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By | November 4, 2022

Foreign [Music] Good morning gentlemen welcome back to The shop it is raining cats and dogs Outside I was super excited to start Bringing equipment into the new shop but Well I don't have to do it so I'm not I'm not going to go out there in that Rain so we're going to be sharpening Some knives today I thought it might be Kind of fun to break out the old school The Russian knife sharpener I've got the Latest iteration here If you really want to get a profile back On a knife after years of abuse that's a Pretty good way to do it I sharpened a Lot of my knives on the Work Sharp I Like the Simplicity and how quickly you Can get through them But after a while you kind of start to Lose that 30 degree bevel and it's nice To reprofile with this let's get our Lantern going see what uh see what that Takes us I figured it out these things will burn On the initial pump about 10 hours 10 hours and it was just about out so That's pretty impressive on one tank I thought that was Grab the chat here we'll get going I've Got six knives to sharpen I believe And boy we have a good fire today I Took a moment To do it right this stove likes smaller

Pieces I just have to Go with that Man that front loader I don't think that's where it's at I Just leave it alone it's already hot Somebody remind me to put wood in that a Little bit goodness that's hard on the Toes there All right I think we're out of gas We're gonna go with the old school one Now I always seem to spill With a new funnel and I've got the old Funnel here just a look at that solid Copper isn't that something All right where's our high production Here we're going to switch over this is A two camera Live stream man I am a one-man band here I got a something going in every hand Isn't that beautiful though look at that Thing solid copper With that felt It's a felt uh screen in there it says Uh Coleman The original Wichita Kansas made in USA Man that was that was our high water Mark gentleman wasn't it We have fallen from that From that place So many memories my granddad every we Used to go cut firewood for a little Extra money and he had a big version of

That I just remember that asking him About that the felt in there water won't Pass through the felt it gets kind of an Oily sheen on it and it'll just bubble Up or just beat up on there you can just Pour it out so it protects Protects your your fuel system Full analog Funnel You are watching a man Operating at the very limits of his Abilities I've got every Nerve engaged here I'm getting greedy there take a look I think that's good That has definitely been our most Successful poor Without it But we're not done yet are we Foreign Come on now hit the like like button for That two camera Live stream here I'm putting in the Effort for you guys Me and my broken rib I'm gonna have to go in to see my Chiropractor friend I fear I'm not Getting better I'm getting worse it's Hard hard to sleep whoops Hang on Something jabbing me up under my high up In my rib cage How much fuel's in there had that

Running oh goodness oh About the pain Oh man that scared me Someone just hit me in the chest Yeah right right there so right there I Got something going on from when I Crashed Not going to do that again is it This thing here has kind of got my goat I'm starting to fear it Maybe I should get a face shield Gun shy now goodness Go away I even broke my mantle All right well it'll still go we've got One and a half All right let that thing smoke for a Minute Well that was a very successful pour Nobody caught on fire Your malfunction here Okay Boy I really messed up my mantles didn't I they're all broken Well we'll just let them let it smolder Over here it's kind of cold I might just Put it over here keep our hands warm All right let's get that Russian knife Sharpener Out Boy I haven't seen the Hide in her hair that for a long time Big old heavy base the Machining On this thing is really impressive It's interesting it always has had a the Feel of a

Like a cold war military grade Machining in the finishes on everything It's just so Soviet so we're so Russian But beautifully designed in a tremendous Effort went into building this thing We have our first Super Chat of the day Mr Jason Barr shout out to you Jason Thank you and he says no need to seek Out a razor sponsor now yeah okay did I Cinch my eyebrows I probably did Remind me turn that thing off at night I let what I did is I just let it run Out well just let it run out burn out But I'm not going to do that anymore So this is the base very heavy And here's a nice piece Well I hear a I think UPS Outside I have something coming from Iron Heart I'm very excited for my winter coat I Will share that with you if it's if it Comes All the way from Sweden The base attaches To this arm and this flipper assembly Here But look at the Beautiful Machining The detents you can hear that Yeah I'm a sucker for winter gear as Well I love November I think it's my favorite Month of the year The all of around here it starts to show

Up when the vine Maples Start to turn color they turn from green To Red and yellow And we see them first when we're always Riding up on the dirt bikes up at high Elevation and they change there first Because the cold comes down from the Mountain How you doing Mama How you doing yeah I know All right should we take a look we'll Take a look at our knives here We have what six knives I believe Oh that thing is heavy I do this every fall seems like right Before Thanksgiving So here we have This is a Cutco shout out to our East Coast friends they make nice beautiful Knives Ate it probably a 10. chef knife and Then uh Chopper Looks like more of a Japanese style This is a Victorinox Paring knife these are the best value of Kitchen knives and among my favorites They're excellent this one's just been Through the Through a hard life

This is my favorite and I felt like this Is a Victorinox kitchen knife kitchen Knife with a point on it I guess we only have four Let's start with the big chef knife Or reprofile that blade And put it an incredible Edge on it A blicky press check I can do that yeah Yeah that's something you want to learn Gentlemen is uh how to do a press check And that is to verify if you your um Your g19x the official Airsoft of the professional homeowner Channel a press check is when you Without you you do this because you Don't have to look at it so you learn to Grab it and then pull the slide back a Little bit and you insert your finger Through the top and you physically you Feel it that the there's a round Chambered and then you release it back That's a press check so whatever Whatever I do that I probably do it 20 times a day when I'm Well I switch my camera here this is not A high production Probably 20 times a day whenever you're Re-holstering holstering moving things Around actually like when I hear Something at night I don't care if if I Have if no one's touched it and I know It's loaded I'm still at the door I'm Gonna do that just just to verify it We have a super chat from Brian Leah

Shout out to you Hello from Long Island well thank you Hello from the West Coast we have a Shout out from Brian who writes checking In from Maryland privileged to be here Well I'm glad to have you here as well Privilege is mine All right I think we're going to start With 120 grit today And we'll put a 30 degree bevel On this big old chef knife here Thank you Zach Wagner shout out to you I I will uh are we no not quite yet it's Pretty hot I'm I don't want it to get Too much hotter I've got it damp oh I Could cut the bypass off there Yeah let's check we'll check back in Maybe 15 20. But thank you for the reminder These uh Stones I'll bring you up here Closer we might have to move that camera Yeah let me get you a little bit better View and see what we're doing here Let's see maybe even raise it up but Just a tad bit so you're looking down You want it right over the shoulder type Of view Probably like that huh Let's go with that one Yeah you like that better That's the B camera So we have these little stones In various Grits

And they're captured By the spring This angle is determined here By the scale Kitchen knives 30 degrees So you can fine tune that And this this piece here is quite Beautifully machined Right there if you look you loosen that And this actually goes up and down So you can really fine tune And this is all solid brass So you can fine tune your angle To whatever you want like so precise I want 30. And then I'll lock that off And then lock the Set or sets hit the set screw Okay Although I didn't lock that down yet Today That's 10. I'm gonna do my system down here And then flip it And 10 on this side We have a super chat from Jason Barr Shout out to you Jason Jason Ask here's something to think about While you are sharpening how good is Good if God did not want us to know About it How good is good Man you're going to drop that on me Right now huh

How good is good if God did not want us To know about it You know the thing that makes me Marvel What makes me Marvel Jason is You know when when the good book is Trying to describe uh to Mortal man what It is that God has in store for his People He says I'm going to tell you it hasn't Even entered into your mind in in the Wildest imagination of any human being Who's ever lived it hasn't even entered Into their mind the things that I have In store for those who love me So you try to imagine you know what it's Going to be like to be in the kingdom And you try to you try to get that into Your brain And it's difficult I mean all you have Is references of your experiences or What you've read or imagined but I mean It's it's a kind of small it's it Boggles the mind doesn't it like what Could that be are we talking about A new sensor new senses or or even Additional Um who knows you know the ability to Travel at thought can you imagine that And a limitless universe and to be able To travel at the speed of thought Whatever took your whims I will look forward to in the kingdom And I I don't think that we'll be Stripped of our Humanity

I think we'll remember Who we were and who we are now will be Part will definitely be it will be our Personality that's why it's so important To perfect that personality here Because what we do here you know that is Going to Echo into the kingdom in the future to Some extent I mean there's going to be a Transformation but no one's going to be Turned in into a robot we're going to be Individual characters so I would imagine The things that I enjoy doing My particular interests would also Translate there as well And I used to think well how wonderful Would it be to have Um A Thousand Years or or a hundred Thousand years to perfect a craft like Uh Timber framing let's say that you Wanted to take uh 10 000 years to build The ultimate timber frame Lodge by hand So that you could honor your lord at a Banquet you know or something you know That that would be it would be wonderful To have that time uh to to do whatever You want to to the Highest level But then if there's no death then There's no wood to do timber framing With so that's that that's kind of not Going to work is it I'll have to come back and Ponder on That one but thank you for that Super

Chat Um We have a super chat from uh Jason who Says hey Cody quick question for you What is your thought on the diesel Mechanics trade I think that's a great Trade to be in I think it's interesting I I've always been a little bit weak in My knowledge of diesels well not a Little bit pretty much ignorant Sorry I didn't want to lose lose count There I yeah I I would love to know more Have a basic understanding I think it's A great trade and it's in it's um it Would be fun and fascinating That'd probably be on my top five list Actually I would say I would start Um if I was going to be in the trades I Would definitely start with elect Something electrical or electricians If I was younger I would even consider Maybe being a lineman I think that's a Cool job and those guys are those are Good dudes I've worked with a lot of Those guys and one of my good friends From high school went into that and did That at the highest level and I always Thought that was kind of a cool job it's Like the special forces of the uh Electricians trade right But anything like that would be nice Anything maybe where you could really Get a specialty And these are things that are Beyond me

You know what what is required to keep Like these modern big server farms and All this high-tech stuff going but I'm Sure that there are particular trades That are in high demand you just kind of Look into that See that but um Just make sure you you think about your Family You know in your future don't pick Something that's going to put you on the Road too much I think it's probably good for a man to Be on the road for a while I look back on when I was single and on The road as a traveling construction Superintendent it was a very exciting It was a very exciting job I really Enjoyed it and it was a it was a Tremendous education to me because I There is no education like travel You know I I didn't really do very much In school I just did the minimum to get By and it was I wanted out of there so Bad I wanted to get into the workforce And make money and do things I felt like I was stuck there I always thought if I Wanted to learn something I could just Go Find teach myself but just to sit there For hour an hour and stand in line I Never liked it I didn't put any effort Into it Yeah

Let's see where are we at We're going to go from a 120 To one thousand is that the next grit That's getting pretty fine one thousand Six thousand yeah it is one thousand At least have some oh I know what the Problem is that there's supposed to be Some O-rings on here like why is this Thing I don't know what to do with this Thing But thank you Jason for that and uh yeah Good good trade interesting work Should be some rubber O-rings There they are So many things a man needs to know is I don't know how we do it You really start Realizing how much you've been taught by Your father and grandfather and what You've picked up on your own when you Have children And you things you take for granted you Can't you have to explain every single Thing Just it's lit it's endless you know how Do you know the difference between a Schrader valve and a Presta Valve How do you know how to read the Plies on A on a tire How do you know how to You know to set up a torque wrench and Find torque specification and what's a Newton meter compared to an inch pound I Mean there's just no there's no end to

It like I mean it's incredible the Amount of knowledge that we have as men We have to know it's absolutely Astonishing We have a super chat from Lewis Ayla Ayla boy I'm bad with the names Shout out to you Louis uh Lewis writes Good afternoon from Central Central Florida started watching you recently And admire and respect your content what Is your advice for parents a parent Dealing with a rebellious male teen Thank you NGB Oh man I you know I I have to be careful here I would like To answer that by using a personal story That might be helpful but I also want to Respect my family's privacy so I'm not Going to I'm not going to get into that but but I Will tell you that you know we had we've Had our challenges as well and as it Should be you know if a boy is not Rebelling Then there's something wrong with him if He's not pushing back a little bit you Know I mean you know if he's just Stuck and and has no passion you know I Would be more concerned about that Um it's tough man it's very tough it's Tough to have patience you know a lot of Times you can when you're the father and You can see things so clearly

And you can see that the road that They're going down and the decisions That they're about to make are going to Harm them and you try to warn them and Then they attack you and see you as the Enemy it's a hard thing and it's a hard Thing not to be to to keep your cool and Not to get angry about it But You just have to persevere pray for your Boy Even if he's not a Christian pray pray For him uh pray for wisdom and patience Pray for patience goodness that's my Biggest weakness is patience that's my The generational curse that was handed Down from father to son I think in my Family as well because my dad was was Not a patient man either But patience and just remember remind Them whatever they leave and whatever They're doing that you're on their side Uh and that you love them uh and that You are doing this out of love and just Try not to be angry Um you know a kind word the good book Tells us a kind word Dispels anger and what that means is uh If you reply anger with anger usually it Will Ex it will just build up and blow Up and nothing will be resolved escalate Where if you answer with a kind word or A soft response it kind of takes the the Aggression out of your opponent

