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By | October 31, 2022

Good morning gentlemen oh it is raining Cats and dogs outside I think the weather in the Pacific Northwest is probably some of the most Difficult weather in the world to Predict and they're almost always wrong They told us we were going to have a Furious storm and it was going to rain For five days straight yesterday was Beautiful and sunny and now it's coming Down hard so we'll be in the shop today Let's get going we'll get our Landing Started get our fire built the sweet Loaf brought me a couple of projects Here that she broke that asked if her Papa could repair them so we'll do those Together as well and uh we'll see where It takes us Just out of curiosity you know I have Been using this Lantern and I was Wondering How long will this thing last If I were to fill it up and just put Unleaded in it well I pumped it up 30 Pumps when you guys are with me and I Just hung it up there and I didn't Really pay any attention to it and I was In here at about five o'clock in the Evening and it was still going so so They'll run a long time especially the The newer ones with the bigger tanks on It so that that's kind of encouraging Um so if you uh let me get the fire Going uh I'll keep the chats in here if

You guys have any questions And we've got we've got some exciting Things I have a dual cam set up for you Today I'm working on a switcher so when I come over here I'm going to click this Little button and check it out Man So I don't have to move the camera Around anymore so when we're doing Close-up work here we'll be able to see Each other so I'm going to add an Outdoor cam so we can take a look at the Weather uh but this is kind of fun so We'll uh the production is gonna get Better and better Okay This weekend I have something very exciting I've been Looking forward to there's a There's an endurance race some Motorcycle endurance race that I did A long time ago it's a 25 hour race it's Around a closed course and you can do it As a team you can do it a couple guys Did it Iron Man when I was there I did It on a team with four other Riders and You have to ride 24 hours around this Course and What you have is a is an armband that You put on that um tracks it keeps track Of you know of your loops and your laps And your team has issued one and and When you come into the pits and the next Rider goes out on his bike uh he puts

You put that on him so Jack and I have Signed up for this uh we're going to be A team of two relay and we're going to Attempt to to finish this I was thinking About doing it Iron Man by myself uh and Then I thought you know 20 years ago I Did this and I still have such fond Memories of it and it was such an Exciting thing and when I saw it come up I told Jack I said get ready we're doing It so we'll we'll uh we'll bring you out For that too hopefully we have Internet Out there maybe we can even do a live Stream out there so we will see how it Goes but I've got to get the bikes this Ready or get the bikes ready this Weekend Extra set of tires and You know how all that stuff goes Hopefully it's not going to rain if it's Going to pour down rain and be cold I might I might just dip out of the Whole thing I don't need to do that but We'll see Retired afce good morning to you as well Good to see you in the comments I filled up my unleaded can here Yesterday so it's pretty full the Potential for us having a spill is going To be tremendous All right here we go we're going to Switch to the close cam look at that Nothing but the best production around Here

So this would be nice so once I get Everything dialed in I'll have a little Maybe a little switcher here right by my My chair and then we can go back and Forth Because it's going to be cool you know I Like to see when it's snowing outside And watch the snow build up so when that First snow comes down we'll uh maybe Watch it together we can do a picture in A picture and we'll just have that Posted out there We have a super chat from Dean Pickett Man that deserves a face to face Thank you for that Dean I really Appreciate that Dean writes Morning Cody what's your coffee of Choice well this morning Mrs W Made me a cup of Portland's finest uh Whatever they had at Costco so so what She does is she buys uh she'll buy like A dark French roast we usually like a Pretty dark coffee a dark French roast And then something lighter like a more Of a of a breakfast blend and then she Mixes them 50 50 into in these great big Half gallon glass jars that she has and Then we do it that way so nothing too Fancy but it's good the key The key with good coffee Is uh copious amounts of cream heavy 30 Whipping cream is the thing But thank you for that Super Chat Dean I

Really appreciate that All right we're going back to the close Cam I'm even gonna throw some sound drops in Here so we might have to get to get some Of those sorted out Are we going to spill today Foreign Class in here for Spillers like me so You can see when you see when you're Getting close Oh I disagree that cream in the coffee It's essential Black dark coffee that'll just that'll Just Cook your gizzard Foreign I love these little gas can holders It's something I guess I've always liked Good Storage Solutions but what's cool Is is to have something where you can Put everything in and has a place that's Nice you got your lighter rag funnel It's a great design a very small Doesn't take up a lot of space It's it's fabulous Like the handle on the top it's all good Goodness we are we've got a super chat From JB links we're zooming out here JB Thank you JB I appreciate that and JB Writes uh howdy from Ohio just Sparky Waiting for brickies to get done I can Place boxes thanks for the distraction While I wait

So what he's talking about JL blinks is An electrician and that means that he's A smart man now I'll tell you what as Much as I get after electricians and I Don't hate electricians actually I only Get after him we only tease the ones That we love right the electrician the Trade If I had to do it over again I would Have never got into excavation I would Have got into electrical work and you Know I there's a program and this might Appeal to you as well you know Jack and I and Mrs W have been he's he's a junior Now so we've been talking about colleges And you know in the past college has Always been a ticket for success and Kind of a mandatory thing but I noticed In the last three years College Enrollment has um has been down and the Need for college in the changing Environment I think is maybe not as Important as it used to be unless you're Looking at specific things you know There are Gatekeepers in their entrance There are barriers to entrants of Particular Fields law medicine Engineering you know that that sort of Thing and probably rightfully so because If an engineer doesn't get it right and There's 3 500 people living in a High-rise and it fails you know you can See the problem so Trades that have that could be

Catastrophic Plumbing electrical where People could get hurt Life Safety you Know they regulate those pretty tight But I was we were talking to Jack the other Night and and we found a local Electrical program where a young man can Get in and in a year you can have your You can be have your certificate for uh Residential electrician and we talked About that and I told Jack I said look I Understand you know you want to get into Law and and you want to kind of go that Route and do that sort of work but with The way things are changing right now it Would be so good for you if you could Take a year off before you go to college And go and get that electrical Certificate and then you could if you Wanted to you know from there he could Be working part-time I've got some Buddies that have small shops around Here that would probably put him on uh But man what a trade that would be you Could once you have that if you can take A year of your life and get that Certificate where you can pull Electrical permits goodness you can I Mean you can name your price you you're Talking about a six-figure job Self-employed if you hang a shingle and You can go do side jobs you could make More on weekends doing side jobs doing Rough-ins on residential stuff then you

Could all week making wages so I told Him I'm not saying you want to do this Permanently maybe you do maybe you don't You know maybe you get into it and you Really like the work and you decide you Want to start your own business or maybe You just want to go work for a big shop You know and not have the headaches of It but to get that certificate get that Certification and then if that's not Your thing uh you'll have it in your Back pocket you'll have it to fall back On then you'll be a year more mature get Into school and then you can start Pursuing that law degree or whatever it Is that you want but don't go going to College to spend money on And figure it out when you get there it Is foolishness in my opinion We have a um we have a But thank you JB blinks uh for for that We have a super chat from man or super Sticker from man caver tools thank you Man caver appreciate that and a new Member Zach Holmes shout out to you Shout out to you Our newest member It's funny I've kind of had this routine The last couple days with uh Mama Kitty And now she's she's smart she's learned It she's learned that I came in this Morning and I had everything set up she Was already in her chair

Ready to go 30 pumps With these lanterns it you want to Lubricate this This little guy from time to time you'll Feel it it'll start dragging And you'll want to make sure you it'll Last longer I'll show you how to replace pair these Two I think we'll build the lantern box Today unless this Debbie calls me out on Something more important and we can talk About that Should keep an extra one In your in our case in case this goes Bad The gas the unleaded It's a little bit more finicky than the Than the white gas but once once you get It it's pretty good You let too much gasket in there see I've got it shut down right now it's got To burn that off And then you could get it to light The electrician be a good trade you know The electrician's a good trade for guys Because uh One thing that I would consider that was Never considered in the past whatever You choose think about the consequences For how how your body is going to hold Up after doing it for for 20 30 years Make sure that you choose something that You know the idea of the nobility of

Just giving yourself holy and and giving Your body as a Living Sacrifice to these Companies so that they can make a profit You know I think we need to rethink that There was just so much honor growing up Like you just sucked it up when you went To the construction site if you got hurt Or there were safety violations it was It was considered masculine to get up on Top of that three-story two by six top Pleat and and carry trusses across when You were framing with no uh ropes or no Safety equipment and you know anyone That would have put like safety glasses On or ear muffs back in those days he Would have been mercilessly mocked as a You know as a [ __ ] you know so things Have completely changed and when you get To 50 now and you're like you realize That when now I actually for the first Time in my life have some time to do the Things that I want many of us find that Well now I'm so broken down and my knees And my back is so jacked up and ruined From We didn't light our Lantern here from Giving my body as a sacrifice to these Construction companies so that now I Can't do anything can't enjoy my Grandkids and that's what my dad fell Into This is being awfully finicky this Morning I don't know what is going on maybe I

Didn't tighten the cap So You know I'm not a smart man here I gotta focus on one thing at a time I'm loosening the cap Because I'm trying to read the chat There we go [Laughter] Not going as well as it should have we Have a super super chat from social news Outlet uh shout out to you for that uh It says been watching since Jack's Channel was was small Jack channel was Small yeah Jack is almost a man now Uh we have another Super Chat from Stan Dupper writes how would you recommend Becoming an electrician Well I don't know about your state but Here there are Four like doing the actual work they're Basically two paths there's commercial And residential now back when I was a Kid I I went into Excavating uh and my Friends uh went into either like uh Heavy heavy industrial construction or They went into electrical trades and Several of them did that and all those Guys that went into the electrical Trades are all very successful men with Their own businesses now and how you did It how you can do it is you can just Check with your local Community College And check and see if they have an Electrical program so the quickest route

If you want to get going quickly would Be just to get your residential Certificate and I'm talking about things That I don't know I mean this is 20 year Old information so I mean I haven't Really started looking into it until Recently Are we just not going to have a there we Go So but check your community college and Find out just start making some phone Calls and you might be it might be a Good idea to to get online and call in Some of the electrical shops in your Area Maybe it is that they're in big need for A good man and if you're a good person And you have a driver's license and you Can show up on time It very well may be maybe they take you On as an apprentice and put you through School I know of uh I just heard of a Local guy that's working as an Electrical shop you know making like 30 30 bucks an hour as an apprentice he's Going to his school a couple nights a Week I think and then on one day on the Weekend and he'll have his journeyman Certificate for residential in no time And man he'll be sent so it's a it's a Good path guys Was good work too and it's good people You're going to have a high quality of All the people in the trades that I met

In the past the the electricians were Definitely in the Upper Crust We have a super chat from Rennie Smith Thank you renia shout out to you uh who Writes I have the same Lantern I Installed a flint Striker on it just in Case you don't have a lighter I have Seen those that's really nice a flint Striker is just a little knob that goes Up in there and you can just do a little Spark so that's kind of nice That wouldn't be a bad idea I don't know Why they don't put those on here and Make those an option All right I think we're ready to get our Fire going What do you say mama should we split Some kindling here how are you doing how Are you doing Just purring and purring Foreign I don't want this stuff flying all over The place and breaking my glass so we Might try to do a little bit more Controlled Method Controlled splitting We'll get the commander out I'm not going anywhere you can sit still See cat gets entitled he I'm reluctant To stop him pet her because then she'll Give you no relief She'll just harass me all day Yeah Dylan's talking about a small shed

So Dylan's put up a small shed and he Wants to turn it into a workshop and He's asking about efficiency We don't think too much about efficiency Anymore it's super interesting some of The old tool catalogs that I've gotten With old tools I'm always kind of Looking and collecting that stuff and I've got several of those old books and One thing that was really foundational In education of a young man or how to Set up a shop uh what was layout to Really be thinking about layout and Efficiency and you have to ask yourself What am I going to use the shop for if It's going to be Woodworking and you're Going to be bringing material in like Maybe you're going to be bringing pieces Of plywood in for a cabinet shop or You're going to be bringing Um 10 foot pieces of Steel stock because You're doing you're foraging your Blacksmith you have to kind of look and Sit down with your space what am I going To be using this for and how can I make This as efficient as possible so think About that sort of thing so if you're Going to be bringing material in you Want to have the shop set up so you have A long flat table or a place where you Can deal with that the main thing to Keep your shot up running and to keep Peace in your shop and just Really cut down into aggravation is

Having everything has a place If you have a lot of gear and your life Is gear heavy and you have to manage all These things there's nothing more Frustrating than knowing you have inch And a half nails but you can't find them And so you try to make do with something That's not right it's very very Frustrating aggravating and it takes all Of the joy out of the project So what I have found and what I my Golden rule in the shop now is a place For everything when I look at something In the shop it doesn't I'm not What you'll find you'll do is if you Have too much clutter you're moving Things around so you're moving things Around to clear a table to do a project And then now you're moving things around So you'll be grabbing things in your Shop and you're moving them multiple Times throughout the day if you're Picking something up in your shop and You're moving it out of your way that Needs to be addressed you need to have a Place for that either it needs to have Its own place where you store it or you Need to get rid of it get it out of your Life so it stops bothering you and Making your life miserable so When you set it up it's I'm it's Exciting to set up a new shop when you Have that empty canvas because you don't Have to come into a an area that's been

Accumulating garbage for 40 years and Rips your your guts out when you look at Like there's just no hope I don't even Know where to even begin so having a Blank canvas is really important and Make sure that you're when you have a Small space that you're very very Particular about what you bring into Your shop think about it consider it is This something that I'm going to use Regularly is this something that is Going to help me to be more efficient And if the answer is yes figure out Where it needs to be and have a place For it it's really easy to keep your Shop clean and organized when everything Has a home like after the live stream Yesterday and everything I've got you Know in the evening before I go to bed I've got tools and everything spread all Over I just systematically start on the Right hand side and I grab things and I Just and I put them into piles if I've Got axes out to put the axes into piles Uh sharpening tool screwdrivers and then Put them away and you look at so I know I have a place for this ax so if it's Sitting here it doesn't belong here when I'm done it needs to go up there on its Ax rack and then when I need it I'm not Searching around for it I'm not trying To split wood with with the wrong tool You see where I'm going with this so Don't get any hurry sit and think about

