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By | October 31, 2022

[Music] Welcome back gentlemen how about that we Got an intro and it might have even Worked well you saw Fuji Cam and it is Kind of just supporting disappointing What are we at 43 degrees this morning And but it's cold up on the mountain so Today I've got some fun things to do I Am I have never seen anything in my life That took so much paint oh no look at This no stream of mine would be complete Without a major Anyway we got the I'm done painting this Thing I I have put I bought a different Type of paint this year Or on this box and it does not coat as Well as the one that I'm used to that Was out but we'll take a close look at It here and see I don't know if we should waste any more Time with it there you go you can see It's a little bit more orange than the Other one but that's all right I'm not Gonna worry about it too much I think we should do the stenciling but Before we do that we have something that Was sent by one of my subscribers that Is so cool I wanted to share that with You it came in the mail yesterday Foreign So It was Heavy it was in a Look at that who knows what that is You know what that's made out of

That's right that's made out of the Piece of uh railroad railroad rail Wow isn't that beautiful So just a couple interesting things so This is uh one of our fellow brothers Here makes these anvils and sells them On Etsy uh and he sent me a nice letter Here Um no expectation he just said hey I Like what you do and I make these and Sell these and you can do what you want You could give it away you can keep it Whatever you want but isn't that Beautiful so some fun facts on this he Just mentioned some commonly asked Questions about how much do these things Weigh and he said depending on what he Makes they'll be between 12 and 24 Pounds So that's a pretty good chunk but isn't That nice look at the work that's put Into that and he's also Oh is that audio messed up are we are You serious Listen can you tell me is the audio Messed up It's forward right here I thought we had it all good lav mic is Off I think huh All right let me re-plug here let's see What we can do Apologize gentlemen All right is that better Yep I think that probably fixed it

So we'll start over here you probably Didn't hear too much of what I said And These long cables can't come in close Enough so I can get my controller over Here so this here is that audio that Cleaned up a little bit I think it should have I looked down There my lab mic is sitting there on the Computer unplugged I need a producer I'm gonna need a Producer anyway so this was sent here by Um James uh just very beautiful piece of Equipment I thank you James if you're Watching I don't know but this is uh This is something that's really neat That I would absolutely use I could Almost see mounting it right here Um but if you want to uh get one of These I guess let me give a little link Uh let's see if some of the mods can put This Name in uh James has an Etsy shop and The name of a shop is called Homestead On the lane it's all one word Homestead On the lane and he's out of Central Oklahoma and he makes these very nice Look he's even flattened out the bottom So it's going to sit flat Nothing's painted it's all it's really Beautifully finished Isn't that cool Tell me one of you guys that wouldn't Like to have something like this That is very very clever

Okay sounds like we got the audio Cleaned up I think we'll be seeing that more of That in the future all right back to our Box I thought what we did in today's stream I sorry I got the fire started I've been out here working early for a Couple hours I'm getting a little bit Anxious about the uh or not anxious but I'm getting excited about the endurance Race this weekend uh we kind of got the Trailer and the van and everything Pulled out so what we're going to do Today since there's so many moving parts So what Jack and I are doing is we're uh We're gonna this coming weekend we're Going to be entering as a father-son Team in the Sportsman class Of a 25-hour endurance race Now this will be a relay where him and I We will not write at the same time but We will relay and the on the object is In our class is whoever can get their Their transceiver which is I think it Was worn on the wrist around the track Which could be I don't know the first Time I did it was or the first and only Time I did it was probably almost 20 Years ago and you just go you just keep Bringing around you know taking that Transceiver around there and the person At the end of 25 hours that's past the Finish Line the most times wins so

It's not going to be a super fast race For us we'll have to because there's Only two of us most teams ride with a Lot more Riders will have to just kind Of pace ourselves and take it easy Trying to anticipate all those things And what we're going to need What we're going to do today and what I Found to be the most successful way to Get ready for something is the Hudson-based start so we're going to Pull we'll put the camper on the truck Today uh we'll put bring out the trailer We'll load everything up and just try it All out how we will set up so it'll be Super fun we'll actually we should be Right in the race pits as all the bikes Come through and we'll have a our camper With the awning and then the trailer Right next to it so the trailer is going To be nice because it's got a furnace in It as well so the rider that's uh not on Deck or on deck and getting ready to Come up can stay warm in there Recoup a little bit and then Mrs W and Then the rest of our support team will Be in the camper and they can provide Food and stuff so that's going to be fun I'm really hoping that they have Internet out there because if they do Have internet out there we can set up I'll take a couple of these cameras and We can just set set up the stream and Maybe we could just even broadcast just

Live for the thing or at least maybe Towards the more interesting Portions of that we have super chats Coming in we have a super chat from Friend of the channel Jason Barr thank You Jason and Jason Wright sounds like The audio is scratching mic on the Camera yeah I think we got that sorted Lab Mike thank you the rugged West Oh man We have a super chat from Long Road Farms long road shout out to you for That he writes howdy from Louisiana Thanks for all the videos and God bless Well shout out to you and thank you for The support All right I think what we got to do Gentlemen is let's put this Hardware on Real quick and then we will uh we'll do The stenciling everything's dry I had it I was I would put a light coat on it and Then bring it over and set it by the Wood stove and turn it I mean this thing Has just been a labor this has been Terrible paint Or just not as good as the other paint For sure I think I have all the hardware here let Me grab my hinges and my boxes and we Will stick that on everything is Pre-drilled so Should go right back on the way it was Well there it is You know that's a great idea Doug

