little bit better Quality show We have a super chat from Solvang circus Who writes hey Cody how old were you

When you got your first chainsaw When I got my first chains on my first Chainsaw I bought at a hawk shop It was a big Husky a big Husqvarna I think it was Like a 272 HP or XP or something like That just a ferocious saw it had a 36 Inch bar on it uh and I then I was no no One I got that my granddad just had a Small home light that's when home lights Were good home lights used to be Professional saws when you went out to The perfect where the pros bought their Stuff like I remember going out when Granddad would buy his stuff Estacada Dick's Logging and Estacada and that was A professional saw and that was as good As you could get you know before Germany Came in the Germans came in and Now they're not very good but back then They were they were the thing but I must Have been um Probably 19 19 or 20 and I bought it Used second hand But thank you for that uh thank you for That Super Chat we have another Super Chat from Dean Pickett thank you Dean And Dean writes uh good morning Cody we Live on Bainbridge Island which is off The coast of Seattle actually I know Exactly where that is we have two acres With garden and animals do you think we Live too close to Seattle if something Happens relocate man you would know that

Area better than I you know that's Really a unique area that you live in Because you're completely dependent upon The fairies Which could be a good thing and could be A bad thing right I guess it depends on What your uh what your relationships are With with your fellow Islanders uh People are on the same page you guys Have a plan to kind of hunker down and Us against them but if the fairies are Damaged or the ferries can't run or There's no one there to run them you Know where does that leave you and how Long can you survive and do you have a Plan to get off there under your own Steam You know those are just maybe some Things to think about but anywhere near Those cities is going to be tough I Would say if you were at a suburb that's Definitely a no-go because that's where A lot of folks are going to go once the Cities are stripped in a perfect example Of what happened Human nature doesn't change too much if We look at if you go back and look at What did the German people do when they Were being invaded from the north to the East there by the Germans Germans the Russians And what they did is you know of course The the Germans invented the Autobahn System what ultimately inspired our

Interstate system and that had never Been done before before they were just The old roads that had been kind of Adapted to work with cars and then the Germans really brought that Interstate In where you could get on a main artery And go quickly to one side of the Country the other that was a kind of a Military thing Will um What they did when the when the Russians Came down is they all took to those Interstates and then because of Rationing and shortages the cars began To run out of gas and so that Immediately clogged the interstates and People took to the their feet uh and They made it about you know five six Seven miles each side of the interstate And and basically just picked clean Anything that was there fruit trees Animals Um abandoned homes anything to get food Or water supplies but they couldn't make It out too too much further than about Five six miles and that was a time in The 40s when people were a lot heartier I think maybe a lot more willing to to Walk and travel these days I think you Could expect the same thing the first Thing people will do will be cars and Once the cars are clogged up and the Arteries are jammed then they'll be Forced if they have gas or not to just

Take what they can carry and how far can People walk with their possessions That are not used to doing that maybe They have them in bags and maybe they Have them in their arms You know three or four miles five miles Maybe so you know kind of think about Those things when you're looking at land But as far as your particular situation I don't really know I don't know that Area and what you're facing up there but I I'd have I have a couple plans All right let's get our split some Killing here we'll get our fire going Oh hey Mama you did come down here you Want to fire Let's find some Let's find some small pieces here Thank you for that Dean I sure Appreciate that I got a new tool I got this last year I haven't used it This is a this is probably one of the More popular Wildland firefighting tools That some people call it a rhino it's Made by a rogue and it's a a big robust Sturdy hoe and I they sent this to me Last year and I haven't I've wanted to Get it ready and kind of use it a little Bit but it's you know Unfortunately they Put varnish all over the handle so I Like got to scrape all that off and Sharpen it up a little bit but that's a That's gonna be a nice tool these have

Been out of stock for a long time Because I think The firefighters were buying them up When these first came out They were really popular people liked Them a little bit better than the Pulaski because you end up using the Grubbing side of it more than you do the The ACT side and I think this is Probably a more effective tool just all Around definitely a good one to throw Into the mix But we that's going to need a little bit Of work We have a super chat from Jack Champion thank you Jack for that Okay We have a super chat from Trevor Wind wind me Windmere goodness forgive My public education what is he's asking What is my opinion on using a generator Versus a solar for backup power which is Better option also why do you wear two Watches so uh Solar or jet again it's going to depend Now There's think so you know you can think You know try to plan things out and Think well this will be best for my Situation or that but it seems like Every time I've tried to do that I and I'm inevitably wrong but what happened During the Yugoslavia and Kosovo Conflict is really interesting and you

Can learn a lot out of that so what you Have is you've got an example of a city That was completely surrounded and Blockaded by an enemy Army And you have the the personal experience Of people inside that have recorded it And they've uploaded YouTube videos and Talked about this if you look into it You can research a little bit and what They went through what they endured when There was nothing coming into the city And nothing coming out and who survived And who didn't survive and why and one Of the things that he took away from This this guy that wrote this uh did This video that I listened to What what helped him survive was he had Figured out a way to fill little butane Lighters just like we had here little Bic lighters and he'd adapted something And he had a couple of big propane tanks For gas grill and he was able to fill Lighters up and he had a business going Where people would come in the black Market and have their lighters refilled And he would exchange that for Ammunition or for food or batteries or Whatever it was that they had to to Trade And he also talked a lot about Generators versus solar generators or a Little bit and he said if he had it to Do again the first thing that he would Do is he would have a solar generator

Because this is an urban environment now That he's talking about and he said the Solar generator was important because It was quiet it was passive and you Could have it it could be up on the roof You could put it out on in discreetly it Didn't make any noise and you could Recharge things recharge phones and Batteries and lights and such So that part of it was critical now if He had had a Honda 2000 that he needed To start up you know in that situation That would have would have drawn a lot Of attention to himself uh and maybe Someone would have come to take you know Investigate who knows what so in that Particular situation it's fine but They're also very limited they charge Quite slow uh they're somewhat fragile Um they take up quite a bit of space so You know I don't know which one's better I guess it just depends if noise is not A problem for you Uh and you understand that you can only Store your fuel for so long uh you know Say okay we're going to have maybe a Year and a half two years worth of Storage with a gas generator that works For you go with that you can extend that A little bit you can convert the Honda Generators and most of the generators to Dual fuel or have them switch over and Run on propane and now you can install Propane indefinitely you can buy those

Big 100 pound tanks like I have for the Forge but know that once they're gone They're gone and you can't refill them You know you can't without special Equipment so everything has a Vulnerability so the best way to go Is kind of start working yourself in a Situation where you have both and then It gives you more options but thank you Thank you Trevin for that Super Chat What am I blocking Blocking the am I blocking the cat mama You know maybe we should should we bring Her chair back up over here we have a Room right here We'll go get her chair I guess she's Part of the the show now Blocking the cat You've been summoned Yeah you've been summoned do you want to Relocate Over here waiting patiently And she has a preference for a pen to Sleep on Pendleton wall here I can see I Know I know It's the same thing you're just a little Bit higher How's that Jim is that working for you There we backed that camera out This is a test stream so I don't get too Worried about it all right is that Working for you Remember I can't get you too closely you Start scratching on me

