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By | October 31, 2022

[Music] Thank you [Music] Good morning everyone welcome back of Course more technical difficulties how About that homemade intro we are nothing But the highest production here now I Forgot to send myself a link to my chat So I don't have it up in my phone if Someone could grab the link for this Stream email me Cody wranglerstar.com Send that over to me and I'll open it up Here I don't have the uh the skill or The ability to find it right now all Right well let's get our day started it Is cold we have actually we have Fuji Cam I believe to see if I can get Fuji cam To click over this will be the first Ever real time with temperature And is it going to happen one Two Three Into the main production Let's get Or Lantern go in here get our fire Started and we have a little project We'll work on here together I still don't have the chat someone Email me a link to this chat Cody Wranglerstar.com oh there we go thank You Josh Josh I need a producer uh terribly to run This show I was thinking I wanted to

Start this get this show started at Eight o'clock in the morning And I got my up early and I got out here And goodness by the time I set up all The cameras I have to tear everything Down and and all this stuff and nothing Working and trying to get Fuji cam up And going well uh you know how it goes There Uh audio switches when the video Switches okay I'll fix that Uh Fuji cam doesn't have any audio oh Okay I know how to fix that actually We're going to do that right now now Remember gentlemen we are we are Building this plane as we're flying it Uh and there's gonna be some growing Pain so we'll make this hopefully make This a good show together so now if I do This if I switch over to Fuji cam which We're about to do we'll go over here and This will be more seamless in the future We'll grab grab it here live Live lead Now if I put picture in a picture That should give us audio right oh That's the intro We'll switch over so we'll switch over To Fuji cam so we'll get this sorted I'm Actually going to dedicate today to Figure all this stuff out I I apologize Here here we go Fuji cam we've got picture in a picture Yeah there we go so this should be we

Should be able to see outside uh I Should be in the lower corner and I Should have audio There is music Sorry I clicked the intro so we'll let That sit there for a minute until the Chat catches up so is that is that what You guys are seeing do you see Fuji cam With the temperature and hear my audio That's what we should have yep that Works okay all right well I I got it now I knew better I just overlooked it I've got some cables and and some stuff That'll make things a lot better all Right so let's get back to the show here We're going to uh get over to our main Camera And we are going to Uh get get going here I got the I pretty much finished up the lantern Box yesterday of course if you remember From yesterday we had uh we got a little In The Weeds on the design but we went Back to the original design it turned Out really nice I've got uh two more Coats of paint to put on it and that's It I've even got the stencil cut yeah Actually we might need to talk about About that today you guys can help you Decide how we're going to stencil that Particular one I'll show you what I've Got and then we'll uh we can change it If we want to

All right I got the chat going I'm in The chat if you have a question comment Uh throw them up there and good to see Gearhead Ted in the in the comments Welcome Long time subscriber Temperature here is in Fahrenheit yeah We don't we don't Most people in the states don't use Celsius I think maybe more in in the scientific Community but I'm not sure I don't use It I think it's hateful Foreign We're spilling what's going on here is That already full oh goodness I'm trying To fill up a My old name I had my my old neighbor not Not Henry but from the last place A Russell uh he was an old a Timber Cutter follower he used to sharpen Chains he had a little shop there where He would sharpen the wrong one chainsaw Blades And so he'd come over and pick up my Stuff and sharpen it One time he he had a Dodge pickup Diesel the Cummins in it and he figured Out he was having trouble with his Filler And it's like goodness I just can't it Won't take fuel and I'm worried about Running out and it was just he was Stewing on it for a year messing with it

Messing with it Finally I had some time I said bring it Over let's take a look at it it took it All apart and you know investigated and Really got into it trying to figure out Why this thing wouldn't take diesel We'll come to find out that it was just Full it wouldn't take diesel because he Kept filling it up he was so I don't Know why what what was going on but That's what happens when us old when us Guys we had too much time on our hands We start to creating problems uh for Ourselves goodness we've got some super Chats coming in uh our first Super Chat Of the day is from our friend Brandon Brandon shout out to you uh and he Writes for the lantern get a brass Finger handle that the Top Nut will hold Uh so some kind of small handle to screw Into the top that's actually quite a Good idea What he's saying is this Little Acorn That little stainless nut here if you Had something to give you a little bit More perch like a handle yeah I could See that you could make something like That as well but thank you Brandon I Sure appreciate that and we have a super Chat uh from Road hand shout out to you Road hand Fuji cam will be awesome when It's snowing by the way I hope you do a Snow removal stream like you did last Year absolutely a road hand I will I

Will do that And we'll even do it better I'll make Sure I'm going to get in there and make A permanent mount in the in the cat so That and we can maybe even get some sort Of a steady cam on there so it's not so Wobbly I will get that sorted out and Yeah when we get that first snow which Could be any day now uh that's why I Wanted to set that camera up we'll put That out there and uh we can just have That and check in and check back on that And see how that's going there's nothing Better than the first snow of the Fall Is there And we have a super chat from our friend Jason Barr thank you Jason shout out to You this is a formal request from mama Kitty cam Yeah we might have to do that so what What what I'd like to do in the show I'll get it figured out and uh where the Cameras can kind of rotate and we can Make sure everyone's involved it's so Funny you know I have never had a cat Nor I wouldn't want to have been Associated as a cat person but this cat Is growing on me they're quite quite Smart you know just the few times that I've set up per chair we've done this What two days or so She knew the time she came over she was Scolding me you know where's my blanket Where's my chair you know she was

Completely On Cue so that's it's kind of Interesting these animals they are Really something they really are All right but thank you Jason for that Uh for hanging out with us and we have a Super chat uh from Member Josh Connor Shout out to you Josh welcome Josh Writes love to stream any updates on the Community center yeah I'll tell you guys So this is man our our plans are so Squishy right now Hard to make plans you don't know you Know what your finances are going to be You don't know what how interest rates Are going to affect things you know all This stuff so we're We're a little bit more conservative on These decisions that we used to be but Where we're kind of at now what we're Working towards is is the house that We're in is is is too big for us we Don't want a big house like that And we have a the lot next door and I Think kind of where we're moving right Now is we want to just build a just a Kind of a modest or a smaller more Livable house for our family that will Be over there to the to the East and Then plan is that we'll most likely move In and live there and the new shop That's why the new shop is over there Because that new shop is going to be the Shop for the new house And that's why that's it so that's over

On this on the new lot so Lord willing If all of this stuff works out and it Could change 10 times between now and Then We'll go forward with that and then plan Looks like now what the best plan is Going to be is our current house it's so Big and the way it's set up that that Might be the perfect place for the Community center it has a big kitchen it Hosts large groups really well and then The other thing that would be good about That is then we'd have uh you know Several bedrooms in the master suite and Such so if we had let's say we're going To host an event on uh whatever topic That may be maybe it's we're going to go Out and do Mushrooms or we're gonna Do a cross-cut saw or basic axmanship Classes these sort of things we can Bring experts in That could even stay at the place you Know so it might be more it would entice Folks so if we have someone that would Really be fabulous uh to come out and Put something together for us Um we could entice them by having them a Nice place to stay and we could provide All that for them and make them Comfortable same way with cooking if we Want to get in Canning or doing Huckleberries in the fall or that sort Of thing we with the whole kitchen