Of course I'll bring the starlink then We will definitely have the ability to Live stream that I don't know why I Didn't even think of that I have reckon This shop so starlink we've had we have Uh the first one we bought is in the House and we really like it people ask About that all the time if we like it if It's good and it's really really good Uh I I wanted reliable internet out here So we could stream so we signed it for a Second when we got the portable one the RV model and it's it's just it's Temporary so you just grab the router uh Grab the antenna and that's exactly what We'll do goodness why didn't I think About that so yes we will be streaming The race Uh for sure Bring the starlink recently so obvious Okay we're gonna put this Handle on here we didn't keep track of Our screws there did we so who which Screws go where We've got two hinges And I think I've got them over here Yep Foreign We have a super chat From hanky Mountain Garage Hanky writes could you give detailed a Give a detailed explanation on your live Stream setup stream device switcher Cameras weather temp outside and your

Microphones I yeah I can do I'm not going to do it Right now but I will I'll do once I get It all dialed in and everything's set up I'll do just a quick video of the shot And I can just bring that into the Stream so we can just play it but let me Get everything set up uh a little bit Better and then we'll do that But thank you for that shout out to you For the support Yeah right now I'm using Um my laptop And then the software I'm using I think Is ecamm it's kind of it's supposed to Be friendly for Mac users And then I'm using uh a couple three Cameras So a C70 for just doing a Like a master That's not running through the stream That I could use for you could use it For clipping or use it for shorts or What have you so that just records on Its own with its own audio Through an AVX Mike And then I've got a R5 which is a camera And then an EOS r Which is the B camera which will do the Short or the The close-ups So once we get it all set up we'll have A switcher somewhere over here so I Don't have to roll back and forth but

You know when we're doing projects and Things we'll be able to bring this up And then just have it a little bit uh Easier for everyone to see Oh we have a super chat from Mad Rocks Thank You Mad Rocks uh he writes good Morning thanks for the tour of the new Shop do you plan on putting down any Flooring or leave it bare concrete I'm Going to leave it bare concrete we put a Sealer on it the guys that did the Concrete did a beautiful job that shop Has really turned out nice it's it's Um having good contractors made a big Difference and the concrete floor and That in a building like that is really Important because that's I mean that's Where everything starts It's so nice I've been thinking Do I want to stay over here close to the House or would I rather maybe go over There and and start to build the shop Exactly or lay it out exactly how I want It but I'm pretty well established here And I've got my wood stove and I don't Know it'll be a lot of work to move Everything over but I don't know for Some reason I've been thinking about it But I will I will do that uh but no I'm Not going to put an epoxy or anything on There I've um I if I was not bringing if I wasn't I Guess if it wasn't a real used shop that

Was used a lot uh for maintaining Equipment like we'll bring trailers in We'll bring um piece you know equipment In with tracks and stuff to spend some Money on a nice epoxy would be cool but I'm afraid it would just get all chewed Up and if we ever stick cleats on the Ice we'll put the ice cleats back in the Track loader you know that's going to Tear it all up so I think I'll just Leave it just it's got a high polish on It it looks pretty nice Foreign These little Snap-on screwdrivers this Is something that everybody should have This would be a good Christmas gift They're not very expensive I mean They're probably You can get the Williams version of this Which is half the price and the same Thing but it's a ratcheting screwdriver Man it's a really fine tooth and you Keep all your bits in the handle so I Like it it's uh it's one of those Screwdrivers you can grab When you don't know what you're going to Need and have everything in there and Pretty well be covered Is a good Looking little handle there very simple And clean little drawer pull that's the Handles at my local hardware store Stocks All right let's stick these hinges on

Hopefully we can get the stenciling done A little bit better this time Yeah sorry I had the cam I got to going On and forgot to switch the camera over There we'll get it It's at sometimes it's aggravating when You want to you want to do things you Want to do a good show and have a good Live stream it's aggravating when things Don't work out but I have to remember That Uh we're there's just gonna be a Learning curve and you gotta It's easy to say just not do it because You don't have the stuff sometimes you Just got to jump in there and just start Getting after it see where it takes you Yeah we keep chickens Roy we have uh Half a dozen chickens right here behind The shop where we're gonna move the Chicken house over to the uh Greenhouse Or over by the greenhouse in the garden And have them kind of with their own run So when Mrs W when she's working in the Garden there's a lot of extra kale and Stuff you know that you just can't you Have so much grows you just can't use it All then we can just throw it over the Fence and they'll those chickens can Kind of take care of that stuff Yeah Aaron we still have the Yanmar the Yanmar we use it for mostly for mowing Now Pretty much keep the mower on it or the

Post hole digger we use the post hole Digger doing a fence but yeah we use it Quite a bit Um it's still really good for plowing Snow we have that big blade so this Winter you never know what the snow is Going to be like but if it's anything Like it was last year where we just got Hammered I'm going to have everything Pre-staged so the new where the new Shops got that that 40 by 40 gravel Uh parking's kind of I guess ramp that I Put in there We'll keep that all cleared off and then We'll have uh everything staged right There so we could have the the blower we Could even have the broom all that stuff So we're not going to be having to dig Everything out so I have to keep two Areas clean now but with the You know with the skid steer And all that equipment it's pretty Simple to do We have a super chat from Dean Pickett Thank you Dean and shout out to you for That he writes love the morning live Streams um they're just getting mornings Just got better thank you well I Appreciate that thank you for your Generosity and your support Yeah I was in the I'm gonna build uh I'll build a nice mount for the skid Steer or I might just like hard hard Mount or bolt something in where I can

