Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 Portable Power Station – Perfect for Power Outages!

By | October 31, 2022

Hey guys my name is Lily and today I Want to present to you the send your Power station and this model is the Super Bass Pro 2000 and that really matters because Actually there are two of these power Stations and one is made with nmc Batteries which has 2096 Watt hours and that is this model Here and send your also has made a Second model which is made with Lifeboat Batteries but it only has roughly 1 500 Watt hours so this is the bigger model And 2000 Watt hours is enough that you Can run a medium-sized refrigerator or Freezer for at least 24 hours so that's Really good and if you want to prepare For a potential power outage or blackout Then this is definitely a device that You can get okay now let's take a closer Look at this power station here and as You can see see it's made the housing is Made from ABS plastic it comes with a Very sturdy handle and what I really Like about this power station is that You have this collapsible travel handle And you can actually move the power Station around like a trolley Because here at the side you can see Some wheels and this makes it really Easy to transport and to move around This power station this power station Has almost 22 kilograms so it's quite Heavy now for me it's not a problem

Because Um I can lift uh objects up to 25 Kilograms but I see a problem for Elderly people so with most power Stations you have to lift them off the Ground to move them around and this is The first Power Station that I see which Has proper Wheels uh industrial grade Wheels and also this power station has This collapsible handle and with this Everybody can move around the power Station so if you are living in an Apartment or if you have a basement Where you store this unit Then in case of a power outage you just Take the handle like this and you tilt The power station and you can easily Move it around to your house or Apartment okay and now let's take a look At the power station itself so this Model as I said before has 2096 Watts hours which is quite a lot And here you can see at the display it's Charged to 100 but when I got the power Station it was charged to only like 40 Or 50 so then I plugged in the power Station to my AC wall outlet and I Noticed that it's charging the power Station with 1 800 watts and that's Really really fast so you can recharge The entire Power Station from zero to 100 in under two hours and that's Amazing that's really really good so This is one way how you can recharge the

Power station but of course if you Do not have electricity anymore for Whatever reason maybe there's a talent Tree in front of your house which has to Destroy the power line or maybe there's A blackout or another reason why there's No electricity you can also recharge This power station with solar cables for Example So here we have a solar cable Actually I'm about to show you this one First so this is the solar cable which Connects to the solar panels with mc4 Connectors and then you have this xd60 Connector which is connecting into the Input of the power station and with this Solar cable you can recharge the power Station with a maximum of 600 watts now 600 watts that's actually really good And it will recharge the power station In about four hours now what's important To know is with this solar cable you can Only connect solar panels that have A output between 12 volts and 60 volts If you have a bigger solar panel on your Roof then you need to Use this cable here this is a really Strange cable this is A solar cable that connects to the solar Panel with mc4 connectors But then at the other side you have this AC plug So it goes into the same plug As you would use with your wool Outlet

So with this solar cable you can connect Really big solar panels which have 60 Volts to 160 volts and that's quite a Large solar panel that's something that Somebody would have installed at a roof Um that's not a small panel anymore but It's really great that you have this Option so pretty awesome and also if you Are having some bigger solar panels on Your roof the charging goes quicker Again so with this solar cable you can Recharge the power station with up to 1 800 watts again with this one it's only At 600 watts so these are the three Cables that you get to recharge your Power stationer there's also another Optional cable which can connect to the 12 volt Outlet in your car but with Those cables I believe it needs 19 hours To recharge the power station So it's quite a long time but actually If you're driving so if you have to park Out and if you are taking your power Station with you you can just put it on Your front seat and then connect it to The 12 volt plug in your car and if You're driving you can recharge the Power station this way So there's another option but it's Taking 19 hours to recharge the power Station this way so that's quite a long Time okay now let's check out this side Of the power station so here you have The input

And the reset button actually so here The XC60 connector is plugged in and the Maximum is 60 volts and 10 amperes Then you have the normal AC plug socket and to even have a ground So you can ground this power station Which is great and the awesome thing is That you can recharge the power station With using Multiple cables so you can either Connect Um the power station to the grid but it Also simultaneously can connect the Power station To a solar panel or you can connect one Solar panel to the power station and Another one so you can connect two solar Panels and that's really awesome and Then you can recharge this power station Much faster so if you combine these two For example you can recharge the power Station with 2400 Watts so in under one Hour the entire power station is Recharged and that's great okay so now Let's take a look what kind of devices You can connect to this power station so First of all you have three of those 55 21 Barrel plugs and those give you a Regulated 13.6 volts then also at the Side here you can see That you have one outlet and this is Just a regular cigarette lighter Outlet Which is working for 12 volt appliances And it's also regulated so it has 13.6