Um and he's more willing to be Reasonable and listen to what you have To say I don't know if that's helpful or not But thank you for that Super Chat and Keep this man and his son in your Prayers All right We're gonna do a thousand grit next Oh that old fire feels good I love to Hear that rain On that metal roof We have a super chat from Tim Caldwell Shout out to you Tim thank you for your Generosity Mr Caldwell is one of our members Click that thumbs up gentlemen support The The effort here I do believe that live streaming A one-man show live streaming is is the Hardest job in the world Maybe not the hardest hardest physically But uh probably the hardest to do well And and I am uh hoping to get there Someday Definitely have mad respect for anyone Who does it well But you just have to Guys gotta understand there's gonna be Mix up and mix up some problems I think that's the charm of it anyway Well that feels good that's A thousand Grit

I don't have a link To that Elliott the Sterling engine on the stove if you Search a Sterling engine Oh I know it is it's Warp I think in the name is on it let me take A look here it's it's uh we're gonna Switch cameras hit that thumbs up Gentlemen It's a warp five Do a search for warp 5 Sterling engine They're in the UK and they make those They have other models they're really Beautiful I have gotten so much pleasure out of That That little thing Sadly Jess I'm not carrying the 940. I Lost actually I lost my 940 and my Spyderco In the same week I lost I lost one of them at the movie Theater when I Mrs W and I went into Portland to watch Top Gun All right Let's see we're gonna go with The next grit is going to be pretty fine I think we are what six thousand that Was that's one thousand What a fun thing to do on a fall day Goodness yeah that's six thousand Grit Pretty fine boy this is going to be Sharp You make sure you you uh warn your wives

After you sharpen their knives if They're used to them being dull I don't Stay up on them near as good as I I should On these finer Stones I don't I don't know if it's right or wrong but I don't seem to Count so much I kind of go by feel you Can feel and I can see Kind of what's going on It's more of a The Edge has already been Profiled it's more of a honing Than anything And on that belly right up there you Want to spend a little extra time And get a nice a nice tip on that You want it to be like cat claw Sharp We have a super chat From futrial Greetings from New Hampshire greetings To you shout out to you for that Super Chat thank you very much welcome Maybe we should do an election night uh Live stream Get some popcorn out and turn turn that On I don't know exactly how to do that but I bet I could figure it out You guys have any plans for Watch the circus We have a super chat from WRC shout out To uwrc He wants to know what X300 do you have On your g19x currently trying to decide

Between the U and the Turbo I'll show You what I have I have both of those And I like the X It's super bright And it has a more of a rugged I'm going to engage the high production There we go it's got more of a rugged What do you call it lens on it and it's It's got those with a chronolated or It's much more aggressive it looks cool Same fit in the same holster all the 300s I have all fit in the same holster But this one is the X Ultra And this makes a really good rifle light As well This clamp if you have a rail on the Front quad rail let's clamp that right Out right there at nine o'clock And these are excellent lights I have I just that's all I have I have Scouts on my rifles and I have these on Pistols that way all my holsters share One exception is I have a vampire 400 For a pistol with night vision And that won't won't fit this holsters Because it's got that drop down that Laser on there but That's it that's the one but they're all Good you can't go wrong They're all they're all good We have a super chat from Benny zero Benny zero nine one seven two

Zero one one a double alternator Remember shout out to you uh thanks for Having thanks for everything brother Thank you thank you as well that's very Generous of you As soon as this rain stops we are going To go over to The new shop And there's a whole bunch of I gotta Take it we're gonna take a dump run There's a all of the the guys that did The steel building they did a nice job And they bagged up everything but There's a whole bunch of scraps and a Whole load basically so we'll get that Out of there And then we'll get started getting that Equipment in there and get getting it Laid out it's gonna be kind of fun to Set up a bay a maintenance Bay So I want to set aside one Bay Excuse me Oh it only hurts It only hurts when I do that Hmm Goodness It is a reminder of your mortality Though it does keep you focused Set up an automotive Bay Where we can pull in our biggest thing Which would be my pickup or the you know For all the oil changing and have Everything really super scoop them and Set up there so

All of our Amsoil products Where I can see them very clearly I can Look at the Block I could that's for the The 350 that's for the the TRD that's For the Jack Subaru uh and then reorder That's the cool thing about Amsoil is They ship super super fast I get things Usually the next day For the most part when I order so when Everything's whenever something gets low I just take a picture of it and then I Come over here and just reorder it and Then we'll have to have um We have to have another set of tools Over there Mechanics Tools like I want To keep my main set my Snap-on Tools Here I'm not taking them over there but I want to if when I work over there I Want to have something decent so that Might be a really good option for the All the Williams set that we put Together I don't have a cart over there So I'm gonna have to think about I might Just see if I can find something on Facebook Marketplace and get a good Snap-on Snap-on or Mac cart Something is just kind of basic mechanic Set and then I'll have a worktop and That'll be really nice so if I'm working In here on a project then dryer will be Able to work on stuff and it's going to Be super handy We have a super chat Goodness

We have a super chat from Brian Leia Double Loctite member Goodness shout out to you thank you for Your generosity generosity And he says I work full-time New York PD And do landscaping during the day and Help supplement income to take care of My mom and keep the house due to the Untimely passing of my dad I'm finishing Divorce and child support court any Advice when life gets hard Man Brian I am so sorry I have I have not been through the family Courts and the divorce courts but I have Had close friends that have been and it Is it's unjust the way men are treated In my opinion and some of those things It's absolutely terrible and how Vindictive these women can become it's Incredible how quickly they can turn on You To have someone that that fell in love With you or you thought and to marry Them and and to give you children all That you you and you invest time Providing for this family you would Think you after 10 years or five years Or something that you'd earned something But they so many of them could just turn On you and just become Just the worst enemy you've ever had and Then law enforcement Is a stressful job and then getting Involved with the family courts and

They're bleeding you dry I mean goodness That's tough It would be difficult not to get black Pilled In that situation but I guess the way I I look at it is I'd have to that there Was life at the end of the tunnel that I Would just have that freedom and even Just that hope to be being able to get Out of it and not having this woman Around nagging you and just having peace Even if it's very In very poor conditions is not nothing Right you know the good book says uh I Think it was King Solomon said you know It's better to uh live on the corner of The roof than in a mansion with a with a Raving and contentious woman you know There's nothing new Under the Sun you Know he said they had their problems With women back then as well so uh not All I'm not saying all we're not hating On women here we all we love women I Love Mrs W more than anything next to my Savior but Um there's bad on both sides but there's A lot of bad women right now it seems But I don't know Spend some time in prayer you know that Really helps I I My Darkest Hours and Darkest times were the times that I Almost got to the point where I hated God I was so angry I felt betrayed by Him that he let me get into this

Situation But what I realized well I can realize Now is that that was the only way for Him to get my attention I wasn't Listening and where I was going I was Was going to lead to my destruction and To a path that would lead me so far away From him that there would be no hope of Returning Sometimes we have to go through those Things you know that fiery trial and you Know I can give you a platitude I could Give you a scripture you know and no one Wants to hear that You know because you're hurting right Now and you're happy to deal with it and How helpful is that but remember Everything is going nothing can last Forever And that's the gift that we men have and What makes us so strong is that we can Bear it and we have borne it and we're Used to it so put your shoulder to the Wind and move forward knowing that You'll be through it do what you can be Wise seek counsel and other men that can Help you make good decisions with these Family courts so that you don't get Taken advantage of if you could hire an Attorney I would recommend you do that Just just so you know sometimes You know I've represented myself in in Court different things but I also was Smart and smart smart enough to to seek

Counsel I would may not have an attorney Or didn't have enough money to have an Attorney right there at my on my Shoulder arguing the case for me but I Did have enough to go and sit with him For an hour and a half and have him Answer my questions and give me some Advice on how I might tackle this Problem So you just have to be smart about it But know that it's going to end and then When you come out the other side Hopefully you have your freedom And that is going to be an amazing thing And never ever enter into that contract Of marriage again Uh until thing until laws change That's that's the advice I would give You Because you're not going to want to date You're not going to want to see what's Out there to date right now It ain't like it was Thank you Brian That was super kind of you We have a uh oh man I'm backing up here We have a uh Super Chat from two slash one kiwi is That our one of our kiwi friends from New Zealand Never met anyone from New Zealand I Didn't like or Australia for that matter And and kiwi writes hello from New Zealand hope the leg recovery is going

Well uh any more Airsoft videos on the Horizon in these troubled times Well I guess there could be Yeah yeah I think maybe that was a Little bit of a little test in the Waters the other day so to speak I'm Always kind of poking the perimeter Looking for weaknesses there seems to be A little bit of a relaxation it's hard To say that could change on a dime with An election the election coming up so we Will see I've got my ear to the ground Um you guys know from my Native American Heritage I'm a good tracker and I'm good At uh reading the the wins of mystery You know So of the internet algorithm so I've I'm Always uh kind of keeping an eye on that But I I will if I can yep to answer your Question but thank you uh thank you for That and shout out to you Oh goodness man I'm getting behind I'm Getting behind we have a message from Our member double double alternator Member Josie uh shout out to you who Writes uh Cody there should be a small Spring that goes on that shaft to Control how far That shaft can spin yeah you're right You're right there is uh to be honest With you and it uh looks like it wasn't Put away properly And I can't be bothered with that right Now oh I have the manual

I'll see if I'll get it right but thanks For the reminder No I don't want to put any wood in there Yet We have a super chat from Kyle B Who writes uh shout out to you Kyle he Says uh he's 28 and I feel like I have My house in order any advice on pursuing A Godly woman are there any milestones We should accomplish before dating Oh a Godly woman goodness I mean at this Point we're almost at any woman right Man I I just don't know that it's possible uh To be honest with you with modern women The way that they are I don't know that it's possible it I Think there's too much to risk There's too much to risk At any moment you invest your time And you give her children and you buy Her a house and and you you work for 10 15 years and at any moment she can hit The ejection button And say that she's not happy and she's Going to take your home and she's going To take your children and there's a good Case that she could be uh even try to Poison them against you Uh for no reason at all other than she Got a feeling or just wasn't feeling Happy anymore that's a that I mean who Would enter into a situation like that What is the divorce rate

You know what is it now 60 and with College educated women it's up in 80 and 90 percent divorce rates So if you were to ask me you know how do I find a good woman and have a Traditional marriage these days I would Say that a short of divine intervention Uh and God's hand directing this unicorn Into your uh Lane I don't know what to tell you to be Honest it's sad it's a sad truth I would Focus on my I would focus on myself and getting my Own Affairs in order get your house have A paid for house and start building some Wealth get into a career that you enjoy That challenges you pursue some Hobbies Become an interesting person And and do the things that you want to Do there's nothing wrong with going out If you're a single a bachelor or a Bachelor of enjoying things by yourself I love my solitude I always have enjoyed My solitude I used to go to movies I Like movies growing up and I would go to Movies Sunday matinees by myself and That was always people thought that was Weird and I never really told anyone but I enjoyed doing it I just enjoyed being By myself my solitude so go pursue Interests majority of my 90 90 of my Motorcycle riding is by myself I like to Ride Solo in these Adventures I like to Be able to go out and think and

Contemplate and it's it's wonderful so Don't don't think like you can't have a Life and enjoy yourself without a Woman By your side but what I what tends to Happen is that once you start improving Yourself and And becoming confident and and capable In your work and in your personal life And in your abilities and you you just You have this confidence that will Attract a type of a higher quality of Woman and you'll and you'll be making Decisions from a position of power Instead of out of a position of weakness If you're so many guys and a lot of These divorces I put on the men is that They're so thirsty and they're so Desperate for female attention that if They hadn't haven't didn't get it in High school that the first girl that Pays them any attention uh they'll just They'll just they're all in and and even Their friends you can even go to them And and try to reason with them and say Hey you know I don't think that this Girl Has your best interest at heart and Oftentimes they're going to be a single Mother and you know you see those things Stay away from single mothers they'll Have anything to do with that I mean That is that is not something you want I Mean just think about it think about the Idea

Of raising another man's child You know and the mother a lot of these Mothers are never going to respect you Or or you'll never have the authority to Discipline this child and she'll always Look to whoever the father was you know The guy she couldn't get uh As as her You know what they call him she's like An alpha Widow you know she's attached You know she it was a connection made With this with this Alpha guy she Couldn't have him couldn't lock him down And so she settled for this guy that Just that just met her you know it's sad So many guys get taken down that way and And the moment the woman wants to to uh To blow it all up She's got the full backing of the state And the state will Levy fines on you they'll take your Driver's license they'll get you in the Family court they'll bind you down with The alimony and child support It's it's terrible it's absolutely it's Sinister and until that system changes Then you can't I don't know that you Can't support it guys I'm sorry to say that but it's just the Way that it is And I know that there's guys that want Children as well so what do you do if You want children Well the fortunate thing for you guys is