It and bring it in if it benefits you We have a super chat from Quinn thank You Quinn and Quinn writes As a recent college grad I think that's Good advice for Jack many of my peers With fancy degrees in business and law Are struggling to find decent jobs Trades and Tech is where it is nowadays Yeah trades and Tech is where it is I Used to have a chip on my shoulder I Remember when I was doing Excavating I was probably like in my early mid-20s I had a guy my partner I worked with and We would come in for lunch in the winter Time and when you're doing Excavating You're you're just in mud and drained It's just horrible uh so one thing that We used to like to do was at least when Noon 12 30 came around get in the truck Warm up a little bit Drive someplace and Sit down for 45 minutes and have a meal And warm up a little bit so you you'd Open these places and you're tracking Mud all over the place and you got You're dirty and you got mud all over You and you would see people that would Look at you you know guys having lunch That are more of the of the white collar Or more business professional middle Management people looking at you looking Down at you and I always bugged me and I Thought you know you're not any smarter Than I am actually I'm a much more Capable man and I have a great much

Greater skill set than you so who are You to be looking down at me and this is Kind of the way I looked at things in The that's the way that it was and even Women in society has pretty much always Looked at the white collar worker as you Know maybe a cut out above the blue Collar worker but I've never seen it That way that's probably because that's My particular bias because I grew up Blue collar right but that's going to be Changing That's going to be changing you know When you see When people start seeing guys that are Going through the trade schools and Electricians pulling down you know nice Incomes and starting their own Businesses and in high demand uh you Know you're going to be in a good Position right now I think you can get In before the flood if you can get in Now and get enrolled and you'll be You'll you'll be several semesters ahead Of your peers I think it would be a Great great thing to do All right shall we split Oh I know I know Goodness you are You are fuzzy you got your winter coat On don't you Okay we'll get the fire going we'll Split some wood here I broke my phone yesterday

I had it on my I've got a case on it now Don't I broke the black back glass on it Had it on plugged into my Desk I forgot I had it plugged in and grabbed It and then the wire pulled it out of my Hand and it fell on the corner and broke The back glass We have a super chat from Andrew thank You Andrew for that and Andrew writes Any tips on splitting Frozen wood rounds Depends on the species Some would Is really easy to split when it's green And nigh impossible when it when it Dries So I don't know what type of wood you're Talking about I guess what I would tell you is is Split your wood and have it stacked Before the freeze comes you know usually You want to do your wood in the spring For the following year so it has all Summer to dry out but I don't know I Don't know that I've ever split Frozen Wood Maybe get a hydraulic splitter I don't Imagine it would care But thank you for that Super Chat Andrew I should appreciate that We have a super chat from bray day 38 Shout out to you Brad Aid he writes hey I love your videos all of the tips thank You well I

Appreciate you guys being here and Kyle B is back Kyle B writes thank you Cody For The Godly advice I'm 28 and starting To feel cold towards relationships any Advice on setting the right standard to Start with I don't blame you for feeling cold on Relationships because they're dangerous For men The reason why men are not getting Married the reason a lot of men are not Getting married the reason why the Wedding industry and jewelry stores and The whole Bridal nonsense is all Starting to die is because men are Waking up and finding out this is not a Good deal When you think about it And I mean I'm talking to myself here I'm not judging anyone I felt I I bought The whole lie myself You know the The fifteen twenty thousand dollar Engagement ring in the 60s 70 80 100 000 Weddings Goodness here you have a young guy just Think of the logic of this here you are A young guy maybe in your mid-20s trying To get started it's nearly impossible to Buy a house Cars are a hundred thousand dollars Tires are fifteen hundred dollars for a Set And if you're dating a girl and she

Can't see this and still expects you to Throw down 10 10K on a a gate engagement Ring and throw 40 50 000 on a wedding in Reception I understand that they were raised that Way I understand that they were raised With the fairy tale princess day and the Something that they all look forward to And I'm not saying you should deny them Their important day However you got to keep it in check you Cannot let them you cannot let them have A whole whole full head of steam that a Lot of them will go crazy but you know That's a red flag to you if you are Thinking about going that direction And you've explained it hey honey you Know maybe rather than this ridiculous Engagement ring maybe we should put that Money down on a piece of land a piece of Property And she Pulls the face and throws a fit Brother you need to let that go That will That's going to be a huge problem in the Future If she's unwilling To to submit To your Council Good Counsel like that And fallen behind you and to start Backing you on building a life and she Wants everything now Uh then you have the wrong woman as hard

As that may be to hear But trust me you need to move on Goodness we're getting behind we have a New member Clinic Dana 08 shout out to You welcome glad to have you here oh we Have another Ryan Zhang Uh who writes uh good morning everyone I Was wondering if you could check the Harbor Freight icon hand tools a lot of People are are comparing them to snap on I watched a lot of those videos I have Not seen an icon but I watched a bunch Of videos Specifically on the ratchets Because I have several of the Snap-on 82 Ratchets which I think are about as good As you can get and they're they're not As tough they're not the same some guys Will say oh they're exactly the same you Can look and see that the pawls and Everything are a little bit smaller that Doesn't mean that they're not good I whoops Flow is hard on phones I I just don't Know you know what all what I might do I Probably should take a look at those Um next time I'm in town and I go buy One maybe I'll swing in And I'll kind of pick up a basic set it Would be interesting to see if we could Break one down uh pull it apart and see How it Stacks up maybe we can do that on The live stream but what answer is I don't know brother I I don't know a

Lot of mechanics are using them It's a good price better to have a Harbor Freight icon ratchet than no Ratchet But I'd still rather have I'd rather Have a used ratchet from eBay than a Than a Harbor Freight ratchet if Everything was all things were the same We have a super chat From wblr who writes next time you come Over to the Tri-Cities you have to go up To Spud nuts in Richland Uptown donuts Made with potatoes you know potato bread Is about among my favorites so that Sounds really good There is a lack of donut good Donuts in In the area I live in there's actually No Donuts I the local bakery the gals That run it Every time I go in there I see you guys Ever consider making donuts And they haven't yet I'm going to continue asking I might Just have to start my own donut store Just so I can have access to them I know I need to get a stand for my Phone there's a lot of things I need to Do we're At least the plane is flying right now We're working on the plane as it's Flying so every day look for a small Incremental improvements In the Stream Maybe open a donut shop yep a little

Donut cart fresh made donuts there's a Place You can maybe you guys have seen them You can buy those um a small donut Making machine there's a place some of The best donuts I ever had Uh was up in Seattle Pike's Market There's a there's a guy up there that Had one of those little donut machines And they'd make fresh little Donuts There were I think they were like Cinnamon and sugar coated on one side And they were powdered sugar on the Other oh couldn't say we're so delicious They're hot they put them in this little Bag and you get three or four of them They were so good that I I was eating Them and I walked away and I did a U-turn turn around and bought a second Bag so those would go anywhere Everyone Likes Donuts We have a super chat from Ryan Zhang Thank you Ryan and riots Ryan writes Also Mac makes a 3 8 extension with a Handle yeah so what he's talking about Let me show you is a tool one of my Favorite tools that Snap-on quit making Unfortunately And it's an extension That has I actually have two of them It's an extension A 3 8 extension that has We're gonna get fancy here we're going To come in close

That has a A handle So this is a 3 8 Snap-on extension and You can see in the back you can put a Ratchet on it this is the handiest thing Because You can grab a ratchet snap it on here And the end the extension and now you Can put sockets on there and you have a Driver handle but if you don't have Enough torque or strength in your hand You can put that ratchet on the back and And turn it this is 3 8 and I've got a Longer one for quarter inch Drive I've had these for Goodness you know probably over 20 years But they don't make this one anymore but Mac makes one So if you're looking for one but it's a Handy tool to have But thank you thank you Ryan for that Super Chat Split this up and then we'll get our Fire going here You can feel Mama Kitty starting to get Impatient Oh we have a super chat from Matt B Thank you Matt B who writes how is the New shop coming along so I can give you An update on that We are expecting delivery this week of The missing wall now the reason why the Shop is not done it's kind of my fault We were when I had when I had the shop

Engineered this shop that we're sitting In is a 40 by 40 A steel building and it's too small for Me to work in there's enough room where I can pull a vehicle a truck or a Tractor in with one base just has one Door and then that gives me you know the 20 by 20 foot to work in which is just Fine I can do that but I don't have any Room to store things in here out of the Weather so trying to put motorcycles and Quads and different things and it's just It's just not there's no room I have to Constantly Shuffle and move things so The idea was uh we got with the company That built this one and had them build a Duplicate and the idea was we were going To double this so I was going to attach It to the side of this one that would Give us a 40 by 80 shop now it was going To be it was supposed to be a door right There behind us that was going to Connect the two shops so that I could Close that 10 foot by 10 foot garage Door and only heat half of this I didn't Have to heat all of it even though the New shop is going to be insulated Heating of 40 by 40 is very different Than heating a 40 by 80. this wood stove Just would not put out the BTUs for that So we had that built and then some Things happened where we had some Elevation and some grading problems and We decided okay we're going to go

Different direction we're going to put The shop over here for reasons I'll tell You later so we put that up well once we Uh once the steel guys showed up we were Looking at the plans and he said hey did You realize that the what is it it would Be the South wall that there is no Material there because we were planning On budding it up to the old wall we were Going to use that wall it would just be A common shared wall and that got me Scrambling like oh goodness so as you See that sitting up there We have an open side to the This to the South uh that is com there's Nothing there so like I called them and Got with the engineer and explained what I had done he's like okay no problem uh He did some math and some calculations He said it shouldn't be any problem it's Free spam we'll just add some studs in There but they have to manufacture all That stuff so that's being manufactured It's supposed to we have a delivery date This week my steel iron workers are in Touch with me and they're just kind of Waiting on that they want to come back One time they'll put the steel up They'll put the insulation they'll do The siding and they'll do the roofing And all of that will all be weathered in It's from that point it'll be dry inside It'll just have it'll be missing the Garage doors the garage doors if you

Didn't know uh there's a huge shortage On those garage door panels and so I Don't have a delivery date on those Until January or no I'm sorry December Mid-December or so so that's fine we'll We'll put everything in there get the Tractors the Quasi equipment in there Dry and safe secure then I might just Build a temporary 12 by 12 door wall in There until those panels come in so We'll we'll see but that's what's going On right now I've got all of the 12 Loads of rock 12 dump truckloads of rock To build the 40 by 40 pad out front I'll Take you out there I'll show you what's Going on so We gotta we got to get this fire going Here But thank you for that super chat Um Matt appreciate that This is the sliveriest wood Doug Fir Gives you slivers like no other would What the Spyderco I used on my poker Handle is the Spyderco Bushcraft knife And I don't know if they still make it Or not Probably my favorite my favorite knife Let's do our fire here you ready Mama Oh it's super warm in there there's a Lot of Coals I came in last night at about uh nine O'clock and filled it up with wood I feel so sorry for the cat she's curled

Up right next to it here and I thought Well It's a small thing to do to come in she Could keep it keep keep warmer Foreign Question why I don't collaborate with Other YouTubers A couple reasons first the main reason Is geography There aren't any around here Collaboration is done by YouTubers is Typically done when you have a You live in a city and there's lots of Other folks around we don't have anyone Around here like that the other thing is It just doesn't It doesn't it doesn't usually work it's Not it's it always kind of seems it Doesn't always but sometimes it can seem Disingenuous The idea always was is that hey I'll Come over on your channel and have Access to your audience that will Subscribe to my channel and vice versa But it really it doesn't really it never Works It never really works I wouldn't be opposed to it I would like To do it there's someone that has Something in common that we could sit And hang out and talk if it was someone That I would want to talk to outside of YouTube or a video that's what interests Me

But just trying to force something and Just doing it with the hopes I'm going To just have access to or Farm someone's Audience say I don't know it it's kind Of an old fat it just I don't think it's Done as much as it used to be it I'm not a big fan of it Seems awfully wobbly there Yeah Johnny I've I subscribed to the Essential Craftsman's Channel he's uh He's a really knowledgeable guy I like His videos I've learned a lot from him It seems it it seems when I'm searching It's amazing how often this channel Comes up recommended when I'm searching For something or how to do something uh His stuff always comes up I've watched More than a few of his videos On how to do particular things Yeah I do still snowboard uh Since the Since we got the snow bikes My love for going to a ski resort and Standing in line and dealing with all of The the nonsense is severely waned I told Mrs W I said I could give up Skiing Resort skiing and snowboarding All together it just doesn't have the Appeal to me anymore because the Once you're on a snow bike in the whole World you can go anywhere you want to And if there's a mountain up there or There's a four miles away there's a Lookout tower or a peak you can just go

There you can go anywhere you want to so Once you get used to that riding your Snow bikes around and then you go to a Ski resort you feel like you're you're In this little tiny confined little area And you have to stand in oh it's It ruins it it absolutely ruins it for You So will I continue to snowboard The sweet loaf is super hot on learning To snowboard this year so I would say For her yeah She wants to go so bad no I'm gonna get Her Lord willing they make a uh she Loves Motorsports and Powersports and Has rides she goes on rides with me all Summer long we go on a ride pretty much Every evening and I put her on my lap And put her helmet on and we go for a Ride on the Moto and we ride in the snow Bike you know around here when it snows So they uh Timber sled makes a A Snow bike attachment for a 110 Motorcycle so the Kawasakis or The Hondas any of the main ones that looks Super fun it's not a mountain sled You're not going to be able to go up in The mountains but when it snows around Here like in fields or the local Trails Down through the trees she'll be able to Tear it up on that so maybe next couple Years I'll keep my eye open for one of Those and I'll get her involved in that

But she really wants to snowboard she Asked me about it all the time I've got her on the one wheel She can she can ride the one wheel by Herself Uh and everything was going well and Then she had a crash and banged up her Elbow and now she wants me to hold her Hand so now we I haven't got her back on Her doing it herself but she can do it And she's not even five yet She's built like a brick house so I Think she's going to be have a very Athletic A lot of good athleticism Okay let's go get our torch I'm excited for the day I've I like I Like the fall I like when the rain comes I never feel guilty about being in the Shop working on stuff when it's nice Outside I sometimes I feel like I should Be out there doing stuff Logan's asking if I have any advice on Thick hanging his first ax head Yeah I I will give you some pointers Here Uh what I would do if I was hanging my First ax head I would get a pre-made Handle Uh just to practice on so you don't Spend uh it's easy to spend a whole day Building your own ax handle and just to Mess it up And have to start over again so I