Rather than Mrs W what she doesn't want And what I don't want is we as nice as It would be we don't want to bring Everything into our home we want to Maintain that separate that privacy And we want to have what's our home is Our home and and then what we share with Everyone the community center is that so That makes it possible we could have Everything kind of designed so that's Kind of where we're going and where We're moving with that Um and that could change What did we do with our lighter Mama did We bring our do we we not get here with A lighter I got my Got my lighter Missy But you bet you guys we'll do that we Will uh we'll get that snow cam out I am Really looking forward to it let's see We gotta pump this up I can't seem to do One thing more than one thing at a time We have a super chat from Lakeland band Shout out to you for that and he's Asking what is my preferred clothing Brand well I I'm I am pretty much going To just wear what I'm wearing right now I like the brand so well it's it's Called Iron Horse I always forget that is it no I'm sire Iron Heart iron heart and that's what I Like to wear iron heart I'll just say This one more time I know I keep going

On about it Is a company that makes denim as good as It could be heavy duty thick denim so Denim so the normal jeans you wear are Going to be like maybe eight ounce or Ten ounce just to give you some Perspective where where thick heavy Denim the way it would have been Dungarees made for working men back in The day would have been Um 18 21 even today iron iron heart does The heaviest denim I believe you can get Which is supposed to be impossible which Is a 25 ounce denim that is very very Thick And what what you get is it's hand-dyed With real Indigo the way it would have Been back in the day by Japanese Craftsmen fascinating stories just made The very best it could be it's not Pretentious they use the old patterns so Like the 1950s 501 Levi they use the old looms And it's all self-edged denim it's just It's excellent excellent quality so I Like it I like the way it fits it's Going to be something when I buy a pair Of these jeans I'm going to have these My entire life they're built really Really rugged they're expensive but by These are going to outlast 10 paranormal Genes and they're just such a pleasure To wear so as I need things I'm going to Have a a small wardrobe of clothes I'm

Going to have a half a dozen pair of Pants and half a dozen shirts and couple Coats and it's all going to be Iron Horse and good quality I'm going to have A lot fewer items but a lot better Quality items so that's my favorite my Favorite We have a super chat But thank you for that a super chat from Zach super cool YouTube channel Welcome back and shout out to you who Writes morning Cody I couldn't find a Small wood wood stove I liked on Facebook so I'm welding my Own 12 by pizza that's a good idea you Know here's another a couple other item Ideas I hadn't thought about uh a really A good way to get a deal on a stove that Might be even cheaper than what you Could make one for yourself is to get One that's made for uh wall tents Hunting stove go online and look up uh Wall tint or tent wood stoves and even On Etsy there's a whole bunch of dudes That are making some really cool designs Some of them are really neat that they Even have like a saddle tank you can put On the side that has hot water we used To have that up in our elk hunting camps It was the best thing a little rectangle Stove Little feet to flip down four inch Chimney and you've got a 12 by 16 wall Tent and it's uh minus four outside and

You're just as warm as a bug in a rug up There it's amazing and we had the saddle Tank that we would hang a water tank That had three gallons of water with a Little spigot little brass spigot on There and you would uh whenever you need To hot water for tea or coffee it was Really a cool deal but yeah it would be Neat to make one yourself I've seen guys Make them out of propane bottles you can Do that while to flange but check out Some of those um camping tents and those Wall tents they're they're uh those are Great little stoves Put out a lot of heat It does seem That the unleaded gasoline even though I Use premium with not no ethanol in it it Does not burn It's not quite as clean as the white gas And I only notice it when at the startup Sequence here It seemed you have to fiddle with it a Bit to get that you want to get that Flame out You know if you get too much get gas Sprays out on those mantles then they uh You have to burn it off for you Get it lit up So incredible amount of energy and Gasoline I got it shut off but it seems to There we go We have a super chat

From the lot the Lost 40. shout out to You Uh thank you for being here uh he writes Thank you for what you do I have learned A lot from you we'll appreciate that I Appreciate your generosity and and Welcome All right let's get some killing we have A little project we're going to work on Here once we get our fire started That's better okay we are set I'll show You I've got a coat of paint on the box Once we get the fire started I'll show Uh I'll show you how that turned out that's Pretty it turned out pretty good I don't have the hardware stuff on it But I do have the paint on One more coat I think we'll be ready Goodness we have a another Super Chat From Zach's super cool YouTube channel He writes morning Cody I couldn't oh I Already got that one we already talked About that yeah we talked about the camp Stove Let's get some kindling going there Mama Are you cold you're all fluffed up you Always get fluffy when you When you don't have your fire We might need to get the commander out Get the shoes off okay we're set We have a race this weekend Jack and I Were just gonna today really start Getting spooled up

Uh getting the gear ready but we're Going to be the two and I jack and I are Going to compete in a 25 hour Enduro race relay And we're going to take the camper And the snow bike trailer Two rig it may be the van so I might Pull the camper put the camper on the Truck And then get the van put the snow bike Trailer on that and we'll set up there We have a we should have a spot right in The midst of the pits So we'll have to we'll set up we'll use The trailer as kind of the shop and the Recoup area for the rider that's off the Bike and how it will work is is I don't Know what the course is all secret they Don't they don't tell you what it is Until you're there So we'll have to figure out what it is And some it's a it's a closed loop But how long I don't know in the past I Think it's been like maybe 11 miles or So and you start going round And you wear a transceiver On your wrist and you ride your own bike So we'll each have our own bike so when You're when you're tired or you just Don't want to go anymore then you come You come in through the pit And then Jack and I will do a rider swap Where I'll take my transceiver off and He will put it on and it counts the

Loops so there's lots of different Categories there's there's going to be Teams that will run it you know Professional I don't know about Professional but there's Sportsman class You know different classes for different Ages and such And we're just competing in the Sportsman class as a Duo So we'll have to kind of it's a It's kind of a different strategy when You're riding a small team like that Because you you're not necessarily going As hard as you can you have to conserve Energy because you have to be able to Keep going you have to be able to keep The bike running without damaging it Breaking it for 25 hours straight And Mrs W's coming We're going to have to we're hoping to Get a couple friends maybe that can come And help us as well just Help with the pits and such So I'll start getting the bikes ready And we'll get the camper probably loaded Up tomorrow and I'm hoping there's Internet out there that would be really Cool if there's internet out there we Can have a we can have some live streams Going that'd be super fun We have a super chat from our friend Ethan card welcome Ethan shout out to You and he asks any recommendations on Learning about foraging

Ethan I'm not the expert on that but I I Have a lot of interest in it we're going To be heading up probably this weekend We've had a bunch of rain and in the Fall after the rain comes the Chanterelle mushrooms are out and it's Fabulous it's so good up here I would Love to be able to share that because That's a cool experience to go up in the Mountains in the old growth forest with These dug free fur trees that are eight Nine feet across at the base you feel Like you're in a different world you Feel like you're in like a Tolkien Tolkien novel But I don't know enough about it to Really lead anything but that's that's The idea behind the community center is We can find people that are And they can they can show us we can Learn together But yeah that's what we're working Towards but you know it all all this Stuff takes time it just seems there's So much against us with the county uh Dealing with governments and permitting It's just it's a it's a it's a long Uphill struggle and a slog you know and We have we're doing this all out of Pocket you know we we're paying for all This ourselves too and you know there's A lot of expenses to do this to put up Facilities and shops you know we have to Have a shop I have to have a shop at my

