Wranglerstar Live Streeam

By | October 31, 2022

Good morning gentlemen welcome back to The shop I do apologize for the late start this Morning I was planning on getting going At about eight o'clock in the sweet Low Sweet loaf woke up not feeling very well If you needed her papa to take care of It this morning so here we are today so Let's jump into it get started Big day today lots going on another Sunny day so we're trying to make hay And get everything brought in we're Getting actually got the uh Holding the snow bike trailer out I get The snow bikes out and we're gonna be Getting ready for uh Jack tonight for Our Enduro race this week so yeah that's That's going on as well so let's get her Lantern going our fire started to see Where that takes us I finished up the design for the lantern Box the forest service inspired Lantern Box yesterday and got all the pieces cut Out so I'm actually gonna be working on That today so I should have something Pretty close Good morning to you Refuge Audio is choppy I'm all green on my end testing See what happens starlink as good as it Is is Pretty amazing Bad buzzing huh Microphones

Turn one off Shouldn't appear same brand Did that make any difference Audio issue Okay Settings Everything looks good All green The only thing I did different was I Used a different cable USB cable Is the audio still stuck How do you check that out here Foreign Not all of these electronic devices play Nice together do they All right does that fix the buzzing Thumbs up thumbs down If not I'll just end the stream we'll Have to figure out what it's like A cable not plugged in the way check Mike Audio is terrible huh helicopter We're gonna have to figure this out Together here I unplug the audio Is it still buzzing this was the uh Audio that was inputting into the Computer Still buzzing huh Even when I unplugged it still buzzing So bad huh you know the what's really a Bummer with these live streams is the it There's a long delay it's like a 10 Second delay between what I'm saying and

What I'm seeing back from you guys so Is it I don't really know where we are Are we buzzing or not buzzing Buzzing and cracking Okay Cable huh all right start unplugging Cables All right I'm gonna plug this back in And I'm gonna unplug Now does that make any difference Are we still buzzing that fixed it it's Good now still bad I have no idea When half of you say it's good and happy You say it's bad I don't know what I'm supposed to do With that It's all good now Put a one in the comments if the audio Is clean That fixed it We don't want better we want fixed we Want good Oh the delay is murder like I'm still Not seeing back from the question that I Ask you guys It's good All right that's weird I the only thing I did different is I had a USBC cable Uh a different brand that I used on the Close-up camera Now if I plug this back in Tell me if the buzz comes You guys haven't didn't sign up for

Being Guinea pigs but that's what you got All right so I plugged what may be the Offending Cable in Is the buzz back are we back in Helicopter mode Or is it working now Type sevens in the chat if it's working So Jason says no but everyone else says It's good If the audio is clean type in sevens Sevens I don't want to hear anything Else other than just c7s in the comment If the audio is clean put in sevens Goodness I'm still not seeing sevens the Delay must be minutes No sevens I don't know if you guys are responding From five minutes ago or what's going on Foreign How is it that my mods could say no and Everyone else says it's good Okay looks like we're gonna go all right Let's get this this is a a rough start But we're going now I'm going to bring in some of that high Production look at that camera it's all Crooked I wanted to come in here early and have All this set up so we didn't have to go Through this nonsense here but You know you know how it is with little Kids when we go in there I'm just Looking at it backwards nothing but the

Best gentlemen Nothing but the best around here Okay that's what we got Let's get our Lantern going get our fire Going Yeah maybe try refreshing that's that's Probably something I should remind you Hit the refresh See if that works That's where I I plugged I just Unplugged that cable and plugged it back In that seems to have fixed it Audio is the most important thing I can Watch bad video but I can't watch bad Audio Okay looks like we're set I need to track how much fuel this uh Lantern Burns it'd be interesting to see If you used it for eight ten hours a day How much you'd go with go through Yeah I have no idea what's going on with The chat it's really weird I I'm I'm Still getting I mean I still haven't Seen one seven and I asked what's that Been a couple minutes ago I'm just seeing ones now so yeah it must Be way way behind maybe I'm way behind Who knows Five by five Foreign Get too much fuel on those guys and they Sure do Sure do burn you have to kind of just Let it burn off

This silly cat she has uh it didn't take Her long to figure out our Routine here in the morning I come in and she's over here scolding Me because I didn't have the fire going Quick enough for her All right let's go get the commander Should probably leave the commander over Here maybe we need to find a spot for The commander I was thinking about doing That way I don't understand it I was Thinking about doing another red box uh I I saw one years ago where You know I saw a picture of it uh uh Kind of a combination box that had three Tools in it it was a forest service box And it was um Had a fire shovel And uh a jersey ax like a full-size 32-inch ax And a small Hatchet and a file on the Stone And I thought that would be a good kit To have man I mean if you if you got to Go deal with a problem or get someone Unstuck or just want to have something You can throw in the back of your truck It's going to get through trees or dig You out that would be a good combination Of tools to have I know just You can kind of learn from From guys that use hand tools a lot and On a lot of the engines the Wildland

Engines there's a combination set it's Common with firefighters as well that Have a like a fireman's ax which is just A big heavy Single bladed ax like an American Failing X or jerseyx and a um and a Shovel And those are really good two really Good tools and they make some clamps Where you can just grab and go I've had I've been on some engines where we had Them wrap they had a special like a Velcro wrap that held them together but Man with those two things there are Really really handy I just I like the Idea what I learned from the fire Department is You know you can make all these plans And and for emergencies and put together All these kits and stuff and then all of A sudden you know you're like okay I'm Gonna put every my shovel and all the Stuff in here and then you rob something Out of it and you don't have it and then When you need it like what's really Stressful is you get a call in the Middle of the night that there's someone Stuck in the ditch or a car wreck and You can't find your witch control Because you weren't organized and you Didn't have it thought out and you're Trying to remember and think about Everything that you need to have and and You end up forgetting stuff and well

What I end up doing is just try throwing The whole kitchen sink at it and Throwing a bunch of the stuff in the Back that I don't need So having these kids Is very handy to me and that's kind of The way I've been moving with my truck So I've got a retrieval kit that's in a Box uh I've got a the medical stuff Rather than having everything kind of Packed into one big box what you end up Having to do is is duplicate that each For each vehicle or each if you want to Have it in your house So I I don't think that's a good fit so The better way to do it is just have one Basic kit we'll have our Lantern kits Now Lantern's in fuel and if you need Light or need to grab and go you can Grab those two things everything you Have including repair parts Consumables funnels Rags all that stuff That's the concept right so you don't Have to think about it you did the Thinking once when you put together the Kit and now you have that staged and Prepped and you don't have to worry About that you can focus and concentrate On other things So the That's kind of what I've been thinking About so you know what where do you want To go with this do we want to have like A Communications kit where we have uh

Maybe we put in a couple bofang radios And the ability to recharge them or a Folding solar panel you know all that Sort of thing where the really important Things maybe even water filtration or Even water storage maybe we have a box That's got um two gallons or three Gallons in a pot of water and then a Small portable water filter that you Could just grab and go with it you know Some of those small containers that we Had the mylar containers that you can Fold up you can expand your water Capability up to five gallons with that Filter so that's that's just kind of What I'm thinking it just puts a guy's Mind to rest to those essential things That I might need need in an emergency Water filtration solar generator a way To charge all my stuff you know that Would even be a good module and that Might just fall under like an Electronics module uh something like We're doing that you uh could just grab And go and put in your truck and know That you know that you're going to have What you need it's been very helpful I Mean just I noticed that the last when We went to Idaho last weekend Normally I'm a procrastinator and I Don't start packing until the morning of The time I'm going to leave I'm going to Leave and so I end up not packing very Well and throwing again too much stuff

In there and just not having what I need But it was really cool this time I got Up my same ritual where I normally would Um be uh stressed out and trying to pack And think of everything I have Basically put everything into small Boxes or bags it was very simple so I Thought okay well I need we're going to Be going out of town we're going to be Making eight hour drive so the things That I need what am I going to need for The truck I need my mer I need my out of Town tools or basic tool kit in case I Break down the side of the road that's In that's in a box I throw that in there I'm gonna need uh Maybe some retrieval stuff that's in There my one wheel kit I put that all Together in one box you know so I came In the shop and I grabbed three items One trip and put them in the back of my Truck and they're like oh I'm all done In the past I would have had to be Digging through stuff and what do I need And you know you know how that goes We have a super chat from Road hand Thank you Road hand Road hand right Sound is fixed for me also remember all USBC cables are not equal And I did not know that How are they not equal I thought they Were all the same usbcs I'll have to Look into that well I don't know I've Got two I've got two DSLR cameras

Uh one close and one far and both of Them are connected to my my laptop Through USB Yeah I don't know it's weird why that Did that what that buzzing sound You know if it's got Electronics man It's going to give you trouble All right shall we start a fire Gentlemen Did we get the commander out here how You doing Mama how are you doing Lazy old cat How long do cats live anyway she's got To be 17 18. I might even miss her a little bit when She goes It's funny how you get attached to these Animals isn't it This the commander is made out of Osage Orange Which is the Hardest wood Oh that's not going to split very good Is it You know the right tool look at that the Right tool for the right job Sometimes you have to remind your Firewood Who is the apex predator And that today is the German Oh that's a good one that's pretty why Is that so tough must have a knot in it So Here's a little known fact

I have seen some people Split firewood backwards you've ever Seen that That seems so unnatural to me will that Work we you saw how tough this one is Here I don't even not sure how you do that That seems kind of foolish to me I don't Know what the point of that would be Even the Germans having trouble with This one All right enough fooling around Mama Kitty I have to put you out of frame for Your own protection Let's give it a full swing I'm not gonna have that Clear the decks here There's a good chance with this guy that I might break my wood stove window if I Don't do it right here The antlers that huh Foreign Yeah the old German Mall it doesn't even know it even hit Anything All right that'll get us going Okay Mama coming back We have a super chat We have a couple super chats we have a Super chat from uh from Jason good to See you back in the Live stream Jason All right so thanks for streaming today Can we now say you are a professional