That you can you you don't have a clock Running you know you can you if you're a Young guy or even a 30s you you can Father children into your 60s that's not A problem Um if you establish yourself you might Have to you know you might have to go Overseas you might have to find you know Go to places with more traditional women And you probably have to leave them There because the moment you bring them Here then they and they start talking to Their sisters you know then they'll They'll be able to um take you through The whole process too so You know maybe you just if you find Someone that you think is uh going to be A good fit for you it's going to be hard Harder for the women women don't like This they don't like the insecurity of Not having everything locked down but You might just have to Just uh keep your relationship or just Have a marriage some other way maybe a Private more of a private Fair Affair That doesn't involve the government That's more faith-based and outside of The I guess the the boundaries of the court I don't know I can't give you legal Advice I'm not an attorney I don't know It's a it's tough I feel sorry for young Guys it's really tough We so sorry for the uh we gotta back up

Here Goodness I'm the worst with these things thank You Brian and Uh because so we have a super chat from Zach Wagner I'm like I talk too much I got throat's Getting dry Shout out to you Zack And Zach says So I do it by work I work by day and Gunsmithing by night do you ever do Shout outs to businesses and websites do I don't want to be rude but blurted out Yeah absolutely uh put your name up in The chat And um we can absolutely do that Yeah if I if I skip it or miss it just Keep putting it up there I'll I'll give You a shout out I need a I actually have a A 14 inch barrel I need a penny need Some pinning done on it I could set that Up to you We have a super chat from Jack Phillips Thank you Jack Jack shout out to you and Jack writes uh hi Mr W I'm trying to Make lessons for traditional home Building techniques Brick homes log cabins was wondering What you found to be unexpected Challenge in making video content Okay so a challenge uh oh everything is A challenge this the learning curve

Super steep it's uh lighting was a great Challenge Audio was a tremendous challenge Understanding how they all work together With lenses and cameras and and then There's storytelling is how do you tell A story with a video If you can tell a story and not speak a Word then you that then you're doing it Right so how how I guess I always looked At it was from the very beginning when I Started making comment or content in the Wood shop in in the shop what I wanted To do is I wanted everyone to feel like That they were right here I always that They would stay we're still standing Together and hanging out just like I Used to do When I was uh with my grandfather when I Was a boy he would stand at the Vise and He was you know he wasn't very tall Stand at the vice and he'd be teaching Me how to like press U-joints out of Drive shafts or how to braise brass and Do repairs on things or repair an Electrical plug all the all so many Lessons I learned on that little metal Workbench with a drill press on it And I was short and I just remember Standing right here about this High just Looking on looking over his shoulder and That's how I always tried to do videos And I've imagined that that relationship That we had uh and and you the camera it

Was me when I was a boy trying to Understand and and I try to put it the Way where anyone could understand it So tell the story that's the that's an Important part but you can't tell us People won't listen to your story if the Technical side of it is not good meaning If the audio is not good I would put a Very Camera is not so much import is not that Important to be honest Any modern Canon DSLR Even um the aps-c series you know like The the smaller smaller ones are good The kit lenses are good enough Long as you have enough light so get Something like that they have awesome Auto focus and that's a big help for a Creator is having auto focus when you Work by yourself and you don't have Anything to anyone to pull Focus for you And then get clean audio I would just go Ahead and get Pro Audio right away I Would buy a Sennheiser AVX lav mic I run Two of them here I have six of them and I've used them for years and they're Excellent they're 10 they're 11 they're They're 20. they're 20 out of 10 Stars That's how good they are just go get one A lav mic is important a lav mic is more Intimate what you'll find if you put a Boom mic or a mic on your camera you are Projecting your voice you're shouting And you even your body posture is

Different you're trying to project Project and Shout something at the Camera Where as a lav mic right here it's a Very intimate thing the sound is in this Is in the small bubble And if the camera's right here and we're Working closely and we're just looking At stuff Um you can talk at a normal voice you Can have a conversation like you would Have with a person like they were in Your shop you're not shouting at them or Trying to turn your neck to project your Voice so audio is very important but Those are the tips that I would give you Oh goodness we have a super chat from Our friend Overton Windex shout out good To see you here uh flip side any advice On when life gets too easy ah you know That's uh that's worse That's worse actually that's why Christ Said how hard is it for a rich man to Enter into the kingdom of God Well that was a shock to the Hebrews When he was talking about that right you Know they believed so he's here comes Jesus they're teaching he's teaching Around in the synagogues there and on The festivals all the people would come Back for the feasts and and he would be Teaching Made a very different message the Jews Of that time they always felt that it

Was uh if a man was prosperous then that Meant God was smiling on him and if a Man was Um was poor or crippled that that was God's displeasure and that he was a Greater Sinner and there was a hierarchy System uh in that culture and that was The way that they believed it and the Priesthood which which was supposed to Teach the people they didn't they didn't Correct that and they actually Participated in it uh the the good book Tells us how that they used to make Their garments really fancy that they Used to broaden the borders and of their Garments and and everything was they Would make the phylacteries huge and They would tie phylacteries on their Heads you know just to to come out and To be this Pious man of the cloth you know look at Me look at me look look how special I am And he was teaching something very Differently what were we talking about I Lost my train of thought there I forget I get this way when I didn't sleep very Well last night that I got that sore rib On there and ever I move around I like To sleep on my side and every time I Moved around that would wake me up and I Was I maybe slept minutes last night so I'm just loopy today Life gets too easy oh your life getting

Too easy yeah yeah life's getting too Easy it's it's worse because you're far You're too far from God you become far From God you don't have any need you Know when I was in need when my I'll tell you when I prayed hard When my wife uh was giving birth to my Firstborn son jack which I hadn't met Yet uh was having you know there was Complications in the Labor uh it was Really scary for a while and I prayed Like I have never prayed before and I Called everyone I knew to pray for me And I was absolutely desperate and I Understood I understood what David went through When he was praying for what was it Three days and three nights or a week Um and didn't eat or didn't drink and Just laid on his face praying that his Um Son from Bathsheba Wouldn't Die You know hoping begging that God would Change his mind unrelenting you know Just laid there in his own filth for day After day after day that's that's Commitment that's that's very pure Prayer and for God to come out the other Side and and say you know speak to me no More of this or I guess get word that That's what it was so he he got word From the servants and the servants he'd Been there for days the servants were Arguing amongst themselves saying should

We who's going to tell him he's going to Fly into a rage when we tell him that His son has died he didn't survive the Sickness And they were afraid of David Finally somebody went over there and Gathered the courage to say you know Master your sons died and to his Absolute amazement David got up and Cleaned himself off and went in and took A bath and put clean clothes on and went Back to ruling and never said anything About it And they approached him and they were Marvel they couldn't believe it like how Could this man and David was a Passionate man an artist a creative a Singer How could this man um so take this the Death of his child so calmly And David said Well what what There's no point in being angry now when The child was still alive there was some Hope there was a possibility that God Would relent and go back on what he had Said but he didn't but now the child is Dead so there's no point of going on About it That's a pretty cold calculated Uh a take on the whole thing But um Goodness you know at that point of his Life look look at what he had witnessed

Look as a man who had been pursued his Life hunted for years by King Saul and Living in the wilderness and living in Caves and and in Peril for decades He'd seen everything so you know he had He had a strong resolve But that being rich you know right you Know that comes to mind you ask about What was it that caused David to fall You know here we have a man that was Named a man after God's very own heart How many men get that award So when man says here David is a man After my very own heart you know we have To ask ourselves why what is it about David that God loves so much because David was a murderous man And he committed terrible adultery and Sent to a man's very own death warrant With him Um to the front and had him killed Anne Took his wife And fornicated with her But a man after God's Own Heart Nonetheless Thank you for that Super Chat We have a super chat Goodness I get behind I get to ranting Life being too easy yeah I want to close With that Overton Windex and that was The point I'm trying to wrap up here is That when David Stayed home from the wars that that uh Winter and or the summer the men were

Out in the field and he had a Well-trained army and he said to himself You know I don't need to go out there And sleep in those tents anymore And is that not the position that I Found myself in is this not do you see a Parallel this is how important the Scriptures are and to understand these Historical references and the Old Testament and specific If you think Christianity is all about Soft soap and milk toast and soft-handed Men you would be wrong That's what a lot of the West has turned It into But we we need to get back to the old Ways not I'm not saying get back to the Law of Moses we we're not under that law Anymore we're saved by Jesus Christ but There's a lot of lessons in there that Can help us today And so when you see a man that has Fallen the story of David why did he Fall would it was had he been with his Army Fighting the sons of GAD would he have Been committing adultery with his one of His most his best men's wife He wouldn't have had time to do that but The fact that he was living his ease and Back home and eating and drinking he Said he would the good book tells us he Was up on the roof and he looked across And he saw this woman and she was

Beautiful and she was up on the roof of Bathing Now I don't know that was probably a Custom at the time you know maybe she Was a bit of a 304 you know my question Is why is she up there bathing anyway Wherever man can see her you know is she One of those type of women that like to Get attention that way we don't know Maybe is it on David that he didn't Avert his eyes but he looked on and was Intrigued and sent for this woman and Had her brought into his chamber and Committed adultery with her while she Was away while her husband was away So I got him in all sorts of trouble There didn't it Why well because an idle hand is the Devil's play thing These old lessons that we were taught as Children They have harsh reality and harsh me Hard meanings harsh consequences if you Don't obey them So I find myself in the same situation too Much time on your hands You know instead of would you be Spending time on the internet Researching what track do you want to Buy or the latest this or the latest That if you're out busy working and Building something You know so yeah the parallels uh those

Old stories are important and what's so Wonderful about them again we can follow Through the the rise and fall and and Then the rise again of David and his Story Let's not get bit bogged down with David It's not so much about David it's about How does God strive and interact with a Prideful and willful man how does it how Does he keep a man corralled keep Keeping him going in the in the right Direction which is towards Christ so That he can be saved and won't be lost Falling off a cliff You know so you start to have a little Bit more sympathy for God say goodness Look look at all the wonderful things God did for David and yet he was still Able to do something like that knowing That God would find out and yet he still Took the risk it was more important to Him To have that woman than it was to have That relationship with his God You know and that's uh Those old stories are good man I wish there was a good preacher that I Wish there was a good old-time preacher That knew them really well and that Could you know some of those old Storytellers I grew up with it was it's It's really something man it's really Something to be able to sit down and Listen to them and have them told to you

Verbally orally versus just reading it's A little dry sometimes In Those Old Papers especially the old texts Especially if you Are um in a King James version or you're Not you know a literary guy Thank you for that Super Chat We have a super chat from Marcus Weber Shout out to you Marcus Marcus writes uh thank you for making a Really awesome content well you are Welcome I I feel very privileged to be Here We have a super chat from Gregory Hines Uh and Gregory shout out to you he Writes uh good day Cody I saw a vid About your moto uh you had a kit in the Air box could you do a video on what is In the kit thank you for all the great Content and messages yeah I'll do that For you Gregory uh I you'll be amazed How much I've I've got in that air box I Didn't run it when I was racing uh I Took it all out I wanted the bike as Light as possible but uh the uh but I do Run it yeah I'll do that I don't know Follow Incorporated in a live stream or A standalone video but uh yeah I'll do That for you it's a good kit it gets a Lot of weight off your back but shout Out to you and thank you for that Generous Super Chat we have a super chat From CN shout out to ucn and he says Love the content from another brother in

Christ Thoughts on buying long-term emergency Food I I'm all about emergency food so We we bought a year's supply for our Whole family and we bought it through my Patriot Supply it's 25-year dehydrated Stuff so I wouldn't want to just have That I'd want to be able to supplement It so we have uh had our dehydrator is Going or is it dehydrator yeah Dehydrator is going all summer long with All of the extra eggs we have a lot more Eggs than we can eat uh and over stock From Mrs W's garden and all that so we Have been freeze drying it's constantly Going so yes Um I think it's good because it's what It does what it is is if you're Not in a position to do your own canning And to do your own freeze Dragon stuff It gets you some emergency food right Now so it kind of puts that problem to Rest and you always have it you know It's going to last a long long time and Even after 25 years even then it's going To be more of a taste that's going to Break down rather than the nutrients so Much so it'll still go beyond that but But thank you for that and yeah we're a Big I think you should have uh three months Of food everyone should have at least Three months of food for their whole Family

We have a super chat from Zach Wagner Wagner shout out to you Zach and he says I asked permission first Gunsmithing and Other finds black Sage arms on the way Web so is that your company All right everyone write this down black Sage arms Fellow member and gunsmith and good dude Uh go check him out black Sage arms And hey tie in with me Cody Wranglerstar.com Tell me what I need to do to get that um I got a 14-inch a geisley upper I need To get pinned We have a super chat from Shadowcat Six Lives 100 thank you for the advice yesterday Well you are welcome I don't remember What it was uh but I hope it helped but Thank you for your generosity we have a Shout out from voltage blue Goodness a very generous shout out Voltage blue says appreciate the Sound Advice you give Cody uh thank you my Family and I will be making the Making the Exodus from California soon To Idaho where our values are upheld we Can raise our children and our tax Dollars are not going to be used against Us yeah it was super nice and thank you For that shout out voltage thank you Voltage thank you for that shout out An Overton Windex again thank you very Generous of you so Idaho