Get a really good uh camera mount that's Going to be steady so it won't be all Wobbly and when that snow comes you know We'll we should be able to take the live Stream you know from here right out There while we go out and and plow I I gotta be careful with that too you Know last it's it's very exciting to go Out into plow snow And help folks out but I also realized That there's a bunch of dudes out there That are uh or a few guys out there that Make their living they have contracts With people Uh that's you know that's how they get By in the winter time so I don't want to Step on any toes you know a guy's got a Right to make a living so I got to be Careful with that I don't just randomly Plow people out I'd kind of stick to the People I know or friends or that have Asked me you know that I don't wanna I'm only bad blood We're doing well Chevy is it Chevy Five-speed Foreign You guys about ready to do some stencils We'll do a little practice I've got a Piece of cardboard over here And we'll uh make sure we get the the Ticket is I think not to push too hard Where it goes through and Bleeds all over some guy said spray Paint and that's fine that works pretty

Good I don't want to that's the wrong Screw it's way too big I don't want to Get into that habit because then every Time you want to stencil something you Have to mask everything off so you don't Get overspray and that's tedious so I'd Rather learn to use that ink applicator Foreign Says when you're clearing snow use oil Diesel 50 50 mix to help stop the snow Buildup Yeah I think I'm going to do that I'll Probably get a weed those snow blowers When the when the snow is right is Really right close to freezing and kind Of melting it it clogs up those snow Blowers really bad So maybe we'll do that we would get like A just like the concrete guys get a weed Sprayer and fill that up with some Diesel or diesel mix and then spray that All over your uh blower And then we'll uh It might not stick as bad Where's that Hardware box out here well You just have to put our Latch on And I think we're gonna be good to Stencil There's a little bit of a knack Setting these these little uh latches You know we take everything for granted Let me show you I'm talking about here The well you can probably see it

The design of all these little things I Mean you go buy it at the hardware store And you don't think too much of it but The if you install it correctly it's It's a really a clever little latch in That it will hold tight under its own Tension because it has a little crook on It but getting that The distance between this eye and that Latch is important for it to function Right It's you'd be surprised how much time I Spent fiddling with the other one trying To get it to work I think I got this one just perfect We have a super chat from Josh Connor Shout out to you Josh and thank you Josh asks if I plan on a gift guide with Mrs W this year yeah I think I think We'll do that We've been talking to Mrs W asked me the Other day if we were going to do that And I said yeah I think I think we will Yeah the small wood lot I think he's on To it he he said uh when we're doing the Stencil here to use the roller And then tape down the sides so it Doesn't move on us I think that's a good That's what we'll do I've got some Gaffers tape down here we'll Throw on there Give ourselves every Advantage because Good stenciling Is not easy to do which I've been

Finding out Okay that's the final Component there That's it gentlemen we have our of Course we've got our false bottom in There And that uh is inch and a quarter those Styles on there so there's plenty of Room for the mantels lighter and of the Rebuild kit now we decided yesterday I Think we already cut our stencil out so We decided To go with this Foreign Kit gasoline Wasn't that the one we went with here Lantern kick gasoline We'll do all four sides so no matter Where you're at you can See it no matter which way it is And I with the other one I think I just Flushed it to the top right here because It gave you a nice straight line you Didn't have to do any guesswork and We'll just kind of do something like That What do you say let's practice first So we don't ruin this hard-fought paint Job that I Have spent so many so many hours waiting To dry So this is our master The other ones here we'll practice with [Applause]

Clear off our workspace Foreign Put this cardboard down Okay so these will be our two practices For some reason I had it in my head that You had you were supposed to get your Stencil across in one pass But when I tried to do that you had to Put so much paint on it or ink on it That it would bleed and run it looked Terrible So this is the applicator if you haven't Seen it before It has a screw lid you open that up and The ink is inside Looks like most people use white there's A plunger right here this is an Applicator And you're supposed to plunge that twice In between uses and that introduces Paint into the roller now the roller is Protected or kept moist by this cup with A removable lid so you don't have to Clean it after ever use it's actually Quite a nice design there's even a tab Right there So that when you sit it down it doesn't Get ink all over This stuff is pretty serious ink too I You know you guys know I like to spill I Had the pleasure of spilling about a Half a cup of this all over my concrete Floor and cleaning it up was no small Effort

And not not all of it got cleaned up Okay so the idea Is to roll this and to get the Consistency right where you have just Enough So tape If we took some Gaffers tape The thing is we don't want it to move And then we ruin everything We have a super chat from Alex thank you Alex who's asking about the fate of the Heart Racer the heart racer Did not get along with the boss baby or The sweet Loaf and was getting quite Aggressive towards her and the baby was Crop moving chasing her around and we Feared for the baby's safety so we uh a Gal that we knew down the road had a um Her father was a A widower uh and was alone didn't have Anyone who was looking for a little dog So we um she took it and entered or took The heart racer and introduced her to uh This gentleman and they have been Inseparable ever since So that's the fate of the heart racer We love our animals but we love our Children more Okay let's do our first test so we taped Down the sides there And without pressing I'm thinking about The the trick is going to be maybe Multiple coats Lighter