Streamer as well yeah obviously that Shows I'm a professional streamer but I'm about I'm going to be a professional Streamer I just got to uh get all of the Uh all the little the little problems Ironed out so we'll get it going we'll Get it going Mrs Debbie will make a Guest appearance and And we'll uh It wouldn't be bad for me to have a Little routine you know I noticed that I'm getting uh lazier and late we're Getting up later and later and getting Less and less done so having a little Bit of accountability uh where we've got To meet out here at eight o'clock or Maybe even seven is not going to do me Any harm whatsoever so It's just as much for me as you guys Here but thank you thank you Jason for That I sure do appreciate it All right we have another Super Chat From uh Zach super cool YouTube channel Good to see you Zach and Zach writes uh Thoughts on sending a wood stove pipe Out Thoughts on sending a wood stove pipe Out the window for my single car garage Uh I'm in there a lot and want some heat This winter recommend for a small cheap Stove you know what I I would just go What I would do Uh how many square how big is your shop Is it um I guess that's what I need to

Know but yeah I've done that before Now you can get pretty good deals on Some of the older stoves that are now These are going to be Non-epa and they could be illegal to Install so just know that when you go And you you'll have to make a decision Whether you want to do that or not one Thing to consider when you do put a wood Stove in if if you don't get it Inspected and if it's not up to code if If you have a chimney fire and it burns Your house down uh then your insurance Can wiggle out of it so you know you Gotta you gotta figure that in so you May want to do that it may not I've done It before in the past and so uh but yeah I would find something used Uh what I've done you it's really simple Some of those stoves will come out the Top and some stoves will come out the The back And all you need to do is just to put an Elbow in it and my old wood stove was my Old shop was that way that wood stove uh It was a little yo tool that we have and It was a non-epa stove but I just came Up and you turn a 90 you can go right Out through the window that's not a Problem you could even Um you know if it's a pained window that Has individual Pieces of glass you can even take one Piece of glass out and just cut as thin

Slice of sheet metal or something and Then a circle and go right through that And then you do another 90 and just and Go up just make sure you kind of give it Get it up above your roof line you don't Want Sparks and stuff coming out right On your siding or you don't want it you Know coming out and igniting your house So just these things you got to think About But um yeah I would do it absolutely I Would do it there's nothing better than Having a wood stove in your shop Uh but thank thank you Zach for that All right we had another one more let's See I'm missing out here goodness But we have a super chat from Victor Marshall thank you Victor thanks for Hanging out with us uh good morning Cody Thanks for all the amazing content and Life lessons over the years you're more Than welcome it's been been a good it's Been a good ride hasn't it Foreign Something that's gonna be easier to Split here mama we don't need all this Drama Maybe this one Who knows here's a question for you who Knows which firewood produces the most BTUs without looking it up don't cheat First one in the cop first one that Comments is going to win here we'll see Who's smart

There's one wood that stands above all It's it has so much heat in it so many BTUs that I've been told that it's more Than coal that that gives you an idea Foreign Close It's not Oak that's not Oak Joe Not pecan not cedar cedar come on now Osage orange Henry's got it yep Osage Orange Has more BTUs in it than anything out There that's what this is this is Osage Orange it is a beautiful wood so one of My subscribers years ago sent me uh a Bunch of small pieces like this maybe Half the size of this that I made into Some different things it was really Interesting to work with when you uh When you cut it and you're sanding it it Is almost like a chartreuse bright uh Chartreuse color and then it fades in Darker and darker into almost just a Pure black and Osage orange makes really Good bows Native American tribes used to Make bows out of it maybe even the English I don't remember no the English Use you would but uh Neat wood you have to be careful with Osage orange if you over fire a stove Meaning if you get it to look at the Straight Grain on that goodness that is Absolutely beautiful it breaks my heart To burn this wood They keep pulling pieces out and they

Just keep getting better and better You can't keep everything But thank you Victor for that super chat I appreciate that and Zach as well both You guys good dudes We have a super chat from Road hand Okay he's going to school me here on USB So he says uh same as most stuff lots of Chinese cables are built only to handle Power I was really excited for USBC but this Kind of a headache too I did not know That yeah I think what I'm going to do I Don't like to when I'm when I'm buying Tools or the equipment that I use for For my work camera equipment for Computers and such I don't like to Scrimp on stuff I just don't want to Have these problems and I knew better I Thought I should just order a couple of Apple cables USB cables is that I've Never had any problem with those before But I got this Cheap Chinese one it causes all sorts of Problems that messed up our show today So it's just not worth it but thank you Road hand for that clarification and Sharing your knowledge on that I did not know that We have a super chat from Victor Marshall thank you Victor And Victor's uh writes good morning Thanks for all the amazing content life Lessons you're welcome brother you were

So welcome It's fun that we can do this God is beautiful beautiful wood goodness Straight as straight can be Dance go clogged yeah so uh I wear Dansko clogs I remember the first pair I saw Mrs W Had them was wearing them when we first Started dating and I actually thought For a moment in my mind yeah I don't Know that I can date a woman that wears A shoe that's that ugly it really put me Off it's funny how certain things put You off I had a good friend I used to hang out With and he uh he'd met this girl and She was absolutely stunning she was Almost a 10 maybe a nine or a 10. but You know he was a good looking guy too But he was used to having that sort of Girl but After the after their second date uh he Broke it off and he told he told me they Were out to dinner and he said he looked Down and saw that she had tiny hands Like small way smaller than normal even For her particular frame and it was such A distraction to him that he likened her Hands to like these little rat Claws and He he broke it off and couldn't have Anything to do with her after that Because he just couldn't deal with her Hands but I wasn't going to go so far as To say that about Mrs W with the clogs

But she was wearing these black Professional clogs and I thought that is The most hideous shoe I've ever seen Before And then uh I want you know just living With her wearing them for so long she She had an indoor pair and an outdoor Pair and whenever she needed shoes she Would just jump into them and slip them On and I'm stopping and lacing up these 10 inch boots you know anyway it didn't Take me long before I had a pair and Then I realized how good they were They're good they're made for uh folks That are on their feet a lot So you'll see uh doctors nurses a lot of Um restaurant servers wear these uh if You if you stand on concrete all the Time they're really really good for that And if you're a short guy they'll give You about an almost an inch and a half Of height you know and that's not Nothing right so I I mean I'm pretty I'm Really tall with these whenever I wear These whenever I go someplace like every Time I get a lot of comments like oh You're really tall like well that's Because these shoes make me about six Over six five so But they're great shoes I like them because you can just jump in Into them and and off you go but be Warned because they're so tall they're Really rolly you can roll your ankles

Very easy so if you're prone to doing That or you're going to be in places That has any sort of uneven ground like A big gravel these are horrible in Gravel so if you're a professional Homeowner like me with cat-like reflexes You know you you go into your spider Stance and you can catch it before you Break your ankle but if you're not a Professional homeowner I would not Recommend these on uneven ground We have a super chat From Overton Windex Overton Windex the best YouTube name I've ever heard I'm jealous Of it I wish I would have thought of it That overness you're probably pretty Busy with that Overton Windex about this Time with the with the window shifting As it is Um but Overton Wright's about to pull The trigger on a GT yours is the last Opinion I'd like to hear worth the XR Upgrade I am similar built to you Absolutely Yeah uh I'll tell you what I'm gonna go Get it I'll tell you why yeah that's the One you want trust me so I ride my XR no I'm not gonna go get it interrupt the Stream here we all know what they look Like so what he's talking about is a one Wheel Yes get the GT It's it's perfect it

Um I'm trying to think there's anything I Don't like about it the the battery Lasts forever All Battery anxiety is Completely gone that was always the Thing with the XRS where you were I Would always I could never just like Jump on it and ride without connecting To the app because I wanted to know what The battery level was and there's no way Of telling but the GT the battery lasts Forever it'll last longer than you want To go Tremendous power if you're really a big Guy so we go out in groups sometimes and You know me I'll fluctuate anywhere Between let's say like 190 and 210 Somewhere in there But especially if I get up over two 200 That uh going up hills you you I feel I Know I could bury that tip anytime I Wanted to there's just not enough power For me and my weight where we have some Of the smaller Riders the girls that Were like a hundred pounds you know no Problem they can just rip up it on the Pint so weight's a big factor so if You're a bigger guy you want the GT it's You you won't have any regret it's it's Very refined it's ease way easier to Ride way more confidence inspiring I Found that once I jumped on the GT off The XR I started losing a lot of my pads Like I'm not wearing hip pads and knee

Braces and stuff anymore I usually just Throw my helmet on and I really I'm not Even I trust it so much now that I'm Really not even wearing wrist guard so I'll just put my helmet on in my hat but Yeah you get it I I per I would I would Vouch for it 100 it's excellent We have a super chat from excavation Nation now you know excavation is close To my heart That's how kind of was my first big Serious business cable fund thanks for What you do I appreciate that with cable I'm going to order a proper cable so we Don't have anyone bothering our stream Anymore Jason Barr is back judge not your wife's Shoes or they will be returned to your Feet Yeah she was right about that Um and now I don't well maybe they're Uglier most people think that they're Ugly Um but I think I think they look good They look good with jeans They're great shoes great great shoes I Just go through a pair a year pretty Much I'm hard on on clothing this is Debbie's Clothing will last five times longer Than mine We have a super chat from roadhound Road Hand uh yesterday he writes ele is a Good path I started as a pipe fitter a

Helper right out of high school O2 I'm a Tar schedule maker over 200k but I'm Gone from home 90 of the time yeah Goodness that's a good income too and That's the problem with those jobs is Um is is you gotta that's why the wages Are so high because there's a smaller Group of guys that they're willing or Able to do that if you've got a family To be on the uh Road 90 of the time You know it's just it's just not going To work but that's a perfect job for a Single guy like when I was a Construction superintendent for a Company out of San Francisco and I never Ever visited the corporate office uh I Was hired over the phone and they would Send me Blueprints and ticket vouchers And such and I would just fly to the job And just go from job to job to job and That was great now yeah my income would Have been probably similar to that maybe A little less maybe 150 000 a year if You factored in the per diem which you Could you know you could keep a lot of That Um but that man can you imagine Just like what roadhand's talking about He's pulling in 200k Right now uh and if he's single I don't Know just imagine let's say you're Single that you're you're in your Mid-20s or so you're pulling in 200k a Year maybe you've even got a company