It did feel that way to me I was there Well Good grief yeah I'm missing I'm missing Some pieces here I was there with the Family What was it two weeks ago And it was a totally different vibe Now I had some problems Last winter Up there in McCall you may remember when We went to the uh it was deck and I was Snow biking I thought the people were Kind of rude but that was in a very Touristy place that has a lot of people From California so I understand why why The the folks are a little bit touchy There uh but this time we were in a Small town more more of the Central Idaho in the in the plain more in the Plains Right at the base of the Sawtooth Mountains And the folks there were really friendly They're more rural Agricultural folks this cushion on that My Snap-on bench is a little thin and Uncomfortable I'm gonna have to I'm Gonna have to reupholster that and get a Piece of memory foam it's Den I like a Little bit denser seat so you don't push Through it especially when you have a Razor butt like me goodness All right man I'm probably missing super Chats I apologize if I have

But thank you voltage blue for that very Generous view we have a super chat a Very generous Super Chat from the lost 40 the Lost 40. shout out to you uh he Writes so just because Cody I bought Your book and I'm in the middle of Reading it are you Mrs W going to write Another one Man I have asked you that a couple times And she looks at me she she sent daggers Uh the last time I asked her so I'll Have to ask her again and see if she's Lightened on that but it was a lot it Was a lot of work to do that We had little kids and but maybe I don't Know maybe we'll see I don't know that The world needs another self-help book Man to be honest with you There's other guys doing it a lot better And with more interesting stories than Us But thank you for that the Lost 40. Where were we what I don't even remember Where I was at good thing we're on the Honing phase here let's Let me take a look I got my Loop We've got some high production here Don't forget to click that thumbs up if You haven't already A loop is what Jewelers use To inspect edges now if you are the type Of guy who likes to geek out on this Sort of thing Well the Russian knife sharpener

Is the tool for you look at that this is A Jeweler's Loop What's the magnification on this thing This one is a light so this is a 40x Adjustable 40x no no 40x fixed 25 millimeter lens And is the battery still good oh look at That it's It hurts it hurts so bad when I laugh Here now good grief Oh I gotta regather myself here Supposed to be getting better here not Getting worse I'm definitely gonna have To go see my my see my man I just don't want to go to Portland to Do it So the loop we can get a close-up view Of our knife edge And this is really fun to look at stuff Just don't look at your finger oh that's Beautiful look at goodness look at that Teasing you guys here it's a Beautiful bevel Absolutely no problem there So make sure that we're On the right grind A little soft in the tip still but That's coming along nice That looks excellent But you can geek out with this thing I Assure you That's a nice little I've never seen a Loop with a light on it all this stuff Is so is russianed I keep saying Soviet

All this stuff is Russian as well so It's completely unique Like it's it's not like from China It you know I don't know it must maybe The guy you know maybe it was a company That was an aerospace it feels like Aerospace like an aerospace company that Um after the cold war or the fall of the Wall you know looking for other things I Don't know but everything is made in Everything there's like just no USA Stuff or made in China stuff it's so Fascinating and it's it's unlike our Stuff it's just little differences Little idiosyncrasies Goodness we have a super chat We have two super chats From Marcus Weber thank you Marcus shout Out to you Marcus and Marcus writes uh Looking to put some heat in my garage Conflicted between a wood stove or a Pellet stove do you have any advice on Which located in Maine so it really gets Cold up here Man I that that part of the country it Gets really cold I guess how much work Do you want to put into it I've had both and the pellet stove was Super super handy uh my granddad had a Pellet stove he loved his pellet stove He even built a little Hopper thing and Used to sit by that and thought that was The best thing not have to go out and Split wood and bring dirt in the house a

Wood stove is very dirty if you haven't If you didn't know that already it is Constantly going to be covering things With soot every time you open it up They're just they're just the way they Are But all of that uh burned that charcoal I think it has I think it's probably Wouldn't it's not too bad to ingest a Little bit of that Mrs W keeps activated Charcoal for our family if anyone has a Really upset belly or has eaten Something that can make you sick Activated charcoal is a wonderful Wonderful filter The like even I don't know if they still Do it but even when they were getting Into uh Auto the automotive industry When they were rather than just letting Gas then out into the atmosphere they Wanted to capture that they filtered That and probably still do I know they Were doing it up in 2006 when I was in It we'll filter them through charcoal Canisters it's such a it's a wonderful Deal so having it all over your shop and This is my logic right here this is Based on zero scientific uh The It's worth nothing but my idea is that Uh Having it around and ingesting it a Little bit in the air and through your Feet and hands I don't see where it can

Do any harm to be honest with you Thank you for that Marcus we have a Super chat from uh oh goodness what am I Doing here we have a super chat from um Jason Barr good to see you back Jason Jason writes have you ever thought about Working with a writer and turning your Life story into a fictional novel no I Haven't well that sounds hard Jason You see Jason I'm getting into the point Now where I want to I want less Responsibilities uh not more Responsibility I want to sit here by my Stove and sharpen my wife's kitchen Knives and talk to you guys uh I'd like To take Winters off you know in the you Know how the system worked in the Old Testament How God set it up it was so beautiful I can't I might be making a few mistakes But I'm going to give you the the gist Of how the government worked work worked This there's a lesson in in that for us In that okay so here if you are are Living in sin and you're separated from God on this world where here we are how Do we make the best possible situation No government's going to be perfect but But what is the what is the best Possible situation right we've tried Kings we've we've tried democracies We've tried republics we've tried Communists we've tried all these things Right and and some better than others

But all none great Well their system Was there was ancestral lands so your Family had was given land and one thing You would never do would be give up that Land So You could uh so you always had that and You always knew where you came from and Then they would their working schedule Was quite interesting you know they keep The week weekly Sabbath so they work six Days a week but they take the Sabbath Day off a Sabbath is a day of rest a day Of rest and recuperation Interesting story If you've ever been down to the Grand Canyon They probably don't do this anymore but They used to have these uh these little Burrows these little donkeys and donkeys Were all hooked together and you could Take a trip and they they would take you Could ride a donkey down to the uh the Bottom of the Grand Canyon donkeys are Sure-footed and they're very strong even Though they look really small you know They're they're straight legged and they Can carry pretty good weight for their Size so they're really popular with Tourists Well the Proprietors of this place found That they had the business that they Could run these donkeys seven days a

Week and maximize their profits profits You know what is it what is it to the Donkey as long as he's fed and watered And you know doing his thing Well they found out that when they went To that heavy schedule the donkeys Didn't do very well not having that Weekly day of rest that sabbatical or That Sabbath day of rest was was uh Affecting their health in a negative way Well they went back to giving them a Rotation of six and one and their Vitality and and their Longevity uh returned so it's designed By God for his creatures and for his People to have this cycle this this Cycle of rest and that Weekly cycle is Important where I'm not going to tell You what to do you you that's between You and your God But even if you don't aren't a person of Faith uh have that and make some rules For your house we don't do any work And this is a time that we spend Together as a family But have some but be responsible and Don't make it a burden on your children Too many Sabbath keepers Can be they make so many rules and There's so many things you can't do that The kids just dread it I have been to It's hilarious I've been to Adventists Where they keep the Sabbath uh like Different colleges and things and the

Moment Sabbath breaks on Saturday Evening when that sun goes down The whole thing everyone just all the Doors open out everyone's just can't Wait to get out but they can't go Because someone might see them and then Accuse them of working I mean that That's what man does to religion it's Horrible and people live with this and Think that that's okay and then say that That's the love of Christ right there It's laughable it's laughable and I Don't fault those these people it's just That their leaders have turned the Sabbath into a burden uh instead of a Blessing and that's what you don't want To do so it's important you know just Some advice Do what you do but some advice some Things that have worked for us is Maybe you don't allow sugary treats in Your house make an exception lighten up What is it that your kids like what is It that your spouse or husband likes Have it for them a special pie a dessert Don't have time to make it doesn't Matter go buy some Box Cookies dress it Up take it out put it on a nice plate With a doily uh you know it's the effort That counts right but have something They look forward to Get a game get a fun game that you like To play board games are still fun uh Cards are still fun to play you may not

Have done it for a long time but it's a Good way to invite your neighbors over And have something to look forward to Set up a night Thursday night whatever Maybe you do it on Sabbath but have Something fun maybe even go out to Breakfast you know somebody will some People will tell you well you shouldn't Go out to restaurants on that on them on The Sabbath you know it says it tells us That uh that our mate or man serve it And are made you know even them we Should give them the day off you know so Is that you know I don't know that's a Personal thing you'll have to decide but Better to keep it in spirit the best you Can and at least start somewhere than Not do it at all because you don't know What to do God will sort it out for you God will put it upon your heart let's Say that you are doing something on the Sabbath that that is is maybe Inappropriate or or that God would like You to move into a different direction He'll let you know I don't need to tell You I don't need to be looking in your Kitchen and seeing if you're going to The Ball Game or going to movies on the Sabbath I don't care I got my own Problems I'll work out myself my own Salvation with fear and trembling I'm Not worried about working out yours if You have a question I mean I can give You

An anecdote or something that's helped Me but I'm not I can't preach to you Goodness I don't want to be under that judgment But after the weekly Sabbath there was You know that there was a annual Sabbath So you would work for six years let's Say you were a farmer you would work for Six years And you would put a little bit away And on the Sabbath the seventh year you Took it off can you imagine whatever job You have electrician Cook Gardener landscaper framer whatever Whatever that you had to look forward That every seven years you had a year Off to do whatever you wanted to do to Go and to travel to go water ski Whatever it's a good system right and Then there was the what was the was the Jubilee that the hundred year I figured It was the Year of Jubilee I believe it Was at the Hundred Year Mark all of the Family Properties the Lands houses the possessions the real Estate it reverted back to the original Families and who it had been given Trust by God So what was so incredible about that is That if you had your your father would Hand you the And your ancestral home And he had improved it and maybe added a

Building or dug a well and his father Before him had built a couple Barns and Erode And his before him had built a rock wall All of the benefits of your ancestors Brothers all of your all of your family Members before you you are receiving Received the benefit of their labors That they push that forward to you and The family continue to increase and to Prosper and to thrive A beautiful system right now what do we Have as gen xers what did our Boomers Give give us nothing They hoarded it all to themselves they Own sixty percent of the wealth in this Country and yet they hoard it all to Themselves I heard a story recently About Some some Boomer parents who their son I Think which was in my age had had some Problems uh I think a divorce just got Wrecked uh it was a good dude and was Going back to school to try to get Something he had to play catch-up when You get wrecked and divorced at 40 late 40s and 50s you're going to be Hard-pressed to ever get that back That's going to be such a gut check that You're going to be on the back foot it's Going to affect your retirement it's Going to affect everything the rest of Your life it's a huge huge body I would

Look at divorce like an amputation more Than a separation of of just Personalities Especially if there's kids involved So he thought the best way for him would Be to go back and get into medical field And get become a doctor you could get Some money coming in so he can get Himself established and get a second Family going right starting all over at 50. can you imagine And he's been and he he worked it didn't Take out loans and he worked uh two jobs And it just absolutely was grinding man Just grinding and getting through this And doing well his parents knew how much He was struggling and was eating didn't Even have food to eat sometimes because It was everything went to his rent and Just living basically almost living in His car And they His dad Remodeled his ex-mother's Kitchen a big hundred ninety a hundred Thousand dollar remodel And he paid cash for it he took cash That he could have used to help his son Get re-established get his life going a Father's gift to a son a Parting Gift an Act of love What what would we not do for our Children right that's how I see it But he thought it was better

To take that money and to Remodel the kitchen of his ex-wife Who despised him and wants nothing to do With him because he wanted to sip who Knows what There's your Boomer And now they're coming around here Wanting us to take care of them You know you remember the term latchkey Kid Yeah that came from us right So it's very interesting a lot of us are Not having near as much compassion as We've used to used to have you know on This so But that system of government was Beautiful now you could lose your land Temporarily I'll close with this in that System you could if you if you had let's Say you had a patriarch that came Through the line that was a lazy and Just didn't take care of his land and Just out of neglect or laziness or Gambling or or vice lost couldn't Couldn't keep up couldn't couldn't keep It up and found himself in want didn't Plant and now he's hungry living in Haunting this old castle and it's cold Because he didn't doesn't have a wood or A staff or anything right Well he could lend himself out uh Basically as a slave where he would work Work it off work work for a wealthier Family and hopefully they would provide

Him food and a place to live until he Could make it to that Year of Jubilee And then everything was restored so the Great thing about that system or maybe He didn't maybe he just spent his whole Life maybe Jubilee was Far outside of His Natural Life His his folly And his mistakes Didn't chase his kids down or his Grandkids they would the Next Generation Would would get a start they'd get that Land back and it may have been in Disrepair but at least they they had Something at least they weren't out Living in a tent on the streets So that's a that's a beautiful Government system a beautiful system That that could be incorporated uh very Simply with very little oversight you Know but that won't happen there's no There's no profit in that Everything is about money Every single thing Money and the chasing of tail Everything that that we do outside of You know devout people of faith that we Do on this Earth are are for expressly For those two things Thank you for that Super Chat we have a Um The Lost star lost story thank you For that we have a super chat from Marcus Weber he got that it gets really Cold up here so I don't know I'm sorry I