Yeah Mornings with cat Who makes uh Eric this shirt is made by Iron Horse And in Japan It is Um 21 ounce heavy 21 ounce denim And in its beautiful color the the blue So what gives denim the blue is or what Traditionally gave it was uh Indigo and To do to in to to make cotton to take The strands Um what they do for these they take the Cotton the organic cotton and then There's a Japanese guy that is a master At this and he dies the Indigo in the Threads and I mean his hands are blue For two weeks after this process it's Very very fascinating so he dies that And then it goes into it goes to Iron Horse and they do the the heavy they do The weaving all the weaving is done Self-edged denim like they used to do Levi's used to do you know back when They were properly made before they are Just turned into a low quality item so I've I really like uh the old clothing this Clothing the Iron Horse pants they're They're expensive but they're expensive For a reason they're expensive not Because they're designer or they've got Some designer's name on it they're Expensive because they're made by

Craftsmen uh it goes at every stage from The very cotton to the guy that dies Does the Indigo to the best ingredients So you have something now that you're Going to have that'll last you probably Last your whole life if you don't if you Take care of it uh so I don't see it as Expensive that way I I see it as Supporting Uh Men they're running a business that try To to make things as good as they can be Made to last every single component you Know from the buttons to the snaps you Know nothing Chinese nothing no corners Cut made the best the clothing could be Made So it's funny because you you'll hear Whenever you do product reviews one of The biggest things that comes up well is It made in America you know is it made In USA or is it made by in a non-sweat Shop you know that's all always is the Virtue signal that comes up And when you you say well no because if It was it would be four or five times The price But nobody wants to pay the price You know everybody like oh so you say oh Okay I've got a I've got American made Or I've got handmade uh product from a Company that's trying to do the best They can and they're trying that are Paying their employees a living wage I

Support that you know so I don't when You look at the expense you have to kind Of factor those things in Yeah Mark those older 90s forerunners I Mean those were You know the I mean the higher the high Water mark for the top for the tough Toyota pickups if you're going to talk About a Toyota pickup that You can work on yourself that is uh Virtually EMP proof and just tough as Nails you know it really was like Probably the um It must have been the 88 would have been The last year before they went the Square bodies before they went to the New body cells I bought a new one in About a new 89 the first of the new body Style it was not as tough and simple and As good a truck as the previous body Styles but those 90s are good too but Yeah those are great trucks actually Wouldn't even mind having one Just as a beater farm truck but I just Don't need any more projects around here But yeah that you can't go wrong with That that'd be an excellent choice Good looking body Easy to work on How you you get settled down You get settled down Oh that's a mean one there supposed to Be picking straight grain for skinless Foreign

I don't know that we I don't think we Got the Hilux that was a look at a European designation I've seen a few imported they're they're Really popular with Overland guys but uh Okay Let's get this fired what's getting cold In here And get to our project Oh I know Mama I know It says slab is all warm The Toyota I don't know about you guys But the Toyota prices Out west here are ridiculous I mean just to buy a I actually looked At one last week there's a guy that's Got a there was one that was for sale Right down the road it was what was that It was an older one I think it must have Been like an 80 it must have been an 86 86 87. A king cab But it was a rat it was it was all uh I I don't buy anything that any kid has Ever owned Or anything that has an aftermarket Stereo in it or an alarm system or Anything like that that is a no bueno I want to unmolested Bone stock I don't care what they look I Don't care if it needs new paint long as It hasn't been messed with no stereos Definitely no alarms But this one had all of the red flags it

Had kid all over it it had wires hanging Out under the dash it had the radio with A missing face It had the bumper stickers it had the You know someone had put us some Shabby half lift kit on it you know no No no go When you're in the car business for a While you learned You'll learn how the how much damage Kids do to do to cars Chop a few more here mama what do you Think It's going to be cold today Where do I buy Iron Horse I buy uh Iron Horse directly from the site What I do is I have um I probably have Maybe a dozen different things of theirs But it's pretty much all I wear it it Fits me perfectly I must be their sample Size Is it feels like it's made for me And it's made also The guy that started it's really in a Motorcycle so it's it's their clothing Is very friendly to motorcycle if you Like if you ride bikes that means it has Long arms So motorcycle jackets arms are cut long Because you're in this position And and even I have really long arms and And this right here look at that I mean Even my arms I have to Cuff it Just for normal wear that's how long

They are But this 21 ounce of denim is so thick it's Absolutely wind stopping you on cold Days I'll put this thing on and just Throw it over my My body armor Or my not body armor but my motorcycle Armor And it's like a jacket It's excellent But my plan is you know every couple Months or so I'll just go on there and I'll just Buy a t-shirt buy something else and Until I That's basically all I wear and I have Good high quality clothing that will Last that I enjoy wearing It fits well Yeah Iron Heart uh important when There's a store that stocks it Called self Edge And you can order it through them as Well I've been I've went in there I know my Size now yet be careful on the sizing if You do order it if you go to their their Site um Um follow the instructions because I I I Wear normally like a 44 Long Jacket but With their stuff maybe it's because it's Japanese I wear a double XL Which I it's much smaller than an

American double XL But this stuff is not gonna It's it's pretty much gonna fit guys That are slim if you're a big guy or or A little heavy it's not it's probably Not going to work for you I don't know if I can recommend a Holster there's so many of there used to Just be a handful but now there's Hundreds if not thousands I have no idea What's going on there all I know what Works good is For me is Something I can take off and on quick I Don't like to thread belt loops I want to build either I want to paddle Okay I'll show you what I recommend here Basically down to Three holsters depending what I'm going To do and how concealed I want to be But you have to have there is no one Here but here's what you have to have You have to have it inside the waistband You have to have a A Kydex with a with a fast clip and then You have to have something that's more You know super Burly here I'll show you What works for me Well actually there's four there's four Different ways I do it Oh man I'm not paying attention here Fire's going out Doing anything right here They need a producer

Okay so uh there's gonna be what three Or four different levels of carry that That I tend to run into that needs to Happen now then there's also summer and Winter which are very different but We're in Winter now so we'll talk about Winter Um if you're going to now there are Places that depending on your state and Your law and what level of CCW have and All of that it's going to depend on I'm Not giving you any advice I can't advise You on this because I don't know what Your laws are and your competency and All that I can just tell you what some People do what I do For EX for the for the deepest Concealment where you you need to really Be Um you might be wearing uh lighter Clothes maybe a shirt that is um a Little bit more fitted and if you need To go into a place where well you know You'll have to decide where you should And shouldn't carry but you just you Just don't want anyone to know what it Is then there's no substitute for it Inside ice inside the waistband You know it holds this is a Milt Sparks Versamax II this is one of the very First this is what was recommended to me By the one of the best instructors I Ever had and I put it away for many Years I thought it was kind of obsolete

When the Kydex stuff all came out and All that became very popular but it's Not This is the best holster all around this Is one you can put on uh and forget About it and when you come in at night Like oh I still got that on I mean a lot Of people say that but it's true It's against your skin so having leather Against your skin is a lot nicer I don't Want any Kydex I don't want any metal or Anything that's that's not organic Against my skin because it doesn't move This heats up gets warm and molds to you And it's a it's a brilliant design and I Don't know if there's a waiting list for These anymore but if you want the best Leather for inside the waistband I think The First of Max 2 by Milt Sparks these are Made in Idaho are excellent so this is Super super deep and you can even drive With this if you have something small Like a Like a sub compact uh you can I carry it Right there at the about four or five O'clock somewhere in there where it you Know kind of tucks in you can drive with It even for maybe an hour or so before It starts becoming uncomfortable so that Works good for that but it is slow to Put on and and you have to constantly You know you have to do the snaps and You have to weave it in and you have to