Truck depending on the job there's a Good chance of that if you lived Frugally if you got yourself a van or Just just rented an apartment whatever Let's say you're paying six seven fifty It's that thousand bucks a month let's Say you're paying 12 000 a year for your Housing Um you've got a beater you can go buy a Brand new truck you can pay cash for it But you're not going to do it because You're not going to do any of that until You're a Millionaire right how long how Much money could you save a year Could you save a hundred and fifty Thousand dollars a year maybe 175 even If you were frugal goodness in three Years in in five years you know you're Putting down almost a million dollars And that's blue collar work Would you guys be willing to to set Aside your desires and passions for five Years Um to put three quarter million dollars In the bank or half a million dollars in The bank a job like that A change of life wouldn't it I like to see it man I've always you Know growing up in the trades and coming From Blue Collar family I've always Seen and watched the the guys get taken Advantage of truck drivers construction Guys all the time I think it's it's

Um way past overdue where uh you guys Are making These incomes It's great and they're not these cup They're not paying they're not paying You guys this because of your uh Because they want to be nice guys They're paying this because they have to That makes it even more sweet But they'll you know they'll get their Pound of Flesh they're not the elites And super wealthy because they're fools All they'll do is just raise the prices On everything so you were making 20 and Now you're making 30. okay well that's Fine uh now tires a set of tires for Your truck they're not a thousand Dollars they're um fifteen hundred Dollars you know so it's you know you You just you're not going to get ahead You just have to Um Operate in the system the best you can And uh find the exploits find the cheat Codes Yeah housing costs are ridiculous oops Ridiculous good grief that's a good deep Sliver right there I keep thinking Uh the four or five slivers I pick out Of my there's another one pick out of my Hands every day that eventually they're I'll just I'll be my hands will be so Tough I'll be impervious to it well I

Don't know how long that's going to take I have uh got I I've got a cool design For the uh The lantern case I've got all the pieces all cut out I Drew it all up it's got a secret it's Got a secret hidden compartment in it For spare parts and bits so I as soon as we get done with the live Stream here I'm going to jump right on That and we'll I'll get that up for you Guys as soon as I can We have a super chat From ver it what is it it's veteran from Veteran thank you veteran he writes can You give some advice on how to heat a Small shop Without a wood stove Yeah I can I've had uh when I was in Portland I had a shop that was about uh 5 000 square feet And it had one of those the Big Gas pack Furnaces you know the giant units like You see at Costco or Home Depot And I turned that thing that bad boy on And he did that shop and I got my first Gas bill and it was like twelve hundred Dollars or some ridiculous thing I Almost had a heart attack I didn't have That money at the time so I turned that Off right away but then winter came and I was out working on cars you know Taking Jeeps apart and stuff That sliver really got me and I was

Freezing out there I got to do something So I couldn't put a wood stove in Because I was renting the shop and it Wasn't mine and I didn't want to invest A bunch of money in any in in something I was going to leave there so what I Found was one of those radiant heaters You know like you see you've seen them At restaurants they're not they're not Expensive anymore you can even get Freestanding ones but I put up one of Those those radiant heaters like you Have uh like the greeters would would Have at the at Costco you've seen them All before and those things are amazing They throw a real good cone of heat off And since I had kind of a long work area Like a two two bays that I worked in I Got a long one I think it was maybe 14 Or 16 feet long wasn't very expensive Hook it up to a propane bottle and turn That thing on when you're under it and That will warm you it warms the vehicle All your tools are warm it's really good It could be freezing outside you can Have the doors open and they're very Efficient you're not going to heat Everything in the whole shop you just Heat you and what you're working on so I Look into one of those and if you want To save some money you know just go on Oh you're in Europe so I don't know How that would work but if you have an Online like a Marketplace or Facebook

Those things would be on sale right now You know people have bought them at Costco for garden parties or weddings And stuff they're trying to get rid of Them but I'd get one of those man That'll get you going We have a super chat from Ted Smith Thank you Ted for that uh Ted writes Appreciate all you do Cody do you have An address we could send you a gift Um I'd have to get a PO Box maybe Mrs W Has one let me check with her on that And I'll see uh if that's the case I can Post it up Um we have a message from our member Long time member Noel and he writes Higher education is great experience but Not worth the sacrifice as an ermd who Spent over 15 years in school overall I Wouldn't do it again so there you have It right there from the horse's mouth Here we have a guy that's went through It at the highest level he's an MD he Knows all about what what a lot of School is like and he's saying that it's Not worth it Yeah and how would you feel That'd be interesting how would you feel That let's say that you went let's say You've got a master's degree or a PhD in Something and your entry level position Is what you know let's say it's less Than 100K you know 67 DK and you're Sitting on 150 100 and maybe 200k and

Student loan debt that you cannot Bankrupt Man they say slavery They say slavery's been abolished I wonder about that sometimes what would You call unbankruptable Student loan debt And then and what happens uh if they all Of a sudden if things really go Pear-shaped and they decided to call in The margins and say if you don't pay These student loan debts back you're Going if there's going to be a prison Sentence you know I mean people say oh Impossible Maybe Don't carry any debt man make that look At that debt that you're carrying in Your life Look at it like um Like a A howling Predator they're this trying This casing your house going round and Round trying to find a weakness to come In and to kill you and murder and Slaughter you I mean look at it that way That's how dangerous it is to have and How if you had something that was trying To destroy your family it would have all Of your attention and all the family Resources would be directed at at Stopping this threat right uh the same Way you should look at debt These days you know I know there's going

To be a lot of really sophisticated Money people and all these Financial Gurus on YouTube that tell us no that's Stupid that you should never spend your Own money spend other people's money you Know hold credit card debt you know let You know leverage and borrow from this And you know put it here I don't know About all that I mean yeah maybe You'd have to be a smarter guy than I am To to keep track of all of that and do You really want to do all of that or do You just want to make an honest living Right goodness Can you just can you imagine some of These blue-collar jobs now like the Previous comment 200k a year And you don't have any student loan Because you didn't Go to college Life-changing man life-changing Can you if you worked for 10 years at That and and be done 10 and out at 40. You could be a free man Thank you Ted Smith For that uh I'll let you know on that on The address if we can put some together We have a super chat from Caleb Lewis Harris and he writes uh invest in Passive income cash flow not time for Money yeah that's exactly what he's Talking about and what what time for Money means trading your time for money For a regular job

So Jack Is You Know Jack is a junior people Right now so we've been you know looking At colleges and such and Uh yeah you know we're kind of evolving On this too so you know we're A couple years ago you know Jack wanted To get a law degree and so if you want To get a law degree there's only you Know you have to go to law school right I guess you could challenge it educate Yourself but not everyone's going to do That and I think it's probably not a bad Idea if you're going to practice law or You're going to want to be immersed in It for a while So the traditional paths you know we're Looking at law school and undergraduate Schools and all these things And then I I just you're around the Schools and you're meeting you just I Hadn't been around major universities I Had never been in one to be honest I Never went to college I went right to Work out of high school so this was my Really my first time I'd never seen dorm Rooms before but we went to the big Schools we went to the small schools the Private schools the state schools And The the more I the more of these I Visited you know the more of the Students I saw and it was everything was Female-led I rarely was there a man in

Charge there at all the politics were Obvious as you can imagine and I'm just I'm sitting there and I'm listening to This and I'm observing uh my Surroundings and I'm less and less Motivated uh to finance Um put to throw put my my son in this Environment Uh it's not entirely my choice but Again Uh he who control who he who has the Controls the purse strings is the boss Right or who he who uh has the gold and If I'm going to be helping Jack with Education and I'm gonna have a say in it I'm not gonna throw money away and I'm Not going to pay someone to indoctrinate My child and go against everything that I've ever taught I'd rather have him not Go to school than deal with that so man It's tough finding and so then you look At Christian let's start thinking well Look at Conservative Christian Universities and uh Now some of those I was hard-pressed to See any difference to be honest with you So Christian the name only maybe So we got to looking in I thought well What about the trades what about Engineering you know and something we You know Jack and I are discussing this Together I'm not making plans for him Behind his back and then we looked into That electrical program you know and I

Know a couple guys you know I still know Have a couple contacts in the trades That I know are really hurting for guys And I told told Jack I said hey man I You could work for a year you know you Have a gap year let's say you're going To go to school and you've got your School picked up take a year off And uh just enroll in the local Community College get your certificate For your electrical residential be Working the whole time there are a Couple local shops here you could be Working you'd probably start at 35 40 Bucks an hour as a an apprentice with no No experience Well that's the first time I ever Knocked my chair over And he'd be living at home he doesn't Have any expenses uh and he could be Going and if he decides that he still Wants to go to law school and go that Route You know he's he's going into school With a um already with a with a Certificate he could pull electrical Permit so you probably have 50 Grand in The in the bank uh if he doesn't buy a Motorcycle or some foolishness but um It it makes sense you know and I when I Was laying it out to him and Mrs W and We were kind of looking yeah this makes Sense this would this would be a good Thing to do I don't see we're taking the

Year off and getting that wouldn't hurt Him at all you know it'd be another year Have another year of maturity uh to be Out you know working alongside men for a Year and with men and you know it very Well may be I think what often happens In cases like that is that um You get in there and you kind of like The work and you like the guys you work With if it if it resonates with you and And you just think you know I'm just Gonna make a go of this I'm making good Money I've got a guaranteed job that's Going to be usable in any state I want To live in and you can you can have a Good living electricians and these Tradesmen and stuff are going to be able To make enough money to to support a Family without your wife having to go to Work That was totally possible and there's Not very many jobs that can do that so I Think it's great We have a super chat Um from Mikko who writes uh that he Found these old ax heads with a gba Crown marks on them 38-2 and 38-3 do you Know anything about these axes yes they Don't have any value and that you should Box them up bubble wrap them really well Um and ship them to me and I'll dispose Of them for you yeah what you found here Are two uh Uh two very excellent ax heads do they