Don't know how we got off wood stove Onto that Either one just remember how dirty they Are and a lot of work you have to cut a Lot you probably have to have cut up There depends on I don't know how long You're going to be in there if you're Going to only need a cord or so not a Big deal you can store that inside but If you have to go through uh get over Like three or four then it starts to Become a real job where the pellets are Kind of nice you can go buy a pallet They'll Fork it right on the back of Your truck you can come and unload it And have your ease so if you're a young Man do wood if you're an older man maybe Get the pellet stove he said I have a Manservant so I do the wood stove I Thought if I had to cut all that wood For two houses by myself I might be Looking at pellet stoves We have a super chat Um Oh sorry here we have super chat from Old A Uthor old fart old heart I can't read That one's very good who writes uh shout Out to you Any thoughts on health care equipment Repair biomedical equipment technician We work on everything from I.T stuff Sterilizers yeah

That's a great oh yeah that's a really Great job you know one thing A great skill set goodness what a Neighbor to have someone like that I'm Very pleased that my favorite guy to one Among the top two favorite guys to dirt Bike with is a very accomplished surgeon And a good friend of mine and it's uh he He takes it pretty seriously he packs an Awesome kit he's got full meds you know If there was a problem it is a super Skookum dude so and a good dirt biker so I'll always love having him David around Um it makes dirt biking a lot more fun But that's a good trade yeah he's a good Neighbor too yeah and he's you know We've had this conversation about You know he's kind of he's like-minded You know he wants to be be prepared and He's got his big diesel tank and he Basically just comes over he's very uh Analytical and I've even seen him take Notes he'll take kind of okay so how Much gas do you have and how much Propane and he just he just copies it Just does what I do so he's uh he's Pretty squared away dude But he um we were talking he said well What what should I do where where are my Where's where's the best time spent for My resources and my skill set and his Wife is also a surgeon and they're Family friends of ours I said well you know it seems to me

David that it would be best in on that Medical side you know if you can um Stockpile supplies that you would need For you know basic surgeries you know to Deal if you had to deal with amputation Or gunshot wounds or uh ruptured Appendix or abscess tooth you know all These things uh you'd have the supplies To do that Um you know I don't know if I said I Don't know if hospitals throw out things That are expired you know maybe you can Get your hands on I don't know that's a Whole different world uh Super super uh fancy education and Surgeon and all that from that's not the World that I live in he's a completely Different dude it's so interesting with David I don't know I don't know if he'll Watch this or not but Sometimes it's easy to forget uh what What he does at work Like I go dirt biking with him and he's Hanging out here and he started dirt Biking after me and I'm not the expert But I I know more than him because I've Been in a little bit longer so I'm Always sharing knowledge with him so He's kind of in that relationship he's The pupil and I'm more of the teacher And I'm saying yeah get this tire and do This here and that and all that But he'll send me a text Like I'll send him a text where I'm

Writing Moto or something he'll send a Text back where he's uh in San Francisco In this amazing hospital with this State-of-the-art robotic uh remote Surgery system you know taking this Training on how to do remote bariatric You know surgery and like yeah he lives In a different world but I do sometimes I maybe I forget that like I just think He's a regular dude you know so it's It's fun to have that relationship Because it's not not always easy The Bible says don't be unequally yoked And we apply that to oftentimes with Spouses you know don't if you're a Christian don't marry someone that has a A competing in a competing religion or No religion at all will it work maybe But you're not giving yourself every Chance it would be easier it'd be better For your kids if you guys were up Pulling on the of the same mind so to Speak right and friendships can be that Way as well you can have someone that is Um Very successful or even maybe wealthy Versus someone who is not uh they if Things would have been equal and they Were together in an elk hunting camp or Had grown up together they could have Been the best of friends but their Worlds are so different that you can't Share And you can't experience things together

Because they're just they don't live in The same world And This is something that I realized that Um and I don't know if it's good or bad This this is just what it is and that I I contend to to grow I found that I have Been growing Apart with some some friends that were Really close before I I started doing YouTube because we we no longer have Anything in common Because I can't share my enthusiasm and Excitement hey I got a snow bike I can't wait to go ride Um you know call your friend or have Them come over to to experience this This joy and this excitement and hang Out at the shop and and what are you Going to do and work on it together and Just enjoy that just enjoy the Good Fortune of your friend just to be able To participate in that is sometimes not Possible when you realize that the other Person can't have a snow bike or he's Not in a position to get one And so you end up not calling and not Sharing these things because you don't Want a person to feel bad about it That's with David you know David he you Know he's He's had you know being been a surgeon For a long time you know he lives at a Completely different economic bracket

But when I found out we found out when He moved up here right after us that we Both uh he was kind of interested in Motorcycles you know we got we started Getting closer and closer because we Have so many things in common now you Know he he's got a snow bike now and so When when he bought his snow bike I Could go oh I went over there he brought It over and just for we had just a Wonderful hour just going over and Looking at the differences and looking At them and talking about the future Trips and and about our boys we had all These things in common and we bonded by Writing together now I have a very you Know I'm building a friendship with this Man that I have more things in common With him that before I wouldn't able to Been able to have done that it may even Have been intimidated to be in his Presence you know feeling that you know I I work I'm a I'm a construction dude and this guy is A surgeon and has this amazing amazing Education you know maybe you shouldn't Look at things that way but there is a Kind of a class system and it does Alienate you from from folks and from People It would be wonderful if you could just Bring everybody up with you and just Bring everyone along Or you could uh had the resources where

You could uh Just bring all your friends in and and Supply that experience but that's you Know that's not not possible It's it's kind of it's kind of a tough Thing I don't know what the solution is But it uh it's real We have a super chat from Zach Wagner Shout out to you Zach thank you for that Who writes uh your fire is going and the Fan is slowing down thank goodness you I Almost Went on too long Unbelievable I think I'd remember I put a bend in my fire poker but it's I got aggravated because I had Ash has Fallen out I didn't want to fire up the Forge and I stuck it in the Vise and put The tweak on it now it's got a great big Hook in it maybe too big But we'll work with it it's actually Working a lot better having that hook on There I've been tracking so much so much black In the house Mrs W She had intervention with me the other Day and so we decided she's put she put A special set of house shoes by the door That I am to slip into before I walk on Her Beige white carpets [Music] We've got little pieces today

That fire is so hot in there I feel like Daniel meshack and a bed to go From the Old Testament thrown into the Fiery furnace by Nebuchadnezzar He had he did 10 times hotter than Normal So I'm using gloves That's probably enough We don't need to get too carried away Here I don't remember where were we All right we'll just start over here Did I miss the Super Chat Someone let me know here Oh Super Chat from Overton from was that Overton Windex thank you Overton for Your generosity uh uh oh Hal Snyder Shout out to you Hal good to see you in The in the comments triple lock titer Mr Snyder who says uh glad to be part of The live stream well glad to have you Here as well Thank you for for shout out for Super Chat from Connor Claire shout out to you Connor for that Very generous of you he writes a high Wrangler star my friend Zach and I love Your videos hope all is well we are do We're doing well over here I I'm wanting really badly to shut down The live stream because I heard the UPS Truck And you know what that means gentlemen It might mean there's there's a package

From Iron Heart waiting for me I have become an absolute ironheart Fanboy And I just love their stuff and their Story So my winter coat's coming have I Mentioned that in enough times how many Times have I brought that up so far I have two things coming I have a winter Coat And a pair of work jeans I like uh I I lose a lot of heat out of My thighs for some reason maybe it's Because I'm Tall and my thighs act like a radiator And I used uh in the winter time I like A heavy thick pan so this is a 21 ounce Denim that I wear iron heart that's Super heavy way way heavier than what You're used to they even have a 25 but It's not for the uh It's not for the faint-hearted I've Never owned any But I one of these days is it 25 ounce But for warmth uh these are so thick the 21 ounces I I'm like right in between long Underwear and not uh they're so warm and I'd rather not wear it it's more Comfortable without it so I thought I Found a pair they make a work pant That's a double front so that's uh 21 42 42 ounces on the thigh that's going to Be and it's like cut like a Carhartt you

Know just it has that panel on the front And that's going to be a lot of Protection On the front a lot of protection this Heavy denim is a for me it's a safety Garment It's a it's so thick I feel when I have It on I feel like I literally feel like I'm in armor It it's so it's so good I wish they made a traditional apron Like a shop apron a denim shop apron I would that would compliment the whole Thing I would just live in that When I had my uh when I did Jeep parts I Always worked in a shop apron a denim Shop apron keeps especially when you're Working with greasy Parts it keeps your Clothes clean There's quite a bit of warmth in it too There's a they're a lot warmer when you Wear an apron The 50 was that the 50-year Jubilee yeah You know what I'm not an educated man Gentlemen I I'm not I'm not a theologian I'm going off memory and uh I I need to Get back to those old stories again I Keep thinking I know them and I keep Making people keep correcting me so what Did I do with my allen wrench oh we're Not changing we're changing Stones Goodness We have a super chat Oh Zach Wagner thank you Zach thanks for

The reminder on that get caught up here We have a super chat from d Shout out to you d And D writes our family is looking to Move to Oregon from Nevada in hopes of Getting some land have you been to Brookings Oregon or any place you Recommend Brook Brookings Yes I had a friend who acquaintance who Lived in Brookings is not over by the Coast I don't know Oregon is a very big state Very diverse you'll have in the Northwest up in the Northwest you're Going to have what a real rainforest you Know these jungles that all the hippies Are telling us about calling them Rainforest that's not a rainforest That's a jungle the true rain forest is What we have out here the big Cedars the Western red Cedars and the giant Sequoias and the Douglas Firs and all of That that's the rain forest So you have that and then as you go down You have the full huge Coastline the Oregon coastline is very beautiful but The water is very cold uh that's and it Rains a lot yeah it does rain a lot but It's it's a nice climate too it never Gets hot there so if you don't like heat Like when it gets really miserable here We'll go to the coast and you'll go There it'll be 30 30 degree temperature

Difference and then you have the Interior the high deserts and the Interior and then on the to the Northeast uh and the East and the Southeast is pretty Barren and rangeland And grasslands but anywhere if you want The beauty and you want the good stuff Uh stay close to the Cascade Range which Is the mountain range of volcanoes that Runs from Canada all the way down into California And if you want the best I'll tell you Don't tell anyone but it's that Transitional Forest on the Eastern Slope Of the Cascade Range you have that Classic Pacific Northwest moisture that Comes across from the Pacific Ocean Driven by the storms butts up against The Cascade rain mountain range swirls Around a little bit of moisture flops Over the other side and you've got 300 Days of sunshine a year in a green Environment in a very narrow little Strip on the Eastern slopes that Transitional Forest of the Cascades That's that's that's the sweet spot We looked for a long time To figure that out We have a super chat from Marcel to four Shout out to you Marcel And Marcel Says that his wife my wife and I have Been homesteading this full year it has Had its ups and downs lots of learning

Exciting to see what the winter brings There's lots of learning man you'll make Mistakes you'll build things and tear Them down you'll just swear you know the Best way to do something only to find Out that it's inefficient and a waste of Time but you'll also learn a lot as well Just remember to enjoy the time with Your wife just to stop and look around And to have little Milestones you know There's a lesson in that from the Old Testament I'm telling you Brothers You've got to know the Old Testament We've got to find someone that can that Can read the old stories I'd even Rebroadcast it if we could have someone That was a good teacher on that One thing that God tried to pound into Those The people that Moses was leading would Try to pound unto them and instructed Them is that I want you to build a Monument whenever anything really Important happens if there is a great Victory in battle if the King dies if These these pivotal Monumental moments In in especially if God intervened with His people for example uh the uh the Giant columns that were put up at the Crossing of the Red Sea to commemorate That and these were to be even Rock Piles there there were assassinations of Royalty of that had been stoned where So Many Stones were thrown on the people

That actually made a small Stone Hill You know not a hill but I mean enough Where it became a tomb for whoever the Misfortunate soul that was at the bottom Of that This was done for a reason So that those people wouldn't forget who Their who their God was and what he had Done for them And who Their ancestors were and what adventures And what their ancestors had had done And sacrificed and how also the but the Most important thing is how God Intervened with their ancestors So this was important because God knew How quickly we could forget So We're watching it in real time happening To us we're watching our culture being Stripped away from us And it all starts with the family with The breakdown of the family And getting the the women out of the Into the workforce And that was done so they could have Another tax they could double their tax Base Now you have uh competing a lot of Competing pressures on the family Um stress on the family and ultimately Everything is designed to break down That family and disrupt once that's Destroyed and parents are really no

Longer raising their children and Everyone's working and they're in Government institutions and they don't Really know where they came from and They don't have any anchors and no Longer is Christianity or their Grandparents faith An anchor for them they simply are just A a tumbleweed driven by culture Whichever wind that blows just rolling With with whatever uh the crowd does They're untethered So the dangerous part of that is that That makes a person that makes a man Very vulnerable to suggestion and And propaganda So if you don't really come from Anywhere and you don't really know who Your dad was and you don't really have Any Allegiance and and you don't see a Country that really cares about you then The whole thing starts to break down Everyone stops working and no one no one Really cares and it's just kind of over And that's how you that's how you Conquer from within So that's where we're at God doesn't want his people to despair He doesn't want his people to fall into That that mindset that's why we are Conservatives we're trying to conserve What we know to be uh a government or a Lifestyle that is uh going to give the Most people the the most happiness