Undo your pants you know so that that's That's kind of a bummer so I'm going to Put this on when I want it to last for a Long time Robot stand for some time after that if You're just you're you're just day to Day in and out in and out putting on Taking off working around the shop then You just can't go wrong with a really Tight fitting hugging Kydex This is my favorite because it's got the Clips on it And I can stick it on the back put it on And take it off in just three or four Seconds and everything that I own is Going to snap in here you know that Whether that be a You know without the light whether that Be a 19x Or a 26 or a 17 or a 19 so all my Holsters are all basically going to be Universal So that I can change things up but this Is pretty much bread and butter right There that's pretty hard to beat so and Inside the waistband and outside the Waistband with clips that I like and Then when you're going When you need to up your Your game a little bit then you know You're or you're going to be compete not Competing but you're going to be maybe Taking pistol classes you want to have Your your battle belt set up then you're

Going to want to you know More of a retained Serious Kydex outside the waistband Holster with some sort of mounting System drop legs preferably it gets it Down there gets it below especially in The winter time Having those holsters up high are really Difficult to fight through the clothing On that so a lot of us just do a Modified drop or a small drop of put it Down here you know you can do the leg Strap but that makes it nice so your Coat can kind of ride up here clothing Getting caught in a holster is very Dangerous a lot of guys have shot Themselves and got in all sorts of Trouble because it will if you have a Lot of baggy clothing And in a hurry once you shove that in There it can get wrapped around that Trigger as you shove it in there can Pull it I mean it's it it sounds Far-fetched but it happens So just something to consider that's why When you re-holster With clothing like that you you want to Come back and sweep that make sure you Make sure that nothing got caught or Pinched in there All right somebody remind me to close This door here in a few minutes We're not quite hot enough Oh we have a super chat good

We have a super chat from Bram Raymond Ramon Who writes hello from Belgian I love Your channel since I found your channel I always wonder if you ever have thought Of installing or building a masonry Heater Counter flow heater like you see in Sweden or Finland yeah funny you should Say that and thank you Bram for that Super Chat Mrs W and I were just talking About that this morning and I'm familiar with the concept I've Actually seen some of them when we were Over there I'm not sure how that works but I'll Look into that because we have a Something coming up where we're going to Be needing to invest in something like That and we were just doing the Preliminary work so if you have any Suggestions That would be suitable for a single Family home that would be efficient that You know about Um I would be all ears on that so let me Know But thank you for that Super Chat we Have a super chat from another one from Jack champion champion Who writes good morning I just watched Your starlink video About a year ago I was wondering if you

Still use it to this day I do or Actually live streaming on starlink Right now We have two of them we have a starlink At the main house that we've had for Probably a year and a half now and I've Got no complaints it's been really Really excellent life-changing compared To what we had before And then I recently got a second one I Tried to get it out here and I tried all Sorts of things and it was unreliable And we ended up just buying a second one And we bought the portable version So the portable version when you sign up For starlink I think it's or it used to Be five hundred dollars to sign up and That paid for the hardware and then There was a reoccurring unlimited Internet for 100 110 a month But it's been very fast uh it's been Real good so in a remote area like this Having the access to that and being able To just live stream it all is a miracle That wouldn't have been possible you Know a couple years ago So thank you for that and I think it's Um I think it's been good we've been really Happy with it If it anything ever happened to it it Would be It would be devastating to us we would Really miss it

Let's put all of our Duty how you doing Mama How you doing Well we've got to sharpen a saw here I Was going to do that I'm going to need Later so I might as well do that Those big bars take a while Foreign I'll show you how to sharpen a Chainsaw by hand here real quick it's It's not difficult All right we're turning we're going Catalytic here Let the Flames roll I like to start uh I like to sharpen the Chainsaw with a In a vice of some sort You can do it on the ground but it's It's hard But a stump this is a stump vise I've even seen I've been on Fires of Where chainsaw Sawyers that had they Make a light really lightweight version Of this they actually carry them in Their packs and they'll find a stump and Mount that You can hold that bar tight it really Helps We have a super chat from crazy Nerdinventor thank you for that crazy Who he writes do you have a CO meter Nearby do you have any recommendations On fire smoke detectors I do there's a Carbon monoxide meter right behind the

Wood stove plugged into the wall uh full Time And I have that in here well you have to Have them in here by code the when we Permitted the a lot of people don't Think that this wood stove is legal I Get uh emails about that all the time Because it's too close to the wall Because back in the day those old Fisher Cast iron wood stoves and such they were Hot man half inch steel plate on the Back and then they had to be long ways Off a wall like a couple feet three feet Even some of those I think because of The radiant heat would start the house On fire These new ones don't have that I think The setback on this from the the wall Was eight inches there's a heat baffle On the back it's fully lined with Soapstone they just don't burn red hot Like they used to it's a very different Heat so this is actually to code So part of code is kind of was kind of Interesting you have to have a cold air Intake so there's a pipe that comes off The bottom that goes outside so the the Air for the fire is is pulling cold air From the outside And the other thing is and that reason Being for that is in a shop environment Like in here where you might have Propane or even propane tanks or propane Forklifts if you get a leak in the

Propane And let's say you're not around propane Is heavier than air it'll it'll uh sinks Down on the ground and and kind of Skunks along and creeps along on the Ground and that distinctive smell that You smell is is the smell of rotten Cabbage they actually put that smell Into the propane when they're processing It because it's it doesn't have smell on Its own and the reason why they put the Smell in is so we know that there's a Leak because you could have a leak in Your water heater and if you were all Sleeping at night or in the house it Could if it fix asphyxiate suffocate the Entire family and you wouldn't know About it so that smell is added But let's say for example that we have Those propane tanks over there And the cat jumps on one and knocks it Over and whatever and now it's propane Is leaking in the shop and there's no One here and we've got a wood stove That's smoldering and burning here that Propane will creep along the ground and If you don't have an exterior cold air Intake it could suck it right up into The intake on the stove if it's pulling Through the doors so you don't you have A bad door leak what have you and now You've just created a massive bomb so That's the reason for the cold air Intake

A long and boring explanation We have a super chat from Buffalo Mike And buffalo Mike writes if I can do a Future live stream on how to make a Terracotta tea candle room heater No I can't because I I don't believe a Tea candle could heat a room can it am I Missing something here That's funny I I watched a tick tock Video this morning of a guy in England That was claiming he was heating his Whole house with a tea candle a tea Candle with those little tiny ones like You see in the little bodus uh that you Get at Ikea I just don't know if there's Enough BTUs in there to heat a house but I don't know but thank you for that Super Chat Oh we got a big SATA sharp in here mama I think I've tried that's not very good Angle for you guys I think I've tried Every Sharpening system known to man for Chainsaws And I think I've decided that the Just hand filing them is the best way to Go just learn it Need a little bit more room This chopping block Uh Jordan is made out of Douglas fir It's a big old growth log I bought at The Mill for For cheap because it has a bunch of Shake in it

I had this outside I was just using it For putting stuff on it was just kind of A handy spot by the wash bay but it's Kind of nice to have it in here but I'm Still learning to work with it all here Being efficient and All the stuff and figuring all the stuff It takes time It takes a long time to set up a shop I've been in this shop for a year over a Year and I'm just now where I feel like I'm in a position where I can make Important decisions that I won't regret Or change This bar these chainsaw bars there's an Innovation that came out a few years ago Where they're they're they made a Lightweight bar and what they've done is They've they've milled out a big oval in The center and removed that steel and Replaced it with a car some sort of a Carbon or something lighter lighter Weight but it's really rigid so there's Really no downside other than they're More fragile used to be able to clamp on Accessories and Chainsaw Mills and Different things on these but with the Softer one you can look at mine I've got Huge dents all over it and haven't done It any good so this sort of thing where You're clamping on these bars Just be careful if you're using those Lightweight bars We have a super chat