Have handles on them yet they are they Are old Grand Force Brooks with the Crown that's their Maker's Mark on there I'd like to see a picture of those very Rare to find two to 38 2 and a 38 3. I Don't know what that Dash means but That's very interesting Huh Yeah we have a super chat from our Friend Noel and Noel writes you raised Jacked well he won't straight trust he Will follow his Compass wherever he goes To school good idea two years of work Experience before College yeah I was Thinking the same thing you know we Mrs W primarily I have to give her credit For this she's put A tremendous effort into the kids Education you know at Great sacrifice to Her she has homeschooled Jack since he Was little Um and just given him every opportunity I mean he's just had a tremendous Education when I look at him In his maturity level Uh at 17 compared to mine I mean he's Like a an intelligent thinking adult Compared to me I mean I was just still Still a child interest interested in Child's things you know just a very Different thing I didn't get I didn't Have a good education Uh so I'm I'm really proud of him yeah he can do

Anything he wants to do Um Yeah it's a it's a tough thing with the Kids you know when they get when the Jackets are 17 You know when he turned 16 and I I Realized that I was going to have to Kind of back off uh you know always Telling them stuff I thought you know It's pretty much at the point that I've I've shown him and I've told him what I Can what I know and what I can tell him And he's gonna have to figure it out From here on out and it really helped Our relationship you know so now I I uh I let him figure things out and It's just amazing to see them make that Transition you know about 17 18 and What's Dawning on him is that you know He lives under my protection under my Home you know I provide provide Everything that he that he needs but We've we've told him you know from the Time he was 16 to get ready uh get ready For a an extreme Um culture shock that your world is About to change you know if you become a College student or when you go but don't Don't plan on being out around here uh At 21 22 23 moving back when with your Parents you know we're we're not going To have that we'll support you the best We can but once you reach that age you Need to get it sorted out but that's you

Know you can see it Dawning on him at 17. Windows here at 17 uh with a year or two Left at home was like oh man I'm gonna Have to get something going and he Starts to realize what things cost and How much rent is and you know so it's Interesting to see but it's it's tough As a parent You want to you you want to help them my Default default position is just to you Know when you need something to give it To him but I I know I'm like no I'm not Helping him by doing that he needs to Do it on his own for sure Oh the hip is doing uh the is doing good It uh I'm getting I'm getting this most of the Strength back in that leg I've worked Hard on that And yeah I don't think about it too much It it aches sometimes when I'm in in bed I'll wake up in the middle of the night And it'll be aching a little bit where The screws are but it's nothing this of No account really I don't really think About it so I guess it's doing it's Doing good Yeah probably wouldn't go to Bar Bartending school If The rule of Light how how it works how Life works here is you're going to be Influenced by the type of people you

Keep company with And if you keep company with bad guys Even if you were raised properly it will Affect you and you'll you'll start you Will come down to that level but the Same is true for the other things if you Want to be successful and you want to Achieve What you need to do is you need to put Yourself around be in the company of Successful people even even if you Just to be in proximity of it because it Rubs off you see how they move and you See how they do things and you make Friends with them and and you see and You learn from them and and if your Parents didn't teach you how to manage Money and and how to build wealth and How to how to get along in the system The best you can then you have to figure It out on your own Because the school's not going to teach You anything your parents they they're They're the same boat everyone else is They don't they don't even have the Ability to teach you how to build wealth And to retire early and to and to be Truly free so you need to find out find What people that are doing it and put Yourself around around them I think it Better Than living in the nicest house in the Slum uh with with all of the other People that are not going anywhere is to

Get yourself in the smallest house in a Nice neighborhood and start being around That those influences and those Opportunities there's gonna be a lot More opportunities there as well It's so easy for you guys right now There's the bar is so low If you are a good man and reliable Driver's license like I said can show up For work Man you can name your price and don't be Afraid to name a price figure the field You want to or even say you need to just Get some money in the bank Go up there and when they offer you Something they offer you 30 say I want 40. And start to leave take you to leave it You know don't be afraid to ask you know My dad always said a man's only worth What he's willing to work for and if You're willing to work for 15 bucks an Hour Exchanging your precious time for that Small The small wage And that's about all you can expect from It you're never you're just not never Going to get ahead in with that Oh we should probably get Mama's mama You ready for a fire Okay I got oh I got a sliver in my tote My foot a metal one Get that one out

That's painful Metal slivers Are the worst Well that hide on the bottom of my feet Is so tough or I can't pull it I think I Got that can't pull a sliver out Foreign I mean I know somebody's got to do Coding the reason why we're here talking Is because some smart man does that for Us But It's important it's important to be Outside And to get sunlight uh and Those jobs where you've got to sit down All day long you can get away with that When you're young But man all of that you know the Pressure when you're sitting down in the Chair The pressure that's put on your lower Back and your spine is is like six seven Fold or what I don't know so it's it's a Greatly increased And also when you sit a lot then your Your hamstrings the muscles on the back Of your legs those will start to tighten Up and retract and and what you get is Is you get you you it can pull your Whole hips out of alignment and then you Start developing back problems all that And then the lack of sun from being Inside and the fluorescent lights all

These things man are just they just Accumulate and bad for you my first Cousin I'll talk about this later but Get things that where you can get Outside and get in the sunlight and just Get back to his nature as much as Possible You know if you're deciding on vocations If you haven't decided yet then then Pick one That's going to be easy on your body We have a super chat from Jason and Jason writes That he's recovering from a Moto injury I have three big screws in my foot how Is your injury with riding the way it uh The way it was hard to get back on the Bike can't wait yeah it was hard to get Back on the bike I I I talked to so after the surgery There's been some weeks I talked to the Surgeon And I asked him about that I said hey Can I get back on my Moto I feel like I Gotta I feel like if I don't start Getting up and moving that I'm going to Turn into an old man And he said he goes well I'm not I can't Tell you what to do but know this that If if at any time you know you stick That foot down and you know to catch Something or you're tipping over or to Dab or whatever that straight impact was

Going to undo everything we did and It'll we'll have to go back in and cut The bone out and put a replacement in And he says in someone someone that with Your activity activity level with a Um a replaced hip Or ball joint whatever it is you know You we're gonna have to probably be in There every six seven maybe ten years to Replace that oh goodness you know so I Had that on my mind and then I decided Well I'm not I'm not going to do that I'll just lay it I just felt myself Getting weaker and weaker and older and Older and I thought You know even if I do have had have Something goes wrong and I re-injure it Um I gotta move I gotta get my strength Back and Mobility back I gotta I gotta Fight through this So I got on it and I was very very Nervous uh doing that and I just wrote Rode around on the road uh and then I Started working where when I ride I Always stand I don't sit on the seat I'm 95 of the day I'm on the pegs that's the Way the bikes are designed to ride then I got up finally got up on the pegs but I was waiting all my leg on my right leg And it's sparing my left one and then I Started taking some trails and then I Got the courage to get up on the one Wheel uh and all of that and that built To build that strength back so yeah no I

Feel good I don't feel it when I ride uh I've done two two really extreme rides This year in the last month up on the up On Fuji and no problems I don't I don't Even I didn't even think about the leg So yeah I think it's good I think it's Good so far it just hurts at night Sometimes but that's that's about it my Left leg is still smaller I'm still Building the muscles back by a couple Inches but So far so good I'm actually in Some of the best shape of My Life Um I've got my eating under control I quit Drinking once I quit drinking all of uh 20 25 pounds just fell off of me and That was all fat you know like jiggly Fat and all that and you know now I'm Um fit and thin and feel good I've even Experienced something that I never Experienced the other day now that it's Getting colder I I haven't been wearing A t-shirt because it hasn't been all That cold but it got cold all of a Sudden and I was like how come my belly Is cold all the time I did have a T-shirt on I had just like a Iron Denim shirt on and I realized that I Don't have a gut sticking out rubbing on My shirt keeping it warm anymore my Stomach is flattened out I don't so the Shirt was hanging down and the cold air

Is coming up underneath there so it was Kind of that was a new experience that I Hadn't had since I was probably 17 so Yeah it's it's all been good I've been I've been feeling good All right you ready for a fire goodness Feel a little tentative grabbing that Stuff because it's so so many slivers Did I miss a Super Chat there I think I did But thank you Jason also we have a super Chat from Road hand thank you Road hand And he writes That there's a great book uh I'll teach You to be rich that breaks it all down From checking accounts yeah I haven't Seen that book um it sounds similar to The the book uh rich Rich Dad Poor Dad He's probably kind of on that vein Yeah the information is out there Brothers you just have to uh you know You just have to go and and find out What the wealthy do what do they do with Their money how do they stay Rich you Know how do they avoid Um getting destroyed in these the cycle Of housing bubbles that that go up and Down you know I I've been involved in I got I got Destroyed in on 2008 by that Mrs W and I Did We probably Lost quarter million dollars and that Whole thing that we were hoping to have

To build a house out of the anyway it Doesn't matter but so I learned my Lesson on that uh and I think those Things are maybe designed because when Someone's losing someone's winning when It comes to these sorts of things and it Seems that a lot of people there was a Huge transfer of wealth and it wasn't Into the pockets of the Common Man uh Was it so So after that I we started looking at Well what are they doing How was it that our wealthy friends that They didn't get their heads taken off on This and uh when you lose money when you Lose large sums of money uh it teaches Lessons that you don't soon forget uh so Unless you're a fool We got a fire to build That one might need splitting I think Foreign Have to sweep the floor I got this uh the charcoal falls out and You gotta rub your feet in that charcoal Man that's that charcoal is good for you Charcoal is a good The best filter And you absorb a lot through your skin You your skin is like a mouth Mrs W Um she's all she gives activated Charcoal she keeps it in the medical kit Uh for any when the kids if the kids get In your stomach gets upset or eat

Something bad like that activated Charcoal Is uh very good for that something that You should keep in the house We have static We haven't mic problems again Yeah good detoxifier My sister Told me I was talking to her the other Day about Food and nutrition and different things And she made a comment that your body Will tell you what you need if you Listen to it And you got to take a grain of salt for Some of that stuff you know you get Some of these these ideas that these Women come up with are are silly Sometimes but that one in particular I Thought was interesting And I think that's true if you've known I've noticed that my desire for Particular foods will change You'll Go In different Cycles where you like Something for a while then you don't Like it and I've often wondered is that Your body telling you that you are Deficient in something And trying to get that in there I can't explain it but I Just had this strong desire to be Barefoot and to be and and then the Synthetic clothing started bothering me And I've I've heard of