Practice on a couple go to a good Hardware store if you can find one That's maybe independent It's hard to find but I I noticed that Hardware stores that are managed by Corporations where someone that's not in The community or not familiar with the Needs of the community is buying or Stocking the store you get a lot of Weird stuff that is regionally maybe not Even appropriate just weird weird things You see that like at at Home Depot or Lowe's sometimes like this I don't know Why someone would order this sort of Light fixture you know that might work In the South but that's just not going To work up here so you see that sort of Thing it's hard to find good quality Items but there are still really good Hardware store owners that take their Craft seriously and mine particular the Guy that owns the local hardware store He lives not he's a neighbor of mine He's just right up the road but he's he Always Has uh everything in stock you may not Have a lot of stuff I might but I I Don't think I've ever went there and Been turned away because he didn't have Something or he didn't stock something Nails screws bolts paint also all sorts Of things it just it shocks me every Time I go in there and I ask him hey do You have this and so yeah I have that no

Go in the back and get it so if you can Find some of those older hardware stores That are independent a lot of the guys That own them they get it they Understand the difference between cheap Hardware cheap Fasteners cheap screws And good ones and they will buy quality So look around find see what you can Find but the same goes with ax handles That type of store typically the guy Will understand it and find something so Get an ax handle take your head with you Make sure it's a little bit bigger it's Oversized Make sure you hang it the right way if It's a double bit of ax you know you Want to hang it maybe a little bit Different than a regular one but start With that and take your time Don't get in a hurry because what Happens is you'll you'll file it and you Keep fitting it and after you've fitted The head a hundred times or so you can Start to get impatient and like oh I'm Over this I want to get this done and Then you go too far and the whole thing Is ruined so just take your time Buy a handle hang a couple that way and If you're happy with it then go about Using making your own We have a super chat from the hacks man Thank you hacks man and he writes uh I Sat at the computer to plan my week and Now I sit here watching uh Cody build

Fires yeah that's all right that's all Right I think we need to do our morning live Streams we need to have some consistency And start them at the same time So I'm working on that this week you Know what's going to be a reasonable Time that is I typically like to come Out and get the fire going Let the shop warm up a little bit then I'll go inside and have a meeting with Mrs W and kind of get our week planned Out but uh I'm thinking probably around Eight o'clock or so and maybe we'll just Make this regular we'll see how it see How it goes Uh yes we don't have any heat in that Yet All right somebody remind me to close The door but we do have a couple Projects let me Let me show you some amazing production Value here we're going to zoom in So the sweet loaf Brought me her favorite pencil Yesterday With a broken ear She brought in said Papa can you fix my Tigger pencil so we're gonna Fix that first Every professional homeowner needs to Have a good super glue collection Not all super glue is created equal There is a thick Super Glue

Thin Super Glue Super glue that has a flexes and super Glue that it can build up cracks so It's a handy thing to have around so This is thin This is Thick Gap filling right there This one Thin Flex so if you have Something that is going to need to move Yeah we've all done super glue where you Put something on there and it had to Move or it was flexible and it cracked On you that's supposed to have a little Bit more flexibility to it This one's medium a good all-around And this one here is medium flex And then what do we have here Thread Locker I haven't used this before This is a direct competitor to Loctite and this is instant adhesive so Like a spray adhesive That so we're going to go with the uh We'll go with the medium the medium Seems to be the medium and the thin are The ones that seem to get used the most And this is an activator So an activator You know how if you need something to Cure right away And you hold it and hold it and just Take your hands away and then it comes Apart and falls apart because you put Too much glue on and it didn't set well This activator it makes the glue set

Immediately The brands of these actually the the cup This company is a own I believe it's Owned by one of our subscribers Uh Mercury adhesives And he sent this care package to me Years ago and all these different glues And I didn't know there were so many And it's I use it probably once a week I Probably pull that out and use it for Repairing things oops So this activator will make the glue set Up right away Tigger's got a Yeah pretty simple Uh the brand is the brand is mercury Chad maybe you can see that there It's I've never been to their website I Don't know anything about it other than It's a good it's good high quality glue And the applicators are good too they You know how they sometimes they'll if You don't use it for a while they'll Clog up and then it the glue gets hard Down inside you have to throw it away These applicators are really good Oh door reminder thank you Well that heated up quick Oh is it gonna make it all right it's Gonna make it I don't the glue is another thing I Struggle with I don't know that I use Glue very often or I don't get it all Over my fingers

I think it's because I do too much So once you use that glue if you hit it With this activator Just takes a tiny bit it'll immediately Set it up But that's already hard That's how you become that's how you're A hero to your daughter right there it's It's not hard She thinks her papa can fix and do Anything And I totally perpetuate that myth Foreign Kids Here comes some high production Our philosophy for raising kids and this Is I'll give her credit for this is She summed it up perfectly in one Sentence we're raising someone we're Raising other people's husbands and and Wives and that's a great responsibility So My I guess my theory on that is I what I Want the sweet loaf to have a positive Experience with men and so that she's a Complete intact person and will be an Asset to hopefully a fine young man Someday and be a good wife because she Was raised properly she'll understand That men are not the enemy that men are Um Are good so I'm hoping to we're always Keeping that in mind it's like you know We're teaching manners and

And trying to protect and just Shield Our children from From the uh Well from from everything that is Contrary to our value system which is Pretty much everything in the world you Really almost have to look at your home And your property as a sanctuary from The uh from a world that would destroy You destroy your family destroy your Relationships and destroy your your uh Your life I mean it really is that There's there's evil out there gentlemen And it hates you and it hates that you Stay attached to God and it hates that You are Untouchable because you're under His protection and and you'll you'll Have a fight on your hands it's not it's Not smooth sailing but It's the way to go man it's uh Well let's do our next project here We've got one more thing here and then We'll shut it down I got to get back to Work I dropped and broke My candle lantern and I've got a Replacement globe for it we're gonna try To see if we can't figure out how to put On This is a UCO Candle lantern these are a good thing to Have in your kit Seattle company all metal

Glass globe and this got dropped and Broke the glass and I've never replaced One before But I have a replacement lens here How these work Is this is an all metal case this is the Single you can get these in triples and Singles And there is a The globe here is housed In the metal housing so this is great For camping or backpacking or just Putting away because you can close it up And you can protect that that glass and Then when you're ready to use it You just open it up and it gives pretty Good light and heat there's even a Little spot on the top there where you Can I wouldn't say you're going to cook Any food or anything but you can Definitely heat something up that gets Really gets really hot way too hot to Touch And these are Proprietary candles the shape of them is Important And how they work Is this candle is about half the size it Would normally be A piece of glass in there And this spring Pushes this little aluminum cup here And as the candle burns and you can see This is the tube and there's even

A cut out there a notch on the side so You can see kind of see how much candle You have left As this candle burns it pushes it up and So you always have a consistent and even Flame on the top So they're they're neat little candles Neat neat little candle holders Goodness we have a super chat From Matthew C thank you Matthew for That super chat I sure do appreciate it And Matthew writes uh what kind of Pickup truck do you prefer brand old new Etc for for uh for your use case saw Your Apex winch video where you had a Newish Ford but I was wondering what you Would look for and want in a work truck What I would want in a work truck would Be something that I could I guess something that I could afford Start with that Um I have an old truck I have two pickups uh I'm a Ford man my Family had the first I believe my family Had the first or among the first four Dealerships in Oklahoma Granddad told me that when they had the Ford dealership and don't think of like A a big fancy Ford dealership like we Have today back then Uh you would hang a shingle up and and Get permission or become a Ford dealer And if you wanted to sell Ford vehicles And this would have been model T's model

T's and model A's back in the day you Drove or rode a train to Michigan Whatever and you paid you bought these Cars wholesale and you drove them back To your dealership or you trailered them Or whatever you had and so Granddad when He was younger and his they would get All the boys and all the money they had Saved or made from the business for the Full year once a year they would go up To Detroit and they would buy however Many cars they could buy I don't think It was very many you know maybe two or Three or four and then drive them back And then resell them That's the that's the way it was done uh So Ford and then Granddad worked for Ford he was a Ford mechanic his whole Life and so I grew up working on Fords And him basically telling me that if you Want me to help you work on your rigs You don't be buying a Mopar or a Chevy He had no business with that uh so I I Think Ford makes the best trucks I think It's pretty much Undisputed Buy something you can pay for I've got a New truck I've got a 2020 that I have And of course it's a lot nicer than the 2001 but the 2001 I paid four thousand Dollars for It had high miles on it and it's never Given me a lick of trouble that truck Has we call it the miracle truck that Truck has made us money uh it's been

Reliable it's just been the best thing Ever and it's still we still use it Today we we use it for around here at The shop it's kind of an old just an old Truck that truck is four thousand Dollars invested it's long since paid For itself and it does everything that The 85 000 truck will do uh without the Eighty five thousand dollars so the only Reason I would Now I'm not going to get into Financial Advice because I'm not qualified for it But uh I was going to say the only reason the Only way you should buy a new truck is If you can go pay cash for it A lot of people that are Financial guys That are smarter than me say well no Don't use your cash for that there's Smarter ways to do it but I I don't know Man I'm not that sophisticated I I don't Understand and I don't trust all of These I don't trust the stock market Because Do you think you as a professional Homeowner Who's got other thing things and bigger Fish to fry do you think you can get Into that in that environment with the Best and the brightest I mean the best The most intelligent people in the world Are going to go into investment banking And and that is their whole life they Live and breathe it do you think you and

I Hear on wherever are going to get online And we're gonna we're gonna get over on These guys they're doing high speed Frequency trading there's Insider Information they're connected with Politicians you know all of that whole System is designed to be very one-sided If we think that we're going to get in There and play with that and and not Come out uh by losing our shirt I think Most of us are not going to do well so You got to look you got to put your Money and you got to do what you can What you control so for me and a lot of Smart people I know I mean even some Guys that were smart that got kind of Wrapped up in that whole crypto thing Realized that you know what that is too Unstable and it's too unpredictable uh And it's it's not a safe place to put Money where's the safe place to put Money on tangible items seems to me Anyway things things that you can Control You got an extra 50 Grand in the bank is It better right now to have that in a Bank where it could just be it could Just be disappeared or we've even had Trouble in the past the first time I Heard about it having trouble with banks Was a few years ago we were uh the Church that we were involved in was Getting ready to do to go on a mission

And we had been fundraising it was down To Mexico To build a church and we'd been Fundraising for this uh for a year it's Something we've did every year and there Was the bank I don't know maybe 100 Grand or so had been raised for this Project and everyone was going to get Ready to go down there and build this Church well when the one of the the head Elder went to the bank and this was a Main bank probably saw a bank that you Guys may bank with I went to get the money because we had To have some cash you know to get down There through the the border and such They wouldn't give it to us and because He asked for a large amount of cash uh It raised a red flag and then it locked The account and it caused all sorts of Problems so that was concerning you know Because a guy would think that well if I've put my money in my local bank I Should be able to go there and get it Out well during covid Mrs W and I Decided it wouldn't be a bad idea to Have a little bit extra cash on hand and Maybe we should go to the bank and do That well it was like pulling teeth Getting our own money out of the bank And we actually had to do all sorts of Trickery and we had to take a limited Amount and we had to spread it out I Mean it was really difficult you just

Can't go and pull 10 20 grand out of the Bank a bank account without someone Asking you questions and giving you all Sorts of problems and all that so it's Very vulnerable vulnerable gentleman and This digital wealth you know that can Just be that could just disappear You can understand you can start to Understand to see why the powers that be Would push us into this and it's all Going to be pushed on us under the guise Of being isn't this convenient isn't This so convenient that you don't have To pack a wallet around anymore you Don't have to do this and and it is Convenient and I'd credit cards and Debit cards are very convenient and I Don't even mind paying a service fee we Don't keep balances on our credit cards I'm not going to let someone get rich Off of collecting High interest rates For keeping a stupid balance on a credit Card use them for your convenience and Then pay them off pay them off so you're Not carrying that if your credit's Billed So this everything moving digitally is It puts us in a vulnerable position so Where should a guy put his money I think the best place what I'm doing Seems to me anyway is things you can Control Um by local real estate you understand It you know the area better than

Anywhere anyone you can make better Decisions on speculating on land prices Home businesses in your local area than Someone coming from the outside so use That Insider information use that Knowledge of your area to your advantage Find something that holds value that Will always be worth what you pay for it You know that could be firearms that Could be equipment you know so so for me Yeah you got to have a little bit of Money in the bank but having everything In one account where you could run a Foul of a particular company you could Be count canceled you could be attacked In a Cyber attack and you could be Devastated and wiped out and just the Stroke of a key you're ruined So eliminating that vulnerability by Having some hard assets real estate Mrs W and I are always watching the area for Any sort of a good deal on a rental that Comes up you know when that comes up we Scoop it up scoop it up get the rental Put some people in there and and move on Put that money into I'm putting that Money into hard assets things that I can Actually go stand on touch possess I Don't feel good about these Products that I don't understand Goodness I have get to talk in here and Lose my chat That was a long answer to that question We have uh do we have a message from our

Member please Farms good to see you here Shout out to you howdy from Central Iowa Love the channel keep up the good work Well shout out to you or hap hello to You as well the good folks in the Midwest We have a super chat from our friend Zach super cool YouTube channel I wonder if I had named my YouTube Channel something like that if I'd had Better success earlier uh morning Cody I'm looking for a new truck I moved from Portland Oregon to Omaha Nebraska for Obvious reasons Moved from Portland Oregon to Omaha that Was a good call for obvious reasons my Single cab long bed two-wheel drive F-150 won't cut it for these harsh Nebraska Winters yeah they do get harsh There one of the most perilous vehicle Drives I've ever had in my life Was from driving from the Omaha airport To a small town about an hour away in The interior of Nebraska in a snowstorm The plane was delayed I had all sorts of Problems got in late at night in the in A little sedan I think it was like a Crown Vic we have a big sedan of some Sort and I had I put my life in my hands I had to push through snow drifts that I Had never seen before snow drifts in the Midwest are they can get huge the snow It's cold and the snow blows up into These piles and it was blown up into