We'll see here I don't know if you need to go both ways To get a crispy clean That's pretty good it's very subtle and Light but maybe even roll over a few More times That looks pretty good the tape works Good because then you can check it and Go right back to zero right Maybe once push I'd like to have a nice crisp Stencil with hard lines so that was After one push Yeah that looks pretty good gentlemen I'm a little bit light on the end can You see that okay let me tilt it up for You Yeah you should be able to see that There A little bit light on the some of the Letters but I think that's the way I was Pressing way too hard So if we do another one Dylan is asking opinions on Manufacturers switching from Big Traditional V8s to these turbocharged V6s like the EcoBoost and such well I Have both I have traditional engines Like the v10s and The well the new Godzilla in the super Duty traditional cast iron blocks push Rod I don't know if the v10's push rod It's probably not I've never been into one the engine's so

Good that it just runs Uh Well the performance Is Awesome on EcoBoost I have on the The uh Adventure van is one of the best Engines I've ever had It's a beautiful engine What's the maintenance going to be with Those two big turbos sitting on there You know they're going to be there's Gonna be that looks pretty good that's Actually the best stencil I've ever done Right there Take a look at that one Very clean no run What do you think of that gentlemen Are we ready So it seems to me between applications Will pump the plunger one time and then We will Just do what we just did Okay But thank you Alex for that all right Let's get set up let's do our first side This is gonna be a this is going to be Beautiful Trick is not to get paint or ink on Myself Yeah very it looks very clean doesn't it It looks nice I would like to have a clean surface Here why don't we flip that we'll use The other side is that got paint on it That's kind of nasty

Ah We'll just go for it I think the way That we're applying it now we can apply It anyway it doesn't have to be lying Flat Foreign [Music] We have a super chat From Nicholas wolf or shout out to you Nicholas who writes I want to relocate To the Pacific Northwest from upstate New York would like to be near some Mountains and be able to afford some Land any suggestions on areas to look Pacific Northwest I I would say yes as a General rule of thumb if you want to Stay away from The Crazies Uh in the in the politics leftist Politics I would say um look at the Cascade Range now the Cascade Range of Mountains uh runs from the north down to The South and it and it's it runs north North and south and and everything to The west of that is going to roll into The Willamette Valley and that's when You get close into the cities in West Traditional Western politics everything East of the Cascades is you're getting Into more traditional Um Uh conservative sort of folks The problem when you get too far east of The Cascades is it turns into dry just Basically just uh grassland there's you

Don't want to live there so The Sweet Spot is that transitional Forest right On the Eastern Slope of the Cascade Range so that you all of that Coastal Moisture that rain that comes in that The Pacific Northwest is so famous for Smashes up against those mountain range That mountain range and a little bit Slots over the top and gives us Keeps Us Green and beautiful and just in the Heartland of Douglas fir trees whereas It's still but it's sunny most most all The time so that's kind of The Sweet Spot so I would be looking stay away From Seattle I would be looking at Southern Washington or most likely Northern Oregon somewhere in that area On the East slope of the Cascades and That will kind of get you you can start Narrowing it down from there Let's stencil I don't think that this stuff has to be All super precise Or That's kind of the charm of it right So we're going to need to use this Stencil Four times So what do you think gentlemen should we Just go kind of we can use the lid as a Straight edge there And We've got an inch from the e we need to Go this way a little bit

Should we just go uh something like that The other ones were up towards the top Yeah I think that looks good So about that much space I wonder if that Gaffers tape will pull That paint off I think we should we might want to move Our camera up and do a little A little uh close up on this see how it Goes So I'm going to tilt you guys up here That looks better All right here we go we're switching Cameras look at that This technology would have been Unthinkable 10 years ago here we are I'm gonna get my cardboard we'll Pre-roll a little bit A little ink on there Roll it in Okay Here we go Yeah maybe maybe you should do this Lying flat because it's uh That Templates lifting a little bit Yeah I think we should do it flat What we got so far That looks pretty good we should Probably quit while we're ahead huh Yeah that looks good Little details and tools Make all the difference like right now Just having that little lip on there so

You can sit it down without getting your Roller in the You know hitting your table that's a Good design right there I'm gonna tape let's do both sides and Then we'll Reposition our tape Probably somewhere in there I guess the other one would have been on So Pretty good Yeah I think that turned out pretty good Here we go Yeah it seems just kind of maybe some Slow That looks so good Very happy with that We'll cut a couple new pieces of tape Because the one side's narrower than the Other I'm already spreading ink around here I'm gonna be careful My life moyo on holtzbrook's axes are They seem to be really good I've um you Know I've never owned one You know actually you know what I I've Had I have the only my own I've had two Experiences with him I had a friend that Had one that brought it over and I Looked at it and it looked really nice Uh they contacted me I just I just Remembered this you know what we messed Up gentlemen do we want to we can't Stencil

We can't stencil where the latch is Hmm should have thought about that huh So do we drop it down or do we do it you Want to do it this way We can put it below Do we do it this way or is that going to Encourage or give the message that it's Okay for this delay on its side which is It is not What we can do on the bottom Like this Two up and two down What do you want to see what looks best Would that make you crazy We could just remove this stencil it and Put it back but it would go through the Center of the Of the writing Horizontal Should stay horizontal Take the latch out Jack says take the Latch out who wants to take the latch Out should we take the latch out And just keep it going around like that And put the latch back in Noel says the bottom No horizontal Put it in the middle That might make the most sense put it in The middle here But just below the latch Yeah let's watch that up let's see Take the latch off and paint it like That