My uh My second cousin we were up in Idaho and He's a general contractor and we were Talking about what are some of the worst Trades that you've done or what do you What do you dislike doing the most and I Said That probably drywall do finishing dry I Don't mind hanging it as bad as trying To finish it it's a it's very difficult To do if you Are um Overly critical and you want smooth Finishes you know I ended up I would put A coat on and sand it off put a coat on And sand it off and not never get Anywhere but he uh we were arguing back And forth which is worse doing drywall Or insulation And he told me he's a year older than I Am he told me that when he was 19 and 20 When he got his first job at Construction that it was with an Insulating contractor where they did Bats and residential insulation And he said that he did that for two Years full time Like 60 hours a week with no masks Didn't even it was something that was This would have been like in the Probably in the 80s or so right or maybe Early 90s no masks and fiberglass Insulation Two years

He said that uh today now today he can't Even be around it Um after that He got he got kind of sick and had to Quit because just the smell of it just Made him feel physically ill He uh it's in his lungs you know it'll Never never come out again and just the Smell of it Um just makes him sick and he'll turn Down jobs he won't have he will go Anywhere near a house that's being Insulated you know that and that's his He got such a massive dose of that I'm Guessing that his body tells him now Um no more of this we cannot process or Handle any more of this uh this Contaminant and I I wonder if maybe I you know I was kind of experiencing The same thing you know why why all of a Sudden I've hated being Barefoot hated It I Um my family used to call me make fun of Me call me Tenderfoot because I would Never go without shoes because it hurt My feet Where my sister ran around all the time With no shoes on So very unusual out of character for me But I have this just super strong desire To do this And started doing it and I just wonder You know was it is it a lack of Grounding is it uh I have no idea but

It's as real as real could be real for Me anyway That sounds weird does someone want to Be talking some nonsense like this to me Not long ago I would have uh thought That they were insane We have a super chat from Kyle B thank You Kyle shout out to you Who writes good morning I'm just uh Getting here today but always look Forward to your life as well thank you Kyle thank you for your generosity Triple Loctite number Maybe about time to update our emojis Hey I'll give you guys a While that's heating up I'll give you Guys a little peek at my Uh my Lantern design Behind a sneak peek I've got the pieces we'll I'll bring it Over here I'll show you it's it's pretty Good maybe you guys I you know the dye Is not cast with this so if I'm missing Something I'm going to show you what I Have planned let me know in the comments If you want to see something added or if I've missed something but I I think it's Good so far It's uh nine pieces Just using the traditional Method like we did with the with the the Little gas the white gas box And it is pretty good So these are all the pieces

Actually you guys are always asking me For plans So I said before I started My dad used to work this way and I never Did so let me get the plans it's kind of Interesting I I had not worked this way But it was so much better and it made The project a lot more enjoyable All right so you have to what are we Trying to accomplish here When you go about trying to figure out What's going to be the best way now this Can this can holder The Old Forest Service can holder here Is perfect It's uh there's no extra space uh it's Almost exactly the same size as the can But you have all the things that you Need in one spot you're going to have You know your white gas in your funnel And your rag like I like that I like the Simplicity and living with it and using It every day it's I like it Uh we used the Masonite the tempered Hardboard on the side so that's super Thin and obviously strong and durable And that just makes for a container that Really isn't a whole lot bigger than the Can itself I'm very very pleased with That so what we want Is when we're putting together I don't know what we're going to call This but what we're putting together the The professional homeowner Essentials

Essential items Um I want some consistency so that we Can you can put up some shelves in your Shop or your garage and you'll have These things they'll be clearly labeled And you need you grab and go grab and go So I want it to be similar so when it Comes to the lantern The what we want is we want this case to Be no bigger than it absolutely has to Be Uh why build a case that houses air you Know all the stuff Stacks up especially If you have a small rig or pickup and You're hauling lots of gear or you're Trying to put stuff in a cubby or a Camper you don't want it too big you Can't uh Goes against the point of even doing it So what we want is we want this guy here We want to keep mantles Where are those at mantles and some Extra replacement parts So each pack of mantels you're going to Buy these are silk mantels And these guys are fragile they're just Basically Ash if you were to bump this Really hard you'll break your mantles Or if you were to Don't forget to remind me to close that Thing there Not hot enough yet They just they just disintegrate so you Want to have extras on hand so there's

Four per pack uh cheap couple bucks you Get these so I'm gonna two well two Packs in there that's a total of eight So that's four Replacements and then a Replacement what they call this plunger So this is for the compressor so a whole Replacement from from Coleman that Includes the washers and not not a Rebuild kit but a full replacement and Those are just a few bucks so we want to Keep those in there as well correct So here's what we're going to do Now look at this and and give me any Input on what we should change So what I did and when I put the video Up I'll I'll put a maybe I'll put a Screen picture of this anyway I've got All the dimensions here for you so you Can you can get that if you want to Build one yourself and what's nice about That is I I drew everything out and what I've done in the past is I If when you're if you're building while You're think while if you're building Just while you're going like okay and Measuring and trying to you always Forget stuff something will will be a Conflict and writing every piece down I Had A cut sheet let me show you This works well for me I'm going to do This in the future let's see if we can Focus here Is that Focus here

Can you see that Okay so we had fur pieces Masonite Pieces labeled cut everything there so I Did I didn't forget anything and then When you're cutting you can just look at That and just quickly cut all your Pieces and you're not running back and Forth it was a super super efficient way To do it I don't know why I mean I knew this I Just have always been too lazy to do it So let's start with the bottom so what's Gonna be This will be the bottom three-quarter Fur Here And then I've got two Small styles Which will go here these are inch and a Quarter Here and here And then we'll have a small Piece of quarter inch Masonite or what They call what they call this stuff the Uh we'll just call it Masonite this here Is going to be a false bottom that the Lantern will sit on And then I'll drill a one inch a nice Clean one inch hole right there so that You can to remove it you just stick your Finger in it and lift it out So So the mantels now will sit in here The replacement plunger will sit in

There and it it took an inch and a Quarter of height so that it didn't Press I didn't want it to press and Deform that rubber gasket so now it's It's free in there and the lid Will Go On Foreign Eighth inch wider than the widest Portion of the lantern When I was measuring this I found Something I thought was quite clever What was it that the Oh the width of this yeah that's what it Was so the width of this Lantern The way this uh pump sticks out is a on This is same the same as this the widest Part of the handle so that if you're Building a container or a box of putting It in something it's uh I thought that Was pretty clever I'm sure that was by Design Some good engineering right there So the spare pieces will be there the False bottom you'll reach in there to Replace it it'll have the the hole and All that stuff will be down there and You're lighter you could put a lighter It matches down there and a rag or Whatever you want And then the sides Will be fur Here In here Just like that

And then the sides Will be The Masonite Just like on the other one and that will Go in like this here In here All right the cool part Is I got to when I was drawing it out I Thought what if I made these sides about uh 3 16 Shorter than the top of this stainless Knob right there and then when we put The hinges on this is the lid When the lid hinges Like this I'll drill a small hole that's almost The exact same size as that nut That this will slip over And it'll go inside that hole now what That's going to you see that it's taller What that's going to do in my mind is It's going to just make this less likely To Rattle around and less likely to get Broken So the bottom is not tight but it's Pretty well wedged in there you know It's within an eighth and then this will Capture that And then just like the red box we'll do The same thing same color we'll do the Stenciling I think the stencil we should Stencil it it'll say lantern Gas gas gas gasoline yeah probably just Lantern and gasoline

What's this one say I'm not going to say White gas because I think most people probably don't know What white gas is it's not commonly well I don't know but that's what I'm Thinking so change my mind otherwise Same handle same Hardware same color uh And that is the the design Right there I'm thinking Here's an idea here I'm going to propose This to you you tell me yes or no Uh if you think that this is worth the Trouble One thing that could be a problem Is you have to assume that you're going To be sometimes you're going to be in a Proximity of idiots And I would imagine that Engineers think About this often how do you design Something to deal with the lowest common Denominator in society So what would happen if a wooden box if You got one of these individuals that Took a One of these that had been really hot Put it in the case and closed the lid Would that be a problem Um one way that could be mitigated is we Took the side I've got some screen door mesh some Heavy screen door material What if we took in uh on the side here Opposite the latch this would be the

Hinge side and drilled One two one two three or so one inch Holes and then on the back side stapled A square over top of it that screen door Material Now what that would do would it would Let any heat out that was trapped inside Because once that lid is closed uh it's There's going to be no heat coming out Of that at all so is it you think it's Worth doing that or am I overthinking This It would look good too you know Sometimes those little details they're Kind of a pain to do but you get you Drive so much derive so much joy out of It uh because it just makes it kind of Unique and custom let me know if you Think we should do the screen door vet Method let's see a one in the chat if You think it's a complete waste of time And I'm overthinking it and I have way Too much time on my hands then put it Two One for yes two for no I'll let you guys Decide we have some super chats we have A super chat from Dylan Smithson welcome To you shout out to you Dylan uh and Dylan writes Off topic what are your thoughts on Genesis 6. You know what I'm gonna have to go back And read it uh it's been some time since I read I'd have to go back and read it

Um and then I could give you my take on That Um I mean I understand the overall I Know what's covered in Genesis 6 but I Don't know specifically Can you pull up can Dylan can you pull a Particular question out that we could Maybe discuss uh or is it just the whole Book in general I'll have to Genesis six I'll put that On my list I'll browse that um sometime Today We have a super chat but thank you for That we Super Chat from a b Thank you a b and a b writes uh it's Awesome to see A fellow man husband dad producing Content built on the foundation of Godliness manhood hard work and Generosity I pray my three daughters Will find Sons raised the same way Brother I hear what you're saying man I Mean and you probably know exactly what I'm talking about when you put such Effort Into your children when you take uh Raising them and educating them serious And and you see so many people that Haven't or have just kind of let them Their kids raise themselves or the Internet raise them it just makes me Shudder uh to think Um all of my hard work going into uh Something like that but uh

That's the life we live in man I mean The analogy that I always use is our Kids are arrows and and we aim them and You've got 16 17 years to do it and you better aim It right because once you release that Arrow you'd have no longer have control Over it so make sure you get that arrow Is aimed properly and and to me that is Sending a kid off with the best Opportunity that he can have But hopefully he it's hard to find it's Going to be hard to find Um Mates like that It's gonna be hard to find I would be Hard to find them You're not going to find them online Dating You're not going to find them in Traditional Dating scenes or bars you you almost Have to immerse yourself in the Activities that those type of people are In and you usually got a lot to do with Homeschooling one thing that's really Beautiful about these homeschooling moms That Mrs W is involved with you know she She teaches and is Involved at you know some of the highest Levels with this And she's a big advocate for it and Councils with a lot of women and Families that are thinking about doing