House and I have to have a shop to do Demonstrations so this studio you know That if this turns into the community Center this very shop that we're Watching at this is where some of these Things will take place so Um that's why it takes a long time it's Um I I told I you know when I first Embarked on this whole thing I've always looked at this channel as a Ministry have I treated it like a Ministry sometimes I have and sometimes I haven't you know I guess that's just The Christian walk the ebb and flow of Faith you know as it comes and I've Shared that with you but The the underlying or the common theme Of the whole thing was ultimately you Know this was to be that sort of a thing And and to be inspiring in some way and There'd be a purpose for it uh so when I When we set forward on this you know one Of the worst things in the world I've Ever thought of happen to would be to Get involved in any sort of preaching or Anything dealing with those old women in The church and just the the problems That go on you know you just read the Old stories about Moses poor man what he Had to deal with for 40 years of those People whining and complaining to him The religious people uh just Soul Killing so I I told the told the Lord I Said

I I'm not going to tell you what to do But if you are asking I would prefer not To be uh uh in the any have anything to Do with preaching or anything like that You know and you know I always felt that Well you know maybe the channel maybe This is the new way of things you're Doing or this is a way to that we can Reach folks or Reach like-minded people To know that we're not alone in this World uh but I told him I said I'll do These things that you're leading me to I'll move out into the Wilderness and I'll I'll do this Channel and and I'll Not deny you in front of ever in front Of anyone but I will not ask for money I'm not going to ask people I'm not Going to pass a hat I'm not going to ask For donations I'm not going to do any of That You that's your job you told me that you Know what I have need of before I even Ask I'm not even going to ask for Anything I'll move forward and do what I Think you're pushing me to do but it's Your job for partners in this your job To provide everything so and he always Has it just takes a long time so that's Why We're at why why it's taking so long I Guess is the answer We have a super chat and thank you Ethan For that uh more to come on that We have a super chat from Jen and Jim

Shout out to you too uh just saying that We love what you do and we should Appreciate it let Ben LePage good to see You a long time subscriber double Alternator remember uh and Ben writes hi Cody do you have any updates on the new Shop build good luck with the Enduro Race you should check out the Fink Desert race here in Australia Think okay I'll look into that uh Updates on the new shop I do So the shop is sitting the frame is up We were waiting on WE some we had some Last minute changes and we're waiting on Some steel that is going to be delivered Tomorrow I just got the update so Contact the iron workers and the Installers and we're coordinating that With them so what that's going to look Like is the it will arrive tomorrow I'll I'll do video on all that stuff we'll Unload it off the truck take it over There Get the iron workers back and they'll Put up that South Wall do the insulation Do the roofing and the siding and close It all in so everything will all be Weathered in except for the two big band Doors and those are on order uh and Those are going to be those are being Built so 12 by 12 doors and those won't Go until December so we'll actually have It'll be open where the doors are at but That's okay I just want to put the

Equipment you know the Yanmar and the Cats in there and the camper and just Get that all that stuff Undercover I also have all of the gravel and the Ramp and everything all built in and Most of the road built so I there's There's probably an update video in that For you Ben I'll take I'll go over there And And see if I can't uh drop a video for That for you today on that at least just Do a quick walk around But thank you for that that's super chat Yeah I'm looking for I'm really looking Forward to the next phase you know Mrs Debbie and I sat down the other Morning the other day last week it was And and really like I said let's let's Get together you know and let's you know We're we're going along and everything Is fine but it seems like we we're Lacking motivation you know we're like Lacking you know what is it that we're Trying to accomplish here what are we Trying to do And so we we outlined that late got now What is it that we want and regardless Of things that we've planned in the past We looked at it as let's say you could Do anything you wanted you know what do You see where would your contentment be In the next 10 years what would you find What does that look like to you And for her

You know the fact that we've got the Sweet loaf now and you know she's still Four you know that That changes Mrs W is what what her role Is you know she's looking now at another A whole another 12 years of Homeschooling again after she's just Finishing up with Jack so she'll when Everything's said and done she'll have Homeschooled for you know over 20 years So that is her priority her priority is That and taking care of her husband and Taking care of her marriage because There's no point of making any plans to Do great things and and build buildings And create wealth if you're If you don't have things taken care of At home and you're not Together as a family so preserving the Relationship preserving the marriage That relationship between her and I is Of Paramount importance importance That's number one for both of us so we Got to make sure that we have time for Each other and that we are hearing each Other and that we're just Maintaining and preserving that because Without that then nothing can work So after that you know we both kind of Said the same thing her priority is Going to be raising her children taking Care of me helping me run the business But she also wants to be involved with Teaching Michelle's we want to have be

Around people we want I guess Relationships is the word for the next 10 years I would enjoy building Relationships building friendships Sharing knowledge and just having the Opportunity to actually get together in Small groups and that's where the Community center Falls in and not to Leave anyone out and I don't I think It's completely possible that a lot of These things can be experienced you know Through the stream as well if we can get To a point where we can bring on you Know a producer or some folks that can Help out Run you know maybe we even provide some Housing you run these things then Mrs W And I can kind of have time to spend With our guests or folks that come out And I don't have to be bogged down or Worried so much about the the technical Side and the editing and such so that's Kind of what I'd like to see how I'd Like to see it it move into You know more rather than produced Videos All the time I'd like to to have things A little bit fresher like really as They're happening like right now right Now I'm starting a fire and we're here Hanging out right now you know we can Talk to each other in the comments and That's that's super cool I enjoy splitting the straight grain

Wood I could just do this all day long Foreign Yeah Sean is asking about my personal Health and our personal health we have Private health insurance that we Pay ourselves Um We we were paying 1200 a month I think 12 to 1300 a month for trash coverage That with a huge deductible that we Couldn't really use it was catastrophic And it was a house payment we did that For years and Mrs W got us involved with Some sort of uh it's a faith-based CO It's a co-op I don't know what what is What it's called this I'm gonna have to Have her on here to talk about that but It it cut down our it cut down the price Significantly I think less than half of What it was and how it works is you pay Monthly into it It's a large group And then it's a huge group it's National And then if and when someone has a need Like when I went in for the surgeries For my broken leg and such we just paid For it as the bills came in and we Submitted the receipts to this company And they reimbursed us and it worked Really good and no problems and so that Was our first experience using it so I Don't know what it's called I'm sorry I Can't I can't help you with that but it Was good

Really good We're gonna start a project here in just A minute oh goodness Oh that's a tough one Boy my stove is getting full I should Probably that's all hot I should Probably shovel this out Once a week almost isn't enough This to this stove it definitely holds All night I could I could get a fire started in here Probably without lighting if I had to Oh we have us did I get Ethan's Super Chat You know I didn't I'm sorry about that Ethan We have a super chat from Ethan card Shout out to you Ethan And he writes also I thank you for all You do in giving your time and knowledge Long time subscriber and also a Nine-year Wildland fire guy from Portland metro locals as well I'd love To come and help and learn from you yeah Ethan there'll be some opportunities to Do that and I don't have I can't commit to anything Right now but I I think in a lot of these preparations Uh uh for these events and what we have To do the next year is going to be Really the big grind and in the next Year what that looks like here what we