Huge drifts on the interstate they were Shut down I went around the barricades You get your claws caught And it was it was rough so I I get that Yeah four-wheel drive is probably a must But also to get back to that last Question the gentleman that was asking About the truck you just can't go wrong With a 150 an F-150 Ford And I get into one of those get what you Can afford Oh is that right and if you need Something heavier if you're pulling an Equipment trailer heavy equipment Firewood that sort of thing you know Then jump up into a 250 350. but if You're just a regular contractor Electrician and you're not hauling a lot Of heavy stuff and you're not Towing There's no reason to To go up to the extra expense of the Super duty the 150 is just the reason Why it's the best selling truck in America and has been for what 30 years Is because it just works really well We have a super chat from Hobby Patrick Shout out to you Hobby and he writes uh What is the current Road map for the community property I Would travel from Northern Virginia to Attend an event love the channel Well it's in full swing I'm it is I would love to be able to tell you guys What that is

Um but I'm not going to because I'm not Ready Um but it is It's happening uh it's not happening Like we thought it was going to be Let's see how how much can I tell you I'm gonna do a members only chat let me Think about this this week I'll do a Members only chat Maybe next maybe this week and we can we Can talk about that Um it's a completely different change But we do have a road map and we do have A plan that we're actively working on It's going to take about a year If unless we have any financial Difficulties or the economy makes a Massive negative change we're gonna We're gonna continue to proceed forward We're working with a my neighbor is a Builder uh and he's a good guy and he's A framer by trade so he's really good so It's been nice so we're sitting down With him and trying to put all this Together but there'll be more of that to Come but I'll let you know uh when I When I can on that stuff but thank you Hobby Patrick for that Super Chat And thank you Zach as well I take a look At a 150 150 four-wheel drive and be Careful buying trucks in the areas in The midwest don't buy any trucks up in The Northeast where they rust real bad And I I don't know about the Midwest if

They rust real bad there or not it's Worth a drive If you're a young guy and you've got Energy and time there's no reason why You can't buy something closer to the West Coast where cars are in better Shape or even cheaper find out where the Where the trucks sell the cheapest that Could be the South or places where Incomes are lower and it's worth it Sometimes if you can save a couple five Four five grand on a pickup by traveling A little bit it's worth it to jump on a Bus or have a buddy drive you down just Drive through the night just knock it Out whatever it takes get down there and Drive it back we've done that many many Times We have a brand new member to the Channel welcome old heart Shout out to you Okay Let's get back to our project here I just love these little Echo Echo candle lanterns Yeah that's a very good point Anna said Anthony points out be careful with flood Vehicles now I had a wrecking yard and I Bought my vehicles uh exclusively off of The dealer auctions Copart and IAAI the Auctions and man that's a CD business Especially when the Russians got Involved with it it all really got CDO

Because they're they're really into the Car business and they a lot of them Don't have maybe they don't share the Same morals as some of us So there's a lot of garbage on there and I noticed that when there would be like A huge flood down south or a hurricane Or a katrina-like event that a few Months later there would be a whole Bunch of really good looking cars with What what appeared to have no damage on Them whatsoever running through the Auction and my uh I had a buddy I was Doing well with my Jeep parts and he he Was doing Auto Body next door and so he Kind of got thought he'd get into it too And he bought a 2003 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon I'll never Forget it it looked beautiful mint like No miles on I think it was even almost New and it showed it showed up I'll never forget it it showed up and Someone had stripped all of the running Gear out of it all the good stuff see The Rubicon model has some special Things in it it has uh Dana 44 axles so Heavy duty axles with lockers front and Rear versus the standard Dana 3530 that They put in the normal tjs sometimes you Could get a 44 rear axle and a TJ like a Sahara or that was a dealer option but Not a not up front so you had a little Tiny 30 axle up front so someone had Stripped that out and put

Garbage axles in underneath not even From a TJ but from the previous model Which was a YJ which were set up for Leaf spring so I had Leaf like leaf and Everything was tack welded on just well Enough to make it a roller through the Auction they'd even pulled the engine And the transmission and the transfer Case and that that those rubicons have a Special transfer case as well they put That in that nv241 they used to 241 in At the time of the tjs and that was an Awesome four to one Tran so it had all These goodies and really nice constant Velocity drive shafts Etc and he had Paid a premium for that rig because it Was so nice and he got it and it was it Was just a complete loss it was just Absolutely garbage and it was marketed It actually sold and ran some somebody Had cobbled that thing together to the Point where it would start and it would Roll Across The Auction Block and he Bought it off site and got absolutely Ruined I bought one one time from Boston never Never again that really if I didn't have Problems with the East Coast guy before When I saw what type of cars the East Coast guy drives terrible it was so Rusty I had to take it was purple too What type of a guy would buy a purple Jeep a guy from Boston would that's what Type but I got that thing and it was so

Rusty that we took it apart with an air Chisel and it was It was just with no value everything was Just absolutely garbage All right so this is the replacement Globe we're going to use some of that High production Get ready for it look at that Look at that It's gonna be nice I'll get myself a Little switcher right somewhere right Here I can touch it and we'll go back We'll rotate from our Rotate our cameras through I don't know Michael I don't know why What's up with that membership deal I've Never heard of that before Here's the new globe We have a super chat when we get a Super Chat I'm gonna give you the respect of Uh of face-to-face thank you so we'll We'll Zoom back out but we have a super Chat from Zachary Heindel shout out to you Zachary and Thank you for your generosity sure Appreciate that It's a very kind thing All right what we got going on here we Gotta get zoom in The reason why I have to reach over to My computers because I don't have a I've Got to connect my cameras with USBC Cables and I didn't have anything long

Enough so I ordered a couple 10 Footers On Amazon They'll be here in a couple days so then We can just put it right here it'll be Nicer for us So what we got going on here Is a broken Globe But I'm gonna do this get this out of Here without Cutting my hand off Let's remove Let's remove this top cap Very lightweight it's quite a clever Design This Oh that's simple enough all you have to Do I haven't done this before all you Have to do is remove that top cap And that Globe slides right out but this Is all metal these guys isn't that nice That seems to be Bigger is that bigger Oh this is this is the wrong Globe That's interesting I didn't know that they had more Products than that What do we do with the label Tell me I didn't I have a label right Didn't I just unwrap this globe what did I do with the packaging Foreign That's bizarre that that doesn't fit Actually fits inside Hmm

All right well we're back to the drawing Board on that one I'll have to look into that Oh we have a super chat from Mr Dan Dan Radke thank you Dan Dan shout out to You and and Dan asks um or says I Appreciate your videos about watches Your Explorer one is tough as nails It is tough but it's not the toughest so I I wondered how tough it was I I was I've been when I first got it I I would Take it off and not wear it on my when I Go motor riding and then I thought you Know what type of a watch can't can't Hang with uh you should if you're gonna Invest in a watch it should be tough Enough to be able to support you in Whatever activities you're doing Motorcycles Mountain whatever that is Right so I did notice I I wrote it with The for a year on Long rides and never Had any problem with it and then I Noticed uh this fall one of the screws On the on the watch band had been back And backed out a little bit so I had a Little screwdriver and tighten that back Up in there so I've been taking it off So but it is tough It's never given me Any problem or never not worked but I Thought oh there's no reason to Temp Fate here But thank you Dan for that Super Chat we Sure appreciate that

Foreign Stuff apart and didn't have the right Part or something I used to put it in The Box And thought well I'll get it get at that Later you know what happens when you do That You lose you lose the pieces It doesn't work it's best off to Put it take a minute put it back Together Go get your piece and then Everything is where it's supposed to be Nothing wrong with wearing a Timex watch Nothing wrong with wearing a Casio watch Nothing wrong with wearing a ten Thousand dollar watch if that's what you Want to do you don't it's I would never Judge anyone it's your money you do what You want to do you know there's some People that have you know I heard a Perfect example I had So last year Jack had a um what they call a protocol We homeschool as you guys know and the Protocol was basically the homeschoolers Version of a prom and it was beautifully Done it was set up so all the one thing That us homeschoolers realize that is Very important is to make sure that the Kids Are properly socialized that they have a Friend group growing up so we Mrs Debbie And I have committed a lot of time and

Effort into that and that means you know Especially before Jack got his driver's License and that means Making the sacrifice to drive him to These things making the sacrifice to Make sure he's involved with sports make Sure that he has access to other friends And kids we're giving him the best Classic Education that we can but we Also wanted to be a normal person and Have friends because those friendships That you make in school are important And many of you probably still have Friends that you met when you were in School so So there there is that In the protocol was a big portion of That this prom and so it was really it Was really awesome it was a fun thing to Do I took Jack Um to we went into Portland and got him You know set up with his first nice Clothing and and jacket and you know had It tailored and all that and I didn't Have a suit uh and I thought you know Every man should have a suit at least One suit if nothing to have something to Be buried in right or you know when you Go to your kid's wedding you know you're Going to want to suit or graduation a Nice nice things so I thought oh I'll I'll go ahead and get a suit so I had a Bespoke suit made from a really really Great tailor in Portland it was a really

Fun experience but so Jack and I would Go in and and when you have a suit made This was news to me because I've always Bought suits off the rack I go in and Because of the way I'm the weight my Frame the way I'm built I have Um I can go to a store and buy stuff off The rack and it fits me good I can wear A 44 long and I'm the sample size of What they make most manufacturers make That particular jacket for so it's easy For me to buy clothing without having to Have any modifications or anything done On that sort of thing so I've never had A custom suit made before So it was really a fun experience so you You show up And you uh Uh sit down with the tailor uh and you Talk about uh you know what is it you Want to do and and how how do you how do You move in a suit and how do you expect To wear this and is it going to be and What should if you're going to only have One suit what color should that be Versus have multiple suits and that was Fun to do and then we picked out the Fabric and then you pick out the buttons It was a kind of a cool thing and I like The guy and we had a lot in common you Know I didn't really understand his World But as A detail-oriented as I am with tools and

Things that I get into I really study And and I like those the minutia and the Detail of that this guy had that same Philosophy but his particular trait as a Tailor he was he took his job very Seriously it's a real pleasure to work With someone like that that is Passionate that is a master at their Trade to master at their craft and the Whole experience was fun so I ended up Going in I think three three or four Times four times maybe it was And I would go in for different Measurings and then they would make the Pants and the jacket it was kind of just Stitched together and then you and then They put it on you and it was just a fun Process and what watch Are You Gonna Wear and how big should the cuff be and I didn't realize that Real suits actually uh button at the Cuff you know all suits if you look at Your suit jacket that you bought from Marshalls like I had you know to go to Your high school graduation that's got Buttons on it but those buttons are not Real they're just fake but a real suit Those are actually real buttons and he Told me uh when he was you know putting It on we were going through it he Unbuttoned this one he said we like to Leave one of those unbuttoned so that Anyone that looks at the suit will know That this is a real bespoke suit and not

Authorized And then you pick out the lining uh what Lining you wanted and and if you want a Phone pocket so it was kind of a cool Experience I didn't do a bespoke suit For Jack I told him um that when you When you have a big event in your life And you're not growing anymore and You've reached your normal size you know We'll make an event we'll go in there And that's one thing that I will send You off with is I'll send you into the World with a good suit at least you'll At least you'll have that right so that Was kind of a fun experience I don't know what we were talking about But But thank you Zach for the Super Chat we Have a super chat From Logan thank you Logan Uh that was very generous of you Logan is a member and he writes hi hey Wrangler star I've been a subscriber for About eight months now I watch all the New videos you put out I'm currently Working my way through every single Video from the beginning much love and Respect from Wisconsin now that is Committed I've done that for a few channels I've I've gotten into channels that I really Like and have went back and uh and Watched the whole catalog there's a lot Of videos that I've watched a lot of

Creators that I've watched all of their Content I'm pretty sure or ninety Percent of it anyway But thank you for that Super Chat Okay we should probably wrap it up what Do you think Mama You're gonna sit here all day you sit Here all day huh She'll be here all day on her chair All right well let's fill up the stove And then we'll uh shut it down until Tomorrow Foreign I've got a little bit more firewood to Bring in it's out there getting rained On and I do not like that so I'm gonna A couple days rain is not going to hurt It but it needs to come in So it is currently 9 30. I did see a comment some one of you guys Asked me about the weather station that I used The best ones that I have found are made By ambient weather so you go to ambient Weather their site A lot of those I've had I've always Liked to have a weather station so I'm Always curious about What's going on and what the barometer Is doing my great I got that from my Grandfather He uh after he retired he'd sit in his Easy chair and he put up he had a

Barometer which I have today let me show You I'm gonna show you Grandad's Barometer here we're going to restore This and put it up That I grew up with this well I put it In my toolbox I grew up with this when I was a boy Looking at it and we would talk about it He explained to me how the Mercury worked and such But he had two weather instruments And this is one of them This is a Let's take advantage of this high Production So this was his weather station and it's Isn't that cool So this is a it's all what type of wood Is this I'm gonna go this looks like Cherry Yeah that looks like cherry wood And it's uh very high quality it looks To be made if I had to guess I would say That this was oh here we go made in Western Germany of course so this this Would have been probably from the 60s I'm guessing made in Germany this is a Precision instrument believe it or not You know that's when things were made The best they could be where's the Camera at so we have a an actual mercury Thermometer right here and the old Thermometers used to be Mercury like This one

And then You know when I was a kid we used to go Get these things and we would bust them Open and save the Mercury my great my Dad had a little nail polish bottle full Of it and we would take it out and play With it you don't want to touch it it's Not good for you so that's what they Told us anyway you know that term Matt Is a Hatter have you heard this guy's Mad as a Hatter Well this is what history tells us I Haven't verified this you know the I Used to take what I was told about Historical events and history and school I used to take that as gospel For my teachers until I realized that They were doing nothing but just Parroting a lot of nonsense that they Had been told and no one had really done Any true investigation so I'm I'm somewhat skeptical about thing maybe Some things that we've told that have Always we've understood to be true which I don't know that are they are true Um so I put you it puts you in a Difficult position because once you Realize that you're being lied to and That there's been a false narrative and A lot of the things you believe have Believed to always have been true turn Out to not be true it uh it does Jade You and then you start questioning well All these things that we've understood