That's going to give the children the Best possibility to to have a head start And to and to do well in life instead of Consuming them Uh that's where that's all we have right That's all we have and I I have a dog in the fight I I'm Invested in this because I have a young Daughter I don't know that I could take this so Seriously and I might even check out a Little bit if it was just Jack if he was The only child that I had you know I Have Put everything I can to and Mrs W into Jack And he's turned out to be a good boy And we are still continuing to to guide Him and help him to get the best start Possible but he'll be on his own soon Making his own decisions you know if it Were just down to just Mrs W and I Uh just the two of us we would ensure That we were The rest of our life was a support System for our son Not to spoil him or to do work for him But to know that he always knows in the Back of his mind that he can take a risk He can take a leap of faith into a Vocation or an experience knowing that If it doesn't pan out uh He'll have a supportive family You know and that puts a man in a really

Powerful situation again where he can go Into life with a support team Um with his mother and I and his and his Sister even now that we can we can help Him in the situations and he'll be able To accomplish more and and to do better Things and have a better chance at Succeeding then those of you who don't Have that you've got to do it all on Your own I mean it was just a matter of numbers Gentlemen if you have a support system If you have people helping you it's Easier to do a job Many hands make for light work but you Out there on your own and got wrecked by A divorce you you had a woman that Screwed you Court screwed you a Government that's forgotten you and Abandoned you And you are sitting in a crappy Apartment somewhere and she's keeping Your kids from you and half or more of Them what you make is going to pay this Machine Hard to have hope man Hard to get up and do it again knowing That she's you're doing it and Supporting this My my buddy that was in this situation Not only did he have to suffer the Indignities of the the family court In a vindictive ex-wife She moved uh moved a man in

He got to watch When they were exchanging the kids He got to watch His firstborn son and firstborn daughter Being raised by A living boyfriend And I I didn't see it personally but I Saw the wreckage that it created in him Afterwards and was the shoulder to cry On about it Afterwards And nothing he could do about it not a Damn thing Think about that Before you Propose to these Western women Are you willing to take that chance 50 chance of a divorce are they all Going to do that no Are some of them going to walk away Amicably yes but can you take that Chance Can you take the chance of having your Children being raised by a boyfriend You know what the chances are of What the percentage are of abuses with You know men with children in the house That don't belong to them Yeah we don't need to get into it I Think we know So I'm sorry I want I want it to be Chevrolets as Well I was taught right I was taught how

To love and respect women when when Women were submissive And more humble And reciprocated that and that that was Something that they valued but that's Not valued anymore And if You can't be a non-traditional woman and Demand a traditional man It's one of the other so if you make the Choice to choice to go out in those Streets And live a life of promiscuity Then you you can't expect to have to Have access to these quality men because We wouldn't we wouldn't have it wouldn't Tolerate these women with these high Body counts but I would it's disgusting I don't care if she's a 10. To know that she's been out in the Streets doing what she's done and There's been all these multiple men ran Through the thought of it I know of Women like this I just wouldn't want it Wouldn't want it We have a super chat from sambino shout Out to you a very generous Super Chat Sam writes hi Cody long time sub a Request for some advice To keep it short I'm 26 and I live in Toronto and I came from nothing I Experienced some Career Success that has Given me abundance but I have never been

Depressed Why I dreamed of this life Yeah because you that's right because Sam knew what he was going to do right He didn't have unrealistic expectations Yeah maybe that's kind of what I felt I I didn't I never had any Ambitions to be Successful and Sam it sounds like if I'm Reading this right Sam had Double check this short look uh 2026 so Young too I wish I would have had that Focus what I what what I could have Accomplished Had I had that focus at 26 and this Wisdom to be hearing what I'm telling You right now Sam about Western women the aggravation that it Would have saved huh Um yeah I think the difference is When I got there I never I never expected that I remember If you would have asked me as an 18 year Old boy like if you like what would be The most amount of money you would ever Want to make I had a number in my mind It was a small number it would have been Like man if I could make a hundred grand I'd be done I'd be set 100 Grand a year I would be completely set That was my ceiling that was my paradigm I'll bet Sam didn't have that Paradigm He probably said 100 million therefore When he got there It was no big surprise to him he didn't

Have any Illusions you know this is of Course this is what was going to like it Gonna be like I knew what it was going To be like this is what I wanted and What's the big surprise where it was a Bit bit of a surprise for me I'm like I'm actually here you know so I don't Know I don't know if that's true or not But uh sounds good right Why I dreamed of this life yeah Yeah you get to this you dream to be in The Super Bowl and you get to the Super Bowl it shouldn't be any big surprise Right you've been working for it for 10 Years 20 years who knows what But thank you for that Sam that was very Generous of you sounds like you're doing Well good to see it We have a super chat from gamer Dave you Missed me had a fun fact Super Chat Oh gamer Dave I am so sorry someone tell Me what gamer Dave said I I'm sorry about that Remind me on the next one there I'll I'll be happy to address it we have a Super chat from CH shout out to uch uh Who writes have you heard anything about The movement to Annex Oregon into Idaho If yeah I have heard about it I don't Know if it has any traction or not but Uh yeah there's a huge division in the State the state's enormous it might as Well be a country The people on the East don't see things

The same as the people on the west on The coast Um I would be surprised I would be Absolutely shocked to see that happen But it seems like all sorts of things Are changing that I never thought would Happen I mean we're actually there's Actually talk it could so happen that The NFA could be disbanded or abolished I mean can you imagine that to have Access to uh to for goodness I mean the Roe v weight the things that have come Up that that we we thought were Institutional uh have not been and now Affirmative action goodness that's a big Deal so who knows Who knows it's a very interesting time To be alive Um well we'd be right in the thick we'd Be right on the border we'd be at we'd Be living at the border Skirmish if that Happened I fear but that's okay bring it Bring it We have a uh Oh that was Sam thank you Sam for that We caught up Goodness all right Have we got through this sharp I don't Even know where we're at here I'm gonna oh I took it out so I'm Assuming I was done let's go to the next Grit We're going to get one knife sharpened If that we're halfway through the grits

Good grief Now that one's leather Oh good oh I didn't have these in order Gentlemen so we skipped a couple Well that's okay we just kind of we can Go right to the leather now I've got the six I should have known That the six thousand isn't fine Let's see how sharp we are Yeah that feels pretty Sharp Let's do a little leather hone on it There Nothing No better way to finish up a blade than With leather Hit that thumbs up gentlemen we're going To high production here you go check it Out two camera rig We have a super chat from our friend Jason Barr Re-read Sam's comment the ending I don't Know man you got to keep it simple for Me here who what comment Sambino's comment Read sambino's comment again okay I got To get back there did I read it wrong I'm going to read this again sorry about That Sam Long times I request I request for some Advice to keep it short I live in I am 26 live in Toronto and I come from Nothing I experience some Career Success That has given me abundance but I have Never been more oh Ben I'm sorry I got

That completely wrong good grief I'm Sorry Sam I've never been more depressed Why Why are you depressed because you dream So you're there and you're not happy Well I think Sam I think you kind of are Going through this I I'm so sorry I was I get stressed out that I'm missing These super chats and uh I don't read Them very clearly I'm not a smart man and I told you that All right so you're in the same place I Am I heard that the astronauts from the Apollo missions uh when the U.S was at The at the height of the space race That that was a very intoxicating Position here you had Time Magazine All of the press the whole world every Young boy in every High School wants to Be an astronaut the coolest of the Coolest jobs of all you've got Chuck Yeager and the and the breaking of the Sound barrier I mean the whole country The whole country is pulling behind you Is supporting you in this right and here You go and your Chevrolet gives you a Brand new Corvette and you're driving That around and you're basically a rock Star right and then you load they put You onto the capsule on the big day in All of America is watching and what a Brave hero and they put you in the

Capsule and blast you off into the abyss Right it's just absolutely the wonderful Thing And then the day after you're sitting in A little affordable ranch house uh with Your Corvette outside no news crews no No press or anything while some other Dudes are on Time Magazine and here you Are have just been abandoned And here you probably spent years Training and all this build up to reach This it was everything you dreamed for And you made it and now you're the most Miserable man in the whole world right So What what are we supposed to learn from That We are so stubborn and that's why you Have to have to ask yourself the Old Testament again why Why did God make King Solomon the Richest man who ever lived why did he do That Is that's a pretty fanciful story we Hear that he had 300 wives and 700 Concubines he built Gardens he builds Built cities he he he he uh conquered Nations he What he experienced Was on a level of magnificence That we can't even imagine he ate on Gold I mean he you can't even imagine His opulence and wealth 300 wives 700 Concubines

So the story of Solomon just to make it Very briefly here what was him starting As a very humble man God acknowledging that he was a humble Man didn't feel like he was even fit to Be the king And yet God chose him and and made him King and and prospered him made him the Richest man of that time So rich that people foreign dignitaries Would come just to Marvel at his wealth Well what he found was that wealth and All of that the distractions led him Away from his God and he lost track And these women that he Associated Himself these concubines and these wives Had a very strong impact on him and Started to turn him away from God and he Started practicing all sorts of Um divination and and things that were Contrary to the law of God And God warned him don't be unequally Yoked with these women don't don't get Involved he warned the children of Israel don't get involved with these Foreign women they'll corrupt you They'll they'll stay with women of your Tribe that from your culture that Understand your faith and pretty soon he Had lost his way You know in the Bible spare God spares Solomon by he doesn't go into all of the The grisly details of how far that he Fell or the degradation that he was

Involved in But I think it's safe to a same to Assume that he may have even went so far To have participated in something that Was would have been the sacrifice of Children of the altering of his children To Um to Malik I don't know if that's true it's just Possible all we know is that these women And his opulence and his wealth led him Away from his God and and led him to the Ultimate unhappiness When you go back and you read and this Is this is for you to to read Sam even If you're not a You sound like a smart guy even if You're not a a person of Faith there is Important lessons to be glean from what This man's experience was so as sad as You are by thinking hey I reached Something I wanted to do and there's Nothing here it's all pointless he took It to another level so you could be Deceived you could find something else In your life that is sparkly or enticing Or man that would be cool if I could Have that I'm gonna go I'm gonna go and Grind for the next three years until I Can have that that's where I'll find Contentment if I can have the lambo if I Can have the million subscribers if I Can have this that's where I'll find That contentment and that's the next

Thing well again Are you going to not take advantage of The wisdom of King Solomon who didn't Only have a Lambo but he had something At his time far greater than that beyond That and even that was not satisfying to Him So at the end of Solomon's life and what Such a white such a beautiful story is You have the story of a man that started Off humble that achieved great wealth And the greatest wealth the greatest Success and then found it not not to be Happy found that happiness was not there And even degraded himself and and Destroyed by a large way his legacy with All of these women it wasn't God's plan For him to take all these women and These wives this was all done out of Pride and ego it was against but God let Him let him have it let him let him live His life and and let so that he could See the consequences and Solomon You know Solomon is is our Gentleman Solomon is our is our great Great grandfather and he's passed this Knowledge has been passed on to us so That we don't have to suffer that and Yet we turn our back on it and say There's no value in this and and oh all Christians are mean to me oh Christianity it's those people those People are they're judging me oh they They turn their back on me they're not

Very nice to me And you throw Solomon in his wisdom and King David And and Saul and the teachings of the Prophets and your and and the Best Western Civilization has to offer you Throw it away because someone was mean To you I've done it too Maybe it's time to grow up gentlemen Maybe it's top time to stop looking at All the shiny distractions and get back Into the Faith of Our grandfathers to Get back into the hard cold word of God And start Drawing the line that we're not going to Cross I'm not going to do this to my Children I'm not going to compromise Here I'm not going to continue to make To compromise This is what we do this is what we Believe in And as far as me and my house We will serve God That's that's what we need to get back To and that's what the remnant I believe Will look like They're not going to be judgmental Christians they're not going to be They're not going to look anything like What you may have seen in some of these Churches They're going to be conservative Non-compromising humble men of strength

And character They're going to be the men that are Going to not be afraid to stand up in The shield wall next to their brothers When when the enemy comes for their Children when the enemy comes for their Homes and their families and that could Be a spiritual fight you know I'm not Talking I'm not talking about uh Taking up arms I'm not talking about Physical violence I'm talking at the of The onslaught they're coming they want They want access to your children they Want to destroy your family And all of you men if you knew there was A wolf outside on the prowl that was Waiting to eat your infant or the or Your wife the moment she stepped out the Door you would take precautions you Would build a fence you would maybe even Go and destroy that wolf So Make your house a sanctuary Your domicile your RV wherever you're Living make it a domicile make it a make It a sanctuary Uh for your faith make it a sanctuary From the wickedness of the world I'm talking to myself here are there Things that would offend God is your Music are you drinking too much are you Smoking too much weed are you watching Too much pornography How can you expect God's blessings how

