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Xcel Energy Reports Leak at Monticello Nuclear Plant, Takes Steps to Clean Up and Monitor Contamination

On Nov. 22, 2022, Xcel Energy reported a water leak at its Monticello nuclear plant to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).[0] The leak was confirmed and immediately reported to the NRC and state officials, and Xcel began diverting the water to an in-plant water treatment system.[1]

The contaminated water contained tritium, an isotope of hydrogen that produces low levels of radiation, and is commonly created in the operation of nuclear power plants.[2] According to Xcel, the leak was contained on-site and did not reach the Mississippi River or contaminate any drinking water sources.[0] Minnesota state agencies are monitoring Xcel's efforts to recover and treat the contaminated water.[0]

Xcel is pumping contaminated water through extraction wells, some of which are being reused on the site.[3] The company is also considering options to dispose of the collected tritium, and Minnesota state agencies will review those options.[4] Xcel estimates it has recovered about 25 percent of the tritium released and will continue recovery over the next year.[1]

The leak report comes as Xcel is asking federal regulators to extend Monticello’s operating license through 2050.[5] The company is paying for sampling, pumping, and temporary treatment of the contaminated water, and officials say there is no evidence at this time indicating a risk to any drinking water wells near the plant.[4]

Tritium levels from the Monticello leak are well below safety thresholds set by the NRC, and the plant is not breaking regulations, according to Viktoria Mitlyng, a spokeswoman for the NRC.[6] Edwin Lyman, director of nuclear power safety at the Union of Concerned Scientists, said leaks are an issue for aging plants because tritium so easily mixes into water.[7]

Xcel is working to clean up the spill and insists there is no danger to the general public.[8] The firm reported that they are keeping track of the groundwater plume at 24 well points and are also extracting polluted groundwater for storage. Xcel could build above-ground storage tanks or install a retention pond to store water containing tritium that has been collected during ongoing recovery activities.[4]

Overall, state authorities are working with Xcel Energy to ensure the local community’s and surrounding environment’s continued safety.[6] The company is conducting more frequent tests from some two dozen groundwater monitoring wells in and around the site.

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