Hope to have accomplished is uh by this Time next year Hopefully Lord willing we will be able To move out of the house right now into The small house We're trying I think we've got the Design pretty well laid out it's going To just be very basic and simple just a Very livable house Um probably try to keep something under 2 000 square feet three four four Bedrooms so just the house that we're in Now it's just too big it's it's Ridiculous to try to It's fine now when everything's working But if everything turns bad and and you Know things everybody has to tighten Their belts and things get hard it's not A house that I want to try to have to Maintain I'd rather just have a mod a Small house with normal ceilings and a Wood stove in it that is easy to easy to Take care of and easy to heat So and I don't like to live in a big House because uh they're always shouting And the Acoustics are bad and and we Don't ever see Jack anymore because he's At the other end and stuff so it'll be a Lot nicer to have everyone together and It's just going to be better it's gonna Be a lot more livable Easier for Mrs Debbie just her trying to Keep take care of and cleaning windows And all that is just it's ridiculous

We didn't want to house this big we just Had to but we wanted the area we had it Was important for us we were really Settled on living here and so we had That's what came up and we took what we Could what we could get but who knows That might be you know that might have Been all God's plan you know because This that house is going to would make a Absolutely fantastic Community Center uh And would host a lot of people really Well We have a comment from a member Nikolai Nicholas welcome Nicholas shout out to You who writes how's the Milwaukee tool Addiction coming home Home Depot just Released their Black Friday special and There's some good deals man I don't Mrs W and I are grinding so hard to uh get This house built and all the the stuff Done that there will be no more Milwaukee tool purchases uh for me so my Last two purchases I told her I've got Two big ones to make and then I'm done Everything will start pouring into these Projects and get them funded and paid For So I'm sad to say there won't be any Milwaukee tools but I can tell you what My favorite ones are this month my Favorite one is that compressor that Little M M12 M18 compressor That's the best tool ever I don't use The old compressor I don't drag Airlines

Around anymore it's a good tool the Flashlights are really nice but the tool Two tools that I bought the big Purchases I bought a DeWalt that planer Which I've been using a lot that's going To be a really important tool in the Shop and then the second one I haven't Received yet it's back ordered but the Dewalts brand new Track saw I think the track saw for me Is going to be a totally um it's going To change everything the way I work one Thing is really a drag is for me when I'm working by myself is dealing with Sheet Goods when you have to deal with Plywood four by eight so it'd be nice to Have a selection of plywood in here But when you need when you need to rip a Foot off of it you know to try to get That to rip that off you got to set it Up and you got to get a fit it's really A hard process to cut a sheet off there Where that those little track saws are Neat because you can just throw the Plywood down throw the track right on it Go end to end right to your marks zip it Off I'm excited about that so that is Going to be coming and that's it Jason There won't be any more Milwaukee Tools So don't tempt me and don't tell me About any sales because I don't I can't buy any I love those little I like that I'm a I'm a total Fanboy of the M12

. if I was a car if I was working in the Trades professionally I the m18s of Course you need that extra power but for The professional homeowner the M12 Is an excellent set of tools now With the impact wrenches not not up to Stuff the impact wrench is good enough For Maybe motorcycles Small Engines small Pieces of equipment but it's not Powerful enough for automotive so if You're gonna if you do Automotive taking Off lug nuts and stuff you got to get up To the bigger ones and the m18s Let's let's take a look at Fuji cam but We haven't seen what's going on with Fuji cam for every minute here let's see What's going on here has the temperature Changed There we have look at that snow Gentlemen that is 32 degrees on Fuji Cam And Gorgeous absolutely gorgeous there is Probably 25 inches of fresh snow up there and Right there at Timberline you see above Timberline Right there's where we ride in those Trees Oh my goodness that is going to be I'm Looking forward to that Foreign No we're not building Steve we're not Building the house on the same property

Kind of it was originally the same Property It's a separate lot when we bought this Place the lot next door was for sale and We bought that as well it's just bare Land it's already got a septic system on It it was put in by the previous owner Uh I'm bringing in the water and power Right now And then Um well Lord willing we'll start the Construction soon We have a super chat From the Adam McBride show shout out to You Adam and he writes I appreciate your High quality content what are you using Right now for your microphone what I'm Using for the microphone is so I've got Two microphones I use uh Sennheiser Sennheiser AVX when I first started in Microphones My First microphones I Purchased were like a lot of content Creators were Road mics from Australia And they've got some good products They're very Innovative but I never like The sound of them they're too Trill like when I You may not notice these things but when You are in it and you're editing all the Time and you're dealing with Audio and Sound on that and you have good Headphones you you get you develop what Sounds good and what doesn't sound good And I cannot get around the sound of a

Rode microphone it's too it's got a Piercing shrillness to it that is Uncomfortable to my ear and I I dislike It it doesn't sound natural When I went to VidCon the last time I Went to VidCon There was a Sennheiser booth there and I Stopped by and they had a bunch of their Equipment and started talking to their Guys and they're really cool dudes Actually became kind of friends with one Of them that I've stayed in touch with And he's helped me a lot so I I told him Kind of what I was trying to do and he Advised me you know what products that I Wanted I said I I don't buy anything That's not professional anymore because I use it all the time I I'm I gotta have Stuff that's super super durable so when I'm threading microphones and it's got To last it's got to hold up plus I've Just hard on stuff in general so he Recommended I go with the AVX and the AVX is a wireless lav mic and so I have I run a pair of those and I run a Sennheiser 416 microphone as a scratch Track on my camera So that that's what I use And Sennheiser the sound of Sennheiser Which is German is very rich and very Deep and also it just may be that that The road mics don't work with my Particular uh local core vote my my Voice so the way it is but the

Sennheiser is where it's at But thank you for that I'm glad glad the Audio is coming through clean it's hard To get good audio the learning curve for This stuff is tremendous you have to Know lighting you have to know uh camera You not have to know how to do the the Streaming side of it the audio side of It there are so many moving parts and so Many things to keep track of in addition To you have to be able to try to keep People entertained or make something put Up content that's interesting for Someone to listen to for for a couple Hours two or three hours I've heard People say that live streaming is the World's most difficult job and I would Say that that's probably true if you're A one-man band and you don't have anyone To help you I would say that's probably The case We have a super chat from Jack Phillip I think Jack is the best man's name I Always knew I knew the names of my son And my daughter Since I was probably 18 or 19. And Jack was always the top of my pick But Jack writes uh good morning from North Idaho Mr W just heard you mention About your new home design do you need a Draftsman or rendering to help your work Through these drawings are you guys all Good keep crushing Well Jack I actually We really do need help with that we have

Um You know we're trying to keep costs down And we know we don't we can't get Involved with hiring Architects and all That so we're trying to find a set of Stock plans that we can maybe change Around or adapt to work for us we have a Actually we have a pretty small Footprint because the setback from the River and such Uh that would be very helpful uh to Mrs W and I Um I don't think we would have I don't Think it would be a huge job but we will Just we have a good Builder that we're Working with that it has a strong Background in framing so he's got some Capabilities to do that but that would Be helpful if you would like to be to Help with this project you could um With time we would we would appreciate That Contact me Cody at wranglerstar What is it Cody rank4star.com and um We'll we'll hook up with you tying with You on that and and I appreciate that Kind offer but thank you for that Super Chat uh Jack and your generosity We have a super chat from J.W Patrick Shout out to you JW JW writes Cody I Love your channel and content watching From West Texas how do you balance Optimism the desire need to prepare for Bad things happening