From permacultus who writes what advice Can you give someone planning on Purchasing land And to build a home out of natural Materials such as mud bricks straw bales Wood and stone any advice on selecting Land and construction Well the nice thing about those type of Houses my actually my um Mrs W one of her friends her husband is A builder and they just finished Building one down the road That is kind of a non-trip or they're in The process they're almost done of a I don't know what it is it's some sort Of it they got it's got big thick walls But what people around here like about Those homes is that they uh are really Easy to heat some of the people are Saying that even with just a small wood Cook stove Like they used to have in the kitchen Wood cook stoves are making a comeback For a lot of people And if you haven't seen them before so Back in the day before we had the Electric ranges usually you had a Fireplace or a wood stove in your home And in the kitchen was a wood cook stove And you've probably seen them there There's oftentimes ceramic coated and Four-legged and very ornate and on the One side they would have a small Firebox So you would take small kindling and

Wood and you would put it in there and a Woman would have to like plan maybe an Hour and a half ahead of time to warm up This stove before she could even cook And start baking with it but They're cool because they do two things They They run off of wood and so if you live In the forest you know you can cook Indefinitely you never have to worry About electricity and so they're they Give you a lot of Independence but they Also heat the home and what I've been Hearing from these guys that are using These if you take these natural designs Or natural materials and these thick Walls these Adobe Styles and if you can Put it in like a daylight situation Where you're recessing it into the side Of a hill man that's just about perfect Almost About heated with a candle But uh it's hard to give me advice on Land and construction all that because I Just don't know what your abilities are I don't know what your skill level is And I will just give you this advice Something to think about I had when we First started doing all of this and we Wanted to I was really gung-ho to be Off-grider and build my own place I was You know kind of wanting to get into Some alternative construction methods

And again reinvent the wheel and stuff And all of that those things are if you If you get outside the norm and you Start picking a type of construction That is not typically supported or done There may be advantages to it and if you Just want to be unique and different That I understand that as well but all That stuff is difficult you know now When you want to add a door you want to Add a window or you want to add an Electrical outlet everything just Becomes complicated and a hassle and Kind of a problem so unless you're Really into that and you're willing to Learn how to do it and And are that type of dude that I'd Probably stick with traditional Construction Every time I haven't stuck with Traditional construction I've regretted It where sometimes you got a lot going On if you're trying to get a homestead Started you're trying and you still have To have a regular job you just don't Need to give yourself any additional Aggravations if it speeds up your Process if you can build A pounded Tire house wall faster or Easier than you can a two by six framed Wall then you might do that but just be Realistic and with building prices and Such it might be better off to buy Something existing because what in this

Area and we live in a very strange Bubble it's very different than most Places but in this area you cannot build What you can buy Mrs Debbie and I were Looking at some numbers yesterday and The house that we're currently in for us To duplicate this to buy the materials And to recreate this it would be it Would cost almost double of what we paid For it and what you could probably buy It for so if building materials go down In price you know we can revisit that But um You know it's hard to say But just make sure you're realistic with Your abilities what you can do what you Want to do and sometimes It's just best to get in the spot you Want to get maybe the house isn't Perfect maybe it's got a trailer on it Maybe you have to live in a tent but Just get there and spend some time there Before you start building see what it's Like what are the seasons like what are Your needs Um man when you it's hard to know it's Hard to go into a brand new piece of Land and a new place you've never been Before and you haven't seen it in the Winter time you haven't seen it in the Spring or the fall everything looks Beautiful that you're there in the Summer time just to build something and Find out that the whole flood the whole

Fields is flooded in the winter time or There's no sun on the house or who knows So Just Don't rush into it go spend time there And and you'll you'll learn what you Need to do We have another Super Chat from Jason Barr Double alternator member I run all husky saws mainly because my Local steel dealer is terrible but I Started running the lightweight Japanese Sugi Hara bars on my saws last year Unreal difference have you ever used Them I've never even heard of them Before but this is a sort of thing that I typically like Jason even email me Cody Wranglerstar.com if you could send me a Link over on that I'll look into that And maybe I can order one up we'll take A look at it and see but sounds like it Comes highly recommended Yeah a dealer that's a good point you Know he he's saying that he's not Necessarily opposed to still Jason but the Dealer's terrible and that That's the way I feel about tractors There's we have a local two local Dealers I think the biggest best dealers One is Kubota and one is Caterpillar and but the dealers are Excellent but if per se there was a

Yanmar or Whatever New Holland you know different Competitor if the dealer was really good That's probably the tractor that I'd buy You know they're all basically the same Similar enough anyway Dealer support's really important When you break a hydraulic line when you Need a part when you need some support Especially with the new machines you Know it's not like It's not like an 8N Ford where it's got A simple ignition and something Something doesn't work you know it's Either one or one of three things and You can change it you know now with all The computers and the diagnostic you Know for example my skid steer the other Day is what a year old 100 hours on it And it's got all those electronics and It's got all that dealer tracking and The satellite and it's supposed to be Sending Telemetry or engine Diagnostics Back and forth to cat and they're Supposed to send you an email you know Advanced warning and all this nonsense So they kept sending me emails telling Me you got to sign up for this and I Just ignore finally I just blocked it And got rid of them like I just I'm not Interested in that I I I I I know what The hours are I do my own maintenance I Don't I just don't need it Well of course the day I needed it more

Than anything I'm prepping and I need to Bring Rock in and we're ready for our Big pour the concrete pour on the slab Well I've got it down the road at Another different piece of property and I go there to grab it and I turn it I go To turn it on and it won't do anything Uh it'll just start in idle and the Backup camera doesn't work and no gauges Or anything so I call Cat and of course It's a weekend you know so no one's Around and finally got a hold of a Service guy come to find out that He didn't admit this but I kind of got The I think he was hitting around at it I got the impression that because I Hadn't signed up for this email thing And for them to track everything on the Machine that they uh they disabled it And he said you know people said oh no No they won't do that but What he told me to do was to go into the Back behind the seat yank out a fuse That disabled that That satellite whatever it was or the The satellite Uh portion What do you call it Ariel Antenna And recycled it and it worked it's Worked ever since and he said he's just Been disabling it for customers so I Don't know what that's all about but That that sort of thing is a real

Problem now what are you going to do If you need that machine what if it's in A fire what if you're a wildland Firefighter and you're running a big Industrial Mulcher and that thing starts Acting up at the computers and it won't Let you go and won't let you go you know I don't I don't know man That designed Absol obsolescence is Aggravating that's why I like that's why I like this stuff You know it's not it's not designed to Fail it's not designed to just look good And just to be cheap and cut Corners It's made to last We have a super chat from Nate thank you Nate I'm sure appreciate that All right we were supposed to sharpen Here I'm gonna go grab my Sharpie Because I can never remember what teeth I started on Foreign [Music] Good now Yeah I know it is going to get worse Yeah the electric vehicles I I don't Know that that's going to happen the Electric vehicles I'm not I'm not opposed to it I would I'm actually kind of curious about that Uh Ford Lightning You know Mrs W is gonna she's gonna Not