What about the hinges what's that going To do over here Out of the hinges yeah we don't want to Do that be up in the hinges and all that So it's not an option to put it up on Top So we either have the middle we have Three options number one would be in the Middle Give me number ones if you want to see That number two we'll put it on the Bottom right here Number three Horizontal Mid middle So this is Middle This is bottom And this is Vertical Horizontal middle Is that what we're seeing is that the Majority Just like that Too cluttered with the latch yeah I Agree Middle makes the most sense David says Yeah okay I think you're right I think that's right we have A Super Chat From Zach's super cool YouTube channel Shout out to you Zach good to see you Back uh who just says good morning good Morning to you Welcome

All right we're going with the middle is That what we decided on Yeah looks like it okay Would we do with our What did I do with my Gaffers tape Lost me tape Why would I put it over there It's funny we've got the stencil right Here and someone asked what's going in The Box That's kind of funny All right so uh Let's see we need something for kind of A standard Maybe right there That might be the compromise the Two-thirds right there I like to use Things Uh use tools and different things that Are stand you know so you don't have to Measure stuff and you can just kind of Cut Corners save time Not a very big thing sitting in on the Phone Okay so we need to center it so probably This is definitely narrower side here Now this phone this is silly right tool For the right job let's go grab a square If you're going to do something do it Right Corners for lack of 10 seconds to grab the right tool I Don't know why I continue to do that Bottom to balance Andrew is making me

Double or my question my decision here Bottom to balance yeah I think he's Right What's in the box That is so funny Bottom to balance are we with that we're Going to go bottom to balance is that Our middle Speak now I don't know if I like the look of that That kind of bothers me You know I like it in the middle better One of the handiest tools in your shop Is a speed square Hours saves you Okay that's that's what we're gonna do Middle Is that centered we got the G what's the Reveal between the G and the e Right in there I believe that taping it down Is essential that has made a massive Difference that way you can Check it And add more if you didn't get enough Ink on there Okay so that looks nice and square Foreign Middle is good I agree middle is good All right Are we out of ink did I use it all up Didn't feel like it the plunger was Working Joe says the bottom is for East Coasters

No we're good we've got Half a handle full of white ink It's the most talked about Stencil placement ever Well Michael it doesn't need to be on All four sides but you know we have kind Of have a template from the original Forest Service Gas box and that's the Way they did it so and I found that's Nice because no matter where you set it Down or how you place it you're always Going to be able to see what the Contents are All right ink A couple squirts The t is the light touch And multiple Multiple rolls It seems if you hit it from two angles Too it you get a crisper Stencil Foreign Man that looks good on that red doesn't It I don't know what it is about these Stencils but they just I've always liked Them it's the same ones you see like on Aircraft Wings you know the no step and All that so to center match the center We had that just right off of that side Foreign Jack is asking thoughts on Kershaw Knives I like Kershaw Knives they make Great knives great value

Actually Jack carries a Kershaw Nice little knives They used to have a locals you know They're an Oregon company they're they Used to I don't know where they're at Now but they used to be in Portland OR Tigard I think it was And once a year they would have a sale And this was before really word got out It was for employees and kind of Employee friends and you could anyone Could come if you knew about it but no One knew about it where they would sell All of their I don't know just Overstock Knives or extra knives or knives that Never went to Market there were Thousands of them and they weren't were Not expensive they weren't half price They were like 10 or they were a Fraction we would come home and that was We didn't have a lot of money in those Days that when we were very a very Frugal family but we would come home With like a hundred knives because they Were one dollar two dollar three dollars Each But I don't know if they do that anymore It was so exciting to go do that All right this is our last one let's Make this one our best No I don't have I lost the spider I lost All my good knives I lost my Spyderco And my Osborne And I am done I'm not buying any more

I'm just Gonna carry cheap knives Or open L's you know how it is You have an inexpensive knife Or something you got from Harbor Freight You won't lose that one It'll be with you forever Seems the key is not to push too hard I'm planning on building the pump house After that's a good one oh I I went a Little bit hard on that one's more Definitely brighter But it I almost went too hard you can See a little fuzzy actually it looks Really good actually I haven't had no Complaints compared to the other one I Did which was horrible Now these templates are They're going to be reusable you know so Once you make I don't know how often you're gonna use This one but once you some of them are More off you're going to use more often You know maybe ones with your name on it Or you could stencil ammo cans or Whatever you want But you can definitely reuse those once That ink dries on there they it doesn't Seem to bleed through it's a really good Quality paper All right so we load it up That's it isn't it remind me not to Touch that ink I'll put our cover on

This has been sitting High production should we check out Fuji See what's going on there I forgot the Fuji cam Let's go take a look at that Oh no it's uh it's overcast 43 degrees And overcast you can't even see the Mountain If you look there through the trees You'll see a little bit of snow And that's probably about five thousand Four thousand feet 4 500 feet or so But uh no snowstorm yet so that's uh That's not very exciting But as I was saying I I haven't Stenciled for a month and this has just Been sitting with the lid on it and you Didn't you know no need to wash or Anything so this is a pretty nice tool It works really well I'm you're more apt to stencil when you Don't have to go and break out a bunch Of paint and rollers and have a bunch of Cleanup or I am anyway Okay Let's go get our stuff That looks nice wouldn't you say Now that I know how to stencil properly [Music] I'm gonna have to redo this one All up I'll paint to Paint over that on the next my next Paint job I'll just hit this one too and