Man that's a I can sympathize with that That's a difficult thing to do if I Understand your comment right What I found was When When the whole uh the virus thing broke Down you know a lot of us Were scrambling trying to get prepared For that because we didn't know you know We didn't know what was going to happen And so you know we had to kind of try to Plan for worst case scenario and it was Scary it was scary for a lot of people I Don't blame anyone for making decisions That they did it was up to you you tried I think most people made the decisions To do what they thought was best for Their family and you know it's hard to Fault someone for that but um After being in that that fight or flight Type of uh stress for a couple years and You feel feeling like you're behind and Feeling like you don't have the things You need or you don't have the resources Did we lose our stream it uh it wears You out So I think for me that what's really Helped me is I've realized again that God is separating his people I think the Time is winding down it could very well May be that do you do we see the second Coming in our lifetime I don't know Possibly but it doesn't make any Difference because our job is to prepare

And to live and occupy until he comes so What I guess for me I've got to try to Tune out a lot of the propaganda and the News focus more on scripture focus more On the things that I know to be true and Building that relationship and getting Prepared to I just want to be on the Right side so the piece that comes along From Having that walk with Christ having that Relationship helps you because he'll He'll give you wisdom you know one of The things that one of the reoccurring Things you see in the scriptures that God is warning us about is is to make Sure that you pray for insight pray for Wisdom and pray for guidance if a man Doesn't have wisdom the good book tells Us let him ask God and he'll give give Him that wisdom he'll help him to make The right decision so if you have Let's say you have a thousand dollars Sitting in the bank and you want to Prepare and you want to do you want to Spend this money on the best thing you Can do and you don't want to just Squander it but you don't know where to Go with that Really prayerfully take those things to God and remind him of his promises if He's promised to do something that's Just not empty words we think when People say things Oftentimes they don't mean it they're

Just saying it for just to say something And you can't trust anyone and you it's Just meaningless but when God says Something it means something You know he he said I'm the same Yesterday and forever I I changeth not And he's told us he's given this these Promises and if you if you don't know The promises then you can't claim them Right so know your scripture read and What I have found is that God will help With wisdom to make the right decision And you'll know because after you make It you'll have peace but also remember That you've got to live He told us not to worry he said fear not For what's going to happen tomorrow you Know do you see the the lilies in the Field he gives this analogy you know They don't spin they don't toil they Don't do anything and let your and yet Your heavenly father provides for them And gives them everything that they need And he gives us very specific Instructions and I was I was reminding Him of that this morning I was thinking On this and praying on this this morning You know the the Lord knows that we have Need of before we even ask Um and not to worry about it he said you Worry about and focus on the day get Through the day do what you have to do And I will provide the things that you Need in due time and that takes a great

Relief it puts a great takes a great Burden off of a man Knowing that you're not alone to walk in This world without some help that we Have the help of the of the comforter we Have the help of the holy spirit that Will guide us in all things so stay Close to him read your Bible read your Scripture so that you can claim these Promises and go forward and work do Everything the best you can have the Basics in place make sure you have a way To heat your home if the power was cut Off just go throw your butt if you want To test to see what your vulnerabilities Are with your home This coming weekend warn the family what You're going to do but run a little test A 24-hour test Hit the main breaker on your house and Then exist for 24 hours and you start to See you'll see what your deficiencies Are it's called a hudson-based start you Know what a Hudson Bay start is Back in the fur trapping days when they Were men were going up into the Yukon to Prospect and to hunt there was the Hudson Bay start Where they would um go if they were Going to go out on an expedition or even A single man he would go out Few miles away from the Hudson Bay Company where they started and bought All their supplies and he would pitch

His tent and he would camp for that Night and he would cook go through a 24-hour cycle and he would find out Exactly what he was missing oh goodness I forgot a camp Hatchet oh goodness I Forgot my coffee or I don't have a way To do this or or that and then he would Return back and he would make sure that He had all those things that he had Maybe not considered that's called a Hudson-based start so that's what you Want to kind of do with your Preparations Throw that breaker and see get Everything out do I have a way to hook Cook do I have a way to clean do I have A way to flush the toilet etc etc and You'll see you know what you need to do We have a super chat From R Westmore 23 triple Loctite member Shout out to you He says Cody I'm looking to getting into The Milwaukee 12 volt fuel line mainly For small stuff around the house thank You for all you do your family is in my Prayers yep R Wetmore they are great Tools the ones that I grab the most just To tell you if you haven't if you're Kind of wonder in what order to look at Things I get the small impact get the small Impact driver and drill combo even Though you maybe already have a drill I've got lots of drills and big drills

That little drill is a handy little Thing and just to have the common Batteries where you can grab those two Tools because those two two tools work Together really well those m12s the Drill and the impact driver and I'd get A light too having the light is real Handy as well they make excellent lights All right Take my chat with me Pressure washer Do they make a pressure make sure I Don't imagine they'd make a pressure Washer for a cordless do they I don't know how that would work I bought a I've always had a pressure washer I used To have a gas pressure washer and I Never I didn't like that because it's Not a good gas pressure washer it's not Great for shops because they Get another engine to deal with you know Another oil more oil changes and the Noise I mean that's when you want a Pressure wash usually it's in on the Weekends right when you want to wash Your bikes and stuff and then your Neighbors have to deal and listen to All That so I got an electric one A big uh valdor motor on it and that's The way to go for pressure washers It is still portable even if you wanna Use it like on the roof or something you Can just take a generator plug it to a

General plug it into a generator We have a super chat From Jeremy gross welcome Jeremy Jeremy Wright's wife and I are traveling RNs And we miss the Pacific Northwest Plan to Homestead in Montana when we Leave North Carolina again we have six Months put tradcon motives exactly Tradcon traditional conservative yeah Man isn't it nice to have a goal one of The joys of life Is when you have a good woman by your Side and you are of the same mind when You you're sharing the same dream and Working towards it and it's incredible What you can accomplish when you start When you've decided together to do Something and you are working together And praying together and It's incredible how quickly it happens It's as if when you have a goal and you Have something that you want to Accomplish it's as if every decision That you make Is Made in a way to to make that happen Quicker so when you want to build a Community center or you want to build a House And you're on your computer at night Rather than ordering that that new uh Milwaukee uh tool because it's on sale You don't because you know you you're Like no that's gonna that's gonna

Prevent us from accomplishing our goal So it's not important to me and and the Psychological trick in that is that when You have that you don't feel like oh I'm Sad I don't get to have that tool and Now I have another compromise you don't Feel that way no you made that decision Yeah I could buy it if I wanted to but I'd rather have this I'd rather do this Over here and I'm not willing to let Anything prevent me from making that Happen There's a special just a special magic Of some sort that God Made when when man and woman come Together in a You know a proper Sanctified marriage And are on the same page in our Christ Focused It's uh It's almost like a superpower it's hard To explain all right let's get this Going and we'll get on to our project We might need to build a little holder For the old yield Propane torch I'm always chasing it around So Mark is asking about Snap-on tools What I like about them what I think About the ratchets and sockets I think that they're the best you can Get Especially the ratchets and the sockets