Super happy with her Forerunner And we've thought about maybe upgrading To something like that but I think I'd Like to see it out for a while Man what a cool capability especially if You had that if you take that that Lightning And the fact that you can use that Well this chain has really got beat up Here I think jariah was using it to cut flush Cut some Aspen stumps and it's Looks like it got hot All right What's wrong with the Forerunner I can give you my complaints about it Um now this is and I'm not hating on Toyota this is coming from Someone who's owned Several of them I I love Toyota However The Forerunner One bad thing what one of the terrible Things about the Forerunner is the Engine It is This is uh what is this this must be a 2020 a 2020 or 2019. Forerunner Uh Sr TRD TRD off-road Edition so the One just below the pro And With the big engine or maybe the origin They put in but it's got the six

Cylinder in it it is a Terrible engine it is so underpowered It can't hardly get out of its own way You I rarely Drive the thing because I I Dislike it so much when you get out of Uh when I get out of my super duty With the Godzilla Godzilla that I'm used To driving and get in that Forerunner it Is a serious downgrade just everything About it just from Creature Comforts to Everything You Touch to engine Performance drivability Comfort Visibility it is a huge downgrade so I'm Coming from that so that automatically Kind of puts me Than the wrong on the in the wrong Mindset anyway And then if you're tall I'm 6'4 And it has a little squatty window so I Cannot so if I come up to a light I gotta do this to sit there and crane My head and wait until I can see out to Know whether I should go finally I just Quit and I just told ask Mr W I'm like Can you tell me when the light turns Green so there's that so the visibility Is is really bad the engine performance Is horrible uh you want to go and you Start pushing and pushing it's like are We okay are we gonna go are we gonna We Have any acceleration whatsoever no and Then pretty soon you're like goodness I'm almost to the floor and then just Then maybe you'll start getting up to

The speed limits I mean the engine is Wretched The ride is what you would expect uh for From a vehicle with a truck and straight Axles I mean there's no boy that tooth There is totally Broken this chain is a Might be a lost cause Uh engine terrible Oh the navigation system the the Proprietary Interface on the how it interfaces with Your phone and the the sat nav and all Of that Unusable I I mean absolutely unusable Mrs W hates it I hate it Um The I'm going to I'll give you the good side Of it as well what else is bad about That rig Um A very uh A very cheap feel like the doors uh feel It feels very lightweight very very thin And tinny Like when you close the doors uh and Then when you get in it you know rather Than like sitting up higher like more of A domestic you know your feet are Straight I I don't know these things I Thought maybe I thought were cool when I Was younger but now again after getting Out of that that 350

The lariat it I mean it's a it's hard to Drive it it's a such a serious downgrade But it's half the price too So there is that um the good part of it Is the styling and the look of it is Excellent it's really a handsome Good-looking rig Um It's it's good size it's easy to park It's very very capable off-road uh it Will Mrs W meets her friends and and Actually puts some quite a bit of hurt On it she she takes it up and does a lot Of logging roads with it and Trail heads and snow it's a very very Capable off-road looks good Fuel economy is bad I don't know I don't I guess I could I I guess I Could sum it up with this When I looked when we looked at it to Buy it we were at the dealer and we were Test driving it I was all about it loved Toyota thought it was the most awesome Thing But after owning it And driving it and being with it would I Consider it for my primary car I I would Not no I would not and if you're in the It's kind of a rugged Car too I mean if you if you're not kind Of into that sort of thing in a stiff Ride and You know lack of a lot of Creature Comforts and a terrible engine and all

That stuff if you It might be my age too I I'm it's okay It's fine Yeah the Tesla is going to have to I have uh four or five friends with Tesla's now and I've ridden in a couple Of them And looked at them and had them in here In the shop and plugged them in and all That stuff and they're they're cool very Very interesting but Foreign I wouldn't buy one yet the fit and Finish on them is a little a little bit Crude and I don't like I don't want to drive a car With uh without a I don't want to drive A car without gauges and I don't want to Drive a car that's information center is In the center where I have to I have to come off and and monitor and I Definitely don't want to be activating Heater controls or blinkers or just Common controls with with touchable Buttons I want I want tactile I want knobs and I want traditional Stocks and all of that so I it's cool What they're trying to do and you know Reinvent things and change things Because the automotive industry has been You know pretty stagnated for a long Time and Tesla and these new companies Ribbian and all that they're

They're building they're they're Responding to the cars that younger People want and people that are Connected and like technology want and The big car manufacturers have been Forced to kind of keep up so I think I think it's all good But the infrastructure is not there to Support all this if if 25 of the people In this town for example all went Electric you know that would That could put a lot of strain on Infrastructure that was far from caught Up with that Yeah wallaby he's the same way I like The big big dumb clickable buttons and I Don't want so many choices When I started seeing I've been complaining to Mrs W for a Long time about There's too many choices in life and When you have too many choices you Become very dissatisfied and unhappy That's just a fact there's a couple Studies that are fascinating if you want To look into this We've talked about the jelly study and And the concert tea study just real Quickly so they did a study years ago Where free t-shirt was given out at a Concert and then they did an interview With folks as they came out and asked Them I mean are you happy with your what The concert and your free t-shirt

Everyone was so stoked they got a free T-shirt and nobody had a bad thing to Say and then they did the same thing and Then they gave the concert goers a Choice between three different t-shirts And they had to choose they couldn't Have All of them they had to choose one You know what they found that was so Interesting In the exit interviews because a lot of People were very quite dissatisfied with Their free t-shirt because they had had Some regret that they hadn't chosen the Other one or maybe they didn't choose Properly and the fact that they had Maybe chose the wrong shirt took away All of their Joy you know so having too Many choices and and such it it's too Much you know you you think that yeah It's great to go to a restaurant and Have you ever been to a restaurant where It had A ridiculous number of choices one comes To mind that we were we went to when we Were out of town maybe it was macro I Don't remember Cheesecake Factory or Something like that where you opened up A menu and there was page after page After page and not only one hamburger But 14 hamburgers with all these choices And not only that but then you have a Full array of build your own pizza Etc etc etc and you go through that menu

And you know you're kind of pressed for Time and you're trying to visit with Friends and you're looking at this and You order something and you and you Don't even enjoy your meal because You're wondering oh I didn't really have Time to look at everything and maybe I Would have liked something better you Know that's That's just too much Just because you can have something Doesn't mean that we should have Something so when I see the Products and things drying up at the Grocery market and fewer choices at First I was thinking oh man just this is How depressing is this this is a black Pilling moment When you see food shortages and Homelessness exploding for the first Time in this what you know in our great Country But then you know you go back to the Paradox of too much choice and you Realize how that ruins people and Diminishes your life like you know it's It there's going to be some pain because Nobody likes change and things are going To be changing but to get down to a menu Where you choose between the fish or the Beef you know sometimes that's really Refreshing and it's nice you know you Don't have to be labored and burdened With

Making these choices and this this comes Down to the whole reason why The dating Market is so broken it's this Paradox of choices When I was younger let's say the or the Community that I grew up in was a closed Christian Community and there was In my given in my age range in that Community probably a choice between Maybe a dozen different girls that I That I actually knew you know 10 to 12 Girls that I knew well enough that met The criteria that I would have wanted That would have been a suitable mate for Me at that time I had a choice between These girls and which I Dated all of them and you you're trying All this stuff out and seeing it and it Just seemed life was was simple and and This was the reality for most people And you got the best you could in in for Women as well I mean it may be you had Access to the men in your high school or Your local church or your local Community or maybe to expand that a Little bit maybe you got out to Yeah other schools that the team played Out you know maybe you had access to Kids there but it was a reasonably small Group that you had access to to choose From and we get back to that Paradox of Choice and it was not an overly Difficult thing guys and girls just kind Of got together and