It It's nice to be around these events like I went to a debate Competitive debate that Jack was Competing in and almost all of these Kids that are competing in it are all Homeschooled You would have thought you were on a Different planet when I went there and Just the level of decency and respect And the dress code you know all of the Boys are in a shirt and jacket tie Um the the all the girls are dressed Appropriately Um there just there wasn't any there Wasn't anyone any 304s there there Wasn't anything inappropriate there Wasn't blue hair there wasn't face Piercings there were just good kids Coming from good homeschooling families And and it was it was very unusual you Just don't see that very often outside Of like closed religious communities And just looking at the boys and looking At the girls and the parents all parents Are there and they're participating and They're active they're active in their Education I just thought goodness The Treasure of quality mates in this one School right here uh is um Is unparalleled That uh but the good thing about it is There is they made up their pair up with Each other you know so the families know

Each other I mean it's really Jack I Don't want to get into his personal life But he's dating Um he has a girlfriend now you know his First girlfriend and she's a delightful Girl Um We have a Thursday game game night and We I had an idea you know we they were Spending a lot of time together and you Know with their friends and doing stuff And I I told Mrs W so we don't have much Time left with them and we really just Think the world is this girl she comes From a great family Um fellow Christians uh they all live Locally here uh just beautiful the best Case scenario everything you can wish For in a um a potential girlfriend but So I said to Mrs W I said Jack's not Going to want us hanging out and tagging Along and and doing all these uh you're Trying to involve ourselves with his Life and where he's going And so I said well what about a game Night what if we uh we like to play Games what if we played Catan and we did It Thursday night and uh Jack can go Down and and get her and come up and we Can just have this we'll just have a Nice dinner and we'll do this every Thursday it'll be something to look Forward to And so I suggested this game and

Everyone agreed to it well a couple days Later Um Jack came in to my shop and said uh Would it be okay if we played d and d uh Instead of Katan And my immediate knee-jerk reaction was Oh no that would be foolishness and I Started to say it it was it was forming In my mouth I think I did say it I think I started saying oh no you know your Your mother would never do that and I Just want I watched his continents Almost kind of fall Um because I didn't even hear what he Said he this was important to him he Proposed this uh and I wasn't hearing Him and I caught myself like in Mid-sentence like when I initially said That and I stopped And man the Holy Spirit just was Speaking to me so powerfully was Correcting me uh from making a grave Mistake you know and I didn't think it Was that big of a deal to be honest with You that he wanted to do this game But God pointed out to me you know through That just through that whole experience That this was something that was really Important to Jack and I need to take This serious and not just dismiss him uh I stopped I apologized uh to him right There and I said if that's what you want

To do absolutely I knew I know your Mother's a good sport I didn't think she Would want anything to do with this and That this would be just not be down her Alley Um but I said that and he left here he Was so excited and then just to watch Him the amount of effort that he put Into it preparing it and come to find Out that that him and And this young lady you know this is Something that they enjoy doing together And and I thought well Even though it's not my thing and and I Don't really even know where I stand on It sometimes in situations like that Rather than just I I guess I don't even know what I'm trying to say Here Had I not listened to him and had I not Been willing to make a bit of a Compromise on that particular thing and Understand that this was important to Him I would have missed out on a great Opportunity it would have missed out on The beautiful evening that we had the Other night when she got to come up and We got to sit for a couple hours and Enjoy each other and play and spend time With each other and you know it's just So precious to me and Yeah I don't know I don't know what I'm Saying here Jim I'm just talking

Just talking Foreign I guess that's it The engine's Choo chin fire is going All right well I'm gonna I'm gonna get Out of here gentlemen thank you for Hanging out thank you for watching Stove door Mr landfill where were you When I needed you there I I wish we Could I wish I could get a good TTS a Text to speech sorted out that was Reliable that would be really cool where Um you guys could type in and it would Play an audio recording I wouldn't be Tethered to this uh phone but it'll come Technology's changing Who knows Yeah Mike D uh d d and d You know I struggled with this a little Bit so back in the 80s there was any of You guys that are gen xers like me will Remember there was the What was it was it was always the Satanic panic You know there was uh all these Suburban Moms coming out and it was the It was the rock music and then it was The the Ouija boards and it was you know Whatever Trends it was it was always the Devil was behind everything And uh I remember that my I think my Parents came out and they they'd watched A news story or heard something about d And d and how dangerous it was and it

Was corrupting children you know and all That stuff and and so that was strictly Forbidden so of course we played you Know that we wouldn't have played it uh But the fact that they made a big deal Of it um some friends and I we used to Get together and play so I was probably 15 16 and what it's Dungeons and Dragons It's a role-playing game uh where you Have someone that's kind of a a leader And and they'll you know draw maps and You have the characters you roll and It's a kind of a fantasy game on that Now can that be a Sinister game Can it be used you know is it is it Corrupting Souls I don't know I I always kind of heard That and that's what my my mom had Always said and I got in and looked at It a little bit and I'm like I I don't Know man I mean Not enough no I would say I'm not overly Concerned with it and I've seen some Weird things uh you wouldn't catch me Messing with Ouija boards and you know I've had experiences and I've seen Supernatural things like that and some Things are are just bad news I don't Know about this I'm not going to advise You either way everyone's got to make up His own mind that's why Got to be careful not to judge folks They're It's very difficult especially for new

Converts to a religion or Christianity To to want to proselytize and to share This good news that everyone found and It's uh everyone seems to go through it And everyone does it but as you get Older and and more mature you start to Realize that how messy life is and how Complicated life is and how you just Can't put everyone into a category that There are ex circumstances that and Things going on behind the scenes that You don't understand And you start to realize you know I've I got enough problem worrying about Myself and and dealing with my own Salvation and getting myself in the Kingdom without worrying about the state Of salvation of my neighbor their people So I I'm reluctant to say this is okay And that's okay because that's not the Way Um that's just not the way to deal with People Um you just don't know you just don't Don't have enough just don't have enough Information to really know why people do What they what they do that's between Them and their God and their walk with God might be different than yours but I'm not saying that it's wrong and I'm Not giving you any Unitarian nonsense And none of that nonsense that religion Is like spokes in a wheel and there are Many paths to God there are not many

Paths to God there is one path to God And that is through Jesus Christ it's Very clear it's a fundamental concept of Christianity uh that there is one way Um and that is the the genuine so I'm Not I'm not saying that but how you walk With God and and your your climb up the Ladder is between you and him Um it's got nothing to do with me now There are obviously things that are Going to come up if your brother who was A God-fearing man and and taking care of His family and and living a good clean Life if he goes off the rails and you Know you should see him shooting up and Cooking heroin in his car before work You know now maybe you have you might Want to intervene you know let's have Some common sense about this but if it's Just matters of small things Um you and you're convicted that you Should do this and you're convicted that You should do that well good for you you Worry about that but don't judge your Brother uh if he thinks it's okay to go To a football game on Sabbath with his Son and they enjoy doing whatever go Skiing and you've determined that that The only thing appropriate for you to do On Sabbath is sit on the couch and be Miserable make your kids suffer then Don't inflict other people with that you Know God tells us that the Sabbath was Made for God or God made the Sabbath for

Man not man for the Sabbath and that Tells us that it's there to enjoy It's incredible man's ability to take What was intended by God as a blessing And turn it into a burden or some sort Of a rule or or a burden some regulation Western churches the Western religion The traditional concept is It ain't working it's busted and maybe It never should have been The idea it's so contrary to the the Early church the idea that you go to a Building And some man exalts himself by elevating Himself on a raised platform standing in Front of a Pulpit you know raining you Know giving these lessons and half of The sermons you hear you won't even hear The name of Jesus spoken in in the uh in The sermon at all you know it's Foolishness foolishness it's fakeness It's just there's no power in it the men Many of the men that show up there are Are whipped and not masculine you grab Their hands to shake them and their Hands feel like tissue paper you know It's like I You want to wonder why men are not in The churches you know because the women Have feminized the churches and Destroyed it Females have effectively D how was it The females have the effect or the Church the modern church has effectively

Declawed the lion of Judah I'm taking that out of context from what The original meaning meant but I've Twisted it to apply to how the church Has fallen on Fallen We have a super chat from Igor Igor That's a good name Igor writes how are you going to fold The handle Inside the Box That's a good question Igor what Well I can tell you what I was assuming I see what you're saying That's going to be inconvenient because If you want to put it away hot That is a problem if you want to put it Away hot You'd want to drop it in but the handle Is not going to fall because it'll hit The top there so the only way to put it In would be to put it in when it's cool And that would mean dropping it straight In with a handle stowed Is that a problem And to take it out you're gonna have to Do it this way ah It would be better You had to go and do that didn't you Igor I had I was all proud of my design Here ready to go into production and you Had to drop that on me Okay so one solution would be this Instead of the Masonite sides we do four Wooden sides Stay with me here where's our missing

Piece I'm thinking I'm talking as I'm thinking Here 's how this is the creative process Imagine this we go to four wood sides Do I have enough lumber I might have to Re-cut some And on the front now we hinge This way Like a door If we did that Well you see Igor you messed up my whole Thing here because now I have to re-cut Almost every piece if I if I go with This then You would grab the handle You would have to kind of pull it out And and up And it I don't like that either I think that's worse What in the world are we going to do Here Think about this here gentlemen what's The solution I don't know that my original design is I don't I'm not ready to abandon that Yet All right let's think about that we have A super chat from Joey Thank you for that Joey Joey writes uh Let's hear your Supernatural type Experiences I can tell you I can tell you one Have you ever heard of a generational