Can you expect him to provide for you a Sanctuary from this evil world that's Going to get worse and worse when you Bring it in willingly Just like King Solomon King Solomon Wanted those 300 wives and he had him God let him have them He wanted those 700 concubines and God Let him have them why So that we could have this conversation Right now so that we could see there Isn't anything that you could achieve or Do or house or cars or women or buy Anything outside of building that that Friendship with God that is going to Give you contentment You can hide it with alcohol you can Hide it with chasing women you can hide It with buying stuff you can hide it With toys but when you close your eyes At night you know you're not full we're Not fooling anyone So where is contentment what did King Solomon tell us well God preserved that And God let Solomon wreck his lives so He could tell us where contentment is Basically what I was telling you Yesterday to have a simple life To have a relationship with your God To have standards that you uphold To be honest and to prepare for the Coming of the Kingdom God will give you A contentment you may have been a man of Action and always have to be moving and

So I am I have to be on a bike I have to Be on a snow bike I have to be on one Wheel I have to be moving all the time Because when you stop that's when the Demons come right not literal demons but That's when you're forced to take a hard Look at your life So when you know you're on the wrong Path And You're spending less time with God and More time looking and buying toys and Playing with toys and all that you know Keeping the music I noticed that the Music comes on in the shop because I Don't want that silence I don't want God Speaking to me reminding me that I'm on The wrong path right so I'll blare that Out with with you know it's the little Games there's little copes that we do And how we How We Do It But I think for me and I haven't arrived Sam I don't know if this helps you or not But I would read about King Solomon And his adventure and what conclusion he Came to when he was at that cross Crossroads in his life You got to get back to the book Gentlemen You have to become a man of the book A soldier for Christ The spiritual Soldier Sam also writes again thank you Cody

You're right I am not a man of Faith First generation immigrant who denounced Islam from an early age you have been a Huge factor in my interest in learning About Christianity King Solomon is Someone I will study deeply now I would do that if I were going to start A Bible study that's where I would start If I were going to share something like Where we could start as men of getting If I getting back to The fundamentals the the the the raw Tooth and Fang of Nature and and back to What matters and strip away all of this Centrifuge and all this confusion all These lies that swirl around us and the Internet and everywhere we could just Get back to those simple things of hot And cold and pain and comfort and love And hate Uh I wouldn't mind trying it for a while Because this isn't where happiness is Yep read the book Go read the story of King David and then You'll flow naturally into King Solomon Thank you that was very generous of you Sam but don't take I I don't I'm not going to say I envy you I don't envy any man I wouldn't trade Positions with any man I and I alone know My relationship with God as for you or Even any man that I think to be devoured

I don't know it's too big of a risk Um I wish This just came into my mind you know This sounds kind of maybe a little bit Lofty I don't know if it would actually Happen but If I had we talk about the genie if I Had a wish In my age and if I was thinking clearly And not being enticed by by The Vanity Fair of life right If I could have one wish is to be able To go back Or be right now unbiased with no proceed Preconceived notions of the Christian Bible of the 66 books No experiences bad or good but just An open mind And read it from cover to cover Prayerfully I would like to see the Christianity That I would come out with on the other Side The biggest demon One of the most difficult things to Overcome is bias Especially if you're If if it was a bias that was held by Your family multiple Generations great Grandfather even Those are those are difficult to Overcome and you filter everything and You judge everyone according to that

Lens C.S Lewis and what's ultimately behind It is pride C.S Lewis gets into this in Such a fact C.S Lewis What the devil would like me to fall on That right now wouldn't he Good thing I have the armor of God on C.S Lewis was uh Probably the man I admire the most I've Never met him obviously but as far as Just pure intellect and the ability to Explain complex Theories or complex problems in very Simple ways that are easy to understand For me And I used to so I started reading some Of his books and even maybe after Reading three or four you start to Consider yourself somewhat a bit of a Pseudo-intellectual right I'm reading C.S Lewis books look how smart I am and I'm understanding these things after He's explained to you Not only have you never conceived these Things uh but it's been explained to you In the language of a child uh and now You think you're smart so then you think I really like C.S Lewis I'm going to go Read more of his stuff I see he's got All sorts of books I've never heard of Before well these are the books that he Wrote to his peers And then you start to see the level of Brilliance that he is on that oh

He's not just like me he wrote These so That I could understand them but he's on A whole different level but he he uh Talks about this Pride He said he's the one one of my favorite Quotes he's the one that said of all the Sins that we can participate in Greed Avarice Sloth you know if we want to go into the Catholic Pride the Catholic sins They all these are like flea bites Compared to the Granddaddy and that is Pride pride is the big one pride is is The one rarely will you meet a man that Will apologize for being prideful or or Uh share a mistake that he made uh that Makes him look like he was just a Pompous air we'll cover that stuff we'll Even say we're lazy and all that but Pride is the big one He said the devil that's that's that's The biggest key especially for men That's that's where he gets you he talks About Dogma in that in the screw tape Letters a book you should all read is a Screw tape letters pause this live Stream right now Go get it buy it get at the library get It used whatever and read it and then We'll talk about that but in the screw Tape letters he talks about this woman That is so devout this young lady that That she's so demure that butter won't

Even melt in her mouth And the screw tape letters is a book Written from the perspective of two of Two Devils and the Devils ultimately Worked for the adversary and the devil Is each demon is assigned to an Individual person I think they call them Patience and basically is is doing his Work is the is the Emissary or the the Person the devil uses to to win people Over to his side where God is working to Win so this is the great controversy Right so the book is written from the Perspective of these Devils an uncle And a nephew and the uncle being the Older experienced tempter And the screw tape letters are a series Of letters back and forth between these Two demons Uh strategizing on the best way to Defeat his patient which is a young man This is taking place in Britain in in During during the blitz so that that's The that's what the book is about but in There he's uh he's he's interested in a A young lady his first love affair and These demons are having this Conversation how they can exploit this And take advantage of this and they're Really perplexed they bring in the third Demon that's attached to this young lady And and they're wargaming how to deal With this and the young demon that's Attached to him says she just doesn't do

Anything wrong she has no vices she Doesn't drink she doesn't smoke uh she She's just I have nothing I can't get an angle And the older temptress is old but she Does Work on her Pride on her Dogma Something like this I'm going to Paraphrase here but She will see see life through the lens Of how things were done in her family For example Her family used a particular type of Fish knife and that was the right type Of fish knife and any other fish knife Besides that is not the right type of Fish knife there is only one type of Fish knife and that is the type of fish Knife that my dad used or that my family Grew up with Now what is a fish knife maybe someone From England can tell us imagine living In an island nation you eat a lot of Fish some sort of a specialty thing That all families would have had Well this this Pride uh you know that That you can have you know that she When you translate that to a spiritual Level that if you let's say you were Raised a particular way that you were Raised to be a Sunday keeping Christian And you have a good friend who decides Uh to keep the real Sabbath and he Becomes a Sabbath keeping Christian you

Know you you may not you always may have A little bit of you'd be looking at him Through the lens of well he's got that Wrong if he really knew the truth I Would be you know he'd be talking to me And I would get him straightened out of Which of the right day of worship is That's Pride And that pride is so strong that you Could never ever consider that there was A better type of fish knife even though There may be have you seen all of the Fish knives Or have you only seen the ones that you Grew up with and just assume that that's The fish knife Well what's your religion what were you Saddled with what wrong theology what Wrong Doctrine what what wrong thing Have you accepted as your own and are Now are going through life in error And that's the real hard part of Christianity is God will not leave you In ignorance you find yourself in Comfort comfortable thinking got my Theology sorted got my career sorted man Everything's just awesome right well you Meet this dude who starts talking about What's this sabbath Saturday what's that all about no no That's that something that the that's Hebrew we don't do that no that's they Do we don't So

You've been presented with a truth That's just an example All right is that from God Is that God correcting an error Are you willing to receive that Correction it may not be that that's Just an example don't get wrapped around The axle about that whatever way you Fall what I'm saying I'm not telling you What to decide you need to do according To your conscience there'll be Sunday Keepers in the in the Kingdom I have no Doubt there'll be Sabbath Keepers in the Kingdom no doubt however there is an Ideal and God wouldn't put it in there And tell us to do it and the only Commandment is it starts with remember Is the fourth ask yourself that because He knew we would forget it that's why So here a strange guy on YouTube has Brought this to your attention Well are you too prideful to look into It are you too prideful to hear it out Are you going to say that no my way is The best that's the way it is and now You're unreachable have you lost that Opportunity to to find something that Might change your life Or go you put you on a path uh to that Will ultimately save your life You know I I don't know But the thing is that's why it's so bad To have all these dogmas and all carry Around all these teachings and have in

Our mind what we think the scripture Says but nothing nothing to back it up Didn't didn't what's the Bible say you All have said it God helps those who Help himself right how many times have We heard that that's that's always Wanted you know when you're having Trouble and you're struggling to have Some boomer come up and say God helps Those who help themselves Did you know that's not in the Bible That's just some nonsense that some Church Churchman has said and that's Worked his way and most people think That that's scripture How many other things do you believe and Hold to be sacred and true that are that Fall in that same category How many do I hold to follow that same Category There's a Great Awakening right now Brothers God is pouring his Spirit out the latter Rain upon his people And how are you going to respond with These truths The book tells us that narrow is the Path and few be that find it It's going to be hard to make it you're Not going in on coattails it's going to Be an active fight It's going to be harder you'll be Persecuted you might even leave Businesses I've known people that have

Lost careers and jobs because they were Made aware of the Sabbath truth and were Condemned that that's something they had To do and that there was no way that They continued to work their job by Asking to take Saturdays off and they Did it some didn't some weren't able to Do it and I never judged any of them Maybe they were able to do it in 10 Years or 20 years it's not my problem Something if that's between him them and God But We don't know We don't know what's in store But we need to be receptive need to be Receptive And that's why our lives need to be Quiet and peaceful so we can hear that That spirit Just like it's hard I'll close with this I'm sorry I'm going for so long just Like we hear that Holy Spirit speaking To us and we'll drown it out with noises And and Substances Because we don't want to deal with it uh But if you want to hear it and you want To respond to it and you want to start Receiving that wisdom that can only come From the fear of the Lord Uh then you have to have a peaceful life You have to have a little bit of time of Contemplation and not be surrounded by

Chaos all the time I know you got to go To work I know you got to go drive in Traffic and you might even have to do Battle with your wife sad how many men Have to come home and fight the world to Provide for their families and come home And and and immediately enter into Combat with their wives as well But God will give you the strength to Get through it but you've got to ask for It He'll let you fall and the reason why He'll let you fall is because only then Will you finally be in a position where You listen to him So the overarching the big picture here Or the getting back to the main question Is Is it difficult why are we miserable When we're wealthy why are we miserable Miserable when ever when we're living an Easy life I think that's the reason why right There Because we need to have we need to know That we have need of God we need to Understand how precarious our situation Is here and how quickly we can lose our Salvation by not coming quick enough and Dying in a car wreck or even just Walking away and just losing it for Neglect Yeah these are important Important decisions gentlemen

These are decisions you'll have to make That no one can make for you You were given a brain you were made a Man you were made a man that you've Given the ability to look at problems And and reason make make use reason And as The way families are intended it was Intended for you to be priest of your Household I believe that there's even We have an extra skill of reading and Deciphing and understanding scripture And teaching scripture above and beyond Our Our uh the daughters of Eve right So You got to get in find out And if you came to me and told me that You it didn't work for you you could be My friend I wouldn't judge you because I Know that God works and strives with people their Entire lives and that who knows what he Has in store for you I hope that helps thank you for your Generosity Sam goodness I'm just ranting We have a super chat from Lego Club 22 I'm sorry I've been missing Everything he writes hoping to see you This one time wondering what advice You'd give to an unskilled 20 year old Suburban kid I'd love to keep land Someday but how can I possess and learn All the needed skills

I would go work on a ranch or a farm for A summer if you have any contacts or Know anyone that has Country property Just go out there and say hey you got Nothing better to do right maybe they'll Pay you pay you what they can but go out There and work for a summer you'll learn All sorts of things you'll learn how to Ride motorcycles and ATVs you'll learn About diesel engines you'll learn about Basic animal husbandry just a bazillion Bazillion things a lot of tool work I Would do that and I get myself a good Trade I get into uh I really really look Into an apprenticeship become an Electrician get your journeyman get your Residential get your commercial that Will teach you a lot as well there's a Lot you can pick up when you work the Trades even if you let's say you've got Your certificate as an electrician right Out of school You could go you're going to go into a House and start pulling wire and working Alongside of a journeyman but you'll Also be around the other trades and You'll learn how framing is done so even Though you're just a you're just doing Electrical trust me after doing it for a Year you'll know how to frame a house And then you'll be there and you'll see How siding is done and all these things So even though you haven't done it per Se you'll know what tools are done use

It you just need to be around it you Need to be in that environment and your Mother Western women a lot of women are Women and mothers if you have to deal With this I don't know but but could be Overly protective and will discourage You from doing this she will not like The idea if you live at home I don't Know 20 year old I don't know if you Still do But even if you don't live at home you Might even tell your mother or parents What you want to do and they'll try they Can try to discourage you they'll think That the world is dangerous and they Want to wrap you in cotton and protect You but You need to get out and you should get Out at least an hour away from them so That you're kind of forced to to sink or Swim but I would look for any Opportunity like that go do it if you Don't make very much money or don't make Money at all and they just cover your Food and maybe a stipend to go into town Once a week and provide the things that You need yeah it's three months you Could do that That'd be pretty good I would have said Wildland firefighting in the back in the In the past but I I could never uh never Support anything to do with the Supporting the government Any longer