Volts now these four ports are output Only USB delivery ports so it's not Standard usba and this is why you will Get an adapter that you plug in Into the DP USB and then you can use your devices Also at this side here you can see four Outlets for AC and the inverter which is Inside is a 2000 Watts inverter now Inside of this power station we can find A 2000 Watts inverter with the Capability to deliver searches of 4 000 Watts so if you have any appliances with 2000 Watts then the station is working For you also this inverter is a pure Sine wave inverter which means that you Can connect all devices This is especially important if you have Devices like fridges freezers and ACS Which have a compressor So for those it's really important that You have a pure sine wave and Um I'm really glad that they have put up Your sine wave inverter inside of this Power station now the cool thing is that Um With the send your companion app you can Actually switch on the m-pap mode and That enables the user To use power hungry devices like coffee Makers and power tools that needs up to 3000 Watts so what the inverter is doing Is it's um reducing The voltage and this way it can

Have a higher current up to 3000 Watts For a short period of time and then you Can also use some power tools and a Coffee maker now the next great thing About the Centura power station is that It has a built-in ups and that means it Automatically switches from AC power To battery if the AC power for some kind Of reason is not working anymore so Let's say for example you have this fish Tank and you want to go on holiday and You want to make sure that the filter And the oxygen is working even if you're Gone even if there's a blackout or a Power outage so in that case you would Plug in the power station into your Normal AC outlet and then you would plug In your fish tank all of the stuff that You have the filter and The pump into here into the outlet of The power station you switch it on you Also want to make sure that you switch On the AC outlet okay so then you go on Holiday and then what will happen is That there's a blackout you're not there Because you are maybe in a foreign Country and you are worried about your Fish tank so the good thing is that Even if this is plugged in The power station will automatically Switch to the battery at the inside and This happens really fast so even if you Plug in a computer it's fast enough so That the computer

Is still alive and it doesn't shut down And that's really important that it's Happening fast now for a fish tank it's Not so important that it switches over To the battery in I don't know a few Milliseconds but for other devices it is So then your fish tank is still working Even if uh Um power outage hits your region and Your fish will still be alive when you Come home All right so this is cups the other Great thing is that Um This device has a 4G modem built in so You can connect your power station from Anywhere in the world and that's a great Thing that's awesome so you can check Your power station see how it's doing How much it is charged and last but not Least what this power station has is a Built-in GPS so the location of the Power station can be tracked by the Company And if for example Some burglars break into your house when You're gone on holiday you can contact The company send your and they will send You the location of your power station And that's great for um Yeah protecting your device against Theft Okay guys so it's time to make a 24 hour Test

And here we have a small freezer which Is full of stuff food and meat mostly It's meat and also other like french Fries And this freezer uh only needs like 133 Kilowatts per hour in the year now let's Switch on the AC So now I want to wait until the freezer Is Uh coming on again because with freezers They switch on and off It really depends Um what your setting is so now I have This setting at Mid so now let's see Switched on Okay so for a brief second it was using Like almost 400 watts but this was only The initial current so now it's it's Down to 45 watts and the display says That with the slow wattage we can run The freezer for 29 hours okay so now the Time is almost six o'clock so I will Come back to you in 24 hours and then we Will see how much Um wattage this device really used all Right so it's exactly 24 hours later now Let's check out The status of the battery 45 percent So that's pretty good actually okay guys So this was the 24 hour test of this Endure Super Bass Pro 2000s and I think It's a great device I think it will Definitely help you out in a blackout

Situation now if you hook up this power Station to a solar panel I believe that If you have you know a lot of sand that You might get through For a longer period of time it really Depends on if it's summer and winter Time if it's raining or if there's a lot Of sunshine of course but you could Pretty much run the system indefinitely And it really depends on what size of Solar panels you have so yeah that's Pretty awesome and I really like this Power station I think Um it's the best prep that you can have Right now in Europe and if you're Interested in purchasing this power Station then please check out the link In the description below thank you for Watching guys and stay tuned till next Time

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