If you haven't used them You just you don't know if you're if You're just looking at price I'll be the First to admit they're overpriced No Doubt However There there is a difference they're just There's some they're just better if you Are a professional here's the deal deal With those here's how I would say if You're a professional if you're a Professional mechanic And you are established in You know in a position where you can Invest in tools then they're Essential professional tools are Essential it's you're going to get Someone and you're going to get a bolt That someone stripped or something That's hard to get to and that 80 tooth Ratchet is going to just make the Difference where you can get it or that That socket the quality or the flank Drive on it is going to just grab that Nut or that bolt by a little bit more a Little bit better and it's not going to Strip and you're not going to lose half A day you know pulling an engine or a Head to get it broken stud off you know It's that sort of thing that makes a Difference Uh as a professional it's essential now As the professional homeowner no you Don't need to have Snap-on quality and

It's it's a complete luxury uh a luxury Item but boy the joy that comes with it I mean it's uh AEV summed it up best I think when he Was talking about Snap-on tools He's I think no one really knows but I Think he comes from a mining background He's he something in heavy industry but He has a tremendous knowledge of that of That industry and of machinery and Hydraulics and such so he said when You're down in a mine and you're uh Standing knee-deep in a minor piss uh And water dripping down your neck you Know trying to fix some greasy old Engine that's not working and Everything's going wrong and you're Busting your knuckles on that but you Reach down and you grab that That Snap-on ratchet he said the little Bit of the little bit of pleasure the Joy that comes from that you know at Least you have good tools to work with Sometimes makes terrible jobs like that Um Makes them a little bit better that Pretty well sums it up you know I mean That's the way it is so it's it is a joy Every time when you work with the tool Boxes or the wrenches and you open up That drawer and those beautiful ratchets And just they're just excellent they're Just the best they're they're I think That's Undisputed they're tool boxes

Their their hand tools they're they're Excellent but they're expensive But really a professional homeowner if You get down to it what do you need over A lifetime how many tools do you Actually need it is within your grasp to Have these tools you can uh you start With a set of screwdrivers okay say you Know if you spend 200 bucks and you get A set of Snap-on screwdrivers Trust me you will take care of these Tools once when you when you hold them And you use them and you realize how Good they are and know what you paid for Them you will take care of them you will Lock them up and you won't loan them out And you will have them the warranty of Course is there you'll know if you don't Lose it you'll never buy another Screwdriver and you'll just have the joy Of working with that your entire life And I think if I had the wisdom I had Now let's say 20 years ago 30 years ago I would have made the decision in my Life like I will not buy anything except For Quality I'm not going to buy junk I'm not going to buy Chinese trash I'm Going to buy quality I'm going to have Fewer items but higher quality ones How that would change you today how much Money you would have actually saved in The long run if you're wearing a jacket Or proper made self-edged denim Dungarees coats chore coats that would

Have been made the best they could be Made that you're still wearing 20 30 Years later Uh is that a better value You know it's that's kind of the way you Got to look at it It's we are trained to look at Price It's only Price It's All About price I I Remember when the first Harbor Freights Came in When the first cheap Chinese tool First started coming into the country I Was a kid and I started seeing these Things and we were uh we were a high Trust civilization at that time when you Went out and bought something that was American made or you bought a tool at The hardware store or Fastener it was Made as good as it could be all those Old Stanley Tools from the 60s and 70s And stuff as good as they could be Refrigerators were made to last multiple Lifetimes not designed obsolescence so We got used to that We expected quality so when this stuff Came in it was shocking how cheap it was You could buy a bench vise for One tenth of the price of buying an American-made bench vise and it it Looked the same and he actually even had Some features that the other one didn't Have even though it was a direct rip-off Of something of a high quality item that Was dumbed down and so I think a lot of

Us got Bamboozled in that you know just Kind of assuming well we could see maybe It wasn't quite as good but it was so Tempting because of the price only to Get it home and I remember that Vice the First time that we had to to try to Change some U-joints On a drive shaft using the back of that As an anvil my dad hit it the whole Thing just cracked half into two pieces You know this is like a 70 pound Vise You know and I thought oh okay this is All just Just marketing it looks good it looks Like it's gonna work but it's just trash It's absolute trash Okay How are we looking here got any heat in There I don't think we're gonna go yet Let's go get the box I'm going to bring That over here I don't know if we're gonna have time to Get to a project today if I want to get started on the day but I'll show you what I got how far we got On the box and We'll close with that Ooh it's still a little bit sticky we Got to have one more coat We'll want to talk about the stenciling As well so here it is With its Unfinished paint I'll grab the hardware here

So I pre-drill and put all the hardware On And then I take it off for paint I think it looks kind of shabby when you Paint the nice Hardware We probably want to talk about the Stenciling as well welcome Jen and Jim Our newest members shout out to you I'm glad to see you guys here Let's start with a stencil so I I got The stencil cutter out yesterday And I was thinking how should we Label this first off what are the Contents the contents are going to be There's going to be four things in here Right Let's see you want to bring up bring up The closed cam here Need to zoom that out a little bit That's a little bit too tight isn't it Let's see the top here So this is going to be the companion or The mate To this box And I was thinking as I was working on This yesterday I think one feature of the Of this series of putting together these Tools these this is kind of evolving you Know this idea this concept as we're Going here but I think kind of the Direction we need to go in is that we Want to put together the important

Things that you guys might want to Consider having for the professional Homeowner and I think these things Should be all kind of analog and old Older School So there's going to be some things that Do have Electronics you know if we're Going to do like a a box or a kit that Can charge anything phones computers and All that there's no getting around that But maybe I'll look into it is there a Way to make things EMP proof you know Can we do some sort of shielding inside The box that would prevent um anything From being ruined but I think for the Main things the initial stuff let's go All analog and this is going to be stuff That if you put this away in a cache or You have this in your garage and you Need to bug out or something that Regardless of EMP or anything like that It's just going to work you're not going To have Electronics you're not going to Have dead batteries we're going to keep It really really simple and really basic We don't have to reinvent the wheel here You know it's not hard to consider the Things that we're going to have to have We can just look back at what a great Resource that those the old uh manuals Are from the forest service those old Fire camps they have it all broken down This is how this is what you need for Supplies for for a man in this

Environment for so long you know so much So much water so much this and that so It you know from that you can kind of Glean through those equipment equipment Lists what were the things that were Important and having light that's a huge Thing especially in the winter time you Take that for granted but it back in the Day if you were poor and you didn't have Candles or couldn't afford to buy Candles This is before the the power system was In you sat in the dark at night and at Winter time what times it get dark you Know five o'clock man that's a long time And that's pretty gloomy so you can't Turn the lights on or the power's Interrupted A lantern like this these dual fuel Lanterns with an extra couple extra cans Of gas you know that's gonna that's Gonna be light for you for goodness for A couple weeks If you take care of it so completely Independent of anyone no one can take it From you and you know no one can turn You off no one can cancel you this is Just going to work so that's kind of the Inspiration so in the comments and and You guys I would invite you to email me You know email me Cody wranglerstar.com If you are thinking about this concept Of these analog EMP proof just simple Basic things that a person would need to

Get by you know what would that look Like and what would that be and we'll Put them together I'm thinking maybe uh a good combination We talked about the shovel ax all that So I'm thinking on it but let me know What that should be So the box turned out just like we Thought uh we're gonna do the hint we'll Just do the open hinge Not no big surprise the inside turned Out really good so in here now Is the false bottom So I cut a piece of Tempered hardboard Right here and with a one inch hole in It So that sits on Styles now the Styles in There raise this up off the bottom an Inch and a quarter and that gives us all The room that we need for the three Items so in there we're going to have The a lighter It's pretty nice there isn't that good Nice way that turned out So we'll have a lighter Mantels Two sets of mantels so eight mantles so In a pack of mantles you're gonna get Four mantles so that's two changes so Four changes of mantles those will fit In there and then the replacement a Rebuild or a completely replacement a Plunger assembly so and that in my