To be true uh maybe they're not But Mercury I would imagine Mercury Might be bad for you but how Mercury That that term matters a Hatter came About is they used to use mercury in the Felting process of making hats and that Was big business in the day I don't know Why men don't wear hats anymore Especially in wet environments it just Doesn't make sense to go outside and get Rained on in the head on your head and Packing around an umbrella and such I've Always found that to be somewhat Feminine Um my Granddad was he would never grab an Umbrella maybe my perception of that is From from him he buys me but living in The valley in Oregon where it reads all The time He'd put a hat on he would never have an Umbrella he said no he goes men don't Use umbrellas umbrellas are for women so There was no umbrella my dad wouldn't Use an umbrella either and no straws no Men should be drinking out of straws oh Come on now they bring you a cup or a Glass with a straw and it take that Straw out and lay it down goodness suck It on the straw like some sort of a Child get rid of that now there is one Exception if you're driving If you're driving you go through the uh Through the drive-through then straws

Are permitted But this has a Mercury Mercury mercury thermometer High production And here we are And then here we have it's been so long Since I've looked dead but it's dirty And it's going to need all cleaned up And everything there's even a little bit Of corrosion on that brass we have a um A barometer Let's get a measure barometric pressure With a needle and this is nice so he Used to Goodness this brings back such memories When we were watching the Mercury fall Or the barometer fall we would take this Needle we would line it up and then you Could see how much it had moved and when You're a little kid time moves so slow That that was very helpful and then we Have what is this A hygrometer And to be honest with you I don't know What that is but we'll find out and Little Star But all of this brass You know this isn't this isn't thin Hollow cheap Like just take this piece for example And made beautiful there's no reason There's no reason To go to all the trouble For this instrument

And to do this beautiful woodworking do You understand How much effort Goes into making something like this How much work goes into that how about This little piece right here this is Solid Brass Heavy High quality no reason to put it on There other than just to be beautiful See this is made by someone not only is It a usable and functional instrument But this is made By someone to be beautiful as well It doesn't have to be Brutal and minimalistic and strictly a Utility And all of this gentlemen I tell you Wake up and look around Everything all of this is intentional And by Design Art What was considered to be high art or Classical art at one time something that Took a lifetime of skill to Matt to Master uh What was in the past you know held up as A standard is not the same today so now We have what's considered and held up to Be art is garbage but yet they tell you That this is the new art This Modern or This just a simple Circle or a red Square or someone throwing paint or

Urine on a canvas they'll tell you that This is now High art this is all to make You think everything that you've known Is backwards to keep you confused and to Keep you in the dark What we need to do in this time more Than ever is we need to draw that Line In the Sand And be very conscious about what things Are and to say either it is or it isn't There are actual people that are so Misled and so confused by traditional Norms changing or standards changing That they'll they're actually parroting And speaking things that are contrary to What they see with their own eyes that They're so programmed and so controlled That they will just go along with Whatever they're told there is a Consorted effort to keep you confused And to steal your heritage and to steal Everything that you've known to be true And we the history is important the Reason why dictators and the reason why Tyrants in the past have worked very Hard to eliminate history and to root it Out and to get rid of books and to get Rid of pictures all of that is a Reminder of what was and the way things Should be so if you can make that go Away and if you can change history books And you can change all just do away with All of that then you can write the new Future so kids being born now if they

Don't have access to the past they don't Have access to see the way things were And the way things can be and can be Beautiful Then they don't even know that that's an Option and if you look around now you Look around at everything you see look At uh Architecture look at the architecture of The past compared with the architecture That we have now if you look at a school A public school and you look at a a Prison Do you know that they're the same Architecture they're the same footprint They're the same design they are I'm not going to go out on a limb and Say that there's a consorted effort that Someone someone has a Sinister plan to Condition children where they'll feel Comfortable where they're being raised 8 12 10 years in one of these Institutional buildings and that will Not be a stretch for them to go into Something that looks very similar into a Prison you know it's the same thing high Schools and prisons are almost the same Thing and then you take architecture Like just restaurants uh strip malls all Of it is uninspired it is uh brutalistic It's minimalistic it's ugly it's gray It's bland there is nothing beautiful There's nothing details it's fake it's Plastic it's all the same there is no

Soul to it there's there's nothing It's all the same So You know I was thinking yesterday Was a it had been a year was the one Year anniversary of my father passing Away last year and we had um We got together as a family and we were Just talking looking at some pictures And just kind of Remembering dad in that way And Mrs W said well how how incredible That I was upstairs cleaning it just so Happened we I found your old photo album And in that photo album was a lot of Childhood pictures of me and my friends There were pictures when I was a racing BMX and pictures of you're standing on The podium with the trophies there were Pictures from the 70s and such as Birthday parties and just all of those Family pictures that we had that were on Film And I hadn't seen these for a long time And to be honest with you you know when I was in my 20s 30 and 30s and even 40s I really embraced the digital phase and I thought these old things and this old Film and you know this doesn't really Have any value now things are new and we Can what we used to have to do with These pictures we used to have to go and Have them developed and we'd have to get A photo album and put them in there took

Some time and effort but once you had it And once you took them you had them Forever And it's common for families if they Leave have to leave the house quickly What are the things that they take you Know back in the day people would take The Family Bible because it had the Genealogy written in the family from it And they would take photo albums because Those were the things that could not be Replaced And I was thinking when we were looking At those What a treasure they were to have those Photos 40 40 year old photos to go back And look in this reminder this is my Family and this is where I grew up and This is these are taken care of and Protected And it was it was quite a thing to to See these photos and now being older and Maybe more nostalgic nostalgic I Understand why older people are so why They the photos are so important to them Because it's a connection with where we Came from that no matter what anyone Tells you or how chaotic chaotic things Can get they can't take that away from You and then how do we do it today we Take more photos than we ever had and It's at our fingertips tips and we can Just take photos unlimited you know There's no cost they're free but where

Are they Where are the pictures you're taking Today will you have those photos in 40 Years or can all of our history And all of our memories and everything That we've ever done can that all be Just disappeared with a click of a Keystroke Click of a keystroke you're financially Ruined Click of a keystroke you are Um uh all of your heritage and your Family history and your photos and Memories and videos those can all be Gone And once they're gone You know then our the record of our Existence and the record of who we are Where we came from was nothing more than A verbal record and what do we how do we Look at the world now if it's not on Video if you don't have receipts it Didn't happen you know I I don't know Where I'm going with this but It seems to me that the the effort is by The adversary is just is to really Attack the families and once the family Is is attacked and we don't know where We came from and we don't stand for Anything we have no morals and no values And no anchor Then we can be moved and we can be Plugged into any system and separated And destroyed

Because if you're if your wealth can be Or your freedom can be changed from a Click of a keystroke then are you really A free man are you in control of Anything Yet you have some property uh you're not In debt you've got tools and the ability To make a living let's say they take Away your living let's say they shut Down your YouTube account let's say you You said something you're falsely Accused of something and now you've been Canceled According to them and according to most People they've just destroyed you They've taken everything from you and You'll never be able to have a voice Again and that problem is solved you you Stood up and you got hammered down and That's done well if you're in the system Then then they can do that But you find that you can produce a Little bit of your own power and maybe You can heat and cook your food with the Wood you cut yourself and maybe you've Invested in a small business or you Bought a piece of equipment or invested In yourself and you've got an electrical Trade now they can't take these things Away from you now these make you Independent and they give you freedom And the ability and that's a rare thing Most people are not going to be thinking About that most people are not going to

Be doing that they're very One-dimensional Granddad guys in the past your dad your Grandparents were very versatile they Didn't see themselves as one thing now You're an accountant I'm an accountant I'm an engineer I'm an attorney and I Can't do anything outside of that I Can't go clean my gutters because I Don't know I don't even have a ladder Need to be versatile you need to be Versatile they take something away from You oh that's fine I'll do this I was Getting tired of that anyway you can't Do this okay well I can drive a truck so Having the trade having something to Fall back on having some options You know it makes it gives you courage It gives you boldness You cannot stand most people cannot Stand up against tyranny if everything That they've held to be sacred or their Livelihood is going to be threat Threatened you just are not in a Position of power I'm not blaming anyone and I'm not Judging anyone it's easy for me to say Oh let's have someone come and threaten My Independence threaten my ability to Take care of my my family uh and will I Have the fortitude will I have the Courage to stand up and put everything At risk to stand for my principles Well it's a whole lot easier to do that

If you have options It's a whole lot easier you know you're Not negotiating from a place of weakness So options gentlemen how can you have Options Don't cry about the things where the way They were don't cry that things are not Going to go back to the way they were But use this as a way to to cause you to Push you out of the nest have options Have a plan B always have a plan B you Have a good job driving forklift driving Truck you're doing whatever everything's Going good you're making good money Getting overtime that's fine But also have a plan if I show up for Work today and I've got my Walking Papers I've already got a plan so it's No surprise and what would that be you Know is it driving is it driving for Uber is it uh doing an eBay hustle I Don't know you'll have to figure that Out but have it in the works now so that When the when if the emergency comes You're not going to be caught on the Back foot We have a super chat from our friend Nicholas Kyle thank you Nicholas for This very generous Super Chat and Nicholas writes uh History should be remembered so that its Wrongs are not repeated erasing history Or changing it is done so that we can Uh be repeated yeah that's exactly right

It's just a cycle the elites the Adversary the ones those that are Against us have been here for a long Long time and they study and they know Human Nature You know the devil the adversary knows The Bible better than you do you know God tells us that the Devils know that God is real and they quiver and they Shake because they understand his power And they understand his pres what he can Do And we miss out on Blessings we miss out on opportunities Because we are too afraid to trust God We think that we are on the defense we Think that our God or subconsciously Maybe is not as powerful as the god of The world and that if we can just not Make a stink and not make us stir and Just go along and get along you know Maybe we can get through this Earth and Get our Salvation then we'll we won't be Hated by men and hopefully God won't Despise us but you know the Bible Clearly tells us is that you've got to Pick a side brother You got to pick a side You got to pick a side you got to put Your hand to that plow and you've got to Go you know the old Granddad used to say When you start plowing when we start Used to start plowing with a tractor Men prided themselves on straight rows

Straight fences you could look at a man And you could drive by his farm or drive By his property and you could see what Type of a man you had there I had a religi a guy that's a a devout Christian years ago at the Old Homestead And when I tell you these stories I'm Not telling you these these things to Build myself up in a way where look at Me I'm the I'm a good guy here and I'm Doing it right I'm not saying that I'm Saying this is that we're trying to do Better we're trying to be more Christ-like and I'm just giving examples So that we can see because the best way For us to learn Is not by hearing something from someone Who's not done anything If your dad is broke and he's living Paycheck to paycheck Stop taking Financial advice from them If he knew what to do he wouldn't be Working a job if he knew what to do he Would have been retired to not still be Working at 68. so nothing against him But he doesn't have anything to offer You go talk to someone who's done it go Talk to someone who is who is Financially well off who owns their home See what they did that's how you learn That's how men learn from each other If you want to know what welder to buy You don't go to the Miller dealer and Talk to a Salesman is he a bad guy

Because he's a Salesman and he's selling Welders no but consider the source if he Was a super capable guy and if he was Like was really really master of his Trade he would be doing other things Again not everyone's cut out for Greatness sometimes people just need to Have normal jobs not everyone's cut out For the same thing just we need to Accept that this idea that we're all Equal and we all need to go to college You know that's just nonsense some People are smarter than others some People are less lazy than others some People have more motivation and drive Some people are entrepreneurs and some People are not So find your lane what it is and exploit It to the best of your Billy do what you Can and to to get in there and to do What do what you can but don't compare Yourself with other people That's the main thing What have I to do with you But thank you Nicholas for that Super Chat and he's right He's right and erasing history or Changing it is done so that It can be repeated in one way or another That's exactly right I notice You know I I One of the biggest I'll close with this This is going on long enough one of my

Biggest concerns one of my biggest Concerns Of course is Mate selection for your children right This has this is out of my hands Kind of out of our hands so Mrs Debbie and I you know when we talk About We have what two or three years left With Jack while he's in the house And we're still we still Embark by and Large have a lot of influence on his Life you know and we can make decisions On Kind of Let's say he's going to be in debate he Wants to be in debate he's good at it he Likes it but we can make you know we can Kind of steer what debate team he goes With you know and what type of kids he's Plugged in with you know do we put him Strictly with secular kids that have Been involved in public schools their Whole life that don't share our morals And values Or since we're paying the bills and we Can kind of control things can we get Him into maybe into more of a group of Kids that share our values who parents Whose parents share our values as well And give him uh the absolute best Send-off And Yeah I don't know I might be speaking

Out to turn here I got to be careful What I say here That's enough we can get this this is Another time but um It's a scary thing when you have kids if You don't have them already you You've raised them the best you can Given them the best education you can Try to share your values Year after year after year and uh it's It's a tough job sometimes you think It's not working you know one thing it's It's been funny with Jack Is we are him and I are so different And I didn't see it at first I I just Assumed he was going to be like a little Me you know Jack was my first child my First born son and kids don't come with Manuals you know and having coming it Being a uh having Boomers as parents and Coming out of uh you know Gen X you know We kind of raised ourselves you know so We didn't learn much from raising kids From our Boomer parents whatsoever you Know actually probably how not to do it So So there there is a bit of a learning Curve with that and so you just kind of Think well I'll just raise him the way To do things that I like to do you know And and there can when he started Getting older 12 13 or so I started to Realize you know he doesn't share my Interests

He's doing this and he's building this And working with me on these projects But he doesn't really love it I see that He's you know more interested in things That are in a line you know more Intellectual things like his mother with That and it helped me to kind of Once once I realized it helped me it was Okay I wasn't doing anything wrong and I Didn't fail Jack because he didn't uh Was wasn't proficient in these Particular things or didn't know how to Weld as good as I did and sometimes I Was a little hard on myself with that But I realized that's not not really his Thing and I would show him over and over Again and I would get somewhat Exasperated you know he he'd come out And I had shown him where the air compressor Was 50 times and he'd come outside you Know where's the air compressor it's Like oh you know you're beating your Head against the wall but the funny Thing is that then his show so you've Told him a thousand times and he seems Not to be sinking in His buddies come over And peer pressure starts to come Involved and it's incredible here's Jack Working around the shop like he's an old Hand like a journeyman now he knows Where the ratchet is he knows how to Change a tire he's teaching the kids how