Curse Anyone ever heard that term before I can't think of a scripture per se I Don't have a scripture to give you on This uh but but If you as you study it you can it's easy To come away at the conclusion that uh If you have family that have been evil In the past or have done particular Committed particular sins or I don't Know it's it's a great it's incredible Mystery what we're talking about here But uh I have gotten the impression and And some people that I respect also feel The same way have believed that these Generational curses can follow families And if you just go off of some of your Own personal experiences it seems that If a if a mother is is a or Involved in um prostitution Uh it seems that daughters will often or Sometimes kind of follow in those Footsteps or if uh if a father or Husband is a severe Drinker or has in Particular advice that his children can Often maybe have more difficulties or Struggle that this whatever it is that That is hounding this individual can Stay with your family The Christian perspective on this is That you know we believe that that Demonic possession is a possibility Now when it comes to demonic possession Any person that's connected with God and

Stays connected is safeguarded is in Safeguard from from demonic possession In most cases now I have known a Particular situations and circumstances Of folks that have suffered injury Uh personal injury that have struggled With what maybe some people would say Demonic possession changes of Personality and complete changes of Character because of a severe injury one Instance that I know of that I Experienced personally was a a guy that Was in was in the church I grew up in uh He was a couple years older than me but He suffered a traumatic A car wreck maybe it's a brain injury I Forget what it was I think it was a Brain injury but was uh unconscious and Maybe even out of Consciousness for some Time extremely sick everyone thought he Was going to die now the church that I Grew up in you know they forbid us to go To doctors it wasn't even in our Vocabulary So whenever anyone got hurt or anything Like that you know you would go home and And the elders would come over and you Know there were some guys that had some Basic first aid it was pretty Grim you Just people would come over and pray and Either you lived or you didn't but there Was no hospital I compound fracture broke my collarbone When I was 19 or so on a mountain bike

And Had to push my bike out the sticking the Bone sticking out of the shoulder here If you look at my shoulders this one Here is shorter than the other one Because and my arm is longer because It's grouped down because when the Collarbone broke it it broke and did This well I had to hold it push walk my Bike out the mountain for about four or Five miles Hide my mountain bike compound fracture Collarbone hitchhike About seven miles up to at one Junction But the car wasn't going get out Hitchhike again another four miles up to Get my truck and I drove it home got my Bike and I did all of this with this Injury because I had to you know anyone Else would have called an ambulance and But that was not something that we did We were just we were so brainwashed About this it wasn't even in my option I Just knew I had to get home and call the Elders and hopefully they could do Something with this So I went home and they came over and it Took them two or three times to set this And they strapped me to a piece of Plywood and someone brought a hospital Bed over And they pulled it back and it slipped And pulled it back now this is with no Medication no painkillers it was it was

A terrible experience finally they got It pulled back and they tied some straps On my back and helped me back like this And there I sat strapped to a board for Four weeks or five weeks or whatever Excruciating start was horrible Um so that was the type of things that We had to deal with so here we are the Situation this boy was was injured and Very sick well something got into him And when he was when he was convalescing When he was recovering from that Um so something entered into him when he Was in a weakened State and and this has Been very confusing for me and you know And caught you know it's caused me for a Time I had to really go in and look and Question my faith I'm like is if you Know God tells us that he is the creator Of all things and that he's ultimately The boss and in charge and he holds Sway And only the devil is only able to Operate and do what he does because he's Been given a bit of a leash But if someone that is professing to be A Christian Um and something happens to them or Maybe is something happens to them Outside of their control a car wreck an Accident and in their Um Infant like State when they're Unconscious and so vulnerable if that is An opportunity for for an evil spirit to

Enter into a man That doesn't seem right Spirit to enter Into a man That doesn't seem right uh that doesn't Seem responsible on God's part that he Would allow something like that to Happen that's completely outside of your Control and now you have to deal with With this But what I didn't know and what I didn't Realize is I don't don't didn't know the State of that boy's relationship with God and if he was a person of Faith at All you know what I found out later was Most people were just going there Showing up and out of fear because if You didn't show up you know you would Lose everything you would be blackballed And be in trouble But this boy when he was getting better Something got into him and he um we Would go over there his friends and Because he was so sick uh in that church We had a really good support structure We would go over there and sit with him At night this was a common thing that Was done it was expected of the of the Men of the church and the young men Um when someone was sick or at home Suffering uh you would take care of the Family the women would bring potluck Dinners and food over so that the family Didn't have to cook if the if the man Couldn't work and couldn't make his pay

His bills that the church would cover That until he got back up on his feet so In that regard it was a great Community To grow up in so we would sit with him And take turns just through the night so He wasn't by himself Well I started hearing from some of my Buddies uh about some weird things that Were going on over there in his bedroom And he uh would um reach over he had an Old antique nightstand that was by his Bed that had been put together with Small nails Just like they used to do with old Furniture just like these guys this is a Little finish nail this is exactly what What it was a little flush mount if You've ever tried to pull a nail out of Something Uh you know you're not gonna pull it out With your fingers well he he was Reaching over and pulling these out with His with his fingers just like they were Like he was pulling them out of clay And The guys thought well you know you have That old furniture get sometimes that Stuff's old and those Nails back out Well they they went over there and Started investigating and they Everything was Secure and not only that But they were painted in no way to even Get your and he was doing that and then When he got uh got up on his feet and

Going around he started doing something That I saw personally it was just an Average sized guy you know not not a big Guy but he he would uh reach under the Guys like at the church when we would Meet Sunday morning and Thursday he Would reach like grab them in the crotch Area and lift him up over his head now These are guys that range anywhere from 150 to 225 maybe 200 pounds you know and he'd Do that both arms You know so I mean how do you explain something like That Uh I don't know ever know what Manifested or whatever happened to that I I left that you know and was Blackballed never spoke to his people After that ever since so I never knew What happened to it me personally Uh my granddad told me uh Getting back to generational curses so I Think what can happen is that Um if you have something that you've Dealt with your whole life or something That you just can't seem to get it get a Hold on uh that is a um I don't know you Know it could be pornography it could be A drinking whatever particular Vice it Could very well be that you know that Might be something that you've been Saddled with from your ancestors uh and It's hard to say and a lot of I wonder

Sometimes if if some of this um mental Illness or these mental illness Diagnoses Um are not that but more could be Possession of some sort I I just don't Know I I'm not an expert on it but I Tell you it's real uh Grand Granddad Told me that When he was in the Air corps Now he went and he was drafted into World War II but he was a devout Christian and went in non-combatant as I Told you he said I'll do anything I just Won't kill anyone And uh so they made him a medic and he Said that he wouldn't go and drink with The guys and play cards at night in the Tent Um and when that started you know after That you know they would usually after They would eat they'd hang out a little Bit and start getting rowdy you know Guys would start getting wild and that Was just not an environment that my Grandfather as a Christian felt Comfortable in So he would leave and go back to his Tent by himself and he said I'll tell You what he said I used to dread going Back to that tent because he'd be Waiting for me Waiting for you who's waiting for you so I have to go there and and you know do Bats some some sort of a spirit or

Presence would be there harassing him he Would have to deal with and as a Christian you know I I have had multiple Experiences with this as well and I'll Tell you at the end you know how you Deal with this so that was something That he dealt with that was one of the First Weird stories like that I had heard and He told me that after he got out of the War it never happened again until uh the Eve of both of his children being born So that would have been my uncle and my Brother or and my mother And he said Um just on the eve of um His children being born he woke up uh With something now this is coming from a Man that is honest as the day is long That wasn't the teller of tales it Wasn't an embellisher that just didn't Have it in time for that he was the most Honest man I've ever met and anything That he told me I would hold it as being Gospel Uh doesn't do you any good but I'll just Preface that but he told me that he woke Up and with with some sort of a creature Sitting on his chest and he said it Looked like a almost ape like like a Baboon uh but when you're in the Presence of that evil or of a spirit Like that you'll know him immediately And he said he you know when you when

You find something like that that will Happen to you what it feels like how it Would describe it is there is Um it's beyond a terror it's beyond Fright it's beyond being afraid it is so Terrifying That the despair that comes over you is So intense that you don't think you can Even survive it do you think that this Whatever this oppression this heaviness That has come upon you whatever this is Is so dark and so powerful and so evil That is completely going to destroy you And consume you it's often accompanied With Um a coldness some people have Experienced that I haven't experienced The coldness uh uh my friends and people That I've known that have experienced This have have it's been associated with A horrible acrid smell Uh I have not experienced that either uh But Granddad on the eve and so Granddad When he realized what this was and and You know immediately because this Presence sits heavy in the room The first thing you do is you start Praying you know you start rebuking this Spirit uh in the name of Jesus Christ And I've had uh one time I was in a hotel one of the worst Experiences I've had it was in a hotel I Was traveling as a construction Superintendent and I'm in that that

Lucid moment where you're drifting in And out of sleep and I've just just you Know getting ready to just about to Sleep but still aware and still thinking And something crawls into bed with me I Can feel it you know I can feel I'm Laying on my side and something is in Getting in the bed and depressing it and I can feel it coming up and up against My back and just talking about it right Now gives me just Goose pimples it was So terrifying And I knew what it was because I'd Experienced this in the path before in The past before and I knew that it's Something dark it was in bed with me and I was far I was so afraid That it took everything that I had just To even focus my mind to pray even to Access God to help me with this I was so Terrified I fought and struggled and Finally you know you get the pre you get Connecting the words out and the moment You do and the moment you were you Rebuke these Spirits they vanish quickly I sat there Brothers I'll tell you I Laid there in that bed for the better Part of probably 45 minutes before I Could work up the courage to look behind Me and see if I was alone Um there was that situation uh Granddad's three instances I don't know Of any others he told me about Um I had that happened to me two times

Two to three times a situation like that In a bed And another time on the eve of Mrs W and I getting married I think it was maybe even the night Before our wedding she What was that She had I think she had uh we both had a part I Don't remember anyway we didn't live Together we were trying to maintain that Separation until we got married but I Think This was a bad I wouldn't recommend Doing this but we did it I think she Ended up staying at my place for like a Week or two because her at least at Least it ran out and we were we were Getting married and remodeling going Into a new house so it didn't seem to Make sense of of keeping two rents we Should have just kept it you know but That but anyway she was there And I was in bed it was early in the Morning and she I think she was asleep And I was awake and I heard the kitchen Cabinets started slamming bang bang bang Bang bang it was a it was a two-bedroom Apartment I had in the Hollywood District in Portland I thought someone was in the house uh You know but it and then it happened so Quickly and then it started moving Towards the bedroom so then there were