And um married and that's the way it Worked it wasn't was not a big deal But now the Paradox of too much choice Or too much Choice centers in and this Girl now that you know maybe uh a small Town girl but is it eight nine or a ten That would have had access to a small Group of people now she has that access To the whole world And so now she's on there and and she or He goes both ways right and now has Access and her DMS are full of hundreds Or thousands of me you know how is the Local guy ever going that would have Been her husband in the past that would Have had a chance maybe to raise a Family with her how is he ever going to Have a chance she'll never be content With that now that she's had has the Choices or he has the choices So too many choices Is not good for us That's why Simplifying I think is the key that's Why I think why I've decided to wear the Same clothes all the time it's one less Choice that I have to make in a very Very busy and complicated schedule for Me in the morning I have a lot going on my mind I'm trying To plan out the day and trying to figure Out what content I want to do and how to Run all the all of this and If I can take away a little bit of

Burden by not having to oh now I have to What do I have clean and I'm wearing These socks so it just makes it easy I Just wear the same thing every day it Not only that but it makes it easier for Editing When I come to Australia man I don't Know I don't I don't know I'm not keen on Traveling anymore if I do travel because Mrs W wants to do it but I As far as dealing with it I don't I don't know the flight's a Bummer too that flight over there is What 14 hours goodness Two-cycle mix I'm running I'm on the Fence with that I'm switching back and Forth between uh Amsoil saber And Amsoil Dominator I'm actually on Saber right now And I'm running I'm running saber Through a complete 150 hour cycle on my 302 stroke and I'll be very curious to See what the piston and the in the bore Looks like from the saber versus the Previous piston that was Dominator so I'll let you know on that I'm doing my Own real world testing so we'll see Probably won't be any difference No no I do not work construction anymore Uh my dad was a general contractor So residential and Commercial so I grew Up doing that all facets and then I he Had a

He had some heavy equipment And so he I started running that when I Was pretty young and I liked that and so Then I got into Excavating And I had my own company I did Residential Excavating And then I worked as a Construction superintendent doing heavy Commercial instruction uh retail on the Road So I've got I've got a lot of Construction background I've worked on Framing Crews I've worked all aspects of Construction and then built my own stuff I can't hardly stand to wear socks Air my dirty laundry here To say some people can go to sleep with Socks on and that to me is very strange I would it would be easier for me to Sleep underwater than to sleep with Socks on my feet Yeah Chad Chad he's points out he's Running saver so saber is a premium Synthetic two-stroke oil Get some deep filing to do here That has been tested and Amsoil Claims that you can run it 100 to one And so what I have heard locally here is Landscaping contractors who run a lot of Two-stroke and they're weed blowers and String trimmers Are running saber At a hundred to one and you know still Recommends 50 to one so that's half the

Oil that still recommends in those Engines And with no adverse effect and they're Doing this because it's cutting their Their fuel costs down by quite a bit That they're only burning half the oil Less smoke Uh less emissions and you know if you're Working in the city you know that's a Nice thing to have so I I don't know This I don't have all the science on it But Amsoil has done a lot of research in This And puts it right on the bottle that It's safe to run it at 100 to one Now another guy that I really respect When it comes to engines Is Jeff slavins in Colorado He's a he runs a motorcycle they build Bikes down there very similar to the way We build our bikes up here mountain Bikes And he is an ex-race mechanic Knows engines more bet as well as two Strokes is better as good as anyone And he runs saber 60 to 1. or the 80 to 1. 80 to 1. He runs at 80 80 to 1 in his engines and They're in him all the time they're they Constantly tear them down you know they See it they're not this is not just Internet things so And on his personal bikes which he's

Very fastidious I mean just like I am He's very Very anal about that he's running 80-1 Saber on his brand new KTMs So I started doing that I ran one tank through it 80 to one and I liked it because there was less smoke And I was getting no oil dripping out of The back of the exhaust pipe I was Previously running 60 to one Well I the guy that builds my bikes for Me or used to I guess he built my first Bike or helped me build it and now I Never know enough about it I kind of do It myself now but He still does some things for me and I Was down there talking to him and I told Him about my theory of 80 to 1 on the Saber and he did not think that was a Good idea at all But so whether I should listen to him or Jeff slavins you know I don't know so Then I went back to 60 to one uh just Because I didn't want him to do Something went wrong and be a big I told You so so I'm currently running 60 to 1 In saber And we'll see how that goes Yeah real men sleep nude I I I think so I always have Now the saws don't mix the fuel You mix the gas the two-stroke engine is Different than a four-stroke engine you

Mix the fuel with the gas and that that Oil in the mat in the gas lubricates the Bottom end of the engine How did I become an Amsoil dealer I just signed up for it uh So I the guy that built builds does I Get parts for my bike does my snow bikes And stuff he is a he was an Amsoil Dealer and he recommended the product so That's kind of how I was introduced to It so I would just get him from him Well one time he didn't have something Or I don't know what it was I'm going to Order some of my own and I went on the Site and I saw that well if you sign up To be a dealer then you get It's about what 20 30 discount And I go through a lot of oil because I Burn everything that I use now for oil And lubricants is all Amsoil I think it's the best quality that you Can get And the products the company is Excellent The products are excellent they exceed Your expectation you'll go by like for Example you you just don't know how good The stuff is until you use it you go Down to Napa and you buy your garden Variety Carburetor cleaner right And it works pretty good and then you Get the Amsoil carburetor cleaner and it Works better and the applicator is

Better and the the way the nozzle fits In and and then you the other cool thing On the website is you can they have a Thing called my garage And it's man it's a bummer to have to Try to keep track of all of the spark Plugs and oil filters on all of this Equipment that we have to keep track of So you can go in there and let's so Let's say I'm going to order a complete Oil change for my my super duty and Punch the year in there and it'll Recommend all the products that are Available from Amsoil for that Particular rig and you can pick and Choose what you want and you can even Put the whole kit together so you just Click one button and you get the oil in The right quantity the right viscosity You get the filter and all of that Everything the best quality also you Know synthetic nice stuff Foreign And then it remembers that that's super Handy so you don't have to write Anything down so when I I keep two oil Changes for all my equipment uh filters And oil for cars and everything So when I change the oil on the truck I'll I'll go pull the kit out and do the Oil change and then I immediately just Jump online log into Amsoil and then go To my garage and just hit reorder And that's super handy you do the

Research one you know once on what part Numbers are and then it keeps track of It for you Six iron hello good to see you how are You we're doing well it's Helena Lazy Sunday here I'll probably run until about 11 30 and Then uh I'm gonna take Mrs W up to the Bakery we'll go get it Something delicious Boy this Chain is ABS must have got down in the Dirt it's absolutely wrecked A man will sleep differently when he has A wife is that true I don't know if that's true I I definitely sleep sleep better like If we're out of yeah that's that's Probably true I definitely sleep better If Mrs W she she TR has been traveling a Little bit with Jack for his uh Competitive he's in competitive speech And debate And so that leads me home by myself for A night or two and I definitely don't Sleep as well when she's not here Cumberland Rhode Island welcome Jeff Good to see you here I'm literally having to re-profile this Chain because it's the teeth some of Them are even broken and bent This one almost a lost cause What's the best two saws to own Like the best if money was no object