Then we'll redo that look how terrible That looks compared to the new one I'm ashamed to even share that with you It looks so horrible The reds are totally different Right there That one was so narrow we had to do the Stenciling vertical Thank you A pretty nice match that wouldn't you Say So if you're just joining us we'll go Through it So this the idea comes from You know like the Wildland firefighting Cash system or maybe you don't know Where you show up uh so when you show up On a fire If the fed's moving like a type one team Moves in it's basically this the Government's uh per strings are opened For whatever that team needs so there Are type one type two and type 3 teams Incident response teams they call them That respond to different things and They're not not limited just to fire it Could be a natural disaster they took uh When they were searching for a wreckage During the Challenger I think it was a Challenger explosion they brought one of The fire the type the fire teams the Type one team they brought them in to Coordinate this because they have a System in place that is very very good

The way they roll in and they carve up You know the mountain or whatever the Area is into slices of pies or areas What they call divisions those divisions Are given a division supervisor and on And on and on and they've unders they Understand the span of control they Understand that as a person you really Can't affect actively control more than About five maybe seven people at the Most if you're a manager and you're Trying to manage a fire and you're Trying to control 100 or 200 people it's A you're eventually essentially Ineffective So this system is brought into these Situations and it's really clever Because everyone knows what what they do And you can move in and you can get a Lot of work done but one one part of the System that is interesting is the cash System So you come in and obviously there is Specialized equipment that needs that You need to fight a fire if you show up If I show up as an engine boss on a type Six engine I'm going to have my one ton Pickup I'm going to have a basic set of Fire fading tools which are standardized Across all of the trucks so when I check Into a fire if I'm an engine boss I have To go through an inspection and a Government inspector will check do you Have the right capacity of water do you

Have the right volume of pump do you Have so much hose in this size so much Hose in this size so that when the Planners or the division supervisor is Taking the resources and trying to plug Them in it's consistent he knows what he Has and if I get plugged in with another Engine we have the same stuff we have The same fittings we have everything is Compatible all equipment is compatible And the same so that we don't run up to A fire and one guy's got national pipe Threads and some other guys got quarter Turns and now we can't fight fire we're Ineffective because of the Incompatibility of all all the equipment That we own So that's how that works but the Cash System outside of the equipment that you Have and you need for your daily work There's going to be the specialized Stuff that they will provide that could Be pumps that's going to be replacements For things that you you've been using up Fuel for your generators diesel uh Generators fire pumps Etc all that stuff Even equipment so when you go there you Go to the cache and the cash is set up And you will ask for I need a a chainsaw Let's say a chainsaw module or I need a Pump module and what they're going to Give you Is everything you need to do that task So if I go there and I say I need a Mark

3 pump you're going to get the Mark III Pump you're going to get all of the Support equipment around it you're going To get a replacement parts for commonly Things spark plugs gasoline multiple Deals you're going to have the whole Unit exactly everything you need to go Fight that fire you don't need to think About it you need to check boxes and Look at it when you need it and there's An emergency you've already pre-planned You've already done the work to make Sure that it contained the things that You wanted and then you were able to Deal with that emergency or that Situation and just have less on your Mind you know that is the that is the Concept behind this so I like this in That You probably already have most of this Equipment but is it is it all together Is it strung out in multiple places and Did you remember to fill up the White Lantern gas can and when was the last Time you checked that generate you know That you know that sort of thing so Having a system like this so for the Critical things the things that we Really need power goes out what do we Need we need light we need heat we need The ability to cook we need to be able To defend our homes into things like This that you've already thought about It pre-planned and then set them aside

So that when the the time comes and you Need them you can grab them and go and You can focus more on more important Things like strategy or how you're going To deal with a particular crisis and You're not just fiddling and fooling With gear does that make sense So in the event that you need light You're going to know you're going to Grab this guy right here what's inside Well you're going to have your Lantern That's already full so you know you've Got uh with just what's in the lantern You've got 12 to 14 hours of light just Right here You're going to have a lighter in case You have no way of lighting it you're Going to have extra mantles in case they Get damaged you're even going to have The replacement parts the rebuild kit That you're going to need for this if Let's say this sat for 20 years and no One touched it and the plunger's dry you Know you're just trying to think of Anything that's going to be a problem What's a common problem with whatever Gear is you're working with make sure You have those replacement pieces if We're going to be doing a chainsaw Module for example where we want our Chainsaw kit ready to go and the moments Notice there's a windstorm there's a Tree across the power line there's a Pregnant lady that's someone's called

That she can't get to the hospital she's In labor what are you going to do well Did you file the chainsaw last time you Put it away you know did you have it Ready is it full of fuel or are you out Spending 30 minutes You know in your bathrobe trying to Figure this stuff out uh and and just You're no longer you're not effective so It just makes life easier and simplifies It so the type of things I would put in A kit like that would be chainsaw how About two extra chains file a scrunch Tool maybe an extra Bar Oil an extra Sig Of bar oil and mix you know that that Sort of thing do you have some basic Safety here you throwing a pair of Gloves in there do you got some squishy Ear plugs all those little things that When you're not under stress and not and Thinking clearly that you can make that List And I think probably the best thing for Us to do on these also is that once we Compile everything and it's all in there You know why don't we maybe take a Sharpie and write what the contents are Right on there this kit should include The following one Coleman dual fuel gas Lantern four Coleman Mantles one big lighter you know so you Can just quickly reference you know What's in there and there you go if you Need to expand the capacity capability