To do this and I'm like you you were Listening the whole time you picked up All of this uh and now uh but you Wouldn't wouldn't tell me and uh so that Was it was really interesting learning Curve Um And then so you just start to get it Figured out it's like okay if I had Another son then I'll really know how to Do it you know I'll make sure I uh kind Of tailor life and and Make sure that opportunities are are Present where he can or he can exercise Their interests and and Go in different Directions Um that's what's fun about homeschooling Is that you can pick it you have to pick A curriculum and you have to kind of Cover the basics you know Reading Writing and arithmetic but the nice Thing is is that when you start to see Your child or the student that's um Perks up at something you you'll cross a Topic and you'll obviously you'll see Right away oh this is a great interest To him well then you can start bringing That sort of thing in and tailoring the Education to that it makes educating a Child and makes it a joy because it's so Fun to learn when you're interested in The topic if it's something that you're Passionate about boy the time just flies By and you just ABS you just love it but

When it's um if you can find that for The kids then there's nothing wrong with It I I told Mrs W I said in Jack's last Couple years of homeschooling We have some benchmarks that we have to Meet you know things we report to the State you know we keep a transcript and All of that just like everyone else Would But we have a lot more flexibility with This and I said rather than just Following a curriculum and doing just The regular thing that's a drudgery to Jack let's tailor this education uh more In line to things that he's interested In and it's just a great great way to It's a great way to educate kids And you you kind of have to I mean if You're on the fence with this do you Have children or you're thinking about Having children If you are Um A man of the book or do you think you Are becoming a man of the book a man of God a soldier of God if you want to be On In the in the army of God in the final Days Um then I it seems to me It seems to me that Most public schools are not going to be Compatible with with that and if you are Putting your children

I got to be careful here I'm very black and white Mrs W tells me that this is a Problem uh and that I'm I'm not able or Unwilling to see things From other people's point of views Um But I I disagree with that I think the Black and white Let's take a black and white example Public School versus Homeschooling Which which is better which one should You do I can say as a rule in this particular Time and space as a rule for most people Homeschooling is is going to be a better Option What they're teaching in a lot of public Schools is not compatible with Christianity it's against it so as the Priest of your home The priest of your household You have you bear the greater Responsibility Uh To your children and to maintaining your Family I don't have a scripture for this but I Am convinced that in the day of judgment You as a father that has been given a Wife Again let's remember there's always Going to be circumstances and I'm going

To say this you should homeschool you Should do the thus and so and then I'll Get 15 emails in the next couple hours From people explaining why how hurt they Were by this comment and that they're Not able to do this even though they Want to because of EX of a situation I'm not talking about you I'm not Talking about that Black and white yes but the black and White when I come here with black and White that and I say you should be Homeschooling if you're a person of Faith if you're a husband if you have a Family and you are leaving the training And education of your children a gift Given to you from God if you're leaving It that in the hands of strangers and The state Then you might give an account for that If you lose your children if they are Not able or the school just destroys Their ability To have a soft heart and to give their Heart to God or to make the choice or to At least be able to see both sides of The decision Then I think you'll give an account for That and as the head of your household You'll take more responsibility than Anyone I've been talking to myself here as well So If you have the means and the ability

Then that is the direction you probably Want to think about doing I know it's Scary especially Mrs W basically has a Ministry going on here now and a Constant Meetings and people coming over and Phone calls with mothers that are Realizing this with mothers that have Always had their children in Public School But because of maybe it was coveted Maybe it was Um Woke education maybe it is Um crazy left-wing teachers or policies That they just can't in good conscious Keep their children in there and pulling Them out but they're really scared Because maybe they don't feel that They're worthy maybe they don't feel That they have a strong enough Background to to do this and that They're going to hinder their children Rather than giving them a head start by Giving them an education that's inferior It's not the case The resources are there homeschooling Right now is exploding for the very Reasons that I've laid out and you don't Have to be a teacher to be able to do This Teachers a lot of teachers hate Homeschooling They're very antagonistic about it in

The area that I live there's even almost A rift between teachers and Homeschoolers Teachers Oftentimes think that they are Well we don't need to get into teachers Teachers are not some of the best people In this country as a rule Um but what's going to be a better Education really a one-on-one or Two-on-one with your parents who who Know the children who know their Weaknesses know their strengths who's Going to give them a better education And a start in life not to mention You're shielding them from a lot of Really negative influences that they Just don't need to deal with I'm not telling I'm not saying keeping Them In a bubble But at least protect their innocence There's no reason Six seven eight-year-old kids need to be Subject to deviant behavior in schools And if you're a father and you think That that's not your responsibility and You're a man you claiming to be a Christian and you walk with Christ and You have thrown your children to the Wolves of secularism and woke policy You'll give an account While given account So something that you need to pray with

Pray about it's something that you need To seek help from but don't think that You can't do it because you can do it And really Kids don't need to be in an institution For eight or ten hours all that is is Babysitting for the most part Babysitting it's an hour it's a work It's a full work shift so that The adversary could break up the Families could get the women out of the Houses where they were they were the Traditional teacher and nurturer of Their own children get their children in An institution get the women out in the Workforce now we have an opportunity Where we can separate we can get drive a Wedge between the father and the wife we Could introduce opportunities of Infidelity we can Opera we can just we Can just destroy the whole family and Once the family's destroyed then the Society is destroyed it's so simple and So clear once you start to see it So we Just don't participate in this that's What we do we're not taking up arms I'm Not a violent person I I wish no one Harm I don't ever want to have to pull Pull any do anything in anger But I'm not going to compromise either And there is a line there's a line that I've crossed a moral line that I won't Allow to be crossed

Um there is a boundary there's a Physical line in my property that I Won't be allowed to cross that would Affect me or my family in a negative way And I've already understood this I Understand what I'm willing I've already Determined and resolved how much I'm Willing to be pushed and how how much I'm willing to accept or how much Garbage I'm willing to to swallow before I just don't participate anymore and I'm Learning to say no Uh and I'm learning learning to to push Back and to say no I'm not participating In that oh I can't do your I can't go to Your sports events because I'm not Vaccinated oh okay oh I can't eat at Your restaurant because I don't have um Uh an ID or a past a coveted passport oh Oh that's okay oh I can't work or I Can't upload YouTube videos because I Don't uh I haven't sold my soul to the Devil uh oh that's okay well then I'll I'll go drive a truck it's options Gentlemen it's all about options if you Do not have options if everything your Whole life is hanging on the thread of Your job at the whim of someone else That is not freedom and the reason why You're discontent and the reason why you Don't sleep at night and the reason why You don't have any peace in your life is Because you know that your situation You're not a free man and you don't have

Options So when you're thinking at night in bed And you're driving to work what can I do When this all evaporates what am I going To do when this transmission goes out on My wife's minivan what am I going to do You have a plan have a plan and pray About it you know the Bible tells us Sometimes we think that God is so busy And so lofty he doesn't have time about My little concerns he doesn't have time To be bothered with the sliver that's Been in my finger for a week and it's Getting infected and I just can't get Out he doesn't have time To worry about how am I going to make This truck payment how am I going to buy How am I going to heat My home when my oil bill for my furnace Has just doubled or tripled So there you you get a couple of these Things like that and then your job is Not secure pretty soon your life is Miserable all you're doing is just Stewing and worrying you're worrying About things that you have no control Over whatsoever And it just it distracts detracts from Your life Fear not God tells us what he's like I'm Going to paraphrase here I'll close with This he says you know what Why are you so anxious about what's Going to happen tomorrow do you even

Know what tomorrow's going to bring and Here you are all day long ringing your Hands worrying stewing Diminishing your life quality because You're worrying about something that you Can't change and have no control over He said do you see that little bird over There Do you think it worries does it plan for The future does it sow does it reap No Do you not know that God knows what this Little bird has need of and provides Everything that it needs no matter how Cold it gets no matter how much it rains That bird And every single animal has been Provided with the things it needs to Survive without doing anything really Too much on its own initiative apart From just doing the basics it's Following its its instinct He says you see that little bird I take Care of it right there even goes on to Say you know God Is aware of everything that he has made He even knows the very moment that Little the smallest of animals Falls to the ground And dies he's aware of that he's aware Of that and he feels it it is a loss to Him it is one it is his creation just Like something that we created a piece Of pottery a beautiful a chainsaw scrub

Structure whatever you know to to if you Had spent something and poured yourself Into it and it was destroyed in front of You or burned up in a fire it would be a Loss to you you would be aware of that Loss because it meant something to you It was a value to you He says you know and this is telling us About the character of God you know God Is so mysterious and everyone you ask is Going to have a very different take and Interpretation on that and yet we have The 66 books It's important to have those and those Books are telling us How God has interacted and and walked Alongside of and helped mankind get Through a very difficult situation how He strove and he's worked with men even How he's implemented situational ethics Even though he is said he's brought down His Commandments from Sinai written The Ten Commandments written on the tablets Of stone with the very Finger of God so That there was no mistake that these Were not written by Moses these did not Come from the wisdom of man these came From the Creator these are Eternal these Laws are Eternal immutable tells us There's no question they cannot be Violated that the wages of violating These Commandments are what are sin Good and evil cannot exist together just Like light and dark cannot exist

Together And so we have these Commandments this If you want to talk about black and White this gentleman is black and white Thou shall not steal Thou shalt not Murder Thou shalt not covet thy Neighbor's ass or his ox or his wife all These things that there is little room For air in there or or for Interpretation in there So how is it that we have situation After situation after situation in the Bible Of women and women that are have openly In the scriptures violated these Commandments only need to be held up by God or by the writer that was inspired By God as a pinnacle of faith and an Example unto us How do we justify that How do we justify the story Of the children of Israel when Joseph Was they're getting ready to cross the Jordan they've been wandering in the Desert for 40 years they're getting Ready to take possession The Inheritance The 12 tribes of the of the 12 pieces of Land that have been set aside and laid Out for God And instead of occupying they're concern Because they just he decides to send Some spies in let's send some spies in Let's check it out let's see what we're Up against God told us that all we have

To do is to inherit it but we don't Trust God so we're going to just to be Safe we'll send some spies in there Well The spies were in there and and the Everyone knew that an invading Army was Coming everyone knew that there was this Massive horde of the children of Israel That are living out the desert they've Been out there for 40 years word spreads Everybody knows you know what are they Doing these people were slaves for 400 Years and they came out of the desert And they're being led by this stuttering Man Moses you know is it a threat do They even have arms but they knew what Was going on So they were probably somewhat somewhat Concerned if you have a a a a a a group Of over a million people that has camped Outside of your your borders you know You're going to maybe put up some Defenses you're going to pay attention You know of what's going on so they knew Exactly what was going on you know they Didn't know if they were their Intentions were good or evil So there's the story so when these spies Are in there they were looking around it Just so happened they were found out They were being chased and so they took Refuge they ran down the street and they Went in this building that happened to Be belonged to a woman uh by the name of

Rahab and Rahab was a prostitute now as We know prostitution is not it is Somewhat frowned upon in the good book It would be not be a vocation that you Would want to to be involved in And yet we have multiple examples of Women that were prostitutes that were Greatly honored in the Bible so honored That we're talking about them today and They their deeds what they did were Written down for posterity forever in That very precious real estate in 66 Books So is God black and white if he's black And white then why is he lifting up Prostitutes as examples of of Women of Faith Or murderers Well the answer is simple So what happened in this story is this Is the spies were about to be found out They dashed into the prostitute's house And she knew exactly who who they were She was a smart woman and she said okay I'm paraphrasing here here's what we'll Do I'm going to hide you guys under the Flax on the roof uh and I'll cover for You but I want you To remember me when you sacked the city I want safe passage I want to I don't Destroy me I'm doing this kindness for You and I'll turn those soldiers away But you need to do a kindness for me a Pre a quid pro quo so to speak

And what date what what the children of Is despise what they agreed to was that She would hang a cord or Ribbon or Something out her window and she her Place was on the exterior wall all Cities had walls in those days that when The children of Israel came in to take Possession that they would spare her and That signal of that red or that Ribbon Or rope hanging out of the window was Was a signal for her well she hid them Up on the roof I believe memory serves And when the soldiers came to the door Looking for her she came out and said Yes I saw them they ran down there and If you run quickly you can find them So here we have an example of a woman in The Bible Who's held up as a pillar of faith Who lied who broke the Commandment she Lied to the soldiers And because she lied The the spies were saved Now we go fat we fast forward we take That story there and we fast forward to The New Testament we have clearly a Clear clearly a statement that says that Anyone there'll be no Liars in the Kingdom anyone who lies or the false Prophet or the false witness will be Cast into the into the Lake of Fire that There won't beat anyone in there so how Do how do we match that how do we take The Old Testament

Where we have a situation where a woman Obviously lied but saved men we have This is what we call situation Situational ethics where the end Justifies the means or or what we're Going to do uh is okay we're going to Break the law we're going to break lost Commandments because it's for the Greater good Right And Not only was Rahab honored in this Story by her what she did Of saving the spies and the whole thing But also She was so honored you know that she's a Progenitor of Christ that one of the Patriarchs you know we know that Christ Came from the tribe of Judah was to come Out of the tribe of Judah but one of the Patriarchs took this woman who was a Former prostitute into his family as a Wife and she actually shares is in the Bloodline of Christ So if you follow it back in the Genealogies Jesus is Great great great great great whatever Grandmother who however it falls in uh Was a prostitute So you know This this is a tiny snapshot of how vast The scriptures are and how they're Different than any other book in a Particular rabbit hole that you can go

Down in that will blow your mind once You start to understand it But we'll close with this so how do we Justify this how do we justify you can't Lie you'll be thrown in the fiery pit There'll be no Liars in the Kingdom with Rahab being uh we're so greatly honored And obviously a liar and a prostitute Right what we have is we have a perfect Example of a perfect God working with an Imperfect World Um helping his people get along God is Willing this is important take this with You today and think about this God is willing To set His rule Aside in a particular situation Rather than seeing his children Destroyed Because he could be a hard God He could say look We warned you We warned you you had these tablets You've known about this for thousands of Years you don't break this commandment If you break this commandment this these Are the consequences But in a fallen world with everyone not Everyone being on the same page in the Same situation A loving And got a God that's worthy to be Worshiped can't take attack like that it