I think currently uh if I could add any Two saws I would buy a Still 500i with a 32 inch Lightweight bar that'd be my big saw Uh and my second saw would be the same Those are the two best saws to have From what I hear I actually I called There's a up north of here there's a An outfit called madsen's And they have a they're a good place to Buy chainsaws and they're all known They're the they're the probably some of The Among the most well-known mechanics and Best chainsaw mechanics on the west Coast which means the best coast as we Know because we have The big loggers are out here so that They know about saws and I I've been thinking about maybe getting Into one of those 500s and selling this One or maybe just keep it just do this One and a 500. And so I called their mechanic that I Bought some stuff from and I said hey What's the deal on this saw you know is It is it going to be is it the future is It as good as people say it is and he Said yeah it is he said we've actually Had them We've been messing around with them for Two years now and there's a lot of time On them with the professional fallers up North

And I guess there's a bunch of Aftermarket performance stuff for them That they're doing but he's he told me That it is uh One complaint that they're getting from The saw is that the suspension is too Loose on it and saw suspension and this Has been a problem for still saws for a Couple different Generations so The original saws were were hard mounted Meaning the bar was mounted hard to the Chassis And what happened is when you're running These all day long you get you get a lot Of vibration through your hands and your Hands will go numb I've run into that Before with uh my My dirt spot dirt bike two-stroke Engines are notoriously they have a lot Of vibration in them and that is hard on You so they started isolating it by Building a suspension so this saw that Actually the handles On these new saws Are completely isolated from the power Head in the bar by Combination of dampeners they've used Springs they've used Foam they've used rubber all sorts of Things and the first one that they Really got it wrong was the first big Saw that I bought when I bought that 441 And the 441 was replaced the 440 which Was an iconic saw even there's even guys

Today that are still running those old 440s a lot of old retired followers that Just love those saws they keep them Going but that saw was light rigid fast And it just a just a great great saw Well the 441 came out as his predecessor And it was so squishy They put so much suspension in it guys Would joke that you you turn around with The saw to start cutting and you have to Wait for the bar to keep to catch up With you it was so Wiggly and that Suspension You can see you know is here There's a there's a rubber there and so It's it's located in several different Locations Well what I finally had to do was to Take that out and just put some custom Make some hard rubber inserts just to Get rid of that because it was just all You'd move the handle and the bar was Wiggly it was terrible Uh one complaint that I did hear from Them is that some guys say the Suspension is way is too soft on that 500 is that same problem Um but apparently there's stiff bushings Now being made that you can put in there And so it's an easy fix but he said it Was lighter Than a 461 This one here And it's it's a bigger saw we're going

From 461 to a 500 and In his opinion nearly as powerful as a 660. with a weight of a less than a 461 And fuel injected so that doesn't so You've got no more problems with um Flooding you get no more problems with Uh elevation you're not going to have Any problems with carburetor icing and Cold environments It's uh pretty good no but but seriously I would get a a big saw if I was out West I would get a 461 or 500 And I would get a 262 or 261 the small Pro saw The pro saws are worth the extra money You get the metal magnesium cases you Get a saw that has more of a 100 duty Cycle just more robust tougher less Plastic more metal built and designed to Withstand the rigors of professional Logging which is About as hard as you can be on things I've heard liver King Yeah I know who he is I've I don't know Much about his backstory a little bit About his diet but I've I've seen these Kind of he's all over YouTube he's been On a lot of videos and such but I don't I couldn't comment on him I don't really Know what his deal is he seems like a Really nice guy I was um I actually I saw a clip of him on that Uh on h3s H3 h3s podcast

And I don't want to get taken down for Bullying or anything or well if you Don't have anything nice to say about Anyone what's the rule don't say Anything at all But he was Ethan was being somewhat I Thought kind of disrespectful in his Line of questioning with this guy and The way the liver King handled himself And responded to that just showed me a Lot of self-control and maturity uh I Don't know it just depressed me when I Saw that you know he didn't take offense He didn't try to retaliate or cry like a Baby he just said no you know I think What you asked me is really none of your Business inappropriate and that's not Something I'm going to talk about you Know so that little exposure to him was I thought that was pretty impressive Four Jordan Wilson brought up a good Point if Yeah it's really easy for me to throw Out yeah to go throw it out a thousand Dollars for a saw what if you don't have That uh he's right if you're on a budget And you want to buy your very first saw And you don't have the money to drop the Coin to drop on like a full-on pro saw Then steel and husky have uh two really Good I wouldn't call them entry level Saws I would say they were mid-grade Saws but excellent saws there's like the The Forester and the Rancher and that's

The saw you're going to see it usually Comes in a kind of a kit so you get some Goodies you might get a helmet and face Shield you might get some gloves maybe Some sharpening stuff but that just Can't can't be beat and if you were Going to get into the A steel chainsaw You you you couldn't go wrong with that I've actually This what's the steel version of that There's the Rancher and then what's the Other one Someone remind me in the comments but I Had the steel version of that because it Was they only saw That was well it was it was the saw that The fire department purchased that I was On a fire with that's all they had the Little saws and I ran that saw for Seven Days 12 hour days in on the fire Ground and Extreme And you know extremely difficult Environment and it uh it ran great not a Single problem I could use yeah I could use the The orange sharpener or the Timberline Sharpener uh why don't I use it Because I'm good at doing this I'm good At filing by hand and by the time I Stopped and set it up Um I've got half the chain done Foreign

Out here Farm Boss thank you the Farm Boss The Farm Boss is a great saw I see those there's a lot of those out There there's a lot of those on the used Market But I don't know they're not chainsaws Are not that expensive it's one of the Things that I would never loan to anyone And but I I I've only bought One you saw that I can recall And it turned out to be a good saw but They're not all good saws guys don't Take care of them and don't know how to Run them and overheat them because they Put the chains on backwards Etc so It might just be better on something Like that if you're talking four or five Hundred dollars just to wait a little Bit and Not try to save 100 bucks at a by Getting something beat up and just get One that's brand new that you can take Care of that you know the history of That you can control what oil is burnt In it and then you'll have a tool that You need to rely on it's a chainsaw to Me That's a life safety Tool that's a tool that Needs to operate Ambulance ambulances might not be able To get Even into town uh if a tree falls down

When you live in the forest and there's A lot of wind there's their trees are Down all the time so you might need to Get somewhere And in a storm you gotta everyone's got A chainsaw in the back of their truck Around here when the when the wind kicks Up The farm bus locks bar when it's set Down now that's some safety Sally Measures that are just go too far I wouldn't I wouldn't want that Yeah it's time thank you for the Reminder Brad's reminding me I've got to Take Mrs W to the bakery all right That's what we're gonna do Thank you for hanging out gentlemen so I'm going to tell you what what I'm Hoping to accomplish here with the live Streams I would like to have to do a regular Live stream in the morning maybe it runs An hour and a half to two hours at a Consistent time So I'll I'll kind of determine that this Week so I I guess I enjoy I want most of The content that I consume on YouTube And online is live streams it's my it's My favorite way I like the interaction I Find now that when I watch videos from Those same content creators that have Pre-recorded stuff it just doesn't feel As fresh and I I do long and look for The forward to the live streams