Of this if you need if you're going to Say well I'm gonna go for a weekend I Want my Lantern I want that I'm going to Need two days of light or three days of Light or I don't know well here we go Now we're grabbing The Second part of this or maybe these Always go together now what do we have Here Well we've got the funnel we've got the Funnel so we can pour the gasoline we've Got a rag for those of us who spill Everything that we pour we've got our Lighter in there and of course we've got Our A gallon can of white gas you know What's that going to fill that Lantern Maybe two and a half times or so so Right here is most likely this is two Two to three days of light or fuel and If you are not running it all the time And shutting it off between intervals You know this is probably a week or Maybe even a month of light depending on How you use things so that's kind of Kind of the concept And it's fun to do it's fun these boxes Are simple Uh we'll make some more of them but as We're working out you know you're going To see that you can with um just some Scraps some scrap boards you could just Get a one by eight and you can get a a

Piece of quarter inch plywood or Whatever you have use half inch plywood You can make the whole thing out of Plywood if you want to do that get some Of that but just make it the same you Probably have 20 bucks into it 10 bucks of Hardware can of paint maybe 30 bucks but but it's going to be uh It's gonna be help helpful We have a super chat from Jack Phillips Thank you Jack and shout out to you and Jack writes uh morning Mr W just wanted To make sure my email Came through you yesterday about Drafting your new home thanks for the Great stream this morning it did Jack I Got that this morning Mrs W and I were Up about 5 30 and we're going over those Emails and I um mentioned that to her And she's going to reach out and get in Touch with you about that and I really Appreciate she was she was super excited To hear that because she's Got some ideas I think we have a basic Plan uh but some ideas it would be Really nice to get a professional set of Eyes on it Um anything we might be overlooking and Uh if you could help with that that Would be be wonderful Okay Let's build our kit where's our parts Did I disturb you Mama did I disturb you Let me go grab those last components and

We'll put it all together And get it wrapped up here So I had a I got an extra plunger Those things seem to go bad those little Plunger deals on those lanterns I don't know what I did with that well It'll turn up I got to clean my shop as A disaster Absolute disaster So This is how it'll happen Oh we have to drill a hole too we could Do that real quick we have to drill a Hole to capture that nut on the lid False bottom Got all that stuff in there I had an Extra lighter throw that in there Now we're gonna have to set about this So when you put the lantern away You gotta grab it and lower it down That's the way it's going to be Excellent okay it's yellow Gap right There That's what we wanted So I think what we'll do I'll bet if we just Open that up Let's Center this Lantern If we Center the lantern best we can It's nice it's there's almost no room in There so the it holds itself nice and Tight there And what if we did this if we screwed

That nut down That's exactly what I wanted and like Made a little indentation Perfect look at that I guess you can't see it let me move my Camera up here and we'll drill that real Quick Those things are hard to measure it's Nice when you can transfer a mark like That That hole is pretty small I'm going to grab probably about a Quarter inch or so That's gonna really hold that securely Foreign Hole I don't need to go very deep just a Little bit [Music] [Music] What size is that Acorn nut Foreign Probably about a Maybe 5 8. It's 3 8. And even that Might be too small No I think that's it that's probably Perfect if I can drill that perfectly That would just fit in there snug as a Bug Foreign Yeah I don't know that dog the cat is Nice in here because she doesn't for the

Most part she doesn't bother me too too Much she does her own thing And she takes care of the mice you know The mice have ravaged my shops in the Past and not anymore Mama Kitty takes Care of that Okay when you just need to go in about 3 16s not very much Foreign Might not be big enough Might not be big enough Yeah it's just about the same size we'll Go up to a we'll do a half inch I think that's going to be the ticket I need to break down and buy myself a Good good set of drill bits that have The in between sizes This little unit kit is Handy though for You're just going to have one This has all the essentials this goes From eight to half that covers 99 of all Of the needs Goodness we have a super chat [Music] From jdub Adventure shout out to you Jdub thank you for the Super Chat uh say What's your thoughts on the still 462 You know jdubs I have not seen even seen One I had a buddy that told me he just Bought one that he wanted a 500i but he Couldn't get one so he bought the 462 But I don't know How is it I don't even know how it's Different than mine I have a 461.

I'll have to look into that I'll ask Around see what I can find out on that But think that thank you for the Super Chat We have a super chat from Nicholas Wolfer shout out to you Nicholas uh Nicholas writes would you recommend Living in Oregon or Washington and why Yeah I would has a great climate good People a great lifestyle it would just Be I would probably want to I don't know What your politics are or who you like To be around but I would probably stay East of the Cascades that's kind of the The line of demarcation right there for Uh Particular ideologies Not all but you know as a rule of thumb So this is a half we're going to do a Half inch here Well that's a little coarse [Music] There we go Perfect that slips right over there Foreign Captures that nut Nice We did it I don't I wished I would have you know What you should do Whenever you do these projects like this When if you go to the work of doing it You should just automatically double Everything and just make a pair because