Would be unfair of him to do that it Would be unfair like it would be unfair For someone with a physical handicap to Be entered into a 100 meter race with Usain Bolt and both the gun goes off and They both run and Usain Of course wins and we have someone that Doesn't have the abilities and no matter How much training no matter how what Type of diet no matter anything he'll Never be able to compete on that level Can we say well sorry No trophy for you no acknowledgment no Nothing for you because you you were a Loser you didn't win and so therefore You knew the rules when you entered the Game that's just the way that it is That's not the way God is God Understands that each case Is different it's it's situational it Depends it depends on your situation You cannot expect a loving God cannot Expect the same out of a person that's Been given every opportunity to parents In the family Comfortable living good education a Perfect send-off in life to make things Happen versus someone born in the inner City with no father in the home and a Drug-addicted crime-infested area with No hope you can't expect the same result From those two people wouldn't be fair It wouldn't be fair so when this was a Very roundabout way of explaining

Justifying my black and white nature so Yes there is a time and a place we have To have a standard we have to have a Basic standard of decency Society the way the way that things are Done But we also need to understand that not Everyone can live up to that standard And there needs to be an Avenue for Those who can't and they need to have an Opportunity as as well So when Mrs W says you're so black and White it's either this or that but There's a lot of gray area I understand that I am black and white For things that I think things that Should be this way I think it's best to Have an intact family for raising kids I Think it's best To stay to to be committed to one woman And one woman to one man I think is best For your relationship I think it's best For society and I think it's best for For raising children I think that these Need to be standards that we try to all Achieve But that's not to say and I've never Taken the stance that once that standard Is once you're no longer able to live up To that once let's say something Happened and you couldn't keep your Marriage together that your wife woke up One day and said I'm not happy and took Your wealth and took your kids and here

You find yourself now living in your car And here's this dude on the internet That just came on and said if you're not Homeschooling your kids if you're not Going to church if you're not doing this Then you're not as good as me or you're Not doing it right or you're a second Class citizen when it comes to God and He doesn't love you enough I've never Said that and I don't believe that But is not that standard what we're Trying to get back to Is it okay that you're living in your Car is it okay that you've lost Everything and that you or is it okay That your kids are in public school of Course it is I don't know see your situation I'm not Sitting up here on a high horse in an Ivory Tower in my privilege looking back And telling you what you should be doing If someone were to do this to me 10 Years ago when I had nothing when I was Borrowing money from family members to Try to scrounge together a down payment On a crappy old house and someone were To tell me you need to be doing this and You need to be doing that I would have took personal offense to That and I would have underly I would Have unsubscribed from that channel and I would I would have had a very low Opinion of that of that content creator What I'm talking about

Is that we need to protect the standard So that we can at least have something To look up to at least have something to To Aspire to at least have a reason to Get up in the morning Because if you're just drinking yourself To sleep every night I'm saying this Because I've done it I've known it I can Sympathize with it I made the decision to quit drinking for Good I don't I can't play with it uh I Like to think that I could I like to Think that I could Have the boys over here uh on Saturday Night after a ride and knock some beers Down I'd like to think that I could have A little bar over there with my favorite Whiskeys that I could enjoy three Fingers of my favorite Scotch by the Wood stove in the evening I like to I Like to think that would be really nice To have but can I do that I can't do that because once the bottle Comes out then I will not be content Until it's half gone You know it used to be When I was on the road I got a job Working as a construction superintendent I would work I would fly the company I Worked for would give me um a FedEx Would show up and it had it have an Airplane ticket in it rental car voucher And a Set of blueprints and I would it would

Tell me okay you're flying to Chicago And you're going to be there for 10 Weeks and you're going to oversee the Construction of this Banana Republic Store that was what I did So I would roll into a new town And at first I thought well this is very Exciting you know be on the road and all These cities and and being the guy in Charge of the job site and all of that I Thought that that was just going to be The best thing And every night when I came back you Know and this is I would go and I would buy a um I'd stop By the liquor store and I would buy a Bottle of Johnny Walker black a fifth of Scotch And I would take it back to my uh Efficiency my uh Hampton Inn or wherever It was I was staying Um and I would I would sit and drink That bottle sometimes I drink the whole Bottle Sometimes I drink half a bottle And uh that's what I did and I did that For years and years and years You know it's amazing how it creeps up On you drinking starts the alcohol Starts about 18 or so And it becomes an important part of life And then you get to the point where Putting down half a bottle is just Nothing and I enjoyed it I mean I had

Great memories and with so many good Times of out with friends and just the I don't know about you and everyone's Different but you know I I Before I started doing YouTube videos And really spent a lot of time in front Of a camera in front of the people I was Really it was really difficult thing for Me to go into a A group of people that I didn't know and I always found that it was I would get Very anxious and nervous about this and I I found at an early age that if I Could um Drink a a shot of vodka or something or A couple shots out in the car on the way In that I could go in there and be Really relaxed and be calm and be be More what I thought was myself more Natural You know you know that's the path you Get on so so for me Yes it would be nice to be able to do That thing it'd be nice to be able to uh To have those drinks but I know myself In the 30 years track record I just Understand that that's not possible for Me I can't have it in the house and I Have to just let it go So even though it's the ideal for me Would be to have a little bar and to Partake when you wanted to in special Occasions Um I cannot do it and so therefore I

Have to get that out of my life I'm Smart enough to realize that that will Destroy me and I'm not a young man Anymore and what I could get away with And what my body would absorb and Compensate for will not anymore and I'm Not willing to throw away my Relationship I'm not willing to throw Away the respect of my my son and my Daughter my children of my um of friends And and my subscribers online for that It's never done anything for me it's Only caused me great expense and trouble And difficulty and it's just one of Those things I have to let go and and I Just don't I just don't drink it anymore And uh You know all we're just gonna have to Make these decisions I don't know I Don't remember where we're going with This but uh Thank you gentlemen thank you for Hanging out with me thank you for Watching I have a super chat from Let me check these live super chats from Rambo Beaver who writes uh greetings From Sweden Long time follower enjoy your content Today I thought what would be the Quickest way to drive firewood maybe Different stacking techniques indoor Versus Outdoors so on maybe video ideas Yeah the quickest way now if you if you

Didn't get your firewood in and you're On the back foot here and you need to Get some dry firewood I've been in this Situation multiple times The quickest way the best way of course Get it get it get to get it out from the Rain get it in a spot where uh it's not Going to be getting wet anymore that's The first thing now remember your Firewood It dries from the ends Let me show you what I'm talking about Here We've talked about this So if your firewood's down in logs cut It into rounds 16 to 24 inch pieces it Dries from these ends so if you stack Firewood together where it's butted up Or you push it up against a wall that's Going to very really limit Its ability to dry on one side so if you Need it fast and now get it inside Put it up in either Stacks or circles Circles are really good Especially if it's if it's wet to leave The center open because you get almost Kind of a chimney effect when the sun Comes out uh you you get kind of a Convection going it seems to dry faster In a circle than anything else straight Lines are really good just make sure It's dry on both sides but if you can Bring it in or work out a system in your Shop where you've got your firewood

Where it's it's not getting wet anymore You've got a tarp on it or a tin cover Or something and to keep half cord you Know four foot by four foot inside the Shop and keep rotating it in and just Keep it close and by the wood stove as Close as you can even stack it around The wood stove and just start pulling Off of that and that will expedite it And speed it up if you've got some Really really wet stuff If you have any dry set it aside mark it If you have a little pile right there That's all dry take spray paint and just Mark it real quick mark the ends with Blue or red or whatever you have and Then you'll know what the dry stuff is And use that for starting your fire Because what will happen with wet wood Is it's very difficult to get it going But once you have a hot fire established You can usually throw a little bit of Stuff with higher humidity higher Moisture content and it will be okay so Uh start it with your dry wood get a Good coal base get it good and hot and Then you can start introducing some of That other stuff and it'll usually get Get you going to get you through the Winter but it will not green wood Will not put out very much heat so know That you're going to burn twice as much Wood You're going to have problems with heat

And you're going to clog up your chimney A lot you get a lot of creasa so it's it Can be done and sometimes you do what You got to do but that's why your Firewood should be done in the spring For that fall then you you cut it in the Spring You get it stacked uh and then it's got All summer to dry out and then right Before the snow and the winter comes Then you bring it in that's that's why It's always been done But thank you rainbow Beaver for that Super Chat All right We catch all of them did I miss any we Have a super chat from Nybuy or yeah uh for DEC I don't know What that is someone from one of our our Uh friends that are is not from the States But thank you for that Okay uh so we'll close here one thing That I would like if a few of you could Do I am I want to do this daily I want to Have a good show that we enjoy hanging Out in and I'd like to make it as as Good for you guys as better I'm going to Give you a couple ideas things I'm Thinking with but if you guys could drop Me an email with suggestions Um things that are looking good on the Stream things that are that are working

Or not working uh what you would like to See camera angles you know what what Here's what I can do what I can do Is I can get set up with a computer Right here and I can have we can have Several cameras going on so I was Thinking you know let's have some fun With this we can do some fun things I'd Like to have uh the cam camera on that We're looking at kind of a full picture Camera and then we'll do a close-up Camera and I'll be able to switch these So that when we're talking and doing Projects I often come in here in the morning and I'll have uh Mrs W's knives that need Sharpening uh cowboy boots that need Polishing and I'll try to knock a few Things out here Um you know kind of during my early Devotion time this would be a perfect Opportunity for us to do some things Together but I want to have it I want to Have it so that it's fun for you guys to Watch and I don't feel like you're Wasting your time so a close cam for you Know maybe we're polishing boots we're Sharpening kitchen knives we're just Hanging out we can talk and we can Interact and ask questions I know myself I love to watch weather And it's always very exciting to be in The shop and have a wood stove and the Weather is changing and you're watching

The snow come I think it would be super Super cool where we could have a camera That's facing outside of the mountain With a temperature on it so maybe we put A picture in a picture window that we Can kind of keep on the on the stream Maybe we have it up there when we're Having interesting weather events you Know not all the time or maybe we just Have a camera set up that I can just Click by button and we can just do it Check it out and see what's going on out There and just rotate it in I think we need to have I think mama Needs to have her her camera So that uh if anyone wants to do a Donate we can have a cat cam so we can Have one in on her if she's doing Anything but uh I want to have fun with It I want to produce Try to produce a show that is good Quality that's not too long that you Guys enjoy it's something that you can Know it's going to be here being Consistent so whatever time that may be Eight o'clock we'll do it in the Mornings it would be a natural Progression of the show for it to go Into on Sabbath morning we should do a We'd do a Sabbath service you know so it Could be a topic that one of you guys is Struggling with uh throughout the week Or something that has come up that might Be

Um something that is concerning or Bothering all of us that we can look for Guidance in the scriptures from I will Not be here Preaching I will be not here sermonizing Or putting myself in a position of Authority over anyone I like The way that Saint Paul the way he saw Himself From Before and after Now we know Paul Was He was an important man back in the day He went to the bet he was a Pharisee a Pharisee of Pharisees he said in that Day he had he he was from the Priestly Class he had the the best education Imagine he went to a Cambridge or a Harvard or something like that he was on The Glide path to possibly even becoming The chief priest but he was basically The the strong man the the heavy hand For the chief priest in the persecution Of the early church now this he kind of Came into into his own uh after Christ Was crucified And the early church started getting Some traction and this was a tremendous Threat to the status quo this was a Tremendous threat to the power structure Of the time which was the priesthood Class and so Paul was given basically a

Letter he was essentially deputized by The chief priest to go out and Define These Christians and they weren't called Christians at that time they were called People that followed I believe the way Or followers of the way before they Became known as of Christians So he would go out and the early church And the early people were were really Persecuted and they were terrified their Leader who was Christ had just been Captured had been tried at night Illegally a kangaroo court and had been Quickly executed to put this Rebellion Down and these men and women were Actively being hunted this was a fearful Time for them it was a very tough time And I would imagine it was a time that Challenged their faith tremendously here We had they were on the eve of their Victory we have Christ coming in Writing in on a on a donkey the bringing In of the new king even him claiming to Be king of the Jews and they were very Confused by his message they thought That he was going to come in and set Himself up as king and ruler and and Extricate the Jews under the Roman yoke And they were super stoked about this They knew that like dude were in on the Ground floor our we've backed the right Guy our guy obviously God works with him We've seen the Miracles we've heard the Teaching we've been with him for what

3.5 half years now we are set He's going to come in he's going to kick These Romans out he saw we saw what he Did with the temple and we're going to Be important men we're going to be a Cabinet level I might be uh Secretary of Defense I might be in charge of who Knows what so they they were excited About this and even at the Last Supper They didn't get what he was talking About they were arguing at the last Supper now this is the Eve when G when Jesus is just about to be drug away and Crucified rather than spending the last Night that they had with him asking him Questions that we would just die to ask Him today What were they occupying themselves with What were they busying themselves with Which one of them was going to be the Most important in the government when Jesus came and took over and set it up This is where they were at And this really really upset Christ and He didn't say anything to them he didn't Uh He didn't rebuke them He did something way more powerful He got up from the table he's sitting at The center if we believe the original Picture right he's sitting and they Didn't sit at a table like in the Portrait back in those days How the the the Oriental man would have

Eaten is you would have come into Someone's home you would have been Wearing sandals or maybe even Barefoot So your feet would have been very dirty And the custom of that days is you would Have had us if you would have had a Servant you would have washed had to Serve it washed your the feet of your Guest This would have been done by the Humblest person or the servant class Probably not done definitely not done by The most important person or the head of The household But this was a kindness and this was Something that was done and necessary You know you were on the dirty streets You were walking through animal manure And all that you didn't come into Someone's house and sit down to eat Without washing your feet people have a Similar custom today we often take off Our shoes when you come into someone's House it's just commonly done Well they're sitting around they're Bickering and arguing secretly no doubt They're not letting Jesus hear this you Know but he hears everything who's going To be the biggest man who's going to be The most important man in the New Kingdom Rather than rebuking them He's obviously the leader he gets up but What does he do