Experience with those lanterns that's The thing that has went out so by Grabbing this you've got a rag your Funnel a gallon of gas that's going to Fill your Lantern what three or four Times and that Lantern will run all day On again on gas you know maybe even 24 Hours Or on a tank And then in here you've got a Replacement parts if your mantle gets Damaged replacement mantle and Everything is safe and protected and in One piece so that's what we're That's what we're working on We have a super chat from Mr Paul Mr Paul shout out to you No comment just supporting the channel Appreciate that Stenciling Now stenciling we can use what we have Here or we can choose something Different and you guys can tell me or Give me recommendations This was the official I copied the the Original Forest Service stenciling here White gas and funnel two parts there I Like that you just look at it clean it's On all sides and I need to redo this I I Think I know how to stencil better I had Too much I pressed too hard and I had Too much ink on the roller when I did That so what I should do is just paint Over this and then redo it but we're

Going to try it together in the video so We'll we'll see how it goes but I've Been practicing I think I got it down So we'll stencil on all four sides What's going on here Thank you Mr Paul for that Something like this Lantern Gasoline What do you think is that Do we need to add anything more than That I don't know that we need I don't know How I don't know that we need to add or Add the rebuild parts or Mantles in there Maybe would someone know If they were to use this that there was A hidden compartment that their Replacement parts under there should you Say lantern or say gasoline Lantern and Rebuild kit What should we do with that we have 20 Characters you can see we can't go too Wide there but whatever we end up with I Was just going to go Lantern gasoline And then I did another one I think maybe I did the spacing different Right there Oh yeah so just the offset's different There which one do you like Number one is the top one that's Lantern Gasoline And then bottoms number two Lantern

Gasoline That's what I got I don't know that we Need any more than that do we number one Number two I don't know if it makes any difference Probably this one start with L Keep it simple yeah Keep it simple Mr landfill some did that keep it Central mantles we couldn't put mantles And accessories And our fires getting out of control you Guys are supposed to remind me to close The door and throw some wood in there You know watching the stream doesn't Come without some sort of obligation There's nothing free in life here right So do we put accessories or do we just Put gasoline Lantern Mantels most people don't even know what Mantles are We just had an idea would be kind of Cool if we did a uh we do the old school Version of A lantern and then we do a a modern day Version take on it with the latest Technology and the solo like a mini Solar panel like recharging Instead of fuel You've got a nice lithium battery option In here with the USB ports on the top And then in here you have fully Rechargeable batteries alongside of it So you have the option to do either way

That would be kind of interesting Wouldn't it I would imagine it would be half the Size of this as well Call Bob Lantern kit Lantern kit I thought about Lantern kit but it's Important there's so many different Types of lanterns we need to Differentiate what what type of lantern This is so either it needs to label that It's gasoline or white gas or unleaded That is important to have in there Uh if you think it was a propane you Know with a green bottle So we got to consider that Lantern kit Gasoline Lantern kit Lantern kit slash gasoline What would a what's a soulless Government employee What's it what's going to go through his Mind how would he label that What's going to be The most universally recognized Oh okay oh we got a good fire going this When you start your fire off right it's The last good all day I'm not going to call it Bob now I'm Going to call it what is gasoline Lantern kit Gasoline Lantern kit Gasoline Lantern kit is good because That That gives you the gives you the Information or tells you that there's

More involved with it so it's the whole Kit Gasoline Kit should we do it we could do it right Now I think we can use the same card Let me put this by the Heat Let's see I don't want to sit that on That all that I've got all this charcoal On the ground I gotta sweep up my floor It's getting bad around here Let's cut the stencil together we'll Close with that I was going to do a Different project but this will be more Fun Gasoline Lantern kit is that where we're Going with this Foreign Lantern kit Lantern kit gasoline Lantern kit all right well you better Decide quickly here because I'm going to Go grab the the template puncher we're Going to make it right now I Have been enjoying this machine It was I bought it on the eBay And it came from Florida It had a sticker on it that it had been Had belonged to I think it was an airport or something And they they had must have used it to Stencil Airplanes and such Have you seen have you guys seen one of

These Maybe I turn it around here where you Can see how it works a little bit better Okay so what this is Is it stencil cutter And it cuts These So there's a dial That rotates on the top With all of the characters the numbers And the letters And it advances the card and you can Punch it out so we have right now Lantern Gasoline kit that's not going to work We're gonna have to start with a new Card so we want what do we want Lantern Kit and gasoline There isn't it's not a lantern kit and Gasoline it gasoline has its own Gasoline Lantern kit is that what we're Going to go with Hit me ones in the comments if that's The final gasoline Lantern kit and I'm Going to go grab a new board and that's What we're going to punch unless you Come up with something better than that Gasoline Lantern kit Gasoline Lantern kit We have a super chat From on the water shout out to you He writes could you use spray adhesive For the stencil I don't know why why I couldn't I bought

A I just bought a can of that 3M super 77 that's my favorite spray adhesive Could If I put he's I think what he's Suggesting and but thanks for that Super Chat on the water I think what what he's Suggesting is if we put some adhesive on That push that down we're going to get a Cleaner crisper Edge on the stenciling And not have it bleed out like it did on The other one but I think I have I think I know how to do it now so that won't Happen and it means less ink on the Roller and We'll see But shout out to you that thank you for That number one all right so we're going To go with We're gonna go with that we're going to Go with Gasoline Lantern kit Gas oh just gas land We have the we have the room for the Characters to use the whole word Yeah Gasoline Lantern end kit I think gasoline Lantern kit three lines That's where it's at Okay let's make it And we'll just start We'll do three lines Start here there's some indexed points Here Do I know how to spell all this stuff

You guys want close-up or are you good Where you're at can you see this okay This is a big old heavy machine it's Quite something Lantern kit Gasoline Ethan card I think that's I Think he's got it I think Ethan's right Lantern kit Gasoline that's how that's how they Would write it that sounds like that's How they would write it Yeah Lantern kit gasoline that's what we're Gonna do right there You see L A Oh goodness I forgot to Every time I go to punch a uh a board I usually get it on the third time Because I forget some some silly step Okay Lantern kit gasoline Ethan thank you for that that it was so Simple it's right in front of us the Whole time so you put the board in there Are one two three Uh light four you can do four rows 20 Characters across one two three four you See there and then it gives you some Index lines where to start So you this board material it's a kind Of a waterproofed heavy it's made for

These machines And it gives you a permanent stencil That you can use over and over again All right here we go so once you put the Board in you line it up and you hit this Button And then that brings the the teeth up Because each time you punch this it's Got to advance the card L L A N T E R N all right new line So we open this up Picture Oh something went wrong See I told you it takes three That one's the old one I don't know I just like to have a clean Stencil because I probably reused these So I figure it's worth making them right Looks like I used all the good ones out There I bought a case of these so we've Got I have a lifetime version or a lifetime Supply I was ordering these boards I went to What it was it was Ranger or something It's hard to find him And I thought I saw the price those are