The amount of work that would have went Into making two of these versus one You're already cutting all the pieces Rather you you know you cut one or two Is not that big of a difference Especially if you're using power tools Um and then you would have two instead Of one with almost the same effort so It's probably what we should do in the Future because I'm thinking well now I Have one I'd want to I want to do Another one but then I have to start all Over again I have the plans I drew out plans this Time for you let me put a I'll give you You can push pause or do a screenshot if You want the dimensions As I've already figured them out so you Don't have to worry about it anymore But I don't know where they are here They are So if you want to build this what I'd Probably do is just do a Just pause the video and you can grab a Screenshot of this But this is You know Focus Focus oh it's not going to focus got the Focus locked there they are right there Though that you're going to be able to Read that or see that Here let me turn off the turn on the Auto focus we'll get you up close here There we go all right pull in there

Those are roughly uh the dimensions And the pieces with the cut sheets So do without what you will What would I change would I do anything Different I don't think so I think it it uh is Exactly what we wanted Foreign For what it's worth Bruce he said he did Some research on that 461 versus the 462 And he ended up buying a used 462. he Doesn't say why But uh I don't know You know new models are always very Polarizing It seems that when you get used to Something then something's been working For you when when they come out and Change it the default position is to is To automatically hate it but uh You know I see that with cameras I uh I use cameras I mean it's my main tool And I uh have used them for a long time And so you know part of my the type of Content that I like to watch some of it I keep up on is camera technology and What's Canon coming out with this and I Go to all the rumor sites and all that And I used to watch all of those videos From all of the so-called experts in the Professional photographers that would Show and that new model would come up

And they would be hating on it oh what a Disappointment how terrible this and how Terrible that and then this one would Come out and how great how the specs Were great and all that and what you What you find out is like these guys Don't have any idea what they're talking About they don't use these cameras Professionally for a living they don't Live with them uh 12 hours a day and a Camera or a tool is is way more than its Current spec it's specs you know I can Go buy cameras that have higher specs Than the cameras that I work with but I Work with these cameras because Of the reliability and the usability and Just the familiarity that I have with Them and and their They're easy to work with the menus are Easy and the tools are just simple And you got to be careful with this Stuff because one thing you can do when You're creating content one thing that Can happen is you do it for so long and If you do the same thing over and over Again and you're not moving forward or You're not improving you can get kind of Boring and tedious so for me to keep it Fun I've always want wanting to try new Things and I want to always I want the Audio to be better and the lighting and The video to be better and I want to Understand these things and I feel like You need to always be in an upward

In upward progress in improving what it Is that you do whatever job you find Yourself to doing But you can get yourself so late and Heavy laden with equipment and your Life's so techy and so much going on With the way that you work and your Tools that you end up not able to even Produce any content because all your Time is spent or worrying about this and Worrying about that and you're just Paralyzed so it's I love to see watch guys that have Worked with tools for a long time I Don't care what the trade is and look And see what is it after doing something For 20 30 years what what are the Essential things what have you cut what Is the fat that you've cut out and what Are the essential items that you need to Do your job and I'm always looking for That and when I'm work is there anything That I can a step that I can cut out is There anything that I can do to increase Uh there'll be easy or you know always Should be looking at things like that Oh and with this interesting story Talk about efficiency Henry Ford when he Was building as you know Henry Ford Invent was pretty much known for Inventing the assembly line And brought the automobile industry out Of being coach built Vehicles where Things were built by hand the early

Vehicles there may be one guy that would Build everything and a lot of the Mechanics in the early car builders were Were bike mechanics you know because That was the the closest location to the Automobile industry which was new and up And coming but one thing that Henry Ford He was famous for squeezing efficiency Right or wrong you know much of that out Of to the detriment of the of their Workers but He was uh he would hire people that Would watch a group of men working at a Particular workstation it could be a Drill press or whatever and analyzing The movements and if they could do Anything to cut out an excess movement Uh that would speed up efficiency they Would do these sorts of things one thing That he did that was so interesting he Required his suppliers Who supplied different items that they Didn't produce there to ship their The parts that they were going to Install on this assembly line in Specific size boxes made out of specific Types of wood with very specific Dimensions and you know what he did was When those would arrive the guys would Break down these boxes and because he Had specified the boxes be this Particular Dimension and this particular Type of wood those pieces of those boxes Were were made and went right into the

Production line of the model T's so his Suppliers were actually unwilly Unknowingly uh producing a portion of The car for Henry uh for free because Normally they would have shipped Whatever crater they would have shipped It in all that stuff would have been Broken down and thrown away and it would Have just been wasted all of the Components that they weren't able to use For the crates the extra wood and small Bits all that was gathered up and used To fire a uh a wood boiler which helped Run the facility you know pretty Interesting interesting stuff isn't it All right let me know in the comments I I've got to get several of you guys will Close with this again well I I Several of you guys sent me emails uh And gave input about the stream and what We should do what you like and don't Like and I have been reading those um And I'll get to those in in order so Thank you for sending those that was Very helpful to me uh and let me know What you'd like to see and what we could Do and to improve this uh I'll get some More projects uh a lot of these things I Think what we'll do is there's little Projects that I do sometimes in the Morning and evening and fixing things I Gotta polish I got to sharpen knives I Gotta sharpen all my kitchen knives I Got to polish boots everything these

Things for the winter a lot of leather Stuff I've got to get preserved and then I do here by the stove so we'll just Kind of do those things together it'll Give us an opportunity to hang out and We don't really have to get too wrapped Around the axle about big projects and Such we'll just do what we can and and It's an opportunity for us to hang out Together Thank you gentlemen thank you for all The super chats thank you for your Support may God bless you and your Families please keep us in your prayers And we'll see you guys all on the next Video

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