But to do a live stream you need to do It well it's got to be entertaining and Moving along so I think it needs to have Some level of production so what I'd Like to get to and I've invested in the Software and I'll spend the rest of the Day kind of getting this set up is it's Just to have a a simple to use Multi-camera system here with maybe two Or three cameras that are permanently Mounted so when we want to live stream We'll have a regular time let's say it's Going to be seven o'clock Pacific Standard time that we just do it every Day just get into that ritual we'll come In and we start the fire and then I'll Have projects set aside so there's What I typically like to do is I'll have Projects in the morning that I'll do and Repairs to be made or fixing this or Fixing that If we can kind of set up the shop where I can bring those things in here and we Can hang out and do those together that Would be nice so we can have our live Streams we'll do our fire and hang out And then have um just have this area set Up where I can be more interactive and Then we can I think it'll be fun it's something that That I will enjoy And I haven't done it in the past Because I haven't had a One I haven't had a very reliable

Internet And the other to do a live stream There's a lot of things there's it's Kind of stressful because once you turn The camera on if you haven't thought of Something or you don't have the tool you Know it seems awkward to leave and to Leave the room or leave the shop and go Find something so you're trying to think Of everything as guys going to need and And then I guess how to do it you know How to how to How to communicate to you guys and how To make a show or a live stream that It's two hours it's not boring it's Entertaining that we enjoy hanging out Together so there'll be some Growing Pains but I think we have it here I Think we can do it and especially with Winter coming I know I'm not alone in The way I consume content and I enjoy Content is I'm not necessarily just Sitting down and just focusing my Attention on on the whoever it is that's Doing something you know I'm busy I'm Doing my projects as well but I enjoy Having I've enjoy having it on in the shop and That's what's kind of fun so when my Favorite content creators are are live Streaming I'll have them on here or Maybe on my laptop or right next to what I'm doing and I just feel like I'm I'm Involved and I'm part of that and the

Communities that I support in the live Stream streamers that I like have Similar interests to me and are known by Me and I know them and I don't know it's It appeals to me because it's It's the best tribe that a lot of people Can get Have you noticed I'll close with this But I've been thinking about this lately When I was younger Um The men In my in the in the Christian we'll call It Christian well it was a Christian Cult for as bad as it was it had a lot Of positive things but the men had did Things together All the time We would meet after work me and my Friend group there was about a dozen to 14 of us that were pretty good friends Within three or four years of each other So close enough in age that we had Enough in common so let's say 18 to 21. And there was probably maybe 16 or so 16 Of us that fit in that category and that Every night there was a small Cafe just A local cafe the cafe that served or you Know breakfast ham and eggs you know Just a normal place That we would meet at and you just come And go there was always there were three Or four booze there and you just roll up

Down there after work and there would be Sometimes you were first sometimes there Would be four or five guys sometimes There would be four or five Boos of guys That were just there and to do nothing More than we just hung out Some guys smoked and some guys didn't But everyone drank coffee and some some Of the single guys that weren't gonna You know would would order food but it Was just something that it wasn't Planned it wasn't organized it was just The way that we did things and then we Also got together you know for church Meetings Sundays and Thursday nights and So all the men were together the men Would be on one side of the church and The women on the other so it was Traditional in that way But we weren't we didn't wear any funny Costumes we didn't wear prayer you know The women weren't wearing Prairie Dresses and the men weren't wearing Straw hats and stuff we were just normal People but Ice and isolation isolated community I didn't never thought anything of it I As a man definitely had a tribe I had a Group of men that I had known and grown Up with from the time I was an infant These boys and men that I grew up with I Knew my entire life I worked with some Of them I sat every evening at the cafe having

Coffee you know just visiting and and Just just men communing with each other And then The we hunted together we vacationed Together our families vacation together Water skied together we were down the River it was just that was always Mostly together with men Well once I left that Community Uh it was a difficult to adjust to being Having that support structure to be Completely isolated and on my own with No support structure at all because once You left that Community you were You were cast out you know if you were If I were to run into one of those People And which I had I did many times they Would turn their back on you or run away From you basically they imagine you were Like you you had a communicable disease Of some sort and they were afraid they Were going to catch it that's how you Were treated so Um So I lost my tribe I think a lot a lot of you maybe have Never had a tribe before or have never Experienced that what it's like uh and The reason in my opinion the reason why The gaming community and online gaming Is so popular and why it's so important To a lot of not only young men but even Adults enjoy it as well I enjoy it

Myself is it's the closest way you can Get to getting that drive back if you Have a particular game that you enjoy That resonates with you you're going to Find other guys there obviously they're There for that same reason and you Automatically have that in common and I Know Watching Jack I mean Jack plays with the Same his tribe the same group of guys That he has since he was a little a Little kid you know you know 13 14 and Those friendships have developed into Real friendships they've met now and now They do things together and they're They're probably lifelong friendships That came out of that you know that that Is a tribe men are going to find a way To build their own tribe And why don't they do it socially how Come we don't meet together anymore in The cafe or different places Well by and large society and and women Have have prevented us from doing that By saying that that's misogynistic or That's sexist you know it's it's fomo That's why a lot of women they need to Be involved in everything and they they Feel like they're missing out on Something if we're doing something that They're not doing but Men will find a way to do it so I think That not having a tribe and not having a Way to connect to people and and being

An isolated man is I think that we kind Of need that so badly that we will find It whatever way we can if we can't find It locally or unwilling to put ourselves Out there then we'll find it uh with YouTube channels or gaming communities Or even live streams so If I ask myself why do I like the live Streaming and I've thought a lot about It this week and you know what do I want To do with the channel and do I want to Make shorts do I want to focus on that Do I want to focus on live content do I Want to just park it and go do something Else What is it that I enjoy what do I what Am I excited about I'm kind of excited To live stream and build that up and Turn that into something that we can Enjoy Um and we'll see how it goes does that Mean that that's the only direction We're going Maybe not maybe it doesn't Work maybe I'm tired of it in a week and We don't do it but I think it's worth Trying and looking into and if you're Going to do something I think it should Be done well I know the live streams that I watch I Really produce really appreciate the Effort that goes into production that The lighting is good that the the live Streamer has put some preparation in and Maybe even has some things to share uh

Multi-cam or videos to share or funny Stories or things maybe even video clips Of something that happened up on a snow Bike ride or a ride that we could drop In and enjoy those things together and Share them in a way that's more intimate Because it's cool When we can do a project together I Think that that would be really cool if I had a question and someone was doing Something that I knew nothing about that I would be able to ask a question and Get clarification on that I think that's Really cool and it works both ways you Know you never underestimate who's Watching the channel you might have a Guy that that invented this bar or this Chain or the pitch on this or the file That is in the comments and he might Have something to bring to bear on the Discussion that that is makes your life Better easier So the live streaming format is cool It's fresh and it's fun but it's a Pretty steep learning curve But let me know if you have any ideas in This you know this video these videos Will go up so what I'll probably end up Doing is Is just post the videos live Up and if there's of anything of Interest or particular highlighter Moment you know we can clip that stuff And throw it up as well is I I think

Some of the creators that I follow have That do live streams have absolute gold Somewhere in that three hours of live Stream but I don't have the time to go Through three hours or two hours of live Stream so I really enjoy the clips so I Think it's a real benefit To people who like to consume comment or Content for the Creator or someone to go Through and like yeah pull out those Good moments where there was maybe a Good Insight or someone had a good point That we could share that could make a Standalone or make its own video you Know I'm not inventing anything new here But it's uh Some something to consider All right thank you gentlemen thank you For hanging out and watching I'm going To shut down the stream and uh we'll Head down to the bakery and I don't know what I'm going to do maybe I'll start bringing some more firewood In before the rain comes keep us in your Prayers please may God bless you and Your families we pray for you guys Constantly and we'll see you guys over On the next next video

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