Oh goodness I haven't talked I haven't Talked this much my whole life we have a Super chat From Marcel defore defore who writes a Shout out to you Marcel Good as it hurts like I got a cough but I don't dare Hold on Dang I I get cracked I got a cracked rib from That motorcycle race Pretty sure of it I think I can even feel it I think I heard some crepitus This morning which is Crepitus is the uh When bones Are kind of grinding together it's a Nice sound to hear when you're laying in Back bed and you expand your Chest with the big breath of air and you Hear your bones crunching Oh goodness Yeah Marcel defore that so Marcel's Talking about C.S Lewis obviously a man Of culture you are like myself J.R Tolkien so there was a group called The Inklings when when C.S Lewis was writing Actually Jared Tolkien was a Catholic And is is according to C.S Lewis memory Serves was responsible for him coming to The face C.S Lewis was an atheist a very Very Ardent atheist so his Transformation during that time as an

Adult is quite interesting especially From a man of such a huge intellect So if anyone That's Bulletproof to me so if anyone says oh Only Fools would believe Christianity or The the tenets of the fathers Only Fools Would believe in in a fairyland or a Magic man in the sky like you know I Don't know how smart you think you are But I've read everything that C.S Lewis Has done multiple times and I can tell You that he is a lot smarter than Anything you've ever anyone that they Did you are and he believed as well as Other devout men and he laid out why and Made a very good case that you probably Haven't read so C.S Lewis You should read two books you have to Read gentlemen You need to start with Mere Christianity It's not boring it's not preaching at You it will make you think and it's very Entertaining and then finish up with Screw tape letters and tell me that You're not a CS Lewis fan after that I Dare you We have Oh Marcus Um we have a super chat from Marcus Weber did I read this here he Marcus Says that he's appreciative of what you Do for young men like me well thank you Marcus

I follow your advice on just about Everything I just went and redid All my Ax handles with boiled inseed oil and Man what a difference oh Marcus would Just wait until you get 10 years of Boiled linseed oil on there When I was at the the training center The U.S forest Service training center In Bozeman Montana I very fortunately Got to take a uh they're one and only That the only one in the world Uh Crosscut saw Filing class there were six of us in the Class And that unfortunately the guy that was Really the father of that had passed Away the year before and I didn't get to Participate under his tutelage would Have been super cool he was really a Master but there was still a lot of his Fingerprints all over that place and he Had lived up there and worked in that uh That Bozeman Montana Outpost it was Magic guys it's a it's a just an hour or So out of Bozeman and it's a it's like One of the last of of the way the forest Service used to be and it was then it May be gone now where they still ran Mule teams you can go up there you want An adventure of your lifetime You can go up there and this is all done By four service guys it's all super done Really nice and go on an old school like A cattle drive but it's uh with the I

Think it's with mules four service mules And they have the Chuck Wagon that Follows you behind the I heard the Catering is just off the hook And you can go and do that Mrs W and I Have dreamed of doing that someday we Thought well maybe when the Sweet Love Gets bigger we'll go do that but in that Facility where they toss a cross cut Silent filing class I I was all about That and I I any opportunity I could to Go to look in and to talk to the guys And see and they kind of gave me a Little tour but I saw a lot of what Tools that had been preserved and taken Care of for a hundred I don't know maybe A hundred years or 75 years look like They kept the inventory of the old cross Cut saws because they can't make them Anymore and they still use them today And each one had a name and each one was Checked out and these were lovingly Taken care of by by these men up there That's I know I I've been doing these How the US forest service does this and So and a lot of people mad about that They're telling me you know I work for The U.S forest Service and that's not How they do it do it at all oh my bat my Mic's going bad I gotta just shut it Down ran out of battery I get that that's not how they do it at All that's how they used to do it and I Got to see how it was done and I took

Pictures and notes and I even traced ax Handles and a lot of the knowledge I Have came from that and the the Generosity of them taking around me Around and showing them but um but to See those old tools that had 50 years of Boiled linseed oil on them they were Rich dark brown the patina was amazing So it was awesome that's why I like I Love that stuff so I'm not making it up The forest service stuff it is how it Was done it's just sadly not done that Way any very more anymore very often If at all But we're keeping it alive here we have A super chat hold on I got to get these Chats I'm going to grab one battery and Then we'll be good and then we'll get The chats and I'll wrap it up I'm gonna need someone to help with the Editing I you guys have been sending me those Those uh clip timelines I cannot tell You how helpful that was so we're going To switch off for a moment and then We'll switch right back on Ah we we should be back waiting for the Green light all right we're good so Let me grab these super chats We have a super chat from Jordan s who Writes I have a Canon EOS R mirrorless Do you like Canon I am a Canon Man Actually do you want to see what the Footage from an EOS R looks like

Check it out B camera Oh No Where's my My switcher went went away oh my camera Died it's right here I have one and EOS R is my B camera uh great little camera Good value good sensor A little bit soft uh uh image wise when You start getting kind of a Discerning Eye and you start using getting used to Like um r5s and such so I have a Canon EOS R here R5 uh and a C70 three cameras Running but this one's not running Because the battery just died So we don't have that camera anymore it Doesn't matter We'll wrap it up let me let me get I Want to make sure I had addressed or Thanked everyone Um Thank you Marcus for that We have a super chat from Josh Connor Double lock type member shout out to you Josh uh much knowledge or much much no Thank you Josh I appreciate that Yeah we're standing on the shoulders of Giants here gentlemen I mean I'm I'm Only parody What I've been told by other people I Mean it's There's no ego here let's be honest uh It's just my granddad my dad Yeah we search out and find other Information but it's also from other men You know you I'm on YouTube and I'm

Watching stuff from Project Farm you Know he's my teacher I'm watching stuff From Ave he's my teacher and we that's How we learn That's why That's why the powers that be want to Keep us separated and don't want us to Get together in men's groups who want to Keep us away from each other because we Complement each complement one another So so well The good book tells us that iron Sharpens iron so one man sharpens Another And that's that's the way we learn That's why this is that's why these live Streams are special I know the numbers Are not very good compared to a lot of Other ones and people say you know is it Worth it what's the point It is worth it it's absolutely worth it Uh we used to do I did live streams back In the day but if anyone of you remember When we used to do live streams from Justin TV it just came into my mind he Would ask me I wouldn't even be able to Remember it it was old school man it was Live streaming that was way back in the Very beginning we used to do the live Streams And I've always enjoyed it it's a very It's a very intimate venue The videos can be intimate as well Telling a story and including people can

Be done as well but it's still not fresh It's not raw like we can make mistakes Right here uh we can you guys we're Talking to each other in in real time Right here you know that's it's it's Special it's cool yeah Noel Hastings Project Farm good dude man how much Knowledge have we got from him We have a super chat From Jordan s is that are we at the end do we Make it man I'm sorry if I missed you Yeah thank you Sam sambino you're on my Heart Sam you really are Um I don't know your background you said You were you came out of the Muslim Faith uh I came out of uh I came out of an extreme A Christian cult You know and so you know we have Similarities there And I had a lot of people over the years Try to tell me how it is and what God's Like and how I should live my life and I Didn't know better you know I I was Younger and impressionable and didn't Wasn't my own man And my dad wasn't a strong spiritual Leader so you know and he always looked At Faith as a very private matter And I still do that you know to my harm As well it's difficult it's hard to get Over those things again you just you're Just used to things a certain way it's

Uncomfortable it's uncomfortable To bring on change in your life Thank you gentlemen thank you for Watching I'm going to have to find someone On these long live streams to to clip This channel uh What I need There's there's a whole bunch there's a Bunch of you Faithful guys that have Been sending me clips of what a clip is Is from the live stream if there's Anything that's a might be of value most People don't watch the live stream so if You have something that you've talked About or a question that might benefit People or just be interesting content Where you think if you were interested In this Then someone else might be interested in It as well but they can't deal with the Live stream it's too long for most People So we need to get someone to go in there It has the time that can go through There and clip those out whether that be A 60 second short or a 6 7 10 12 15-minute Standalone video and Then we can re-upload that and then Title it and then people are there Searching for a particular question that Would be searchable not just buried in Some live stream somewhere and it puts a And also let's not Overlook it puts a

Lot less burden upon me you know I can Sit down rather than the time that we're Spent you know producing content which Is a lot you know cameras and all that Stuff we can produce content and hang Out and just do simple things you know So I I I I'd like to I'd like to do that For a while it'd be nice to have a Winter where it would just be a little Bit less fewer things to do but still Take advantage of the fun things you Know when it's going to snow you know We'll be out there with the with the Snow blower stream but uh but that that Would be helpful so Contact me Cody wranglerstar.com and Don't waste my time if you don't Understand this concept and don't aren't Good at this I don't want you to I don't Want you to learn on this job No offense but we have hype we have we Have high standards over here you know But if you have that skill set and that Ability that would be something that we Would certainly make a paid position and You could do it remotely from anywhere We could drop I could do the live streams I could drop Them into a file Dropbox or Google Drive they would be to You within probably an hour of the Stream and then you go through clip uh Do the clips of You also have to kind of know the

Channel you have to you know it's a job You have to go through and re-watch the Whole thing or when you're watching at The original time maybe you're just Making notes you go through there make Those clips and then I'll give you the Artwork or whatever the standard that we Use for intros and then you just make The short video a short Render it into 4K or 1080 whatever you Can handle back in the Dropbox and then We can throw it up on that on the Channel So if you're looking for a job To do that Um I think we could probably Probably support that You know this is an experiment The Live streams I had this idea I was going To do them in the morning And I my mornings I have so many Routines and things I like to do it just Doesn't seem to happen but noon seems to Have to work better for me but then that Doesn't give me much time to do content At the end of the day after that so I Don't know we'll figure it out so I hate To say hey I've got a job for you to do This it's going to last for the year you Know maybe we get through winter we Don't want to do it maybe we get through The next month we don't want I don't Want to do it anymore but

If you guys are showing up and and there Seems to be some benefit to it I enjoy It I like it And if we could support it with the Clips then that's going to take a lot of Pressure off of me this winter That's the way it works Thank you gentlemen may God bless you And your families thank you for all of You who super chatted there were a lot Of very generous offers today If I missed your super chat I do Apologize and uh I guess that's it Sabbath evening starts Tonight Friday evening starts at sunset I invite you to keep it if you haven't We'll close with a call to prayer or a Call to worship How I would do it is even if you're you Don't know you don't know God you don't Know what any of this Hocus Pocus is but You feel something's missing you feel That there's a just something lacking in Your life and you think it might be Possessions Don't feel bad brothers I knew God and still thought that I Could find something better with all my Toys and Sawmills right and and I can Tell you that that's not the truth Get down on your knees and and uh have a Humble heart and just ask say hey I Don't know I don't I don't even know if You're real all I know is that

Something's wrong and I want to know the Truth I want to know the truth I'm tired Of the lies Can you show me the truth if you can Show me the truth And show me that you're real I'm willing to give it a try I'm willing To I'm willing to commit my heart and my Spirit to you And see how it goes and and I I Sometimes I envy you in that position Envy you in that position God will pour Out his spirit in ways that those of us That have been in the faith for decades Could only dream of for those people for Some unknown reason not always but Sometimes I have it I'm not going into Miracles we all have Our Miracle stories Miracles are not Reliable And not a reliable foundation for a Faith Because someone said that they saw Something doesn't mean anything to me I need proof and I need evidence I need To back it up in the scriptures Can you tell me you had a dream or a Vision or a miracle happened to you you Have a word for me or something that's Fine maybe it's an encouragement maybe I Can be encouraged by it but it has Nothing to do with whether I believe or Not

But for those few cases on on a man that Comes to his God In Earnest in sincerity with a with a Pure heart not not a sinless heart I'm Saying A heart that's willing to listen You God will not reject you But you got to do it That last that's that old story I know It's cliche it's cringe but the first First step of a journey starts with a First you start a journey with a step You know and if you've been going the Wrong way All you got to do is do a 180. You know going to continue to go down The same path you're going and going Down that path that's bringing you Misery and and sadness and despair Getting more of that heaping more of That on your plate is not going to Change the result It sucks because you're like I've been Down this road so far man I've been Going so long I've been going down this road for 20 Years and now you're asking me to turn Around I'll be dead before I can even get back To the spot I started Doesn't matter That's why God said my grace is Sufficient for you you worry about the Day he will meet you as a new convert

And assist you and give you Support and strength and guidance and Wisdom that you can only dream of and a Peace that defies all understanding and All it's there for the asking He's not like man that he should lie His promises are there for a reason and They're real When you read a promise of God That's a real thing That is not someone saying something to Try to pacify you or to get you out of Their hair it's sit there for a reason But if you don't claim it you have not Because you ask not Thank you gentlemen may God bless you And your families please keep us in your Prayers reach out to me Cody Wranglerstar.com If you are the man to be my Clips editor And uh We'll uh we'll make it worth your while Thank you gentlemen we'll see you on the Next stream

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