He goes over by the door Pours water into the foot washing Basin This would have been an instrument it Would have been common in all homes Takes a dry towel that would have been Used to dry a man or woman's feet after The ritual and he gur he wraps it around His waist that girds himself and he Kneels down this is this is the teacher This is the Son of God this is the word This is this is The Messiah I can't emphasize the Importance of of what is about to take Place here of putting yourself into this Picture and how these men saw Jesus he's Their leader he's the son of God The son of God Goes to the door Pours the basin Girds himself with the washing cloth Walks to the twelve And starts to kneel down kneels down and Starts to wash their feet takes upon Himself the god of the universe The lowest job In the room in the dinner Well the whole room fell absolutely Silent and all of the bickering and all Of the fighting all of that quit and They were absolutely humbled And Men reacted two different ways in This Some of the men Or maybe one of the men

Despise Jesus for this this was Judas When he saw The Son of God in this in this potential Powerful Conquering Hero On the eve of his victory kneel down and Washed the dirty feet of these common Men these fishermen Uh it was too much for him And right there is when his Allegiance Switched we don't know for sure no one Knows what was in the mind of Judas but We know shortly after that he betrayed Christ but this very well may have been The deciding factor for him he may have Been on the fence He you know and we have to remember Judas wasn't called to wasn't called as The other 12 were the way I understand It he kind of Pushed himself in there kind of made Himself available and And involved himself in this I don't Know if his motivations were ever pure We have some examples you know a lot of The disciples were simple men they were Poor men uneducated you know Simon and His brothers were fishermen you know They didn't know a whole lot and yet Judas was an educated man it was clear And Judas kept this This narrative going and it was clear That everyone knew that Judas was he was Better educated in a better position of Leader he should be a more important man

Than the rest of them that's why he took On the the responsibility of keeping the Purse for the group Now it was a socialistic type of Organization the apostles in Christ and It was they had a common money bag So when they came into a town or they Would stay with folks and they were Preaching and teaching people would give To the ministry and then that was kept In a common bag and Judas being the best Educated he felt himself to be the best Man for that job We all we have We're told later in the New Testament That Judas was dishonest he even helped Himself out of the bag at times he may Have went to town and bought himself a Little nice dinner or something and he Helped himself out of the the common Purse right so we we know that he his Heart wasn't in it and he he was using In my opinion he was using Christ Because he saw a potential leader where He could be put himself in a very Important decision so he never was Committed to the cause and so it should Be no surprise that he betrayed Christ But the point of this story that we want To take away from what we want to learn From this Is that Christ performed the same Action on Judas by washing his feet as He did on the others but the response

Was very different to the others Same action But how they responded instead of Resenting Christ and seeing him as a False leader or didn't have what it took Obviously if he was a real conqueror he Would have never degraded himself by Doing what he just did that's the way Judas took it but the others were Mortified and it was a lesson to them it Was a lesson that no matter how Important you are You're never too important too important To to lose those details And the burden of leadership Is even more important That you may be put in a position of Leadership in the church or clergyman And you may be forced to live and drive The worst car it may be required of you To give To others the things that you would have For yourself and that's just the burden Of leadership that's just the way that It is because a good leader Takes care of his people and puts Himself first before others I have watched good leaders and you've Probably watched good leaders My dad was a good leader My dad In times of Lean times with our business with the Construction company when we didn't have

A lot of money and things going on and You will have stories like this Often put his employees ahead of himself Employees were paid before we were paid Uh and that's what leadership looks like So That's why it's so egregious these Prosperity churches and these prosperity Doctrines and this broken Western Christian so-called Christian Church System is that When we see the example of Christ and How he Washed the feet of his disciples as a Lesson to them on the eve of his of his Crucifixion that was a very powerful Lesson that the cert that you always Need to take care of your people and That you can never get so big where These little things don't matter Foreign You can't We're gonna close with this you you Cannot Hit your wagon to a man or a woman even Though even though you may think that They have all the truth and all of the Answers you could admire a man you can Respect a man you can even follow a Man's teachings provide provided you ask Yourself this one question and you're Always testing this Is what this man doing is it glorifying Himself and his own wisdom or is this

Man pointing me to real wisdom and that Is to Perfection that's that's the Creator So that's the that's how you know Are you Going to a church are you supporting a Ministry that the the leader is flying Around in a private jet and driving Multiple rolls royces and justifying This is he doing this or is it being put Back into the building is it being put Back into the widows getting her Firewood putting her new roof on it you Know you gotta You gotta ask these things and it's it's Difficult It's difficult I think it's more Difficult to To come in to accept this religion when You've come out of the world because Everything screams at you that this is Wrong If you come out of prosperity let's say You've done well and you're just living By the jungle and living living by the World and you you don't care who you Hurt and you don't care who you step on And you're winning you've got the car You've got the house you've got the Right wife you've got all these things And everything's clicking along and You're winning To go from that To the degradation that may be required

Of you through Christ Of walking the Christian walk and The Humbling process that you might need to Get to get rid to go through to get rid Of your ego and to get your eyes off Yourself and your own abilities and upon Christ is painful And a difficult road to walk and many People are not willing to walk it Understand this that The Christian walk is a difficult walk And the Christian religion is not it's Not for [ __ ] it's not for wussies It's not for lightheaded Men of the lack character because you're Going to be tested and it's going to be Difficult You're going to have to turn down Opportunities because they don't jive With your faith you're going to have to Turn down temptations that look like They're be they'd solve every single Problem you have because it's going to Come in conflict with the teachings of Christ or what you know to be wrong or Right you're going to be tested and how You react to this is going to determine Your destiny I don't Sugarcoat this walk I don't sugarcoat This decision that you may be on the Cusp of making you are about To go to war And to have a cause that you've never

Had before if you're about To take this walk and to accept become a Soldier for Christ If your faith is easy If you have no trials If you're not giving to the point where It pinches and hurts your own Prospects Then you need to ask yourself am I Serious about this Am I serious about this am I why am I Why am I even doing this if I'm just Being half-assed about this If you decide to put your hand to the Plow And to Be on the right side of History prepare For a fight and prepare you're gonna Need some help because what it's going To teach you is that you have gone along Just fine on your own steam your whole Life you may be even prospered maybe Even did better than your peers you're Going to find that you can't do some Things what you're going to be asked to Do in the Commandments in the walk the Compromises or the the lack of Compromising the courage you'll have to Show uh is something that you will not Be able to do And you'll Have to rely upon God the whole thing The tearing down of the man the taking Things away the trials the difficulties

The sicknesses all of those things that You'll have to go through Are for a reason and that's to show that You can't do it on your own steam that You cannot save yourself that you cannot Go through life in opposition to God and Be reunited with him without the bridge That was built for you and that's Christ That only he can do it and That's what you have to go through some People when they're young can accept Christ when they're eight nine or ten When they reach the age of consent And can walk within their entire life And and I'm not saying that their life Is going to be easy But they've made the commitment and they Know they haven't really experienced the Other side but those of us who know what An easy life is when we set down to Really start the hard work that is Involved with being Priests of your Household The the attacks that will come upon you The friendships that you will lose the People that have always Been there for you the moment they start Turning away from you you'll question Your faith and you'll wonder why have I Done this why have I invited something Into my life that is tearing it down It's not tearing it down it's recreating It in the image of God and you've just Been so far away from it you don't even

Know what it looks like and it looks Like destruction to you it's back to That analogy Of asking God to come in and fix that Leaking roof on that small cottage that You are and him not being content with That and in the remodel process when Everything's torn down there's nothing Standing but one wall and you think All Is Lost and I've made the worst decision Of my life and I've been wrecked and I've lost my family I've lost my parents I've lost my job I've lost my respect in My community for what Well this is what it's for And we're going to test we're going to God is testing to see who's going to be There if you don't have the ability as a Christian now to fight against the world And to not compromise Your faith If you don't have the ability to do that Now if you couldn't say no to peer Pressure from a vaccine if you couldn't Say no from peer pressure of someone Threatening you with your job or to fire You because you wouldn't do something That because unless you did something That was somewhat dishonest or Shady if You can't resist these moral tests now Then when real pressure comes to Bear Upon your faith and what real pressure Looks like Could be your children at the end of a

Barrel And someone saying recant or I pull the Trigger if you can't stand up against A jab Then you can't stand up against a true Test of your faith and you might as well Just throw it in now because there's no Point become a hidden become a Hedonistic Get what you can for you now because You're there is no point of even trying To make the Christian walk you're going To lose in this world if you're not Doing it if you're not walking sincerely If you're just paying lip service to it You're going to fail in this world Because nice guys finish last in this World Uh and you're going to come up short at The end and you're going to be one of Those or you could potentially be one of Those people that say Lord Lord what do You mean God said in the final days There'll be people that will come up and They will say they're shocked that They're being cast into the Lake of Fire They said Lord didn't we didn't we Prophesy in your name didn't we Constantly tell people about Christianity didn't we go to church and Sit in the Pew how is it that we can be Missing out how is it that we cannot Have earned our Salvation we did Everything you told us to do what does

He say he said oh you paid me lip Service indeed you did but you never Knew me You never brought your troubles to me You never You never talked with me in the morning You never brought your cares you never Spent time with me in prayer you didn't Build a relationship with me who were You Depart from me I never knew you So that's a frightful thing in those Final days the people that came Lord Lord did we not prophesy in your name They even prophesied they even possessed Spiritual gifts And yet they are found lacking in the End found lacking in the Kingdom These tests of faith today These tests of your morality These are practices to see if you can Make it to the next level And they're building strength and They're building character each time you Don't compromise You cover yourself with a bit of armor Each time you don't lie Stay away from pornography resist the Temptation all of that puts another you Put puts a knee pads on puts a shoulder Covering puts a helmet on that protects You from the attacks that will come from The Devil gets to the point that you are Such a powerful armored soldier of God

And what is the armor the armor is Knowing the scripture It's the only offensive weapon that we Have as a Christian If we think about The military analogy And we're in safe on safe grounds doing That because that was used many times by Christ about being a soldier for God we Think about that the only offensive Weapon that we have is is the scripture So that when the adversary comes when The the charismatic YouTube preacher Comes up online and starts preaching Something that just doesn't quite sound Right there's an element of Truth in it But something just seems a little bit Wrong We are to test it against scripture does It stand up It very well maybe he does have Something worth hearing maybe he's got An Insight that can help you maybe he's Got a word or something to cause you to See things in a different perspective There is that out there but don't put Your faith in that man test it test it Against the scriptures the scripture is The standard when the bank tellers are Being taught to deal with counterfeits They do not lay out all of the Counterfeit bills and teach them to see Every different little change or variant In printing or variant and color or the

Feel of the paper no they they don't do That what do they do they put the Genuine in front of them this is the Genuine this is what it looks like Anything that doesn't look like this or Doesn't meet this standard it is a Counterfeit it is to be disregarded The genuine Is the word of God in the 66 books You may have heard you may have been Told the Bible is not reliable it's been Changed it was too long in the hands of The Catholics it was too long in the Hands of the Greeks I had this concern As well Don't trust me on this do your own Research but I had to find out for Myself I went into it went deep went Deep into it and found out the history Of it and what I learned and what I Found out that is we are on safe ground With the scripture that we have Are there variances are there changes There are going to be When you translate from Greek to German When you translate from aromatic to Um English They have words that we don't have They're going to be some changes the Greeks alone the Greeks have multiple Words for love you know there there is They have three different types of Love There there is a different type of love

That you have for your favorite cup of Coffee versus your firstborn son you Know you can't say I love my coffee the Same as I love my son So trying to describe love In the Bible into a language like English that really only has one word For love we can love our girlfriend we Can love our milkshake right we don't Have separate words it's the same thing Sometimes the the meaning can be Somewhat diminished You know So understand that but but if you you Can't be like a child and just read Something like oh I don't understand This and throw it away it doesn't have Any value to me you've got to dig in and Deep you've got to dig in deep and find Out And and Don't be discouraged don't think well It's too vast I I can't get into ancient Texts you know how do I know God will God will will give you what you Need God will help you start with the Gospels start with the Book of John read Through and and prayerfully read don't Read looking for faults don't read Looking for contradictions just because You under don't understand something Doesn't mean that it's wrong just means You don't understand it and if you don't Have the full context of the whole Bible

And the stories and all that of course It's not going to make any sense to you Do you understand that the majority of The New Testament Is direct quotes it's almost like Two-thirds of it or so it's a bunch Direct quotes and prophecies from the Old Testament Quote after quote after quote after Saying after saying that Christ said was What is direct quotes from the old Testament so if you don't know the Stories if you don't know the context of What he's talking about Then you really don't have a very Vivid Picture so you've got to find out for Yourself There are no there are going to be no Coattails In the Kingdom I don't care how devout your nana was And I don't care that you sat on her Knee and she read the Bible to you there You're not going to go in on her Deeds She's going to go in and she will give An account of what she did in her alone And and so will you So you have the responsibility there's No excuse for it bibles are easy to come By Um you could there's people that will Send them to you for free So it's just a lack of getting in and Finding out for yourself

Now you find out for yourself And you read it prayerfully and you come Out of the back end and you say that I There's nothing in this it's interesting It's a historical record but there's Nothing in this for me You would have my respect and I think a Lot of other people respect it I would Never try to proselytize you I would Never try to to give you a hard time About that actually you a person like That could be an atheist and could be my Best friend and I would have tremendous Respect for them because they looked Into it themselves they weren't parents They weren't minor Birds quoting Something that they heard from someone That they have no idea what they're Talking about you got to get in and find Out yourself And uh and you make the judge you be the Judge you decide Thank you gentlemen Please keep us in your prayers We pray for you constantly May God bless you and your families If you could send a uh any insights Emails send it to Cody wranglerstar.com What was good what's bad in the Stream Lighting technical things How long they should be what we could Add what would make it more interesting And it's a blank canvas right now Nothing's etched in stone and we can we

Can do it I think we should keep it Consistent same time Um And somewhat of a format Thank you guys thanks for watching Thank you for the generosity of all your Super chats so you guys make it possible For us to do this and uh it doesn't go Unnoticed we'll see you guys in the next One

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