Some built-in cabinets in the hallway They started slamming slam slam slam and Doors started slamming and all these Crazy stuff and it was coming closer it Was scary man scary and I knew Immediately what was accompanied by that Again is that presence that that Impending doom that comes over you is a Telltale sign of that you're in the Presence of of the adversary or or Something evil And immediately I know you know I've Experienced this enough I know what to Do immediately go into prayer rebuke him In the name of Jesus pray to Jesus to Take this away and it goes away Um those are some per those are yeah Those are the the main like demonic type Of strange paranormal you know hard to Explain type of things that I've Experienced I could tell you a lot more Stories of other my friends that you Know things that happen to them Um different situations but you know They don't hold as much weight For me you know I'm telling it Hearsay but those are my personal Experiences So I'm missing your super chat we have a Couple super chats here I gotta go back On but thank you Joey uh thank you Joey For that All right so we have a super chat uh From our friend Jason uh who writes I

Hope I have only had boxes that the Lantern would slide in from the side Goodness you're gonna tell me that Aren't you You know I can't deny the the good book Tells us that there's safety in a Multitude of counselors if you're about To make an important decision And you go to men that you respect and They're telling you what you're doing You're about to make a mistake and There's more than one you should Probably listen to them now that's two People are telling me I'm going down the Wrong path Thank you Noah what's the solution here All right so maybe we have it here we Have a super chat from sea Bears hate Circles and he's he's got an idea so he Says uh that we should put the original Design is good you really should put the Lantern away shouldn't put the Lantern Way hot many Coleman cases Over that Lantern placed cases over the Lantern and attach Yeah I've had some of those Factory Cases and they but they were injected Below molded plastic Okay well you that yeah Are we gonna have to remake it we have a Super chat from Gaius is it gayest Gayest who writes the best regards from Poland God bless Poland I might have to Make

Poland uh the official European city of The channel I have to say that that our Values here of this channel align closer With the Polish people than anyone else Every time I've been meeting polls Lately and they are based in good dudes I like and I I've been actually it's so Hard to get reliable news online these Days American Media whether it be the left or The right is completely useless it's Completely Um infiltrated and biased and of no Value but you I still try to get news so I've been looking for new news for other Sources and um the Polish in my rotation Of news as I go through the morning the Polish news is something I look at they Seem to be reporting news uh like it Happens instead of having an agenda a Propaganda Yeah elk hunting uh Tim I think we're Going to put in for tags Jack and I a Party group with my family For Elk or maybe mule deer next year in Idaho that's tentative but that's kind Of where we're going yeah Okay so before we go we need to nail This case down because I don't like not Having Figured out what I'm gonna do is it Going to be a problem to load this from The top I would rather load it from the top

Where are where'd we put our sides I'd rather load it from the top Then have to drag it out the side All right We're going to have a vote right here I Know there's a delay Let's see it so here's what I'm thinking And you guys uh vote so Choice number One we're going to keep it keep it as it Is I've already got all the pieces cut and Everything's good but understanding that To open this we'll have to flip the lid Open To get it out It's going to be cold we can grab it Like this and pull it out It's easy to grasp you don't have to Grab that Little Acorn nut it's it seems Very natural it's not a problem and it Will fit That's option number one Option number two We scrap the Masonite and we go Fur on all four sides That's going to mean I'm going to have To recut all these because these would Be too short now because we can't have Because with this design what's cool About it is it's going to go down it's Going to capture that nut You with me 3 16. there's 3 16 this is 3 16 shorter than the top of this so when This closes

And I have to allow an 8 for the hinge But I'll have basic or 16th an eight Eighth we'll capture that and that'll Make that secure That's Choice number one now the Benefits of this is it's already cut and Made and already designed to put it in Take it out grasp the top lower it the Hand will have to be in the lowered Position if we try to put it in this way It's not going to work Now if we go this way that's number one So vote now now if we go this way We'll have to re-cut four pieces These four sides will have to be a Little bit longer We will not have we'll actually have to Have some head space up here it'll have To be probably at least a three-quarter Gap because as we drag this thing out of Here if we bend it you know we Bend Something it's going to get taller Taller it'll hit the lid I'll hit the top So that's going to be a little bit Looser jumping around in there that's Number two But the door would open this way Like a traditional door And now to get this out you would you Would grasp the handle And Basically had to kind of wiggle it out Because there'll be a top

Okay let's get the top let's see how That acts You know if you're going to live with Something like this for the next 30 Years and maybe it because it's such a Cool red box and and dad made it your Kids are going to keep it you want it to Be efficient you want it not to be Inconvenient We have a super chat from our friend no Noel I don't know why I've had so much Trouble with that Noel's gonna drop some knowledge on me Here uh Noel likes Randy's idea L shape Lid Front that slides into the other side Bottom portion Lid has hole I see what you're saying So a sliding Oh that's that's interesting okay so am I if I'm not understanding this right This is what it would be That's a very interesting that's going To be a lot of work but that's not a Reason not to do something So if I understand what what what you Guys are saying That we would build the box so it would Have Permit permanent sides like this three Sides right But this one This piece would overhang a little bit Then we would have oh I no I see

I'm making this out so we would have a The top Foreign Would be mounted directly to one of the Sides With a handle on it so when this was Removed You would remove Oh we could put it on a hinge We could put it on a hinge We could hinge it From the bottom And it you would undo the latch here and The whole thing would fold down like This with the lid sitting up would sit Just like this And then you would remove the lantern Either out the front or the top And then it would hinge back It's gonna go it's like this it'll hinge Back Here to chunk And then on this back side would be the Latch and you grab the handle So that would mean fixing We still have to remake all the pieces That would mean fixing We can't have the we can't have the Fiber board for that either because we Need to have us we have to mount a hit If we mount a hinge to it It has has to be strong So the hinge would actually have to be On the inside

So the hinge would be hidden This would open Like this this is option number three Will that work So if you're not tracking The lid would be one piece made like This Okay The Box built around it The latch is here Undo the latch This Folds open Just like this Exposing The three-sided box That's the way to do it isn't it That's the way to do it Why wouldn't that work Where'd I put my phone Why wouldn't that work Foreign Thank you Noel I think now I'm gonna Have to redo everything here All right so that's number three so you Guys seem to like number three Opening part two has opening part has Two hinges yeah there'll be two hinges Lid with two sides lid with two sides Bottom two sides two pieces that slide Together Yeah sliding piece there's more than one Way to do this so if I get this right Two sides

How can we use this how can we use the Masonite in a clever way All right Kyle has it Kyle says why not Make the bottom removable Oh I see what you're saying so you would Basically leave the lantern You leave the lantern sitting in the Base and you just grab and you remove The whole top and you lift it off like This is that what you're saying So this we wouldn't have to change Anything we could use all the material That we had But we'd have to figure out how would You secure How do you do a latch on the bottom How would you do that The hinge would have to be on the very Bottom to do this Yeah because that's going to bind I Think the hinge has to be on the inside I think the hinge is going to have to be Mounted in here And that's going to hold that off a Little bit but that's okay and this Would be hard we'd Mount this solid We might even want to put a um like a Little support in there because that's Got a lot of Torque on it that could break off of There And this hinges The the bad thing with this design is That

When you have it open you know it's Taken up a lot of space Like to open this up you've got this and What if it's not supported Let's say you open this on the back of Your tailgate And you've got 18 inches sticking out there You know is that gonna is that gonna be A lot of strain on those hinges Is it worth it The engine the you know there's Something to say about keeping things Simple gentlemen It uh I mean we have to ask ourselves this Question is it too is it really a great Burden for us to have to lift this thing Out of the top of a box I think we're I think we're overthinking This how was it that we were we went From the events to completely read as Igor's fault The events are redesigning the whole Thing Open the whole thing with four hinge With four clasps what's easy to say but What clasps And if you try to do so you know if you Try to do some sort of a class but you Know it's gonna Interfere with the bottom it's going to Wobble hinge the top handle on the side Yes thank you very much that's number

One just for my own Sandy can you guys Just all put number one in there so we Can just go ahead and get it done A couple of small cables like a tailgate Foreign Let's visit that let's say we did that So we've got our box But one side Has our latch on it It's still the same thing I mean I oh I See what you're saying so a couple of Cables on there you know what a pain That's going to be every time you want To close it those cables are going to Kind of bunch up and then stick out and It's not going to let this thing close And you're going to have to find like a Stick or a pen and you'll push one side In and you'll just get it closed and Then the other side will pop out that is Not a good idea I know exactly where That's going Yep just do number one thank you Why not make it so that the top and Sides as one piece just drop onto the Groove on the bottom We could So we can do that We could Let's work it out here let's say we make This one piece Using Everything we have These are the sideboards

Let's work this out So we build it as a box we put the lid On it we do the hole in the top that Will Mount it'll capture that little nut Right here now this is the way the Plastic ones are made from Coleman right And so then you we the idea is when You're ready to use it you're going to Grab this thing and you're Going to lift it up right we all get it How Do you secure this How do you secure this What type of a latch could you use to Keep that from coming loose Because it's got to sit flat on the Bottom we can't have you know latches Hanging down and such Paralysis by analysis Number one I guess I think that sums up The whole thing t-genics just solved our Problem It's number one I guess That's what it'll be all right well it Doesn't mean that's the only one we have To do we will uh we'll uh build it And uh use it and improve upon it if Need be but uh I think I'm overthinking It We have a super chat from the rugged West dual alternator member Who writes uh have the top slide off From the base like the plastic Coleman One

Yeah that would be good but I don't know How to do I can't figure out how to do The latch Hmm This is a problem all right Number one it is thank you gentlemen uh For watching sorry that the stream Started so late we'll get it sorted out Here I'll work on a little bit more I Got to get a nice intro we got to get That outdoor cam too with snow coming uh We're gonna definitely want to Um watch that what's going on Uh snow levels probably at about four or Five thousand feet now so it's it could Snow anytime All right thank you gentlemen thank you For watching uh thank you for all the Super chats and your generosity and and The all the good insight for this it's Fun to uh to hear different perspectives There's safety and a multitude of Counselors for sure all right may God Bless you and your families keep us in Your prayers we pray for you constantly And we'll see you guys over on the next One

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