Kind of expensive those things and well I got you got to have them this what This machine needs and when they showed Up there was An absolute case of them like thousands Of them so now uh now we're good Okay so what happened is that did not Advance for us Lock it down It's going to be it's gonna well I Forgot what was gonna be get uh Lantern kit gasoline All right so let's do this one last time Here we'll get it L see how it advances A And T E Are R n okay now you release this You see the n and the r are running Together They're not um Focus They're not uh it's not advancing Let me practice a couple we'll do a Couple more RNs and see Let's open this Anyway they were saying it came out of Florida and it was so CR everything was So corroded I had to get in there it took hours to Take all those dyes out and and I put

Some what lubricate everything but that Was a mistake because now it gets oil All over my board but Eventually it's got to stop dripping So we're having problems with the r in The end so the r That's advancing in the n You have to be very deliberate with the Way you punch it if you Kind of halfway do it it doesn't advance So it's not the punch is faulted I'm not I'm not committing So we'll just have to really get after It this time Oh the stove thank you The stove's going out Looks like I've damped it down a little Too quick To be very deliberate with that RNN Don't hold it I'm not holding it down I'm just trying to keep it on the edge But maybe you're right maybe I'm pushing Down on that too hard that's probably Right But it you do have to kind of keep it From getting cockeyed Okay Lantern kit gasoline Yeah that may have may have maybe I was Holding it down Foreign We got it gentlemen right there there's Our Lantern all right new line We'll go up to the next row up to we

Were at three well up to four match the Margin on the left Lantern no we want to Do we want to Center this so if we're Going to go kit One two three four five six seven we Have seven characters So their middle three would be here Would be n t in e So we need to start the kit so we need To do two spaces This is really getting technical for a Professional homeowner here and I don't Remember how to do the spaces so we Dropped this So two spaces Line three On the margin to the left So we need to go Advanced two spaces so One Two And then we're going to start with k Foreign T What do you think That's it right there isn't it we've got One more line we have a super chat From our friend of the channel Isaac Leonard shout out to you Isaac thank you For that Uh no comment just supporting the Channel Lantern gasoline kit no we're gonna go Lantern the die is cast so to speak We're going to go Lantern kit

Gasoline so now we're going to go up to Line three Gasoline how many characters do we have G-a-s-o-l-i-n-e we have one more Character so that's going to be we Either have to advance it to the front Or to the right I think we'll just keep a left margin So we're line three We'll get the left margin set up so this Will be our we have Lantern kit gasoline So we'll start with the G Oh I almost messed up Gasoline that's the word of the day Gee Hey S Oh isn't this a cool machine L I And I'll bet if you took this thing to a Man that is nice look at that That's it That's what we're doing Official Three quarter inch government stencil Man that's neat Mrs W came into the shop after I bought This I was showing her how cool it was and I Don't know that she really understood That this was um maybe a good purchase For the shop but she I told her that it

Was but I was if you're if you're trying To justify one of these you can buy them For about you can find them for about Four or 400 bucks four or five hundred Bucks online if you get a deal maybe up To 600 for some nicer ones but that's a Pretty good deal because brand new you Know they're three four thousand dollars But maybe you could justify this because I'll bet if you had one of these you Could go to uh like a local farmers Market or any local fair that you have On weekends in the summertime I'll bet If you set up a table uh and you made a Little sign uh that people would like to Have custom stencils cut you know you Could cut them for like five five six or Whatever guys would want to use maybe Stencil things on uh that'd be I bet you Could probably pay for it in a couple Days Nice yeah isn't that great lettering Okay so we've got that done let's see How it fits on the box itself But that's the way it's going to be I don't be just something for me to Knock this sticky wet paint over in the In the Charcoal and Have all sorts of problems Okay we'll get rid of this back to our Box it's heavy These stencil machines Come in different sizes

Of letter they have I thought You choose between half three quarter And one inch And I buying one was a bit of a stretch Like there's no way I'm going to have One of each so I thought what would be The best all-around and I thought how About right in the middle and that's the Right it's big enough where it it's Still it's readable from pretty much Anywhere it won't look funny on larger Items and it still fits reasonably well On Smaller items Okay Look at that you guys actually changed The name of the kit which will Be this way forever I'm very happy with that Very happy with that We have a super chat from Dennis demancy Who writes top states to start Homesteading I wonder you know there's a lot of talk About uh Some of the western states wanting to Change their borders because their Politics are completely out of alignment With what's taking you know the rural Areas with what's going on in the in the Metro areas or cities like Portland OR Seattle You wouldn't even know that they were

The same countrymen I mean just our Values are so different and the problem What are the disconnects or what are the Problems that's happening in the states Is you have what you guys are seeing About America and watching on television Is not what the majority of Americans Are you're primarily seeing the opinions And ideas of people who live in the in The on the coast either the West Coast Or the East Coast And they're different people than those Of us who live out in the country and we Don't have the voice that they have so If you're just kind of a casual Observer And you're getting your information About what is America and what are Americans from from the media then You're you're not getting what it is You're just getting you're just getting A false sense of what what we are So You're going to find if you come and try And want to pick a place you're going to Find uh that the people are very Different so it seems to me that the Community is the big thing when you look About what you're going to need if you If your family comes under attack or Your way of life you just cannot survive By yourself what if you go back and read And see how things were were during the War of Kosovo and such and who survived When the cities were blockaded it was

People that banded together and Insider Inside accounts of that situation where An entire city under siege for a year And what took place and what happened The most important thing was what he Said was anyone who didn't have family Or a friend group they were immediately Overwhelmed If the people who were in need or the Roving bands or gangs of guys looking For resources if they knew that a house Was only defended by one person or one Man or there was a woman there it was They were it was hopeless but if you had A large family or had banded together With groups and friends and like-minded People where you could always have Someone at guard you know always you Could put up a fight then that that's Who made it through there so Number one is what are your values who Are your people what what's important to You and you need to find folks that Share those and that's usually going to Be more in the rural areas Your rural people in North Carolina and Your rural people in eastern Oregon are Going to have a lot more in common than Than you might think uh so I can't tell You where to go I don't know where you Need to be what what how how you acquire Resources you know what is your job Um but I think people connections and Relationships are going to be the most

Important thing Because you can't you can't get by by Yourself It wouldn't be California No unless Northern California breaks off And enjoying someone else who knows So gentlemen this is how it's going to Be we're going to have Lantern kit Gasoline excellent And as soon as this dries one more coat We'll stencil that on there we'll stand So all four sides and we'll put our Hardware on so my Hardware is exactly The same we'll keep that consistent with Uh the gasoline box Same latch and the whole deal Yeah We'll have to do we'll have to drill Once I put the hinges back on I'll put The lantern in and when this where this Comes in contact with that little Acorn Nut I'll Center that Lantern then we'll Drill out a little hole in the center And that will uh lock that in so if this Is Josh jostling and shaking Back and forth on a rough road or on a Truck I think it might help to have that Held secure a little bit that's that's My plan All right someone's knocking I'll be right back Thank you Jack Bye I guess that's the end of our stream

Breakfast has been served Hickory Farm sausage Eggs and homemade bread All right I guess that's it gentlemen We'll uh we'll wrap it up And I've got to get to work got a lot to Do today we've got a little bit of a Reprieve from The rain that's supposed To be clear today but the snow and storm Is coming and uh Seems like there's a lot to do Thanks for watching may God bless you And your families please keep us in your Prayers and we'll see you guys over on The next video

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